Love and Betrayal
by: Cynthia and Elizabeh

Lord Zedd, master of evil, slammed a fist down on the edge of the balcony and growled harshly. "Blast it!" he was not in a good mood! Not in the least!

"What's the problem, Zeddykins?" Rita asked. He'd been in a foul temper ever since the Rangers had escaped from his prison a few days earlier.

"I need to find a way to get to that gateway!" he hissed. I WANT that girl Azure. ..I want her for MINE!! FOREVER!

Rita shrugged. "To where that Amber Ranger is?" at Zedd's nod, she smiled. "Imagine the power if we could get her power for our own! Enough to destroy the Night Rangers and the other Rangers once and for all!"

Zedd's head jerked up. "That's it!" he declared. "We are going to destroy their mates!" While the Rangers are distracted by that, I can find a way to open the portal!!! And gain her BACK!!

Rita frowned, not quite getting the connection from what she'd said to his idea, but not going to argue over it. Zedd raised his staff. "Nightmonster!" he commanded, zapping first a pine tree, then a silver statue to merge them. "Arise!"

"They will lose their mates," Rita laughed. "Then they will lose their lives!"

Zedd looked at his creation. "Nightmonster, go and destroy the mates of the Night Rangers!" he ordered.

"You got it, boss!" the creature bowed low, then teleported away, off to do it's evil deeds.

* * *

Elissa rolled on top of Adam, nibbling at his neck and smiling despite the small tear in her eyes. "Mmmmmmm," Adam murmured. "That feels good!" he could feel the sadness coming from her, though. "Elissa?"


"Are you okay?" he wondered. "You look a bit distracted."

She leaned her head on his shoulder, doing what she could to make certain that he couldn't see the tears in her eyes. "I'm all right."

He kissed her tenderly. "You sure?" as she nodded, he looked at her, feeling the guilt radiating. "Why don't I believe you?"

"I don't know?" she shrugged. "Why don't you?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Maybe because you're feeling guilty over something."

"There are times when this link is a major pain," she sighed, leaning against him. Adam nodded, it did have bad points sometimes.

"But useful even more times," he also pointed out.

Elissa shook her head. "This isn't one of them," she sighed. He wanted still to know what was wrong with her, though. "If you must know, I still feel a little guilty over what happened while I was on Aura and Azure's world."

"I see," Adam nodded.

"I shouldn't have done what I did," she fought to keep the tears away now. "I ruined a beautiful marriage!"

Adam held her hands. "They'll be all right," he insisted. "I hope, anyway."

"If you say so," Elissa knew one sure-fire way to keep Adam from probing too deeply into her thoughts, and proceeded go give him one of the most satisfying experiences of their lives together.

Afterwards, as they lay together in each other's arms, Elissa looked up at him. "What are you hiding from me in your mind? You're blocking me."

"Nothing," he glanced a little away.

"Adam," Elissa frowned. "You're blocking. Why?"

He blushed severely. "Just. . .a couple of thoughts," he was very nearly as red as Rocky!!

"Adam," she looked down at him. "You never hid any thoughts like that from me before. Why now?"

"They sort of involve us being in wolf form."

Elissa smiled, running her fingers through his hair. "Tomorrow night," she promised. That had been something that they'd never done before, and it did sound intriguing!! He reached up and kissed her tenderly, seriously, and she smiled. "Ohhh? Again?"

"Why not?" he smiled.

"We have to meet your parents in an hour!" she reminded him. His parents were taking care of Gwen for now, as Adam and Elissa got themselves some quiet time. Adam grinned.

"We'll be done by then. ..I hope!"

A harsh voice came from behind them. "You will be done with by then, Black Ranger!"

Adam whirled to see something that looked like an unholy grouping of wood, silver, and who knew what else standing there. "Can't I even have some quiet time with my wife?" he growled, sounding almost as he did in wolf form.

"Not anymore!!" the creature laughed, firing a silver bullet into him. Adam fell back, and the creature laughed, vanishing with evil glee.

Adam!! Elissa shrieked mentally. Adam, hold on! I'm going to get you some help!

Elissa. ..his mental voice was weak and failing as he twitched in pain. Elissa. ..

"Alpha," Elissa snapped in the communicator as she threw something on Adam and herself. "Teleport Adam to the Command Center, he's been hurt!"

"Ay-yi-yi!" Alpha declared. "Will do, Elissa!"

As they both vanished in their corresponding colors of light, Elissa prayed they could save him in time.

* * *

Billy gazed quietly at his wife, and smiled as she turned to look at him. "You're looking at me again."

"So?" he smiled. "You're beautiful!"

"And you're perfect," she told him as they kissed. "I love you, Billy. I don't know how I waited six hundred years for you!"

She giggled as he began to kiss lower than her lips. "You had other things on your mind."

"Yeah!" Evanthe giggled. "Oh, I love it when you kiss me there!"

Billy smiled as he held her hand in his. "You are my soul, Evanthe."

"You are everything to me," she whispered, kissing him with all the passion that only six centuries of waiting for true love can bring. He moaned as she showed him a few tricks a few previous lovers of hers had taught her. Suddenly he stiffened in pain, and winced.

"Night, vampire!" something cackled from behind him. Evanthe looked to see a monster of some sort vanishing, then saw a stake pulsing out from Billy's back!

"Billy!" she shrieked. "Alpha, teleport Billy to the Command Center now!"

Over the communicator she heard, "Ay-yi-yi! Not again!" then Billy was gone in a blaze of blue. She growled softly, then pulled on her clothes and teleported after him.

* * *

The purple flash that became Evanthe stared around the Command Center. Elissa was sitting next to Adam's still body, while Alpha worked on something similar to what Micheal had done when Elissa had been stabbed by silver.

"Tommy and Kim are preparing the rose fore for Billy," Alpha reported as Evanthe paced. "I just wish there was more I could do for Adam."

Evanthe nodded. "So do I. We cant' just let him die!"

Her communicator beeped for a moment. "We got the fire ready," Tommy said. "Any luck getting hold of Rocky and Aisha?"

"Nothing yet."

"Huh," Tommy wondered just what those two were up to. "Well, you'd better bring Billy out here, we're ready to start this fire."

Evanthe nodded. "We'll be right there," she glanced over to her husband. "You'd better not dare die before we get you fixed up, Billy!" she turned her gaze to the crying Elissa. "And we'll find a way to heal Adam."

She carefully and quietly picked Billy up, teleporting him to where Kim and Tommy had everything ready. "Ready?" the White Ranger asked.

"Yeah," she nodded. "Rita and Zedd aren't going to take him from me, or Adam from Elissa!" as she placed him in the fireroses, she sighed. "I wish this fire could heal Adam too."

"So do I," Kim nodded as Tommy started the fire. Evanthe watched nervously for several minutes as the flames licked at Billy's wound. Her heart sang as he walked out of the fire, unharmed and whole once more, and hugged her.

"I love you," she whispered deeply. "I love you."

He smiled. "What did I miss?"

"Nothing much," Evanthe growled softly. "Except that Adam's dying too and we don't know how to save him."

"What?" Billy's eyes went wide as his wife explained what was going on. "Damn! Any chance Vincent would know how to save Adam?"

Evanthe shrugged. "I don't know. But I can ask, it's better than doing nothing!"

"That might be a good idea," Billy nodded. "Come on, let's go."

* * *

Aisha wrapped her arms tightly around Rocky as they kissed. "Ohhhhhh," she smiled. "That feels soooo good!" as he kissed down her neck, then back up it, she slid her hands over every inch of him. "Why did we wait so long to do this?"

"I have no idea!"

Aisha smiled as they kept up. "Do me a favor," she whispered. "Don't stop! That feels incredible!"

As they aimed for the ultimate, Aisha groaned suddenly. "Rocky. . .," she whispered. "You may wanna stop."


She sighed as she reached over to open her dresser draw. The clear sound of the communicator inside beeping made them both stop. "Later, though," she smiled at him, "You finish that wonderful thing you were just doing with your mouth!" she picked up the device and touched the button. "This is Aisha, what's up?"

"Aisha, hate to interrupt you guys, you need to get back to the Command Center. Rita and Zedd have tried to kill Adam and Billy, and they just might succeed with Adam."

Aisha swore harshly. "On our way!"

"How dare they interrupt our honeymoon?" Rocky grumbled as he got out of the bed.

Aisha grinned lightly at him. "Pity we're not married!"

"So?" Rocky winced a little as she playfully smacked him on the rump and ordered him to get dressed. They had to get to the Command Center, and it wouldn't do for them to be naked!

* * *

"They may have saved one of the Rangers, but they won't save the other one!" Zedd laughed harshly. This was a plan that was working to perfection! Who cared about that silly girl in the other dimension? This was what he should be doing! Defeating the Rangers of his world!!

"He will finally perish!!"

Zedd nodded. "And to make sure he does, Night Monster!"

The creature jumped to attention. "Yes, sire?"

"Take a squadron of Tengas and attack Angel Grove!" he ordered. "Don't give the Rangers any time to find a cure!"

As the creature vanished, Zedd laughed. "This time, I shall have what I want!

"Yes!" Rita cackled. "The destruction of the Rangers!"

* * *

Adam? Adam, can you hear me? Elissa didn't like how quiet he'd been lately.

Elissa? his mental voice was incredibly faint.

Don't leave me, she cried. I stayed for you, you gotta do the same for me now!

Elissa. ..

Yes, my love?

I. you. ..

I will always love you...but if you don't pull through this, I will NEVER forgive you!!

A soft mental chuckle. Yes, dear.

Elissa looked up as the voice faded away. "He's so weak."

"We'll save him," Tommy declared as the alarms suddenly started blaring off. "What is it, Alpha?"

The little droid looked up. "Ay-yi-yi! The Night Monster that attacked Billy and Adam is rampaging through Angel Grove with Tengas!"

Elissa stood up, wiping her tears away from her cheeks, even though they still poured down. "What are we waiting for?"

Tommy took a long look at her, then shook his head. "Elissa, you're in no condition to fight right now."

"I beg your pardon?" Elissa looked at the younger Ranger with flashing eyes. He took a deep breath.

"You heard me, Elissa."

Elissa tried with all her strength to stop her voice from shaking and the tears from doing down her cheeks. "I can fight. I am in condition to do so."

"You'd better stay here with Adam," the White Ranger shook his head. He'd never had to do this before, and it wasn't easy on him. Elissa growled something unintelligible, then turned to it by Adam. He sighed. "It's morphin' time!"

As they left, Elissa stared at her husband. "Alpha," she said finally. "Teleport me to Vincent." Evanthe and Billy didn't get the chance to go. ..but I don't have anything ELSE to do!! As soon as he'd teleported her, she stormed straight to the vampire king. "I need your help!" she snapped.

"Hello, Elissa," Vincent nodded. "What's the problem?"

"Adam's been shot by a silver bullet," Elissa explained. Vincent thought for a moment, then got up.

"I might know a way to help him," he said, going inside for a moment. Liana was quiet as Elissa paced back and forth, then both looked up as the king returned with a small bottle in his hand. "Put this on the wound, and he should recover. But be careful, as it is very rare."

"How much should I put on?"

"It's very powerful," Vincent said. "Only a little should be used. Keep the rest; you guys will probably need it."

Elissa nodded. "I will. Thanks," she teleported back almost as fast as she had in, quickly dabbing a little bit on Adam's wound. Her heart wept with joy to see Adam's wound healing!! "Be careful with that."

"Ay-yi-yi, yes, Elissa!" Alpha declared, carefully putting it away. Both of them could tell that that little bottle was going to be very precious to them in the future.

Adam? Adam, can you hear me?

Yes. ..his voice was much stronger this time around!

"Oh, ADAM!" Elissa cried with joy, holding him. "Adam!"

He smiled, holding her as his eyes opened. "OH, Elissa!" She smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair tenderly. "Oh, Adam. .."

"Thank you," he whispered. "Thank you."

"I couldn't let you die," Elissa sighed. "The others are still fighting that monster. And I've sort of been grounded by Tommy."


"According to him, I was in no condition to fight," she glanced away from him; he knew the short fuse to her temper. He wrapped his fingers in hers.

"If you had went," he reminded her. "You couldn't have saved me. I owe you my life, my love," as she glanced down, he smiled. "I know you're upset."

"I have a right to be."

"Yes," he agreed, holding her gently and kissing her. "You wouldn't be you if you didn't get upset. But that's why I love you."

Elissa smiled briefly as the others teleported inside, and stared to see Adam sitting up and healthy. "Adam!" Rocky exclaimed.

"Hey, Rocky!" Adam grinned. "Having fun without us, I see?"

Tommy looked at them. " Neither of you were in any condition to fight," he said firmly. Elissa didn't even want to look at him.

Elissa, don't be mad forever.

I have trouble NOT holding grudges!

Please! He was only trying to think about what was best for everyone!

I don't want to talk about it!

All right.

Aisha glanced around, it was plain to them all that the mental messages were flying hot and furious in between the Black and Rose Rangers. "Is everything okay here?"

"Yeah," Adam nodded. "Things are fine."

"You sure?" Tommy's eyes were on Elissa. Adam nodded again.

"Things will be fine."

Elissa glared at Tommy, and Adam could sense the fury building up in her at the sight of him. "I'm sorrier, Elissa," he offered. She put her hand on her communicator, glaring.

"Go to hell!" she snapped as she teleported out! Tommy took a deep breath.

"Adam, can you talk to her?"

"Yes," Adam nodded. "But I think it's you who should talk to her."

"I'm not sure if I should," he shook his head. "She doesn't want to talk to me, that's for sure."

Adam agreed. "She's got a temper to match her hair, that's for sure. You just have to protect some. ..ummm.. vital areas."

Tommy raised an eyebrow. "Ummm. ..the sort of area that Kim would get really mad if they got messed up?" Adam nodded and Tommy winced.

"Now may be a good time," Adam suggested. Tommy sighed.

"The sooner, the better."

* * *

Elissa sat on the porch in the swing, staring across the road to a broad field there. "Elissa?" she glanced up when Tommy spoke, and growled.

"Didn't you hear me in the Command Center?"

"Elissa, we need to talk."

"So talk."

He took a long breath. "I did what I did to help the team. Be honest with yourself, were you in any real condition to fight?"

"I have fought in worse conditions than that!" when he nodded, she glared at him. "SO why the hell did you stop me this time?"

"What were you thinking of while we were gone?"

"How pissed I was at you," she said icily. "That's why I went to Vincent," she walked to the other end of the porch. "Tommy, I am over one hundred years old, I know how to control my emotions."

He took a deep breath. "I wasn't sure of that. I saw how upset you were over Adam."

"Do me a favor."

"What's that?"

She turned to him, her eyes glowing with pure hatred. "Don't tell me that I am in no condition to fight. Ever!"

"I can't promise that," he shook his head. "Not completely. There are going to be some situations where you simply wont' be able to fight. Like if you're dead or severely wounded almost to death. Other than that, no problems."


"You're one of the best we've got, ELissa," Tommy told her. "I'm proud to have you as my friend. I'm glad we talked," he glanced at her, and paled to see her eyes glazing over as she looked into the distance. "Elissa?"

She shook for a moment, then glanced at him. "Yeah, I'm fine. Let's get back to the Command Center." I wonder what that was. ..for a moment. .like something burning inside of me. ..

* * *

"No!" Zedd roared. How could this be happening?

Rita hissed, "I am not seeing this!" she complained. "I am not seeing this!"

Zedd waved it away. "But I am seeing this!"

"How dare they survive!"

Zedd chuckled. "This could work to our advantage!" he quickly explained what he'd seen going on with Elissa, and Rita laughed.

"Ohhhh! Very interesting!"

Zedd tapped his fingers against the balcony. "I wonder what is happening to her."

"It's sure to be something that we can use!" she laughed as they both stared back to Earth. Anything that happened to the Rangers was something they could use!

* * *

"We're back!" Tommy grinned as they teleported in. Elissa walked over to Adam, her eyes still a trifle glazed, then looked to Aisha and Rocky.

"Not to be nosy, but what took you two so long to answer your communicators?"

Aisha held Rocky's hand, and smiled. "WE didn't hear them."

"Do we want to know why you didn't hear them?" Adam chuckled.

They're sleeping together! Elissa grinned to her husband. He frowned a little as he answered. I know it.

That's their business, really.

Aisha glanced to Rocky, then to the others. "Rocky and I have some unfinished business that we need to finish up, if you don't mind. "We're going to be going now."

"Have fun!" Evanthe grinned as they teleported out, to the giggles of everyone left behind.

I love you! Adam wrapped his arms around Elissa.

And I love you! Elissa returned, her mental voice just a trifle lower as she and Adam kissed deeply. I love you!

Elissa? You're getting so quiet.

I am?


I don't know why.

But you are.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to.

I wonder why.

Elissa smiled as she held him. Does it matter? I just want to be with you.

Same here.

Can we go home?


They were at home in their bed a few moments later, enjoying each other's touches tenderly. Suddenly, she bolted sheer upright, her eyes wide and in pain. "Elissa?" Adam stared at her. "Elissa!!" his eyes widened as she began to hyperventilate, and he started rubbing her back. Slowly, she started to calm down.

"Elissa? What happened?"

I don't know. . .

Are you all right?

I don't know that either.

Think we should see a doctor?

No, I'll be fine.

You sure?

Have I ever led you astray on how I was feeling?

He raised an eyebrow. "Do you really want me to answer that?" he asked out loud. Elissa shook her head, and he smiled, kissing her gently.

"Let's just go to sleep. I'll be fine in the morning. For some reason, I'm just not in the mood for that anymore," she said, laying down.

You sure?

I'm sure.


They kissed briefly, then snuggled up close together. Good night.

Good night.