Legal Disclaimer: This is REALLY intense, and we really advise that those under the age of 15 or so don't read it. Nothing is graphic, but the implications of violence and mature activities are VERY much there, and not a lot of it is consensual. You are hereby warned. Saban owns the Rangers. We own our characters.

Loving Control
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

The palace on the moon had been twisted before, but with the new monarchs of Sophie and Girard, things were even worse now. It had been nearly three weeks since Elissa had left for another universe to heal, and now it was time for their first truly devastating plan to come into effect. Sophie was praying that it enabled her to free herself from Girard. Girard wanted it to give him total domination of all that existed.

"Did you find one?" the sorceress, vampire, and new queen of the lunar evil forces asked as Goldar entered the throne room. Girard rather enjoyed sitting on Zedd's throne, and had even remade his staff to have a 'G' on the top instead of a 'Z'.

Goldar bowed. "Yes, I did, mistress." This present administration was greatly to his liking; they had devastated more Rangers in under a month than Rita and Zedd had during their entire lifetimes.

"Where is he?"

"At his home, alone, at the moment." Goldar had been sent out to find a human male whom they could twist into the fashion they desired, and use him to bring Evanthe to them.

Sophie smiled. "Husband, shall I seduce the boy to our ways?"

"Go," Girard said expansively. "But don't have too much fun doing it!"

His wife laughed, a merry tinkle of a sound. "I always have too much fun with these things. But tonight," she dropped her voice down to a whisper. "I am yours to command."

"Indeed." Girard knew that Sophie would do anything she could to overthrow and abandon him, but at the same time, she loved the physical pleasure he could and did give her. She wasn't above getting it from others, either. He watched as she swayed off to her private chambers, returning moments later in the most seductive ensemble that she owned.

"Well?" she smiled at him. "Will this do?"

Girard glanced her up and down, taking in the tightness and the exposing of flesh it displayed. "Oh, yes. And you had best hurry, dear wife, before I can't wait until tonight!"

* * *
Eugene Skullovitch was stretched out on his bed, grabbing a nap. He and Bulk had been working the night shift on the force lately, and they both grabbed all the sleep they could during the day. He wasn't very thrilled when he heard a knocking at his apartment door. He sat up. "Uhhhh?" Another knock came, and he went over to the door. "Huh?"

The most beautiful woman he'd ever seen in his life was standing out there with a smile on her face. "Hi. My car broke down and I was wondering if I could use your phone?"

"Uhh. ..." he was wondering how he could talk with his jaw somewhere in the vicinity of his knees! "Yeah, sure."

"Thanks!" she smiled as she entered, heading over to the phone. He couldn't hear what she was saying, but when she hung up, she looked somewhat upset.


She sighed. "It's going to take two hours for my auto club to get here!" she glanced over at him. "Mind if I stay here while I wait?"

"No, not at all!" He managed to get his couch quickly, and without stumbling over his own feet. "I don't get that many visitors." She smiled, sitting down right next to him. "Umm...I'm Skull."

She shook his hand, the very touch of her skin on his sending thrills down his spine. "My name's Sophie. And you're cute."

He turned very very red at that. "Uhhhh....thanks."

She smiled, tracing his jaw line with one finger. "A strong jaw. I like that in a man." Could he be the one?

"Umm. ..thanks." Skull was finding it very hard to breathe with her this close to him, but he also couldn't find a reason to move away. "Can I get you something to drink?"

Sophie shook her head. "I'm not really thirsty." Well, there's always your blood. But that can come later.

"Okay. you live around here?"

She smiled seductively. "I just moved back. You know, I can think of a lot of things to do in two hours."

He blinked a little. "Really?" His eyes went extremely wide when she put her hand on his leg, very high up on his leg!

"Oh, yes, Skull. I can." her voice was a sultry, exotic purr, something that nearly made him pass out just by hearing it. She slipped the straps down on her dress. "You know, Skull, it's getting a little warm in here."

As his eyes bugged out, he said, "I could turn on the air conditioner."

Skull laughed, unzipping her dress all the way. "I don't think that's what I need." She laughed even more when his jaw dropped and his eyes grew four times their natural size. "I want you, Skull." She said bluntly, letting the dress fall to the floor and revealing she wore nothing beneath it.


Sophie sat on his lap, wrapping her legs around his back, and kissed him passionately on the lips. Skull returned it, one single thought singing through his brain. Bulk is never going to believe this!

She pulled back a little, smiling. "Are you still a virgin?"

Skull nodded helplessly, with an expression on his face that said in roughly so many words 'I'm not certain what's going on here, but I like it'. Sophie smiled. "Not for much longer. Do you want me, Skull?" It was very evident that he did, but she wanted him to say it.

She slipped off him and smiled. "Where is your bedroom?"

"This way," he had never imagined that his first time would be with someone who quite literally walked into his apartment and started pawing all over him, but there was something about him that prevented him from protesting in the slightest. Maybe it was her perfume. ..or the way he was certain he'd seen her face in his dreams...or the way her eyes seemed almost to glow when they looked at each other...

Or the way that she threw him on the bed and leaped on top of him like a wild woman, tearing his clothes to shreds. "You are in for the time of your life!"

Skull's only response was a wild and fervent, "Yahoo!!!"

* * *
"What that good for you?" Sophie asked him thirty minutes later they held each other in their arms.

"Wow.." SKull murmured. "That was incredible." His eyes winded as she began to kiss his neck. There was something odd about the way her lips felt on him.. "You're not done yet? It gets better?"

His entire body stiffened a moment later, however, as a sharp pain pierced his neck. In some part of his mind he realized she had fangs, and she was drinking from him! He tried to scream and struggle, but she proved to have far more strength than he had suspected, holding him down and massaging his chest.

As his struggles weakened, Sophie stared at him. "Time for you to drink now, Skull," she purred. "And join me for eternity!" He just barely had the strength to nod weakly as she slit her hand enough for a crimson dot of blood to well out. She placed the wound by his lips, and smiled. "Drink for me. .drink from me. ..and what we just did can be yours forever!"

Skull drank deeply, hardly able to do anything else, and Sophie laughed as she held onto him. "How do you feel, my pet?"

"W..wonderful!" his eyes brightened wildly. "Stronger. ..better!"

"Do you want to be with me forever?"

"Yes, always!"

"Do as I say?" her hands roamed all over him, touching him in ways that he had never dreamed he could be touched. There was only one possible reply to that.

"Wow. .whoa...yeah!"

"Even if it meant killing a friend" Sophie asked, and Skull stared up at her in shock. "Skull, you are now a vampire, a creature of the night."

His eyes went wide. "Me..a vampire!? No way!"

Sophie smiled. "Oh, yes, my pet And you are under my control!"

"Why me?"

She chuckled softly, coldly. "I wanted you, in all ways, forever." He leaned back, not certain just what was going on, but almost certain that regardless, he liked it. How could he not like someone like this? "Skull, will you be my pet?"


Sophie had a surprise for him, though. "I am married, though, Skull." She smiled at his startled reaction. "My husband doesn't mind, he wants me to have you."

Skull couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You could have anyone in the world. Why me?"

"You're so naive." she leaned against him. "I like that in a man. You're also a talented musician, a good friend, and that makes my knees go weak."

He blushed severely. "No one's ever said that sort of thing to me before."

"They're fools." Sophie said firmly. I think I could actually fall in love with him...he is so. ..innocent. I think I like that.

Skull smiled. So what if she'd stolen his humanity and his virginity within an hour of each other? She didn't seem to be that bad of a person, really. "I've had a lot of crushes on girls, but I've never really loved anyone."

She started to kiss down his chest. "One day, you will. But for now..shall we?"

His reply was very physical, and a most definite yes.

* * *
Several miles from Skull's apartment, Billy and Evanthe were enjoying themselves just as much. "I love you so much, Billy," Evanthe smiled at him. The shadows still lurked in the back of her eyes, but he knew the final defeat of their enemies would banish those.

"Weeks and weeks of nothing but peace!" Billy smiled as he gazed at her.

She nodded. "It's been a wonderful change!"

"I wonder how Elissa's doing on New Kalakan. .." Billy wished he could do some dimensional traveling. The very thought of it was amazing.

"I don't know, but I think she's probably doing better."

"Adam missed her for sure," Billy told her. "He got back this morning."

Evanthe nodded. "I hope she'll be home soon."

"Me too. Not just for Adam's sake, but for yours. You miss her too."

His wife smiled. Elissa had been a constant part of her life for a century; being separated by a dimension was honestly hard on her. "You know I do."

Billy smiled. "You know, I know I'm wishing for miracles, but I wish Sophie and Girard would stay away."

"Very far away. Other planets come to mind."

"Sometimes I wish they'd die again, and stay that way!"

Evanthe leaned against him. "So do I, Billy. So do I."

"And Finster goes with them." He had never thought he'd harbor such hatred towards the dog-faced inventor, but he did. No one did that sort of thing and got away with it for long.

"Him I'd prefer to stuff into a black hole." Evanthe growled. For a moment things were somber between them, then she started kissing him very seriously. "Let's enjoy the peace while we can. Who knows how long it will last?"

Billy smiled as he kissed her on the neck. "Let's go home, and really enjoy it!" With a laugh, they headed away from the park and back home. The evening was going to be quite fun.

* * *
Something of a vaguely similar, but much more evil nature, was happening back up on the moon. "Come, my pet, and meet my husband! Sophie had completely redone Skull. His hair was slicked back, his eyes were heavy-lidded and full of a near-permanent arousal, and all he wore was a very tiny loincloth that didn't cover all that much. "You know what to do when you meet him."

"Yes, I know." he smiled. He had felt a little uncomfortable in this at the beginning, but when Sophie smiled at him, everything was all right again.

She grinned. "And if you are very good, we can play later."

"I'll be very very very good!" he declared, feeling his arousal rising at the thought of her in his arms again. She smiled as she kissed him on the neck, then swung open the throne room doors. Together they went in, to see Girard sitting on his throne.

Sophie curtsied just a little. "My husband, this is Skull, my pet."

As the young man dropped to his knees in proper courtesy, Girard approved. "You have taught him well, my love."

"I am at your service, both of yours." Skull glanced from one to another of them, his gaze lingering briefly on Sophie.

She smiled at him. "My pet will do your bidding as well as mine, if he wants his fun."

"I'll be very good!" Skull declared as Girard rose from his throne and started over to him. "I can prove it!"

"I bet you can."

Skull trembled just a bit as Girard stood by him. "I'll do anything you want me to..." he was starting to be scared of just what Girard might want of him; but then the sight of Sophie reminded him of what he could have afterwards.

"I'm certain you will." Girard ran his hands down his back, and Sophie caught Skull's eyes quickly. She unzipped her dress just the tiniest bit, mouthing the word 'later' to him. Knowing what she meant, he didn't protest as Girard kissed the back of his neck. Something did occur to him, however.

"Is this all you want me to do?"

"No," Girard shook his head. "This is to prove your loyalty to us."

"I am very loyal!"

The master of the castle smiled. "Come here, Sophie."

"Yes, my husband?" she quickly came over, not daring to disobey in the slightest. It wouldn't be a good sign to their new property. At Girard's command, she knelt before him.

"Skull, this is what she can do to you. I can do it to her, too. If you ever disobey me, she can hurt you in the worst way!"

"I won't!"

Girard smiled. "Good. Not if you value your friend Bulk's life." Girard made a point out of finding out all the weak points of his prey before attacking. Sophie's spell of sex and blood had been enough to ensnare him; his fear would keep him in line. "Now, lie down." Skull quickly obeyed, shivering at the chill on the palace floor. Girard removed the loincloth, examining him minutely. "My, you are handsome." He began to kiss down Skull's chest. "You will enjoy this. I am quite an expert at pleasure." He had had over a thousand years of experience, after all.

"I'm certain you are."

Girard's lips went lower, pulling a moan out of Skull. "Relax, young man," he murmured. "Sophie, I think he is going to fit in well around here. Our new pet."

"I do believe you're right." Sophie watched in silence as Girard enjoyed himself greatly with the young police officer. Afterwards, she asked, "Did you enjoy that, Skull?"

His eyes were thick and glazed with the afterglow, but managed to utter, "Wow...yeah!"

"Get used to it." She advised him. "But there is something we must ask you to do for us."


She explained. "There is one that we made, as I made you, who disobeys us at every step of the way." She told him of what they had in mind, for them to make Evanthe fall in love with him and use that love to bring her to the worst torture of her entire life.

Skull's eyes widened when they told him who it was. "Wow..who would have thought she was a vampire!"

"Much less a Power Ranger." Sophie laughed at the surprised doubletake skull did, then told him of the Rangers' true identities, and non-human nature of some of them.

"Them!? Those guys!?" Skull could barely believe his ears! But he knew anything Sophie said was the utter and complete truth.

She put a hand on his shoulder. "Tell anyone, and you know what happens."

"I won't say a word."

The vampiress smiled. Time for the next step. "Do you wish to move in here with us, and to forget about your life on Earth?"

He thought for a moment. "I . ..I can't stay on the force. If they find out what I am, they'd. .I don't know what Lt. Stone would do, and Bulk.." the very thought of how angry and hurt his best friend would be chilled him. But he couldn't just cut all ties. He resolved to keep in touch, somehow.

"I wish I hadn't done this without you being able to think about it." She sighed, tracing her fingers across his neck. She really didn't, but there were things you just couldn't say.

"It's okay." He smiled. "I'll stay here."

Sophie tilted her head. "Do you wish to say good bye to them?"

"Yeah." He nodded. "I'll have to think up some excuse."

She had an answer for him already, though. "You could always say you're moving in with an incredibly gorgeous lady. Which is the truth."

He sighed happily as he looked at her. Even what Girard had did didn't disturb his joy at having her. "Yeah, it is."

"If you want, I could go with you." she surprised herself with the offer, but didn't say anything to deny it. I wonder...

Skull smiled. "Please. It would be more believable."

With a snap of her fingers, both of them were dressed neatly and properly for going out. He smiled at her, and she took his hand. "Let's go."

* * *
The two of them were walking hand in hand on Earth, looking like a normal happy couple. Sophie smiled at him. "Skull, you are so tasty! I can't wait to have fun later!"

"Me neither," he smiled at her. "It's going to be wonderful!" he didn't protested as she pulled him into a deep kiss, just as Evanthe and Billy came by.

Evanthe couldn't quite see who it was that was kissing Skull, but she did recognize the somewhat goofy young man. "Looks like Skull's got a girlfriend!"

"Yeah, and someone who likes wearing tight clo--" his voice broke off. "That outfit looks familiar."

Evanthe took a closer look. "I hope that's just a really bad dream I'm looking at."

"It's not." Billy whispered sickly. "Skull is with Sophie."

She shuddered. "I don't know if I'm going to throw up or scream."

Billy took his courage in both hands. It was possible, and likely, Skull just didn't know who his companion was. "Skull?"

"Hello there, Billy, Evanthe," Skull turned a grin on them both, and Sophie also greeted them with a huge smile on her face.

"What are you doing here?" Evanthe growled at her, trying with all her strength not to attack her enemy in public.

"Kissing Skull. What does it look like?"

Evanthe restrained herself from the insults she wanted to make. "Leave him alone, he doesn't want anything to do with scum like you!"

"Skull?" Sophie grinned. "Why don't you speak for yourself?"

The young man put an arm around Sophie. "Sophie and I are in love, Evanthe, and you were rather rude to her!"

Sophie grinned. "Isn't he perfect?"

Evanthe's eyes widened. "Skull, you don't know what you're doing, what you're getting into! This woman is evil!"

The vampiress smiled wickedly. "He knows. I told him everything about me."

"And you're still with her!?" Evanthe couldn't believe it; she knew everything about Sophie and could barely believe that Skull was able to stand next to her!

That shock was nothing compared to the next one he got, however. Skull stepped a little closer to her. "Why not?" he whispered the next two words low. "Purple Ranger."

Billy and Evanthe both went pale. "Skull, please tell me you didn't say what I think you said."

"Oh, I said it, Blue Ranger." Skull smiled. Billy seized Evanthe by the arm and the two of them quickly vanished around a corner. Sophie laughed quickly.

"Ohhh, Skull, you're more evil than I thought you were!"

Skull giggle. "It was funny to see them run!" Sophie nodded, holding his hand tightly. "When should your plan begin?"

"As soon as we cast the spell. She didn't stay long enough for me to do it, and that husband of hers was with her." Sophie knew that if Billy was there, the spell would have no effect, and it was problematical if it would with him not there.

Skull shrugged. "Maybe we can do it when she's with her son."

"Son?" Sophie frowned. When had this happened?

"Didn't you know?" Skull glanced at her. "She and Billy have a kid."

Sophie's eyes burned. "That's impossible! Unless...." she growled darkly. "Vincent."


"Soon to be former ruler of the vampires!" Sophie growled. She shrugged then, coming to terms quickly with things. "We'll deal with him later. Until then, let's start your new life!"

"I can't wait!" he grinned as they started away, and giggled as she pinched him in a sensitive spot. This was going to be quite an interesting life!

* * *
Billy paced back and forth as they waited for Rocky and Adam to show up, completing the complement of Rangers in that dimension. "I can't believe this is happening. I really can't."

"What?" Tommy half-growled. Evanthe had been saying that off and on ever since they'd arrived there. Before she could say anything else, however, two columns of red and black light turned themselves into Rocky and a half-awake Adam. Evanthe sighed.

"You want to tell them, or should I, Billy?"


"Okay." She launched into it. "Skull is with Sophie, he knows what she is, what I am, and what we all are!"

Tommy summed it up. "Damn."

"That's putting it mildly," Evanthe declared. Adam sighed.

"If he knows who we are, then..." the Black Ranger shivered, remembering the crush Skull had once had on Elissa back in their high school days.

Aisha gritted her teeth. "I Wonder what they want him for. It can't be just to make another vampire, not and tell him everything about is!"

"They're up to something, and I don't like it." Adam murmured half to himself. "Not with Elissa getting so much better and coming home soon."

Evanthe nodded. "Wonder how we can find out."

"What they're up to?" Rocky wondered. Evanthe nodded.

"Whatever it is, you all know it's trouble, for everyone."

Billy touched her arm gently. "Mostly for you."

She lifted her braceleted wrist for a moment. "They can't do that at least."

Rocky glanced first at the Blue Ranger, then at William, sleeping soundly in Kim's arms. "There are other ways of control."

"Tell me about it." Evanthe whispered softly. Adam lifted is head for a moment.

"All we can do now is wait, and see what Sophie and Skull are doing." Skull!? Why him!?

Evanthe nodded. "And keep a close eye on everyone." Evanthe agreed.

Tommy added, "I'm glad Elissa isn't here for this. I don't think she'd be able to take this."

"Remind me to do something very nice for Aura and Azure some day soon. Elissa needed this time and New Kalakan is the safest and best place for healing."

"Remind us all." Adam said.

* * *
Girard had created another throne-type seat for Skull, and he now sat in it next to the vampiric lord, with Sophie curled up on the floor next to him. "When would be the best time to put her under the spell?" Skull felt as if a new mind had taken over his body, and he rather liked it.

"Soon, my pet." Sophie reassured him.

Skull smiled. "What will you do with her once the spell has been cast?"

"This is where you come in. You shall be there, and she will fall in love with you. You'll bring her here, and she'll serve us, just to e with you." Girard explained.

Skull smiled coldly. That thought pleased him for some sick reason. "My own personal little toy."

"You've been a good pet. You deserve one of your own," Sophie told him. Skull grinned his thanks. "You're welcome, my pet."

"Ohhhhh...." Skull moaned out something wildly as Sophie began to touch him. Girard cleared his throat a little.

"My love?"

"Yes?" Sophie looked quickly over at him.

Her husband had a slightly cruel smile on his face. "You've had your fun with him. Time for you to rest." There was an edge to his voice that didn't give any leeway to argue with him. Sophie nodded.

"Very well. Let me know the minute Evanthe is alone, we so can bring her back to where she belongs!"

Girard agreed, and Sophie sauntered back to her room. Girard glanced over at the young man near him. "Time to kill. Tell me, while you were in school, whom did you want the most?"

"Well. .." Skull thought over all the girls who had teased him or ignored him and on very rare occasions been kind to him over the years. "There was this one girl, Kim, the Pink Ranger. I always liked her. But then when Elissa showed up...."

The vampire lord smiled. "You liked the werewolf?"

"I didn't know she was one." He already shared Girard's antipathy for the werewolf kind.

"Do you still wish her? Desire her?" Girard had his own plans for Elissa, but he could let Skull play with her for a while, if the boy wanted to.

Skull considered. "She might be fun to play with." He said at last. Girard felt his smile extending. This boy was an excellent student!

"That can be arranged. When she returns to Angel Grove, she will be your personal pet. No one else may touch her."

The newest vampire grinned, then frowned for a moment. "I thought Evanthe was going to be my pet. I can have two?"

"Evanthe we need to help us destroy the Rangers." Girard explained. "Elissa is your plaything."

Skull smiled. "Good. Ummm. ..Girard, I was wondering. Do you have sex with all the people you make into vampires?"

He shrugged. "Almost all. I do enjoy it!" it was a great way to break down their resistance to his will, and had been almost one hundred percent successful.

"Did you have it with Evanthe?"

"Yes." Girard freely admitted, remembering the screams and struggles and pathetic attempts at running away that she'd tried. "And she fought me every single step of way!"

Skull snorted. "She was an idiot. She could have enjoyed it if she'd just behaved herself!"

Girard smiled at this. "I do believe my wife's blood has turned you truly evil! Did you enjoy yourself with me earlier?"

"It was unusual. I'd never done it before, but yeah, it was fun!"

"Would you like to do it again?" Girard purred the question out. Sophie's blood wasn't quite as evil as his, since she was evil only because she had no other choice. He was evil because he wanted to be. His blood could have turned Skull into a raving maniac.

Skull smiled. "Sure. I was kind of wondering, though...could I have sex with Evanthe? Just so when I have Elissa, I can compare the two best friends?"

Girard smiled as he came over to Skull, ripping his shirt open. "Yes, you can." The two of them began to indulge in passions better not described in public or in writing.

* * *
Billy couldn't stay with Evanthe constantly, as much as he wanted to. He was doing some very necessary maintenance work at the Command Center, while Evanthe took care of William. Once she changed his diaper, she was going to be heading there with their son, to be safe.

She quickly pinned the last pin in place, then looked down at the child she'd never thought she could have. "I love you, little boy." He squirmed in joy, and she smiled as she started to get the few things they would need together, humming quietly to herself.

"How adorable. A mother with her child." Evanthe leaped up, her eyes wide with fright and fear as Sophie appeared.

"Get out of here!" the vampire shouted, reaching for her communicator and her son at the same time.

Sophie was ready for her this time, however. Quickly she cast the spell of love, then stepped behind Skull, smiling as Evanthe's eyes met her vampiric pet's. The good vampire's eyes went wide, then soft and tender, the way they had both seen her looking at Billy many times before.

"Evanthe, love, put the child back in the crib and come tome." Skull ordered. Evanthe did so, moving almost as if she were in a trance.

"Yes, my love."

Skull smiled wickedly. "Will you forget Billy?"

"Forget who?" Evanthe asked curiously. "You're the only one I love."

Skull remembered what Sophie had told him earlier. "Will you do as I wish you to do, when I wish you to do it?"

"Always." she breathed, and Skull reached out to take her hand.

Sophie couldn't believe it had been this easy! "Then let us leave, my pet..and his pet." They had to get out before Billy got there. just before they teleported, Billy arrived back, having detected the evil energies in his house. All he had time to do was shout out denial as they all vanished.

* * *
Billy was pacing up and down as Alpha ran the scans searching for Evanthe, looking up only when Adam teleported in to join them all, a small smile on his face. Rocky spoke up first. "Adam, we've got some bad news."

"Very bad news." Billy stated flatly. As Adam's smile vanished, Billy explained what it was he had seen. "They just can't leave her alone. After who knows how long of her telling them she doesn't want anything to do with him, they can't take no for an answer!"

Tommy put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "We'll get her." it was the only reassurance he could offer at the moment, and he knew how empty it could be.

Billy started over to the controls, starting his own scans, punching through every form of shielding he could imagine to find her. He heard Adam behind him, as once again the scans began to fail. "Where on Earth could they be?!"

Something flickered into the Blue Ranger's mind. "I don't know." he grunted..then the idea sprang forth into full bloom. "Wait!" with a flick of a switch, he started to scan the moon.

"What is it?"

His friend glanced back at him. "I'm scanning the lunar palace."

* * *
The Lunar Palace was once again home to events that should not, but were, be happening. Skull ran his hands across Evanthe's unaging body, while kissing her deeply. "Oh, Skull...I love you." she murmured blindly.

"You will enjoy what I have in mind for us." he told her. He wanted to do quite a few things to and with her, but there were other things that needed doing first.

She giggled a little at that, a fool's laugh, not the rich tones of her usual voice. "Ohhh, really? Tell me more! More of this?" she began to kiss him very seriously, and he could feel his blood starting to steam up at it. He could easily understand what Billy saw in her.

"First the destruction of the Rangers." Skull had never thought about that before, but it did sound like a really good idea.

Evanthe pouted cutely. "But you've got me so excited!"

Skull smiled, stroking her even more. "Oh, all right. But after this we get right to work!"

It was evident she was very experienced, and it made for quite an amazing session for both of them. Once it was over, Skull brushed the hair from her face and gazed at her. "You were incredible."

"You were perfect," the love-spell bound vampire woman replied, blushing. Skull chuckled.

"Now the time for fun is over, though. You must destroy the Rangers for me, my lover."

Skull smiled as she told him, "Whatever you wish of me, I will do."

"Starting with the Blue Ranger, destroy them, one by one, slowly, and you shall have me as a reward. But do not touch the Rose Ranger."

"She isn't here." Evanthe remembered. "She's recuperating from wounds caused by Rita, Zedd, and Finster elsewhere."

The young vampire nodded. "When she returns, she will join us here."

"She doesn't know how lucky she's going to be!"

Skull grinned. "Very lucky, to be one of my two pets!"

Evanthe smiled. "I'm the luckiest vampire in the universe!" how could she even have bothered with that silly Billy!

"As am I." Skull grinned. Both of them looked up when Sophie and Girard entered the room. It was plain they had been carrying on a conversation, or possibly an argument, since Sophie continued it as they entered.

"I don't see why we can't have some fun with the Rangers first! Torment them..." she almost purred the words out.

Evanthe looked p adoringly. "I will do whatever you wish. Destroy, torment, whatever, as long as my Skull is pleased."

"Torment." Sophie decided.

Girard agreed. "Attack them, and when you are winning, return here." he ordered. She bowed her head, and he felt himself aroused by the sight of her submissiveness. She glanced over to Skull.

"We'll have more fun when I come back?"

Skull shook his head. "You will, with Girard." This was one test of the spell; she had once almost cut her hand off rather than be touched by him.

"If that is what you desire, my beloved." Evanthe said, then vanished in a bolt of purple lightning.

* * *
"I found her!" Billy shouted. His heart sank almost the moment he did, however.

"Where is she?" Tommy asked eagerly. He didn't like Billy's answer, however.

"In the park. Destroying it." As they shouted out various things, most of which were 'what!!', he brought it up on the Viewing Globe, providing proof of what was going on.

Aisha groaned deeply. "I am not believing this!" Evanthe, fully morphed, was trashing everything in sight. People were fleeing almost as if they had wings; evil Rangers and enspelled Rangers were a dangerous force to be reckoned with. Billy shook his head.

"Let's go get her back to normal!"

Tommy nodded. "Let's go! It's morphin' time!"

The minute they arrived in the park, however, Evanthe proved she had been waiting for him, knocking Billy flat with a powerful punch to his chin. "Man. .." he grumbled as he landed flat on his butt.

"Just a very unfriendly hello from your ex-wife!" Evanthe hissed at him.

"Evanthe, you don't mean this!" Billy wanted to reason with her, he didn't want to hurt her! "You're under a spell!"

Evanthe shook her head with pride. "No, I am not! I simply realize who it is I really love. And it isn't you!"

"Then what about William, our son!?" Billy shouted, as the Rangers dealt with a batch of Tengas that had appeared as soon as they did.

Evanthe snorted. "A mistake! I should've had it with Skull!" That was the last thing she said before launching into a very serious attack. Evanthe didn't fight fair one little bit, calling the rangers every name she could think of, hitting the males in every sensitive area possible, and laughing the whole time. "I can't believe Rita and Zedd had such a hard time with you wimps!"

"I can't believe you betrayed us!" Adam growled. Evanthe laughed.

"You haven't seen anything yet, you silly mutt!" she told him, then gave him a quick one-two kick in a certain region of his body that caused him to double over in pain. Evanthe glanced over to the Blue Ranger. "Care for a dose of that yourself?"

"This isn't you, Evanthe!"

The Purple Ranger laughed. "OH, but it is! This is the real me at last!"

"Fine!" Billy sighed; he didn't want to do this, but he had to.

Her Power Whip cracked for a moment, and he felt a chill in his heart. "Let's play, Billy!"

Blue light crackled into his lance, and he sighed. "If you ever come back from this, forgive me." he whispered.

Evanthe laughed, snapping her whip quickly and pulling the lance out of his hands. Then she cracked it again, wrapping it around his waist and dragging him closer to her. "Hello there..." her purr was low and sultry and full of raw evil.

"I love you more than life, Evanthe." he said quietly, looking at her. "I won't hurt you."

Evanthe laughed. "I'm going to hurt you, Billy. ..just not today." With a thrust, she kicked him back to the other Rangers. "That I'm going to save, until I'm ready to destroy you all. One at the time."

"We'll get you back, Evanthe!" Tommy declared. "That is a promise!"

Evanthe snorted. "I don't want to go back to you wimps! I've found my true love. Farewell Rangers..for now!"

She vanished in a column of purple light, and Billy swore like pirate. Aisha sighed. "What in the world have they done to her?"

Tommy helped Adam up from where he'd been kicked and sighed. "Whatever it is, I hate to do this, but we may want to find a way of getting Elissa back home before this goes much farther."

Rocky nodded. "If Elissa and Billy together can't get Evanthe back, then nothing can."

Adam sighed. "I can try to use the link."

Tommy agreed. "Do it. If we don't do something, who knows when Elissa will return and by then, it could be too late."

"And hurry!" was Rocky's advice. Adam closed his eyes, reaching with all his strength out to Elissa.


Adam!! Her reply was just somewhat weaker than it would have been if they were in the same universe, and much happier than it had been the last time their minds had touched.

Elissa, we need you back here as fast as possible.

What's wrong, Adam?

To sum it up, Skull is now an evil vampire who knows who we all are, Sophie and Girard have done something to Evanthe and now she's in love with Skull and just kicked the daylights out of us. We need you.

Elissa sighed. I'm on my way. I was anyway.

I love you, Elissa. And I should've said that to start with!

It doesn't matter. I'm coming home. See you in five seconds.

Adam nodded, opening his eyes. "She'll be here in five seconds!"

"Good!" Tommy declared. All of them jumped as a gateway flared open and Elissa stepped out of it calmly.

"You better believe it is!" she said.

Adam ran over to her, his eyes wide and full of love. "Elissa!" he stopped close to her, a sudden nervous air around him. That shattered when she walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.


Count on it!

Elissa glanced around at the others. "Let's go get to the Command Center. We can give you the full details there."

It took a few minutes to get things straightened out, and once Tommy was done, Elissa broke into a torrent of violent language. Adam glanced at her almost curiously.

"That's sort of what Billy said when they took Evanthe."

Elissa tried to get back to business. "Where are they keeping her?"

"Rita and Zedd's palace. They seem to have taken it over." Elissa shivered, and Adam squeezed her hand, then kept talking. "We can see into it when the Viewing Globe, but so far we haven't been able to penetrate the defenses."

"Then we get her out." The Rose Ranger's voice was calm and controlled. Tommy glanced at her.

"Got any ideas? Last time she came down was fairly painful!"

Elissa shrugged. "I'll go." Adam was going to protest, but she stopped him. "I've fought her before. I've spent a hundred years training with her, I know her weaknesses and her strong points. Let me do this."

Adam sighed. "All right, but be careful. She's not going to be fair."

"When being controlled, who is?" Elissa smiled briefly. "Even if that control is love."

Billy looked at her quietly. "Bring her back, please, ELissa."

"I will."

Adam touched her hand gently. Tomorrow night's the full moon. It's been so long since we transformed together. Bring her back safely, and yourself back too, so we can again.

I await If I'm not back before then, you know where to wait.

Yes. I can hardly wait.

Till then, Adam.

Till then.

* * *
Girard gazed down at Evanthe, tamed and obedient in his bed. "You are great!" it didn't hurt to lay on the flattery, and it kept her under control.

"I'm sorry for being so foolish six hundred years ago," Evanthe couldn't believe she had ever fought this great being! At least he wasn't holding it against her now that she knew better. "I should've known better."

He began to kiss her stomach. "Now you do."

She nodded, moaning. "Yes. Now I will do anything to remain with my true love Skull. Ohhhh, that feels good!"

Girard smiled as he kept doing things to her. "Do you even mind that he wants to take Elissa as his pet?"

She shook her head. "No, I'll still have him. I just have to share him, that's all."

"And you will be shared." he had been plotting this since her arrival there.

"Whatever Skull wants is perfectly all right with me," she said as Girard's touches grew more and more intimate.

"I hope you do, because I love this!" he told her.

Evanthe moaned. "I exist only to make Skull happy, and if that includes making you happy, that is all the better!"

Silence fell after that, at least where normal conversation was concerned, for several hours. Once they were done, Evanthe looked at him in awe. "If I had known six hundred years ago what it would be like with you, I would have thrown myself at you!"

Sophie entered the room just then. "It is time. The werewolf has returned and is alone." Elissa had been back for a few hours, but she knew better than to interrupt Girard while he was taking his pleasures. She tossed a collar at Evanthe. "Use this on Elissa. It'll completely wipe out her memories."

Evanthe nodded. "I'll bring her right back to you."

"Yes." Sophie smiled coldly. "And my pet will have extreme fun tonight!"

Evanthe bowed her head. "I'll be back as fast as I can!"

* * *
Elissa stood quietly at a fence, gazing at the broad field across the street. She felt a flicker of energy, and heard a familiar voice speaking. "Elissa."

She turned. "Evanthe. It's good to see you again! Where have you been?"

"With Skull, Sophie, and Girard on the moon." There was a violet glimmer in her eyes. "Same place you're about to go!"

Elissa shook her head. "That's what you think. I've had it up to here with that place, mostly Finster!"

"He's not going to bother you. Skull's the lucky vampire you get to play with." Evanthe retorted. "Or should I say that he plays with you. Either way, we'll all be together!"

Elissa growled. "Sorry, bloodsuckers aren't my type.

"Don't get me angry, Elissa." Evanthe's eyes flashed at the insult to her type, something Elissa had never done before. The werewolf stepped closer, noticing with curiosity that Evanthe had her hands behind her back.

"Evanthe, can't we just talk for a little while?" she asked.

Evanthe smiled a little. "All right." she let Elissa closer to her, then stiffened briefly as Elissa hugged her. A moment later, both of them were back in the Command Center!

Elissa quickly looked at Alpha. "Alpha, see if you can break whatever they did to her."

Evanthe struggled to get away, doing all her best swearing and fighting. Alpha played a strange light over her, telling them, "That should do it."

The vampire stopped for a moment, relaxing. Her eyes softened, and a sweet, sad smile appeared on her face. "W...what happened?"

Elissa smiled; it had worked!! Quickly she informed her friend of what had gone on, and Evanthe shivered. "I did that to you guys!? I am so sorry!"

Billy hugged her. "I'm just glad you're back!"

She hugged him, not a trace of reserve in it. "I'm glad to be back!"

Elissa nodded from where she was standing not that far from Adam. Evanthe glanced over at her. "Everything's all right again now." She frowned for a moment, a troubled look touching her eyes. "Elissa, could..could we talk somewhere..alone?"

"Sure." Elissa nodded. The two of them teleported off to a quiet section of the park, and Elissa looked at her. "What is it, Evanthe?"

The vampire blinked, tears in her eyes. "While. .I was there..he. .he..Girard..hhe...."

"Did what Finster did to me?" Elissa suggested calmly. She had figured something like that had happened. "Without the experiments that is." Evanthe nodded helplessly, and Elissa held her hand. "I can try to help you through this, but I'm not promising anything. I can barely stand on my own two feet, much less touch my own husband now."

Evanthe slowly reached out to hug her, then as Evanthe began to hug her back, the vampire tightened her grip, sliding the collar Sophie had given her slowly out of the hidden pocket she'd concealed it in. "Elissa."

"What is it, Evanthe?"

Evanthe chuckled. "You're an idiot. And so are all the others."

Elissa pulled back and stared at her best friend. "What!?" She barely had time to say that before she screamed as Evanthe snapped a collar around her neck.

"To think I'd ever abandon my true love Skull!" Evanthe snorted, then teleported off to the moon with her.

"You have done well," Sophie smiled as soon as she arrived with Elissa in her arms. Evanthe bowed her head.

"Thank you. Those fools actually believed I didn't love Skull!" it had been an excellent plan and so easy to fool those Rangers!

Skull glanced at Elissa with a dark smile. "This is going to be fun!"

"What else can I do to please you, Skull?" Evanthe asked with a puppy-doggish eagerness to please about her.

"Rest," Skull kissed her deeply. "You deserve some sleep."

Evanthe smiled and went off to the small room that would be hers when she wasn't being used by someone else. Girard smiled at Sophie. "We should have thought of this centuries ago, it would have saved so much trouble!"

"But we didn't have Skull then," Sophie pointed out. Her husband waved a hand airily.

Girard shrugged. "Quite true, but there was that rather delicious minstrel that we could've used."

Sophie giggled wickedly. "True!" They watched Skull inspect Elissa for a few moments, then the dark lord spoke again.

"I was considering, dear wife. Goldar and Rito have been bored lately. They deserve some fun."

Sophie lifted an eyebrow. "With Evanthe?"

"Why not?" Girard shrugged. "She might belong to us now, but she was quite disobedient for six centuries. That does deserve a punishment of some type."

"Two against one. ." Sophie wasn't quite certain that she liked that thought, but there was very little that she could do about it if that was what Girard wanted. She felt positive that Evanthe, in her current enspelled state, not only wouldn't mind, but could survive it.

Girard smirked. "Well. .perhaps two with two."

"We promised Skull that no one would touch Elissa but him," she didn't like the way he was looking at her.

His next words proved she shouldn't. "I wasn't thinking about Elissa. You and Evanthe. ..Rito and Goldar. ..quite enjoyable!"

She started backing away, her eyes going wide. "Never!"

"Yes, Sophie." His voice was implacable. He'd always enjoyed tormenting her, but never in such a direct way.

"Please, don't make me do this!"

He smiled, and it terrified her. "And why shouldn't I?"

"I beg of you, don't make me do this!" she tried to get away, only to be pinned by his gaze.

"Goldar, Rito!" as they entered, Girard motioned down the hallway. "One of you go wake up, Evanthe. The four of you are going to have a nice time together!" he looked over to see Sophie tried backing away again, and spoke commandingly. "Sophie. Stay where you are." He looked at Goldar; Rito was busy getting Evanthe. "Goldar, enjoy yourself."

Girard watched in evil glee as the two of them, and later the four of them, became very indulged in animal passions. He considered joining in himself. ..and decided not to. It was just too much fun controlling Sophie as she was violated by Goldar, and enjoying the agonies that Evanthe was experiencing with Rito.

* * *
"What happened?" Adam almost shrieked the words out. "What happened?!"

Tommy sighed unhappily. "Evanthe happened, that's what."

"We shouldn't have let her go." Billy's voice was tearful. "Not until we were certain that whatever they did was really gone."

Aisha nodded. "Now we've got two people to rescue. This isn't looking good."

"How in the world are we going to get them back. And who knows what Skull is doing to Elissa!" Rocky declared. It terrified him almost as much as it did Adam.

Adam sighed. "I can try and find out, with our link."

"You'd better." Rocky advised. "We all know that Skull harbors a crush for her."

Adam closed his eyes, reaching out for Elissa. Elissa. ..Elissa. All he got in return was the sense of her tears, and a mixed form of pain and pleasure. "No...."

"What is it?" The Black Ranger looked at his best friend, then quietly told them what it was he had felt. Adam sighed.

"We have to get them out of there."

Rocky put a hand on his friend's shoulder, doing all he could to comfort him. "We will."

"We have to." Adam whispered softly. Rocky asked him to keep trying to get in touch with Elissa, and as he kept on trying, Aisha looked at Billy.

"Are you all right?"

The Blue Ranger's reply was short and to the point. "I will be once we get them back."

"We'll get them both back." Tommy swore. Everyone knew it had to happen. They refused to give into despair.

* * *
It was hours later, agonizing hours, when things calmed down a little in the throne room. Skull and Girard were both feeling rather dominant at the moment, and Sophie was leaning against a wall, her eyes shut and her entire body trembling. Elissa was on a leash that was held by Skull, and Evanthe sat on the floor, her eyes blank and completely unseeing, her body bruised and battered.

"See how obedient my pet is, Girard?" Skull pointed to the vampire slave, and Girard nodded.

"Very. I see you had to beat some of it into her, though." Skull had had a very intensive session with Evanthe, proving to her in as many ways possible that she was nothing but a pet. The love spell was iron-clad, but it still never hurt to do a few other things.

Skull shrugged. Yes, she was a bit bad at first, but you have to train pets, you know."

"Yes, I know," Girard looked coolly at Sophie, who cowered away from his glance.

"She seems to have had a few other bad experiences, however." He hadn't really noticed some of the previous bruises on her, until now. Girard shrugged.

"Actually, she didn't please Goldar and Rito." After a short time watching all four, Girard had let the two monsters have turns with just Evanthe by herself.

Skull laughed. "Are you going to punish her?"

"You are," Girard reminded him. "After all, she is your pet!"

The evil young vampire thought for a moment, then smiled darkly. "I think I know a way. To punish her with my other pet!"

"Do you wish this one tied up?" Girard asked, and Skull nodded. At his command, Rito chained Evanthe to the wall, and at the movement, her eyes suddenly came to life.

"How did I not please you?" she murmured. "I did everything you wanted me to!" some of the things they had done hadn't even been possible by human standards.

Rito shrugged stupidly. "You weren't creative."

Skull handed Elissa a very nasty looking barbed whip, and she stared at him in disbelief. The collar not only wiped her memories, it made her think she was in love with Skull just as much or more than Evanthe did. "Master Skull? Why do you wish me to do this?"

"Just do it!" he ordered, feeling a dark rage in him at her denial of his will.

"I cannot!"

Skull slapped her hard. "Do it!"

Elissa flinched away. "Yes, Master Skull." she started whipping Evanthe, who screamed in horror and pain at the flogging. When it finally ended, Skull smiled with the darkest of looks.

"Very good, my pet!"

"Thank you, Master Skull," Elissa whispered, not looking at the shuddering, crying woman being held against the wall by chains of purest steel.

Skull glanced at his master vampire. "Think she was punished enough or should we keep it up?"

"What do you say to this," this was the next part of Girard's plan to completely and utterly break down Evanthe's heart, mind, soul, and body. "She is the reward for a job well done, to any of our servants, male or female?"

Skull smiled. "Excellent."

He looked up as Evanthe whispered, "Skull. ..I love you...why?"

"To make me happy." He went over and started to kiss the bruises and wounds. "And I am to be first."

Evanthe moaned softly. "As you love..."

As Skull began making out with Evanthe, Elissa cringed, sensing something happening within her. Girard glanced over at her, his eyes widening. "Sophie, what phase of the moon is it on Earth?"

"Full!" Sophie groaned. What rotten timing! "Lock her up!"

With a click of Girard's fingers, Elissa was not just transformed into her full wolf form, she was in a cage. All of her memories surged back suddenly. Adam! The bond was unchanged when she went wolven. Help me!

Elissa?! she could sense that he was in the woods, also having changed. Where are you? What's going on? Where are you?

I don't know!

Elissa, calm down. Are you on the moon? In the palace?

I think so. Adam, the last thing I remember is talking to Evanthe in the park, and now she's chained up to a wall, full of cuts, and Skull is making out with her!

We're going to get you out of there. Both of you.

Adam, Finster is eyeing me!

We're going to be there as fast as we can.

I feel so weak...

Hang in there, we'll be there soon.

You'd better. I have the most perfect evening in mind for the two of us!

Can't wait!

First I have to get out of here. Kill Sophie, Girard, and skull.

You got it. How's Evanthe looking, by the way. Any chance she's free yet?

No. She's actually enjoying it!

We've got to get her free of it. Alpha's working on that now.

Those did it! He made me do it!

What? What are you talking about it?

Adam, he made me hurt my best friend!

Elissa, calm down, put it into words. What are you talking about? How did you hurt Evanthe?

He made me whip her. Cause she didn't please Goldar and Rito. Adam, if she gets out of this, she's the one who is going to need to go to New Kalakan.

Elissa, what have they done to her?

I don't know. Adam, Skull is using me as his pet. Her mental voice sounded completely revolted by the very idea of it. She was.

I'm going to kill him. Adam had sort of liked Skull as the young man had started raising himself up to be something more than a bully. All of that died now, however, with this abuse of his wife and his friend.

Get us out of here!

As fast as we can.

Say hello to Gwen.

I will. I love you. We'll be there soon.

The communications ended, and all Elissa could do in her cage was watch the repeated violation of her dear friend and feel helpless.

* * *
Once again, two figures stood on the cliff where Adam and Elissa usually met when they were wolven. It was Adam and Tommy this time, however. The White Ranger spoke first. "We'll get her back, both of them." It was what one usually said to the significant other tat this point in time.

"I heard from her last night."

"How is she?"

"Scared. Hurting. In pain." Adam sighed. "I hope we get them out."

From behind them came a laugh and a howl. "I don't think so!"

Adam turned to see Goldar and Rito behind them. "Crap." Adam breathed.

"No, it's us!" Goldar laughed crudely. He'd been truly enjoying the new regime, for many reasons. This was even better; a chance to taunt with meaning behind it.

Tommy rolled his eyes. "Looks like crap to me. Kind of smells like it too."

"Oh, shut up!" Rito laughed. "We're the ones with two of your puny Rangers!"

Tommy growled something evil. "We're going to get them both back."

"Funny, I don't think either of them wants to come back!" Goldar declared. He wondered what would happen if he let them know just how vocal the two were in the heat of passion...

"Elissa made it very clear to me last night that she did!"

That was the last thing either side said as they charged into battle, with Tengas and the other Rangers both arriving to even things up a little. Finally, Goldar and Rito backed up a little. "Rito, I do believe we've done enough to earn our reward!" Goldar declared, eyeing Billy mischievously.

At Rito's wild yell of delight, Billy glared at them both. "What are you talking about?" he went pale when Rito told him, in excruciating detail, just what he was talking about. "NO! Evanthe!"

Before he could stop them, both of the monsters vanished, leaving Adam and Billy staring into space in shock. How could this be going on?

"Billy, Adam, we're going to the Command Center. We're going to find them now!"

Neither even moved, until both of them were force-teleported back to the Command Center. The moment they arrived, Alpha had some good news for them for a change. "Billy, I found the real antidote for Evanthe! It's the kiss of her true!"

All the energy flowed back into Billy at that moment. "Get me to her and Elissa now!"

"You got it, Billy!" the blue light sparkled around him, and he was heading out of the Command Center. Adam sighed.

"Any chance that they're in the same room?"

Alpha shook his head. "I can't get a fix on Elissa."

"What!?" Adam stared at him in shock and fear.

Alpha shivered from the fear and anger in Adam's voice. "I can't find her, Adam. I'm sorry."

"This isn't happening....this isn't happening!"

Tommy did his best to comfort his friend. "We'll get her back, maybe Evanthe will know where she is." He went as pale as his shirt as Adam slowly told them just what Elissa had told him the night before, of what was going on with them there. Tommy clenched his fists. "They're all going to die." He would miss Skull, and he could have forgiven him if it had been because of a spell. But this....Tommy didn't know.

"Why do I think that I'm going to lose my wife again because of this?"

* * *
Goldar and Rito were advancing slowly on Evanthe, who cowered in her chains against the wall, trembling. "Oh, yeah, this is going to be lots of fun!"

"Oh, yes!" Goldar grinned in response to Rito. He had been looking forward to something like this for some time, and could hardly wait for more tasks, to earn more rewards. That was all Evanthe had become to him now, not a person or an enemy. . .just a reward. Just something to be used, and abused, as much as possible.

Rito heard a few soft words coming from her. "Skull...only because..I love you so much..."

He frowned a little. "Um, I don't think she's feeling too hot."

"So?" Goldar snorted at his companion's soft-heartedness. Why was it Rito could trash a Ranger in a moment, but when it came to a simple little thing like this, he was suddenly balking?

Rito pointed out something, though. "We could kill her if we did anything to her."

Goldar looked at the vampire; she was hardly breathing, and her eyes were shut. Somewhere in the vaults of his cruel mind, he realized, that if they killed her now, then they wouldn't be able to have any fun with her later. "She does look sorta weak."

"What do you say we let her lie down for a bit, relax? We can collect the reward later." Rito suggested. For the first time in his life, he was actually feeling like he had a mind. Not much of one. ..but it was there, and it was feeling active.

"All right." Goldar groused. "But just for a little while. Come on, let's go torment some Tengas!"

As his erstwhile friend wandered out the door, Rito released Evanthe's chains enough so that he could let her down onto the floor. "You rest, you need it." his voice was uncharacteristically soft. "I won't touch you again, not like that."

Rito walked out quietly, pausing briefly just out of sight when he sensed an incoming teleportation. Concealing himself, he turned to watch.

Billy teleported in right next to her, looking around. "Evanthe?" when he spied her, he almost threw up. "My god, what did they do to you?"

Evanthe's eyes slowly flickered open. "S..Skul..."

"No, it's me, Billy." he came over to her, dropping down by her for a moment.

Evanthe tried to wiggle away, but was too weak. "Go ..away. I don't. you."

"If you are truly leaving me, will you allow me one last kiss?" Billy asked quietly. He hoped Evanthe wouldn't be able to refuse him that. He felt joy when she nodded quietly, then leaned over to give her the sweetest and most loving kisses in the entire universe. Then, he simply looked at her.

A faint violet light played over her entire body, then a small black cloud lifted out of her, dissipating on the lunar winds. "B..Billy?" her eyes opened just the tiniest bit wider.

"I'm here." he whispered quietly. "Want to go home?" She glanced around for a moment, then nodded, tears in her eyes. Billy saw a blanket nearby and covered her with it. "First, though, to the Command Center. I want those wounds taken care of." Normally she wasn't harmed physically by their enemies, but Girard and Sophie knew just how to damage one of their own. Evanthe said nothing as he teleported away with her, and with the faintest of smiles, Rito went on about his business, feeling a strange feeling of happiness within him.

* * *
"You got her." Tommy said as they reappeared. Alpha quickly got to work fixing up Evanthe's wounds, as Billy looked guiltily at Adam.

"You couldn't find her." Adam said quietly. Billy shook his head, wishing he could've done more. But he hadn't dared stay there long with the place crammed with enemies. It had been a miracle he'd run across her when she had, alone and unguarded. When Alpha was finished, he gathered Evanthe up into her arms and teleported away. The moment they were gone, Adam sank to the ground, tears falling endlessly.

Aisha did her best to comfort him. "We'll find her!"

Adam closed his eyes, trying to reach out for Elissa one more time. He went deeper into his tears when he could feel only Skull doing things to her that defied description. Alpha was still trying to find her, before they could do anything irreparable to Elissa.

"I hope so..." Adam murmured so weakly they almost didn't hear him. "They're hurting her!"

Tommy nodded quietly. "And they'll pay for it." He hadn't felt this angry since . ..well. ..since ever! He watched as Kim went to hold their friend, and he quietly rocked back and forth, crying his heart out into her. It was a scene that stayed forever in his mind.

* * *
Billy said nothing as he gently put Evanthe in their bed and watched as she curled up and cried the harshest tears he had ever seen any living creature do. He watched for a few moments until she finally sobbed her way into a deep sleep, and hoped she would stay that way for a while. She needed the rest, and the healing time, badly. Quietly he went to get himself a cot. He knew she wouldn't want to be crowded just now, and he had a tendency to toss around in his sleep. He sat on it and watched her as she trembled, tossed, and turned, but failed to wake up. He never, however, left her alone. He never would again.
* * *
Elissa stared at Skull in confusion as he approached her in fury. "What is wrong, Master Skull?"

"My other pet has been taken!" he hissed.

"I am sorry..." she wasn't certain just what else she could say about that.

Skull approached her harshly. "Not nearly as sorry as you're going to be!" she barely had time to say anything before Skull slapped her hard, then pulled out the whip she'd used on Evanthe.

"What did I do?" Elissa wondered, not daring to move just yet. He shrugged casually. "Nothing. But I've got to do something to someone now that I only have one pet. And that pet's you, so you're the lucky one!"

Elissa backed away, cowering in fright. "Please..have mercy!"

"I am." the ex-bully and current vampire declared. "I'm not going to kill you."

She said nothing as he beat her as hard as he possibly could, only stopping when Sophie came in. "Hello, my love," she said with a smile. "Be gentle the next time you have sex with her. Do as you did with me the last time." She advised.

Skull snorted. "she's just a pet, nothing important."

"You admitted that you care for her." Sophie pointed out. Skull tossed his head in pride. "Skull, don't turn into Girard. That's how we started out, with a touch of love. ..and then. ..demands and hate."

"She's still a pet. Nothing important." he kicked at the half-conscious Elissa. "How's Girard taking Evanthe's vanishing?"

Sophie glanced down for a moment. "He's going to do that to me later." she said quietly. Skull's eyes widened.

"Why? You had nothing to do with her being rescued!"

Sophie looked at him, eyes suddenly blazing, and pointed to Elissa. "And neither did she!"

Skull flinched back, staring down to Elissa for a moment, then his eyes widened in shock. "W. .what have I become?"

"Girard." Sophie felt satisfaction at the sick look on Skull's face. "She must stay here, though. Girard will kill us if she is taken as easily as Evanthe was."

Skull frowned. "How did whoever it was get in here without Goldar and Rito seeing them? I thought they were going to be using her for their 'reward'." The thought of that now made him nauseous, instead of eager. Whatever it was that had made him so stupid was gone now.

"They didn't." Sophie told him as she tended Elissa's wounds. "Rito talked to me. He was worried that she was too weak, and they decided not to, to wait until she got some strength back." She looked at him quietly. "Until recently, I was being totally controlled by Girard."

"What changed recently?"

The answer he got floored him completely and utterly. "I love you, Skull."

"S. ..seriously!?"

Sophie nodded, then picked Elissa up and put her into the bed, tucking her in neatly. "She'll sleep until tomorrow."

Skull glanced down at her, feeling what he had always felt for her: simple friendship. And no shred of desire. "You know," he whispered softly. "If the Rangers rescued her, I wouldn't mind. .not anymore."

Sophie nodded as she quickly wrote out a note to Adam that Elissa was safe and that he would be told how to rescue her once her wounds were healed. That might take a while. ..months even, much had been done to her, and she couldn't heal well while surrounded by so much evil. "They will."


She looked over at Skull quietly. "We have to kill Girard to remove the collar and to let her memories return."

"When should we do it?" Skull could feel his life rearranging itself once again, this time, though a vampire, firmly on the side of right. He might have to pretend to be evil to ensure Girard didn't suspect and do something to make him slime again, but it would only be a pretense.

"Soon. Once she's healed." She looked at him with a nervous twitch. "Skull. .make love to me?"

He smiled. It had taken death and rebirth to find his true love, but it had happened. "I love you, Sophie." She let out a small cry of joy, and he took her hand. "what is it?"

"I have waited over twelve hundred years for someone to say that to me, and mean it!"

Skull smiled. "Funny. you don't look a day over a thousand." Sophie barely looked twenty.

She wrapped her arms around him. "You know how to make a person feel good, don't you?"

He smiled as he kissed her. "I only learned how recently."

"Who taught you?"

"You did." Skull told her, kissing with all his soul in it. Sophie smiled at him.

"Love me, Skull...and never forget how!"