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Family Problems
by: Cynthia and Elizabeth

Two days had went by since the arrival of Master Vile and the wounding of Elissa. She had spoken nothing aloud since then, nor had she walked. All the Rangers were in a mild form of mourning for her, and every last one was sworn if Finster came to Earth, it would be the last thing he did.

"I can't believe this is happening." Billy said quietly. Evanthe nodded, as he sat next to her on the porch steps.

"Neither can I." she murmured.

He put his arm around her. "At least she's alive, and they're together."

"That's one good thing."

Billy looked at her. "I didn't think a werewolf could become paralyzed."

"Neither did I." Evanthe had seldom spoken herself, and was putting herself constantly through various training courses, ready to fight anything or anyone who attempted to harm her.

Billy sighed. "I hope there's a way for her to walk again. Did she talk to you?"

"No." Evanthe shook her head. "She hasn't said anything to anyone."

"Except Adam." Billy remembered something just then, and hurried in to get a package. "I got this in the mail. It seems that this is our anniversary." Evanthe stared at it; she had completely forgotten! Well, the last two years had been very hectic. . . "It's from Elissa, it seems."

Evanthe smiled. "What is it?"

"Open it!" he urged. She quickly ripped the packaging off, and stared down at a framed sketch version of their wedding picture. Tears of joy welled up in Evanthe's eyes.

"It's beautiful!"

Her husband nodded. "I didn't know she was that good with her sketches."

Evanthe smiled. "I did." She looked at it for several moments, while Billy went to get William, sitting back down next to her with their son. The little boy blinked happily at them, then something amazing happening.


Evanthe's eyes went wide! "Billy. ..did..did he say..?"

"I think he did!"

Evanthe smiled at her son. "Say it again, William. For mama."


Evanthe giggled happily, wondering if her parents had felt like this when she had started talking. "He's talking!"

"I am so proud of you!" Evanthe and Billy both hugged their son, and Billy stood up. "I think I'm going to go call our parents. Let them know."

"They're going to be so thrilled!" Evanthe giggled and stood up too. Just as they were about to turn and go inside, however, they heard an all too familiar voice.

"Hello, my reward!"

Evanthe turned first to Billy. "Do you ever get that creepy deja vu feeling?" she asked before looking to Goldar. "Get away from me, Goldar! can't you ever take no for an answer!?"

"Not when you were promised to me!" he declared, stepping towards her. Evanthe snorted.

"This is one promise that's getting broken, along with your skull if you don't stay away from me!" she looked over to Billy. "Get William out of here."

Billy nodded, hurrying with William inside. Evanthe caught the glimpse of blue/white light that meant he was on the way to the Command Center. Moments later, Billy was back and out. "He's safe."

Evanthe nodded, looking back at Goldar, who had been hovering and trying to look dangerous. She wasn't impressed. "What are you waiting for, a personal invitation to leave?"

He stepped towards her, moving faster than she'd seen him before. "I will leave only with you!"

"No way!" Evanthe stepped away from the house, wanting to get away from it before he tried anything damaging to it. "I'm not going anywhere with you!" She growled as he grabbed her arm, pulling her closer to him. "Let me go!"

Goldar laughed. "Feisty!" was all he said as he vanished with her. Billy stared at where they'd been for a few seconds, then teleported to the Command Center. The others were already there, it had been time for one of their regular training sessions. As soon as he arrived, he spoke.

"Goldar took Evanthe."

NO! Elissa's mental shout was audible only to Adam, who squeezed her hand tightly in return.

Rocky looked shocked. "Why!?"

"Something about claiming his reward." Billy shook his head, not certain what was going on here. Evanthe had never mentioned anything about this to him, but the way she'd reacted, she'd known what Goldar was talking about.

Elissa, what is it? Adam could see how frightened she looked.

Girard promised Evanthe to his servants as a reward.

Elissa, the last time Goldar and Rito fought us, before Billy rescued her, they mentioned something about going to collect their reward!

That reward was Evanthe.

Billy rescued her, and Rito stopped him from doing it in the first place. Goldar must want it badly!

Adam, he's going to rape her!

We'll stop him.

Billy looked up at the way Adam and Elissa were looking at each other, and could tell from the panicked expression on Adam's face something was going on. "Adam, what's she saying?"


Adam looked at his friend. "It's not good, Billy."

"Tell me." Billy went pale as Adam did, clutching at the console in shock. "No...Elissa, are you certain."

Yes. Adam related the affirmation to them all. Tommy looked somewhat nauseated.

"David told me Goldar was very eager to collect his reward. He was even going to go after Evanthe once you rescued her, Billy. But he stopped him." The White Ranger told them.

Billy clenched his teeth. "Why is any of this happening. ..why!?"

"Billy, please calm down. We won't be able to rescue Evanthe if you lose your head worrying over her." Billy nodded his agreement to Zordon's words, and got back to work trying to find his wife.

Adam, he's going to hurt her. I don't want that to happen. I feel so useless!

You're not useless. And he's not going to hurt her, we'll find her and get that back before that happens.

Alpha spoke up. "I found her, but I can't get a lock on her!"

"Please, keep trying, Alpha." Billy said, leaning back from his consoles. Alpha nodded.

"I am, but Vile isn't taking any chances this time."

* * *
Goldar had backed Evanthe into a corner of his room, and was leering at her. She was doing her best not to notice the large bed not that far away, and to keep away from it. "Ah. reward here at last!"

"Lay a finger on me, and I'll tear you apart!" she swore visciously. Goldar laughed.

"Watch it. What happened to your friend may happen to you!" he taunted her. Evanthe dodged quickly, trying to get past him.

"As long as you don't touch me, I don't care!" she shrieked as he seized her tightly by her long braids of hair.

"I don't think so!" Goldar dragged her closer to him, seizing her shirt tightly, and forced a kiss on her lips. Evanthe looked as if she were going to throw up, and pulled away from him as hard as she possibly could. There was a tearing sound, and then Evanthe was out of his corner, and her shirt was in his hands still. Evanthe turned away, looking for a way out, not noticing Master Vile coming in from the opposite way until he spoke.

"No...." the sorcerer breathed. "It can't be." His gaze hardened for a moment. "Goldar, leave here now."

The monster stared at him. He was that close to gaining what he'd been after for months, and Vile wanted him to leave? "What!?"

"Leave. That is a direct order. Or you shall end up like Zedd." He watched as Goldar left, Evanthe's shirt still in his grip, then turned to the terrified vampire, trying to cover her torso with her hair and hands as best she could. "Child, you shall be safe for now if you answer me one question."


He took a deep breath. "What is your father's name?"

She couldn't find a reason not to tell him. "Christopher Foster." She most definitely did not expect his response. Vile almost looked as if he were going to faint.

"No. . .it can't be. I thought him dead with his mother."

She frowned, not coming nearer, but not leaving either. "What are you talking about?"

"Christopher Foster is my son." Vile said quietly. Evanthe looked as if she were going to faint now. The sorcerer kept talking. "A long time ago, I had an affair with a human woman. I looked humanoid then. We had a son, one that I thought had died during a war I had with the Machine Empire, along with his mother."

Evanthe felt revolted. This. ..this monster's blood ran through her veins. "I think I'm going to be sick."

Vile spoke again, quietly. "It was because of them that I look as I do now. Go home. Goldar won't bother you for now."

She wasn't going to argue, seizing her communicator from where Goldar had thrown it and teleporting away. Vile sighed. "Oh, my son, after all these years, to know that you are still alive."

Goldar poked his head back in. "Can I have my reward now?"

Vile whirled on him. "Touch my granddaughter and die!" Goldar's jaw dropped in shock. "She is my granddaughter. Leave her alone!"

"Ye..yes, sire." Goldar bowed his head, wondering if his luck could get any worse!

The sorcerer smiled suddenly. "For now." He barely noticed as Goldar wandered off, Evanthe's shirt clutched tightly still in his hands. Vile glanced down to Earth. His son wasn't even worth considering, he had no power beyond being a vampire. But his granddaughter. . .oh, yes, now that was something to work with. In his species, power skipped regular generations; the only reason Rita had had any abilities at all was because of her staff. But with his blood, combined with her Ranger powers and her vampiric nature. ..Vile chucked to himself suddenly. "You will serve me, my granddaughter, you will."

* * *
Alpha's almost gotten through the defenses. Adam told Elissa as they sat there waiting for some form of reply. Everyone jumped, however, when a column of purple light transformed into Evanthe, covering herself with her hair and hands, and with the world's most confused expression on her face. Alpha quickly got a blanket and tossed it over her.

She's back!

"Thanks, Alpha!" Evanthe said, trying hard not to stutter in fear.

"Good work, Alpha!" Adam declared, then glanced back at Elissa.

Adam, would you ask her something for me?


How did she get out!?

Evanthe looked up at Zordon, with fear in her eyes. "Zordon, I want to know something."

"What is it, Evanthe?" the mentor asked. He had a sneaking suspicion he knew what she wanted, though.

She took a long breath. "Has Master Vile ever had any children? Other than Rita, that is."

Zordon looked back at her. "One. Who died many years go at the hands of the Machine Empire."

"What was his name?"

The ancient warrior-wizard shook his head. "That I do not know."

"How could someone know if they were related to him?" she asked softly, her hand drifting to her back. She was trembling visibly now, ignoring everyone, even Billy.

"All that are in his family have a certain mark on their back," Zordon said, then quietly described it. Evanthe turned around, moving the blanket just enough so it could be seen.

"Like that, maybe?" her voice was a broken whisper.


Evanthe teleported away without another word. Billy followed her quickly, not surprised to see her crying on the bed. He slowly came over to her and sat down. "Evanthe?"

"Don't touch me, Billy. ..please."

"What's wrong?"

She lifted her head briefly, revealing a face that looked as if she had seen hell and back. "You..remmeber the birthmark Zordon described, that's on all the members of Vile's family?"

"Yes." She twisted around to show him her back, where the birthmark, three interlaced V's, was. He shook his head. "And you think this means something to me? Evanthe, you are in no way like Vile, and neither is your father. And if he ever tries to touch you, I'll rip his heart out."

"I'm scared, Billy."

He pulled her closer to him. "I'll protect you."

"That. .that thing. .is" Evanthe couldn't even bring herself to utter the words, and he held her closer.

"And it doesn't change who you are. The Purple Ranger. My wife. William's mother. Elissa's best friend. A vampire."

She sighed. "I guess not."

"Just remember that I love you," he held her. "That we all do."

She nodded, leaning against him and his strength. "One and only one good thing came out of that little visit."

"What's that?"

Evanthe smiled. "Vile made Goldar leave me alone."

"Let's hope he obeys." Billy laughed a little, at least glad that that had happened.

Evanthe sighed, a few more tears falling down her face. "I hope so. I was so scared. .." Slowly, she told Billy of other dreams she'd had, of Goldar frequently mentioning he was coming for his reward.

Billy held her. "I wish you would have told me about that earlier, but I'm glad you're safe."

"So am I." she agreed. "But I still wonder why I've just started having those dreams."

"I wish I knew. Maybe it's because you're related to Vile. You might have some power, like ELissa has. But yours gives you warnings?"

She shivered. "I guess so. Billy. one of those dreams, Goldar got what he wanted from me."

Billy held her gently. "He'd better not touch you."

"I'll kill him if he does."

* * *
"What the heck is going on?!" Tommy practically shouted, not at all understanding recent events, and that made him want to strangle something.

"Would someone tell me what the heck that was all about?" Aisha grumbled. Zordon cleared his throat.

"Rangers, there is a chance that Vile is Evanthe's grandfather, and that Christopher is Vile's presumed dead child."

They all went silent. Aisha breathed softly, "No wonder she left here so fast. That's got to be a major shock to her."

Tommy shivered for a few moments. "I can't imagine what that must be like."

Aisha nodded, then something else occurred to her. "Why won't you talk, Elissa?" There was no response from the silent ex-Ranger.

"I'm not sure," Kim said quietly. "But I think she's afraid . But I don't know of what or why.

Tommy spoke up. "Of having to deal with what happened." Still Elissa said nothing.

The Yellow Ranger sighed. "First what happened to Elissa, and now this with Evanthe. Don't the bad guys ever leave us alone?"

"Guess not." Tommy held Kim his arms, thinking of all that they had given up to be Rangers. It was worth it, though. Defending the planet was worth anything.

Rocky said something that struck them all. "You know, we're wondering how Evanthe's taking this. I'm wondering how Vile's taking it. What does he plan to do about it?"

Tommy nodded. "Alpha, can you keep a lock on Evanthe, until we can know for certain if he intends on taking her?"

"Sure thing, Tommy!"

As Alpha got to work, Zordon spoke again. "It is possible that this is the source of Evanthe's dreams. Those of Vile's family have many unusual powers, and with her vampiric combination, almost anything could happen: such as her dreams."

"They're premonitions?" Tommy asked.

"It seems likely." Zordon replied. All of them were silent. what would Vile do next?

Adam, can we go to her?

Of course. Adam looked up to Alpha. "Alpha, teleport us to Billy and Evanthe, would you?"

"Sure thing."

* * *
Elissa knocked quietly on the door to the Cranston house, and waited patiently in her wheelchair for Billy to open the door. When he did, the Blue Ranger had a wide, welcoming smile on his face. "Hey, guys."

"Hello." Adam glanced down at the silent Elissa. "From us both.

Billy nodded. "Evanthe's in our room. This has shaken her up some."

"Can we talk to her?" Adam asked. Billy nodded, beckoning them in.

"Sure. I know she'd appreciate some company." He stood aside as Adam rolled Elissa in and they headed towards the bedroom. Evanthe looked up as they came in, her eyes still tear-reddened. Elissa quickly rolled over to her and took her hand.

Evanthe smiled a little. "So, what's it like finding out your best friend is related to your worst enemy?" Elissa shrugged, and Evanthe suddenly paled. "I. father! He has to know!"

Should we tell her that those dreams might be premonitions? Adam asked as Evanthe looked for the phone.


All right. Adam glanced at his friend. "Evanthe, before you call, there's something you should know."

She looked back at them. "What?"

"Zordon might know why you've had those dreams." He said. Slowly Evanthe put the phone back down and listened as Adam explained about the power she could have inherited from Vile. All the animation slowly drained out of her face, and she looked more gray than white.

"No..." she whispered, slowly telling them about the dreams she'd been having the last few nights, with Goldar claiming her for his reward at last. Elissa slowly crept her arms around Evanthe and held her.

Billy looked to Adam. "If he touches her, I swear I won't rest until he's dead."

"I'll help." Adam's voice was cool and positive. Billy smiled a little. "We do have some good news for everyone though."


"William spoke his first words today!" the proud father declared, his eyes sparkling with joy. Evanthe nodded, then bit her lip.

"Vile better not touch him!"

Wonder what he said. Elissa thought, and Adam asked the question.

"First mama, then dada." Evanthe glowed at the very memory. Elissa smiled.

That's so sweet.

Her friend looked at her, and almost growled. "Aren't you ever going to talk again?" Elissa only looked down. "Elissa, please talk to me!" A shake of the head. "Please!

I can't do it! Elissa mentally screamed, and Adam sighed. "She says she can't do it." Elissa turned her chair away from Evanthe and buried her face in her hands, crying. Evanthe shrugged, then picked up the phone and start to dial her family.

Elissa slowly reached out to the bag on her chair and tossed a sketchpad on the bed, open to the picture of Goldar with his knife. Can you ask her to take a look at that?

When Evanthe did, her eyes went very wide in shock. "No. ..I didn't know. .."

I can't talk. He ruined my vocal chords. Elissa mentally stated. Adam relayed it in shock, and Evanthe went over to try to hug her. Elissa pushed her away and rolled out the door, Adam right behind her. Evanthe sighed and redialed her father. She would take care of that later.

"Hello?" Christopher Foster came onto the line.

"Dad, it's me, Evanthe."

His voice brightened up at once. "How is my little sunshine?"

Evanthe rolled her eyes. Six hundred years old plus and he still treats me like I'm six. "Not feeling very bright. Look, I've got a question for you, and it's kind of an odd one."


She took a deep breath. "What..or..who..was your father?"

Christopher shrugged. "I never knew him. And your grandmother refused to tell me of him."

"Would you come over to the house?" Evanthe asked. "And There's something I think you should know."

"On my way!"

Evanthe smiled briefly. "All right. Oh, William said is first words today."

"I bet you're proud," the vampire leaned back in his chair. "How is everything in your life?"

"Considering what I found out today, things have definitely been better."

He sounded worried. "Is something wrong? With a friend?"

"I'll fill you in on everything when you get here. You might want to bring mom too, she should know this."

Chris nodded. "I will, see you soon!"

* * *
Elissa sat on the front porch, staring down the stairs. Adam stepped out next to her. Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't remember till last night

We can talk to Zordon and Alpha and see if they can restore your vocal cords.


Why not?

Adam, I wouldn't let them look at my back, why would I let them fix my vocal cords? She paused for a moment. Crap, I left the sketchpad back there. I have to go back before she looks at any of the other sketches.

I don't think she would.

She would.

Why do you think she would?

I don't want to take that chance. I'm not ready for her to know what else happened.

I'll help you go get it.


No problem. He started to help her back into the house.

Would you hate it if I never talked out loud again?

It's your choice. But I miss hearing you say that you love me.

I love you, Adam. The two of them went back into the bedroom to see Evanthe sitting on the bed with her eyes shut. The sketchbook was right where Elissa had left it, and Evanthe appeared to be thinking about something.

"Elissa left her sketchbook."

Evanthe gestured towards it. "There it is. I know she doesn't like people looking at her stuff without permission."

Adam nodded as he picked it up. "Thanks. Want us to stay with you until Billy gets back?" He had went off to the Command Center to get William.

Evanthe shook her head. "I'll be all right."

"Okay." Adam nodded. "I'm going to take Elissa home. She needs to get some rest."

He almost flinched at the look Elissa gave him, and Evanthe smiled. "Go on home, please, Elissa. I want to think for a while."

Tell her I'll see her later. Once Adam had told her, and Evanthe nodded. "Can't wait."

Elissa smiled as she wrote something down on the pad, and handed it to her. Maybe I should learn sign language the note said. Evanthe smiled.

"Maybe. I could teach it to you." She smiled. Elissa nodded, and the two of them waved their way out. Evanthe sighed, leaning back on the bed and shutting her eyes. "Today has not been good."

"It hasn't?"

She leaped up at the sound of Master Vile, seeing him right next to her. "Get away from me!" her voice was shrill and high with fear.

"You say this to your grandfather?" Vile found himself rather enjoying the fear in her voice, as well as just having her as a member of his family.

Evanthe nodded. "As a matter of fact, I do!"

"I just want to talk." He said, taking a step towards her. Evanthe shook her head.

"I don't want to talk to you!" she seized her communicator, and Vile waved a hand, causing a small spark to rise up from the device.

"Communication is now cut."

Evanthe turned towards the door, her heart pounding. "Just leave me alone, I don't want anything to do with you!"


A sharp voice broke in from the door. "Leave here, you vile creature!" Chris shouted. Evanthe turned to her father.

"Dad. . .this is going to sound very weird, but. ..this is your father." she said quietly.

"What?" Chris stared in shock, and Evanthe sighed.

"Yeah, that's about how I feel." Evanthe nodded as she slipped her way over to him.

Vile stared at his son. "Christopher? Is that really you?"

"T. .that's my name!"

Evanthe glared at her grandfather. "Leave us alone Vile!"

"You look like your mother."

There were few things that Evanthe couldn't stand. One was Goldar. Another was being ignored. With every ounce of her lungs, she shouted, "Can't you take a hint!? Get out!!!"

Vile stared at her. "For now, I will. But I will be back. Granddaughter."

"We don't want anything to do with you. Ever!" Evanthe declared. Christopher stared at her and at him, not sure what to do just now.

As Vile vanished, Diana came in. "Who was that?"

"Someone you don't want to know, Mother. trust me." Evanthe told her. Christopher was stuttering something, and Evanthe glanced at him. "I know, I found out the hard way."

"My father!"

She nodded. "Yeah. And my grandfather."

Diana looked nauseous. "I think I'm going to be sick."

Evanthe sighed. "You and me both."

"Enough of my stupid father. What is going on with you and the Rangers?" Chris finally said. After Evanthe told him the most recent things, he growled, "Excuse me while I go kill my father!"

Evanthe rolled her eyes. "Take a number."

"Do the Rangers know she can't talk?" Diana asked. Just then, Billy teleported in with William in his arms.

"Who can't talk?" he asked. When told, he frowned. "I thought that she. . ." his eyes went wide suddenly. "How!?"

Evanthe explained, and Billy growled. Evanthe feared for any of their enemies if her husband got hold of them at this moment. She decided to spring the last touch of new on him. "Vile was here." she told him what had happened, and Billy came fairly close to giving William a lesson in foul language. Evanthe shook her head. "He's gone now, and if he ever comes near any of my family again, he's history." She flashed her fangs. She was serious.

* * *
Goldar stood next to Vile, watching as he stared down at Evanthe a few days later. The sorcerer grumbled darkly, "I absolutely will have her on my side!"

"Good luck." Goldar snorted. "Zedd and Rita both tied that, and it didn't work."

Vile glared at him. "They didn't have my advantages." he declared, glancing aside to see Goldar toying with Evanthe's shirt that he still had. It was as if the monster enjoyed knowing he'd been that close to her. "I have an idea."


The sorcerer smiled. "First, there is the slim chance that she'll actually come willingly. She must be given that opportunity."

"And if she doesn't?" Goldar was positive he knew what was coming next. "We threaten her friend?"

Vile agreed. "Yes. She'll come gladly if we threaten the werewolf. They are such close friends!" he mocked the very existence of friendship with that. "And Goldar?"


"When she is on our side, willingly or not, she will be yours." Vile promised. He had thought about it, and Goldar had earned a reward. Giving him his granddaughter to play with would not only reward him, but keep him tamed and her out of trouble as well.

Goldar laughed. "Thank, you, Master Vile!" He was going to have to get a larger capable of holding wild vampires.

"Now, to go speak with my granddaughter. I will do so as soon as she is alone." He turned his gaze back to Earth.

* * *
Kim giggled and bounced around. "I am so psyched!" Ernie was holding a 40's style dance at the Youth Center, for the entire town. Everyone who was anyone was going to be there. Aisha giggled wildly.

"This is going to be a blast!" she declared.

Kim glanced over to the ex-Rose Ranger. "Thanks for lending me that dress." All of them knew by now about the wounding to Elissa's throat, and Elissa only nodded her welcome. Evanthe smiled.

"It is a beautiful one. It kind of reminds me of some dresses I saw in the sixteenth century." Evanthe said quietly. "I never wore anything like them, though. I had to dress for speed instead of fashion." She smiled briefly. "I am, however, responsible for a few fashion trends I might tell you of later."

She glanced down at Elissa, who was siting with her head in her hand. "Are you all right?"

I'm just tired. She said quietly to Adam, who informed the others. Evanthe nodded.

"When do you want me to start your sign language lessons?" she asked, and nodded again when Elissa mouthed, 'tomorrow?' "Not a problem."

Adam, I'm going to head home soon.

I'll drive you.

No, I can wheel myself.

All right, but be careful.

Aren't I always?

Well. ..

What's that supposed to mean?



If you see so much as a Tenga feather I want to know about it, please.

I will. You worry too much. Tell them I said bye. As she waved and wheeled away, Adam looked after her. He didn't worry too much. . .just constantly!

Elissa made it home safely; Evanthe's mother was there keeping an eye on Gwen, who had the flu. As she entered the knocked on the cabinet next to the door three times, letting them know that she was there. Diana called out, "Hi, Elissa!" As Elissa waved and wheeled into the kitchen, the vampire sorceress continued, "She's feeling better I think. She should be over it soon."

The worried mother nodded, mouthing, 'Good'.

Diana smiled. "How was your day?" Elissa shrugged and yawned a little. "Tired? Go on to bed, you need your rest."

Elissa nodded, picking up a glass and heading over to the sink. As she reached for the faucet, her chair tipped over, sending her tumbling to the ground. Diana carefully helped her back up. "Are you okay?" Elissa nodded, and Diana smiled. "You'd better be a bit careful."

Elissa nodded, then wheeled herself to her bedroom after getting her glass of water. She was levering herself into the bed when every muscle he had stiffened, then began to convulse at once. A clear voice spoke in her mind: Ernon's voice. "Time to pay the piper!"

As she tossed around, Diana came to the door. "Need any help?" the woman poked her head in just enough to see Elissa thrashing around, sending a lamp crashing to the floor. She flung the door wide open and ran over, quickly doing her best to try and calm her down, to no avail. Diana thought quickly, and seized Elissa's communicator, teleporting both of them to the Command Center. Hopefully Zordon and Alpha could figure out what was going on here.

* * *
Evanthe had left the others for a quiet walk by herself, hoping that she wouldn't be bothered. When she heard Vile's laughter in the air, however, she knew that was going to happen. "Great. Not what I needed." She started reaching for her communicator, only to feel arms she knew and hated seizing her tightly from behind. "Hey! Let go of me!"

Vile appeared before her. "Hello, my granddaughter!"

"Don't you ever take no for an answer, either of you!?" she growled, doing what she could to struggle in Goldar's grip. His hands were starting to delve into places they had no business being in, and she tried to keep them away from there.

"I want you to join me." Vile said flatly. Evanthe snorted.

"Yeah, right. Just after Hell freezes over, okay?"

Her eyes widened as a small hologram appeared before her, of Elissa going through what looked to be a massive seizure of some type. "I can stop that for you. If you join me."

Evanthe stared, not quite certain just what to believe. "What's happening to her, what have you done to her!?"

"Nothing." Vile gloated. "That spell has been on her for quite some time."

Evanthe bit her lip. "Ernon." Looks like I didn't stop her in time.

"Do you want her suffering to stop?" Vile asked, and Evanthe nodded. "Then work for me."

She shook her head harshly. "Never! I'll find some other way to help her. But I will never work for you, Vile!" She spat at him, her fangs almost glowing in her anger.

Her grandfather shrugged. "So be it." Her jaw dropped as he pulled out the shirt she'd worn that day not long before in the palace, and muttered something she couldn't hear. As he finished, she went completely stiff, her eyes blank and unseeing. "Whom do you serve?" he asked, knowing the answer.

"You, grandfather, always." her voice was flat and completely without emotion, as if she were a robot. Vile smiled from all his faces. As long as the shirt, the focus of the spell, existed, then she would belong to him. It was made even stronger since it was a personal possession of hers, something she had worn frequently. The Rangers stood no chance of freeing her.

"Goldar, there is your reward. When you're done with her, send her to me." Vile ordered, then vanished. Goldar laughed, walking around her for a few moments and gazing at her. This was going to be enormously fun. He put a hand on her shoulder, and vanished, teleporting back to his bedroom. Nothing would stand in his way this time.

* * *
In the Command Center, Elissa was still going through her convulsions. Diana looked up at the wizard. "I couldn't think of anything else to do, Zordon, but to bring her here."

"You did right." Zordon told her. "Alpha, you may want to restrain her and contact the Rangers."

Almost before Alpha could finish sending out the message, Adam had appeared in the Command Center. "Elissa!" he stared, not sure what was going on. He looked over as Diana explained what was going on. "Can't you stop it?"

"We're trying, Adam, but we're not even sure what's causing it!" Alpha told him.

Billy touched his shoulder. "Adam, can you see if she can hear you, or respond?"

Elissa? Adam looked down at her, only to get nothing but screams of pain in response. Kim held onto Tommy desperately.

"Why is this happening!?" she asked. The White Ranger shook his head.

"I don't know." He glanced around, taking a mental headcount, then paused. "Hey, where's Evanthe?" he would have thought that she would be the first there after Adam. A few moments with Billy at the computer figured that out though, and when Billy told them she was in the Lunar Palace, everyone from Alpha to Zordon groaned out various versions of swear words.

The Blue Ranger looked at his friends. "Alpha, keep trying to help, Elissa. I'm going to see if I can get Evanthe out of there."

Rocky moved over to where Elissa was flopping around like a landed trout, and started doing his best to soothe her, and getting her to relax. It didn't seem to be working, however.

Adam sighed. "If we knew what was causing it, we could do something about it!"

"Adam, try to remain calm." Rocky said firmly. His friend looked back at him just as calmly.

"Rocky, my wife could be dying and you expect me to be calm?"

The Red Ranger looked back at him. "I'm hoping that what works on my Aunt's seizures might work on Elissa's. If so, you have to be calm." Adam sighed, sitting down and taking Elissa's hand.

"Please, Elissa, be all right," he murmured softly to her. Rocky was still doing his best to calm her down, then glanced at Liana.

"Do you know if werewolves can suffer from epilepsy?" he asked. She shook her head firmly; it wasn't possible. "Okay, I'd just wondered. This seems to be like the attacks my aunt has."

Aisha glanced at Billy. "Any luck yet?" Billy shook his head. Nothing seemed to be going right for them today.

Adam tried again to touch Elissa's mind. Elissa, can you even hear me? Endless screams were his response. Elissa, please, we're going to help you.

Rocky looked over at him. "Any luck?"

"Nothing. Just screams."

Tommy came over to join them as Aisha and Kim went to help Billy. "Just what exactly are you trying to do?"

"Relax her so the convulsions will calm down," Rocky explained. Slowly, Elissa had calmed down some.

"It looks like it's working." Tommy glanced around, then whispered, "You. . .don't think that. .um...he has something to do with this?"

Rocky whispered back, "I don't know. But I wouldn't be surprised."

Tommy glanced at Elissa. "You're going to beat this, I know you are. You're strong."

"She has to beat it." Rocky breathed. Tommy nodded.

"She will. I know it."

* * *
Vile sat in the throne of his SpaceSkull, and smiled as Evanthe and Goldar appeared before him. Evanthe's clothing had obviously been severely ripped, but the expression, or lack of it, in her eyes hadn't changed a bit. Vile chuckled. "Did you have fun, my granddaughter?"

"Yes, grandfather."

"Good. I have a present for you." he handed her the shirt that he had mended with his powers. "Put it on." As she slipped it on over the rag that she had been wearing, Vile could almost sense the control becoming firmer and firmer. The longer she wore it and the more Goldar did to her, the closer she would be bound to the dark side, until even if the spell were somehow broken, she would no longer be good.

Goldar looked curious. "Why have her do that, sire?"

"It strengthens my control." Vile didn't go into a detail explanation, it might have shattered Goldar's brain if he had. The warrior nodded.

"Now that you have her, what are you going to do with her?"

Vile considered. She was a good fighter, but there was no way she could take on all of the Rangers by herself. Perhaps in one on one combat. . .he would think about that. "Good question. Maybe I'll just let you keep her as your plaything for now."

"I would be honored, sir."

The sorcerer grinned. "But first, show off your new toy to the Rangers! Let them know that I've won. . .again."

* * *
Billy smiled as something appeared on the scans he had been looking for. "I found her."

"Where is she?" Tommy jumped up quickly and eagerly.

"The park." Billy could detect a couple of other things. "Goldar has her. Let me bring it up on the Viewing Globe."

He flicked a couple of switches, and then swore like a sailor at the sight he saw. Elissa's seizure got worse, and Rocky glared at him when she refused to calm down. Aisha shook her head. "Come on, we've got to help Evanthe!"

"If you need me, call." Rocky said. "I'm going to see if I can calm her down again."

Tommy nodded. "Hopefully we won't need you. It's morphin' time!"

With the corresponding colors of light, all of them but Rocky teleported off to where Goldar and Evanthe were standing calmly. Billy stared at Evanthe. "Evanthe!" her eyes were still completely blank and expressionless.

Aisha looked sick. "Goldar, what have you done to her!?"

"Nothing!" Goldar gloated. "Her grandfather did it!"

Tommy was about ready to pull Saba out and give Goldar a haircut the hard way. "Let her go!"

"Her grandfather is a monster, and so are you!" Liana declared firmly.

"Like you can do anything stop me!" Goldar mocked them.

Evanthe glanced over at her evil lover. "Goldar, shall I destroy these fools for you and my grandfather?"

Before another step could be taken or another word said, Rocky appeared in his crimson signature light. "Billy, forgive me."

"Huh?!" The Blue Ranger didn't know what his friend was talking about!

"For what I'm about to do to your wife." Rocky didn't give anyone any time to react; he simple ran to Evanthe, ripped off her shirt, and blasted it with his blaster, rendering it to dust. As he did so, he tossed her another shirt. As the enspelled one vanished, Evanthe's eyes cleared and she stumbled away from Goldar.

"W.. what's going on?" she murmured, her mind clearly quickly from the enspelled miasma.

"Long story." Rocky told her, facing away from her. "You may want to finish getting dressed first."

As she pulled the shirt he'd given her, she glanced over at Goldar, looking torn between screaming and faint. "S.. stay away from me." she murmured, her voice shaking like a leaf. Billy went over to hold her as Goldar vanished.

"Let's go save a former Ranger." Rocky said, and with one extra column of light, they returned to the Command Center.

* * *
Vile was not pleased when Goldar returned without Evanthe. "What happened?" he yelled at the top of his lungs.

"The Red Ranger destroyed the shirt!" Goldar declared. Vile's eyes burned.

"I hate him. He's got guts. I hate guts!"

Goldar pouted a little. "And I lost my plaything." It was so useful to have someone to smack around after he'd lost a battle to the Rangers. ..though there was always Squatt and Baboo for that.

Vile nodded. "You shall have another one, after Finster finishes his experiment on her."

Goldar smiled wickedly. "Do you sill wish your granddaughter to join us, sire?"

"Yes, and you can have them both, if you wish."

"Ohh, thank you, sire!" Goldar cackled, and Vile nodded. He could afford to be expansive if he really wanted to be. He might even take part in certain parts of the playing. Maybe.

* * *
Elissa was still jumping and convulsing around as they returned to the Command center. Evanthe looked over at her with dull eyes. "Ernon's last spell."


Slowly, Evanthe explained what Vile had said, about the spell having been on Elissa for some time already. Ernon's spell was the only thing it could be: a time-released spell, that had gone off at the worst time.

"Alpha, we may need Vincent for this." Adam said. The vampire king had his own communicator now, and it didn't take long for him to appear in the Command Center.

"What happened?" He asked, and bit his lip as Adam told him what Evanthe had said. "Blast it. Adam, where's the book that the Wolven High Council gave Elissa?"

"The apartment."

Vincent nodded. "Get!" Adam teleported off, and Vincent dropped down to hold Elissa's hand. "You must be calm, Elissa. I am going to help you, but you must stay calm." Adam appeared backing there moments later, and handed Vincent the book. The king looked to the only one of his subjects who could help right now. "Evanthe, I need your help. There are three spells in here that could have caused this. I need you to remember which one she used." He laid the book out and pointed out the three spells. "I need you to be positive on this. If I use the wrong counterspell, it could kill her."

Evanthe thought back, remembering what had happened back in the cave. Slowly, she looked at the spells, then touched one of them. "That one."

"Okay." he nodded, then started the counterspell quickly. Once he was finished, he closed the book. "It may take a minute or so to take effect."

They watched quietly as Elissa began to slowly calm down. Billy went to where Evanthe was sitting with her eyes shut and put his arms around her. "I'm going to kill him for this." he whispered. Evanthe shoved him away from her, fear filling her expressive eyes, as well as tears that slowly fell down.

Elissa was slowly calming down, as Adam held her hand and watched her. A..Adam...?


What happened?

Ernon's last spell has been broken at last.

Can you help me sit up? Someone sounds like they're crying. He eyes opened and she glanced around, sitting up. What happened? Why is Evanthe upset?"


Elissa seized his communicator and threw it at Evanthe, who didn't so much as move. Take me over to her! she commanded imperiously. Adam did, and she wrapped Evanthe into a hug that last until Evanthe pushed her away: moments later. Elissa tied again, but Evanthe pushed her away harder, getting up and moving away entirely. A tear rolled down Elissa's face, and she seized Adam's communicator, throwing it once more at Evanthe as she used the console to stand up.

Evanthe whispered softly, "Leave me alone, Elissa."

Elissa glared at her coldly. Tell her I'll leave her alone. ..FOREVER! In a wash of white light, she was gone out of the Command Center, and Adam looked at the Purple Ranger. "Evanthe, I think you may have just lost your best friend."

Evanthe turned away from all of them and without a single word, teleported away. Adam sighed, then went to Elissa. He found her on the floor in tears. Elissa. There was no answer. Elissa, please talk to me.


Why not? Elissa stared at him, and he kept going. Elissa, no one knows where Evanthe went. She left the Command Center just after you did.

What am I supposed to do about that?

I thought you'd want to know.

Adam, I don't.

Why not?

Slowly, she put her wheelchair back up and tried to get back into it. I don't!

You would have died without her!

Don't you think I know that? That seems to be all Evanthe does, and she won't let me help her!

She doesn't want anyone's help, I think.

And that's fine by me.

I don't think it is.

She stared at him for a few moments, then collapsed against him, crying. It's not! Oh, Adam, what happened to her!?

Billy thinks Goldar got what he wanted.

No!!! Elissa wheeled out of the room, in tears, and he followed her.

She'll be all right. She's always recovered before. He watched as she stared out the living room window. Where do you think she would've went?

I don't know.

There has to be somewhere.

The cabin. .the ranch. I gave her a set of keys for there.

Alpha's already checked everywhere that we know of. Nothing.

Then I don't know.

She has to be somewhere.

I wish I knew where. Elissa's eyes widened suddenly, as something unusual happened.

She felt her legs.