A Different Shade of Green
by: Jennifer R. Norton

Author's Note:This story takes place after Kimberly leaves, but before they get the Zeo Powers.

(Youth Center)

Tommy- Guess what guise, my younger sister is mooving in with my mom and me. She's supposed to meet me here in (checks clock) five minouts. Do you see anyone here you haven't seen before?


Zed- So, Tommy's sister is coming to town. If she....

M. Vile- (appears) If Tommy's sister is anything like her brother she would make a perfect air for you're throne! Reto will kidnap her, and hypnotise her into thinking you are her parents.

Reta- Great, a daughter she'll be just like me!

Zed- A daughter, why not a son?

M. Vile- (to Zed) Simply because I don't want the air to turnout like you!

Reto- alright a niece!

Goldar- Not another Rita!

(youth center)

Aiesha- Hey, (pointing to juice bar) I've never seen her before!

(on juice bar)

Ernie- One pineapple shake. You're new around here, where are you from?

Jenny- Spring Falls, have you ever heard of it?

Ernie- Yeah, that's where Tommy Oliver is from. Do you know him?

Jenny- I should, he's my brother!

(Rangers come to juice bar)

Tommy- Jenny? Is that you?

Jenny- Tommy! I can't believe it's been almost three years.

(they hug)

Tommy- Oh, I want you to meet my friends, Aiesha, Billy, Adam, Kat, and Rocky.

(other Rangers say hi)

Jenny- It's great to finally meet you. Tommy has told me so much about you.

Kat- Good things I hope!

(Bulk and Skull enter from left of juice bar)

Bulk- If it isn't the geek patrol!

Skull- So Tommy, who's this?

Tommy- This is my little sister, Jenny

Jenny- I'm not little anymore!

Adam- You can say that again, Tommy showed us you're baby picture.

Jenny- Tommy!

Billy- Come on we'll show you around.

Rocky- Yeah, you can see what we do for fun!

Jenny- (to Tommy) All I want to see are the monsters you told me about!


M. Vile- Now's the perfect time.

(Angel Grove Park)

Adam- And this is the playground.

(Reto and Tengas appear)

Reto- Hi honey!

Billy- Tangas! Everybody split up!

Kat- Jenny, follow me.(leads tree) Stay here!

Jenny- But I can help!

Kat- Count to twenty then come out, help will be here.

(coming together)

Aiesha- We need ninja ranger power!

(they are now Ninja Rangers)

Jenny- 19, 20! Ready or not here I come! (fight Tangas, Reto grabs Jenny) Ahh! What's happening, I can,t break free! Tommy, where are you?

Tommy- Hold on!

Reto- Bye Rangers!

(Reto leaves with Jenny)


Jenny- (locked in chair) Where am I?

Zed- Welcome to my palace!

Jenny- Who are you?

Reta- He's your dad, and I'm your mom

Jenny- No you're not!

Reto- Power on line! (turns on switch) Hey, nothing happened!

Zed- No wonder! Power on line, the power's not even on.

M. Vile- (appears) Well hello my new granddaughter!

Jenny- When I said I wanted to see some monsters I never imagined it would be like this! But just like Tommy says, I must stay calm at all times!

(Command Center)

Tommy- Zordon, those goons have my sister!

Zordon- Master Vile plans to hypnotize her into thinking Zed and Reta are her parents.

Kat- We've got to get her back.

Rocky- (turning to Tommy) But if we don't what are you going to tell your mom?

Alpha- Rangers you must rescue her before it's too late! Hurry and travel to Rita and Zed's palace.

Tommy- It's Morphin Time!


Jenny- Somebody help!

Reto- Don't worry, you won't feel anything.

(Rangers appear)

Tommy- That's right Reto! Because it isn't going to happen.

Kat recuse Jenny while others distract)

Kat- Don't worry, we're going to get you out of here.

(everyone teleports,even Jenny, to command center)

(Command center)

(Rangers still have helmets on)

Tommy- Jenny, are you alright? Did they hurt you?

Jenny- (with eyes closed rubbing head) I'm fine Tommy. (opening eyes) Tommy? You're the White Ranger?

Alpha-Ai, yi, yi, yi, yi!

Zordon- Alpha, it is time.

Alpha- Yes Zordon.

(Alpha presses a strange button)

(Suddenly Jenny is clothed in Green Ranger costume)

Jenny- What happened?

Zordon- Welcome to the team. You stayed calm in a siverly dangerous situation, that is a true Power Ranger quality. (Jenny takes off helmet) Rangers, when Tommy was given back the Green power coin by the evil Green Ranger it was partly re-charged. This meant we had access to the Green Ninja Powers.

(Rangers take off helmets)

Adam- Surprise!

Jenny- You guys are the Power Rangers?

Zordon- Green Ranger, You shall power the Green Hyena Ninja Zord.

(no Shogun Zord

Billy- Welcome to the team!

(alarm goes off)

Rocky- Well it looks like zed just crashed the party!

Aiesha- (pointing to the veiwing globe) Guys look.

Zordon- Zed has re-created the Lipsingker. Your Zords are waiting on line.

Tommy- Back into action!

(they call on zords)

Jenny- Their awesome, not to mention huge!

(they fight and distroy monster, not needing to trasform into Megga Zord)

(Youth center)

Jenny- It's great just to be here, but this makes it even better!

Rocky- Well it's official now.

(Bulk and Skull enter)

Bulk- the Green Ranger is back!

Aiesha- Really?

Skull- Yes really!

Tommy- well it looks like everythings going to be alright.

Jenny- (puts hand in middle) Freinds.

Other Rangers- (put hand in middle) Friends.