Dear Mom
by: Jennifer Norton

July 6, 1998

Dear Mom,

It's your favorite daughter, Kimberly, again. It's so great to be back here in Angel Grove. I arrived on the first and moved in with Kat on the second. Her apartment is so big. I can see why she wanted to share it with someone. Not to mention it must be easier to pay half the rent than the whole price. I got to see Rocky and Tommy on the fourth. We all went to see the fireworks down in Angel Grove Park ...

* * *

"They say the fireworks are going to be extra cool this year," Kat said to me as we parked the car. I was excited to see the fireworks, too. But I was even more excited to see my friend. Only Rocky and Tommy could make it. Everyone else was busy. They were either doing stuff with their families, or were doing homework. Why anyone would sign up for the summer semester blows my mind. High School summer school was bad enough. We hadn't told them I was coming. They didn't even know I was here yet. They thought I wasn't going to be here for three more days.

I was a little worried Tommy might still have feelings for me. I had written him a few years ago telling him I had met someone else and that I thought he was the one for me. And I had. Unfortunately, it took me two years to figure out he didn't feel the same way. That was just a little while ago. I wasn't ready to get involved again. Not to mention I don't feel the same way about Tommy anymore.

We got out of the car and began walking through the park. Kat was carrying a big blanket, and I was carrying a basket full of cookies Kat and I had made the day before. As we got further into the park, the more people there were. How are we supposed to find the guys in this crowd? I wondered to myself.

"Kim? Kim!" Rocky yelled when he spotted us. Tommy turned around. He got a big grin on his face. Rocky stood up and ran toward us. He gave me such a big hug that I almost dropped the cookies.

"Hi! How are you?" I asked him.

"Great. Here let me help you with that," He said, taking the basket from me.

"Thanks," I said. We walked over to where Tommy was still sitting. Kat spread out the blanket and we sat down. "Hi Tommy. What you been up to?" I asked Tommy.

"Not much. Things have been kinda slow since," Tommy's voice got soft, "since we decided not to be Rangers." He moved his eyes to the sky as the first fireworks shot off.

"You guys quit the team?" I said in shock.

"We couldn't juggle school and work and be Rangers at the same time. It wasn't even our idea. It was Dimitria's," Kat explained. I gave her a puzzled look. Who the heck is Dimitria? "Oh, sorry. We never told you about Dimitria. You see, Zordon had to go to his home planet. They were in trouble and he needed to help. He sent his friend Dimitria to help us in his stead." I just nodded.

The fireworks were so gorgeous that night. We only ate half the cookies. Figures, we made four dozen. Rocky couldn't stop talking. I wasn't all that surprised. But Tommy was unusually quiet...

* * *

Sorry, mom. I got indulged in memories. Why am I even saying sorry? You can't read my thoughts. It's not any difference in time to you. Except it will be longer till you get this letter. Where was I? Oh yeah, the fireworks were great. They looked like giant flowers. It reminded me of how you, dad, and I would go watch them every year before the divorce.

How is Paris? Is it really as beautiful as you say it is? It all sounds like a myth the way you describe it. I'll have to come down and visit you to see if it's true.

Yesterday we ran into Trini and Jason. Kat, Rocky, and I were down at what used to be the youth center. I can't remember what it's called now...

* * *

"Man this place has changed," I remarked.

"Come on! They have great food here. Just as good as Ernie's. And you know how much I like food," Rocky said as we walked in and sat down.

"Hi, are you ready to order?" Adell asked.

"What would you recommend, Kat?" I asked my friend.

"I absolutely love the papya-strawberry smoothies. That's what I'm getting. Do you want one?" Kat replied. I just nodded. "We'll have two of those. Rocky, what do you want?"

"I'll have a watermellon-bannana smoothy and a large order of fries," Rocky said with a smile. As Adell walked off I noticed two familiar people walking toward us.

"Jason! Trini!" I yelled. I jumped out of my seat and ran over to them and gave her a big hug.

"Kim, when did you get here?" Jason asked as we hugged.

"The first. I haven't seen you guys since you left for the Peace Conference. Come and sit down with us. It's so good to see you," I led them to the table. We sat down.

"Hey Rocky, Kat. What's happening?" Jason asked.

"We were just getting something to eat. You want anything?" Kat replied.

"No thanks, we just ate. We were just about to play a game of pool. We can wait until you're done and we can play a five-way game," Trini suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Rocky said.

When we had gotten done eating (Rocky got done first) we played a round of five-way pool. It was cool. I had never played with five people. I'd played with three, but not with five. Nobody won. It was too confusing. Instead of going by stripes and solids we went by groups of numbers. Rocky thought he had my numbers and so, well, the game was screwed...


I just got caught up in another memory, but I'm back. At this rate, you'll never get this letter. After I saw Jason and Trini we all went to the park to swap stories. It was pretty cool. We got caught up in a conversation about the stupid stuff Bulk and Skull did...


"...and it hit Mr. Caplin in the face. They got in so much trouble. `Detention!` I can hear him saying it now," Trini laughed. We all laughed.

"I wish I could have been there," Kat said. Rocky nodded in agreement.

It was so weird. It seemed like just yesterday. "This is just like old times," I said. But our fun was interrupted. A huge, uh, I'm not sure what it was, came up behind us.

"Well, if it isn't the old, dried up, rangers. How about we tango?" the thing said. A bunch of other monsters appeared. "Quantrons! Attack!"

We split up. "Just like old times, all right," Jason commented. It wasn't long before the Power Rangers showed up. It made me sad as I stepped back and watched the new rangers fight their tail ends off. It really bugged me. I turned around so I couldn't see. It didn't help much. Within two minutes they weren't our size anymore. The monster grew and was fighting the zords. A tear fell down my cheek. It was awful. I couldn't watch anymore. I didn't have to. Jason grabbed my arm and pulled me to cover inside a nearby building. I couldn't see the monster.

"Maybe it's not exactly like old times. If it were we'd be up there right now," I said.

"I was just thinking the same thing. I would give almost anything to be up there," Jason said in a slightly angry tone.

"Same here" I said. We sat there for what seemed like an eternity until the shakeing stooped...


Well that brings us to today. I need to go. Kat's friend Tanya is coming over so I can meet her. She should be here any minute now. The door bell just rang. I guess she's here. Don't forget to write me back. I love you.

Love Always, Kimberly Ann Hart