Disclaimer: This fic was inspired by the movie "Titanic" but don't worry, I'm not going on the ship or even back to 1912. This is kind of like a "Rose and Jack" love story so if you didn't like that, turn back now! Anyway, Saban owns all, sees all, and tells all. I'm not getting any money or anything! Enjoy the fic. Before I go, completely forget everything after Rocky, Adam and Aisha show up. PS-Thanks to my PRGal 'Cassie' for the samurai stuff and 'Aisha' for the mom/daughter discussion idea! I love you both like sisters! NOW on with the fic!

A Love Like No Other
by: Trini

"Adam, Rocky! Over here!" yelled Tommy.

Adam Park and Rocky DeSantos walked towards their new friend. Adam, Rocky, and Aisha Campbell had just moved to Angel Grove and met Tommy Oliver and his friends at the Team Ninja Finals. Beside their new friends being the Power Rangers, everything was normal. Lord Zedd had kidnapped Aisha, Adam and Rocky to use as his evil rangers but the Power Rangers had saved them. They were brought back to the command center and met all of the rangers.

"Hey Tommy! What's up?" asked Rocky.

"Not a lot. I'm waiting on Jason, Billy, and Zack to get here. They went to pick up some munchies," replied Tommy.

"Where are the girls?" asked Adam

"They went shopping, remember?" said Rocky.

"Oh yeah!" said Adam.

Just then Jason, Billy and Zack came over the hill.

"Yo, Rocky, Adam, what's up?" questioned Zack.

"Just waiting for you!" stated Adam

"Well, let's get this party started!" exclaimed Jason throwing a football to Rocky

* * *
"Trini, you totally should have bought that dress. You looked great in it!" exclaimed Kimberly

"I agree with Kim on this one. You looked fly!" stated Aisha.

"I don't know guys. It was a little pricey. Besides Wai-Lee would throw a fit if he saw me in that!" said Trini.

"Wai-Lee, Schmai-Lee. Who cares what he thinks? You shouldn't let him run your life!" said Aisha

"He doesn't run my life. It's just if he saw me in it he wouldn't let me wear it out because he would be afraid other guys would look at me," explained Trini as the girls came up over a hill.

"Well look who finally decided to show up!" stated Jason

The boys looked up to see Trini, Aisha and Kim sit down at the picnic table and start to giggle.

* * *
"Wow, look at Trini. She looks great!" said Adam as the others gave each other concerned looks.

* * *
Adam had a big crush on Trini and everyone knew it. Billy, at one time, also had a crush on Trini but quickly got over it after he had found out about Wai-Lee. Adam didn't seem to be taking the same route as Billy did. All of Adam's new friends knew how much Adam truly cared for Trini and, in more ways than one, wished that Wai-Lee was out of the picture. "Adam could make Trini really happy," thought Jason. Unfortunately, Jason knew that Adam and Trini was a rather unlikely pairing, thanks to Wai-Lee.

"Don't even think about it, Adam. She's taken," stated Tommy

"Oh, I know! They all try to act so macho when we're around!" said Kim.

"I don't know, I think it's rather cute," said Trini.

"Okay, Miss Betrothed! It's not like you can look! You're like engaged!" said Aisha

"Oh what? Do you guys think that because I'm betrothed I can't have desires for others? I notice the way Adam looks at me," said Trini as Kim and Aisha gaped at her

"You've noticed?!" said Kim

"Duh! I think it's really cute," replied Trini.

"i.e. you think Adam is cute," stated Aisha.

"Maybe," replied Trini smiling sending everyone at the picnic table into giggles

* * *
Trini had never told the girls but from the first day she saw Adam, she harbored a crush for him. He was so compassionate and sweet and caring. He was what she had always wanted in a man. She had wanted, on more than one occasion, to ask Adam out but, woefully, she had someone that she didn't really want.

* * *
"Trini," said a male voice behind her. Kimberly and Aisha's faces fell with the recognition of the man

"Hi, Wai-Lee," stated Kim and Aisha

* * *
"Um...Adam, I really hate to burst your bubble but Trini is betrothed," stated Jason

"Betrothed?" questioned Adam

"Yeah. Her family is very traditional. Trini moved from Chinatown when she was rather small. Her parents wanted Trini to have the best. Anyway, her parents promised her to that guy up there since she was 5 years old," said Jason pointing to the well dressed, very handsome guy standing by the picnic table and Trini "His name is Wai-Lee Chong. He's a real dork, if you ask me! Trini isn't too excited about marrying him but she respects her parents' wishes," explained Jason

* * *
"Hello, ladies. Trini are you ready to go?" asked Wai-Lee.

"To go?" Trini countered

"Yes, your parents and I thought we could spend the day together," responded Wai-Lee

"Well, I already made plans with my friends today.".

"I understand that but your parents and I had plans for you," said Wai-Lee as Kim and Aisha traded disgusted looks.

"Okay, just let me say good bye to the guys," she replied "I think Kim and Aisha can handle that for you. Your parents are waiting in the car," stated Wai-Lee

"Um...okay. Can you tell them I say good bye?" asked Trini softly.

"Sure, Trini. You got it," stated Kim sympathetically.

"I'll call you later, okay?" Trini asked.

"Yeah, I'll be waiting. Bye," replied Kimberly.

The Next Day
Trini ran crying through the park. She was confused, angry, hurt, and sad. "How can I marry a man I don't love?" Trini's mind screamed. She had hated the idea of an arranged marriage but had went along with it out of respect for her family and traditions. Wai-Lee was defiantly not Trini's type. He was stuffy, snobby, and completely in love with himself. "Why can't I meet someone who cares about me?" wondered Trini. She collapsed on a park bench, sobbing uncontrollably. Trini pulled a small bottle out of her yellow purse and stared blankly at it. This is what would solve all of her problems. The end of her pain. The label read "valium," Her mother had needed them when her sister (Trini's Aunt) had died. Trini slowly popped the top of the bottle and spilled a handful of pills into her palm.

"I can't marry Wai-Lee no matter what!" exclaimed Trini raising her hand to her mouth

"You know the Samurai of ancient Japan would kill themselves if they had been dishonored. Who has dishonored you?" said a soft voice behind her

Trini spun around on the bench and saw Adam standing behind her. "What?" she countered

"Who dishonered you?" he asked again

"My parents will if I don't marry Wai-Lee," she responded.

"So, tell your parents you don't want to marry Wai-Lee," replied Adam.

"You don't understand, Adam! My parents may live in the US but their hearts are still in Vietnam. They want me to have the best life and they feel Wai-Lee is a key to that. I'm betrothed to him," explained Trini.

"I know. Jason told me. Just tell them that you still believe and respect the tradition but that you don't see the point in marrying some one you don't love," stated Adam

"I can't. I can't defy my parents!" She said.

"So you're going to commit suicide?" Adam asked motioning to the pills in her palm "I think that would dishonor to your parents more than anything."

"Why do you say that?" questioned Trini.

"Trini, you know that they are going to blame themselves," responded Adam

"But they didn't kill me. Their traditions did," said Trini.

"They aren"t going to think that. They are going to ask themselves what they did wrong and how they could have saved you. They will always wonder why you couldn't talk to them and tell them what was upsetting you," stated Adam

"But you know what it's like. You know what kind of pressure there is for an Asian-American, not to mention a girl. I can't keep pretending," she pleaded looking at him.

"So don't. I'm not saying defy your parents, just kind of detach yourself from them," said Adam

"What do you mean?" she questioned

"Okay, if Wai-Lee pulls what he did today again, say you have to study. I'm sure your parents will understand that. If they say that they have plans for you, say that you told Mrs. Applebee that you would help tutor the middle school kids. Make something up and then call me up and we can hang out. Or call Kim and have her take you shopping. Only one condition with this plan and that is you can't go somewhere where your parents will be. Can you do that?" explained Adam

"I think so," stated Trini

"Please, just promise me one thing," he said sitting next to her and showing her the pills in her hand "don't commit suicide!"

Trini wavered slightly, staring at the pills thinking how it would be so easy to end the pain now. "O...Okay," she stammered softly

"PROMISE!" exclaimed Adam

"I promise, Adam. I promise," she said starting to sob again

Adam took her in his arms and whispered soft soothing words. Trini cried softly and just wished this whole day would end, with the exception of being in Adam's arms. God, it felt good to be there, his hands wrapped around her in a soothing embrace. His words slowly lulling her into a security she had never felt before. She never wanted this part of her day to end. Never!

The Next Afternoon
"Mom, can I talk to you?" asked Trini walking into the Kwan kitchen.

"Sure, Sweetie, grab a towel and dry these dishes," stated her mother "What's on your mind?"

"I was just wondering about some things. Like if we live in America why do we follow the traditions of Vietnam?" she asked slowly.

"Trini, we've been over this. We may have moved to here but I will not let my daughter get sucked into the bubble gum, meaningless culture of America. We have real culture, Trini. True culture," said Trini's mother taking Trini's face in her hands "You are a Kwan, Trini. Being a Kwan means having certain expectations to live up to. One is that you will respect the tradition of your homeland. You will marry Wai-Lee, you will get good grades and you will not dishonor this family! Do you understand.".

"Yes, mother. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some homework to finish," resigned Trini as she left the room.

* * *
"I'll get it, Mom!" exclaimed Trini getting up from the couch and going to the door

"Hello, Trini," said Wai-Lee

"Hi Wai-Lee. Won't you come in?" stated Trini slightly disappointed.

"Well, come on. Grab your coat and let's go," said Wai-Lee flashing a million watt smile

"Huh?" asked Trini confused

"Oh hi Wai-Lee. I thought it was you. I hope you don't mind, sweetie, but I told Wai-Lee that two would go out today," stated Trini's mother wiping her hands on her apron.

Trini looked from her mother to Wai-Lee. She definitely did not want to go out with him today. A thought suddenly popped into her mind. "I would love to!" Trini said with mock enthusiasm "But I promised Mrs. Applebee I would help her tutor the middle school kids today.".

"Can"t you get out of it?" questioned Wai-Lee.

"Oh, Wai-Lee, stop being so selfish. That's fine, Trini, you two can go out some other time. Try to be home at a reasonable time," said her mother walking back into the kitchen

"I will see you later then," stated Wai-Lee giving Trini a small kiss on the cheek

"Bye," said Trini practically running to the phone after Wai-Lee was out the door

* * *
She quickly punched in the numbers for Adam's house

"Hello, is Adam there?" asked Trini softly trying not to rouse her mother's suspicions

"Yes. May I ask who is calling?" questioned Adam's little sister, Xandria.

"This is Trini," she replied

"Hold one moment," said Xandria. "ADAM!" exclaimed the 12 year old girl.

"What is it, Xandria??" asked Adam bounding down the stairs.

"It's some girl named Trini," said Xandria smiling.

"Thanks. Now beat it and leave me in peace," he stated taking the phone and shooing her away "Hello?"

"Adam! I did it," she said excitedly

"Did what?" he asked

"I told my mom and Wai-Lee that I had to help tutor!" stated Trini.

"That's great, Trini. I'm really proud of you!" replied Adam.

"Can you meet me at the park? I need to talk to you and get some things off my chest," said Trini

"Sure but I have the perfect place we can go to talk about things. It's away from here, about 20 minutes outside of Stone Canyon. You'll love it!" stated Adam

"Okay, I'll see you then. Bye!" said Trini hanging up the phone "I'm leaving, Mom! I'll be home later."

"Bye, Sweetie. Have fun," responded Trini's mother as Trini ran out the door

* * *
"Wow, this place is great!" said Trini walking into the small 50's style diner

"I knew you would like it. Have a seat," replied Adam sitting down at a booth "What did you want to chat about?".

"Not much. Truthfully I just wanted to get away and the first person I thought of was you," said Trini

"Really?" asked Adam

"Yeah! Okay I thought of Kim first but her and Tommy are out on a date," said Trini smiling wide.

"Well, at least you're truthful. What's on your mind?" questioned Adam

"It's this whole Wai-Lee thing. I can't stop thinking about it! I feel so trapped. I try to tell myself what I'm doing what is right. I'm pleasing my parents and Wai-Lee's family but I'm not pleasing me. I feel like I'm in a crowded room screaming at the top of my lungs for help and no one hears me. I thought that if I would have taken those pills everything would have been fixed. The pain would have stopped and my problem would have been solved. I wouldn't be hurting and I would be free," said Trini softly as Adam reached across the table and rested his hands on top of hers.

"I hear you. You can be free, Trini. Let me help you. I can make you forget. I can give you the freedom you want. I can be there for you and protect you. I can take you away from this, if you let me," said Adam looking deep into Trini's beautiful almond shaped eyes.

"Help me, Adam. Help me be free," said Trini

The next month went rather quickly for Trini and Adam. Trini continued to 'tutor' the middle school kids and she spent a lot of time 'studying.'

Adam, on the other hand, had made sure that Trini felt free. They would go ice skating, to the movies, and he had even taken her shopping. Trini had felt more alive in the past month, than she had felt in her whole life. "It's all thanks to Adam" thought Trini. Tonight was no different. Trini was supposedly going to a play at the middle school, but actually she was going to a Karaoke club with Adam.

* * *
"I can't believe I'm here," said Trini sitting down at a table and picking up a song catalog

"You'll love this, trust me okay?" asked Adam.

"Okay. How did you find out about this place?" questioned Trini.

"A bunch of us came here for Aisha's birthday. She loves to sing and so we took her here and sang until like 2 in the morning!" replied Adam.

"Oooh! I found my song!" exclaimed Trini filling out a sheet of paper

"What song?" asked Adam

"That's for me to know and you to find out!" said Trini mysteriously. "Find yours?"

"Yeah, I think I got it," responded Adam filling out his paper

"Okay the next singer is Trini Kwan. Trini, are you here?" asked the announcer

"You ready?" asked Adam

"As ready as I'll ever be!" exclaimed Trini standing up and walking to the stage

"Hi. I'm Trini and this song is going out to Adam!" she stated as the music started and she began to sing.

1, 2, 3, 4 come on baby say you love me
5, 6, 7 times

They tell me your shy boy
but I want you just the same

Adam's eyes just about popped out of his head as Trini sang the beginning of the song. "If this is dedicated to me, does this mean that Trini wants me?"

Don't play innocent with me
You know it's just not fun and games
When I look into your eyes
so much passion burns inside
But if you need some coaxing
I will do it
Step by step there"s nothing to it

1, 2, 3, 4 come on baby say you love me
5, 6, 7 times
8, 9, 10, 11 I'm just gonna keep on counting
until you are mine

Come out of your shell boy
you know we go like hand and glove
You're afraid of giving in
but I am never giving up on our love
And no matter what it takes
I will steal your heart away
Take a chance for once you won't regret it
Want my love just come and get it

1, 2, 3, 4 come on baby say you love me
5, 6, 7 times
8, 9, 10, 11 I'm just gonna keep on counting
until you are mine

So no matter what it takes
I will steal your heart away
Take a chance you won't regret it
Take my love just come and get it

1, 2, 3, 4 come on baby say you love me
5, 6, 7 times
8, 9, 10, 11 I'm just gonna keep on counting
until you are mine

As Trini finished the song, everyone in the club was cheering and clapping. She walked down from the stage and sat down across from Adam. The look on her face was one of nervousness.

"Did you like it?" she asked.

The only other time Trini had been as nervous as she was now was when she was first asked to be a Power Ranger. She saw the song and immediately thought of Adam. He was shy but so was she and it was the perfect way to tell him how she was feeling. She didn't care about Wai-Lee or her parents anymore. The only thing that mattered was being with Adam.

"Did you mean what you said... I mean... sang?" he countered

This was it and he couldn't believe it was happening. Trini was into him! The time they had been spending together made him think there was more than just friendship and the song had confirmed it. Suddenly everything that told him to ignore his feelings disappeared. Right now the only thing that mattered was Trini.

"Yeah," she stated slowly "Yeah I did."

"So you want to... be with me? Like as in my girlfriend?".

"Yeah, Adam, I do! I've had a crush on you ever since I met you! You are the most sweet, compassionate, caring, sexy guy I have ever met! I don't care about Wai-Lee or my parents anymore. I only know one thing and that is that you make me happy. No one else-just you and I don't want that feeling to end!" said Trini

"I'm so glad to hear you say that! I feel the same way. At first I thought I could detach myself and just be your friend but then I got involved. I started hanging out with you and I couldn't help but fall for you. I want you to be happy no matter what, Trini," said Adam.

"Being with you would make me happy, Adam," she said taking his hand from across the table and giving it a quick squeeze

"Come on. Let's get out of here," said Adam.

"You haven't sung yet," said Trini

"Yeah, but I said everything I need to say," he replied leading her out of the club

* * *
"I had a great time tonight!" said Trini standing next to Angel Grove lake holding Adam's hand like a life line to her heart.

"I had a wonderful time, too," stated Adam "I'm glad we talked about how we felt."

"So am I. I just don't want this night to end," replied Trini turning to face Adam

"Neither do I but there isn't much we can do. It's not like we can stay out all night," said Adam pulling her into a loving embrace.

"Yeah, you're right. I better get going. I have like five minutes to make curfew," she replied looking into his eyes .

"Okay. I'm going to miss curfew too," he said

They slowly turned their head both knowing what they wanted. Adam, being a little bit tall than Trini, bent down and their mouths met in a sensual embrace. Their lips parted and their tongues engaged in a heated battle. The two separated and smile.

"Wow!" said Adam "That's was incredible!".

"I know! I really hate to leave now!" she stated.

"But you have to," said Adam giving Trini a peck on the lips. "Now go before you're late!"

"Kay!" and with that Trini ran off back to her house but what she didn't see was the man who had followed them all night long cower into the shadows

* * *
Trini had been walking on air ever since her spectacular night with Adam. She even decided she could endured a date with Wai-Lee. What she didn't know is that Wai-Lee knew the little secret she had been hiding.

"So how was the play?" asked Wai-Lee sitting across from Trini at a rather nice restaurant

"It was really cute!" Trini lied

"Really? I followed you to the park and I saw you met someone there," said Wai-Lee plainly continuing to eat his meal.

"You followed me?" stated Trini angrily "You had no right."

"On the contrary, I have every right!" replied Wai-Lee calmly. "You are mine."

"I am no one's property," spit Trini softly.

"Yes you are!" said Wai-Lee a little louder than he intended "You have been promised to me since we were small children. I love you Trini. I saw you kiss that Adam guy. Would you like to tell your parents or should I?".

"No one is going to say anything," said Trini.

"You will not see him again, Trini. If you do go ahead and see him, I will tell your parents what happened and I will go after your 'friend.'" replied Wai-Lee

"Don't do this Wai-Lee. don't make me choose!" she stated.

"What would your parents think if I told them I saw you kissing another boy? I hate to think what they would do and what about Adam. I hate to see him get in an 'accident' all because you wouldn't stop seeing him," explained Wai-Lee

"I will stop seeing him just don't hurt him," obliged Trini.

"Good," replied Wai-Lee. "Very good."

* * *
After Wai-Lee had dropped her off at her home, Trini ran directly to her room and broke down on her bed crying. She couldn't very well keep seeing Adam. Wai-Lee had threatened him with bodily harm if she did. She couldn't keep living the lie with Wai-Lee. There was only one answer. Trini reached into her yellow purse and, once again, pulled out the bottle of pills.

"No, I can't! I promised Adam," she said aloud. "Adam," she thought "He"ll know what to do."

* * *
"So that's what happened and now I don't know what to do. If I keep seeing you, Wai-Lee is going come after you and I don't want you to get hurt," she stated to Adam sitting across from him at a park in Stone Canyon.

"I'm sure I can handle Wai-Lee," said Adam confidently.

"Wai-Lee may not look like a fighter but, let me put it this way, his family moved out of Chinatown to get him away from gangs," replied Trini.

"Really?" asked Adam as Trini nodded her head.

"So what do we do?" asked Trini

"I got it!" exclaimed Adam "We"ll run away!".

"Yeah!" agreed Trini

"We"ll run away to some place where it can be just you and me! Where no one will bother us ever again!" said Adam.

"Yeah, that's great!" said Trini happily then her face quickly fell "Wai-Lee will find us."

"What do you mean?" he asked

"Wai-Lee will follow us to the ends of the Earth to find us. He won't rest until he finds me and brings me back to Angel Grove. The only way he would leave us alone is if we died," stated Trini.

"That's it," said Adam slowly

"What's 'it'?" asked Trini

"We"ll fake our deaths. We get attacked by one of Rita's monsters and you and I are in the park when it happens. We get 'killed' and we have Zordon to teleport us to somewhere you and I can be together," stated Adam.

"But we'd have to leave our family and friends behind," said Trini solemnly

"I know, that's the only bad thing. I just want to be with you, Trini, even if I have to leave my whole life behind," stated Adam.

"I want to be with you too, Adam," said Trini taking a deep breath "Let's do it!"

* * *
Trini and Adam had to keep their plan under wraps. No one, not even their friends, could find out about it. The only one who knew about the plan was Zordon and Alpha. At first Zordon had tried to talk them out of it, but Trini and Adam finally convinced him it was the only way. Their plan was simple. When Rita attacked next, Adam and Trini would teleport to the park. They would fight until the rest of the Rangers showed up. When that happened, Trini and Adam would get "hit" by the monster. The hit would come from Zordon and would knock them unconscious. Zordon would then teleport them to the Command Center, say good-bye, and then teleport them away. When the other Rangers show up at the Command Center, Zordon says that Adam and Trini have passed on and then it's done. Fake bodies would be made up and buried in place of the real Adam Park and Trini Kwan.


"Adam and I are on it," said Trini as the two teleported to the park

The battle between Trini, Adam, and the putties was a usual one. Just as Adam and Trini were finishing them off, the monster teleported in.

"Well, well, well, Yellow Ranger! Fancy meeting you here. Who's your little friend? No matter I'll destroy both of you!" explained the monster

* * *
The bolt of energy came out of no where and completely surprised Adam and Trini. Adam gallantly pushed Trini away and both fell to the ground, not moving. As that happened, the rest of the rangers teleported in.

"NO!" screamed the Pink Ranger running towards her best friends that lay on the ground unconscious

"Kim, no. We don't have time!" explained the White Ranger.

"I've got to help them!" she replied trying to wrestle free of his embrace

"Alpha, Trini and Adam are hurt possibly dead," said the Red Ranger into his communicator "Get them out of here now!".

"Oh no! Beginning teleportation. Ai, Yi, Yi!" exclaimed Alpha.

"I'm going too!" exclaimed the Pink Ranger reaching for the small teleportation button on her wrist

"Kim we need you here! With Trini down, it will be hard enough!" stated the Red Ranger "You can help them later!".

"Fine but let's hurry," replied the Pink Ranger

* * *
Trini and Adam groggily came to in the Command Center.

"Thanks Zordon we owe you big time," said Trini.

"I don't know how to thank you for what you have done," stated Adam.


"I think this belongs to you again," said Trini handing her power coin to Alpha


"Thanks. Give my coin to Aisha. I think she will be a suitable replacement. She is honorable, and devoted. She should serve you well," stated Trini


"Surprise us," said Adam

"GOOD-BYE, TRINI. GOOD-BYE, ADAM. TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER PLEASE," replied Zordon teleporting the couple away.

"Do you think we did the right thing, Zordon?" asked Alpha.


One Week Later
The team found out about Trini and Adam's death upon returning to the Command Center. Kim broke down in tears and hadn't stopped since. Tommy was in shock as was Jason. Zack refused to believe the news and Billy isolated himself completely from the rest of the world. The loss wasn't easy for Aisha or Rocky either. Rocky had lost his best friend, brother, and confidant all in one day. Aisha was instantly asked if she would take Trini's spot. She hadn't even had time to cry. She agreed, though, and promised to deticate herself to her duty as a Power Ranger.

The hardest thing was teleporting to Trini and Adam's houses and explaining to their families that they were dead. Trini's mother fainted as did Adam's mother. Both fathers were rather angry at the Rangers for not saving their children. Adam's sister, Xandria, ran into Adam's room and collapsed upon his bed crying. Wai-Lee took the news amazing well and that seemed to anger the team more than anything.

The funeral looked like an all school assembly. The whole school had turned out to pay their respects to Adam and Trini. There was no viewing. The family wanted everyone to remember the two as they were and not what they had become. Trini's parents got up and apologized to their daughter for not being there and for pushing her so hard. Wai-Lee was next to speak and told the crowd of how much he would miss Trini and Adam. Kim almost got up and ripped his throat out right then and there. She couldn't stand to here him spout out the lies.

Xandria spoke next. She had a terrible time of keeping calm. She just told her brother she loved him and that she was happy he was in a better place. Kim decided to get up and say a few things to her best friends.

* * *
"I'm Kim and... um... Trini was my best friend since I was in kindergarten. She..um...was my conscious. She always was there to tell me not to do something. She was like a mom to me. When my parents got divorced, she helped me to understand it wasn't my fault and that my parents still loved me. Trini was always there for me and never let me down. I wrote this poem for Trini last year, telling her how much she meant to me and I want to read it to you now," said Kimberly unfolding a piece of paper.

"Introducing Trini, my very best friend.
Sews up my heart when it needs a mend."

"Doing for me what no other can do.
Making me happy when my life turns blue."

"My hair is brown, hers is black.
When I'm going up she"s going down."

"Complete opposites, you might say.
Yet we're together everyday."

"All I can say is I love her a lot.
She's the very best friend I ever got."

"I hope she knows it, I'm telling her now.
I've got the perfect best friend she"s it somehow."

Kim started crying after that line. She sobbed softly and quickly tried to regain her composure to finish the poem.

"I tease her a lot (well just a smidgen.)
But I think she knows I'm always kidding"."

"Sometimes her mouth gets her in a mess,
But we always work it out for the best."

"Oh, on Trini you can always depend,
for keeping secrets till the end."

Kim again started to cry. Knowing the fact that she would never talk to Trini again had finally taken its toll. Tommy got up and comforted his girlfriend at the podium. Xandria then got up, took Kim's hand and helped her finish the poem. The 2 girls started to read:

"My heart to Trini, I will send.
Introducing Trini, my very best friend."

In the very back of the crowd stood Trini and Adam. Both were crying very hard and Trini pushed a small button on her watch.

"Okay, Alpha, we're ready," and with that Alpha teleported the two back to their new home.

2 weeks later
"Do we have to do this?" asked Adam

"Yes, we do! We promised Zordon we would enroll in school!" explained Trini holding onto her boyfriend"s hand.

"At least we are in an awesome place! I can't believe Zordon sent us to Hawaii!" said Adam

"The man does has have taste," stated Trini.

"Hello, how may I help you?" asked the receptionist.

"We need to be registered. Here are our papers," said Adam.

"OK, you are Jonathan Christian Chang?" asked the receptionist.

"Yes ma'am but call me "J.C."," he replied.

"And you must be Callissa Cordelia Wong," said the receptionist.

"Yep, you can call me C.C," she stated

"This will take me a minute. You two can have a seat over there," explained the receptionist

"Thank you," said "J.C."

"This is so cool! I love our new names," stated "C.C.".

"C.C., I feel bad about hurting our families," said "J.C.".

"So do I, Ada..I mean J.C., but it was the only way. I thought we talked about this," replied "C.C."

"I know. And I'm glad we did what we did. We had to do it!" stated "J.C."

"Callissa Wong and Jonathan Chang?" stated the receptionist.

"Yes?" they asked

"Here are your schedules. The lunch room is that way and here is a map of the school. If you need any help, just come back up here and I'll help you out. My name is Mrs. Applebaum," she replied "Thanks, Mrs. Applebaum," responded the two.

"Are you ready?" asked "J.C," offering "C.C," his hand.

"Yep, totally," she replied taking "J.C.'s hand.

"Then let's go." And the two walked down the hall to the first class of their new lives.