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A Song Remembers When
by Trini

Static filled the air in the tall, redhead's room. Finally she hit upon some music but it wasn't exactly what she had hoped for.

Do I ever cross your mind, anytime?
Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?
Do I ever cross you mind, anytime?
I miss you

The curvy, spirited girl crossed to her window as the music flowed over her and brought back bittersweet images of a happier time.

"Do you ever think of me, Adam? Do you miss me like I miss you?" asked the redhead, Maya, to the brightly shining stars

About 50 miles away, a tall muscular man paged through the stations on his radio. When he reached the station he was searching for, a song he hadn't heard in ages was playing.

Do I ever cross your mind, anytime?
Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?
Do I ever cross you mind, anytime?
I miss you

The man with dark curly hair moved toward his window as the song filled him with feelings of long ago.

"Do you ever think of me, Maya? Do you miss me like I miss you?" asked the shy man to the same stars above

The Next Day
Maya walked through the hallways of Stone Canyon High with her head hung. She hadn't thought about Adam in awhile. They had started dating at the end of 8th grade. It seemed like a perfect match. Maya was Aisha's best friend and Aisha introduced her to Adam. 'He was so shy!' thought Maya as a smile crept across her face remembering how he had first asked her to the 8th grade only dance. He was so sweet and small. He had the most beautiful hair Maya had ever seen and his eyes. His eyes!!! She could always lose herself in those charming pools of chocolate. He was a shy bookworm just like her. They brought each other out of their shells. They shared a deep friendship and love that nothing could break. They continued to date over the summer and into their freshman year. That's when the bad news came. Adam was moving. Mr. Park had gotten an offer that was too good to refuse. Partner at a law firm in Angel Grove. Angel Grove was a good hour and a half drive from Stone Canyon, not something that was easy to do with only a bike. Adam told her they would figure it out but Maya knew what she had to do. The day came flooding back to her.

"What did you want to talk about?" asked Adam his bright sparkling eyes searching hers

"Adam, this isn't easy for me to say but I think it would be for the best if we broke up." she said softly

"What?" asked Adam dismayed

"I think we should break up. I don't want you to regret our time together. If you leave still attached to me and find someone in Angel Grove you'd be miserable. I want you to be happy." she replied

"You want me to happy at the cost of your own happiness?" he questioned still confused

"If that's what it takes, yes." she responded as a tear trickled down her cheek

"No, I'm happy with you." he explained

"Yeah, now but I've been to Angel Grove. They have beautiful girls there and you deserve to be a kid and not have to worry about a girlfriend back in Stone Canyon." she countered

"I don't want any of those girls. I want you!" exclaimed the shocked boy

"I don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to play the field. Besides I was always taught if you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it was meant to be. If is doesn't, accept that and move on. Fly free, Adam. Don't look back and don't regret what we shared." she said sobbing

Before she lost her nerve, she reached up and grabbed him by the back of his neck, crushing her lips to his. It was the most intense kiss they ever shared. Feelings were explained as tongues danced in a sensual embrace. Maya hastily broke the union and fled the scene.

Maya touched her lips remembering just how much they shared in their two year relationship. He had tried to talk to her, to get her back but she refused the calls and visits. Somehow she thought she'd be better off never seeing him again. She had been dumb. Tears accumulated in the corners of her eyes. 'How could I've of been so stupid!? I let the best thing I ever had slip away!'

"Maya? Maya, are you OK?" asked a dark haired, tall female grabbing Maya and pulling her over to a locker

"I'm-I'm fine. Just a little piece of dust or something under my contact." she lied

"You lie!!! But you never could lie to me. Fess up. You were thinking about Adam, weren't you?" asked the stubborn slim girl

"Melis, you are way off base on this one!" stated Maya

No matter how much Maya tried to hide it, Melissa knew that this whole thing was about Adam. Melissa moved to Stone Canyon shortly after Adam, Rocky, and Aisha had left. Maya and Melissa were lab partners and instantly bonded. Maya told Melissa everything that had happened and Melissa couldn't have felt worst. She had never had a boyfriend but she had a feeling that Maya loved Adam very much. She couldn't understand why Maya had just given up.

"Don't try to snow me, Maya Christine DuBois!!! Today would have been your 3 year anniversary with Adam." stated Melissa

"Thanks for the reminder, Melis." replied Maya

"Look, if you feel so terrible why don't you just call him or write him a letter? Can't you two still be friends?" questioned Melissa legitimately

"I could never be friends with Adam." said Maya solemnly

"And why not?" asked Melis

"Because I still love him! Are you happy now? I still love Adam!" exclaimed Maya exasperated

"Well aren't we just a walking Sally Jesse Raphael show! Today on Sally-I want my man back!" stated Melissa

"Cut it out, Melissa!" said Maya throwing her friend a look to kill

"Sorry but look at you! You're miserable and tense. You should call him. Ten bucks said he feels the same!" offered Melissa

"Whatever, Melis. He's probably got some beautiful cheerleader-type now. I lost my chance." she said sadly

"Adam? Adam-are you alright?" asked the peppy girl in pink named Kimberly

Adam sat with Rocky, Aisha, and their new friends Tommy, Kimberly and Billy at the Juice bar. Ever since that song last night, Adam couldn't get Maya out of his mind. He remember when he first asked her to the 8th grade only dance. She had looks so beautiful that day. Her amazingly red hair flowing over her shoulders. Her beautiful green eyes shining to him. Her crimson lips forming into a sweet pout. She looked so sweet sitting in front of the school reading 'Romeo and Juliet.' He'd never forget the look on her face when he asked her. She was surprised, happy and shocked all at the same time. He couldn't have asked for a better reaction or response. They started dating at that dance and continued until their freshman year. Then his father announced that the family was moving. Adam had begged and pleaded with his father not to do this but in the end his father won out. He wanted to make it work with Maya. He really did but when she took him to the park on that fateful day, he realized she had other things on her agenda.

"I think we should break up. I don't want you to regret our time together. If you leave still attached to me and find someone in Angel Grove you'd be miserable. I want you to be happy." she replied

"You want me to happy at the cost of your own happiness?" he questioned still confused

"If that's what it takes, yes." she responded as a tear trickled down her cheek

Adam couldn't believe that she had actually given up her happiness so he could play the field but the truth of the matter was he didn't want anyone else. Sure their were beautiful girls in Angel Grove, Kimberly was living proof, but none of them were Maya. None of them had her unique style, her unique soul. No one could bring him out like Maya could.

"You're thinking about Maya aren't you?" asked Rocky noticing the change in his friends demeanor

"No, I'm just thinking of the things I have to do." stated Adam

"Has anyone ever told you you're a bad liar?" asked Aisha

"Yeah, actually, you have." said Adam seriously

"Wouldn't today have been your 3 year anniversary?" asked Kim

"Yeah, if Maya hadn't ended things. I don't get it. Everything was great. Then I told her I had to move and she didn't even want to try! She just dumped me!"

"Adam, look at it from her point of view. You were leaving. She wanted you to be able to be a teenager and date and be with other girls. She didn't want to tie you down so she let you go so you could be free to see other people. She wanted you to have a life." replied Aisha

"Why couldn't she talk to me? Why couldn't she explain that to me?" asked Adam

"More than likely your ladyfriend postulated you would try and cajole her back into a consanguinity." stated Billy

"Huh?" asked Adam

"Um, I think he said something about how Maya probably thought you would try to talk her into getting back together." said Tommy

"Precisely." said Billy

"And she was probably right. Look Adam why don't you call her or something. You guys need to talk this out and get past this if you want to move on. Why ask us when you can go straight to the source?" asked Rocky

"I'm afraid the source with blow me off again." stated Adam

"He has a valid thesis." said Billy

"And I think I've got a plan!" said Aisha

"Oh no. I hate it when she says that!" said Adam

Melissa walked into her home just as miserable as her best friend. Maya hadn't been able to shake the thoughts of Adam all day. She watched as Maya moped around. She wasn't her usual raise-the-hand-and-answer-every- question-in-class Maya. Melissa walked over to the answering machine. The light was blinking so Melissa hit play.

BEEP! Hello guys, this is Grandma. I was just wondering if you are still coming over this weekend. Give me a call. Bye!

BEEP! Hi, Melissa D'Mata. This is Aisha Campbell, I'm a friend of Maya's and I need your help with something. Call me back at 555-0930. Thanks.

Melissa never had met Aisha but Maya had once said that she mentioned Melissa in a letter. 'What could Aisha possibly want with me?' thought Melissa

"Well, only one way to find out!" she said picking up the phone and dialing the number "Hello, is Aisha there? Thanks."

"Aisha, telephone!" yelled her little brother, Jimmy, up the stairs as Aisha picked up the extension in her room

"Thanks, Jimmy, I got it. Hello?"

"Hi, Aisha? This is Melissa D'Mata. You called me."

"Oh, Melissa, hi! I'm Aisha, I'm one of Maya's good friends."

"Yeah, she talks about you a lot. So what's up?" asked Melissa

"Well, do you know about Maya and a guy named Adam Park?" countered Aisha

"Yeah, she told me the whole story. She was really bummed out today because it was supposed their 3 year anniversary." replied Melissa

"Adam was really bummed out, too. I was hoping that you could help me get them together so they can talk everything out and finally get over it." said Aisha

"That's a awesome idea!!!! Did you have something in mind?"

"If you can get Maya to the Angel Grove Youth Center, I have the perfect plan!" replied Aisha

"Sure, I just got my license and have been dying to use it!!! When do you want us there?" asked Melissa

"Can you be here at like 2 o'clock tomorrow?" countered Aisha

"Um, I don't think that we have plans then. If we do, I can always call you." responded Melissa

"Great! This is going to be perfect! Thanks for all your help, Melissa." stated Aisha

"No problem and please call me Melis. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah, Ok. See you then, Melis! Bye." said Aisha hanging up the phone "This is going to be perfect!!!"

"How did you talk me into this?" asked Maya sitting in the passenger seat of Melissa's car

"My Aunt Nina asked me to dinner and I thought it would be a nice way of getting your mind off of Adam." replied Melis

"OK, how am I supposed to forget about Adam when we're going to Angel Grove where he currently lives?" questioned Maya

"The point isn't where we're going. It's the whole interacting with others thing." responded Melissa "I hope you don't mind but my aunt asked me to stop at the Youth Center and pick up my cousin, Noah. He has some sort of karate class he takes there."

"No problem. I just hope I don't run into Adam or Rocky! Aisha told me they teach a karate class there. Aisha I can deal with but Rocky always had a way of talking me into things." said Maya as Melissa pulled into the parking lot of the Youth Center

"Yeah you told me. Rocky sounds like a really cool guy!" said Melissa walking into the Youth Center

"He was, I mean, is. What's this?" asked Maya observing a TV that was on at the Youth Center

The TV played the scene of four girls standing in front of microphones singing 'Chapel of Love'. One girl stood in front of the other three singing the lead.

"Oh my God! That's me!" exclaimed Maya

"Huh?" asked Melissa

"That girl. The one singing right there. That's me at the 8th grade talent show. That black girl is Aisha, the one next to her is Rachel and the one on the other side of me is Genesis." replied Maya

"Wow! You guys look so cute! I wonder why it's on?" asked Melis

"Aisha's dad videotaped this. That means that Aisha is somewhere around here." responded Maya searching the hang out for her friend

"You're overreacting, Maya. Besides what is the big deal if Aisha is here?" asked Melissa

"I'm NOT overreacting!" exclaimed Maya as Melissa looked at her as Maya proved the point "OK, so maybe I'm overreacting a little but what if Adam is here too?!" explained Maya

"Get over it, Maya!!! If he's here , he's here! Would that actually be so bad?"asked Melissa

"I don't think I could see Adam with another girl. That would be too painful!"

"You don't even know if he has a girlfriend, Maya!!!!! Suck it up and be a woman! Besides you're the one that broke up with him! I know you still love him but didn't you want him to move on when he moved?" asked Melis

"I guess you're right." said Maya sadly

"Come here." said Melissa wrapping Maya in a hug "I'm here for you no matter what happens, OK."

"Thanks Melis, it means a lot." replied Maya

"Maya?! MAYA DUBOIS??? OH MY GOD!!! What are you doing here?" exclaimed Aisha seeing her good friend

"Aisha? WOW! You look great! We're here to pick up Melissa's cousin." said Maya hugging her old best friend

"Did you see the tape? I brought it in because some of my new friends wanted to see it. By the way, who is this lovely person?"

"This is Melissa D'Mata. She moved in right after you moved out. Actually she's living in Rocky's old house." said Maya

"Really! Hi, I'm Aisha. Have you found anything interesting in that house yet?"

"No not yet but we still haven't searched through EVERY nook and cranny." said Melis

"Expect to find some pretty interesting things, it did after all house all 7 of the DeSantos children!" said Aisha

"Trust me, if I find anything you'll be the first to know!" replied Melissa as the all giggled

"Come on. I'll introduce you to the newest additions to our growing family of friends." said Aisha leading the two girls over to a table "Maya, Melissa. This is Billy, Kimberly, and Tommy. Guys this is Maya, my best friend from Stone Canyon, and her friend Melissa."

The new friend exchanged pleasantries and made room for Maya and Melis at their table. Noah's class was still going on so the new friends chatted for awhile about old times and new things in their lives. Adam was so focused on his students that he didn't notice Maya and Melissa walk in. While Rocky was showing the class a new combination, Adam looked around the center taking in the sights. He always loved the Youth Center. People were always doing something or going somewhere. It was a busy place and lately it had been helping Adam to keep his mind off a certain former girlfriend.

"Adam." said Rocky nudging his fellow teacher "Adam, it's your turn."

"Huh?" asked Adam coming out of his reverie

"Show the class your combo." said Rocky as Adam moved into position

Rocky watched as his best friend executed the combination with a less than usual enthusiasm. This whole Maya thing had gotten to Adam and Rocky felt extremely helpless. Their was nothing he could do for his best friend to alleviate the pain. The worst part about the whole thing was that Adam still loved Maya no matter how much he denied it. Rocky had a pretty good feeling that Maya still loved Adam too but there was no way of finding out. 'Maybe Aisha's plan will work.' thought Rocky hopefully as Adam finished up

"OK, kids. You've done a really great job today!" said Adam

"Yes, Adam is right. All of you are improving!" replied Rocky

"So since you're doing so well AND it's Saturday," stated Adam

"We're letting you go early!" exclaimed Rocky as the kids let out a shout

The new group of friends were still talking as they heard the kids shout. All attention was drawn to them.

"There. That one right there. That's my cousin, Noah." stated Melissa

"Oh, he such a cutie!" exclaimed Maya as her eyes settled on the back of one of the teachers "Oh, now does that guy have a nice backside or what!?"

The guy she had been staring at turned around and her mouth dropped to the floor. It was Adam looking a million times better than she cared to remember. She felt the familiar flutter of butterflies in her stomach and felt a rise of heat in her cheeks. She was confused, surprised, and worried all at the same time. She wanted to talk with him badly but she had hurt him in the worst way possible. Would he talk to her? What would he say? Would he run away? Did he have a girlfriend? The last question stabbed her heart. It was quite possible he had a girlfriend. After all, he was really cute. Although she didn't like to admit it, she still loved Adam. She regretting ever breaking up with him and hope that, one day, he could just forgive her.

"Maya, are you OK?" asked Kimberly as the whole table followed her gaze to Adam

Adam turned around and surveyed the crowd again looking for his friends. That's when he saw her. It was Maya and she looked even more beautiful than he remembered. He was shocked, surprised and worried all at the same time. A zillion questions ran through his mind. Would she talk to him? What would she say? Would she run away? Did she have a boyfriend? Probably, Maya was really beautiful and God knows that there are tons of guys in Stone Canyon that wanted her. As much as Adam hated to admit it he still held a torch for her. He hadn't even looked at another girl since moving to Angel Grove. There was only one woman for him and she sat at a table with the rest of her friends. If he could only get up the courage to talk to her. Rocky walked up to his friend seeing the gaze that fell on Maya.

"Go talk to her." whispered Rocky "You deserve to know what happened."

"I can't, I'll freeze up, she'll run away and that'll be the end of it." stated Adam

"And where is your crystal ball, Mr. Psychic? Face it, you can't predict the future so the only way to find what is going to happen is to go up there and talk to her!" replied Rocky

"I don't think I can." said Adam

"Think the 'little engine that could', Adam! I think I can!"

"It ain't working, Rocko" replied Adam

"Well then, I'm going to help you out." said Rocky waving his hands around in the direction of the table "MAYA!!!!!"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just..." Maya broke off as she heard someone scream her name

"Isn't that Rocky?"asked Melis

"Yeah!" said Maya laughing "I guess some things never change huh?"

"Same old Rocky." replied Aisha

"What in the HELL are you doing?" whispered Adam harshly

"Helping you out!" said Rocky running over to the table "MAYA!!!! Oh I've missed you soooo much!!!!!"

"Well, well, well! Looks my little scrawny Rocky grew up to be a big strong man!!! Let me see those muscles !!!" Maya replied giving him a hug "God you look good!"

"And you look amazing as always!!!! So how have you been?" he asked sitting down next to her

"I can't complain. And what about you?" asked Maya

Adam watched as Maya and Rocky caught up on old times. He smiled slightly as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. He couldn't believe how much he missed all her little quirks. The way she flipped her hair, the way she giggled, the way her eyes would scrunch up when she would laugh, the way her eyes sparkled, the way she would twirl her hair, the way she bit her bottom lip when she was nervous. Only then did it hit Adam that he had been staring at her and now she had caught him.

"Um..hi." she said softly

"Hi. How have you been?" he asked quietly

"Not bad, you?" she countered

"Not bad." he said as a tense silence fell between them "What are doing here?"

"Um, we're picking up my friend, Melissa's cousin Noah. He's in your class." she replied

"Noah D'Mata? He's one of the best students I've got." said Adam

"That WE'VE got!" said Rocky slapping his friend

"Yeah, we've." said Adam as another tense moment fell over them

Melissa nudged Maya and mouthed 'talk to him'. Aisha prodded Adam and motioned her head toward Maya.


"Adam-" they both started

"Ladies first." replied Adam

"Can we go somewhere...private? Ya know some place where we can talk?" asked Maya

"Um, sure. Come on." stated Adam walking towards the door "We're going to talk at the park in case anyone needs us, OK."

The rest of the group nodded their heads and as soon as the two were out of sight, they started to cheer.

Maya and Adam walked along the lake in silence. Both were still rather uptight and nervous not knowing what to do. When Maya finally spoke, the pair had arrived at a small rock platform overlooking the lake

"Look Adam, we need to talk." said Maya

"I've heard that before." replied Adam as Maya gave him a pleading look

"This isn't easy for me either, Adam!!! I am, after all, the person who broke you heart." stated Maya

"I just want to know why. Why wouldn't you talk to me? Whay did you push me away? We could have made it work!" asked Adam

"I never doubted that we could have made it work, but I got scared! I didn't want you changing my mind. The day I made that decision was the hardest day of my life but I knew that you wouldn't be happy tied down to me. God, I never WANTED to break up with you but I was afraid that you would find someone in Angel Grove so I let you go." replied Maya

"You hurt me, Maya, really hurt me. The thing that really killed me, though is that you didn't talk to me. No matter what we could always talk to each other. Then when your Mom said that you didn't want to see me or even talk to me, I felt like a knife had been plunged into my heart. I thought I did something to push you away." said Adam looking deep into Maya's eyes

"Oh Adam, NEVER think that! You NEVER did anything to push me away!!! You were the most sensitive, most loyal, most caring person I ever met!!!! You didn't do anything! I was the stupid one. I was the one who let you slip right through my fingers! I regretted never talking to you! I regretted breaking it off without a better explanation." said Maya taking Adam's hands in her own

"How come you never called to tell me that? Why didn't you write me or something?" questioned Adam

"I thought I would look stupid. I mean one minute I'm breaking up with you and the next I want you back? That would look pretty lame!!!!" said Maya

"No, no, no!!!! Everyone is entitled to make mistakes, you are only human. Even I have made some pretty stupid mistakes! Remember when you told me you were putting up your artifical Christmas and I asked you if it was fake? Now if that isn't stupid or lame, I don't know what is." replied Adam

"I didn't think you would want to talk to me after what I did! I mean I did blow you off pretty bad!" stated Maya

"Yeah, you did but you know me, Maya. You know me probably better than I know myself and you know I would have talked to you. I'm not one to hold a grudge especially with the girl I love." responded Adam

"I guess I was just scared to call and hear you say something like 'Sorry, I have a girlfriend'." said Maya

"Do you want to know something? I haven't even looked at another girl since moving here." stated Adam

"Really?" she asked

"Really." he replied

"I haven't looked at another guy since you left. I guess I alway felt like it was cheating or something." stated Maya shyly

"Really?" asked Adam

"Really." replied Maya

"Look Adam, I have to tell you something. I don't want you to freak out but if I'm going to move on I gotta say this." stated Maya

"Go ahead, you can tell me anything." replied Adam

"I...I..um...I still....love you. I never stopped. I really don't know why I broke up you. I think I was just scared but I-" said Maya as Adam placed a finger to her lips

"Shhh. Do you know how long I've waited to here you say that? A year, Maya! I hoped and prayed that you would say that because, believe it or not, I still love you too." he said

"You do?" she asked

"Yeah, I do. I probably should have moved on and everthing but no one in Angel Grove had anything that I looked for in a girl. No one in Angel Grove was you." he replied

"Adam, can we have another chance? I know I don't deserve one after what I did, but I really think things are different and that we can make it work this time. I mean I have my driver's test next week and if I get my liscense, I can practically live in AG and commute to Stone Canyon." said Maya

"I think that we are both a little more mature and I like the thought of seeing you all the time. How about you go to the Youth Center's dance with me tonight? Melissa could always come along. Rocky is always looking for a date, anyway!"

"Yeah, I'd love to! So we're really doing this, we're really dating again?" asked Maya

"Yeah, we are." stated Adam "How about a hug to seal the deal?"

"You got it!" she replied throwing her arms around Adam's neck "Ya know if we would have just talked we could have avoided all of this!"

"Let's never be stupid again, OK?" asked Adam

"I'll NEVER be stupid, again!" exclaimed Maya

"OK, I'm holding you to that just so you know." said Adam as they started walking back to the Youth Center

The newly reconciled pair walked into the Youth Center with giant smiles on their faces. The whole gang was there with the exception of Melissa. The group of friends had an expectant look on their faces.

"Well?" asked Aisha

"Where is Melissa?" countered Maya

"She took Noah back home and was going to talk to her aunt and come back." said Kimberly

"So????" asked Aisha again

"You had this planned from the minute I walked in didn't you?" countered Maya again

"You bet! Well, did it work?" Aisha questioned

"Well....." started Maya

"Most definately!" finished Adam putting his arm around Maya "I asked her to go to the dance with me tonight!"

The crowd of friends erupted into a joyous chorus of 'way to gos' and 'that's greats'. About that same time, Melissa walked back in and over to the friends.

"So whay did I miss?" asked Melis

"Adam and Maya walked into the establishement and enlightened us that they had spoken out their predicament." said Billy

"Huh?" questioned Melissa

"What he meant to say is that these two just walked back in and told us that they talked everything out and everything is A-OK, peachy keen!" explained Rocky

"That's great!" exclaimed Melissa hugging Maya

"I'm going to stick around for the dance tonight and I was wondering, would you stay too? You've been the best through this whole thing. I mean sometimes I've been the biggest crab to deal with and you deserve to have a little fun! Please say you'll stay!" stated Maya

"You bet! Like you said I deserve to have a little fun! This will be awesome!!!!" said Melis

"I figured Adam would ask you and I figured you would ask Melissa so I asked my mom if we could spend the night cuz it's going to be a pretty late night and she said sure!" replied Aisha

"REALLY!!!!" exclaimed both girls "This is going to rock!!!"

"This going to be so much fun!" gushed Kim as the girls got in a tight group and started chatting

"I hope this isn't how its going to be all night!" said Tommy

"You and me both!" replied Adam

Later that Night
"This is the best I've felt in about a year!" exclaimed Maya swaying back and forth to the music

"Tell me about." replied Adam "I'm just glad to have you back."

"I'll tell you one thing, my parents are going to freak! My dad will be so excited to have his sports buddy back!" explained Maya

"And I sure my mom and dad will be excited to have you back too. Sometimes I think they loved you as much as I do!" stated Adam

The song ended and Maya and Adam continued to dance as the next song started. It was the very same song that had brought back the memories for both.

"I was listening to this song a couple nights ago and it made me think of you." said Maya lifting her head off of Adam's shoulder to look at him

"Really? Me too. I went and looked out my window and I asked you if you missed me." replied Adam

"This is really creepy. I did the same thing! I mean, I went to MY window and I asked YOU if you missed me." said Maya shocked

"I guess you and I are truely meant to be! I say as our first decision as a couple, we make that song 'our song'!" stated Adam

"I second that." replied Maya

"How about we seal the deal with a hug?" asked Adam

"How about a kiss?" countered Maya pulling Adam down to her level and kissing him

"I think I like your idea better!" replied Adam going to kiss Maya again

As the reunited couple danced and kissed the song that brought them together played out in the backround:

Do I ever cross your mind, anytime?
Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?
Do I ever cross you mind, anytime?
I miss you

The End