Disclaimer: The characters belong to Saban, blab-blab-blab! I think everyone gets the picture by now! This fanfic is rated R by me because of graphic domestic abuse and language. This takes place after Kim has written Tommy Ďthe letterí. Tommy has not started dating Kat yet. I have changed a few things though. They still have the Ninja powers and Kim and Tommy are friends even though they broke up. Other than that everything is the same. So on with the story. PS-this is not related to any of my other stories!

Whispers in the Dark
by Trini

"I thought I told you to get rid of that stupid white falcon and lame green dragon!" yelled Kimís new boyfriend, John

"You did but I canít get rid of it! It was a gift!" Kim yelled back

"I told you NEVER talk back to me!!!!" screamed John as he slapped Kimberly hard across the face, the force knocking her to the ground

"Leave me alone! Go away!" yelled Kim from the floor of her room

"No! I wonít leave you alone until you put your stupid life in Angel Grove behind you and if I have to beat it into you, so be it." said John lunging at Kimberly

He pulled her back to a standing position by her hair and repeatedly punched and kicked her. Granted, Kim knew self defense but Johnís attacks were coming so quick and hard she couldnít mount a defense. He continued to beat on her until she was unconscious or so he thought. As he left the room, Kim quietly whispered "Tommy, help me." and then she collapsed onto her bed

3,000 Miles Away in Angel Grove

"Great job, Rocky!" yelled Adam

"Thanks, buddy." replied Rocky

The gang had all gotten together at Rockyís house for the day and they were in his backyard playing a little volleyball. It had been about a month since Tommy had gotten the infamous letter from Kim. They all really didnít understand why she would write it. Tommy and Kim were the definition of a perfect couple! Thatís what made it seem even more unreal. They hadnít been having problems or anything it was just good-bye. No explanation, just good-bye. Rocky had talked to Kim the most out of everyone. For some odd reason she seemed to trust Rocky with her secrets. Rocky usually was somdwhat of a blabber mouth yet Kim trusted him with everything.

It was this latest secret he had trouble keeping. Rocky was quickly brought out of his thoughts as a volleyball smacked him in the head.

"OW!!!!" yelled Rocky

"Sorry, man! Didnít mean it!" shouted Tommy as the others giggled

"Yeah, whatever Oliver! Whoís serve?" asked Rocky as his mother stepped out onto the porch

"Augusta, telephone!" she yelled

"Itís Rocky, mom, Rocky." he whined as the others laughed

"You are my son and I will call you what I want and I want to call you Augusta. So get your butt in here and answer the phone!" she shouted smiling

The DeSantosí Kitchen

"Hello, this is Rocky." he said

"Hey, whatís up?" asked Kim looking into a mirror and slowly touching the purple flesh that was once her cheek

"Not much, the gang is here and we were just playing some volleyball. You, on the other hand, donít sound too good." he said hopping up on the kitchen counter

"John and I got in another fight." she said

"I was afraid that happened. Did he hit you again?" asked Rocky softly

There was a long silence and Rocky knew that he had.

"Why havenít you broken up with him yet?" questioned Rocky

"I canít!" started Kim

"Why not?" asked Rocky heatedly

"Iíll give you 2 reasons. One-I donít think I could handle being alone here and Two-If I broke up with John he would kill me." said Kimberly loudly

Rocky knew that Kim wasnít kidding. If she tried to break up with John, he knew that the next phone call he would get would be from Kimís mother telling him she was dead. How Kim got messed up with him in the first place was Rockyís question. Kim had told him that John looked a lot like Tommy. He was sweet and caring and loving, for two weeks and then he became mean. Kim told Rocky about how John had wanted her to get rid of all of her stuffed animals and pictures of her friends. He wanted her to completely isolate herself from Angel Grove. She wouldnít do it and thatís when the beatings started.

"How bad is it?" asked Rocky

"Really bad. I have the beginnings of a black eye, my cheek is an ugly shade of purple, a couple of my teeth are loose, my upper lip is split and my lower lip is huge. There is a patch of hair missing from my head, I have a cut on my forehead, I have a bruise on my tummy the size of Africa and I hurt everywhere." she said

"How do you keep it from everybody?" he asked softly

"The miracle of make-up. The only other person that knows is Kallie." she replied

"Kim, I canít keep this secret any longer. I have to tell Tommy." stated Rocky

Tommy and Kim stayed friends even though they broke up and Tommy had a right to know, being that he was Kimís ex-boyfriend.

"You canít tell Tommy! If you tell Tommy I swear, Rocky, Iíll kill you myself! He canít know." begged Kim

"Why, Kim? Because heíll come down to Florida and kick the shit out of John. Because he would be on the next flight to Florida to save your ass. Because he would kill John. Why Kim?" yelled Rocky into the phone

"Because he would see me like this and I donít want that. I donít want him to see me looking like a punching bag." said Kim crying

"Well at least let me tell your mom or your coach. Let me help you, Kim." said Rocky as everyone walked into his kitchen

"Who are you talking to?" asked Kat sweetly

"Yeah, who is it?" questioned Tommy

"Rocky, donít tell them itís me, please. Say itís your Grandma or something just donít tell them itís me!" pleaded Kim over the phone

"Itís my Grandma, guys. Iíll be off in a minute." said Rocky

"OK. Well weíll be waiting outside." said Adam as everyone walked out

"Kim, you have to tell someone! I mean pronto because if you donít I will." he stated sternly

"OK, Iíll try. Call me later?" she asked

"Yeah of course. Do me a favor and stay away from John, OK?" asked Rocky
"Sure, bye." she said

"Bye." said Rocky hanging up the phone and walking outside

Later at the Juice Bar
"Guys, what would you think if I told you I was planning on taking a trip to Florida to see Kim?" asked Tommy sitting at the usual table with his friends

"Thatís a great idea, Tommy. It would give you and Kimberly time to really work things out." stated Billy

"Yeah, Billyís right. You should really work things out face to face." said Aisha

"Um Tommy could I talk to you....alone?" asked Rocky

"Sure man." said Tommy getting up and walking with Rocky to a table in the corner of the juice bar "Whatís up?"

"Are you sure Kim wants to see you?" said Rocky as Tommy raised his eyebrow to him "I mean she might be too busy practicing and stuff."

"I never thought about that but maybe seeing me could refresh her, ya know." said Tommy

"I donít think so. You might be too much of a distraction." replied Rocky

"You seem to be coming up with an awful lot of reasons why I shouldnít go. Why donít you want me to see Kim?"

"I just donít think itís the best thing for Kim right now. I mean she's awfully busy with practicing and sheís being tutored and everything. I just think that you might be too much. You know how Kim is, if she didnít spend a lot of time with you sheíd feel bad." stated Rocky

"I see where your coming from but I really think it might lend her some support, especially now that sheís gotten to the semi-finals. I think it would mean a lot to Kimberly if at least one of her friends was in Florida to cheer her on. Look, Iíll think about it. Maybe even give her a call. How's that?" asked Tommy hoping that the compromise would satisfy Rocky

"OK, but please call her first to make sure itís OK." said Rocky

"Yeah, sure man." replied Tommy as they made their way back to their original table

Later That Night at the DeSantos House

"He said he wanted to lend support but I think he really misses you. You were, after all, his best friend not to mention girlfriend." said Rocky once again talking to Kim

"I donít need to be reminded of that, Rocko. I was so stupid! I never should have broken it off with Tommy." said Kim giving herself a soft smack to the forehead

"Kim, donít blame yourself. How could you have know that John would have beat you? Besides I think that Tommy still cares for you." stated Rocky

"I know, but Tommy and I are just friends and thatís it." said Kim sadly

"No, I think that Tommy still loves you. Why else would he want to come to Florida?" asked Rocky

"Because heís my friend and he wants to support me." said Kim plainly

"Kim, do you honestly think that? If he wanted to show his support he could buy a card or send you some flowers. Heís planning on flying 3,000 by himself to see his ex-girlfriend. If that doesnít say ĎI love youí, I donít know what does." replied Rocky

"You really think he still loves me?" questioned Kim

"Yes, I do. Look I have homework left to do and if I donít get it done my mom will kill me. Why donít you give Tommy a call and talk this thing out." said Rocky

"I might. Tell everyone I say hi. Talk to you later." said Kim

"Of course, bye." he said hanging up his phone and getting out his math book , paging through it "God, I hate math!"


A Few Minutes Later at the Oliver Household
"Hello?" questioned Mrs. Oliver

"Hi, is Tommy home?" asked Kim

"Kim, is that you? Oh my gosh! Itís so good to hear from you! How are you?"

"Iím good, Mrs. Oliver." replied Kim

"Oh please call me, Mom. How is the competition?" asked Mrs. Oliver

The two continued to chat until Tommy walked down the stairs. "Well, look who it is. Telephone, Tiger. It was nice talking to you, Kim. Here he is." said Mrs. Oliver handing the phone to her son

"Kim? Is it really you?" asked Tommy

"No, itís an evil clone. Of course, itís me! Your mom calls you Tiger?" said Kim

"Same old Kim." said Tommy laughing "Itís a nickname from a long time ago before...ya know...the Rangers. So whatís up with you?"

"I just got off the phone with Blabberboy." stated Kim

"So what did Rocky have to say?" asked Tommy

"Well, he said that you were thinking about coming down to visit." she replied

"Well, Iím thinking about it. Rocky suggested that I not. He says youíre too busy with practicing and school." stated Tommy

"Well I am busy." said Kim

"Too busy for me?" asked Tommy softly

"Tommy, I would love to see you..." said Kim

"Thereís a but coming isnít there." said Tommy
"...but I really couldnít spend the kind of time we need to spend together." said Kim

"Kim, I just want to come and see you compete. I donít need to spend time with you although I would like to." stated Tommy

"Yeah but there is so much going on here and I...." started Kim trying to find some excuse that would keep Tommy in Angel Grove

"I think I know whatís going on." said Tommy

"You do?" asked Kimberly confused

"Yeah I do, Kimmy. You donít want me to see you with John." said Tommy "Look, Kim. I understand you found someone new but I would be lying if I told you I wasnít jealous."

"Tommy, things arenít as peachy keen as they seem." she said instantly regretting what she had said

"What do you mean?" he pushed

"Well, you know how we never fought. How we never had an argument. Well itís not the same with John and I. We have our fights." said Kim. ĎIf THAT isnít the understatement of the year, I donít know what it is!í she thought

"Oh. I guess I just assumed that your relationship was as strong as ours was." stated Tommy

"Tommy, our relationship is still strong just not in the way it used to be." she stated

"I know but sometimes I just wish that things could go back to the way they were. Ya know, you and me together again." said Tommy softly

"Me too, Tommy, me too." she said soft enough that Tommy didnít hear

"Look Kim, if you donít want me to come down..." he started

"Youíll ignore me and come anyway." Kim finished "Tommy sometimes you forget that youíre talking to me. Iím Kim, the person that knows you better than you know yourself. If you have your mind set on something, youíll do whatever to get it done."

"If you really donít want me to come to Florida just say it." said Tommy

"I want you to but I donít want you to." said Kim

"What does that mean?" asked Tommy confused

"It means that things here are really confusing and I donít know if you being here would help." she said on the verge of tears

"I understand. Things are confusing here too. I can respect that." said Tommy

"Thank you for understanding. You really are my best friend." said Kim as a loud knock came from her door

Kim immediately tensed up. If John found her on the phone with Tommy she would be dead!
"Uh, Tommy can I let you go? There is somebody at my door and I have some homework to finish up." she said hurriedly
"Sure no problem. Iíll talk to you later, OK?" asked Tommy as the knock came again

"Yeah, sure Bye." said Kim quickly hanging up the phone and walking to her door

She looked through the peep hole and saw a tall, skinny girl with long curly blond hair. She had bright blue eyes and small pursed lips. She had on a blue leotard with a red, white, and blue jacket and black windpants. Her roommate, Kallie, fidgeted nervously at the door. Kim quickly opened the door and Kallie rushed in and gave Kim a big hug.

"When you didnít come to the door, I got worried. I thought John had come back to get you again." stated Kallie breathlessly

"Iím fine. I was on the phone." replied Kim

"With Rocky?" asked Kallie as she removed her boots

"No, Tommy." said Kim as Kallie snapped her head up

"Girl, spill the beans!"

*** The Next Morning at the Oliver House

Tommy sat in his bed and thought about his conversation with Kim. She seemed really weird. ĎShe was right though.í thought Tommy ĎWhen I have my mind set on something I donít give up.í Tommy reached over to his nightstand and grabbed his phone. He punched in 3 numbers and waited.

"Hello, information? Can you give me the number for American Airlines 555-2397. Thanks." said Tommy as he hung up the phone and got ready for school

That Afternoon at the Oliver House

Tommy had decide to keep his decision to go to Florida a secret. Rocky would try to talk him out of it and knowing Aisha and Kat, they would want to come along. It would be better if they didnít know. He had talked to his teachers and gotten his homework so taking a little Ďvacationí wouldnít be a problem. His parents knew that he had his mind set and they better go along with their son or they would just waste their energy. As Tommy packed he wondered what was so wrong that Kim wouldnít want him to come to Florida. He had hoped that it wasnít too serious. He would soon find out it was.

That Evening on American Airlines Flight 328

ĎWhy am I so nervous?í thought Tommy ĎIím only going to see Kim.í Butterflies fluttered as he said her name. ĎI really do have it bad for her. I guess I will always love that girl.í he thought smiling

"We are about to land in sunny Tampa, Florida. The temperature is 78 degrees and the night skies are partly cloudy. Iíd like to ask you to put your tray tables to their upright positions and to move your seats back to a upright position. On behalf of the flight crew Iíd like to thank you for flying American Airlines and we hope you have a wonderful stay in Florida." stated the captain

ĎThis is it!í thought Tommy ĎIím really going to see her!í

The Same Time at Kimís Room
"Did you think I wouldnít find out?" yelled John He had burst into Kimís room earlier that evening. Somehow he had found out she had called Angel Grove. He more than likely found her phone bill from last month and saw her phone calls to Rocky.

"So who have you been calling? Your ex-boyfriend Tommy? Youíre still dating him arenít you! You are such a slut. Did you have sex with him? God knows you wonít have sex with me! How is he in bed, Kim? Is he good?" asked John grabbing a hold of her arm

"Back off, John. What Tommy and I did is none of your business!" she yelled ripping her arm away from him

"I told you NEVER to talk back to me!!! You donít listen very well. You need to be taught a lesson!" said John moving to beat Kimberly once again

*** Minutes After, at Kimís building

Tommy walked up to Kimís fifth floor room and saw the door was partially open. He quickly dropped his bags and slowly made his way into Kimís room. What he saw completely threw him for a loop. He saw Kim lying over her bed and he heard he whisper ĎTommy help me.í From what Tommy could see she had a black eye, a bloody nose, and a fat lip.

"Iím here, Kim." he said quickly moving over to her and cradling her against his body

"Tommy what..." she said slowly

"Itís all right. Iím really here. You were right, when I set my mind to something I donít stop until I get it. Who did this to you?" he asked

"No one. I fell." she whispered

"Iím sure, Kim. Did John do this?" said Tommy the anger starting to bubble up from deep within him

Kim didnít say anything, she just nodded her head and cried. Tommy felt the anger rise up through his body. All thoughts centered around finding John and killing him. He hadnít been this angry since his days as the Green Ranger and that scared him. If he couldnít control himself, John was as sure as dead.

"Tommy, please, donít be thinking what I think your thinking." said Kim finally getting her bearings back

"Why not, Kim? This John guy has messed with the one thing that I hold dearest to me, you! Why shouldnít I kill him!" said Tommy

"Because you wouldnít be any better than him. If you want to help me, get me cleaned up and give me the strength to tell my coach what is going on." said Kim trying to get up

"Arenít you afraid of what John will do to you if you tell?" asked Tommy

"Not anymore. Iíve got you here to help me." she said

"And protect you. Kim, I can promise you that I wonít go after him but if he comes after you, Iím going to take him down." said Tommy solemnly

"Thatís all I can ask that you do." said Kim walking to her bathroom. "Oh and Tommy?"


"I really glad that you are here."

"Iím glad that Iím here too."

That Evening Around 11:30 p.m. in Kimís Room

Kim had went into her bathroom and cleaned up. Tommy had asked where Kallie was and Kim had yelled through the door that Kallie was spending the night with her parents at some hotel in town. When Kim came out of the bathroom, she told Tommy everything that had happened since she arrived in Florida. About how she met John and how everything was going great until John wanted her to forget everything and everyone in Angel Grove.

"When I wouldnít forget about Angel Grove, he started to hit me. At first I thought it was only a one time thing, ya know. As he continued to do it, I would blow it off or convince myself that I asked for. Pretty soon it was too late for me to get out." said Kim sadly

"You couldnít leave because John would come after you." stated Tommy sitting next to Kim on her bed

"Yeah, I told Kallie about it and Rocky started getting suspicious so I told him too." she replied

"And thatís why you both didnít want me to come here. You didnít want me to find out about this, but why? Why didnít you want me to know?" asked Tommy turning to face Kim

"I didnít want you to worry and I thought I could fix it myself. I really didnít want you to see me like this. I guess I feel like I let you down somehow." she said softly

"You let me down?! I think you got that a little backwards, Kim. I let you down. God, I should have been here! I should have protected you!!!" shouted Tommy

"But you wonít always be there to protect me. I had hoped I could solve this on my own." Kim said

"But when you go through something like this you shouldnít be alone." he said

"I know that now but at the time I thought asking for help would look weak." she stated

"Kim, you are one of the strongest women I know. You have fought space aliens, putties, and spell-driven friends bent on destroying you. If that doesnít qualify for strong, I donít know what would." he said

"Thatís the point, Tommy! I fought off all of those things but I couldnít fight off John! That is why I felt weak." she said exasperated

"I know that you care for this John guy even though he beats you. You canít fight back for the same reason you wouldnít fight me as the evil Green Ranger." he stated

"God, I hate having feelings! Iím so confused right now. I donít know what Iím feeling and who itís for!" she yelled

"Everything will settle into place. Hopefully your gymnastics will help you sort some stuff out. I want you to know that I will stay with you as long as you need some one to lean on. Kim, we maybe friends but I still love you." he said gently

"Thanks, Tommy. I really needed to hear that. Once Iíve sorted out my feelings, I promise Iíll let you know where we stand." she said climbing under the covers of her bed "Youíre welcome to sleep in Kallieís bed."

"Are you sure?" he asked

"I donít think I can be alone tonight, Tommy." she replied

"All right. Good night, Beauti...I mean Kim." he said blushing slightly

"Good night, Handsome." she said giving him a kiss on the cheek

The Next Day
Kim had the day off from practice so her and Tommy decided to see the sights of Tampa. The Pan-Global Games had given each gymnast 2 unlimited passes to Walt Disney World so the two decided to spend half the day there and the other half at Busch Gardens. At Walt Disney World, they walked around and took in the sights of the massive park. The went on a few rides and shopped in the souvenir stores. At 12:30, they decided to head over to Busch Gardens but first they bought some lunch. They sat on a grassy hill over looking the Atlantic Ocean.

"This has to be one of the best days Iíve had in a long time." stated Kim taking a bite of her sandwich

"Yeah, I know! I havenít this happy since before you left. Iíll never forget that day." said Tommy

"You know what day Iíll never forget? Iíll never forget the day I met you! I saw you from across the juice bar getting ready for that big karate tournament! I was so knocked off my feet!!!" she replied laughing

"I know! I remember seeing you and Trini talking and I was like ĎWow!í." he said

"So do you have anyone back home?" she asked quickly

"What do you mean?" he questioned back

"Like a girlfriend?" she asked

"No, I donít." he stated

"What about Kat?" questioned Kim surprised

"What about her? Sheís my friend. I really donít have those kind of feelings for her."

"Oh." said Kim softly

"Did you think that Kat and I would get together?" questioned Tommy

"Well, after what happened with Ritaís spell, I thought for sure you two would hook up after I broke it off with you." said Kim

"Nope. Their is only room enough for one woman in my life." stated Tommy

"Tommy..." started Kim

"Kim, chill. I was talking about my mom." he said laughing

"Oh, I knew that." she said smiling


Later That Day Back at Kimís Room
Kim and Tommy went to Busch Gardens and saw all of the animals and spent a particular amount of time in the bird house watching a Falcon and Crane court each other. The zoologist said it was the strangest thing he had ever seen but Tommy and Kim just giggled to themselves.

Kim decided to get some practicing in before settling down for the evening. Tommy decided to come back to her room and await her return. After about a hour and a half, Tommy decided to go down and check on Kim.


In the Gym
As Kim dismounted from the balance beam, she heard someone clapping in the shadows.

"Whoís there?" she asked dropping into a defensive stance

"Who else would it be?" asked John stepping out of the shadows

"Get away from me." stated Kim

"Or what? Youíll scream? Go ahead no one will hear you." he said venomously

"Yeah, well this time Iím ready for you." she said

"Oh by the way Kim, you should know something about me." he said sweetly

"And whatís that? That youíre a bastard in Romeo clothing?" she spat

"No, Iím a black belt in Judo." he said lunging at her

She quickly backflipped out of his way and as she landed she kicked him hard in the back throwing him to the ground. She quickly got back into her defensive stance.

"Youíll pay for that, you Bitch!" he said getting up

She went to kick him and he grabbed her leg and swept the other one out from underneath her. He pinned her to the ground and he thought he had her until she raked his eyes. He fell off of her and she immediately got back up and into her stance.

She realized that her back was to the door and she turned to run but a hand came from the mat and grabbed her leg, tripping her up. A sickening crack echoed through the gym as Kim kicked him in the face, breaking his nose.

"You wonít get away that easy." he shouted pulling Kimberly towards him

He had her pinned to the ground once again and he had her hands above her head. Blood dripped onto Kimberly from Johnís bloody face, staining her clothes and wetting her face and hair

"I found out about your Tommy coming here. You told him didnít you. I told you never to tell. Now youíll pay the price for disobeying me." he said his other hard raised high in the air to hit her

Kim closed her eyes and waited for the punch but it never came.

Suddenly John was off of her and Tommy was standing above her. "No, youíll pay the price for hitting a girl!" yelled Tommy

Kim scooted over to the bleachers of the gymnasium and watched as Tommy went after John. Tommy had that gleam in his eye and Kim knew that John was in for the fight of his life. When Tommy had that look in his eye, he meant business.

Tommy and John faced off in the center of the mats and John made the first move. As he came at Tommy, Tommy used Johnís center of balance against him. Tommy promptly flipped John over and punched him in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. Tommy backed off as John got back up and attempted to kick Tommy. Tommy grabbed Johnís foot and John spun around and tried to kick Tommy with his other foot but Tommy ducked. John fell to the ground and as he got back up, Tommy gave him a spinning heel kick to the chest knocking John down again. This time, John stayed down.

"That was for not treating Kim like a lady." said Tommy walking over to where Kim was sitting

"TOMMY!!! BEHIND YOU!!!!" screamed Kim as John got up and came at Tommy with a switchblade drawn

Tommy quickly spun around and ducked as John flew over the top of him. But instead of going down, John somersaulted and stood up, grabbing Kim in the process.

"Back off, Bruce Lee, or Kim gets it." he said holding the knife to her throat

"OK, just calm down." said Tommy backing off

"Calm down? You come back here to steal my girlfriend away and Iím supposed to calm down? I donít think so, Ponytail" stated John

"Look, Kimís my friend. I just came her to cheer her on and..."but Tommy quickly shut up before he finished his thought

"And what? Protect her from me? She doesnít need protecting!" yelled John still holding the knife close to Kimís neck

"Just put down the knife and letís talk about this." said Tommy softly

"So you can take me out? Wrong!" stated John

ĎThis isnít working!í thought Kim ĎIf Iím going to get out of this, Iím going to have to do it myself!í

Kim turned her head and stepped on Johnís foot. He dropped the knife and tried to attend to his foot but Kim elbowed him in the stomach and turned around and punched him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

"Thatís for making the biggest mistake of my life!" stated Kim and she looked at Tommy

Tommyís hair was all messed up and his white clothes were stained red with Johnís blood. He looked tired and worn out. She slowly walked over to him. She wasnít in great shape either. He hair was matted with blood and her face had several little cuts from he fight with John. She ached all over but only one thing was on her mind. Tommy.

"Are you OK?" she asked reaching up to wipe the blood from his face

Tommy caught her hand and held it. For a few moments the two only stared at each other wondering who would make the first move.

Tommy went to brush the hair away from Kimís face, she grabbed his hand and kissed it tenderly. She looked into Tommyís deep brown eyes and he looked into hers, their eyes locked in an intense gaze. Momentarily lost in each other thought Tommy broke the spell by bending down and kissing Kim lightly on the lips. Kim kissed him back and gave him a big hug.

"It feels so good to be back in your arms!" said Kim as the tears started to stream down her cheeks realizing that her nightmare was over

"It feels good to have you in my arms." said Tommy sweetly


The Next Morning in Kimís Room
The phone rang waking a sleeping Kimberly. Tommy, who was up on the top bunk, slowly started to wake up also.

"Hello?" asked Kimberly sleepily

"Hey Kim. Itís me, Rocky. Iíve got some bad news." he said softly

Kim immediately woke up and started to worry. Something terribly bad must have happened to one of her friends

"What is it, Rocky?" she asked as Tommy hopped down off the top bunk and stood beside her

"Tommyís gone. We canít find him anywhere. He took his communicator off and I thought you should hear it from me." said Rocky as Kim started to laugh "This isnít funny, Kim! Heís really gone!!!"

"Rocky calm down. Tommyís here with me. He flew down here 2 nights ago. Do you want to talk to him?" she asked

"Heís there? Yes, I want to talk to him!!!!!" exclaimed Rocky

Kim handed to phone to Tommy and said "Itís Rocky. Iím going to change." and she kissed him softly and walked off

"Hey, Rocko! Whatís up?" asked Tommy

"What the hell are you doing in Florida and why didnít you tell us, you dick!" yelled Rocky

"I didnít tell you guys because I knew you would talk me out of it and I knew that everyone else would want to come with me!" said Tommy

"So you know, I take it." said Rocky finally calming down

"Yeah. That bastard tried to beat her again but I came in just as he was about to start. I never wanted to kill anyone more than I wanted to kill John, not even Zedd or Rita." stated Tommy

"So youíre not mad at me, are you?" asked Rocky

"I kind of am but I understand that Kim trusted you not to tell anyone. I thought that you would tell since Kim was being hurt." said Tommy

"I was going to after the last time I talked to her. Remember when I was on the phone with my ĎGrandmaí? Well I was actually on the phone with Kim and John had beat her again. I was going to call her coach that next day but I completely forgot about it after you dropped your bombshell!" said Rocky

"Well I talked to Kim and I got the feeling something as wrong so I decided to come here and help her through whatever it was." stated Tommy

"Oh well now that I know where youíre at Iíll let you go." said Rocky

"Thanks, man. Weíll call you later OK?" asked Tommy

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, weíll?" questioned Rocky

"Yeah, Kim and I." said Tommy smiling ĎIt felt good to say thatí he thought

"You mean like Kim and you together as in couple?" pushed Rocky

"Something like that." said Tommy "I gotta go, take care."

"Yeah, you too!" said Rocky hanging up the phone and looking to the rest of the gang

"So?" asked Aisha

"Theyíre together again." said Rocky sadly

"Woo-Hoo!!!!! Yíall owe me 5 dollars!" exclaimed Adam as everyone reached into their wallets and purses and handed Adam the money


A Month Later-Tampa, Florida
"If youíre just joining us, you missed a flawless performance from Kimberly Hart of Angel Grove, California. Listen to what this little lady has been through, George. She came to the Pan Global Games leaving behind her friends and family. When she got here she became involved with the former menís star, John Reed. John physically and mentally abused Kimberly but she still continued to compete and, believe it or not, reached the top spot. He ex-boyfriend, Tommy Oliver, came to visit her and discovered the abuse. They told the USA coach, Karen OíReilly, and she kicked John out of the competition and got Kimberly some therapy." said the woman TV announcer

"That is some story, Lynn. Is there a happy ending?" asked the male TV announcer, George

"There is, George. Kimberly is having an excellent program today. She is the front runner to win this thing and she just scored a 9.85 on the balance beam. The young man that saved her has stayed by her side during this whole ordeal. He is going to school through correspondence and has been her number one cheerleader on the sidelines and, George, the two have gotten back together." said Lynn

"Thatís great. Congratulations to Kimberly. Letís take a look her teammate, Kallie Christensen from Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the vault." said George

On the Gymnasium Floor
"Go Kallie!" yelled Kim as she sat down next to Tommy

"Great job, Kim!" said Tommy giving her a quick kiss

"Thanks. I still canít believe you stayed." she said putting on her team jacket

"I told you I would stay with you as long as you needed someone to lean on." said Tommy

"I really appreciate it. I donít think I could have done any of this without you." she said sweetly

"Thanks." said Tommy

"Next up on the uneven bars, Kimberly Hart." stated the announcer

"Knock Ďem dead, Beautiful." said Tommy smiling

"You bet, Handsome." said Kim taking off her jacket and stretching

"OK, Kim. Concentrate, stay focused, and...." said her coach

"Have fun." said Kim

"Good, now get out there!" said the coach, gently pushing Kim towards the uneven bars


In the Announcersí Booth
"Here she is. The comeback kid, Kimberly Hart and listen to this crowd. You would think she was the hometown girl." said George

"If Kim can score a 9.65, she can basically wrap up 1st place." said Lynn

"Kim has quite a difficult routine on the uneven bars. Here comes her first release move and...she nails it!!! Wow, that was a wonderful release move. The uneven bars is not one of Kimís strongest areas. She has worked really hard on this routine and so far she is nailing it." said George

"She has wonderful grace. Now here comes one of her more difficult release move. She has to grab the bar blindly which means she wonít see where the bar is. Her she goes and.....itís perfect. What a grab!!! She looked a little far away from the bar but boy did she hang on!" said Lynn

"One thing you can see is that this girl wants this title bad. She has had a perfect routine so far, if she can stick the landing I donít see why she shouldnít get a 10." said George

"I couldnít agree more, George. Here comes her dismount. Itís a one and a half twist into a pike position. Sheíll need to get a lot of air on this to pull it off. Here she goes, one...and a half twists and into the pike position and she.......sticks the land!!!! She has got to be proud with herself on that routine." said Lynn

"She took a small step but it looks like Kimberly Hart from Angel Grove, California has wrapped up 1st place. Weíll be back with her scores after these messages." said George


On the Gymnasium Floor
"Yeah!!!! You the woman!" said Tommy running up to Kim and spinning he around in a hug "You were awesome!"

"Thanks! It felt great!" yelled Kim over the cheering

"I knew you could do it!" said her coach

"Thanks, Coach OíReilly." stated Kim

"Hey, She-Ra, I knew you would wipe the floor with the competition!" said Kallie giving her a big hug

"Thanks, Xena!" said Kim

"Wait a minute! She-Ra and Xena?" asked Tommy
v "Itís a long story!" said Kim grabbing Tommyís hand

"Here come the scores." said Coach OíReilly

"OH MY GOD!!!! You scored a 9.95! Way to go!!!" said Kallie giving Kim another hug

"Great job, Beautiful. Iím so proud of you!" said Tommy lifting her up in a giant bear hug

"Thanks, Tiger." said Kim smiling

"That reminds me." said Tommy giving Kim a white tiger with a red bow on it "Here you go."

"Sheís so cute. Iíll call her Hope so that every time Iíll look at her Iíll think of how you gave me the hope and strength to get through this whole nightmare and how fate brought you back to me." she said giving Tommy a long kiss on the lips

"I'll love you always and forever, Kimberly Hart." said Tommy

"I'll love you always and forever, Tommy Oliver." said Kim and the two embraced knowing that they were meant to be.

The End