Disclaimer: All the characters, with the exception of Airiana, belong to Saban. I think everyone knows the rest. The dream that Kim has in my story comes from the fanfic 'Heart's Desire' by Cheryl Roberts and belongs to her. Lo Pan comes from the movie 'Big Trouble in Little China' and belongs to 20th Century Fox film corp. That's about it so read on and enjoy!

by Trini

"Mr. Park? Adam? Are you still with us?" asked Ms. Applebee, quite annoyed with the young man.

"Huh? A yeah. Iím still with you." said Adam shyly while the rest of the class was giggling.

"Well that is very good to hear. I know itís Friday, but if you could pay attention in my class, I would appreciate it!" said Ms. Applebee sternly

"OK, Ms. Applebee." said Adam quietly.

Adam had been having trouble paying attention. Every single year around this time, Valentineís Day, Adam got depressed. Kim and Tommy were a couple and they were so cute together. Rocky and Aisha had recently got together and they were in the first stages of coupledom. But Adam was all alone. He wasnít ugly by any means and he was very shy around everyone. He was very, very shy around girls and he was totally oblivious to the tons of girls falling all over him. Class ended and Adam and his friends, Kimberly, Tommy, Aisha, and Rocky, exited into the hallway. They stopped at Tommy and Kimís locker.

"What happened, Adam?" asked Tommy spinning the dial on his locker.

"Nothing, man. I was just thinking." said Adam as his friends exchanged worried glances.

"So what are you and Tommy doing for V-Day, Kim?" questioned Aisha trying to change the touchy subject.

"Well Tommy rented a limousine and were going out to eat at Spagoís! Then he said he had some special surprise and then weíre going to the dance!" said Kim ecstatically. Then she saw the look on Adamís face. "Adam! Iím so sorry. Iím such a space cadet. I didnít realize how this must be affecting you. How are you doing?"

"Iím OK. Iíll live. I mean..." Adam stopped dead in his sentence as he watched a tall, thin girl with long auburn red hair and piercing green eyes walk toward the group. She was wearing a green v-neck shirt with a black blazer over the top of it. She also had on loose fit blue jeans and brown hiking boots.

"What is it, Adam?" asked Tommy worriedly

"Hey TJ! Itís me. Mom said I could find you here." said the beautiful stranger

"Oh my god! Airiana!!!! I totally spaced that you were coming today! When did you get here? Oh before you answer that, let me introduce you. Guys this is Airiana, my twin sister! The one that lives with my Dad. Airiana this Rocky, Aisha, you know Kim, and this is Adam."

"TJ?" scoffed Rocky

"Yeah, TJ. Iíve always called Tommy TJ and Iím the only one who can, besides Kim, of course." said Airiana sweetly

"Twins?" asked Aisha "You don't look anything alike."

"We're fraternal twins, which means that we weren't born from the same egg." said Tommy matter-of-factly

"Thanks for the bio lesson, TJ" said Rocky sarcastically and the rest of the gang giggled
"Anyway, itís nice to meet you all! I heard so much about all of you especially you, Adam." said Airiana sweetly turning to Adam

"You did?" said Adam perking up. As he tilted his head up to look at Airiana, their eyes met. Airiana stared at Adam. He was wearing a black and white shirt and black pants. His hair was the color of onyx and was curly. A stray strand of hair fell onto his forehead which he quickly brushed away. His eyes were a beautiful chocolatly brown and his lips were full and a dark shade of crimson.

"Tommy talks about you a lot. He says your one of his best friends and he mentioned that you donít have a date for the Sadie Hawkins dance. I was thinking since I donít have a date either, maybe we could go together. You know, just as friends. What do you think?" said Airiana hopefully.

"Well...I...uh...um..." said Adam stumbling for words

"In Adam speak that means ĎSure Iíd love to escort you to the dance.í" said Rocky translating.

"Great." said Kim turning to Airiana "My mom and I are going dress shopping after school. Did you want to go?"

"Sure that would be great. I better be going though." said Airiana

"Wait," said Rocky "how long are you here for?"

"Our Dad is Australia for six months on business-so thatís how long Iím here! IĎm starting school next week. Canít talk, Gotta run! Bye." and with that she ran back out the doors of Angel Grove High with Adam staring right after her.

Later at the juice bar, Adam, Tommy, and Rocky had been sparring with each other. Aisha sat at the usual table while she waited for Kim and Airiana. She watched the guys and noticed that Adam was a little pre-occupied.

"All right, muscle men. Take Five. Except for you." said Aisha pointing to Adam "I need to talk to you!"

"About what?" said Adam nervously

"Youíre looking a little sloppy. Like youíre not focused. Whatís on your mind." said Aisha leading Adam to a table away from the others where they could talk.

"You promise you wonít say anything?" asked Adam. Aisha nodded. "Well Airiana is on my mind. Ever since she walked up to us today, she has been the only thing I can think about."

"Sounds like someone has been bitten by the love bug!" said Aisha smiling wide

"I donít even know her! But it feels like Iíve known her forever. She seems so familiar." said Adam wistfully

"Maybe youíre soulmates." said Aisha popping a fry in her mouth.

"Soulmates?" Adam looked at Aisha as if she was from a strange planet.

"Yeah, soulmates. I have always believed that I was one half of a whole person. I found my other half in Rocky. I feel like Iím a total person now. Granted it took me awhile to figure that out but I always knew in the back of my mind that their was something special between Rocky and I." said Aisha.

"So you think that Airiana and I are..." Adam said trailing off

"Soulmates," Aisha finished "itís a possibility. But you need to find out. Hang out with her and if you still feel the way you do now then you know itís meant to be."

"Hi ya! What am I missing over here?" said Rocky walking over to the table "You trying to steal my girl?"

"No, I was getting some advice." said Adam

"All right break is over. Get back out their and fight, fight, fight!" said Aisha pushing the boys back onto the mat.

The guys continued to spar when Kimberly and Airiana walked in with their dresses. Adam caught Airianaís eye and she waved. This small act caused shivers to be sent throughout Adamís body. He returned the wave and looked back in time to duck Rockyís kick. ĎThis is my chance!í thought Adam ĎI have to impress her.í With that Adam started a barrage of kicks and punches that caught Tommy and Rocky off guard. Up near the table, Airiana had noticed Adamís martial arts prowess.

"Wow heís really good....really good!" said Airiana obviously thinking about something other than his martial art expertise

"One of the best in the state." said Aisha throwing in a good word for her friend.

"What was that about?" asked Rocky, confused.

"Just trying to keep you on your toes, ape boy!" said Adam smiling

"Bite me, Frog!" said Rocky angered that he was upstaged in front of his girlfriend.

"All right, stop it. Kim and Airiana are here. Letís go say hi." said Tommy leading the threesome over to the girls.

"You have to trying them on!!!!" squealed Aisha

"Right now?" asked Kim and Airiana at the same time.

"Yeah, why not! I want to....I mean....We all want to see them." said Adam covering his tail. Truth is he just wanted to see how Airiana looked in her dress but he couldnít be that rude to Kim, one of his best buds!

"OK. Come on Kim, this will be over and done with before we get embarrassed." said Airiana dragging Kim to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Kim came walking out in a beautiful white dress. She knew that this would impress Tommy since heís the White Ranger. The top was very form fitting and off the shoulder. The dress came down to the floor and was velvety smooth. It had a long slit up the side that came just a little bit above the knee. It almost looked like a wedding gown.

Tommy beamed at her and was speechless. Rocky gave Kim a big hug and said, "Wow you look ...great!"

"Yeah, the dress is beautiful!" added Adam

"Tommy, say something!" said Kim shocked and flattered at his response

"I donít think anyone could look more beautiful than you do right now! he said deeply meaning it.

"Thank you, but you havenít seen anything yet!" said Kim with a huge grin on her face "Come on out, Airiana!"

As Airiana walked out of the bathroom, heads spun around and jaws dropped to the floor. Airiana was wearing a long, beautiful, black mandarin dress. Kimberly had suggested black since she knew Adam was the Black Ranger and all. It had impressive Korean embroidery all over. The collar was high and the sleeves were short which showed off Airianaís golden brown skin. She also had a split up the side that showed off just a little more than Kim did. Her hair was piled on top of her head and it was kept in place by two silver chopsticks.

"So what do you guys think?" asked Airiana very self-conscious of having all of Angel Grove High looking at her.

ĎLike an angelí thought Adam

"You look awesome, sis!" said Tommy

"Yeah, totally styliní" said Aisha

"What do you think, Adam?" asked Airiana

Just as Adam was about to answer, a popular boy from school, Josh came up to Airiana and said "I know Iím not supposed to be asking you but do you have a date for the Sadie Hawkins Dance?"

ĎOh greatí thought Adam ĎIím gone with a capital G. Thrown out like yesterdayís trashí

Airiana stole a glance at Adam. ĎThat poor guy.í she thought ĎHe must think Iím going to dump him like yesterdayís trashí

"Sorry." she said casually as she walked over to Adam and wrapped her arms around his waist "I have a date already."

"Come on!" said Josh "Youíre really going to go with him? Iím the star wide reciever of the Angel Grove Pirates!"

"I could care less if you were a Power Ranger sent to protect me!" said Airiana moving away from Adam and getting into Joshís face "I am going to this dance with Adam. So you can go back to your cave with your Ďme-Tarzan, you-Janeí attitude and leave me and my Adam alone!"

ĎWow!í thought Adam ĎShe called me "her Adam." I gotta do somethingí Suddenly, Adam jumped in front of Airiana and said "Look Josh, you heard the lady. Leave us alone."

ĎHeís really standing up for me.í thought Airiana

"Why should I?" asked Josh

"Because if you don't leave us alone I'll be forced hurt you in ways that you can't even BEGIN to imagine." stated Adam

"Fine man, I donít want to start World War Three with you! You can have her, I donít want her anymore!" said Josh as turned and walked away

"You donít deserve a woman like this!" yelled Adam after him then he turned his attention back to Airiana

"Sorry it took so long for me to stand up for you." apologized Adam

"Donít worry, I didnít need you to stand up for me, but I do appreciate the gesture." said Airiana giving Adam a quick hug "Iím going to go change. Wait here." and she ran off.

"Way to go!" said Kim walking into the bathroom to change

"That was a most manly thing to do!" said Rocky high-fiving Adam

"It was very sweet." said Tommy "And even though she said it wasnít necessary, Airiana is very happy you did that."

ĎToday has been so thrilling!í thought Airiana as she finished unpacking her things. ĎI canít believe that Adam did what he did.í thought Airiana as she replayed the scene in her head. Suddenly her eyes snapped open, ĎWait a minute. I canít be falling for him. Oh my god I am! Now what do I do?' thought Airiana, perplexed.

There was a quiet knock at the door and in walked Tommy. "Hi ya. What are you doing?" asked Tommy

"Not much. Just putting away some clothes and thinking." said Airiana continuing to fold her shirts.

Tommy stepped over to Airianaís closet and looked at the beautiful dress hanging in it. "You are going to look so beautiful and have so much fun!" exclaimed Tommy

"Yeah." said Airiana glumly

"Hey, what is wrong with you? I thought that you would be excited about going to the dance with Adam." said Tommy walking over to Airiana

"I am," said Airiana sitting down on her bed "but I think Iím falling for Adam."

"And this is a bad thing?" questioned Tommy

"No I mean I really like him but there are two problems; One, I donít know if he likes me and two, Iíve never had such strong feelings like this-I donít know what to do, T.J!" said Airiana looking sadly into Tommyís eyes

"Look, the way Adam has been acting I think he likes you a lot. I mean he canít even think straight. I bet you he thinks your abfab and is just too shy to tell you. Thatís just the way Adam is-heís afraid of getting hurt." said Tommy with certainty

"So what do I do." asked Airiana still worried

"Hang out with him and if you feel the same way you do now, you know itís meant to be!" said Tommy giving Airiana a reassuring smile

"OK. If youíll excuse me, Iíll go call Adam and ask him to a movie." said Airiana confidently

"How about Kim and I go with you so there wonít be so much pressure?" suggested Tommy

"Thanks but I donít think so. Iíve got to get to know Adam!" said Airiana walking out of her room

ĎI canít believe it!í thought Tommy ĎOur plan is working!í

"I know! At first I was afraid they wouldnít hit it off, but when I saw the look on Adamís face when Airiana walked up I knew we hit a bullseye!" exclaimed Tommy talking to Kim

"So they went to the movies?" asked Kim

"Yeah, she called up Adam and asked him to go see ĎScream 2í with her. He said sure. He just came and picked her up. I ran back to my room and called you, pronto!" said Tommy satisfied with himself.

"I canít believe we concocted this plan to get them together." said Kim "We knew Adam was lonely with all of his friends being hooked up but I never thought that they would just set themselves up. We didnít have to do a thing!"

"I know. This is working out perfectly. I better go. I have to call Rocky about tonight. Oh, before I go, Airiana is still sleeping over at your house right?" questioned Tommy

"Of course! Besides Aisha, Airiana, and I have to play Truth or Dare! Have her come over when she gets back OK?" asked Kim

"Sure, Bye!" and Tommy hung up the phone.

"Thanks for asking me to a movie." said Adam parked out front of Kimís house. Tommy had called Airiana on her cellular phone and Airiana had asked Adam to drop her off at Kimís house, which he agreed to do.

"It looked really good and I didnít want to see a scary movie alone. Thanks for taking me out to get ice cream. You didnít have to do that." said Airiana sweetly

"It was no problem. It gave us a chance to get to know each other better." said Adam staring deep into Airianaís green eyes.

"Hey how about we go out to dinner next week before the dance? My treat." asked Airiana nervously

"Oh no!" said Adam as Airianaís face fell "It will be my treat."

"Wait a minute-do you have plans before the dance? I mean itís Valentineís Day and everything." said Airiana

"I canít think of anyone else I would rather be with on Valentineís Day than you." said Adam picking up Airianaís hand and kissing it gently "You better go. Kim and Aisha are probably waiting to pounce on you the minute you walk in the door."

"OK, Iíll see you on Monday then." said Airiana floating on Cloud 9 from the precious kiss Adam had given her

"You bet. Bye!" said Adam and he drove away

'Iím going to marry that maní thought Airiana as she watched Adamís tail lights fade into the distance.

ĎIím going to marry that womaní thought Adam to himself as he drove to Tommyís house

Adam had been right. As soon as Airiana walked in the door, Kimberly and Aisha bounded down the stairs ready to greet her.

"So, letís go to my room and dish the gossip!" said Kim enthusiastically

"OK I have so much to tell you!!!!!" exclaimed Airiana and the girls ran up stairs giggling.

As soon as Adam got out of his car, Rocky and Tommy were waiting right next to him to hear the juicy details.

"So what happened, Bro?" asked Tommy

"Nothing." said Adam annoyed

"Adam, we arenít going to leave this spot until you give us a preview as to what happened on the date!" said Rocky sternly

"Letís just say it was one of the best nights of my life." said Adam happily as he walked into Tommyís house

Rocky and Tommy turned to each other and exchanged excited glances and rushed after Adam.

"Aww! Thatís sooooo sweet! He really opened the car door for you! Sometimes I wonder if Iím dating the wrong guy!" said Kim jokingly

"He was such a gentleman! Then we went into the movie and I got scared and grabbed his arm, well he put his arm around me and told me itís OK because he was here! I snuggled close and thatís how we stayed till the end of the movie!" said Airiana reminiscing

"You opened the door for her? You sap!" said Rocky, just a little bit jealous. Why couldnít he think of these kind of things?

"Like you should talk, DeSantos! Donít tell me you donít do sappy things for Aisha!" said Adam putting his friend in check

"That was a pretty cool thing to do!" said Tommy "Can I like copy these things down?"

"Moving on," said Adam "we went into the movie and she got scared so I put my arm around her and said ĎItís OK. Iím hereí She snuggled up to me and thatís the way we stayed for the rest of the movie!" said Adam happily

"AWWWWW!" exclaimed Tommy and Rocky sarcastically at the same time

"Shut up!" said Adam throwing a pillow at his two fellow rangers

"OK so what happened after that?" questioned Aisha

"All right. After the movie, neither of us wanted to go home so we went out for ice cream. We just talked about school, family, ya know getting to know you type of stuff. Then we came here and I thanked him and asked him to dinner before the dance next week and he said-get this- ĎI canít think of anyone else Iíd rather be with on Valentineís Day then you.í And he kissed my hand!!!!" said Airiana practically floating around the room

"No way!" exclaimed Aisha

"I never knew Adam could be so sweet!" said Airiana

"Neither did we!" said Aisha and Kim shocked

"So anyway, we went out and got ice cream and did the getting to know you thing. I drove her back to Kimís house and thanked her. Then she asked me to dinner before the dance and I said that ĎI canít think of anyone else Iíd rather be with on Valentineís Day than you.í I really wanted to kiss her on the lips but I chickened out and kissed her on the hand." said Adam kind of embarrassed that he had chickened out

"Wow, you go boy!" said Rocky slamming Adamís hand for a high five

"Adam, I never knew you could be like this. We all thought that you were too shy." said Tommy

"I thought I would be shy too but something about Airiana makes me feel safe like sheís not going to hurt me, ya know?" questioned Adam softly

"Trust us, Adam. We know." said Tommy thinking about Kim

"All right everyone. Get up on the bed and prepare for..." said Aisha doing her best TV announcer voice.

"TRUTH OR DARE!" exclaimed the three girls

"OK." said Kim settling onto her bed "Rules-number one, no asking about a personís past boyfriend. Number two, no dares that will either make someone get hurt or get them into trouble. Thatís it!"

"OK. Letís start." said Airiana

"Since youíre a guest, you can go first." said Aisha looking excitedly to Airiana

"All right. Kim, truth or dare?" asked Airiana


"Are you a virgin?" questioned Airiana

"Oh good question, girlfriend!" said Aisha giving Airiana a high five

"Do I have to answer that?" asked Kim nervously

"YES!" exclaimed Aisha and Airiana at the same time

"OK. Iíll just come out and say it cuz I donít want to drag out the inevitable." said Kim taking a deep breath "No!"

"No way! When?" asked Airiana

"Well I had this dream and in it Tommy and I weíre stuck on this strange planet. We were slaves and then we escaped. Tommy and I ran to get away from the people trying to catch us. Well then they almost did until Tommy and I hid in this church. He told me the real way he felt because he was afraid he wouldnít be able to if we got caught. By some miracle, they didnít find us. Tommy and I decided to find shelter for the night. We found a cave and then started a fire. That night we did it." said Kim taking a breath

"That doesnít count. It was in a dream." said Aisha disappointed

"Iím not finished." said Kim "Anyway to make a long story short,"

"Too late!" said Airiana and Aisha

"I had a baby and Tommy and I lived happily ever after. After I woke up I was so upset because Tommy and I had shared our deepest feelings and it was all just a dream. I was bummed and Tommy could tell so he asked what was wrong. I told him the whole story and he was upset that he couldnít have shared the experience with me. The next day he told me to meet him at the park. I did and he took of my watch and said ĎToday time doesnít matter. He took me to Cathedral Point and he told me how much he loved me and that someday my dream would come true. Then he looked at me and asked me if I would like today to be someday and I kissed him and, well...you know" said Kim turning a slight shade of pink.

"That is so romantic!" exclaimed Airiana

"Yeah! I wish Rocky was that sweet!" said Aisha jealous

"OK Airiana, truth or dare?" asked Kim

"Truth." said Airiana

"OK. If you could design a perfect night with Adam, what would it be?" asked Kim snuggling up to her pillow

"Yeah, spill the beans!" exclaimed Aisha moving closer to Airiana

"All right. The perfect night. Hmmmm. Oh I got it. It would start out with a beautiful candlelit dinner at Adamís house. The thing is I would make him dinner. We would get all dressed up and after we finished eating we would go up to Cathedral Point and we would watch the sunset as we danced to a tape of slow songs. And just as the sun was setting I would tell Adam how I truly felt and hopefully he would tell me how he felt and then we would share our first kiss under the rising stars." said Airiana hopefully then something hit her and she was suddenly depressed

"That was so beautiful especially the part abo...Whatís wrong?" asked Kim sitting up.

"Nothing, itís just that I think that Adam would be too shy or nervous to tell me how he really feels." said Airiana glumly

"Never underestimate Adam." said Aisha "Iíve known Adam since I was little and he has always managed to surprise me. I told him that once he found the right girl, he would open up and be the person he always wanted to be. He knows I would never lie to him and he believes that when he finds the right girl, he will open up!"

"Do you think Iím the girl?" asked Airiana shyly

"I do, Airiana. I really do!" said Aisha leaning over and giving Airiana a big hug

"Thanks it means a lot" and with that they resumed play.

One Week Later

Ring! Ring!

"Who is calling at.....what time is it?í thought Airiana exhausted. The last week flew by. Airiana started school and she spend most of last week hanging out with Adam. The two did everything together. They went to the Angel Grove Amusement Park, the Museum, the park, and they even went shopping. That friday the girls again had a sleepover. That night, they didnít go to bed until late and they finally fell asleep around 2 or 3 in the morning.

Ring! Ring!

"Iím coming, hold your pants on!" yelled Kim annoyed at the phone

"Why is somebody calling us at...." Airiana looked at the alarm clock in Aishaís room "10:00am! Itís 10:00am already!"

"Hullo." said Kim sleepily as she gently kicked Aisha to wake her up.

"Hey beautiful. How was the sleep over?" asked Tommy as chipper as ever

"Oh my god! Tommy!" said Kim suddenly self-conscious even though Tommy couldnít see her

"Well, Itís nice to hear from you too!" said Tommy jokingly

"Sorry. The sleep over went great. What are you calling for? I thought we had everything settled." said Kim suspiciously

"We do. I just wanted to hear your beautiful voice. I love how it sounds kind of raspy in the morning." said Tommy slightly wishing he was with Kim at this moment.

"Thomas!" said Kim turning a bright shade of red

"Sorry sometimes I just canít help myself!" said Tommy sheepishly. "Hey, is Airiana there Adam wants to talk to her."

"Sure hold on!" said Kim running to bathroom where Airiana was changing "Airiana, telephone."

"Iím coming." said Airiana tucking in her shirt and walking out of the bathroom "Thanks. Hello?"

"Uh, hi Airiana? This is Adam. I was just wondering if instead of going out to dinner we could just eat at my house. Iím a really good cook and I thought it would be easier for us to talk at my house. What do you think?" asked Adam nervously

Airianaís jaw almost smacked the floor. This is how her perfect date started with Adam. Kim! Kim must have told him. ĎThat little brat! Iíll have to talk to her later.í thought Airiana

"Airiana? You still there? Ya know if you donít want to..." said Adam

"No, that sounds like a great idea. I love to eat at your house!" exclaimed Airiana

"Really? Well OK! Iíll pick you up at 5 oíclock. That will give us about an hour and a half to eat! I see ya at 5, kay?" said Adam quickly

"All right! Oh and Adam?" said Airiana


"Iíll be dressed to kill. Bye!" and Airiana hung up the phone.

Airiana was just putting the finishing touches on her make-up when her mom knocked on the door.

"Airiana, sweetie. Adam is downstairs. Donít forget we need to get pictures of you and Adam so we can send them to your father!" said her mother through the door

"Thanks, Mom! Iíll be down in a minute." exclaimed Airiana

Downstairs Adam was chatting with Airianaís mom, when she walked down the stairs. ĎWowí thought Adam ĎShe looks even more beautiful than she did at the juice bar!í

"You look exquisite, sweetie!" said her mother

"Thanks!" said Airiana excited by all the attention

"You look like Cinderella" said Adam in awe

"Thank you, Adam. Then you must be Prince Charming!" said Airiana flattered at Adamís comment

"All right, get near the fireplace." said her mom

"Come on Adam," said Airiana grabbing his hand "this will be over and done with before you know it."

"I hope so." said Adam "I hate having my picture taken!"

"All right. Close your eyes. I want this to be a surprise!" said Adam excitedly

"Adam! What is this about?" exclaimed Airiana

"Just close you eyes please!" said Adam

The two had just arrived at Adamís house after the picture taking at Airianaís. Adam had been asking Airiana all kinds of questions on the way over. Most were about her favorite things.

"All right. Theyíre closed." said Airiana

Adam waved a hand in front of Airianaís face just to be sure and he grabbed her hands and led her into his home.

"OK! You can open them!" said Adam hopeful

Airiana gasped when she opened her eyes. Adamís living room and dining room were filled with the dim light of candles. The table was beautifully set with expensive china and glassware. She smelled a wonderful aroma of exotic foods coming from the kitchen. She also smelled the sweet odor of roses which she could see laying at the table. She heard soft piano music playing in the background.

"What do ya think?" asked Adam

"Itís beautiful, everything, itís beautiful!" exclaimed Airiana with tears in her eyes

"Come on, letís sit down and eat." said Adam leading her over to the table and sitting her down across from him.

"Dinner was wonderful, Adam!" said Airiana impressed "Was is really all for me?"

"Of course. Aisha told me that when I met the right girl my true feelings would come out. I have a feeling that that person is you. I feel safe with you, Airiana." said Adam tentatively

"Youíre holding back. What arenít you telling me?" asked Airiana

"Well......I.....I think I have to show you." said Adam worried

"Wait, Adam. The dance. Letís go to the dance and have fun because I have a feeling that your not ready to tell me how you feel yet and thatís cool." said Airiana hoping to calm Adam down

"OK. Thanks I appreciate it." said Adam giving Airiana a big hug

"Iíll be here so when your ready to tell me Iím listening. Letís go." said Airiana taking Adamís hand and giving it a squeeze


When Airiana and Adam arrived at the dance, the rest of the gang was already there. The juice bar was beautifully decorated in an Asian theme. Black, red, and white paper lanterns hung from the ceiling and Asian tapestries adorned the walls. The tables had cute little dragon centerpieces and confetti was sprinkled all over the place. Kim and Tommy were dancing and Rocky and Aisha were sitting at a table talking. Airiana and Adam walked over to the table and sat down.

"Hey how is it going?" asked Airiana

"Great. As soon as Tommy and Kim got here they started dancing and they havenít stopped since. They kind of ditched us." said Aisha

"Oh." said Airiana. Just then a beautiful slow song came on.

"Would you like to dance, Cinderella?" asked Adam

"I would love to, Prince Charming." and they went to the dance floor

"They are so adorable!" said Aisha

"Yeah, Adamís happy, la ti da!" said Rocky sarcastically

"Are you jealous, sweetie?" said Aisha brushing a stray hair out of his face

"No, Iím not jealous. Itís just youíve been paying a lot of attention to Adam lately." said Rocky defensively

"Adamís my best friend and I was worried about him. Your the only one I want, Rocky." said Aisha softly

"Youíre right. I know that. Letís dance, honey" said Rocky taking Aishaís hand and walking to the dance floor.

"Ya know, this is probably one of the best nights of my life!" said Airiana holding Adam a little closer

"Airiana, Iíve got to tell you something." said Adam looking into her eyes

"Are you sure? I mean if you want to wait you can." said Airiana trying to comfort Adam "Yeah, Iím positive." said Adam holding Airiana tight but before he could say anything Tommy came up to him and said "Adam can I talk to you?" asked Tommy pointing to his communicator

"Yeah sure. Stay here. This wonít take long, I promise." said Adam giving Airiana a long hug

"OK. Iíll be right here. Hurry back." said Airiana and Adam ran off

Airiana noticed how Adam, Tommy, Aisha, Kimberly, and Rocky had left.

ĎI wonder where they all went. I think Iíll follow them and find out just to be safe.í thought Airiana. She found her friends just in time to see Tommy talk into his "watch" and say

"Weíll be right there, Zordon." and then in a flash of light they left.

"Oh my god! My friends are the Power Rangers!"

Just behind Airiana, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Mordant, and Goldar materialized.

"She will be perfect for the sacrifice to Lo Pan! She has green eyes!" growled Rita

Airiana whipped around at the sudden voices behind her.

"Who are you?" asked Airiana backing away

"My name is Lord Zedd. I am the nastiest man in the universe and worn enemy of all that is good and decent. This is my wife, Rita Repulsa and my two henchman Goldar and Mordant. We are kidnapping you. We are going to use you in a sacrifice to our god, Lo Pan!" screamed Zedd

"Um...I donít think so. Why donít you just take the next runner up, OK!" said Airiana

"The next runner up doesnít have green eyes. Lo Pan needs a girl with green eyes." said Zedd

"Green eyes? Oh no, you got the wrong idea. These are contacts! Really." said Airiana hoping Zedd would believe the lie

"If thatís true, take out the contacts." said Rita calling Airianaís bluff

"Oops, ya caught me! Canít talk, gotta run!" said Airiana turning to run. "Where do you think youíre going?" said Goldar grabbing Airiana

"Away from you, you winged freak!" exclaimed Airiana

"Letís go," said Zedd "Lo Pan awaits us."

"RANGERS, ANGEL GROVE IS IN DANGER!" exclaimed the Rangers leader, Zordon

"What is up, Zordon?" exclaimed Adam


"So if they suffer this bad luck does that mean they wonít bug us?" asked Kim hopefully


Just then a siren went off and red lights were flashing all over the place.

"Oh no, Rangers. Zedd has found his sacrifice." said Alpha

"BEHOLD THE VEIWING GLOBE." said Zordon worriedly

As the Rangers moved toward the viewing globe, Zeddís sacrifice became clearer.

"No!" yelled Tommy

"Airiana!" screamed Adam "Weíve got to help her."


"All right. Itís morphin time!" yelled Tommy

"You wonít get away with this, Nedd!" exclaimed Airiana tied to a post "The Power Rangers will save me!"

"Itís Zedd and those Power Pukes canít save you now! Lo Pan is calling for his bride!" yelled Zedd to the sky

"His bride!" yelled Airiana "Look Iím not exactly old enough to get married and besides I donít believe in arranged marriages." said Airiana scared to death

"Silence, human. Get ready to meet the man of your nightmares!" yelled Zedd

Just as Lo Pan was appearing, the Power Ranger teleported in.

"I donít think so Zedd. You hurt her and your toast!" yelled the Black Ranger

"Dream on, Power Punks!" snickered Rita "Putties attack."

"Look you guys hold off the putties, Iím going to get Airiana!" exclaimed Adam

"All right!" yelled the rest of the team

While the rangers held off the putties, Adam raced over to Airiana. Just as Adam was about to reach Airiana, Lo Pan stepped in front of him.

"What are you going to do, Black Ranger?" asked Lo Pan

"Iím going to kick some butt!"

Adam and Lo Pan were evenly matched combatants. Every punched that Adam threw, Lo Pan countered. Finally Adam yelled "Look, Elvis!" as Lo Pan turned to look for the popular singer, Adam seized his chance. Adam quickly kicked Lo Pan and he fell back into the pit of sludge he came from. Lo Pan started to rise again so Adam quickly untied Airiana and safely found his way back to the other rangers.

"Iím going to take her back to the command center. Can you handle this?" asked Adam

"Sure, go on!" yelled Tommy through the commotion and with that Adam and Airiana disappeared in a flash of black light

The Rangers successfully defeated Lo Pan and they had all returned to the command center. Airiana was still in shock as Zordon began to answer her mounting questions.

"So all of my friends are Rangers. They help save the Earth and make Angel Grove safe." said Airiana

"Correct." said Zordon matter-of-factly

"OK. They have zords that come together to form a big fighting machine."

"Correct, again." said Zordon

"That thingy-dingy on their wrist helps them communicate with you." said Airiana

"You are a very smart young lady. You have shown courage and strength in dire times. If we ever need help we know who to ask." said Zordon

"Thank you, Zordon but Iíve had a big day. Iím kind of tired and would just like to go to bed." said Airiana

"As you wish." and Zordon teleported her home.

"Hey Tommy, is Airiana there?" asked Adam nervously

"Sure, hold on. Iíll get her for ya, Adam." said Tommy "Airiana, telephone. Itís a boooooy!" yelled Tommy up the stairs

"I got it, Tommy. Hello?" asked Airiana

"Hi Airiana, itís Adam. I just wanted to apologize for what happened. I really ruined your night. I feel so bad." said Adam

"No, it was exciting almost becoming the wife of a blood-sucking monster. Donít worry, Iím just kidding. It was really exhilarating and besides I found out that my friends were the Power Rangers!" said Airiana

"Look, can you be ready in an hour? Ya know dressed like you were last night." asked Adam

"Sure, why?" questioned Airiana

"Iíll explain when I pick you up, OK." stated Adam

"OK, Iíll see ya in an hour. Bye!" and Airiana hung up the phone and rushed to get ready
"Airiana, you in there?" asked Tommy standing outside of his sisterís bedroom door

"Yeah, come on in." yelled Airiana

"Whatís going on?" asked Tommy walking into Airianaís room "Why are you getting so dressed up?"

"Adam called about 45 minutes ago and he told me to get dressed like I was for the dance yesterday. He said he would explain when he got here." said Airiana lining her eyes with eyeliner.

"You donít have any idea whatís going on?" asked Tommy

"No , none!" said Airiana putting on her shoes "How do I look?"

"Amazing, sis!" said Tommy giving Airiana a big hug as the doorbell rang. "Iíll go get the door." said Tommy running down the stairs

ĎMy dream is coming true!í thought Airiana and she walked downstairs to meet Adam

"I donít think this is possible." said Adam impressed

"What?" asked Airiana

"You canít look even more beautiful than you did last night." said Adam spinning Airiana around

"Adam!" said Airiana embarrassed as she gave him a hug

"Ready?" questioned Adam

"Yeah. Bye, TJ! Donít wait up." said Airiana giving Tommy a wink

"Adam, I need to tell you something." said Airiana on the way to Cathedral Point

"What is it?" asked Adam nonchalantly

"I wanted to thank you for saving me yesterday. I know that you were risking your life and Iím really grateful." said Airiana

"Itís no problem. I always wanted to be a knight in shining armor. Usually thatís Tommyís job. Besides I couldnít let that Lo Pan guy take you away from me." said Adam

"Thanks." said Airiana putting a hand on Adamís knee

"Youíre welcome." said Adam putting his hand on top of Airianaís
"Here we are!" said Adam throwing the car into park and getting out

"Great!" said Airiana going to open her door

"Oh, no. Thatís my job. Stay there." said Adam hurrying to the other side of the car to open Airianaís door.

"Thanks." said Airiana taking Adamís hand as she got out of the car

"All right. What are we doing here?" asked Airiana

"Well, we never got to finish the Sadie Hawkins dance. So thatís what were here to do." said Adam popping a cassette into the tape player "May I have this dance?"

"Sure." said Airiana walking over to a grassy opening as she removed the chopsticks from her hair and let the auburn ringlets spill over her shoulders "Look, the sun is setting."

The sunset was beautiful. It was a mixture of purples, oranges, yellows, pinks, and blues. In the center of all the chaos was a huge red ball. The colors entertwined and formed a kaldeiscope of images.

"Look over there Adam!" exclaimed Airiana "That shape looks like a dragon breathing fire!"

"Wow, youíre right!" said Adam moving so close to Airiana that he could smell the scent of her shampoo

Just then the beautiful slow song from last night came on. "Shall we?" asked Airiana turning around and wrapping her arms around Adamís neck

"We shall." said Adam wrapping his arms around Airianaís waist

"Look I was going to tell you something before I was Ďcalled awayí" said Adam "I wanted to tell you that......well....."

"Adam..." said Airiana but Adam stopped her

"Look, I have to tell you this. Being a Power Ranger means going into battle and not knowing if youíre going to come out alive. I need you to know that I love you. Iíve never felt this way before about anyone. Iíve never felt anything this soon! I just want you to know that in case I do get hurt and....die I love you very much and I want to be with you forever." said Adam quietly

"I love you very much too, Adam. I knew the first time I saw you that I loved you and no one could ever steal my heart the way you did. I knew that you were shy but I felt I could talk to you and tell you my true feelings. I never want this feeling to end. I want you to know that youíre one of my best friends even though weíve only known each other for a short time." said Airiana moving closer to Adam

"You are one of my best friends, too. I want you to be my girlfriend.Ē said Adam looking into Airianaís lovely green eyes and presenting his class ring to her

"I would love to be your girlfriend!" said Airiana as Adam slipped the ring onto her finger and hugged her tightly

Adam pulled away from the hug and looked at Airiana. He touched Airianaís cheek and then kissed her soft lips. The kiss was long and full of promise. It seemed to say what words couldnít and at that point they were the only two people in the world. As the kiss became more passionate and the stars rose in the sky and the moon shined down bathing them in the warm glow, just like Airianaís perfect date!

The End