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Notes: I was sitting home channel surfing one evening when I happened upon TNT's 'Monday Nitro.' As I sat watching, I had the funniest thought. It was almost like the Reese's 'Peanut-Butter Cup' thing ("Hey! You got your WCW wrestling in my Power Rangers!" "No! You got your Power Rangers in my wrestling! Hey! That's pretty good!") So, thus was the idea born.

Rasslin' Rangers
By Ken Crysler

"Good evening, WCW fans! And welcome to Fall Brawl! I'm Tony Schiavone, along with my..."

"Hoo rah!" Rocky shouted as he jumped into the air. "It's starting! Am I psyched for this!"

"Sit down, Rocky! You're blocking the set!" Tommy laughed as he tried unsuccessfully to push his hyperactive friend back down into his seat.

"Yeah, and I can't hear what they're saying!" This was shouted by Adam, surprising everyone, because he was normally so quite that you had to strain your ears to hear him.

Rocky finally sat, ignoring the cheers as he did so. "I don't know what you're so worried about missing. All that the first ten minutes of the show is just the announcers talking. It's not like their telling us something we don't already know."

As the argument between three of the four guys heated up, one of the two girls present turned to the other, and said, "I can't believe that I agreed to come watch this. Tell me again why you wanted to, Aisha."

"Kimberly, it's like I told you. It's just fun. Wrestling is almost better than the soaps, if you give it half a chance. The acting is so-so, but... it's entertaining. How some of these guys can say the things they say with a straight face is beyond me. They gotta be pretty good actors. Besides, wait 'til you see some of these guys in their tight wrestling outfits! Girl, I'm telling you..." Aisha smacked her lips as she said that, causing both girls to break out in a case of the giggles.

"Hey, you two," Tommy grinned as he kissed Kim on the cheek. "You want to keep it down? They're finally starting to get to the good parts. Oh, and Kim...Keep your eyes to yourself!"

"Oh, you!" Kim laughed as she hit Tommy with a sofa pillow. Then she thought for a moment, and turned to the fourth boy. "Billy, I can see why the Testosterone Triplets over there would be into this, but you? I never would have imagined you being into wrestling."

"Well, Kim, like Aisha, I too enjoy the acting abilities of the protagonist and antagonist. The interaction between the two on an emotional and physical level is truly intriguing. Besides..."

"Besides that, he has as much testosterone as any of us, and enjoys a good old fashioned butt-kicking as much as we do. Right Billy?" Rocky interrupted.

"Uhmm... Yeah, right," Billy replied as he blushed a bright red. "Say Tommy, where are your folks tonight?" Billy said quickly, trying to change the subject.

"My folks? Well, Dad is out of town on a business trip, and Mom is working a double shift tonight, so she won't be home until tomorrow morning. That's why they agreed to let me get the pay-per-view. Since the Fall Brawl was here in Angel Grove, and we couldn't get tickets, they knew that if they let us hang here to watch it, we wouldn't be hanging out down at the arena trying to get scalped tickets." Tommy laughed, and the others joined him, because they knew that Tommy's parents trusted him completely. "So, we don't have to worry about making too much noise, or anything like that. All Mom asked is that I clean up before she gets home tomorrow morning."

"Don't worry," Kim said, grabbing his hand. "We'll all give you a hand cleaning up, won't we guys?"

All the others nodded in agreement. "Don't worry. We won't leave you before this place is spotless. Right, Rocky?" Aisha said, looking straight at Rocky.

"Right, Aisha."

Little did the six realize that they were being watched. Lord Zedd slowly backed away from the railing where he had been standing, his eye beams shutting off as he did so. He turned quickly and strolled to his throne, grumbling the whole way.

"Those Power brats...Hate seeing them having a good time...Destroy them once and for all... What is WCW wrestling, anyway?"

Hearing this last part, Finster scooted forward slowly and spoke. "If I may, Lord Zedd? I have been studying the Earthlings, and I have discovered that this wrestling is a form of unarmed physical combat that pits good against evil. It is similar to form of combat Goldar had mastered before he joined your service. Very similar, in fact."

"Goldar, is this true?" Zedd seemed to perk up at this.

"I do not know, master. I would have to watch a bit to see..."

"Fine, Goldar. Then watch we shall. Rito, bring the TV set that we stole the cable from into the throne room. Let's see what this wrestling has to offer."

"Sure thing, Ed," Rito replied. "You want me to bring some popcorn with that?"

"No. I wish I knew why you are so attracted to that disgusting stuff. It gets stuck in your teeth, and looking at you makes me sick!"

"Ok. Just thought I'd offer. Sheese, try to do a guy a favor..."

"...And I'm telling you that DDP is going to kick Hogan's butt!!!" Tommy shouted at Rocky, throwing a handful of popcorn at him for emphasis.

"No way! Ain't gonna happen. DDP is so taped up, if they unwrapped him, he fall apart. Hogan's the man, I'm telling ya'! Right, Adam?"

"Actually, Rock, I think Kevin Nash is gonna Jackknife Powerbomb 'em both back into the Stone Age." Adam just smiled as both boys looked at him in shock.

"No way," they said at the same time, both throwing popcorn. The others just laughed.

"So...Who's your man, Billy?" Aisha was finally able to say.

"Well, while I would agree with Rocky that Hollywood Hogan has history and the nWo backing him up," Rocky smiled at this. "DDP does have the crowd sentiment on his side. Psychologically, he does have an advantage in a battle like this." Tommy raised his hands in victory.

"However..." Tommy's hands went back down as Rocky began laughing. "Kevin Nash has the crowd favorite advantage as well. Not to mention the height and weight advantage." Now Adam was doing the hand-in-the-air thing. "But..." Adam groaned as he sat back down. "I would have to say that I think Goldberg is going to prevail."

"GOLDBERG!" came the shout from the other three guys.

"You gotta be kidding!" Tommy stared at him with unbelieving eyes. "Why?"

"Because," was Billy's bemused reply. "He's the only undefeated champion, ever! That's why!"

With a great cry, the three boys pounced onto the helpless Billy; The action in the room almost mirroring the action on the screen.

"Would you guys cool it! I can't see the TV, and 'Wrath' is kicking the snot out of "Disco Inferno!'" Aisha tried to look stern, but her muffled laughter was giving her away. She turned to Kim and said, "See, Kim? Look at that guy! Isn't he gorgeous? How would you like to go a couple rounds with him?"

"If I wasn't going out with Tommy, yeah. I wouldn't mind at all!" The two girls laughed as the action on the floor and TV set started winding down. "Finally! Maybe now they'll settle down and watch the show. Ya know, Aisha... You're right. This isn't too bad at all."

"You know what, Finster? You're right. This isn't bad at all," Zedd said as he sat stroking his chromed chin.

"Master, this is very much like the combat techniques I used to use. I could beat these wimps, easily!" Goldar bragged to his master.

"Yeah, Ed. I think that I could handle doing this stuff, too," Rito said through the mouthful of popcorn he had snuck into the throne room.

"What are you men watching?!?" Rita Repulsa screeched and she strode into the room. "And how many times have I told you not to eat that disgusting stuff in my throne room. It falls out of your mouth, and I find pieces of the stuff for weeks!"

"Sorry, Sis," Rito said as he hid the bag behind his back. "Won't happen again, I promise."

"Good evening, my love," Zedd spoke to his wife. "We were watching something from the Earth that I think I might be able to use. I think I have a plan to finally defeat those rotten Power Punks!"

"Really! Tell me more, Zeddy!" Zedd began to whisper into Rita's ear, and after a few moments, her face lit up. "Oh, Zeddy. It's brilliant! We'll have to do it at once!"

And as Zedd began to explain his plan to Goldar and Rito, Rita began to laugh. "I think we finally found the way to beat those brats!"

In the Angel Grove Memorial Arena, the Nitro Girls were finishing up a flashy dance number. As the last beat of the music ended, the lights died down to nothing.

"Well, fans," Tony Schiavone began to say, "As you know, next on our ticket is a Steel Cage match between former tag team champions Stevie Ray and Booker T. The bad blood between them since the nWo got between them..." As he spoke, the fireworks from the wrestler's entrance began to go of in a brilliant display of sparkles and lights. But soon, the flashes began to get so intense that it became painful to look at them. Soon, the people and cameras had to turn away, lest the intense light blind them. When they were finally able to turn back to look, everyone was shocked and amazed to see...

"What the heck?" Tommy said as he watched the TV. "Tell me that isn't who I think it is."

"OK," Billy said. "It's not Zedd, Rita, and company walking down the aisle to the ring."

And as if on cue, their communicators beeped out their song. "Come in, Zordon. We read you."


"We know, Zordon. We'll be there in a second. All right, guys. You know the drill."

And with that, they teleported out of the living room to the power chamber.

"Ay ai ai! Thank goodness! Zordon, the rangers have arrived!" This came from Alpha, who was standing near a small portable Television set on one of the control panels.


"Yeah, Zordon," Tommy answered. "We're aware. We were watching the match on the TV. But how did you guys see it. I thought the match was only Pay-per-view?"

If it were possible for the little robot to blush, he would have. As it was, he looked up, then down; everywhere but at the rangers. "Well, Tommy. I...um...I sort of 'borrowed' the cable feed of the event."

All the teens looked at Alpha in amazement. "You mean... YOU PIRATED the cable feed?" Rocky exploded with laughter. "Alpha, I didn't know you had it in you!"

"Well, sometimes it gets kind of boring here, so..."

IF I MAY INTERUPT, RANGERS... PLEASE OBSERVE THE VIEWING GLOBE. THE PICTURE IS MUCH LARGER, AND IS HIGHER QUALITY. Zordon spoke this last part with a trace of amusement in his voice.

As the rangers turned to watch the globe, they heard Alpha mumble under his breath, "I was just trying to have a little fun. That's all..."

As they watched the globe, they could see Zedd, Rita, Goldar, and Rito standing inside the ring. The arena was deathly quiet, and not a soul was moving. The citizens of Angel grove were quite aware of the things Zedd and Rita were capable of, and none of them wanted to risk angering the two. Finally Lord Zedd spoke.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Isn't anyone going to come interview me? I thought that's how you wrestling people did this."

After a few moments, Eric Bischoff had made his way down to ringside and was motioning for Tony Schavone to go into the ring. Tony didn't seem too excited about the prospect. Finally, Gene Okerlund grabbed a microphone and started into the ring. He very carefully approached the foursome, and began to speak. His voice broke at first them got stronger as he went along.

"G... good... Good evening... Sir?"

"You will refer to him as Lord Zedd," Goldar interrupted.

"Oh, yes. Lord Zedd. Good evening, Lord Zedd. Welcome to 'Fall Brawl.' What brings you here, tonight?"

Zedd grabbed the mic from Gene and began to speak. "I was watching at home when I realized that although your matches weren't bad, they could be much better. That's where I come in.

"As most of you know, I have spent a lot of time trying to conquer this miserable planet. But, those pesky Power Rangers have constantly interfered with my plans. Well, I have a proposition for them. A tag-team match. Between them and us. The stakes are these. If we are to win, the Power Brats give up their powers, and the Earth is mine. If they win, not only do we leave, but so do all of you here tonight. That's right. You are all hostages, until I hear those power rangers accept my challenge. So, come on out, Rangers. Let's see what you're made of!"

"I don't believe this!" Kim groaned. "I can't believe he's actually challenged us to a wrestling match! We don't know anything about wrestling!"

"Sure we do, Kim!" Rocky was really excited. "I mean, at least us guys do! I mean, heck, I've been watching wrestling since I was just two or three years old! This is gonna be great!"

"Rocky, think for a minute," Aisha shot back. "Watching and doing are two different things! We don't know..."

"Actually, Aisha," Adam interrupted, "In Rocky's house, with all his brothers and sisters, he DID do quite a bit of 'doing.' I've seen better matches in his living room than I have on the TV! To tell you the truth, I've BEEN in better matches, and so has Tommy. Everyone in Rocky's house is fair game. Male, Female...Young, old...It doesn't matter."

Tommy laughed as he thought about some of the holds he had been put into. "Yeah, I've gotten more than a few lumps at his house! Besides, our armor should protect us from just about anything. We'll just make it a "no weapons" match, and we should win, no problem!"


"We will," Tommy replied. "All right, guys. Everyone ready? Ninja Rangers, Power up!"

"Red Ranger power!"

"Black Ranger power!"

"Yellow Ranger power!"

"Blue Ranger power!"

"Pink Ranger power!"

"White Ranger power!"

And with a flash of colored lights, the rangers teleported out of the command center.

In the arena, Zedd and the others were still inside the ring, taunting the audience while they waited for the Rangers to show up. Suddenly the lights went down low, pounding rock music started playing, and a voice boomed over the loud speakers.

"Who will fight any evil? Who will protect the Earth from any enemy? Who will triumph for good and right at any cost? THE POWER RANGERS!!!"

And with that, the audience went nuts. Fireworks, bursts from lasers, and explosions went off all over the arena, as videos of the Power Rangers fighting showed on the big screen monitors. And as all this was going on, the Rangers appeared at the entrance of the walkway leading to the ring, and slowly began to walk down the aisle. As they walked, fans leaned over the barricade, patting their backs and shaking their hands.

When they made it down to the ring, they all went up the stairs and stood on the apron. The White Ranger was the only one to enter. He slowly walked up to Zedd, and he put the microphone that had been handed to him up to his mouth. "We're here," he stated simply.

"Ah, White Ranger. Glad to see you could make it to your doom. Do you accept our challenge?"

"Zedd, we wouldn't have missed this. And we accept your challenge, but we have a few rules of our own. First, no weapons."

"I think we can handle that," Zedd answered. "We don't need weapons to beat the likes of you."

"We'll see. Second, this match is between us. Not your putties, or tengas, or any other lackeys you might have up your sleeve. Agreed?"

"Again, I think we can handle that. One thing. You don't expect Squat and Baboo to fight, do you?"

The White Ranger looked over to the others, who were shaking their heads. "No, we don't expect them to fight."

Zedd seemed to be pleased by this. "Good. In that case..." As he spoke, there was a commotion. Suddenly, every wrestler in the WCW started to walk down the aisle, where they surrounded the ring. But, none of the wrestler's theme songs were playing. It was if they had all banded together. When they had just about all entered, Hollywood Hogan walked up into the ring, and walked up to the White Ranger. He motioned for the mic, which White Ranger gave to him.

Hogan began to pace around the ring. Finally he said, "Lord Zedd, when you and your goons first showed up here, well, me and the other guys were all backstage watching what was going on; wondering what we should do. I tell you, brother, we really didn't know." Hogan stopped pacing, and walked straight up to Zedd. "But brother, when you challenged the Rangers to a match, we knew. We all decided to set aside our differences, and come out here to show our support. Brother, all my partners down there are going to be standing around this ring, watching you and your LOOSER BUDDIES to make sure you don't try nothing. 'Cause brother, you mess with the Power Rangers, you mess with all of us." By this time, Hogan had his finger waving in Zedd's face, and White Ranger had to gently pull him back, lest he really anger Zedd into doing something Hogan would regret.

"You wish to help the Rangers? Fine. You do that. But, it makes the odds a bit unfair, doesn't it?" Tommy knew Zedd had something up his sleeve, but he wasn't sure what.

"I suppose it does. What do you suggest to even the odds, Zedd?"

"Oh, you'll see. Hogan, you might get a kick out of this, as well. Meet our new partner... The Hoganator!" As he said that, he pointed his staff into the crowd. Suddenly, lightning began to pour out of it, directly into the "Brawlin' Basher" figure of 'nWo Hollywood Hogan' that a young boy had been holding. It flew out of his arms and into the ring, growing into a human sized parody of the real Hogan. It looked exactly like what it was: a huge doll. But somehow it looked... meaner. Deadlier.

As the White Ranger and Hogan stood there watching it, Zedd slipped out of the ring. "Here we go, boys," he said as he motioned for the bell to ring.

At the bell ringing, the monster seemed to come out of a trance and went nuts. It flew across the ring, catching White Ranger and Hogan with a double lariat. They both went down hard. The monster bent over, picked Hogan up, and threw him over the top rope to the other wrestlers down on the floor. Fortunately, they were able to catch him before he hit the floor. White Ranger, on the other hand, was not so lucky.

After throwing Hogan out of the ring, the monster renewed his attack upon White Ranger. He began to kick the young ranger while he was still down on the mat. After a few moments of doing this, he picked up the White Ranger, and flung him against the ropes. As the White Ranger came off of the ropes, he had enough presence of mind to duck under the blow that he knew was coming. He easily slipped under the monster's arm, and adding speed, threw himself into the opposite ropes. The White Ranger came off the ropes and used the momentum to launch himself feet first at the beast. His kick landed squarely on the monster's chin, and it went down hard. White Ranger staggered over to his corner and slapped hands with the Blue Ranger, who flew into the ring.

It was a hard fought battle that seemed to go on for hours. The fans were loving it, even though they knew the stakes if the Power Rangers were to loose. But with the action they were seeing, it would be worth it. Even the wrestlers, who were supposed to be pros at not letting their true emotions show, were screaming and cheering. At one point, even Rita entered the ring and did battle with first the Pink, then the Yellow Ranger. But time soon began to take it's toll on the forces of evil, and it became apparent that they were going to lose.

"Zedd, we can't let this happen," Rita yelled, her voice grating out. "What are you going to do?"

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do. Enough of this playing around. Rita, I believe you know what to do." And with that, Rita and Zedd crossed their staffs and yelled, " Make our monster grow!"

As the lightning poured out of the two joined staffs and into the monster, it began to grow. Fortunately, as it did, it was carried outside of the arena, into the cool night air.

"The Hoganator rules this town, Brother!" The beast roared as it began to kick at the cars parked in the parking lot.

Inside the arena, the rangers weren't quite sure what to do. Should they stay to fight Zedd and his bunch, or call the Zords to fight the Hoganator. Finally, the White Ranger spoke. "You guys go fight the Hoganator. I've got an idea about how to take care of Zedd."

The others nodded and started to call their Zords. All but the Pink Ranger. She quickly moved to the White Ranger's side and put her mouth close to his ear. "You be careful," she whispered. "I don't know what I'd do if I lost you."

He looked back down at her, and she knew he was smiling within his helmet. "Don't worry about me. I've got all these wrestlers watching my back. You just be careful. You hear me?"

The Pink Ranger just nodded, stepped back a pace, called her zord, them teleported into the cockpit. 'I love you, Tommy,' she thought to herself as she flew to join the others.

After the White Ranger had watched the Pink Ranger depart, he grabbed a mic and motioned for silence. "All right, Zedd. Enough of this. It ends...NOW. No more of this team stuff... Let's just do this, mono y mono. You and me. No interference from Goldar, Rito, or anyone else. Isn't that what you've wanted all along?"

Zedd stood for a moment, then grabbed a mic of his own. "White Ranger, I think you are right. No more fooling around. I will take care of you myself. And I agree. No interference."

"But Master..." Goldar exploded.

"No, Goldar." Zedd turned to his top henchman. "You will let me do this. I will take care of the White Ranger alone. By myself. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," Goldar spoke dejectedly. "I will not interfere."

The White Ranger nodded. "Good. Then let's get this show on the road. Bring it on, big man."

After the Rangers had come together to form the MegaNinja Zord, they began to circle the Hoganator. "Rocky, since you're the wrestling expert, how do we beat this thing?" Pink Ranger said in a worried voice.

"Well, to beat Hogan, you have to keep up a fast paced attack. Hit and move away. You can't let him get in close enough to slow things down and hurt you. So, I guess that we do the same thing with a monster-sized doll based on him."

"OK, Rock," Kim muttered under her breath. "I sure hope so." Out loud, she said, "Well, then. Let's do it!"

"Right!" The others echoed.

And the battle began.

Inside the ring, both fighters were battling furiously. Punches and kicks were flying, bodies flew off of the ropes, and near pins were made. But neither one was quitting. At one point, Zedd had the White Ranger on the mat and was working over his knee, but the White Ranger was able to get his foot on the ropes, and Zedd had to stop.

At another point, White ranger seemed to have gained his second wind, and seemed to have the Lord of Evil in serious trouble. But soon enough, the tables had once again turned, and the White Ranger was again fighting for all he was worth.

Outside, the scene wasn't much different. The NinjaZord would move in quickly, do a little damage, and scoot back out. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be working. The Hoganator didn't seem to be getting any weaker.

"Rocky, " Aisha shouted, "I thought you said we could beat him this way. What's going on?"

"Well," Rocky said, "Hogan has always had a high tolerance for pain. The matches he lost always did take quite a while, and..."

At that moment, Hoganator struck the NinjaZord in the head, causing it to go down hard.

"And I think we need some help," Rocky finished.

"Tommy, where are you?" Kim said out loud.

At that moment, the White Ranger was being held in a sleeper hold in the center of the ring. He struggled and fought as well as he could, but he could see the blackness beginning to creep into the sides of his vision. He knew that if he didn't get out of this soon, he was going to lose.

Suddenly, standing on the floor outside of the ring, he could see Diamond Dallas Page standing there, holding his hands in the sign for the 'Diamond Cutter.' As the White Ranger watched, Page was joined by other wrestlers, and they all began to mimic Page's hand sign. The White Ranger slowly gathered his strength, and then he began to muscle his way out of the hold.

Zedd could hardly believe it when he felt the White Ranger's hands begin to push his hands up from around the ranger's neck. He knew that no Earthling should be able to match his strength, yet here it was happening. And just as suddenly, the ranger had broken his hold. Zedd knew he was in trouble, and there was nothing he could do to stop what happened next.

The White Ranger threw his arm around Zedd's head and applied a 'Diamond Cutter' so efficiently, it caught everyone off guard. And when the one in white rolled the one in red over and covered him, everyone began to cheer wildly. And after the mat had been slapped three times by a ref who had worked up enough courage to enter the ring, the crowd erupted into sheer pandemonium. It was chaos in the ring as wrestlers began to pour into the ring to congratulate the victor. But he had other things on his mind.


"Where the heck is Tommy?!?" Adam was shouting now. The Hoganator was truly getting the best of them, now. He had the NinjaZord down on the ground, and it was slowly taking them apart.

"Hey guys! Need some help?" Tommy's voice came over the speakers in the NinjaZord's cockpit.

"Man... Am I glad you're here," Rocky laughed as the others began to realize that the White Ranger must have won. "Yeah, we could really use a hand."

"Sure thing," Tommy said. "But you'll have to stand up so I can join up with you."

"You got it!" Aisha laughed as she began to push some buttons on her console. With a might heave, the NinjaZord tossed the Hoganator off of it.

With The White Ranger and FalconZords's help, the rangers were able to make short work of the Hoganator. Upon returning to the arena, the rangers were met with an incredible sight. All the wrestlers and fans were on their feet, cheering wildly and stamping their feet in appreciation.

As the rangers were led into the ring, Hogan joined them. "Rangers," he started when the noise finally died down, "On behalf of all us wrestlers, and everyone else here, I want to thank you deeply for saving our lives. "With this, a huge cheer went up again. When it finished, he continued, "And to show our appreciation, we would like you to be our special guests for this show, and sit at ringside."

The rangers were surprised at first, but after talking it over, they accepted. The rest of the event was fantastic. The energy levels were at an all-time high, and everyone in the arena was saying that it was one of the best shows they had ever seen.

When it was over, the rangers didn't get to leave immediately. They had to have their pictures taken with ALL the wrestlers (it was the wrestlers idea.) The Red ranger was a bit put off when a few of the wrestlers wanted to do one-on-one pictures with just the girls, but he was soon over it. It was decieded that when developed, the pictures would be sent to the box office of the arena, where one of the rangers would be able to pick then up. And with that, the Rangers teleported out.

A few weeks later, the rangers were all at Tommy's house, except for Billy. He had morphed to go down to pick up the pictures, while the others sat around talking (again) about that night.

"I can't believe we got to meet all those guys," Rocky was saying for the thousandth time. "And we can't even tell anyone."

"It's OK, Rocky," Tommy laughed. "We know it, and that's all that matters. Besides, Alpha was jealous. Isn't that good enough?"

"Yeah. I suppose, "Rocky grumbled, as Billy came through the front door.

"Hey guys, wait till you see what I got!"

Aisha looked at the large box Billy was carrying. "That looks awfully big to be pictures."

Billy just smiled, then set the box down and began to pull things out of it. "That's because there's more in it than just pictures." With that, he began to hand each member of the team a bundle. In it were: T-shirts with their and a wrestler's image on it, an individual photo book with all the pictures taken with them in it, cups, keychains, and several other things. The last item caught Rocky's attention immediately.

"YES! A tape of the Fall Brawl! And it has our match on it! These things are hotter than hot! They've been sold out since they were released! Everyone in my family has been trying to get a copy! This is too cool!"

"You said it, Rocky," Tommy laughed. "Now, what do ya say we throw one into the VCR, so you guys can see how I took care of Zedd."

"Oh man," Kim groaned, "We're going to have to listen to that every time we watch the tape."

"That's OK," Adam said with a grim. "After I'm through with him, he won't be doing much bragging!" And with that, Adam launched himself at Tommy, taking him down to the floor.

"All Right!" Rocky yelled as he threw his body into the fray. "I'm in too!"

"Wait for me," Billy grinned as he looked at the girls. "Well, when in Rome..."

"Ya know Aisha, you were right," Kim said to Aisha as they watched the four boys grunting and groaning on the floor. "I could grow to like this!"

And with that, the two girls dissolved into a fit of laughter.

On the Moon, Zedd and Rita were walking into the throne room, when they noticed Rito sitting watching the TV in the corner.

"Rito," Zedd growled, "What are you watching?"

Rito turned around with a sheepish look. Popcorn was streaming out of his mouth; bits were stuck between his teeth, and bits of popcorn were everywhere. "Hey Ed. Sis. You guys are just in time. I got the tape of the Fight! I just got to the part before you get your butt kicked, Ed! You want me to rewind?"

Zedd began to glow bright red. "I thought I told you I never wanted to see or hear anything about that fight ever again! And not to eat popcorn in my Palace. AND DON"T CALL ME 'ED!'"

And as Rita strode quickly out of the room, her words could be heard by all. "I have such a headache!"