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Bullet Casey Bullet

Family Reunion
An accident brings together the Power Ranger family.

If That's What It Takes
When Divatox sets her sights on Jason's girlfriend,
can the Rangers save her in time?

A Cold Day In. . .
One last battle needs fighting.


Bullet Ken Crysler Bullet

Starting as Friends
Can Kimberly and Tommy start over as friends???

Rasslin' Rangers
"Zedd discovers wrestling isn't as fake as it looks."


Bullet Emily Bullet

"Through Evil Eyes"

Evil Thoughts
Rita begins her evil conquest. ..

Someone is thinking about the Rangers.

Thoughts of Revenge
Goldar makes a strange discovery while angry.

Faithful Servant
Finster has always served loyally.

Overheard Conversation
Squatt finds out something he shouldn't have.

Jealous Eyes
Baboo wants to prove himself.

Arrogant Assumptions
Zord Zedd sees an easy victory or is it???

Vacant Thoughts
Rito might not have a brain . . . but he has a heart.

Mixed Emotions
Scorpina can't stop thinking about Adam.

Disbelief and Examination
Vile has just learned of his daughter's marriage.

"Coming and Going"

The Coming of Shadow
A new, menacing evil has come..

The Key
The last and most important of the Rangers has come.

The Past Can Haunt You
A friend of the Rangers' has had a really tough past,
which is starting to catch up with her.

Double Trouble
On an island in the Pacific, two twins are about to fulfill their destiny.

Planets Afar
"On a planet far, far away from the planet Earth, lives a
warrior that is the keeper of an extrordinary power."

Disaster Strikes
The Rangers learn of some bad news.

Destiny Unfolded
Someone's power is going to arise at last.

Falling Into Evil
Someone makes a dark choice.

"Surprising Enemies"

Kimberly is returning to her roots, in more ways than one.

The End of it All
Adam and Kimberly are used by Lord Zedd, after their Ranger days..

The Return
The worst ending possible has already come to pass.

The Defeat
The guys learn the truth about their evil foe.

Time to Celebrate
The fight has finally been won. That means the Earth is safe. Right?

"Twist of Fate"

Lost In Your Eyes
Astronema makes a quick trip to Earth: early.

Secret Love
Someone else fell in love with Tommy.

Leo has to say farewell to his girlfriend.

"Standalone Fics"

The End of the Beginning
The old days may be older, but the future is just beginning.

Giving Him Up
Kim returns to Angel Grove.

Keep on Living
A tragedy occurs.

Across Alternate Universes
Co-authored with KJ
A villain from another universe arrives.

Tommy has something very important to tell Kat.

Unexpected Love
Rocky goes to visit a friend.

Missing You
The war is over and Cassie misses Phantom.

Return of the Ninjetti
The Rangers return to Phaedos after the Zeo Crystals are destroyed.
Will they return to Earth in time to stop the forces of vampires???

United at Last
Phantom finally makes it home to Cassie.

Kimberly spends some time reminiscing about the past.

Tommy realizes who he loves.

A Lovers Reunion
The lovers are reunited.

Power Wars: The Rising Force
A young boy starts his training. Two evils join together.
And a new, but old, force comes back into being.

I Am Made Of You
Tommy needs help and Kat is there.

You're Gone
They're gone.


Bullet FoxFire Bullet

"Alternate Gold"

True Destiny
In this an alternate universe, Trey of Triforia does more
than just pass on his Golden Powers. Upon his death bed, he
gives the Earth five new Rangers, all of whom happen to be both
old and new, but definitely familiar, faces.

Love's Dance
The new team of Zeo Rangers has much to adjust to.


See You Soon
Cassie goes to find Phantom for herself'.

The constellations are beautiful.


Bullet Frog Bullet

"True Destinies Series"

Love Strikes With Lightning
Cassie has two unexpected surprises.

Golden Opportunities
She wants to choose her own destiny.


Bullet Jet Gold Ranger Bullet

"The Lost Galaxy Adventures"

Their Darkest Hour
The Rangers have fallen, Mike is dying, and their greatest
weapon is gone. Can the Power Rangers survive their Darkest Day?

Born Again
From the ashes of defeat comes an old friend and a new hero.

Long Night on Terra Venture
Fear comes to Terra Venture as someone starts killing Power Rangers.
Can Leo stop the murderer? Does he dare try?

A Day In the Lives
Trapped in space, see what happens when six teenage superheroes
stop being nice, and start being real.

Broken Faith
The worst kinds of betrayals are those dealt by friends.

Raising ToroZord
Where must John go to save Torozord, and what's waiting for him when
he gets there?

Ghost in the Machine
What secrets does the Zenith CarrierZord hold?

The Price of Silver
When enemies become friends, how far should you go to help them?

The Price of Silver 2
The Rangers came to save Karone, but who will save them?

Toy Soldiers: A Love Story
Kai finally finds a girl who understands him.

Corrupted Absolutely
This time, their greatest enemy is one of their own.

Best Destiny
It's back to work as the Barrox attack Miranoi.


Beginning of the End
Their greatest challenge came before they were Rangers.


Bullet Matt Hearne Bullet

"Power Rangers Vanguard: Relics From The Past"

In a future where humans care little if they survive,
can the Power Rangers of the past save the Earth from the dark
forces of Nemesik? And, do they even want to?


Bullet Jessica Mauch Bullet

SailorMoon meets the Power Rangers??

"No Way Out"

Raven's Folly
Going inside the head of a villain.


Bullet Phillip Peterson Bullet


Power of Eight
In an alternate universe, Zordon chooses eight teenagers to save the Earth.

Old Love?
Kelsi decides that Billy may be a long lost love.

Weapons of the Past
The Rangers receive their Power Weapons.

"Unexpected Changes"

Coming of the Shadow
A dark evil comes to Angel Grove, and the Zeo powers are
no match for her.

Deepening Shadows
Karayan's forces rage over Angel Grove, while the Rangers
seek out Dulcea.

"Stand Alones"

My Heart Will Go On
Phantom Ranger's heart belongs to Cassie. ..

Yellow Jealousy
A Yellow Ranger is jealous.


Bullet April Richards Bullet

"The Nightmares Saga"
Please read these in the order they are listed.

Going Down!
A date at the beach takes a tragic turn when an Earthquake
traps Tommy and Kimberly in an underground tunnel with
Lord Zedd's Fire Ant Monster.

Memories haunt Tommy's dreams and lead him to startling revelations.

Silver & Gold: A Crossover
Hazama, An old friend of Tommy's visits AG which stirs up
trouble, can the Rangers and Hazama work together to defeat
Lord Zedd's evil plans?

Unholly Alliance
Kimberly teams with Goldar in a desperate attempt to save
Tommy's life. Meanwhile, Tommy misinterprets Kim's meeting
Hazama, assuming the worst.

For Whom Rocky Howls
A game of softball turns deadly when Rocky is bitten by
a mysterious wolf.

Coming of Age
Billy must help Tommy complete his "Baptism of Fire"
before it is too late.

New Enemies, New Allies
Akuma, the greatest evil in the Universe comes to Earth, and
the Rangers must join forces with Lord Zedd to save Earth.

Tommy explains the truth about his past to the Rangers, and is
overwhelmed by bittersweet memories of a lost love.

"Other Stories"
These stories can be read in any order.

In a terrifying dream world, Jason and Tommy fight the
worst monster of all - Jealousy!

The Game!
After Billy opens a gateway to a virtual world, the Rangers
meet the Purple Ranger - - Lord Zedd!

Ramifications and Redemptions!
Only his friends can save Tommy, after Rita uses his feelings
of guilt over betraying the Rangers to destroy him.

Piggy, Piggy
Zedd and Rita turn a cute guinea pig into a huge monster.
Will the Rangers have to destroy their furry friend?

Future Rangers
Lord Zedd reigns supreme over Earth, after destroying the
Power Rangers. Can a young group of teens recapture the power?

Billy feels left out and unappreciated, but a letter from
Tommy lifts his spirits.

That Shrinking Feeling
Reduced to miniature size, and trapped in the bowels of the
Power Chamber, Tommy and Jason in caught in the midst of a
battle between warring armies of rodents. Can they escape
before their tiny size becomes permanent?

The Tooth and Nothing But The Tooth!
An abscessed tooth forces Jason to face his worst fear . . .
"The Dentist!"

Bubble, Bubble Ranger Trouble!
The Rangers attempt to raise money for the school library by
washing Angel Grove's dogs which endangers them when they are
captured by killer bubbles.

Attack of the 100 Foot Elmyra
Tommy's babysitting job stirs up trouble when Lord Zedd snatches
"The Tiny Toon's Elmyra" and makes her grow. Her simple minded
affection and superhuman strength may mean the end of the Rangers!

Team Spirit
On the night of the big game, only Tommy can save Angel
Grove from an invading demon.

Walking at Night
Jason must talk some sense into Tommy!


Lost and Found
Co-authored with Jan Jackson.
Tommy's past comes back to haunt him. He must overcome the
tragedy of the past, facing dangerous adversaries, to have
a future with the woman he loves.

Silent Green!
Co-authored with Caroline Clark.
A tragic car accident unlocks Tommy's psychic abilities
and forces him to deal with an evil not of this world.

A Piece Missing
Co-authored with Katelyn Johnson.
In this Angel Grove, Zedd has switched sides.

Wedding Story
Co-authored with Yvonne Plante.
Tommy finds his long lost father, and Kat's jealousy leads to
as Tommy and Kimberly prepare for a very special delivery.


Bullet B.L. Schroeder Bullet

"Intergalactic War"

The Varox and Master Emperor of Evil declare war on all
goodness in universe. What will the Power Rangers do??

After five years cryogenically frozen on the Varox's ship,
the rangers have awakened. But, how are they going to
get off the Varox's ship alive?

Calm Before the Storm
Former Rangers join DECA to save the others. Can
they do it???


Bullet Shadowfyre Bullet

" True Light Saga "

Green Eternal
Tommy's Green Powers are failing him quickly, but Zordon may
have found a way to restore them to their full potency. And
just in time, too, because Lord Zedd has an ally.

Is Blade trying to distract the Rangers? She's going after civilians...

Dating Problems
Jason and Kamaria go on a date. . .and Blade is watching!


Bullet Sylver Rose Bullet

"The World According to Ricki"

Silver Secret
Zordon tells the Rangers something big.

Silver Dreams
Rita and Zedd are not pleased with Ricki's presence,
so they attempt to destroy her.

Old Powers Die Hard
Ivan Ooze is unleashed, and the world may not be the same.

The Rangers get a surprise from the future.

Silver Heart, Blue Mood
After an accident, Ricki may not be the same.

Tarnish Silver
An unwelcome face from Ricki's past comes to Angel Grove.

A Long Kiss Goodbye
Trey has come to Earth, but things are never simple.

Silver Lining
When all seems lost, Ricki finds hope.


Bullet Sylver Rose & Cat Bullet

"Femme Force Rangers

The Power Calls
A team of female warriors is gathered.


Bullet Tammi Bullet

The Geminoids
Even the Megaship has a double.


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