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Return of the Ninjetti
by: Emily

"This looks like a good place to live," called out a voice. Three people had entered Rita and Zedd's old palace, and found it completely empty, except for a few scrolls. It looked as if someone had hastily packed and left.

"I don't know. I don't really like the idea of living in THERE old palace. It reeks of the them," the woman said, wrinkling her nose at the smell of the room and the way it looked. It was a somewhat spacious room. At the far wall, there was a throne. There was a doorway leading to a workroom on the right side of the room, and another one on the wall across from the throne.

"But, honey, that will be very easy to change," the man said in a troubled voice.

"True. Okay, I'll change it right way." she said. With a flick of her wrist, the entire room was changed. Where there had once been a single throne, there now stood three. They were all the same except the one in the middle was a bit smaller than the other two. The room itself was much bigger and it was completely furnished. In the middle, there was a long table. It was made of polished cherry wood, and it's tablecloth was the color of blood. All of the plates and silverware were made of pure gold, and it was covered in delicious foods. The twelve chairs were the same exact wood as the table, and the padding was a red velvet. The floor was carpeted in a black carpet. On the walls were paintings of the people's ancestors.

"There," said the woman as she nodded her head in satisfaction. "Just like I want it. You go fix up the bedrooms while I finish up around here. When we are done, we will attend to our goal. Conquering EARTH!"

Oblivious to what was going on far above Earth, two girls were discussing what they were going to do over the summer. One of the girls was a tall blond wearing a light pink dress. The other was an African girl with a yellow tank top and jean shorts on. Even though they had only known each other a short time, they were best buds.

"What I really wanted to do this summer was to travel back to Australia and see my friends, but that's impossible," sighed the blond, Kat. "I really miss my friends there."

"I wish we could get a break from all this power ranger business," complained Tanya. "It really tires you out. At least our communicators don't go off -" she was interrupted by the ringing of her communicator. "When were trying to discuss something. Let's go. I hope it's not another monster." Kat and Tanya walked out of the Juice Bar and into the bathroom. When they saw no one was there, they teleported out.

When they entered the Power Chamber, all the other rangers were there. They were immediately worried because the viewing globe was off.

"Zordon, what's wrong?" asked Kat, confused.

"I'm afraid I have grave news, rangers. Ever since you destroyed the Machine Empire, things have been quiet. Until now. This is the day I have feared for centuries. The Forces have arrived." Zordon announced.

"Who are they?" asked Tommy.

"The Forces are a family of incredibly evil beings. In the beginning of time, they were originally on the side of good. But they were soon tempted by evil. They were very strong and with the evil on their side, they defeated good. They became supreme rulers of the universe. Until, Dulcea came into the picture. She had a team of mighty warriors who were capable of defeating the Forces. In the end, most of them lost their lives. Out of the team of ten, three of them lived to banish the Forces into another galaxy."Zordon explained. Tommy was the first to say anything.

"Zordon, who were the three warriors to live?" he asked earnestly. Zordon stared hard and long at the rangers before answering.

"The three warriors that lived on are Scorpina, Crystal, and myself," he stated. He noticed that Tommy's, Rocky's, and Adam's mouths had dropped open when he said Scorpina. "Yes, Scorpina was one of the first Power Rangers. She was the gold Ninjetti, the mighty lion, before evil persuaded her to join the ranks. I don't know what happened to Crystal, but I presume that she came to Earth a couple years ago. About the same time that Rita came to Earth. Even though the Zeo Crystal is one of the strongest powers in the universe, the Forces know how to deal with them. That is why you must go back to Phaedos to get the Ninjetti Powers back." The rangers nodded their heads, understanding what they had to do. Alpha teleported them to Phaedos to receive their animal guides.

As the rangers teleported to Phaedos, the Forces continued their work in the palace. The once dreary palace was ablaze in glory. The woman walked into the throne room. She was a beautiful lady with a high cheek bone, full lips, large blue-green eyes, and a perfectly straight nose. Her hair was past her shoulders in long golden strands. She had a perfect figure, one many girl could only dream of. She was wearing a long, tight black dress, that clung to all of her curves. She smiled as she looked at her handiwork.

"Hellu, come over here!" she demanded. Out of one of the rooms came her husband. He was a rugged looking man, with looks to kill. He was wearing a red silk shirt and black leather pants. He came up to his wife and put his arm around her.

"What do you want, Starr?" he asked in a deep voice.

"I finally finished the room. What do you think?" she asked proudly. He looked around the room, pleased at what he saw.

"Very impressive," he commented. "By the way, do you know where Spike is? I've been looking for him everywhere!"

"He's in his moon, moping. You promised you would find him a suitable wife, and you haven't done it yet." she reminded him.

"Oh, yeah. Well I think this is a good time to pick one." He took a deep breath before bellowing, "SPIKE, COME HERE! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" A young man appeared out of one of the doorways and walked up to his parents. (Author's note: I didn't know how to describe him, so to make it easy, he looks like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

"What do you want?" he asked angrily.

"I think it is time to find you a wife," his father announced. "But, on one condition. You must pick one of the power rangers."

"Okay, can I see what they look like?" he asked. Soon, they found pictures of both of the current female rangers. Kat and Tanya. He looked at them for a while before shaking his head. "I don't want either of these. Aren't there anymore?"

"I don't know. Let me check Zedd and Rita's files. Hold on," Hellu dug through the many scrolls that had been littered around the room. He looked through all of them, trying to find something. "Ah, ha! There have been three other female rangers. Two of them have been yellow rangers and the other has been the pink ranger. These are their pictures." He handed Spike the pictures of the three remaining female rangers. He looked at pictures before deciding on one.

"I want this one. She's perfect!" he exclaimed, giving the picture to his dad. "Can you get this one for me?"

"Sure, no problem."

When the rangers arrived on Phaedos, Tommy, Adam, and Rocky noticed they were on the same beach as the first time. They looked around, not noticing the figure standing on the top of the mountain. And they didn't notice when she started making her way down.

"Which way do we go, Tommy?" asked Kat.

"The last time we were here, we had Dulcea to help-" before he could finish his sentence, the woman jumped down from the cliff. She was dressed in a green bikini and a green skirt. She came up to them, with a slight smile on her face.

"It's good to see you again, rangers. I see you have made changes to the team," she remarked.

"Yes, the others needed to-move on," Tommy told her. She turned to the rest of the rangers.

"Why did you come back? Where the Zeo crystals destroyed?" she asked. Adam looked at her in confusion.

"How did you-"

"I have my ways, Adam," she said, smiling at him.

"No, the crystals were not destroyed," Tommy answered. "It's just that the Forces-"

"The Forces are attacking Earth?" Dulcea's voice portrayed her worry. "This is horrible, rangers. The Forces are some of the worst villains in the galaxy. You must come with me to receive your powers." She started walking toward the mountain. The rangers followed her, as Tommy quickened his pace so he was walked beside Dulcea.

"Dulcea, will it take us as long to get our powers as it did the last time, since we already have gone on the journey?" He asked her.

"I'm afraid that, because you received the Zeo powers, you can no longer call on your original animal guide. You must obtain new ones to call upon the Great Power," she explained to him.

"Oh," was all Tommy could say as they continued up the mountain. By the time they reached the top, nightfall had already come. Dulcea started a fire and the rangers circled around it. She stood by the fire, waiting for their attention.

"In each you, there are many animal spirits. They each portray a different side of you, some of them bursting to get free. Because you had the Zeo power, you can no longer access your original animal guides. But not to worry, rangers. There are many others inside," she walked over to a small platform and scooped up some dust in her hand. "Now, close your eyes rangers and look deep within. There, you will see an animal who will lead you through your fight against evil." Each of the rangers closed their eyes as Dulcea blew the dust into the flames. The flames began to flicker all the colors of the rainbow. When the rangers opened their eyes, some where surprised at what they saw.

Rocky looked at his shirt, and was surprised to see he was wearing red. On the emblem was a flying eagle. Dulcea walked up to him, smiling at his surprise.

"Rocky, witty and fearless, you are the eagle, lord of the skies."

Tanya, still in yellow, had a running cheetah on her emblem.

"Tanya, agile and fast, you are the cheetah, quick as the wind"

Adam was surprised to see himself in white. His emblem showed a picture of the mighty alligator.

"Adam, quiet and cunning, you are the alligator, ruler of the water"

Tommy, in green, was the fox.

"Tommy, wise and deadly, you are the sneaky fox."

Kat was astonished to find that she was blue. Her emblem held the giant panda.

"Kat, the leader of the rangers, you are the gentle but strong panda."

"I'm the leader?" asked a shocked Kat. Dulcea smiled at her. "Yes, you are the leader. You have proven your worth, and now you are rewarded for it." Dulcea turned to all of the rangers. "You must leave now, to find the great power. You must get to Earth as soon as possible. But before you go, there are two more people you must add to your team." Suddenly, from out of the bushes came two people. The rangers recognized one of them, but didn't know the second.

"Aisha!" Kat squealed as she ran up to hug her friend. Aisha smiled as the rest of the rangers walked up to greet her. They soon turned to the girl. She was average height, but very muscular. She had long auburn hair and bright green eyes. Her face looked like a model's with a high cheekbone and full lips. She walked up to them to introduce herself.

"I'm Crystal," the girl introduced herself as. The rangers walked up to her.

"Crystal, as in the one that was an original power ranger?" Tommy asked her. "But you banished them thousands of years ago! How could you be so young?"

"Yes, I am one of the original rangers, and I am a sorceress, so it makes it easy to stay young," she said.

"That's enough talk, rangers. Those two still need to get there animals," Dulcea explained. The two of them went by the fire and went through the same thing the others had done. They opened their eyes and looked at their animal guides.

Aisha was surprised to find she was in purple. On her emblem was the jumping kangaroo.

"Aisha, smart and cheerful, you are the kangaroo."

Crystal smiled as she found herself in the familiar pink. Her emblem showed the mighty unicorn.

"Crystal, strong and magical, you are the caring unicorn. Go rangers, go on your quest to find the great power. I wish you luck on the journey." With that, Dulcea smiled, turned into her animal guide, the owl, and fly away. The rangers watched her until she was out of sight before starting on their quest.

The rangers quickly went on their way through the forest, cautiously looking for trouble. Crystal led the way. As they came up to the place where, a couple years before, Tommy, Adam, Aisha, and Rocky, had been attacked by the bones, the four were shocked by what the saw. Instead of all the bones, most of them were gone. What was left was a few bones, scattered around.

"I don't get it!" Aisha exclaimed. "When we came here last time, there were dinosaur bones everywhere! One of them even came to life and attacked us. Now, it's just....gone." As the rangers made their way through the bones, none of them noticed eyes watching their every move. It looked at them in a combination of surprise and hatred. Only two groups of people had ever made it through and he refused to let another access the great power.

No one else will make it through. No one is worthy of the power. They won't make it through. I"ll make sure of that.

"Are we almost to the Great Power, yet?" asked Kat as they continued their adventure through the dense forest. She looked over at Crystal, still not used to see anyone else in pink. She slowed down to talk to her.

"Hey Crystal," she called. Crystal looked up from the path and smiled at her. Kat smiled back and continued. "What color were you, in the beginning, I mean."

"I was the original pink ranger," she announced. "It must feel strange to see me in pink." While Kat looked at her in surprise, while Crystal continued. "I could see it in your eyes, when you saw me in pink. I saw your surprise when you realized you were the blue ranger. The panda suits you very well, especially when I here what the other say about you. What were you originally?"

"I was the crane," Kat said. Crystal looked at her in surprise, but it quickly disappeared.

"You don't look like a crane. How did you get to be the crane?" Kat took a deep breath to explain the story.

"When I first came to Angel Grove, Rita and Zedd cast a spell over me, making me evil. I became obsessed with Tommy and would do anything to have him. Well, at the time, the original pink ranger and pink ranger at the time, Kimberly, was his girlfriend. I did everything I could to get her out of the way, even trying to kill her. Finally I regained my senses and was able to break the spell. Kim ended up accepting the offer to go to the Pan American Games. She gave me her power coin, and I became the pink ranger, the crane."

"Zordon didn't send you on a journey to find your own spirit?" Crystal asked in surprise. Kat smiled.

"He didn't have time. We became even more busy with all the attacks by Rita and Zedd." The rangers were huddled together looking around carefully. Most of the rangers remembered that creatures had attacked them when they had least expected it last time and they didn't want anything to surprise them again. The ones that hadn't been on the quest had been in enough situations to watch carefully around themselves. As they came closer and closer to the power, they grew more confident and began walking faster. Suddenly they saw it. A temple.

"There it is! There's the temple that holds the Great Power!" Tommy exclaimed as he ran up to where he remembered the entrance had been. As he was about to touch it, Kat suddenly yelled out,

"Tommy, wait!" she yelled frantically. Her call was to late. As Tommy reached out and tried to push open the door, a sudden wind came and blew them in all directions. The rangers were all knocked out as they hit the ground. All was quiet until the bush rustled. A small creature jumped out. His face was horribly scarred. He was only three feet high, and was very scrawny, but you could tell he held power. Strong power.

"This will see if they are worthy of the power," he said as he looked at their fallen bodies. "now I will find out if Dulcea chose well."

Blackness. Blackness everywhere. Tanya slowly opened her eyes and tried to stand up, but quickly sat down, as a wave of dizziness came over her. She looked around her surroundings. They looked familiar yet so unfamiliar. Suddenly she remembered where she was. She was on Phaedos, going for the Great Power. She looked around, not seeing any of her teammates. She stood up but before she could go anywhere, she saw them. Her teammates. Her friends. She smiled and waved to them, starting to jog over to them. As she got closer, she noticed that Aisha and Crystal were not there.

"Hey guys!" she called to them. She slowed down and her smile faded as all of them stared at her with cold, unfeeling eyes.

"What's wrong?" she asked. They started over to her, with emotionless expressions on their faces. Kat was the first to speak.

"What's wrong? What's wrong?!" she spit out. She went over to Tanya and pushed her to the ground. She smiled cruelly as the others crowded around Tanya, taunting her. She stood up and found herself face to face with Kat.

"I can't believe Aisha picked YOU for a replacement," she hissed. "You are such an idiot, always messing up when we needed you. Aisha wouldn't have even picked you if you weren't the only one there!" Kat shoved her backwards, and Tanya fell right into Tommy.

"Get away from me!" Tommy sneered. "You're not even important to the team. You're just there because Aisha had already picked you. WHY she picked you is a mystery to us!" Tanya stepped away from him and turned to run, but Rocky grabbed her and pushed her back into the circle.

He glared at her and said, "You'll never be able to take her place. At least when Trini picked Aisha, she knew how to fight! You couldn't even protect yourself! How pitiful!" She turned to her last hope, Adam for comfort. She found none.

"What are you looking at! You mean NOTHING to any of us. Especially me!'' Adam smirked and dropped the final bomb. "You don't belong in this team! You don't deserve the powers to help people! Get out of here!" Tanya turned to all of her friends, one by one, searching there faces for comfort, not finding anything. They pushed her away from them. She turned to walk away, but glanced back one more time.

"If this is how you're going to treat me, I don't want you guys as friends!" she said, trying to keep her voice from shaking. "YOU"RE the ones that don't deserve the power if you treat people like dirt! Your right. I don't deserve to be with you. Nobody deserves to be treated the way your treating me!" her voice broke, and she ran away from their mocking laughter. Suddenly the scene vanished and Tanya looked up in surprise. There, standing a few feet away, was a little old man, his face scarred. In his hand was a silver coin. On the coin was yellow running cheetah. He smiled at her and motioned for her to come forward. She walked up to him and suddenly, she was surrounded in a yellow light.

"I was wrong to think you were not worthy, Tanya. Conquering your greatest fear has proven your worth,'' the old man explained. Tanya smiled as she felt the cheetah bring power to her she had never felt before, not even with the Zeo Crystal. Her smile turned to surprise as she suddenly was engulfed into darkness.

Blackness. Everywhere. Rocky opened his eyes, and rubbed his head as he felt a massive headache coming on. He stood up and looked around his surroundings. He was back in Angel Grove. He felt confusion coming on. He was supposed to be in Phaedos, looking for the Great Power. Not in Angel Grove, sitting at their table. He felt, strange. Before he could figure out what was wrong, the rest of the rangers came over. He smiled and called out to them.

"He guys, over here!" he called, waving at them. They looked at him with annoyed looks. Tanya was the first to speak.

"Do you ever stop eating?" she asked, exasperated. Rocky looked at the table and realized it was covered in food.

"I ordered stuff for you guys, too," Rocky explained as he motioned to the food. "Sit down, have something to eat." They looked at the food but didn't sit down. Tommy came to the front of the group, and all of the rangers, excluding Rocky, shared a glance. Finally they began to talk.

"Listen, we just came by to tell you a few things," Tommy said as they crowded around Rocky. "First of all, we have to speak about your eating problem."

"What eating-"

"Don't interrupt, Rocky," Kat scolded. "It's not polite. Anyway, if you want to stay a ranger, you cannot eat as much. You are such a pig!" Rocky looked at her in surprise, but before he could say anything, Adam spoke next.

"Yeah, Rocko. Soon, you won't even look like a ranger anymore, with all the weight your going to put on. Also, cut in with all of the STUPID jokes. Nobody thinks there funny, so cut it." Rocky looked at them all in surprise, closing and opening his mouth.

"Rocky, cut it out. You look like a fish!" Tanya joked. The rangers started laughing, while Rocky stared to become very angry.

"I'm not going to change! That's who I am, and I'm not changing," he said firmly. The rangers looked at each other, shrugging. Tommy walked up to Rocky and teleported them to the Command Center. Rocky looked around in surprise, for neither Zordon nor Alpha were present. Everyone crowded around him. To his surprise, they all called on their zeoniers. Rocky called on his to, ready for anything they would throw at him. To his surprise, all of the rangers grabbed him, while Tommy stole his zeoniers. The threw Rocky on the ground, smiling cruelly at him. He tried to stand up, but they pushed him back down.

"What are you doing?" he asked angrily. Tommy spoke for all of them.

"Since you weren't going to change, we're getting a replacement for you," he said. Tommy turned to the door and called out, "You can come out now!" Rocky turned around to see Aisha walking through the door.

"Aisha, what are you doing here? I thought you were in Africa!" exclaimed Rocky. Aisha smiled evilly, then answered him.

"I was, but now I'm here to become a ranger again. The blue ranger," she explained. Rocky's mouth dropped open, yet again, as he realized what was going on.

"You guys can't do this to me! This is my life!" He yelled, close to tears.

"Too, late. YOU don't deserve anything this important!" Adam said. Rocky's tears dried up and anger engulfed him.

"I deserve a lot! If you think that you can just decide who deserves what, then you are the ones that don't deserve the power!"

"And you think that it's possible for someone as idiotic and stupid to get this! All you are is a joker. You'll never be anything else, cause all you are is a joker!" Kat screamed out. Rocky's anger disappeared.

"There's more to me then that," he said sadly. "But none of you have ever bothered to look." Suddenly, everything disappeared, and a little man appeared before him, holding a silver coin with a red eagle, soaring through the sky, on it. Rocky stepped forward to touch it, when he was covered in a red light. He felt the rush of power go through him, stronger then ever before.

"My son, this is yours. The eagle will help you on your way. Good luck," said the man. Rocky let out a yell of surprise as darkness overtook him.

Darkness. Everywhere. Surrounding her. Crystal opened her eyes, squinting in the bright light. She looked around, confused by her surroundings. She was on her home planet, but that was impossible. It had been destroyed centuries ago by the Forces. But no, she was there. She stood up and started walking.

"Why am I here?" she asked aloud. She was answered by a voice behind her.

"Because, this is where you belong, sister" Crystal froze in her tracks, and there, behind her, were her fallen teammates. But something was different. They didn't look real.

"Your probably wondering what your doing here," one of them asked. Crystal nodded, unable to say a word. "Your here to face what you did to your dearest friends. Do you even remember us, Crystal? Do you know how LONG I've waited to get my revenge?" Crystal looked at them, so much like she remembered them, yet so different. All seven of her deceased friends were there, waiting for her. Her best friend, Marilyn, with her chin length strawberry blonde hair, her icy blue eyes, and her perfect face. She had a perfect figure. The only minus she had is that she was short. She was almost as small as an eighth grader. But she was still Marilyn, her best friend. On the right of her was Jacob, the prince of Racarna. He was not the most handsome man, but he made up for it with his personality. He was always helping people with things, and he was never in a bad mood. There was always a smile on his face. Until now. Now his face was expressionless as Marilyn's. Next to him stood Gregory. Gregory had been a commoner, but people had noticed his looks. He had been with a different woman every week. He seemed to be perfect in every way, except he was very arrogant about his looks. He looked good and he knew it. On the other side of Marilyn was Serene. Serene was the sweetest girl anyone could meet. She cared deeply for others and the planet around her. She showed compassion for everyone. The only problem was nobody noticed her because she was an average looking person. On the side of her was Robert. He was the "jock" of the group. He was very strong, but he wasn't the smartest guy of the group. He usually leaped before he looked. In the very middle were her sister and her boyfriend. Her sister was very pretty, but she was also a snot. She was jealous of what Crystal had. Her looks, friends, and boyfriend. Crystal's boyfriend was perfect in her eyes. But not now. All of them closed in around Crystal.

"It's your fault we died, ya now. If you hadn't tried to save Zordon, than we wouldn't have died," her sister said.

"I always thought you liked him better then me anyway," Kenny said. Crystal looked at all of them and felt like crying.

"It's not my fault! You wanted me to go!" she cried. She looked in their faces, looking for comfort in any of them. She found none. All she saw was anger and revenge in their eyes.

"It's your fault!" Marilyn said. "We would have all banished the Forces if you hadn't have tried to hog all of the credit. We thought you cared for us! But all you cared about was the fame!" Crystal pushed passed them and looked them in the eye.

"I did all I could to save you! There is NOTHING else I could have done. I love you guys and I never wanted anything to happen to you," Crystal said to them. As she watched in surprise, the scene melted away. In it's place was a little old man she had not seen in far to long.

"Teran!" she exclaimed as she rushed up to hug the old man. He smiled as they embraced. When they finally broke apart, Crystal asked him,

"I thought you were gone!"

"I am. I am here to make sure that people who are worthy of the power come.''

Don't you trust Dulcea's choice?" Crystal asked. "You and Dulcea used to be so close!" He smiled sadly.

"That was along time ago. Now, take this and be on your way." He handed Crystal the silver coin with a pink running unicorn on it. She glowed pink as the power came to life. She smiled as she felt the power rush through her, amazed at how much she had missed it. She closed her eyes and blackness overcame her.

Blackness, surrounding him. Tommy opened his eyes and slowly sat up. He quickly closed his eyes, to get rid of the dizziness. His eyes opened wide and his headache was suddenly forgotten as he looked around the Power Chamber. The place was in shambles! The tubes that had held the old uniforms had been ripped out of there sockets, the uniform, weapons, and helmets torn apart. All of the controls had been pulled apart and electricity was coming out of the open wires. Tommy turned towards Zordon's tube and gasped in shock. There, in the remains of it, lay Zordon. Dead. He looked as if he had been sleeping, but he was utterly silent. As Tommy walked over to look at Zordon, he almost threw up. Zordon hadn't died. He was killed, brutally. His eyes, unlike Tommy had thought before, were wide open, the horrified look on his face to much to bear. His throat was ripped open, the blood everywhere. His heart, had been torn out of his body and was laying in the tube, next to him. Tommy stumbled backwards, and stumbled over something. He turned around and almost fainting. Alpha, or what was left of him, was laying in the middle of the floor. Wires and metal was everywhere. Finally, Tommy couldn't take it any more. He closed his eyes and was in the middle of the park. Or so he thought. Instead of the green grass and birds singing, all he heard was silence. The grass was soaked with the blood of people. Tommy slowly made his way through the park, horrified at all of the innocent people that had lost there lives. He started wondering what the rangers had done while there town had been slaughtered. Suddenly, a thought came to him. The rangers would have given there life to protect their town. Tommy ran through the park looking for anything. He came to the lake and froze in his tracks. The rangers were there. All of them. Everyone who had been a ranger. Dead. The beach was soaked with the blood of his friends. He walked up to the rangers, praying for one of them to be alive.

He came up to Trini first. One of his first friends in Angel Grove. He stared down at her corpse in shock. She, like the rest of them were morphed. Only her helmet was on backward. Tommy reached down and slowly turned her over and took of her helmet. He dropped it a minute later in horror. Trini's eyes stared blankly at him, her face twisted in an expression of pure terror. Her neck had been broken when her head was brutally twisted around. In all his years of knowing her, he had never seen that look on her face. Even when things had seemed hopeless, she had never given up. Trini would give up anything for others, and she had.

He laid her corpse gently on the ground and looked towards his black clad friend. As he walked closer, he saw what had done Zack in. The battle ax, his own weapon, lay gouged into his neck. Tommy reached down to take his helmet off. Even though he had expected it, he was still shocked when he saw the look on his face. It was a look of surprise and pain. The blood had streamed down his face and made him look even worse.

Tommy stood up and slowly walked to the next body. At first he wasn't sure who it was. The suit was torn up and drenched in blood. The helmet was smashed and the emblem on the uniform had been ripped off. Tommy gingerly peeled off the rest of the helmet and gazed at the site in horror. It was, or had been, the face of Billy. There was barely anything left of it, except his eyes and forehead. Carved in his forehead were the emblems of the triceratops and the wolf. His eyes stared back in horror. His face had been ripped off. Tommy wondered who could hurt someone like that.

He stumbled backwards and ran into the body of another teammate. He almost started crying when he realized the body was smaller then the rest. Justin. He didn't even have to take the helmet off. Justin's head had been ripped off his shoulders and now laid by the ground next to his body. His eyes stared up at him in plead. Tommy felt tears come to his eyes as he realized that someone had done this to him as he pleaded to be saved.

Tommy slowly turned around and found Aisha's eyes staring up at him in shock. Her power coin lay next to her. A thick sword was protruding through her chest. Tommy felt his eyes widen in shock as he looked at what had become of his cheerful and caring friend. The look on her face, one of shock and betrayal made his heart freeze up. It looked like someone she knew had done this to her. Hurt her so. He realized he couldn't take it anymore. He turned around and started running away from the site of his dead friends.

He soon came to the body of the last yellow ranger, Tanya. HE felt pity for her, even though he had only known her a short while. She had come from Africa, without a family, and had given up her life for a town in which she had only known the people for a short while. He gently reached down and took off her helmet. As he reached down to touch her coin, it popped out into his hand. The power ranger uniform disappeared from her body and Tommy gasped as he saw what was left of her. She had been torn apart. Her arms and legs had been torn from their sockets and her head had been twisted in a 360 circle. Tommy felt his lunch come up and he quickly swallowed it. He turned and tried to get away from the sight.

He didn't get far. He came up to the body of the once gold ranger. His throat closed up as he thought of the fate of one of his best friends in Angel Grove. He went up to Jason and took of his helmet, preparing for the worst. Instead, Jason's eyes reflected the determination he had in life. He looked at his best friend in confusion, wondering what had killed him. As he laid Jason's head on the ground, he found dried blood on his hand. He turned Jason over and gagged at the site. The back of his skull had been crushed in. Tommy stood up and dropped Jason on the ground. He turned away from him and quickly walked away.

Soon he found both Adam and Rocky laying on the ground, side by side. When Tommy got closer, he realized what had done them in. Both of them had been cut completely in half. The sword that he killed them lay directly by their side. Tommy knelt down and examined the sword. When he realized what it was, his face paled and he felt like fainting.

"It's can't be!" he exclaimed. "That was destroyed! You could have done this!"

"You." Came the reply in a familiar voice. An accented voice. Tommy quickly turned around and saw the two most important people in his life: Kimberly and Kat. Tommy ran up to hug them both but stopped as he realized neither of them were smiling. He looked at both of them in shock as he realized both of them were in their pink ranger uniforms and were covered in blood.

"Wh-What happened here?'' he asked, barely managing to get the words out. Kim walked up to him and pushed him to the ground.

"Just what Kat said. YOU!!" Kim yelled. "You come down here, KILL almost all of your friends, and you ask what happened?'' She lunged towards Tommy, but was stopped by Kat.

"Fighting him will get you nowhere, Kim" She stopped her struggles with Kat and managed to regain her composure. Kat walked up to Tommy and kicked him in the side. He cried out in pain as the two of them moved closer. Kat spoke up.

"How could you do this Tommy? We all loved you and this is how you repaid us?" Kat asked angrily. "You hurt and killed almost all of your friends. Why spare us?" Tommy looked at them searching for an answer. He had none.

"If you didn't die, than why are you covered in blood?" he asked. Both of them looked at him in amazement, but their looks changed to anger.

"As if you don't know," Kim said. "You sat there, laughing as we held out dying friends. Do you know how hard it was to see friends you have known forever die at the hands of your ex? Do you realize the pain you caused me-us?" She gestured to Kat, before letting the tears she had held in make their way down her face. Kat gave Kim a hug before looking back at Tommy.

"I thought you loved us. You killed all of our friends and then wanted one of us to marry you! What is going on in that twisted mind of yours?" Kat screamed as she kicked Tommy in the side again. Kim stopped crying and looked down at Tommy hatred, sadness, and even pity in her eyes.

"You let your dark side take over again. You accepted the position of the green ranger again, and you killed all of your friends. I thought I loved you. The man I fell in love with no longer exists. YOU KILLED HIM!!!" She knelt down and punched him in the face. As he yelled out in pain, she reached into his pocket and pulled out his morpher. She threw it into the lake as Kat and Tommy looked at her in shock. Kat then turned to Tommy.

"She's right. You aren't the person I love. You are nothing!" Kat screamed out. "Get out of here! You don't belong here. Not anymore." Kat turned and hugged the sobbing Kim. Soon both of them were sitting on the ground, mourning their dead friends. Tommy, still laying on the ground, watched the two of the, stunned at how much they despised him. He stood up and looked at them both.

"I don't believe you. I learned how two control my dark side a long time ago. I wouldn't just explode and hurt all of my friends. I love them all, especially the two of you. I would NEVER hurt either of you. I love both of you," Tommy announced. "Do you have any feelings left for me?" Both of them looked up at him.

"Yes, we have feelings left. Hatred," Kat said. Both of the girls stood up and walked away, as Tommy stood rooted to his place. He called out to both of them,

"If that's how you feel, YOU aren't the ones I fell in love with," As soon as the words came out of his mouth, the scene vanished and a little old man appeared, smiling at him. Tommy walked up to him, puzzled at what was going on.

"Congratulations," said the man. "You have passed the test. You dealt with your greatest fears, not being able to control your dark side and rejection from the two woman you love the most." He handed Tommy a silver coin with a green fox on it. As Tommy reached out to touch it, he was suddenly covered in a green light. He smiled as he felt the familiar rush of power go through him, yet stronger then the first time. Tommy looked up to thank the old man, but before he could do so, everything around him suddenly went black.

Blackness. Blackness everywhere. Aisha slowly opened her eyes and saw she was lying on the plains of the savana. She looked around and suddenly remembered she was supposed to be on Phaedos looking for the Great Power. Not hear. She had finished with the plague. The animals were cured. She stood up and saw the rangers standing in front of her. She walked up to them, to ask why they were on the savana.

"How come you guys are on the Savana?" she asked them. She looked at them and was surprised at the cold looks they gave her. "Guys, are you okay?"

"We're fine! Now that we realize what a mistake you were as a ranger," Aisha looked at Kat in shock, not believing she had said something like that.

"That's right, Aisha. You shouldn't have been a ranger. You are a failure. You failed us, your family, your town, and this savana. Look at the dead animals lying around. You were supposed to save them, and you let them all die!" What kind of person are you?" Aisha looked around and realized for the first time that all of the animals lying around her were dead. She looked at the animals, and then back at the rangers.

"What is going on?" she cried. Rocky rolled his eyes and walked up to her. He pushed her to the ground as she looked up at them in shock.

"Aisha, you are an idiot. You just don't get it! You failed everyone who thought that you would make a good friend. You gave up on everything that you were supposed to do, especially as a ranger! You were always the one that needed the most help when we were fighting! I was almost happy when you left, until I realized what you had done to the animals! Look at this place. Death and destruction everywhere, and the worst part is, you caused all of it. Give it up Aisha Campbell. You are a failure you will never be able to do anything right!" Aisha felt all of the anger she had been holding inside come out.

"That is not true! I tried my best in everything that I did! You have no right to go off saying that I didn't try hard enough!" As she told the rangers off, the scene disappeared and a little old man appeared. He smiled at her and placed in her hand a silver coin with a purple kangaroo on it. She gasped as she felt power she had not felt in a long time go through her. She was engulfed in a purple light. She smiled as darkness overtook her because she knew that she would be safe from any harm.

Darkness, everywhere. Adam opened his eyes and slowly woke up. He looked around, a confused expression on his face. He wasn't supposed to be here. He was supposed to be on Phaedos, looking for the Great Power. Not in the Youth Center. He looked around and noticed that none of his friends were there. He walked over and sat down at THE table. The one they sat at everyday. He sat there for a second, when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and found his friends standing behind him. He smiled, but it quickly disappeared. They looked at him as if he was one of their enemies

"What's wrong, guys?" he asked. Tanya rolled her eyes.

"WHO told you could sit at our table, dork?" she sneered. Adam looked at her in astonishment that quickly turned to hurt. He stood up and looked at his "friends."

"What are you talking about? I thought we were friends," he said. To his utter embarrassment, all of the rangers started laughing. Hard. he bit back tears as he watched all of his friends and his girlfriend laugh at him. Tommy stopped laughing and wiped away the tears.

"I haven't laughed that hard since, well ever," he said. The rest of the rangers looked at Adam.

"Look at his face! Look at how red it is! I can't believe that a guy's face can get that red," Rocky said in amazement. "The funniest part is that he think we are his FRIENDS!!!! The DORK think that we, the coolest people in school, are his friends. How stupid can you get?" Adam felt the tears well up in his eyes, but he wouldn't let himself cry.

"Why are you making fun of me? I didn't do anything to you!" he cried. Kat walked up to him with distance written all over her face.

"Adam, you are a loser. You cannot get a single sentence out without getting becoming unsure of yourself. Do you know how stupid and annoying that is?" She turned away from him and with the rest of the rangers, began walking away from Adam. He stared at them, hurt by the things they said about him.

"If this is the kind of people you are, I don't want to hang out with you!" he called after them. They snickered as they walked away. He turned away from them, depressed. Suddenly, the scene changed and he saw a little old man running toward him. he tossed Adam a coin and when he caught it, he was enveloped in a white light. When he opened his eyes, he was holding a silver coin with a white alligator on it. He smiled and closed his eyes as darkness overtook him.

Darkness, surrounding her. Closing in around her. Kat opened her eyes, and quickly shielded them from the bright light. She sat up and noticed she was in Angel Grove Park. She shook her head as she tried to get rid of the dizziness she felt. She looked around and saw the rangers standing behind her. She started walking over to them when she realized there were five. And one of them was pink. She looked over at them, naming off the colors. Blue, red, green, yellow, and pink. As she walked closer to them, she noticed that they were slowly walking to her. She ran over to hug them, but the one in pink knocked her down. She gasped as she removed her helmet. Kimberly!!

"What's wrong , Kat? Did you think that I was going to leave my power with you and never come back for it? Please! Give me some credit, here!" Kim said as Kat looked at her in astonishment.

"Bu-but I though that you were going to train for the games!" Kat exclaimed. Kim rolled her eyes.

"I just wanted to see what it was like. You were my temporary replacement! I'm back, and I'm taking back my powers. my color, my friends, and most of all MY boyfriend," Kim put her arm around the red rangers waist as he removed his helmet. Tears welded up in Kat's eyes as she saw the look Tommy gave her. He went over and patted her on the shoulder.

"Kat, I hate to break this to you, but I was just looking for some fun while Kim was training. I was looking for someone who would take her place until she came back. I was looking for someone semi-good looking, and really dumb so she couldn't see what I was really doing. You fit the qualities perfectly!" Tommy turned to Kim, and right in front of Kat, kissed her on the lips. Tears started streaming down Kat's face. Kim turned to her.

"Too bad you couldn't cut it. You would have made a great bimbo," Kat turned to them.

"No. I am perfect just the way I am. I make mistakes, but I shouldn't put up with what you are throwing me. You guys are not worth what I have to offer. If you are going to treat me like this, you don't deserve to be my friend!" As she finished the sentence, the scene disappeared and a little old man appeared in front of her. He handed her a silver coin with blue panda. She smiled as she was enveloped in darkness.

Kat opened her eyes and stood up. She looked around and sighed in relief as she realized that she was back on Phaedos. She watched as all of her friends started standing up. She walked around, making sure everyone was alright.

"Hey guys, did you all have a strange dream about conquering your greatest fear?"

"YES," they all shouted in unison. Suddenly, they were blinded by a bright light. When they looked up, the doors of the temple had opened and a giant stone figure had come out. The rangers watched in amazement as the power began swirling around them. Tommy smiled as he felt the fox enter him, giving him power he had never had before. Kat laughed as she felt the panda's strength enter her. All of the rangers felt power like they had never felt before travel through them. Kat suddenly remembered who they had gotten the power.

"You guys, I hate to spoil the moment, but we really have to go. We don't know what the Forces are capable of and we've been gone for quiet awhile." The rangers nodded their agreement as they touched their communicators and disappeared in streaks of yellow, purple, pink, blue, red, white, and green. unknown to all of the rangers, an old man watched as they disappeared from the planet.

I wish you luck, rangers. You will have a long battle ahead of you and the road will be long. Good Luck!

Zordon sighed in relief as the rangers appeared in the Power Chamber. He smiled he saw they were once again to be guided by the power of the Ninjetti.

"Rangers, I'm afraid I have horrible news. While you were getting your powers, the Forces came and started attacking downtown Angel Grove. And I'm afraid that Spike has also picked a wife. Look towards the viewing globe." The rangers looked at the globe and gasped in surprise. Tommy felt his heart skip a beat, and he grabbed on to Kat's shoulder for support.

"Kim!" But it wasn't the Kim that the rangers knew. Her hair was an inch longer than it had been before she left. It was pulled back into a ponytail. Her lips were ruby red and her once doe-brown eyes were now a bright red. She wore a tight black shirt and a short leather skirt. She was fighting the people she had once tried so hard to protect. Kat turned away from the viewing globe.

"Guys, I know that this is going to be hard, but we have to stop them from attacking the people. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!!"

"The Alligator!"

"The Kangaroo!"

"The Unicorn!"

"The Fox!"

"The Eagle!"

"The Cheetah!"

"The Panda!"

The rangers appeared in downtown Angel Grove and saw the forces attacking innocent people. Kat led the attack of the villains. Adam and Tanya teamed up to fight Starr as Aisha and Tommy ran after Spike. Rocky and Crystal chased Hellu as Kat went to get Kim.

"Kim, snap out of it!" Kat yelled. Kim looked at her in surprise, as she realized the girl in blue was Kat. She smiled a wicked smile as she grabbed her sword and swung it at Kat. Kat ducked and got ready for the next attack.

"I'm impressed, Kat. The leader of the power rangers already! And you're out of pink!" Kim commented as she hit Kat in the head with a tornado kick. She ran over to were Kat landed and kicked her in the side. As she moaned in pain, Kim laughed.

"I hate to break this to you Kat, but," she leaned down and whispered, "that outfit makes you look fat!" Kim starting laughing. Her laugh was cut short as Kat swept her feet out from underneath her. She glared at Kat as Kat stood up. Kat grabbed her by the arms and hit her on the head with her elbow. Kim's eyes rolled back in her head and she fell to the ground. Kat grabbed her communicator and yelled,

"Zordon! Send Kim to the Power Chamber, NOW!" Kim disappeared in a streak of white light. Kat sighed and turned around. All of a sudden, life seemed to go in slow motion. She watched in horror as Spike grabbed Tommy by the neck. Ridges appeared on Spike's face and fangs grew out of his mouth. He sank them deep into Tommy's neck.

"NOOOOOO!" screamed Kat as she ran over. She lunged towards Spike, and knocked him over as she hit him full force. She grabbed Tommy and threw him at Crystal, who was limping on a strained ankle. "Get to the Power Chamber!" Crystal nodded her head and she and Tommy disappeared. Kat turned to Spike, as he looked at her in interest.

"You know, you're better looking than I first thought. Too bad I have to kill you!" He leapt and Kat, but he jumped out of the way. She wasn't fast enough, thought to escape his nails. She looked at her shoulder in horror as she saw the torn uniform. Spike grabbed her by her waist, picked her up and threw her into a building. She looked around as she saw the others weren't faring to well. She ran full speed at Spike, and to his surprise, she back-flipped over him. She ran over to the rest of the rangers and helped them back away. The three villains ran together as they looked at the remaining rangers.

"You'll be sorry that you dared to oppose us, rangers!" snarled Hellu. He glared at them one more time before they disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. The rangers sighed in relief and teleported back to the Power Chamber.

"Zordon, are Tommy and Kim going to be alright?" Adam asked as they appeared in the Command Center.

"I'm afraid that I don't know what kind of spell the Forces have put over Kim, but I can tell you that I don't know how to cure it. Tommy, on the other hand, IS going to be alright. You got to him just in time, Kat." She nodded as she went to find Tommy. "In the mean time, rangers, I want you to train as hard as you can. We don't know when the next attack will come." The rangers nodded and left. Kat, meanwhile went to find Tommy. She walked over to one of the rooms and heard voices.

"Kim, you have to wake up!" Tommy cried. Kat looked in and saw he was holding Kim's hand tightly. Tears welled up in her eyes as millions of feelings ran through her. "Ever since we first met, you have meant so much to me, and I don't want to lose that. You showed me so many things, including how to get over my dark side and learn how to love others. Kim, you gave me a very important gift. Love. You showed me what it was like to be in love, and I can never thank you enough for it. When you broke up with me, I felt as though no one would ever be able to give me the feeling that you gave me. But I was wrong. I know that you've found someone, and I am hoping he treats you right. You're like a sister to me, and I don't know what I would do without you. Because of the gift you gave me I can love others, and I can find the right person. I think I have, though. She's perfect. She's sweet and compassionate, while at the same time, she is tough and determined. I think you'll approve of her. After all, you did give Kat your power when you left to train. I just want you to.." He jumped at the sudden noise behind him and turned around. He found Kat standing in the door. He smiled at her and motioned for her to come over.

"Did you here all of that?" he asked in astonishment. She nodded happily as she pulled her close. "I meant every word of it, Kat. I know I should wait for this, but I was wondering if you, Katherine Hillard, would do me the honor of becoming my wife," He pulled out a diamond ring and slipped it on her finger. She gasped in shock and hugged him.

"Oh, Tommy! I would love to!" They kissed and as they did, time seemed to stop for them as they were lost in the moment. Tommy pulled her close and whispered in her ear,

"Kat, I love you."

The End?