I don't own any of the characters. They belong to Saban. This is the first story of a series that will go into the minds of evil villains that the rangers have fought against. Hopefully, I will get into most of the villains. I hope you enjoy the fic! Please try to send feedback telling me if you liked the fic!

Evil Thoughts
by Emily

Look at them. Walking around on their planet, not having a care in the world. Those pitiful humans think that they are indestructible. I'll show them. I'll show them the power that they have to fight against. That they will DIE against. The woman glared down at the Earth below her, her lips in a horrifying sneer. She turned around and walked over to the two humans lying in her palace, dead. She had killed them as soon as they had freed her and her warriors. She hit on of them in the side with her staff, laughing at their foolishness.

Idiots. Didn't anyone tell them never to open anything floating around space? Probably, but with the curiosity these humans have, they didn't listen. That will be the beginning of their downfall. They are WEAK, and with no power to protect them, I will squash them like bugs. She walked over to her telescope and looked through it. A moment later, she screamed in anger. Her eyes flashed as she clenched her fists.

"No! This isn't suppose to happen! He couldn't trained warriors already!" Five young humans were walking out of the Command Center, the place where Zordon, her mortal enemy, was imprisoned in a warp tube. She peered through the telescope again and zoomed it in to look at the humans.

"Teenagers? What is Zordon thinking? Does he think that he can take me down with teenagers? Oh, he was underestimated me and will PAY for this embarrassment!" She turned around and screamed.

"Goldar!" Seconds later, a creature covered in golden armor ran into the room. He was a ferocious creature, with red eyes that burned with evil. He looked at the woman, awaiting orders. She turned to him, the anger evident on her face.

"Goldar, you and the putties will go down and get rid of those, those, teenagers!" He looked at her, rolling his eyes.

"Why do I have to go down and fight teenagers? I'm sure the putties could take care of them!" The woman sighed as she closed her eyes. Why did I get stuck with these incompetent fools!

"Do you DARE question my decisions?" She yelled angrily. The monster shrank back and shook his head. "Good. Now, you will go down to earth with the putties and attack those teenagers!" She pointed her staff next to the monster and eight creatures gray creatures appeared next to him. She pointed her staff at them again and they disappeared.

They had better get rid of those humans. I have a feeling that if they DO live, the Earth will be harder to conquer than I first thought. Those humans, even thought they are teenagers, they will be a great nuisance to me. The one in black, his quick thinking will give them the ability to get through hard situations. The yellow one's calm yet deadly abilities will be hard to deal with. The blue one's brains, now that one will be difficult to deal with. The pink one, her spirit will keep them from giving up. And the red one, he will be the most troublesome. He will bring them all together. I must be careful of these humans. They will be dangerous to me, and to anyone else who goes against them. The woman walked over to the earth, for a moment admiring the beauty of it. But that moment passed, and a cruel smile passed over her lips. But soon, the beauty will be gone. Soon, I will be the leader of planet and nobody, not even Zordon and his rangers will be able to defeat me!