I do not own any of the characters used. Saban owns all of them. I just own the idea for this story. This is the second in a series that will go into the minds of villains the rangers fought. Hope you enjoy!

by : Emily

It's almost over. Just a couple more battles, a couple more deaths. The young man watched the rangers fighting, without their leader. It's almost sad, really. I thought it would be harder to kidnap Jason. I thought he would put up more of a fight. I'm disappointed in him. He could actually take me in the ring a couple days ago. I guess he can't do much without the encouragement of his friends. The green ranger looked at the battle raging below him, looking for weaknesses in each of his enemies. He laughed as the blue ranger was knocked down by one of the putties.

"What a weakling! He can't even take a few putties. What kind of idiot is that Zordon, anyway to pick such a wimp!" The blue rangers stood back up and knocked the putty down, and fighting furiously against the others that surrounded him. The green ranger raised an eyebrow as he watched him. So, that boy does have some spunk in him. He might not be as easy to defeat as I thought! He's actually able to use his brain for something that will help him with fighting. The green ranger turned his attention to the yellow one, who was fighting with skill and grace. Now she, on the other hand, has potential. She is fighting with not only skill, but she has a strategy behind that all. If she was on the evil side, she would be a powerful ally. Until then, I will fight her until she was no will to live.

"She is to honorable. I bet, even with all of her skill, she will be easier to defeat than I first suspected. She won't attack me unless I do something to her. One of her biggest strengths will be her downfall." The ranger looked over at the black one, rolling his eyes at the dance moves he was doing.

What does he think this is? A dance-a-thon? Does he think that he will actually be able to get rid of the putties like THAT? Why, he's even worse than the blue ranger! And that's pretty bad. The black ranger dove at two of the putties and knocked their heads together, taking them out for the count. The green ranger looked at him in surprise, then laughed as he watched the putty run up behind the black ranger.

"Zack, look out behind you!" the yellow rangers called to her black comrade. The black ranger was hit in the back by two putties, and was pushed into the five putties that he had been fighting against. While he tried to get up, the blue and yellow rangers ran over to him and tried to help him. The green rangers eyes were turned to the pink ranger, trying to hold her own against the putties.

There's something about that girl. Something that I can't put my finger on. She seems to like the person that I was. A cold smile spread across his lips as he watched her kick two of the putties away. What spirit she has! She never seems to want to give up. That will make it even more fun to break her! Suddenly, his thoughts were broken as he heard his mistress calling him.

"GREEN RANGER. COME BACK TO THE MOON THIS INSTANT! THE RED RANGER IS READY FOR THE FIGHT!" The green ranger smiled and looked at the rangers one last time. He watched their surprise as the putties disappeared, leaving the ranger looking at each other in confusion. As they demorphed, the pink ranger looked up at him, shock, and a little bit of fear, appearing on her beautiful face. He looked down at her, none of the rangers paying attention to either of them.

Don't worry, Kimberly. I'm coming for you. The look of suprise on her face as she heard his message was priceless. The green ranger disappeared, the look on her face imbedded in his mind.

I'm coming for you ranger. But first I have to deal with your leader. When he's gone, you're all next.

The End?