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Meet The Ultimate Power Rangers, the latest superheroes.

by: Emily

I can't believe I'm doing this, she thought. I don't even know if anyone I know still lives here. Jason, Zack, and Trini went to Geneva, Aisha's in Africa, Billy is on Aquiator, Kat's in London, I think, Rocky's in Stone Canyon, and I'm not to sure about the others. She reached up and took her luggage from the overhead compartment and slowly made her way off the plane. She scanned the small crowd for anyone that looked familiar, but found none.

"Not that I expected anyone to be here. The only person I told that I would be going back to Angel Grove is Trini, and I doubt she told anyone," she said aloud. She started walking towards the entrance, when she heard a commotion behind her. She turned around and saw a young man and woman running through the terminal.

"Kim! Wait up!" the young man called. Kim stopped walking and started running towards the two people. She leapt into the arms of the young man, almost knocking both of them over.

"Adam! What are you doing here?" she asked. He looked at her sheepishly and explained.

"Well, Trini called and told us that you were coming back, so we decided to meet you at the airport," he explained. Kim smiled at him and hugged him again. She turned to the girl and hugged her.

"It's so good to see you again, Tanya. Rocky used to write about you and Adam all the time!" She smiled as both Tanya and Adam started to blush. Tanya looked up at her curiously.

"What have you been up to? We saw you at the games. To bad you didn't get the gold!" Tanya explained. Kim smiled.

"Yeah, but I did get the silver, almost a gold," Kim explained. "They offered me a chance to go to another competition, but I turned them down." Adam looked at her in surprise.

"Why?" he asked. She smiled and hugged him again.

"I haven't really seen my friends that much in the last three years and I really missed them," she said smiling." Besides, after three years of nothing but gymnastics, I'm ready for a looooooong break!" Tanya and Adam smiled, happy to have Kim back. The three of them started walking towards the door, still as close as they had ever been.

"Carlos, do you have the balloons up yet?" Cassie called out. Carlos looked up from his magazine he was reading.

"Yeah, I finished it a couple minutes ago," he yelled. She smiled at him.

"Good. You can help Ashley put up the streamers!" Carlos gave her a dirty look and went over to help Ashley. He looked at Ashley nervously, waiting to be told where to put the streamers. She looked up and handed him the pink and white streamers.

"Here, you can help me decorate the hallway," she ordered. He quickly followed her as she went into he hall. They started decorating the hall, not saying anything to each other.

Oh, why did Cassie do this? She knows how much I like Carlos! I thought I was over him when I met Andros, but it was just a crush. I REALLY like Carlos. But what am I going to tell Andros? He was just starting to show feelings and now I'm going to dump him. That will send him back into his shell! Oh, what am I going to do? Ashley thought. She looked over at Carlos, who was quickly putting up the decorations. She stared at his back, thinking to herself.

She's staring at me. I can feel her eyes on my back. She probably watching so I don't make a mistake. I wish I could tell her how I feel, but she's to into Andros to notice me. But lately, lately she's been - different. Distant, even. Maybe, it was just a crush! Maybe she likes me! Maybe, I'll be able to tell her.

"So, why are we decorating, again?" Carlos asked as he turned around. Ashley came out of her thought and looked at him. She blushed and looked away from his eyes.

"Adam and Tanya have a friend that they're bringing here," she explained. "And now that Ernie's back, they were really excited." Carlos was silent for a second.

"Who is this friend?" he asked. He leaned closer and his voice dropped. "Did she know they were Power Rangers?'' Ashley nodded her head and leaned closer.

"Yeah, she was the original pink ranger," she said. "She was on the team for a couple years, I think." She looked at Carlos in the eye, and for the next few seconds, neither of them dared to breathe. Finally, their heads moved closer together, and Ashley closed her eyes and pursed her lips ever so slightly. Carlos bent down and kissed her lightly, the kiss became deeper, until they heard a gasp behind them. They jumped apart and saw T.J. and Andros standing in the hallway, staring at them with looks of shock, and Andros with a look of sadness and hurt. As Ashley and Andros locked eyes, she saw tears in his eyes. He quickly turned around and started out of the Juice Bar. Ashley started after him, but T.J. harshly grabbed her by the arm.

"Don't," he ordered. "Don't you think you hurt him enough? He thinks he finally has his life together with his friend and sister being found, and you do this to him? He was just starting to open up to you and you kiss someone? Are you crazy?'' Ashley looked at him, unable to say anything. Finally, she ran into the girl's bathroom, tears running down her cheeks. T.J. gave Carlos a dirty look and stalked off into the Juice Bar. Carlos leaned against the wall, stunned by what had just happened.

What am I going to do?

I can't believe it! She was kissing him. I thought she liked me, but I guess I was wrong. Who was I kidding when I thought someone like her would ever want someone like me. I thought she would help me learn how to love again. I really liked her. Heck, I more then liked her, I LOVED her, Andros sighed as he continued walking. Suddenly, he was surrounded by a dozen Quantrons.

"Shoot!" he yelled. He got in his fighting stance, right as one of them attacked. He delivered a tornado kick to one of them, knocking the one down. He continued fighting them, but he was no match for all of them. He looked around, but was surrounded by to many people. Suddenly, the Quantrons were knocked away from him. He looked up and saw three people helping him. As he watched their moves, he could tell they had done this before. Suddenly, the one in black yelled out,

"Adam, help!" Six of the Quantrons were chasing her, and she wasn't having much luck with them. The boy, however, was busy fighting off his own.

"Gotcha covered, Tanya," yelled Kim. She grabbed one by the shoulders and smacked its head on her knee, taking him out. As she was surrounded by two more, she did a split kick, knocking them away. Tanya, fighting the others, managed to free herself from them. As the two girls fought against the six, Andros ran over and helped Adam. Within minutes, the Quantrons were destroyed. Andros walked over to them.

"I take it you guys have done this before," he guessed. The three smiled and started talking.

"Yeah, we've done this before, even though not at the same time," the girl in black said. "I'm Tanya."

"I'm Adam," announced the boy in white.

"And I'm Kim,'' said the girl in purple. Andros looked at her, surprised at the feelings that were sturring inside him. He smiled and introduced himself.

"I'm Andros," he answered. "Where are the three of you heading?"

"We're going to the Juice Bar," said Adam. "Want to come?" Andros felt the dread grow inside him, but quickly dismissed it.

"Sure," he said. He didn't want to go back, but he wanted to learn more about the people who had helped him fight the Quantrons, especially Kim.

"How dare they help him fight the Quantrons!" yelled Astronoma as she threw a book across the room. She stood up and started pacing around the fortress. "Who were those three, anyway?" She went over to the computer and started going through the files. She stopped as she came up to a picture of Adam and Tanya. The rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

"So, those two are retired rangers. Obviously, the girl in black wasn't as experienced as the boy, but she was still a pretty good fighter. Suddenly, Astronoma remembered the girl in purple. She stared going through older files and found a picture of the girl and a young boy dressed in white.

"Kimberly Ann Heart. Zedd had a lot to say about her," she thought. "Hmmm, ah, ha, wow! He wanted her as his WIFE, before he married Rita? She must be very important!" Astronoma paused and stood up. "She might be the one!" She looked around to make sure no one was in the room. She went over to the far corner and pulled out a purple crystal. She brought it over to the computer and put it up to the picture of Kim. Suddenly, it began to glow. She felt a strange sensation come over her. Like she was missing something. Astronoma closed her eyes as she remembered what the powers had once felt like. She remembered the rush when morphed, to protect her home town. A smile appeared on the lips of the evil being, but not one of evil. It was a wistful smile, as she remembered a time long ago, a time when she was with her brother and his best friend-

"The girl will be perfect for the power," said a voice behind her, breaking her from her train of thoughts. She turned around and her eyes opened wide as she saw Zedd standing there. She stood up and got into a defensive stance. He rolled his eyes.

"I'm not here to harm you. I'm here to suggest-an alliance." She stared at him in distrust.

"Why should I believe you?" she asked suspiciously.

"Because I know something about the girl that you don't," he said. "I know what she really is. The reason that I was so-as you put it-attracted to her, was because I felt something in her. Something that Zordon and Rita couldn't. Zordon couldn't because he had never been evil. Rita because she was too stupid to figure out anything. That girl is a direct descendent of Istanyo." Astronoma's eyes showed her confusion. Zedd sighed and started to explain.

"Istanyo was the most powerful being in the whole universe. He defeated everyone on the side of good, until there was no one left for him to fight. He began to get careless in his later years, and that's when Zordon, Dulcea, and Ninjor came to power. He couldn't fight all of them, so he called me up from his army. We fought against them, but Istanyo left in the middle of the battle. It was not until nineteen years ago that I heard from him again. He was on earth, and was close to his last years. He needed to pass his powers onto someone else. Someone of blood. He found a virgin woman and took the form of a human male. Nine months later, he found out the woman had a baby girl. During the night, he went and took the baby girl. In a long process, he passed all of his powers onto the small baby. The powers of her father would not appear for years, when evil took her. When she became a ranger, the evil went deeper down, dormant for a time. Then, Rita put spells over her. Unlike the rest of the rangers, the spell affected her soul, each time making it harder and harder for it to be defeated." Zedd stopped and took a breathe. "I began watching over her. She began getting into fits of anger. She never told anyone about them, not even her boyfriend Tommy. I knew she was the one. I saw the evil hidden deep in her, even though she tried hard to hide it. When she left the team, she started falling apart. Since she no longer had a power coin, she no longer had a way to seal the evil in. She was able to finish the games, but she knew she would no longer be able to hold the evil in. That's why she came back. To get help from the rangers." Astronoma looked at him with wide eyes, digesting everything that she had heard. She tried to talk, but was unable.

"You mean.......but how.........why...why aren't you with Rita," she asked. Zedd sighed.

"She went back to her parents, the old hag. I wanted a divorce from her, anyway," he said. She stared down at the picture of Kim. "Now her, on the other hand, I want." Astronoma nodded her head and stood up, shaking Zedd's hand. As she turned around, he stared at her back, realizing that the same thing was going to happen to her. The same thing that had happened to Scorpina. She was remembering. And he wouldn't permit that.

"What should we do first?" she asked. Zedd smiled and looked at the picture of the rangers. "We send down the putties. Astronoma turned around and looked at him with a look of disbelief.

"The putties? Are you crazy? They'll be dust in a matter of seconds. We should send down the Quantrons!" Zedd sighed again.

"Fine, we'll send down the Quantrons. But, we should make adjustments, so they are harder to destroy. Give them the ability to fight like a black belt ninja. Then we'll see how well the rangers fight against them." Astronoma nodded and went to work. As she left the room, he looked at the picture of Kim. "Soon, Kanara, you will return to your place."

As the group of four neared the Youth Center, Andros dragged behind. Adam looked back at him and frowned. He slowed down and started walking with Andros. The two girls, who were completely wrapped up in their conversation, didn't even notice the guys were behind them.

"What's wrong?" he asked. Andros sighed and looked at the girls.

"I was going to the Youth Center with T.J. and I was talking about how my life had gotten better with the find of my best friend and sister and I know had a girlfriend. We went into the Youth Center and we saw Ashley and Carlos in the hall. Kissing. When they saw us, I saw the emotions in Ashley's eyes. She didn't love me. She loved Carlos. I have never felt so betrayed. I ran out of the Youth Center, and the Quantrons attacked and you guys came to help." Adam looked at him sympathetically and opened his mouth to talk, but was interrupted by Tanya.

"Adam, Andros look out!" Adam turned around and was knocked down by a someone behind him. As Tanya and Kim helped Adam up, Andros yelled out,

"Quantrons!" Andros and the three ex-rangers immediately got into defensive stances. Two Quantrons immediately lunged at Kim. She was knocked down and she landed on her back. As they beared down at her, she rolled out of the way and stood up. She began a series of blocks as the Quantrons came after her with attack after attack. Adam and Andros were back to back as they were surrounded by five. Adam lashed out with a series of punches, that the Quantrons managed to block. Andros kicked at the one in front of him with a front kick, knocking it back. He quickly jumped away from Adam and delivered a tornado kick to the Quantrons in front of him, knocking most of them down. The one he missed swept his feet out from under him, knocking Andros down. The four were pushed together.

"They're to strong!" Kim yelled. "It's like fighting Tommy!" Suddenly, the Quantrons jumped forward and grabbed the them. They disappeared in flashes of white.

As the rangers appeared in Astronoma's ship, they were thrown to the ground. Andros was the first to stand up. As he helped the others up, he noticed Astronoma and another person walking in to the room. As he helped Kim up, her eyes narrowed at the person standing by Astronoma.

"Zedd," she hissed. Adam stood up and had the same reaction as Kim, only not as spiteful. Zedd seemed to smile at their reaction.

"In the flesh." he announced. "I was afraid you two wouldn't remember me." He walked over to them and grabbed both of them by the arm. Immediately, neither of them could move to get away from him. She picked both of them up by the neck, one in each hand, and threw them across the room. Both of them lost consciousness as they hit the ground. Tanya and Andros looked at Zedd in horror, realizing that he was more dangerous than anyone they had ever faced. He turned to them and slowly walked over to them. Tanya and Andros backed away as he inched forward. Suddenly, they hit the wall. They looked at each other in growing horror as he approached.

"It looks like it's the end of the former yellow ranger and the red space ranger," he announced. "Let's take care of the red ranger first." He grabbed Andros, and as he began to struggle, Zedd grabbed his head, preparing to break his neck. As he was about to twist his head, Zedd was knocked down. He stood up and saw a girl with blond hair standing behind him. He growled as he realized that the spell had been broken.

"No one touches my brother," Korone hissed. She kicked Zedd in the head, a kick that would have knocked a human out. Instead, Zedd was just stunned. As she ran over to help Andros up, Zedd stood up and went over to where Adam and Kim had landed, making sure neither of them would get away. The other three stood together, trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly, Zedd shot a bolt of energy at them, missing them as they jumped away.

"We have to get out of here!" screamed Andros. Tanya shook her head as she answered him.

"What about Adam and Kim? We have to save them!" As she finished the sentence, she was kicked from behind. Quantrons were blocking Zedd and the others from their view. Andros grabbed Tanya and Korone.

"We're leaving" he yelled as they disappeared in streaks of red and white. Zedd frowned as they disappeared. He looked behind him and saw the two were just starting to wake up. He grabbed Kim and strapped her against the wall, securing the bonds on her arms and legs. He picked up Adam and did the same to him. As the two shook their heads to relieved the dizziness, they realized where they were and Adam began to struggle with his bonds. Zedd laughed at their useless struggles.

"Give it up, ex-rangers. It's no use; the bonds are unbreakable." Kimberly glared at him as she continued her struggles.

"What do you want with us, Zedd?" she demanded. He grinned evilly at her and cupped her chin in his hand, so she would look up at him.

"I think it's time for you to learn who you really are."

"Why did you keep Adam if this is only for me?" she asked. He looked over at Adam, who was still struggling with the bonds.

"Becuse he should learn about his past, too." Zedd announced. They both looked up at him with confused looks on their faces. "This is going to be so much fun to tell you this. I'll start with you, Kim. About nineteen years ago, a evil being named Istanyo came to earth to pass his powers on to someone of blood. He found a virgin woman and nine months later she gave birth to a baby girl. He passed on the powers to the girl, but they would not show up until she found out the truth. You, Kimberly, are the girl that Istanyo passed his powers onto." He smiled as he saw the emotions on her face, mostly that of horror.

"You're lying!" she screamed. "I'm not evil! I would have realized it by now!" He watched as realization dawned on her face.

"That's right Kim. That's why you couldn't control your anger anymore. You didn't have the power coin to control the evil inside you anymore. And this," he pulled out the purple crystal and held it out in front of him, "is where your power is held." He went over and released Kimberly from her bonds. She became mesmorized by the purple crystal. She started walking towards it, draw to the power of it. Adam watched helplessly as she went towrads the evil.

"Kim, don't!" he yelled. Zedd hissed at him. Kim, though, couln't hear a thing. She was too busy fighting.

NOOOO!!! I'm not evil! This is wrong, and I have to fight it.

This is what you really are. This is why you never felt like you belonged. You didn't. You belong here, on the side of evil. Take the crystal from him and go where you belong. Before she realized what she was doing, her hand closed over the crystal. She gasped in pain at the power that swept through her body, distroying any goodness it encountered. She screamed as she realized she was disappearing into the evilness that had surfaced. Tears streamed down her face as she silently prayed and said goodbye to all of her friends. She fell to the ground, no longer able to hang on. Suddenly, she became silent and the tears disappeared. A bright purple light shone across the room, making both Adam and Zedd close their eyes. When they opened their eyes, Kim stood before them. But she was changed. Instead of the purple tank top and blue jean shorts, her outfit was completely changed. She was wearing a short, black, leather skirt. She wore black boots that went up to her shins with 2 1/2 inch heels. She wore a deep purple halter top that showed her off nicely. Her lips were coated with a deep purple lipstick and instead of the doe-brown her eyes had once been, they were a light violet. Her eyes showed none of the compassion that was there before and her lips were twisted in a cruel smirk. For a split-second, her eyes reflected fear, sadness, and pleading, but it was replaced with a unfeeling, uncaring look.

"So, this is what I really am," she exclaimed, looking over her outfit. "I like it MUCH better then before." She strutted over to Adam and traced her hand down th side of his face. "So, what do you think of me?"

"Kim, you have to fight it!" he pleaded. A toughtful look crossed her face.

"Maybe I should," she said innocently. A flicker of hope crossed his face, but soon crashed as he saw the evil glint in her eyes. "No, I changed my mind. I like how I am now, and I don't want to change a thing. OH, by the way, from this day on, I'm going to be called by my rightful name. Kanara." She narrowed her eyes. "And don't even THINK about calling me anything else." She turned to Zedd and smiled. "So, what is it you had to tell Adam?" Zedd looked at her and raised his eyebrow, surprised by how fast Kanara had taken over. He quickly dismissed it and walked over to Adam. A strange look came over his face. The two people in the room had no idea what it meant, since only two other people had seen it and both of them were dead.

"Adam, my boy, you too have an evil heritage. Not as bad, because there was good in him. But it's still the same," he walked over to the the confused boy and blasted him with his wand. The boy screamed as he felt the spell take over. As he sank deeper and deeper, he silently thought.

Forgive me for giving in, Tanya.

"NO!!! Why did you take me out of there? We could have saved them!" Tanya screamed as she, Andros and Korone materialized on the Decca Mega Ship. Tanya tore herself away from Andros's grasp and threw him to the ground. "We abandoned them! We should have done something! Zedd will kill them," she fell to the ground and started crying. Andrso walked over to her and looked into his eyes.

"Tanya, there is no way we could have saved them," he whispered softly. "We couldn't goten ourselves killed! Zedd isn't going to kill Adam. He would have done it when we were there; don't worry. We'll find them." She looked at him with tear-filled eyes.

"You promise?" she asked, her voice trembling. He smiled.

"I promise," He hugged her. Suddenly, they both jumped at the sound behind them.

"Andros," He turned around and found Korone standing there, looking terribly out of place. In all the confusion about their missing friends, he had completely forgotten about Korone. He went over to her, worry etched onto his face.

"Korone, what's wrong," she looked up at him with fear in her eyes.

"What have i done?" she asked. "I've attacked people, even killed them. I even tried to kill you and Zhane! My own brother and one of my friends! What am I going to do, Andros? Hwo can you even stand looking at me?" She looked at him, on the verge of tears. He hugged her.

"That wasn't you, Korone. You were under a spell. That was Astronoma, not you. You managed to overcome Astronoma when I needed you the most. You saved my life!" he reminded her. A small smile came over her face.

"But what am I going to do? You're the only person I have left-"

"No, not the only person. I know someone who cares for you deeply." She looked at him with question in her eyes.

"Zhane." He watched as her eyes widened, then he smiled as he saw the familiar blush come over her face.

"I like Zhane. I like him a lot; but it wouldn't work. It will take me awhile to get over what I've done, and I don't think he's willing to wait that long for me." Her lower lip quivered as she felt the tears that wouldn't fall before start falling. Andros hugged her as she cried. Another pair of arms closed around Korone. Andros looked up and was surprised to see Tanya hugging both of them.

"I don't know either of you that well, but I do know when others need a hug." Andros was shocked that this girl, who was so torn up about her boyfriend, could even think about helping others. I wonder how she does it? It doesn't matter. She was a great choice for a ranger, and I'm sure others thought so too.

"What's going on in here?" called a voice from behing Andros. He turned around, and saw Zhane standing in the doorway. Andros stood up, blocking Korone from Zhane's view.

"I'm afraid we have a major problem. Some old friends, and rangers, were captured by an evil being named Zedd." He watched as Zhane's eyes widened in shock.

"By the way, this is Tanya," he said. Zhane nodded at her, but his face twisted in confusion.

"But who's behind you?" he asked Andros smiled and took a step to the side. Zhane face it up as he saw Korone standing there in indecision.

"An old friend," Andros explained as Zhane ran over and hugged Korone. He watched as the two hugged, realizing that the road ahead would be long and challenging, but everything would come out right.

The End... for now