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Thoughts of Revenge
by: Emily

I hate them. I hate all of them. Especially HIM. Those humans think that they can battle against the almighty Goldar? The power must have driven all of them insane! I am unstoppable!

The armored monster paced angrily around his room, the fate of the last battle taking a toll of him. I should have been able to defeat them! All of them! If it hadn't been for that green ranger, they would all be toast. Goldar picked up his sword and looked at it in disgust. It had taken a beating in the battle, for the green rangers had proved once again what an extraordinary fighter he was. Deep down inside, Goldar knew that the ranger was a good fighter, but would never admit to it.

"The rangers should all be dead right now! All of them, especially the green one." Ever since Goldar had first lain eyes on the boy, he had hated him.

When they boy first came, I knew that he would be trouble. But Rita was insistent that her green ranger would be able to get rid of the rest of them. Well, she was wrong, and we now have another rangers to deal with. I know his weaknesses, though. He thinks he is indestructible, but he will actually be the destroyer of the rangers. What irony it has. Rangers defeated by trusted ally and friend. Still, I would rather take all of them down and be able to break their spirits than having the green ranger destroy them all. Goldar turned and looked around the room, remembering what it had been like to when the boy first came.

At first, he was stupid and had no clue how to fight the rangers. If Rita hadn't ordered me to train the ranger for battle, the boy would be nothing but a weakling. He owes all of his training in the field of battle to me! Now, that is all turning against me. I have to fight it, and somehow, find a way to get rid of him! As the anger built up, he began to glow a deep shade of red. Goldar threw the sword across the room in a fit of rage, knocking down many items on the other side of the room. As the items fell, the monster noticed a small hole in the wall, one that he had never seen before. As he walked closer to it, he realized that there was a room behind the wall. He punched into the wall, breaking a small hole into it. He reached and started pulling out the items in the hidden room. As he reached in, his hand closed around a circular object. He pulled it out and looked at it.

"What is this? A green candle?" He looked at the candle, wondering why it would be in a hidden room. He shrugged and threw it back in the room, covering the whole up with the shelves he had knocked down.

I will destroy the rangers, but I will save the green one for last. I want to break his spirit and I want him to feel the pain that he caused his friends, especially the one that he cares so much about, the pink rangers, Kimberly. Only then will he realize who the true master is. And by then it will be to late.

"Goldar!" The monster looked at the door, hearing his mistress call him. He went out of the room, having only the thought of the green rangers in his head. Behind the shelves, in the secret room that he had uncovered, the green candle sat at the top of the pile. It began to give off a green light, but the light soon went out. The candle sat there, waiting until it would be used to strip the green ranger of his powers. Forever.