I don't own any of the characters in this story except for Jaconia.  All of the others belong to Saban.  This story is part of the Comings and Goings series, except this talks about the team on Phaedos.  I hope you like it!

Planets Afar
by: Emily

On a planet far, far away from the planet Earth, lives a warrior that is the keeper of an extrordinary power.  She alone has protected the planet from the forces of Evil.  She is the protector of the Great Power, one that can only be given to those who are worthy of it.  She has made sure that over the course of time she was there, the power has only been given to those pure of heart and defenders against Evil.  Now, the times of changed.  A great Evil has arisen and attacked the planet, causing the warrior to call for help from her trusted ally and longtime friend, Dimitria.

A few days ago:

    The warrior ran through the forest, occasionally looking behind her to see how close they were.  She could here the faint voices behind her.

    "Which way did she go?" a voice demanded.  Another voice answered, one that was shaking in fear.

    "I don't know, sir.  She ran into the forest, and I lost her quickly."  The warrior winced as she heard the scream from behind her.

    Sounds like Jaconia is getting fed up with his troops, she thought as she cautiously walked into a clearing.  Ahead of her was the temple of power, the one where the Great Power was kept.  She ran over to it, and looked around.  Seeing and hearing no one around, she turned back to the temple.  For the average observer, the temple before her looked as if it had no door.  But she was different.  She was worthy of the powers that were inside.  She closed her eyes and placed her hand upon the wall.  Suddenly, the wall opened to reveal a long hallway leading deep inside the temple.  She quickly walked in and pushed the doors shut.  As they closed, she heard people jumping out of the bushes.

    "She went in there!" One of the soldiers called.  She heard some of them jumping against the entrance, when an angry voice yelled at them.

    "Don't hit that, you idiots!  Do you realize what is in there!?"  The warrior felt a small smile appear on her face as she listen to the chorus of "I don't know"s.  "The Great Power is in that temple!  It will be lost if anyone tried to destroy it!"  The warrior sighed as she walked down the hall, turning into the first room she came to.  She walked slowly over to an alter and slowly kneeled down upon it.  Using a power she hadn't used in years, she called upon the help of her long-time friend, Dimitria. 

    Dimitria, if you are there, please.  I need help.  Many millions of miles away, on the planet of Earth, a being woke up from it's deep sleep.  Here eyes shot open and she appeared in a dimensional tube.  The robot working in the chamber looked up at her in comfusion.

    "Dimitria, what's wrong?  No one is attacking, yet your up here?  What's going on?" Alpha asked.  Dimitria looked at him in alarm.

    "Something's wrong on Phaedos.  Dulcea's in trouble, and she needs help."  Dimitria exclaimed urgetly.  Alpha looked up at her in worry.

    "But what are we going to do?  We need all of our rangers, 'cause we've found out that Shadow is a lot tougher than we expected!"  Dimitria sighed and looked down.  After a few moments of thought, she looked up at at Alpha.

    "Alpha, summon the rangers.  Phaedos is in dire need of help, and we have rangers to spare.  They will go to help Phaedos as the rest will stay to continue protecting Earth."  Alpha nodded and turned to the controls, summoning the rangers.  A couple minutes later, the ten rangers appeared and looked up at Dimitria in confusion.

    "What's wrong, Dimitria?  Is Shadow attacking?"   Justin asked.  Dimitria shook her head and sighed.

    "No, rangers.  I'm afraid that I have grave news.  Phaedos is being attacked by Evil.  They want to take the Great Power, and use it for evil pruposes.  I need a few of you to go and help Dulcea with her fight against them.  I need four people to go."  The rangers looked at each other in shock.  Dimitria sighed, wondering if any of them would volunteer to go.  Billy walked up to her.

    "I'll go, Dimitria." Billy vonunteered.  Trini looked at him and smiled.

    "Where ever Billy goes, I'll go."  They looked at the others.  Adam and Tanya looked at each other and smiled, walking over to them.

    "We're in."  Adam said.  "The Ninjetti powers are an incredible force, and it would be awful if it were to fall into the hands of evil."  Dimitria smiled at the four.

    "Thank you, rangers.  Even though it might be hard, you will be gone for quite a while."  The rangers walked over to each other and one by one, hugged goodbye.

    "Take care of yourself, Trini.  I don't want you to get hurt."  As Kim hugged the her, Trini felt tears begin to well up in her eyes.  She wasn't sure what would happen while they were gone, but she felt that by the time she came back, things would be different.  While Kim and Tommy were saying goodbye to Billy and Trini, Kat walked over to Tanya, trying to hold back tears. 

    "Tanya, be careful.  Don't get hurt, you here."  Tanya nodded and hugged Kat, the closest friend that she had on the team.  She looked at Kat.

    "I'll be careful.  I promise."  As the rangers exchanged hugs, Dimitria called out to them.

    "I'm afraid that you must go now, rangers.  The planet is in dire need of assistance."  The rangers said their final good-byes and looked at each other sadly.  Dimitria smiled as the rangers looked up at her.  "Good luck rangers.  May the power protect you."  The rangers smiled at the familiar quote used by their former mentor.  BIlly, Trini, Adam, and Tanya disappeared in streaks of light.  As the four teleported away, one though ran through all of their minds.   

    "Will we make it out alive?"

    As the rangers appeared in the temple, a small smiled appeared on her face.  She walked over to the rangers, recognizing two of them from before.  She walked over to them.

    "It is good to see you two again." she said.  She turned to Tanya and Trini, who were looking at her suspisiously. 

    "I am Dulcea, keeper of the Great Power.  And you are?"  Trini looked up at her and smiled.  She stuck out her hand.

    "I'm Trini, and this is Tanya."  Dulcea smiled at them, seeing that Zordon and Dimitria had chosen their rangers well.  Dulcea turned to Adam and Billy.  Smiling warmly, she shook both of their hands.

    "Are you well, rangers?"  Adam and Billy nodded their heads, but Dulcea detected that something was wrong.  "How are the others.  Are they well?  Kimberly, Tommy, Rocky, and Aisha?"  The four rangers looked down at the mention of Aisha's name.  Dulcea looked at them in confusion.  Adam walked up to her, the sorrow evident in his voice.

    "I'm afraid that Aisha.......was killed by one of the attacks."  Dulcea's eyes widened in shock and she gave the rangers an apologetic look. 

    "I'm sorry rangers.  I did not know.  But that would explain it."  The rangers looked at her, the confusion in their eyes showing. 

    "What do you mean, Dulcea?" Billy asked.  She looked at him and smiled a sad smile.

    "I felt a great loss run through the Great Power a short time ago.  Unfortunatly, I did not have the time to try and find out what it was, because Phaedos was attacked by Jaconia."  She smiled as the rangers exchanged looks.  "Jaconia is the evil that has attacked the planet, and who you must help me defend the planet against.  Even though he is only a few centuries old, he is still very powerful and if he is able to obtain the Great Power, all will be lost."  The rangers looked at her and nodded, realizing that they were fighting against a very powerful villian. 

    "If you don't mind me asking, how did Aisha, um, pass away?"  Trini looked up.

    "She was killed by Astronoma, who has recently joined forces with Divatox, Lord Zedd, and Shadow."  Dulcea's face paled at the last name.  She looked at the rangers, worry evident in her face.

    "Shadow is attacking earth?  Has the Key come to help you yet?"  The four exchanged uneasy looks.  Trini bit her lip and looked up at Dulcea. 

    "Well, she did come, but unfortunetly, she was captured by Shadow."  Dulcea sat down and looked at them in horror.  She put her head in her hands, having trouble digesting all of the information at once. 

    "Rangers, as soon as this is over, you must go back to to Earth to help your friends and fellow rangers.  Shadow is a powerful villian and if he is able to control the Key, well, things might not come out that well."  The rangers stood, rooted to their place as they digested everything that Dulcea was telling them.  Tanya was the first to speak.

    "Well, if we need to get go back to Earth as soon as possible, then we should try to defeat this Jaconia."  Dulcea stood up and nodded, a grim expression on her face. 

    "But before we try to defeat him, you should know a little bit about him."  Dulcea proceded to tell the story of Jaconia and why he wanted to get the Great Power. 

The present day:   

    After two days of preparing for the battle, the rangers thought that they were ready.  Tanya and Trini had been filled in a little about the quest before, but they still were a little confused. 

"Billy, when did you meet Dulcea?" Trini asked as the four of them rested.  They had been working out, by orders from Dulcea, and now they were taking a break. 

    "Well, when we first arrived on this planet, we landed on a beach a little ways from here.  We didn't know what to expect, so we were trying to make our way cautiously over the beach.  While we were making our way to the cliffs, Ivan Ooze sent his Tengas to try and keep us from gaining the Great Power.  At first, it looked like the Tengas were going to win, since we couldn't morph.  Suddenly, a cloaked warrior jumped off the cliffs and started to help us fight them.  She broke her walking stick in half and started swinging them.  The swinging caused this horrible high pitched noise that caused the birds to fly away, probably back to Ivan.  When Dulcea found out that Ivan Ooze was attacking Earth and Zordon was in trouble, she agreed to help us find the Great Power."  Trini and Tanya looked, shocked at the story.  Tanya was still a little confused.

    "But I thought that Kim mentioned something about animal guides?"  she asked.  Adam's face turned pink as he looked down.  Billy tried to supress a smile, but he failed at the attempt.  The girls looked at them curiosly.

    "What?  Didn't you guys get animal guides?"  Adam nodded and sighed.

    "Yeah, we all had animal guides.  Kim's was a crane, Rocky's an ape, Tommy's a falcon, Aisha's a bear, and Billy's was a wolf."  Billy looked at him and smiled.

    "What about you, Adam?  What was yours?"  Adam glared at him.  Trini and Tanya looked at each other.

    "Yeah, Adam what was yours?" Trini asked.  Adam sighed again.

    "Well, mine was...um..a frog."  The girls looked at him.  Tanya smiled, then sighed.

    "C'mon, Adam.  What was your REAL animal guide.''  He looked at her, somewhat embarrered.

    "That WAS my animal guide.  I didn't like it that much, even though the color was better."  Tanya smiled and hugged him.

    "It's okay Adam.  When kissed, a frog turns into a handsome prince."  She kissed him in the cheek, causing him to blush.  Trini and Billy laughed at his red cheeks.  Before they could say anything else, Dulcea ran into the room.  The four stood up and looked at her.

    "Rangers, it's time.  Jaconia has decided to attack the temple, regardless of the power."  The rangers watched her go to the exit of the temple, and Billy looked at the rest of the rangers.

    "Ready guys?  It's morphin time!"

    "Ultimate Jaguar!"

    "Ultimate Cheetah!"

    "Ultimate Elephant!"

    "Ultimate Grizzly!"  As the rangers appeared in their morped uniforms, Dulcea pushed the entrance of the temple open, knocking back all of the Markins resting by it.  She jumped out and got into a defensive stance, glaring at Jaconia.  He looked at her and laughed.

    "Do you really think that you would be able to defeat me and all of my Markins?"  She shook her head and smiled as the four rangers jumped out of the temple and landed next to her. 

    "Don't worry, Jaconia.  We'll make sure that your end isn't that painful." Dulcea taunted.  He glared at her and the four rangers.  He then turned to the Markins, giving them the signal.

    "Markins, attack!"  The rangers prepared for the impact of the spiked creatures, while Dulcea jumped over the creatures and landed in front of Jaconia.  He smirked as the two faced off.

    "It looks like you've been practicing, Dulcea.  I'm impressed."  She narrowed her eyes at him, while watching his every move.

    "It's time we end this, Jaconia.  Here and now."  He nodded once, almost sadly and rushed at her.  While the two of them were fighting, the rangers were holding their own against the Markins.  Trini was able to use her skills to hold off the three she was fighting, while still watching to see if anyone else needed help.  One of the three rushed at her, but she blocked the things punch, flipping it over her head.  The other two went after her with swift attacks, limiting her to only defensive blocks.  Billy and Adam, fighting back to back were not fairing much better against the creatures.  They were surrounded by eight of them, all whom seemed to know what they guys fighing skills were.  

    "Billy, they seem to know what our skills are!"  Adam exclaimed while blocking the kicks from the markins.  Billy nodded.

    "I know!  We have to do something that they don't think we would do!"  The two turned to face each other, and Billy kneeled on the ground.  Adam ran up to him, and planting one foot on his back, jumped over the Markins.  The Markins watched Adam's jump, completely forgetting about Billy.  Billy stood up and called on his laser.    

    "Grizzly laser!"  A small laser appeared, silver in color with the end shaped like a Grizzly's open mouth.  He shot at two of the Markins, one of them dissolving when hit.

    "Adam!  Aim for their head!" he yelled out.  Adam nodded and ran at one of them, knocking it down.

    "Jaguar laser!"  He screamed.  When it appeared in his hand, he immediatly shot at the Markin.  The Markin dissolved when the laser beam hit him.  Adam looked at the small laser in his hand, shocked that something so small could send a laser at that much force.

    "ADAM!"  Tanya's scream interrupted his thoughts, and he turned around to look for her.  When he found her, he gasped in horror.  She was being attacked by seven Markins, and she couldn't get her laser out to get rid of them.

    "I'm coming, Tanya!"  he yelled.  He froze and could only watch in horror as they grabbed her and flung her against the side of the temple.  Her screams were cut short as she hit the temple, head first.  Adam ran over to the Markins, attacking them with inhuman strength.  With a quick tornado kick, he knocked four of them down, leaving three standing.  He shot at one of them with his laser, dissolving it.  he grabbed the other two and bashed them together, knocking them out of the fight.  The four he had previesly knocked down jumped at him, but he shot two of them down, dissolving them.  The other two managed to hit him, knocking him backwards.  He stood up and kicked one of them in the gut, and shot at the other one.  The remaining Markins stood up and ran over to where Jaconia was fighting Dulcea.  Adam ran over to Tanya, feeling the effects of the adrenaline rush kicking in.

    "Tanya, are you okay?  Answer me!"  he cried as she shook Tanya, despretly trying to wake her up.  He grabbed her arm and checked for a pulse, but quickly drew back as a yellow light engulphed her.  When the light died away, she lay on the ground unmorphed.  Adam tried to check for a pulse once again, but dropped her arm as he realized she was ice cold.  He picked her up and ran over to the temple, gently laying her down at the entrance.  He turned around and saw three markins heading towards him.  He blocked their attacks and quickly shot at them, dissolving them instantly.  He looked over at the others, seeing that they were faring well against the Markins.  

    Billy and Trini can take care of the Markins.  It's Dulcea I'm concerned about.  He turned towards where Dulcea and Jaconia were fighting, seeing that Dulcea seemed to be holding back.  Jaconia was releasing attack after attack, and Dulcea could do nothing but block them.  It's time to repay Dulcea for everything that she did for us.  As Adam ran over to help Dulcea, he could feel a power he hadn't felt for a long time.  As the Markins tried to stop him from getting near Dulcea and Jaconia, he leapt over them, surprising even himself.  As he leapt over the rest of the Markins, he heard a soft voice inside of his head.     

    Adam, I am still with you.  Adam managed a small smile as he heard the voice from so long ago.  He thought his animal spirit had left him, but he could still feel it inside of him, bursting to get out.  

    "What's wrong Dulcea?  Getting tired already?" Jaconia taunted as he kicked Dulcea in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her.  As she fell to the ground, she felt all her energy escape her.  She looked up at Jaconia and glared at him.  He smiled cruelly and pulled out his sword.

    "Looks like it's the end for you, Dulcea." Jaconia hissed as he brought the sword down, intent on destroying her.  Dulcea closed her eyes, waiting for death to overtake her.  Suddenly, she heard Jaconia scream in pain.  She opened her eyes and looked up at surprise.

    "Need some help, Dulcea?" Adam asked as he helped her up.  She stood up, and looked over to where Adam had thrown Jaconia.  Jaconia stood up and glared at him.

    "Idiot boy!  Do you realize what you are fighting against?"  Adam looked at him, and a strange feeling overtook him.  He felt no fear.  None.  He looked at Jaconia.

    "Yes, I know what I'm fighting against.  But I'm not afraid."  Jaconia glared at the two of them, and suddenly sprang into action, whipping his sword at them.  They both ducked and spun around quickyl to face him.  An evil smile appeared on Jaconia's face, and he pointed his sword at Dulcea, shooting electricity at her.  Her screams traveled through the jungle.  The rangers watched in horror as her body writhed in pain.  Adam felt the anger overtake him, and as he lunged at Jaconia he felt a change overtake him.  Jaconia looked up and a look of surprise came over his face as the boy's uniform turned from green armor to a black ninja suit.  Adam paid no attention on it, only feeling the adrenaline rushing through his veins as he lunged at the evil being.  At contact, Jaconia was thrown back into a thick tree, knocking him unconscious.  Adam ran over to Dulcea who looked up to him and offered a weak smile.  Adam had to lean close to hear her weak voice.

    "Adam.....my....couragious little frog.....you and your....friends have been chosen by the Great.....Power"  Her voice began to get weaker as she looked up at him, Trini, and Billy who had run over when they saw the enery blast.  "You...you...all must take care of the.....the Power that lies within....  You're friend will be alright....Please, bring her...to...me"  Billy ran over and picked up the still Tanya, bringing her over to Dulcea.  Adam looked at Tanya, trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to spill over.  Dulcea looked up at him.

    "You, you have....deep feelings...for this girl.  You must....take care of-"  A burst of electricity shot through the air and hit Adam on the side.  He fell to the ground in pain.  Jaconia stood up and circled the five, waiting for one of them to make a move.  Billy clenced his fists as he glared at the being.  

    "Go ahead, make a move.  When you do, you're friend Dulcea will be toast."  He smirked as the rangers glared at him, but dared not to move.  Adam took a step forward, daring the being to shoot.

    "We are rangers, and we will never give up."  He stated, to the surprise of Jaconia.  Jaconia looked at the boy, surprised at his courage.  

    "To bad, boy.  You would have been a worthy opponent."  Jaconia shot a bolt of energy at Adam.  In the split-second that he had, Adam called out ot his animal guide.

    "The Frog!"  As the bolt hit Adam, he deflected it with his hands, pushing it towards Jaconia.  As the energy was pushed slowly back towards the villain, he put more power into it, causing it to go back at Adam.  As it got closer, Adam felt himself begin to weaken.  Suddenly, he heard a voice behind him.

    "The Wolf!"  A bolt of blue joined together with Adam's and pushed the evergy into Jaconia.  The rangers watching in horror as Jaconia's own power turned against him, causing him to scream out in pain.  The pain echoed through the forest, until a few seconds later.  Then, all was quiet.  The rangers ran over to where jaconia lay and watched in surprise as the body crumbled into ashes.  

    "Rangers,"  The three rangers turned around at the sound of Dulcea's ever weakining voice.  They walked over to her, and bent down to help her.

    "Rangers, my time...my time has come form me.....to leave....you.  You must...promise me...that...you will...take care of..this planet."  The rangers nodded.  Dulcea turned to Trini and smiled.  Her voice became softer and softer until it was barely above a whisper.  "You....you are...going to be... passing on ...a legacy of power.  You must....find your animal guide...and learn to...live in....peace with... it."  Trini nodded as tears started to run down her cheek.  Dulcea looked up at Adam, who was already crying.

    "Do not...cry, my...little...frog.  You will...be with your...beloved."  Dulcea closed her eyes, for the last time.  The rangers watched in shock as a transparent snowy owl lifted out of the body of Dulcea, and passed over Tanya.  A mist passed over the still girl.  The rangers watched as the mist passed and the snowy white owl disappeared.  Suddenly, Tanya let out a small moan.  Adam turned to her and hugged her as she sat up.

    "What happened?" She asked quietly.  She looked around and saw Dulcea and she covered her own mouth.  "Is she..dead?"  As the rangers nodded, tears formed in her eyes.  With the help of Adam, she stood up and the four of them walked over to the temple.  As they got towards the entrance, it opened and a giant stone came out.  Suddenly, the four of them were covered with individiual lights.  Adam smiled as a black light covered him, as he once again was filled with the power of the Ninjetti.  A blue light swept over Billy, once again filling him with the power.  Tanya watched in amazement as she was covered in a yellow light, the strong power of the bear filling her.  Trini smiled as a white light covered her and she at once felt the power of the tiger flowing through her.  As the rangers felt there animal guides, they heard a voice.

    Rangers, you have been chosen to guard the Great Power.  You must stay and protect it, making sure that only those that are worthy may pass through.  The rangers watched as the spirit of Dulcea passed through them all, giving them the confidence that they needed to make their decision.  

    "We have to stay here.  To take care of the Great Power."  Billy said.  The others nodded at this, and suddenly a voice filled their head.

    Rangers, it is I, Dimitria.  I have felt a great sorrow in the power.  What has happenend?

    I'm afraid that Dulcea has been, killed, by Jaconia.  The rangers looked at each other in shock, realizing that they could communicate through telepathy.  The four could immediatly feel Dimitria's sorrow.

    I am sorry to hear that, rangers.  What is going to happen to the planet Phaedos?

    We have decided to stay and protect it.  The Great Power has chosen for us to be it's protectors and to make sure that only the worthy would make it through.  I am afraid that we must stay and protect the power.  The rangers could feel Dimitria smiling, sadly.

    Rangers, if the power has chosen you, you must stay.  Good luck, and may the power protect you.  The rangers smiled at each other and headed into the temple, ready to take on any challenge that they would have to face.

The End