I don't own any of the characters used, except Nat, Lee, and Shadow.  This is the fifth in the series.  Thanks to my friend Michelle for helping me with this!  

Disaster Strikes
by: Emily

    "God, I'm going to miss them!" Lee exclaimed as and sat down at the table.  Nat nodded and sighed.

    "I thought it was hard to say good-bye once.  I never thought that we would have to  it twice."  Lee sighed and looked over to where their new-found friends were.  Lee looked over at her sister and looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to them.

    "Can you believe that those guys are the power rangers?"  She whispered.  Nat thought for a minute, then nodded.  

    "Actually, I can.  Have you seen how much they've been training to fight?  And how they always hang around each other?"  Lee nodded.  They looked over to the rangers and watched as they started walking out of the Youth Center, carefully looking around.  Lee smiled and rolled her eyes.

    "Do you know how obvious they look?  I mean, come on.  Don't all go in one big group!"  Lee exclaimed as they rangers walked out of the Juice Bar.  She slowly stood up and started to follow them.  Nat looked up at her in surprise.

    "What are you doing, Lee?" she asked.  Lee put her finger to her mouth.

    "Shh.  I'm want to see who they get their orders from!"  With that, she walked quickly out of the Juice Bar, carefully watching the rangers.  Nat rolled her eyes and sighed.

    "And she said they looked obvious?"  

      The rangers walked out of the Juice Bar and into a deserted lot behind it.  Tommy bent down and spoke into his communicator.

    "Dimitria, what's wrong?"  he asked as the other rangers crowded around him.  Kim looked at him, for some reason weaker than usual.  

    "The rangers on Phaedos are requesting that you talk to them.  Immediately."  With the mention of Phaedos, Kim's knees went weak and gave out on her.  She fell to the ground, unable to stand up.  Tommy reached down and helped her up.

    "Kim, what's wrong?"  She shook her head, her face completely pale.  She leaned against Tommy, trying to stay up.

    "I don't know.  I feel so weak.  I feel like something is...I don't know, missing."  The rangers looked at her in concern.  Dimitria cleared her throat.

    "Rangers, you must come to the Power Chamber right away to speak with your friends."  Dimitria announced.  The rangers looked at each other and nodded.  They pressed a button on their communicators and disappeared in streaks of light.  As soon as they disappeared, Lee pushed open the door all the way and looked up at the disappearing streaks.  Her mouth dropped open.

    "WOW!  I wish I could do something like that!"  She exclaimed.  She ran back in the Youth Center, going to tell Nat about the rangers.  

      As the rangers appeared in the Youth Center, they turned to the viewing globe.  They smiled as they saw that their friends were still alive.  Justin ran over to the viewing globe.

    "Did you guys do it?  Is Phaedos safe?" he asked.  Trini, Billy, Adam, and Tanya, the rangers on Phaedos looked at each other uneasily.  Billy looked up.

    "Yeah, Phaedos is safe.  For now at least."  Billy said.  Kim ran over to the viewing globe, for some reason fearing that something had happened.  She looked at the four.

    "Did you guys meet up with Dulcea?  Did she help you?  Why isn't she with you now."  The four looked at the ground.  Adam bit his lip and walked forward, looking her straight in the eye.  Her eyes widened in fear.

    "Kim, well, we did meet Dulcea and she helped us a lot."  Kim looked at him, her eyes glowing a bright pink.  

    "Adam, where is Dulcea?!" she demanded, her anger causing her to shake.  Adam looked up at her, the sorrow evident in his eyes.

    "Kim, I'm afraid that Dulcea was...well, she kind of....she was killed by Jaconia."  The rangers watched as Kim turned completely pale.  She backed slowly away from the viewing globe, not getting  very far when her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell to the ground, out cold.  Tommy ran to her and tried to catch her, but he could get to her fast enough and she hit the ground.  The remaining four rangers walked over to the globe, three of them remembering the strong warrior.  Rocky looked at his best friend.

    "Is she really gone?" he asked, hoping that it wasn't true.  Adam nodded his head, unable to actually say it again.  Justin looked around uncomfortably.

    "Does that mean that you guys can come back now?  I mean, since Phaedos is safe now, you can come back, right?"  Adam looked at him uncomfortably. 

    "Not exactly, Justin."  The rangers looked at him in confusion.  Tommy and Kim, who had woken up, walked over. 

    "Why do you have to stay?" Kat asked, looked at them with tears in her eyes.  Tanya looked at the rangers, tears shining in her own eyes.

    "Well, now that Dulcea is gone, the Great Power has chosen us to be it's protectors.  We have to stay until the Great Power is extinguished."  The rangers nodded, realizing their friends couldn't come back to help them fight.  Kim looked at her friends, tears streaming down her cheeks.

    "We'll miss you guys." she cried, watching the faces of her friends start to break up.  They smiled sad smiles as they looked at the rangers.

    "We'll miss you to.  Try to visit us whenever you can!"  As Tanya opened her mouth to add something, the picture broke up leaving them with nothing but an empty screen.  Kim turned to Tommy and cried into his shirt, as Kat and Rocky hugged, tears streaming down their faces.  Justin slid to the ground, burying his head in his hands, his back shaking.  Jason looked at the black screen, a lone tear running down his cheek.

    "Alpha, see if you can contact-"  Dimitria was interrupted by the sound of the alarms.  The rangers turned to the viewing globe and saw that Shadow and Astronoma were in a construction site downtown, attacking civilians.  Tommy turned to the rangers.

    "Are you guys ready?" he asked.  As they nodded their heads, he shouted, "It's morphin time!"

    "Ultimate Dragon!"

    "Ultimate Gorilla!"

    "Ultimate Unicorn!"

    "Ultimate Shark!"

    "Ultimate Rhino!"

    "The Crane!" The rangers disappeared in steaks of lights.

      "Looks like the rangers finally decided to show up!" Shadow exclaimed sarcastically as the rangers appeared.  He looked at Kim and smiled evilly as he noticed she was effected by the loss of Dulcea just as much as Scorpina was.  He looked over at Astronoma and nodded once.  She jumped into the air and attacked the rangers.

    "Look out!" Justin yelled.  Tommy leapt out of the way, barely escaping Astronoma's outstretched arms.  As she landed on the ground, she turned towards Tommy and Rocky, glaring at the two of them.  She grinned mockingly at them.

    "What's wrong, boys?  Scared of a female?" she asked, her mouth twisted in an evil smile.  "Come on, big boys.  Come and get me!"  She pulled her staff out and pointed it at the two rangers, shooting bolts of energy at them.  The two leapt out of the way, the bolts hitting Kat in the side.

    "AAA!" Kat screamed as she fell to the ground in pain.  As Jason ran over to help her up, a dozen putties appeared, surrounding the two of them.  As Jason stood in front of her in a defensive stance, a putty jumped at Jason and tried to kick him in the head.  He grabbed the putties foot and flung the putty away.  Kat stood up and turned around so that she and Jason were back to back.  The putties surrounded they two, keeping them from helping anyone else.  Kim and Justin circled Shadow warily, waiting for one of them to make the first move.

    "C'mon, Venusian.  You don't need the little boy to help you.  You should be able to hold your own!" Shadow announced mockingly as Kim glared at him.  Justin looked at Shadow and kicked him in the ribs.  Shadow fell to the ground in more surprise rather than hurt.  He glared at the young boy.

    "You did NOT just do that!"  He exclaimed.  Shadow pulled out his staff and fired electricity at Justin.  The electricity hit the boy full on, causing him to scream.  Kim looked at Justin in horror, than ran over to Shadow and pushed him away.  Justin fell to the ground, his suit covered with burn marks.  Kim ran over to him and sighed a breathe of relief when she saw that he was breathing.  It was shallow, but it was enough.

    "Dimitria, teleport Justin to the Power Chamber, NOW!"  she screamed into her communicator.  Justin slowly disappeared, and Kim turned to face Shadow.  He stood up and looked at her in surprise.

    "You are faster than I thought you would be!  I'm impressed."  She glared at him for a second.  He smiled and ran over to her, trying to know her down with a tornado kick.  She ducked under his leg and swept his feet out from under him with a swift kick.  He fell onto his back, hitting the ground hard.  As he stood back up, he grinned at Kim's weakening power.  He attacked her with a series of kicks and punches, hitting her full on everytime.  She fell to the ground, completely exhausted.  He leaned over her, chuckling at her.

    "Tired already, Venusian?  I"m disappointed with you.  TO bad Dulcea isn't here anymore to help you."  Her eyes flew open in fury.  She grabbed his arm and pulled, knocking him to the ground.  She stood up, her eyes glowing a bright pink.  As he tried to stand up she kicked him in the ribs, breaking some on impact.  He howled in pain, and grabbed his broken ribs.  He slowly stood up, feeling the ribs going back in place.  She watched as he stood up, then punched him in the mouth.  She grabbed his head and twisted it.  She froze as she heard a sickening snap and watched in shock as he fell to the ground.  She looked over to where Astronoma was fighting Tommy, Astronoma obviously beating him.  She looked over frantically and saw Rocky laying motionless on the ground.  Suddenly, time seemed to go into slow motion.  Kim watched in horror as Astronoma grabbed Tommy and kicked him in the helmet, cracking the helmet in two.  Tommy fell to the ground, unmorphing in the process.  Astronoma kicked him in the ribs, then, as to make sure that he was through, she grabbed her staff and hit him in the stomach.  Kim ran over, watching as red blood dripped out of the side of Tommy's mouth.  Astronoma looked at the two guys laying on the battlefield and laughed as Kim ran over to them.  

    "This isn't over, rangers!" Kim turned around at the sound of the voice and gasped.  Shadow stood next to Astronoma, looking at the rangers.  "Next time, we'll take more than blood."  The two of them disappeared, along with all of the putties.  The rangers ran over to where Tommy lay.

    "We have to get him back to the Power Chamber!" cried Kat.  The others nodded and they all disappeared from the construction site.

      "Dimitria, you have to help him!" Kim sobbed as they appeared in the Power Chamber.  Dimitria took one look at Tommy, her face paling.  The boy was bleeding from various cuts all over his body, including a huge gash on the side of his head.  He was deathly pale and blood was dripping out of the side of his mouth.  Alpha came over with a cot, and Kim and Kat gently laid Tommy upon it.  Kim covered her mouth as Alpha began to exam him.  

    "Dimitra, why didn't Shadow die when Kim broke his neck?" Justin asked.  He had been watching the fight through the viewing globe and was still sitting in a chair.  Dimitria tore her gaze away from Tommy.

    "Rangers, Shadow is a very powerful sorcerer.  He was probably able to cast a spell of life over himself, making him immortal for a period of time."  The rangers looked up at her, watching her with surprised eyes.

    "Does that mean that Shadow will never be able to be killed?" Kat asked.  Dimitria shook her head.

    "No, rangers.  The spell can only last for a period of time and he is very vulnerable when the spell wears off."  

    "Nooooo!"  The rangers turned around in shock and saw Kim standing over Tommy, the blood draining out of her face.  They ran over and looked at him.  Alpha bowed his head.  Kim turned around and buried her head face into Jason's shirt and began to sob.  Kat's eyes opened wide as she looked at Alpha.

    "Alpha, what's wrong with him?" she asked, her voice shaking.  Alpha looked up at the rangers, sorrow coming out of his expression.

    "I'm afraid that Tommy has slipped deep into a coma, and I'm not sure if he is going to make it. There's nothing we can do for him"  Kat looked down at Tommy in horror, then looked over to the sobbing Kim.  Kat's eyes rolled back in her head, and fainted onto the ground.  One by one, the rangers began to cry, each in their own way.  Kim turned to looked at the rangers, trying to supress her sobs.

    "Guys, I'm going to take Tommy back to Venus Island with me."  Everyone looked at her in shock.  Kat walked over to her.

    "Why?"  Kim looked at everyone in the Power Chamber and took a deep breathe to get herself under control. 

    "First, I have to go back to the island.  I've been away to long as it is.  Second, Renee has been working of spells to heal injuries in case one of out friends from Earth get hurt."  She looked down at Tommy with sadness in her eyes.  "And, even though I hate to say this, this is the perfect opportunity to see if they work."  The other rangers nodded except Justin who looked at Dimitra in confusion.

    "But, if Kim and Tommy leave, there will only be four rangers left."  Dimitria nodded and sighed.

    "Yes, I know Justin.  But Tommy is in no condition to fight and Kimberly must go back to Venus Island to take her place as ruler.  The four of you left must train diligently, and hopefully the three Space Rangers come to help us when we need it."  The rangers nodded, and the four of the remaining rangers disappeared in streaks of light.  Kim looked up at Dimitria with apologetic eyes.

    "I know this is a bad time to leave you, but I must go back to Venus Island.  And try to help Tommy."  Dimitria nodded. 

    "I understand, Kimberly.  Now go, or Tommy will slip even deeper into his coma."  Kimberly nodded and she and Tommy disappeared in streaks of pink and red.  Dimitria closed her eyes and sighed.

    I hope the space rangers do come and help us.  We will need all the help that we can get.

    "This is a day of celebration!" exclaimed Divatox as she poured a glass of red blood for everyone.  "Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Harte are both leaving the team.  And Tommy is in a deep coma!"  Each of the villains grabbed their own glasses, smiling over their victory.  Shadow walked in and frowned at their party

    "Even so, we must not be overconfident.  Tommy will find a way to come back and help them.  Until then, we have to take down the rest of the rangers." Shadow announced as he looked at everyone in the room.  Zedd rolled his eyes.

    "SO?  Without their leader, the rangers are nothing!  They practically depended on his to make their every decision!  Without him, they are nothing!"  Shadow shrugged his shoulders and sat down on one of the chairs.  None of them noticed Buffy slowly walking out of the room.  She walked quickly into Finster's old room, sighed as she sat down.  A tear ran down her cheek, for she was friends with Tommy. 

    "I'm sorry, Tommy.  You shouldn't be in this position.  This shouldn't be happening to you."  For a brief moment, she allowed herself remember friends from long ago.  Willow, Xander, Oz, Giles, Ms. Calendar, and even Cordelia.  They had been her friends for only a couple of years, yet she felt like she had known them forever. 

    I will avenge your death, my friends.  I will get rid of the evil that killed all of you and that has recently taken the life of another.  I will destroy this evil.  No matter what it takes! 

The End?