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The Defeat
by: Emily

"Can you believe this Alex?" asked Terri.  "Can you believe that just yesterday we were hiding from Kanara and today we were fighting against her as power rangers?"  Alex shook his head, his own eyes lit up with excitement.  He looked over at Terri and smiled.

"This is incredible.  I mean, I feel so powerful."  He looked down at his wrist and examined the communicator on it.  Never before had he ever had an object that made him feel so powerful.  He looked up at Terri, the smile disappearing from his face.  "But Kanara is very powerful herself.  Dangerous, too.  Maybe even more dangerous than any other foe that the rangers faced.  I mean, Terri, she killed most of them.  She used to BE one of them."  Terri put her hand into his and squeezed it.

"I know she's dangerous.  But don't worry about me.  I can take care of myself."  she said softly.  She looked into her eyes, smiling faintly at the worry in Alex's eyes. 

"I know you can.  I just don't want you to get hurt."  Terri smiled, tears filling her eyes.  She hugged him and tried to blink back the tears.  Alex pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, "And I don't want to lose you."  As the two embraced, a girl watched them on a viewing globe, in a cave far below where they stood.  Her crystal blue eyes, that had once been so full of life, now reflected the sadness that she had kept hidden.  She wore a light pink long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans.  As she watched the two on the viewing globe, she realized that they still had the innocence that she no longer had.  They had never seen everything that meant something to them destroyed while they could only watch helplessly. 

"Whatcha thinkin' about?"  A young man walked up behind her and laid his hand on her shoulder.  She gasped in suprise and turned around in a defensive stance.  She relaxed as she recognized the guy.

"Zhane, don't do that to me!" she exclaimed.  Zhane smiled at her and looked past her and the viewing globe.  He sighed as he looked at the Terri and Alex. 

"They don't know how lucky they are.  They haven't been what we've been through."  Kat looked at him in surprise, for she hadn't realized he had felt the same thing.  As she looked at him, she thought in surprise how close they had gotten to each other over the past couple years.  He felt like a brother that she had never had.  She took a deep breath.

"Zhane, do you think about her a lot?  Karone, I mean."  Zhane looked down at the ground and bit his lip.  As he looked up at Kat, she noticed the tear in his eye. 

 "Zhane, I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have-"  He quickly interrupted her.

"No, it's okay Kat.  Yeah, I think of her a lot.  I know we only knew each other for a short time, but I felt something between us.  I can't explain what it was, but it just felt so good to be around her.  So right."  Kat smiled and put her hand on his shoulder. 

"I know how you feel.  I used to feel that whenever I was with Tommy."  Zhane looked at her in confusion. 

"What do you mean, used to?  Tommy is still alive, and you two can get back together."  Kat sighed and sat down on a chair next to his plaque. 

"I wish it was that easy.  The two of us have been away from each other for so long.  It's been five years!"  Zhane kneeled down next to her, and looked into her eyes.

"Kat, it doesn't matter.  He's still alive, and you guys used to mean so much to each other.  As long as you love each other, everything will end up okay."  Kat looked down and shook her head.

"No, it won't end up okay.  He's changed so much since....the destruction.  He's so..cold and I can't reach him!  I still love him, but I don't know how to say it.  And, I don't know if he loves me anymore."  Tears started to run down her cheeks.  Zhane pulled her into a tight hug, and tried to calm her as he cried into her shirt.

"Everything's going to be okay Kat.  I promise."  As she began to calm down, neither of them noticed Tommy standing in the doorway.  He heard nothing that the two of them had said, but had instead walked in when the two embraced.  Tommy felt like his heart was breaking as he ran away from the room and away from the two of them.

"Those rangers are going to ruin all of my plans!" Kanara growled as she stomped out of the training area.  She had black biker shorts on and purple leotard on and her brown hair was pulled up in a ponytail.  She had just finished four hours of strenuous training and, much to her enjoyment, she was prepared to take the rangers on. 

 "I can't believe I have to get rid of them again!" she snapped angrily as she changed into black leather pants, a deep purple tube top, and a black leather jacket.  She looked at her outfit and grinned in satisfaction.  "This outfit will do for today.  Now, I have to find out where they got their STUPID Powers!"

"Didn't you do any research?" asked a deep voice from behind her.  She turned around and rolled her eyes as she looked at the male behind her.  She had at first thought it was her father, but had realized that the person was just a wanna-be villain. 

"What do you want now?" she asked, sick of the  guy already.

"There were other powers that you should have known about.  If you had done the correct research, you would have known about them.  The powers that they have originated as a back-up power source for the Zeo powers.  At first, the powers were joined together and they made the Power Rangers invincible.  Then, to the surprise of everyone, Zordon separated the two powers and hid the Zeo powers all over the Earth.  The Jewel Crystals were forgotten about and scattered around the universe.  During the course of time, the Jewel Crystals grew in power and strength."  Kanara looked at him in boredom and rolled her eyes.

"Listen Jaconia, I don't care about the Jewel Crystals.  The only thing I want to  destroy the rangers and take the earth back over.  I don't care what you have done, or rather, what you HAVEN'T done.  As I recall, you couldn't even defeat one warrior.  Do you really think that you would be able to get rid of five, not including the rest of the rangers?" she asked smugly.  Jaconia gave her an evil glare.

"That think on Phaedos wasn't my fault.  Dulcea shouldn't have been able to defeat me!"  He exclaimed, on his on defense.

"But she did, didn't she?" Kanara demanded.  As Jaconia glared at her she shrugged.  "Hey, it's not my fault that you couldn't take down a lone warrior.  But, if I were you Jaconia, I'd be careful.  I don't like dealing with other people, allies of not.  You've seen what happened to anyone I didn't like.  I'd take that as a warning."  She gave him a smug smile as she walked out of the room.  He glared at her back as she walked out.  As she got to the door of the room, she looked back at him.

"Oh, and by the way, don't even think about touching my staff."  She turned and walked out of the room.  A few seconds later, she felt and heard a giant explosion.  She poked her head back into the room and saw Jaconia, well at least what was left of Jaconia.  She walked over to her staff and picked it up.  She looked at the burnt remnants of Jaconia laying on the ground.

"I told you you shouldn't have touched my staff." she announced as she shot at him, watching his ashes disappear into nothing.  "That's what he gets for disobeying me.  For now, I have bigger things to deal with.  The rangers, for one."

"When do you guys think that Kanara will attack again?" Kari asked as she, Justin, and Mike sat in the Power Center, resting after a grueling training session with Tommy and Zhane.  Justin shook his head.

"They never made any indication when they were going to attack until they..well, until they did."  Mike and Kari smiled at his choose of words.  Kat walked in and sat down next to them.

"Think you guys are ready to take on Kanara?" she asked.  As the three of them nodded, she nodded with them.

"How did you guys fair against Tommy?" she asked.  As the three of them looked away uncomfortably, she sighed.

"If you can't defeat Tommy, you are never going to be able to live against Kanara.  I know that you guys are new and aren't quite used to being rangers yet, but there is something about you that makes you seem more experienced.  You work together as a team.  That is going to be the key to your success.  If you can't work together as a team, you won't be able to do anything to help your planet AND each other out."  The rangers looked at each other and realized what they were doing wrong.

"You're right, Kat.  We could be one of the greatest teams in ranger history if we can learn how to work as a team." Justin announced as he looked at his fellow rangers.  Kat smiled at him and stood up.

"Good.  Now, take a break.  You guys deserve one."  She walked away and into the room the rangers had been working out in.  She heard a few karate calls and she slowly made her way around the lockers.  She turned the corner and saw Tommy sparring against Terri and Alex.  Both of the rangers were faring well against Tommy.  Kat watched them in surprise as they knocked Tommy to the ground. 

"You guys have been practicing.  I can tell." Kat called as she walked over to the three.  Tommy looked at smiled and gave her a small smile.  "Did you guys ever take any kind of self defense?" 

"Yeah, I've taken it since I was five years old." said Alex.  Kat looked over at Terri.

"I've only been taking it a couple of years," explained Terri.  Alex looked over at her and smiled.

"Yeah, but she's a fast learner and I've been giving her private lessons."  Tommy nodded as the two of them walked out of the room.  Kat turned to Tommy.

"Tommy, can I talk to you?" she asked.  Tommy looked at her in suprise and nodded.

"Sure, Kat.  What's up?" he asked as he walked over to the lockers.  She looked at him nervously.

"I want to talk about our relationship." She spoke quietly.  Tommy stopped dead in his tracks and turned around, looking like he had been shot.

"What do you want to say about it?" he asked as he swallowed nervously.  Kim bit her bottom lip and looked up at him.

"I know that we've been away from each other for the last couple years and a lot has happened since then, but I-"  She jumped in surprise as the alarm went off.  Tommy looked at her in shock and the two of them ran out of the room, into the main chamber.  They ran over the to viewing globe and gasped in shock as they saw Kanara tearing through the tunnels, knocking down anyone who got in her way.

"Where are you, power rangers.  If you don't hurry, whatever is left of your pitiful town will be destroyed!" she yelled as she pulled her sword out.  The rangers watched in horror as she slashed at one the people near her, slashing him across the stomach.  Tommy turned to the rangers.

"You know what you have to do, right?"  The rangers nodded.

"It's morphin time!" yelled Justin.

"The Quartz Ranger!" cried Kari.

"The Opal Ranger!" exclaimed Terri.

"The Sapphire Ranger!" yelled Alex.

"The Garnet Ranger!" screamed Mike.

"The Jade Ranger!" called Justin.  The five of them were engulfed in their individual lights.  A bright light filled the Power Center and everyone disappeared in streaks of pink, blue, black, green, and four streaks of white.

As Kanara was about to stab a small little girl, she heard a voice behind her.

"Leave her alone, Kanara!"  Kanara turned around and smiled as she saw the rangers.  She smiled wickedly as she saw how uncomfortable they looked in their uniforms.  As she walked over to them, she didn't even notice the little girl run into Kat's arms.  In fact, she didn't notice anyone but the uniformed rangers. 

"You made a big mistake coming here.  Didn't your "mentor" tell you what you are up against.  You are up against the only person who was able to destroy all of the rangers in a matter of minutes.  I knew all of their strengths and weaknesses and I knew that they wouldn't be able to kill me.  You'll be just the same."  Kanara gave them an evil glare and smiled, as if daring them to say anything against her.

"We know that you were able to defeat all of the original power rangers.  That doesn't mean that you will be able to defeat us." Justin called.  The smile disappeared from her face and was replaced by a frown.

"Yeah," Kari chimed in, "And besides, you don't know any of our strengths and weaknesses.  You don't know anything about us." 

"And, we don't care who you are.  You don't mean anything to us.  We didn't even know you.  Killing you won't be a problem." yelled Mike.  Kanara glared at them.

"It doesn't matter.  None of you will be able to take me on.  Soon, I will defeat all of you and the earth will once more be mine to control!" she hissed.  She pulled out her laser and lunged at the rangers, shooting at them as she leapt.  The rangers jumped out of the way, the laser beams barely missing two of them.  It hit the other three, knocking them down.  She landed next to them and kicked the blue rangers in the ribs.  He groaned in pain while the others stood up and circled him.  Kanara growled at them.  The jumped into the air and went into a tornado kick, knocking the white and black rangers down.  The green and pink ones ducked, and the green one swept her feet out from under her.  She fell to the ground and landed hard on her ankle.  She yelped in pain.  She slowly stood up, and glared at the green ranger.  She pulled out her sword and swung it at the ranger.  The green rangers pulled out his sword and blocked her swing.  She attacked him again, this time leaving herself wide open.  The green ranger took advantage of the opportunity and slashed her across the arm with his sword.  She screamed in pain and pushed him away.  He stumbled over a small boulder and smashed his head against the rock, knocking him out.  Kanara smiled and started towards him when a flash of pink caught her eye.  She turned around and saw the pink ranger coming towards her.  She sneered at the color, remembering when she used to wear the color.

"Come on, pinky.  Come and get me!"  As the pink ranger hesitated, Kanara took advantage of it.  She pulled out her laser and shot of the pink ranger.  The ranger managed to pull out her shield and reflected the bolt back at Kanara.  Kanara cried in pain as it hit her in the side.  She growled at the pink ranger.

"That's it.  Now I'm angry."  She charged at the pink ranger and punched her in the chest.  The pink ranger stumbled back.  Kanara felt herself falling deeper into the evil as she remembered what it had been like to wear pink.  She quickly grabbed the pink ranger and twisted her arm backwards, causing the ranger to cry out.  "What's wrong?  Tired already?"

"Leave her alone, Kanara!"  Kanara turned around only to be knocked down by a punch to the face.  She gasped as she fell to the ground.  She looked over behind her and saw the rangers had regrouped.

"If you think that you can defeat me that easily rangers, you are deadly mistaken."  She looked up to the sky and called out.  "Power of evil, come to me.  Fill me with the essence of your spirit.  Make me grow!"  The rangers watched in shock as Kanara grew until she was the height of a tall building.  The rangers looked at each other.

"Justin, what are we going to do?" Terri asked nervously.  Justin looked over at Tommy who nodded to him. 

"Guys, we need to call our Megazords!  I call upon the power of the mighty dragon!"   

"I call upon the power of the cunning jaguar!"

"I call upon the power of the ferocious bear!"

"I call upon the power of the lightning fast fox"

"I call upon the power of the fierce tiger!"  The rangers watched in awe as the ground opened up and their zords come out of the ground.  The zords flew out of the ground and roared with power.  Justin turned to the rest of the rangers.

"Let's do it guys!"  The rangers nodded and jumped into the air, almost seeming like they were flying.  They jumped into their cockpits and marveled at the power.

"Bearzord, ready for action!"

"Foxzord is online!"

"Tigerzord roaring to fight!''

"Jaguarzord, hey nice stereo!"

"Dragonzord, systems go!  Come on guys.  Let's bring it together!" Justin yelled.  The zords connected together, leaving the rangers in one giant cockpit.  Kanara looked at the zord and laughed.

"Do you think that that THING will be able to take me down?  Boy are you mistaken!"  She ran over to the Megazord and slashed her sword across the chestplate, causing a couple minor explosions.  The Megazord fell back.  The Megazord retaliated by punching Kanara, catching her under the chin.  She stumbled back, massaging her chin. 

"Let's bring out the Megasword!" screamed Kari.  Justin nodded.  The Megazord pulled out the sword and lunged at Kanara.  She took out her own sword and blocked the rangers' attack.  As the two giant beings fought against each other, Kanara got the upper hand.  She smiled evilly as she brought out her laser. 

"Looks like it's the end, rangers!"  Justin watched as she pointed the laser at the cockpit.

"Megashield!" he screamed.  The Megazord lifted up the shield a split second before the laser hit it, reflecting back at Kanara.  She screamed as the laser hit her head on, and she began to lose power.  She started shrinking back to normal.  The rangers jumped out of the zord and landed next to the fallen Kanara.  She looked up at them with an evil glare.  She slowly stood up and before any of them could react, she shot her hands together and shot out bolts of electricity at them.  The rangers screamed as it hit them over and over.

"It looks like this is the end of the power rangers.  FOREVER!"  she laughed as the rangers screams grew louder and louder.  Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain enter her stomach.  The bolts of electricity stopped and she looked up at horror.  Tommy stood over her with a bloody sword, HER bloody sword in his hand.  Covered with her blood.  She put her hand to her stomach and looked at her hand in horror when she pulled it back, covered with blood.  She looked up at Tommy.

"I never thought you would have the guts to do it, Oliver." she spat out.  She tried to stand up, but realized that she couldn't.  Kat ran over to her and kneeled by her side.  Kanara felt the evil that she had embraced for so long leave her.  Everyone shielded their eyes as a bright purple light covered her.  When they looked again, they all gasped in surprise.  Kim lay before them, her brown hair streaming across the ground and her doe brown eyes looking up at them in pain. 

"Kim?" asked Tommy and Kat, their voices sounding like one.  She looked up at them and managed a weak smile.

"Hey guys," she whispered weakly.  "What's up?"  Tommy and Kat grabbed her hand as she looked at them.  

"Kim, everything is going to be okay.  We'll get a doctor and they'll be able to fix it and-" Kim interrupted Kat and squeezed her hand weakly.

"No, no one can help me.  Even if they do, I will just turn back into what I was before.  A monster."  Kim was suddenly overtaken by a fit of coughs.  Tommy and Kat looked at her in horror as she began to cough up blood.  "Please, remember me.  For the good things.  I'm so sorry for what I do.  I loved all of you and I never wanted to hurt you.  Please forgive me."  The two nodded as they gave her a gently hug.  She smiled at them.

"Take care you guys.  Forgive me for everything that I did.  And take care of those new rangers.  They are going to need a lot of guidance.  And take care of each other.  You guys mean so much to each other and you have so much love to give.  I wish both of you the best of luck."  The two nodded and looked down at her.  She managed one final smile.  "Catch ya on the flipside."  Kim slowly closed her eyes and took her final breathe.  Kat and Tommy both looked away as they realized she was gone.  The two pulled each other close and began to cry.  The rangers walked over to them and hugged the two of them.

"I wish that this had never happened to her.  She seemed like such a nice person." said Kari quietly.  Kat smiled sadly and nodded.

"Yes, she was.  But she's in a better place now.  She's gone home." 

The End?