I don't own any of the characters used in this fic.  I just own the idea for it.  Hope you enjoy it!

Mixed Emotions
by: Emily

What are these feelings?  They are...uncontrollable.  I've never felt this way before about anything.  Or anyone, for that matter.  But now that I do have these feelings, they are for a power ranger!  What am I thinking?!  The female warrior sat in the room, trying to get the black ranger out of her head.  She screamed in frustration as she was unable to do so.  She looked over at the throne room and smiled wryly as she heard Rita screaming, probably over their latest defeat.  The rangers would have been done for if the black rang-

"No!  I will not think about it!" she exclaimed as the thought of the black ranger sent chills down her spine.  Scorpina managed a smile as she remembered the way that the boy had looked at her when she had been in disguise.  It had seemed like he had actually liked her, liked her because of how nice she had acted towards him.  Maybe if she went back to what she used to be she-

No.  I will NEVER go back to what I used to be.  I had nothing.  Nobody cared for me, just for the power they would have if they married me.  I don't want to go back to that.  A smile of pure evil crossed her lips.  Besides, why would I want to go back to the *ugh* side of GOOD when I have so much power here!  Being evil is MUCH more fun.  I can do almost anything I want! What would the side of good give me?  A sigh escaped her lips as she frowned.

Adam.  That's what the side of good has to offer.  It might not seem like much, but he just so...so...I don't know.  Gorgeous; innocent; he seemed to actually care about me!  I had never seen anyone give me that look before.  He seemed to genuinely like me for who I was.  Not what I had, or what I could give to him.  Scorpina looked down and tried to sort out her feelings.  The boy, though very young, had given her something that she had never felt.  Something she would probably never feel again.  Love.  As Scorpina realized she was in love with him, her eyes widened in horror.

No, I can't be in love with him!  He is on the side of good, and a power ranger at that!  I am the mighty Scorpina, hater of all that is good and destroyer of all men!  I have tortured and murdered more men in the past centuries than I can keep track of!  I can't be falling in love with one.  That is crazy, insane, not even possible!  Scorpina's eyes narrowed in hatred as she felt the feeling running through her.

"I will over take this horrid emotion that is threatening to take over me.  No one will EVER take me away from the Evil that I embrace.  No one, not even measly mortal male will take me away from what I love.  No one will take me away from my life of destroying all that is good!"  Scorpina stood up and walked over to the doorway of the room, freezing in the doorway.  She turned around and looked through her window to the earth looming outside.  

Nothing will ever take me away from this life.  I will do what I have to and serve my mistress the best I can.  I will help her to bring true horror and destruction to the planet of Earth.  It doesn't matter who I have to hurt, as long as I do what I can to make the Earthlings lives as miserable as mine was.  I don't care who gets killed or hurt, even if it is Adam.  He is, after all, one of my greatest enemies.  A Power Ranger, protector of the Earth.  I will make sure he gets what is coming to him, for making me feel that way that I do.  Scorpina grinned evilly and walked out of the room.  She was so into her plans for destruction, that she didn't feel the tiny resistance that roared out from deep within her.  She didn't feel the spirit of the lion, the mighty Ninjetti animal, bursting to break the Evil that surrounded it.  

The End