Giving Him Up
by: Emily

"Miss Harte! Concentrate on your form! The judges will take off points if you go into a competition with that form!" yelled Coach O'Ryan as he looked over at Kimberly Harte. Kimberly sighed as she straighten her back and leapt off the beam, sticking her landing perfectly.

"Good for today. But I expect that to be perfect by tomorrow. You won't go anywhere if you continue like you did today!" he yelled. Kimberly sighed and nodded. She walked over to the bleachers and picked up her water bottle, taking a long drink out of it. I never should have come here. I have never felt so worthless in my entire life. The coaches don't even care what happens to you, as long as you win a medal! I gave up everything to be here. Kim felt tears begin to well up in her eyes as she remembered the face of her ex-boyfriend Tommy. And boy do I mean everything! I know that I gave up Tommy because I felt like I needed to, but the coach would have made me sooner or later! He didn't want me to have any ties to anyone!

"Hey babe!" yelled a voice from behind her. Kim gritted her teeth as she turned around, a fake smile crossing her lips. Josh MicDermin walked slowly up to her, giving her a leering smile.

"What do you want, Josh?" she asked wearily, the smile slipping from her face. Josh walked over to her and put his arm around her waist, causing her to shudder is disgust. "Well, I was thinking."

Kim shot him an astonished look. "You were actually thinking! I'm amazed!" Kim announced. Josh ignored her and continued talking.

"Well, I've decided that you're the lucky one that I've decided to go out tonight!" he said. Kim rolled her eyes and shook his arm away from her. She walked out of the gym, leaving him watching her in shock.>

"Sorry Josh! I've got better things to do tonight!" she called. Josh glared at her as she walked down the hallway and into her room.>

"Yeah, well, you're making a big mistake! Lots of girl will want to get with - " The rest of his sentence was drowned out as she slammed her door. Kim sighed as she threw her things on the floor and flopped onto the bed. She laid down on her bed, caught up in thoughts.>

I miss Angel Grove. I miss everything ABOUT Angel Grove! Heck, I even miss Bulk & Skull! But I miss HIM the most. I never should have given him up. I only did so because Coach wanted me to, and I thought it would be the best thing to do. Kim rolled onto her stomach and reached to her nightstand, picking the picture of Tommy and her up. She sighed wistfully as she stared at him, lightly running her hands across his face. Suddenly, Kim heard a loud commotion passing her door. She winced as she heard the coach's voice, telling her it was time to eat."I'm coming!" she called. She stood up and started towards the door, but stopped as a thought came to her. She ran over to her dresser and pulled out a credit card, one that her mom said she could only use for emergencies.

Well, this is definitely an emergency. She thought as she reached for the phone and dialed a number. I'm going home. To Angel Grove. To Tommy.

* * *
A few days later, in Angel Grove

"I can't believe the dance is tonight!" exclaimed Tanya Sloan as she and Katherine Hilliard sat at a table in the Youth Center, chatting about the upcoming events. Kat, however, didn't hear a word Tanya was saying. Tanya leaned forward and waved her hand in front of Kat's face.

"Hello, Kat. Is anyone there?" she asked. Kat jumped in surprise, causing Tanya to snort in laughter. Kat smiled as she turned to Tanya.

"Yeah, I'm here. Sorry about that. What were you saying?" she asked. Tanya gave an exaggerated sigh.

"I was saying that I couldn't believe the senior dance is tonight." Kat smiled, nodding her head in agreement.

"I know! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. So much has happened since I moved here. Since both of us moved here." Kat said. Tanya gave her a sly smile.

"But I bet the most important thing that happened is when you starting dating Tommy." she said. Kat blushed as her smile deepened. She nodded her head.

"Yeah, that's for sure. I still can't believe that we're going to the dance tonight together!" Kat exclaimed. Tanya rolled her eyes. "I can. Ever since the two of you got together, everyone could tell both of you had feelings for each other." Tanya said. Kat sighed, and the smile slipped off her face.

"Not really. In the beginning, he was still getting over Kimberly. I still can't figure out why she let go of him like that. In the letter. That wasn't like her." she remembered. Tanya looked at her.

"Forget about her. It's YOU that Tommy wants. It took him awhile, but he's over her now. He loves you. And only you." Kat smiled again and reached over to squeeze Tanya's hand.

"Thanks Tanya. I needed that." she said.

"So, what are you wearing to the dance?" asked Tanya. Kat giggled and began to explain the dress, all thoughts of Kimberly disappearing from her mind. The two of them stood up and walked out of the Youth Center, talking loudly.

* * *
"That's all for today, class."

Tommy Oliver said as he bowed to his karate class and dismissed them. He walked over to Rocky DeSantos and Adam Park and accepted the towel that Rocky gave him. "Thanks." Tommy panted. Rocky smirked at him.

"Looks like your out of shape, man. I told you all that racing would ruin your form. But no. You insisted that it wouldn't. And now look at you!" Rocky exclaimed. Tommy and Adam rolled their eyes as they went over to the table that Kat and Tanya had been sitting at. They sat down.

"So, Rocky, who are you going to the dance with?" Adam asked. A large smile spread across Rocky's face as the two looked at him expectantly.

"I'm going with......Jessica McMurphy." he announced. Adam and Tommy looked at him in shock, their jaws hanging open.

"You're going with Jessica?" Tommy asked, completely shocked. Rocky nodded happily as the their shock turned into happiness.

"Alright Rocky! You were finally able to ask her out!" exclaimed Adam. Rocky looked down, the tips of his ears turning red. The two looked at him curiously.

"Well, actually, she, um, she asked me to the dance." he admitted. Tommy and Adam looked at each other for a minute, then started laughing. Rocky looked at them in indignation.

"And what is so funny about that?" he asked. Adam contained his laughter, wiping the tears away from his eyes.

"It's just that you, after having a crush on her for three years, SHE asks you out." Adam managed, before breaking into laughter again. Rocky smiled and nodded his head.

"Yeah, I guess it is kind of funny." he admitted. As Tommy and Adam calmed down, Rocky turned his attention towards Tommy, becoming very serious.

"Hey Tommy, can I ask you a personal question?" he asked. Tommy nodded, and took a drink of his water.

"Did you ever think that at the end of Senior year, you would be going to the dance with someone other than Kim?" Tommy gently set the glass down and looked down.

"Actually, I always thought that I would be going with Kim. It's kind of weird to go with Kat, since I didn't know her as long." Tommy grinned. "But it doesn't really matter. Kat means so much to me, and I know that she is the one that I want to be with."

* * *
At the dance. As a group of people walked into the ballroom, they looked around the room in admiration. Everything had been lavishly decorated, and tables had been set up around the dance floor.

"Wow, this is incredible." she whispered as she looked around. The others nodded their head in agreement as they walked over to a table and sat down.

"The decorating committee sure did a great job." Jason commented as he turned towards Emily and squeezed her hand. She smiled and a light blush covered her cheeks.

"Well, it's the least I could do. Besides, it was a lot of fun." she said.

"Hey, what are y'all still doing here?!" a voice called from behind them. Everyone at the table jumped and turned around in surprise, recognizing the voice.

"Zack? Trini? Billy?" Jason asked. The dark-skinned boy nodded, causing his dreadlocks to bounce up and down. The girl next to him smiled, reaching over for Billy's hand. Jason, Tommy, Adam, and Rocky jumped up from the table and walked over to the three of them.

"What are you doing here?" Tommy asked. Zack pulled a card out of his pocket and handed it to him.

"They sent this to us in Geneva and told us that they were having a graduating dance, and they were inviting us to attend. Since the Peace Conferences were finishing, we decided to come. And since Billy was visiting us, he came along too." he explained.

"And anyway, we wanted to come and see how everyone was doing, since we didn't know what you would all be doing after graduation." Trini said. Kat, Tanya, Emily, and Jessica walked over and smiled at them.

"I don't believe we've met. I'm Jessica McMurphy." Jessica said.

"I'm Kat Hilliard."

"Tanya Sloane."

"Emily." Trini and Zack smiled at the four.

"I'm Trini Kwan and this is Billy Cranston and Zack Taylor." Trini said, introducing all of them. As everyone exchanged greetings, Jason pulled Zack aside.

"Zack, did you come with anyone?" he asked. Zack's smile became as wide as his face. He leaned against the wall casually.

"As a matter of fact, I did." he announced. Jason smiled, silently guessing who he thought it was.

"Who is it?" he asked. Before Zack could answer, a girl walked over to him, dressed in a yellow dress. Her long black hair was pulled up into a ponytail. She reached up and kissed Zack lightly on the cheek. She turned to Jason and gave him a bright smile.

"Hi Jason. It's been awhile." Aisha Campbell said. Jason's smile widened as he looked at the two.

"I KNEW it. I knew the two of you would get together somehow!" he said triumphantly. Zack rolled his eyes as he turned to Aisha.

"May I have this dance?" he asked. Aisha giggled and nodded her head. The two of them walked onto the dance floor, and started to sway to the music. Jason walked over to Emily, smiling at her. As the couples began to pair up and walk to the dance floor, nobody noticed the lone figure walking into the dance. She looked around the room, her heart sinking when she found the person she was looking for. Yes, he looked as good as ever in his black suit and red tie, with his hair cut just above his shoulders. But that wasn't the problem. It was the person he was dancing with.

I never should have given him up. But now it's too late, and Kat has him now. Kimberly sighed as she walked over to a table in the far corner and sat down, watching the happy couple dance. She closed her eyes and smiled wistfully as she remembered all the times she had dreamed of the graduation dance. Tommy at her side, dancing with her, telling her how much he loved her. Kimberly opened her eyes sadly, the daydream disappearing as she once again looked at Tommy and Kat.

I have to at least talk to him. Tell him how much I still care, how much he means to me, and especially........tell him about the letter. Kimberly took a deep breathe and stood up, her knees slowly shaking. She walked over to the dance floor and to where Tommy and Kat where just leaving it. As she got closer, Kat turned her way. Kimberly looked around desperately, trying to find a spot to hide. She watched as Kat's face broke into a smile, and she practically ran over to Kim, dragging Tommy along.

"Kim!" she exclaimed. Kimberly, though, looked past her. She watched as Tommy's eyes opened in surprise as he got his first glance at her. Kim turned her attention back to Kat and smiled, the smile never reaching her eyes.

"Kat!" Kimberly said, not as excited as Kat. Kat hugged the smaller girl, surprising Kimberly deeply. As she hugged Kat back, her eyes met Tommy's. But as soon as her eyes met his, she looked down, averting his gaze. As Kim pulled away, both Tommy and Kat could sense something wrong.

This isn't the Kim I met. She was, happier. More energetic. What happened to all of that? It's as though she lost something, something very dear to her. Is it Tommy? Does she regrets giving him up? Kat wondered as she looked at the unhappiness shining in Kim's eyes. Tommy noticed them too, though he wasn't thinking what Kat was.

Who did this to her? What am I going to say to her? Since she is my ex, even though she broke up with me, I still feel something for her. But what? Do I still love her? Or do I love her like I do everyone else that has been a power ranger. And what about Kat? I know I have feelings for her, but seeing Kim.......oh, what am I going to do?! Tommy thought as he looked from his girlfriend to the girl that had broken up with him, trying to sort his feelings.

Oh no. He loves her. Really loves her, more than he loved me. But, there's something in his eyes, something that I can't make out. It's been too long. I used to be able to tell what he was feeling, what he thought of me, us. But now I can't. It's been to long, maybe...too long for us to remember the feelings we had for each other. Kim looked up at Tommy, and tried to control the shaking of her knees.

"Tommy, can we talk for a minute?" she asked hopefully. Tommy looked at Kat then back at Kim, trying to make up his mind. He turned back to Kim.

"Sure." he said. Kimberly turned around and started walking to a table, with Tommy following her. Kat watched the two of them, fear surfacing in her heart.

I trust him. I trust him completely. I'm just afraid that he still has feelings for her, and they'll resurface when he talks to her. I want him to be happy, but I, I........I love him.

* * *
As Kimberly and Tommy made their way across the room, they sat at the table in the far corner, the one she had sat at when she had been watching Tommy and Kat dancing. Kimberly nervously looked down, chewing her bottom lip nervously. As Tommy sat down next to her, neither of them able to meet the other's eye. Kimberly took a deep breathe and looked up, startled to see Tommy watching her.

"Tommy, I...I have to tell you something." As Tommy watched her, she took a deep breathe. "Ever since I went to Florida, I have done nothing but gymnastics. The coach, when we got to Florida, starting working me harder that I could go. I kept getting hurt, but they made me keep going. Then, then-" Tommy put his arm around her shoulder as he saw her tense up. "coach made me break off communications with everyone, including you and all the rest of my friends, because it disrupted with my training."

"Kim, I'm so sorry. I should have been there-" Kimberly cut him off.

"No, don't apologize. You were there for me. But I...I couldn't be there for you." She turned to him and looked up at him with tear-filled eyes. "Tell me the truth Tommy. I know you love Kat. But do you still love me?" Tommy looked into her tear-filled eyes, feeling his heart beginning to break.

"Kim, a piece of me will always love you. I treasure the time that we had with each other, and I never regret loving you. But I love Kat now." Tommy whispered. Kimberly looked down, her lips shaking. She looked back up at Tommy, a sad smile on her face.

"Thank you for telling me the truth Tommy. I know that I love you, but I want you to be happy. And I'm not the one that can do that for you. Kat is." Kimberly leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek. She stood up and walked away, trying to hold back the tears that were destined to fall. As she made her way out of the doors, she stopped and turned around. She saw Kat and Tommy together.

Keep him happy Kat. Don't hurt him like I did. With that final thought, Kimberly walked out of the doors of the dance and out of there lives.