Through Evil Eyes Series
Overheard Conversation
by: Emily

I wonder what plan Rita is going to come up with next? Maybe I'll actually be able to help her! I want to do more! It's not fair. Why does Baboo get to do everything? I'm always stuck here, listening to Rita's screaming. I want to get rid of the rangers as much as she does? Why doesn't she ever listen to me? The short, blue creature sighed unhappily as he looked into Finster's workroom, listening to the newest plans against the rangers. He glared at the people in the room, none of them noticing him. He turned around and walked slowly through the castle, wandering aimlessly through the long halls.

"I don't understand it! I've done what she has asked me to, yet she never gives me an important job like she does everyone else! The only people who would ever talk to me was Baboo and that Green Ranger." He growled softly at the mention of the green ranger.

"Yeah, he would talk to me, alright. If you count telling me everything that I do wrong talking. I never understood that Green Ranger. At times, he would act like a human, like the other rangers. But at other times, he treated me worse than Rita and Goldar EVER did." Squatt winced as he recalled the times when the green ranger had gotten fed up with him and Baboo, mercilessly beating them. They had been able to withstand the many beatings, but it left both of them with hatred for the ranger.

All of the rangers were idiots. Especially the green ranger. Even though he was evil, he still thinks he is better than everyone else. He, oh, he bugs me. I wish that Rita had never HAD the idea for a ranger that served her, and only her. It's bad enough with those rangers on the Earth. Why did she want to bring one of them in out palace?! You knew the rangers would be able to save him, because they have been able to defeat everything else Rita has thrown at them. Why does she always try to put things at them with force? Maybe she should look for their weaknesses before trying to destroy them.

"What has Rita been thinking? Nothing is working against these rangers. If she finds their weaknesses, she might be able to get farther then she has so far. Take the green ranger, for example. He is a loner, especially compared to the others. He needs people around him, to help him, for he couldn't get through anything alone. What about the pink ranger? She is an airhead! She can't even think for herself. Why, without the other rangers, she wouldn't even think at all! Now, the black ranger, what a loser he is! Look at me! I'm a dancing fool! He always has to be the center of attention. Even when they're in battle, he sometimes wants to be in the middle. It usually ends up messing all of them up, too. But, you want to talk about messing up? Look at the blue ranger. He can barely fight against the putties, let alone any of Rita's monsters. He might have brains, but boy is he lacking in the muscles department. And the leader of the team, the red ranger. What a leader he is! He gets them from one mess to another. He continually makes the wrong decisions. But the worst of the entire group, the most ANNOYING of their team, is the yellow ranger. She has a calmness about her, that while it can be her downfall, it can also keep the team together. Rita and Goldar think that the red ranger keeps all of them together. BA! It's the yellow ranger! Any idiot could see that. Ooo, I wish.." Squatt immediately froze in his spot as he looked carefully into the room ahead of him, trying not to be seen. Goldar and Scorpina were talking, trying to keep their voices at a low volume. Squatt strained to hear what they were saying. But because their tones were so low, he could only catch bits and pieces of it.

"...she doesn't.....isn't making sense.."

"If she.......keeping this up......we'll put our plan..."

" would we......take over? After all......"

"We've worked on this........we can do this if we....."

"She.....too powerful for us..........we would......killed..."

"......we take over........we'll kill......especially the rangers......"

"We'll be......supreme rulers....."

".......take over.....kill Rita's other minions..." Squatt backed away from the door in fear as he realized what the two of them were planning.

They are going to take over Rita and kill all of us! I have to warn everyone about this before it's to late! He slowly backed away and turned to run back to Rita. Before he could get away, a strong hand grabbed him by his shoulders. He slowly spun around and found himself face to face with Goldar's chest plate. He looked up and cowered at the expression on the creature's face.

"What do you think you are doing here?" Goldar asked. "Spying on us?" Squatt quickly shook his head, hoping that they would let him go. Goldar gave him an evil glare and threw him into the room. Scorpina walked over to Squatt.

"You weren't thinking of telling Rita on us, where you?" Squatt looked up at her meekly.

I can't tell them the truth! If I do, gulp, I'm afraid that I won't be around anymore! But even if I don't tell them the truth,they won't believe me anyway, and I don't even want to think of the things that they would do to me.

"No! I, I didn't here anything! Please don't hurt me!" Scorpina looked over at Goldar and nodded. He left the room and Scorpina quickly followed him. Before closing the steel door, she turned and looked over at Squatt.

"If you even THINK about telling anyone, you are dead." She closed the door behind her and Squatt froze as he heard the tiny click. He stood up and ran over to the door and tried open it. He realized in horror that they had locked the door behind him.

"What if they leave me in here? I wouldn't be able to stand it without anything to live on. And I won't be able to stop them from taking over!" Suddenly, Squatt heard a giant crash from above him, the throne room. He gasped in shock as he heard a horrendous laugh filling the castle. He heard Rita shriek, then all was silent. A single thought came through his head.

Can it be true? Is he actually back? Has my Lord actually come to take back what is rightfully his?

The End?