Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story except for Shadow, Cici, Nat, and Lee.  This is part of the Comings and Goings series, so I suggest that you read the stories in the rest of the series before this one.  I know this kinda centers on some of my characters, but this will be the only one!  Thanks to my friend Shell for helping me with this.  Hope you enjoy!

Falling Into Evil
by: Emily

In the dead of the night, a lone figure stood in the middle of an empty field.  As a gentle breeze blew her hair lightly across her face, she opened her eyes and looked around in confusion.  As far as she could see, there was nothing but miles and miles and grassy fields surrounding her.  She turned around to see if anything was behind her and froze.  There was something behind her.  A cemetery, to be exact.  A very familiar one for her.  A look of horror crossed her face as she took a step backwards in fear.
"No." she whispered, frozen in place.  "It can't be!  I left that, EVERYTHING behind."  She backed away slowly, and turned around, ready to run away as fast as she can.  Instead, she cam face-to-face with-
"Hello Buffy." the one with curly blond hair spat out.  A friend of hers.  Surrounded the girl were others, monstrosities of them.  Buffy looked at them, her face contorting in horror.  Out of the group of people stepped a young woman with short brown hair.  She looked normal expect for one thing.  Her head kept falling to the side.
"Miss Calendar?" whispered Buffy as she looked at her former teacher.  Miss Calendar smiled, a cold, vacant smile. 
"Very good, Buffy.  You always were a pleasure to have in class." She mocked.  From out of the crowd, a girl with long, dark, brown hair came out, dressed in a short skirt and a tight shirt covered with blood.  She looked pretty, until you looked at her hands and feet.  They're were none.  Buffy stared at the empty places where her hands and feet were suppose to be.  They had been cut cleanly off. 
"What's wrong, Buffy?" the girl asked.  "You always thought you were better then me.  You were always one step ahead of me.  But now I, Cordelia, are ahead of you.  And now it's your turn to be second best." Buffy stood frozen in horror as one by one, the monstrosities of her friends mocked her.  As Buffy felt herself begin to tremble, a quiet voice called her from behind.
"Buffy?" It asked.  Buffy turned around to see someone in a long hooded robe standing behind her.
"Buffy?  Is that you?" It asked, excitement in it's voice.  Buffy smiled as she recognized the voice.  She hadn't heard it in far to long, but she would know that voice anywhere.
"Willow?" Buffy asked hopefully.  Willow nodded her head, the hood over her face falling forward. 
"I'm so glad your back, Buffy." Willow whispered.  Buffy smiled at the sound of the familiar voice, her hope rising.  Willow walked closer to Buffy, stopping when she was two feet in front of her.
"I'm glad you're back.  We're all glad your back.  Now, we can have our revenge!" Willow shrieked as she tore off the robe.  Her entire body had been stitched together, some pieces tearing apart from the other.  As Buffy looked at Willow in horror, the others surrounded her.  Buffy shut her eyes and screamed as they began laughing, horrible screeching laughter.  She fell to her knees, covering her ears to block out the noise.  Suddenly, it stopped.  Everything stopped.  Buffy stood up shakily, opening her eyes and putting her arms down.  She looked around, hearing nothing but the whistling wind around her.
She was alone.  All alone.

"Hi-YAH!" Lee yelled out as she kicked the punching bag, knocking it sideways.  As it came swinging back to her, and started a series of punches, attacking it faster and faster as she worked out all the held-up emotions.
Why should SHE get powers, and I don't?  I'd be four times the ranger she is, Lee thought angrily as she kicked the bag.  Experimenting with those powers were the best thing that I did.  Oh, it figures.  She was always the favorite.  Everyone loved her.  No one cares about poor Lee, ignored by everyone.
"You're pretty good." called a voice from behind her.  Lee turned around in surprise, forgetting about the punching bag.  It came swinging back to her and hit her, knocking her to the ground.  Zhane walked over and helped her up, smiling at her.  Her heart fluttered nervously as she looked at him.
"You'd better be careful.  Those things pack quite a punch." he joked.  Lee laughed and gave him a bright smile. 
"I noticed." she said wryly as the two of them walked over to a table and sat down.  She looked him in the eyes, noticing what a bright blue they were.  "So, how are you adjusting?"
"Pretty good.  It's actually really easy for me.  Especially with all the gorgeous girls around." He teased.  Lee blushed modestly as she smiled.
"So, why did you decide to come to the Juice Bar?  It's not the most happening place around." she said.  He looked around at the few people hanging around.
"Yeah, you're right.  The reason I came is because-" He paused for a second and looked around.  Lee looked at him in excitement.
He's going to ask me out! she thought.  He turned back to her and leaned across the table.  Lee leaned forward eagerly to hear him.
"I was actually looking for your sister.  I was going to ask if she would go to a movie with me.  Have you seen her anywhere?"  he asked.  The smile froze on Lee's face and she felt as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water over her head.
"Lee?" he asked.  She shook her head, unable to say anything.  A frown crossed his face as he visibly slumped down in his seat.
"Darn.  If you see her, can you tell her I want to talk to her?"  Lee nodded her head as she stood up to leave.  She walked away from the table, turning around slightly to wave.  He waved back happily as she walked out of the Youth Center.  She walked out of the doors and walked to the park.
I can't believe it!  He wants to ask Nat out!  Oh, this is it!  She gets everything!  Even the guy that I like.  A devious smile crossed her face as an idea came to her.  First, I have to talk to Nat.  Then, I can go along with my plan.

"Look at her!" ordered Shadow as he looked through the telescope.  Everyone crowded around him to look.  Zedd pulled away in disgust and rolled his eyes.
"What about her?  She's a typical teenager!" he yelled.  Shadow and Astronoma sighed as they turned around.  Shadow glared at Zedd.
"Can't you feel the anger of her?  The power?  There's something about her that seems, familiar."  The others nodded as they looked down at her, sensing the same thing.  Zedd shook his head.
"It doesn't matter.  No matter what we do, she will turn against us and the rangers will save her.  It's inevitable!"  he declared.  Divatox nodded in agreement with Zedd, as did Astronoma.  Shadow sighed and turned away from the others.  
"What an idiot!  He should knew by now that we can't put a spell over the rangers.  I bet his battle against Helenis drove him crazy."  Shadow turned around, fire in his eyes.  Divatox stopped mid-sentence  and looked up at him in fear.
"What did you say?"  he roared.  Divatox flinched as he glared at her, the anger filling the room.  She looked nervously at Zedd and Astronoma.  They back away from her and walked to the door, getting as far away from the two of them as they could.
"Nothing!  I didn't say anything!" she exclaimed, trying to cover up.  It was to late, though.  Astronoma and Zedd watched in horror as fire shot out of Shadow's eyes and consumed Divatox.  Astronoma covered her ears and closed her eyes as Divatox scream became deafening.  Suddenly, Zedd and Astronoma heard a loud thump.  She tensed up as she realized what it was.  Both of them turned around and looked at the body of Divatox.  Or what was left of it.  Shadow turned to  Zedd and Astronoma, a crazed look in his eyes.
"Anyone else want to say something?" he asked.  Both of them shook their heads, not daring to say anything to him.  Shadow nodded in satisfaction, the crazed look disappearing from his eyes.
"Good.  Now, about the girl...."

Buffy opened her eyes and looked around her surroundings.  It was a quiet house, slightly familiar to her.  She walked through the house, looking around.  As she walked into the living room, she looked at the room in horror.  Bloodstains covered the furniture and carpet, pooling everywhere.  As she passed through the room, she recognized the home.
<This is MY home!  In Sunnydale.  What happened to it?>  Buffy walked through the house, her eyes widening as she passed the torn up and blood covered rooms. 
"What is going on here?  Why did this happen?" she cried out in anguish as she glanced at what had happened to her one-time home.  Suddenly, a voice from behind caused her to spin around.
"Because of you, Buffy." an older woman with curly hair said.  The tall man standing next to her nodded in his agreement.  Buffy's mouth dropped open as she recognized both of them.  She reached for them with a trembling hand, but it was quickly swatted away.
"Mom?  Dad?" she whispered.  Neither of them showed any sign of an answer, but Buffy knew it was them.  She looked up at them, tears welling up in her eyes. 
"Why is it my fault?" she asked, her voice beginning to tremble.  Her mother, Joyce, sighed in disgust.
"Don't you remember?" Joyce demanded.  Buffy nodded her head wordlessly.  "You let your "demons and vampires" destroy everything.  And everyone.  Remember what happened that night?  You were away with your friends at the Bronze.  Angel, your ex-boyfriend, came into the house and attacked me.  He turned me into a "vampire" as you call it."  Joyce smiled at the memory, her face horribly contorting, turning into her vampire face.  Her long fangs slipped through her smile, and she glared at Buffy with yellow eyes.  Buffy looked at her in horror. 
"But, it wasn't my fault!  I tried-" she stammered.  Her father, Hank, gave a snort of laughter.
"Yeah, you tried all right.  Too bad you it didn't help!  You always were an airhead, and a spoiled one at that!  Do you remember what happened to me sweetheart?  Do you remember what it was like to find my body after Angel killed me?  How did it feel, Buffy?" her dad taunted.  Buffy squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the image.  She shook her head, and looked up at her parents with renewed determination.
"I tried the best I could!  You don't know what it's like to be a teenager AND a girl AND the slayer!  If the two of you wouldn't have been so DENSE then you would have figured something out.  Mom, do you remember all the times you washed the blood out of my clothes?  What, didn't that matter?  And YOU dad!  You were never there when I needed you!  Sometimes, SOMETIMES, I felt that you-you-didn't even LOVE me!"  Buffy fell to the ground in a sobbing heap, as the images of her parents and house disappeared from sight.  As Buffy looked up, she realized she was back in the empty field, the grass gently being swayed by the wind.

"NAT!  Where are you!"  Lee screamed out a she walked into their two story house.  Lee strained her ears to hear a reply.  "NAT!!!!!" 
"Jeez, you don't have to yell so loud." replied Nat.  Lee turned around and a smile crossed her face as her sister walked down the stairs.  Lee ran up the stairs and met her sister halfway. 
"Nat, you will not BELIEVE what Zhane told me today!"  Nat rolled her eyes, her heart beating slightly faster with Zhane's name.  She looked up at Lee with an uninterested look, even though Lee knew she was interested.
"Well, I was working out in the Juice Bar, when Zhane came and started talking to me.  We were talking for a little while, and he told me...."  Lee stopped before the end of the sentence.  Nat looked at her, motioning for her to get on.
"What did he say?!" Nat all but screamed out.  Lee gave her a sly smile, then continued.
"He said....that he....."  Nat gave her a look of anguish.  "that he wants to meet you at the dance club tonight at 4:00.."  Nat's mouth dropped open as she looked at Lee in amazement. 
"Omigosh!  He wants to meet me at the dance club at 4:00!" Nat screeched.  Lee nodded, laughing as Nat began to dance around the room in excitement.  Lee raised her eyebrow at her sister.
"So, I guess that means you want to go?" she asked.  Her sister looked at her in amazement.
"YESSSS!" she bellowed, probably loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.  Suddenly, Nat froze in her tracks.  "Lee, what am I going to wear?"
"That's easy!  You go take a shower to, well, freshen up.  I'll pick an outfit out for you."  Nat charged up the stairs, leaving Lee standing in the front hall.  Lee listened for the shower to start, then picked up the phone to call the Youth Center.  She waited for a minute before someone picked up.
"Zhane, are you there?" she called.  She smiled as she heard his voice.  "Um, I hate to tell you this, but Nat won't be able to come to the movies.  But if you still want to go, I can show you around."  A slow smile spread across her face as he answered.  "Good!  See you in a couple minutes!"  Lee ran upstairs and into her sister's room.  She went through the closet, and grabbed an outfit for Nat.
"Hey Nat!  I have to go.  Talk to you later!"  Not waiting for her sister's reply, she ran down the steps and out the door, locking it behind her.
<Finally, thing are looking up for me!>

"What a great place!" screamed Kat, trying to make herself heard over the load music.  Rocky leaned in closer.
"What did you say?" he yelled out.  Kat sighed and grabbed his hand, pulling him away from the dance floor and to a table in the corner, far away from the speakers.
"I said, what a great place." Kat said, in her normal voice.  Rocky nodded in agreement, smiling at her.  As a slow song came on, Kat smiled and grabbed Rocky's hand, dragging him onto the dance floor.  She looked up into his eyes, her expression suddenly serious.
"Rocky, what has happened to our lives?" she asked.  Rocky looked at her, his face twisted in confusion.
"What do you mean?" he said.  She sighed, closing her eyes.  As she opened them again, tears shining in her eyes.
"Everything has happened so fast.  Shadow comes, we get new powers, everyone comes back, and then," her voice caught in her throat.  "some of out friends, died."  Tears began to run down her cheek as she buried her head into Rocky's chest.  Rocky gently rubbed her back.
"It's going to be okay Kat.  It'll be okay." he whispered.  As the two continued dancing, a girl stood at the edge of the dance floor watching the dancing couples.  She sighed as she watched them dancing, pain filling her heart.
I thought that he really wanted to go out with me.  But he never showed up.  As she turned around to leave, she caught a flash of blonde in the corner of her eye.  She turned around in surprise, and saw Lee dancing with someone. 
"I didn't know she was going out with anyone!" Nat exclaimed.  She moved closer to see what the guy looked like.  As she did, the two of them spun around and Nat had a clear view of the guy.  Her eyes widened in horror and surprise as she recognized him.
Zhane?!  she thought.  As she watched them dance, tears welled up in her eyes.  They spun around again, and Nat was looking into her sister's face.  As soon as their eyes met, a look of triumph came over Lee's face.  She watched as Nat turned around and walked out of the dance club.  Lee pulled Zhane closer, thinking about her newest conquest.
Poor Nat.  But she should know by now never to compete with me. 

Buffy began to walk around the empty field, looking for something familiar.  Suddenly, she found herself in a library, with books all around.  She began to shake as she recognized it.
"No, I can't be here.  The vampires burnt it down.  And they took Giles-" her sentence cut off as a lump formed in her throat.  She shook it away and began to walk around the library, smiling wistfully at the familiar sights.  As she made her way to the office, she opened the door and froze.
"Hello Buffy." the person said.  Or what Buffy thought was a person.  They had burn marks all over them, some parts of the skin blackened.  As it reached for her, she backed away in fear.  They began to laugh at her obvious horror.
"What's wrong Buffy?  You know you could always talk to me.  After all, I was your watcher." the thing said.  As she realized he was telling the truth, her eyes filled with tears.
"G-Giles?" she asked, tears threatening to fall.  The monstrosity took a step towards her, while she stood frozen to her spot.  "What happened to you?"
"You should already know, Buffy.  You're the one that caused it.  After all, you should have been at the library when the vampires came.  But you weren't and they were able to burn it down."  Buffy took a step towards the thing, anger filling her cold heart.
"What do you mean, I'm the one that caused it?  I was on patrol, like I should have been.  You TOLD me to go!  It was not my fault what happened to you!  You're a watcher, and you should be able to defend yourself somehow!" she screamed.  The library was silent, except for her heavy breathing.  Then, Buffy heard the door open behind her.  Miss. Calendar walked in.
"What about me, Buffy?  It's your fault that I was killed.  Your honey, Angel, killed me.  And it's all your fault that it happened."  Buffy looked at the lady, her heart filling with sorrow.
"It was my fault, but there's nothing I could do about it.  I couldn't kill him.  If Giles turned into a vampire, would you have been able to kill him?" Buffy asked, posing the question to her former teacher.  As Miss Calendar stood there, silent, Buffy watched in shock as everything around her disappeared, leaving her in the field once again.

"What is going on with you, Lee?" Nat asked as the two of them walked through the park.  Lee shrugged nonchalantly as looked innocently at Nat.
"Nothing's wrong.  Why do you ask?" she asked.  Nat glared at her sister angrily as she clenched her teeth.  She grabbed Lee by the arm and pulled her to a stop. 
"Why do I ask!?  Maybe it's because everyone's been saying how much Zhane wanted to go dancing with me, and then when I get there, I see you with him!  And I don't mean just "out with him".  It was more like hanging all over him!" Nat screamed as she glared at her sister.
"It's not my fault that Zhane wants me more.  As I've always said, all the guys want me.  What would they do with you?" Lee asked scornfully.  Nat's face turned bright red, but as she opened her mouth to answer, the two of them were suddenly surrounded by Quantrons.  Nat tried to reach for her morpher, but she was pushed to the ground.  Suddenly, the Quantrons were pulled off of Nat, and she gave a sigh of relief when she saw the rangers.
"Are you two okay?" Zhane asked, looking at Nat.  Lee clenched her hands into fists as Zhane helped her sister up.  As the rangers got rid of the rest of Quantrons, Astronoma appeared and with a quick kick, knocked the rangers down.  Nat turned to Lee.
"Lee, get out of here!  It's to dangerous for you!" she called out.  Lee glared at her as she watched her sister morph. 
"That's what YOU think," Lee whispered.  "I'm more powerful than all of you combined!"  She backed away from the fight, smiling every time Nat was knocked down.  Suddenly, she was surrounded by a dozen of Zedd's putties.  She ducked as one of them attempted to punch her, laughing at it's weak attempt.  She backed away from the putties.  Remembering her teachings from Madame Woe.  She closed her eyes and muttered a few words.  As she said them, a giant fireball formed in her hand.  She opened her eyes and shot the fireball at the putties, all of them burning to a crisp.  As Lee started walking towards the rangers, Shadow appeared in front of her.  She got into a defensive stance, glaring at him.
"What do you want?" she asked suspiciously.  Shadow grinned and looked at her, feeling the power coming off her.
"I want to help you." he said.  She looked at him doubtfully.
"How would YOU be able to help ME?" she asked, rolling her eyes at him.  He smiled again, and proposed his offer. 
"If you agree to help me destroy the rangers, I will make sure that your sister is forgotten about, and I will make sure that you get your own powers." he offered.  As she thought about it, a smile curved over her face.  She looked at him and put her hand out.
"Deal." she said, sealing it.  As the two shook hands, Shadow looked over at Astronoma.   
"Astronoma, we've gotten what we came for!" he yelled out.  The rangers turned towards him, looking at Lee in shock as she stood by him.  Before any of them could do anything, Astronoma, Shadow, and Lee all disappeared in a cloud of smoke.  The rangers looked at each other, and, each touching their communicators, disappeared in streaks of light.

Buffy took a deep breathe as she opened the door to The Bronze and stepped in.  Everything was silent, except for her steps as she walked across the floor.  She looked around nervously, waiting for something to happen.  And it did.  The lights above the stage turned on, and two people appeared on the stage. 
"Oz?  Cordelia?" she asked, looking at them.  They both nodded their heads gravely, or at least Cordelia.  Oz couldn't, for he was holding his head under his arm.
"That's right, Buffy." Cordelia said, spitting out the words.  Buffy looked at the two, her head held high. 
"It's good to see you again, Cordelia.  How's it been lately?" Buffy asked.  Cordelia glared at her, her eyes burning into Buffy's.
"Figures.  You always had some sort of witty remark about me.  But you just don't want to admit that everything that happened to me was your fault." Cordelia accused. 
"No, it's not all my fault.  You're that one that got involved with us.  You should have stayed with your "friends".  Then none of this would have happened to you."  Buffy looked down.  "But some of it is my fault, but it's too late to fix it.  I'm sorry what happened to both of you, but that's the past.  I can't fix it."  She smiled as both Cordelia and Oz disappeared, leaving her alone in the Bronze.  Suddenly, the light that was shining on the stage shut off, leaving her in darkness.  She looked around, hearing someone breathing close by her.
"Who's there?" she asked.  She took a step backwards, turning around and found the lights.  She turned them on, looking for the person.  Suddenly, she heard a loud bang, and grabbed her arm in pain.  She looked down at pain, and watched in shock as blood began to pour from the wound.  She turned around and saw three people standing behind her, one with a smoking gun in his hand.
"Hello Buffy.  Don't tell me you've forgotten about us already." The one with the gun said.  Buffy looked at her closest friends in shock.
"Angel, Willow, and Xander." she whispered, naming each of them off.  Buffy barely had time to get in a defensive stance as the three of them leapt at her, wanting to tear her apart.

"Dimitria, we have to help her!  We can't let her go to Shadow and Astronoma!  She might do something that she'll regret!" Nat yelled.  She began looked at the controls in the Power Chamber, trying to figure out what they do.  Justin walked over and gently pushed her aside, and began to type in codes.  As Dimitria looked down at Nat, Jason jumped up.
"Dimitria, something's wrong with Buffy!" he yelled.  Justin ran over and checked her stats.  He looked at them in horror, them turned back to the rest of the rangers.
"Her vital signs are skyrocketing!" he cried.  Suddenly, to the shock of everyone in the Power Chamber, blood began to pour out of a wound in her arm.   
"I need bandages!" Justin yelled.  Kat ran over to a cabinet and pulled out a first aid kit.  She dug through it frantically, trying to find the bandages.  Finally, she found them, and tossed them to Justin.  He caught them and began to wrap them around her arm, trying to stop the bleeding.
"Dimitria, what's going on?" asked Rocky frantically.  Dimitria shook her head.
"I have no idea.  It must be the spell that Shadow has put on her.  Somehow, it's affecting her more than we thought." she said.  The rangers watched in shock as more cuts and bruises began to form on her.  Suddenly, Buffy went limp, and her heart stopped. 

Buffy fell to the ground, next to her friends.  She looked at them, wishing that things had worked out a better way.  She slowly stood up, all of her injuries catching up to her.  She watched as her friends disappeared, leaving her once again in the field.  But this time, something different happened.  A smile crossed her face as she watched the sun slowly come up.
"Buffy." a voice from behind her called.  Buffy turned around to see all of her deceased friends standing behind her, each with smiles on their faces. 
"Thank you for everything that you did for us." Willow said, looking exactly like the girl that Buffy met when she first moved to Sunnydale. 
"But all of you were killed because of me." Buffy said, looking down.  They all walked over to her, trying to comfort her.
"If you hadn't come to Sunnydale in the first place, we would have been killed anyway.  You helped us.  We were the one's that got involved with it.  We knew the risks." Xander said, putting his arm around her shoulder as she began to cry.  Angel walked over, and cupped Buffy's chin gently in his hand, lifting it up so she looked in his eyes.
"Buffy, no one blames you for what happened.  I knew the risks of what could happen.  I'm sorry for all the pain that I caused you." he said.  Buffy smiled as she reached up and hugged him.  As she closed her eyes, she felt darkness overtaking her.
Never forget us Buffy.  We all love you.

Buffy opened her eyes, squinting because of the bright light above her.  She groaned as she sat up, her head pounding.
"Did anyone catch the license plate of that truck?" she groaned.  As she opened her eyes fully, she was enveloped in a giant hug.
"Buffy!  Your okay!" cried Kat, squeezing Buffy.  Buffy smiled at them.
"Uh, guys, I hate to tell you this, but I can't breathe."  The rangers let go of her, laughing at the look on her face.  She stood up and walked over to them, hugging them.  As the rangers exchanged hugs, the Space Rangers and Nat stood off to the side, all feeling out of place.  Suddenly, Rocky glanced over at them, remembering they were there.
"Oh, Buffy, we want you to meet some people."  The four of them walked over to Buffy.  She smiled at all of them.
"This is Zhane, Andros, CiCi, and Nat." Rocky said.  As each of them said hello, Nat stood behind them, not able to say anything.  Nobody noticed as she backed into the shadows and sat down, thinking about Lee.
Lee, why did you do this?  There were other ways out, if only you could see that!  Why did you turn to them?  We could have helped you!

The End