I do not own any of the characters in this story. They belong to Saban. Hope you enjoy!

Jealous Eyes
by: Emily

"It last! Now they will all see what a splendid warrior I am indeed!" exclaimed the tall, blue monster as he appeared on Earth. He looked around nervously, but quickly tried to cover his nervousness up. "I will show them that the rangers are NO trouble for me."

Well, ALMOST no trouble. I mean, so what if they tend to always figured out our plans and destroy them? That doesn't mean it's MY fault. It's Zedd of Rita's fault. They're the ones that came up with the plan.

"Baboo! Will you get over here already!" demanded the gold-armored creature.

Baboo sighed and walked over to him, setting the box he was holding down. The creature sneered at him, obviously seeing himself as better than Baboo. As Baboo stood there, the creature turned to him in impatience.

"Well, what are you waiting for?! Your work here is done. Now go back to the moon and, I don't know, talk to Squatt or something." The creature turned around and went to work. Baboo glared at the creatures back before slowly turning around and walking away.

My work here is done? My Lord specifically said that BOTH of us were suppose to be doing the work. Not just him! Oooo, Goldar always rubs me the wrong way! He always thinks that he's better than me, even though he's the one that always messed up. Why, he couldn't even beat the green ranger!

"I hate those rangers! If it wasn't for them, earth would already be groveling at out feet! Even WITH them, we should have long ago defeated this planet. Those rangers are so WEAK. The only reason that they've been able to last this long is because of that pesky blue ranger!" Baboo roared. I HATE all of the power ranger! But the blue ranger, now he's the one that bother's me the most. No matter what we do, he comes up with an invention to top us and then, he uses it to destroy our creations. Well, Finster's creations. Not that THEY do any good. No matter what Finster creates, the rangers manage to destroy! What good is he! Well, not that Zedd uses him as much as Rita does, but still. Have they learned nothing!

"But what I don't understand, is why they always go after the Green or Red ranger! Those two aren't the ones that will hurt them! The other four will. Especially they blue one. Even though he isn't the muscles of the team, like the green and red ones are, he is the one that does the most for the team! He always finds new ways to defeat all of the monsters we send down! He is a complete genius! That's why Zordon picked him." Baboo sighed as he prepared to send himself back to the moon. Suddenly an idea formed in his head.

If Goldar thinks that he can get away with trying to get rid of me, he is mistaken. Baboo looked around to see if he was being watched. Not seeing anyone, he walked carefully over to where Goldar had placed the box. As he neared the spot, it came to no surprise to him that Goldar was fighting against the rangers, trying to distract.

"This should be easy," Baboo whispered nervously as he walked over to the box. Opening it, he pulled out three of the four eggs inside. He looked around, and smiled coldly as he saw the Goldar still fighting the ranger, being beaten heavily by them. As Baboo disappeared from the planet, the three eggs in his hand began to crack.

Not yet, my pets. Soon, we will be the rulers. The controllers of the entire world! As Baboo appeared in the throne room, Zedd was already glowing red in anger. Ignoring the lesser creature, Zedd watched as the battle on the Earth grew. But it was mostly because the rangers were defeating Goldar. Baboo quickly slipped off towards his room. Closing the door quietly behind him, he opened his hand and smiled evilly at the eggs.

With these three, I will not only be able to destroy Goldar, but I will have Lord Zedd groveling at my feet! Baboo carefully put the eggs in a small chest and in a pocket in his wall. Soon, the time will come. The time for me to show all of those who laugh at me what power I really have. And I will start by destroying the blue ranger!