Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story.  Saban owns them.  This is really short, but I like the way that it turned out.  Hope you enjoy!

Arrogant Assumptions
by: Emily

THOSE are the rangers that Rita could not defeat?  Why, they are nothing but teenagers!  That shows that I was always right about her.  Rita is nothing but a has-been villain.  Lord Zedd walked away from Rita's telescope.  He strutted over to the throne and sat down, thinking about what he has seen with the rangers.

Though the rangers look weak, they may surprise me.  Why, they do work as a team.  But still, no matter WHAT they throw at me, I will come out victorious.  Zedd stood up and began to pace around the room.

The red ranger, he I must be careful of.  He makes wise choices as the leader and always manages to get them out of tough situations.  But he thinks that he is invincible.  I will show him.  I will show him that Lord Zedd is not someone to be taken lightly.  I will cause his downfall.  Zedd stopped pacing and closed his eyes, a picture of the yellow ranger coming into his head.

"SHE is an excellant fighter.  But she is too weak to fight anyone like me.  I will have her bowing down at my feet in fear before long.  It's all just a matter of time.  And speaking of having rangers bowing down, that blue one will by the first one to.  Why, he can barely fight!  And Zordon picked him as a ranger?  He is stupider than I thought!"

The black and green rangers will be easy defeat.  Even though the green one has fighting skill, his powers won't last long.  Because of Rita, they are already weak.  And I will make sure that he isn't in the way for much longer.  And the black ranger is nothing but a incompetant fool!  He is always acting like a fool!  As a vision of the final ranger crossed through his mind, a smile crossed his face. 

"But the pink ranger...there's something about her.  Something that I can't put my finger on.  But whatever it is, I know that I'll have her.  No matter what or who tries to get in my way.  She will be mine."  Zedd walked over to the telescope once again and looked through it, looking for the pink ranger.  As he found her, an evil smile crossed his lips.  She was walking in the park all alone, not a worry in mind.

"Goldar!" he yelled.  In a few seconds, Goldar came running into the room.  Zedd turned to him, his face stone cold.

"What do you wish, my Lord?" the winged monkey asked. 

"The pink ranger is in the park, all alone.  Go and kidnap her, and bring her back."  Goldar smiled evilly as he thought of the pink ranger, then disappeared in a gold light.  Zedd looked into the telescope once more, and laughed as he saw the pink rangers fear as Goldar charged her, not giving her a chance to morph.

Soon, Kimberly.  Soon, you will be mine.  Mine to have and mine to control.  Then I will destroy all of the rangers, and you will be at my side, laughing at their defeat!

The End?