I don't own any of the characters used in this fic, evne though it would be cool if I did. Saban owns them. Every last one of them. Sigh. Oh well, enjoy the fic anyway!

Vacant Thoughts
by: Emily

As Rito Revolto neared the throne room of the Lunar Palace, he heard voices inside. Familiar voices, that were arguing heatedly. He neared the door and peeked in, not at all surprised to see this sister and brother-in-law bickering with one another. He listened in, curiousity getting the best of him. What he heard hurt him.

"I cannot STAND that bag of bones! He does nothing for us!" Lord Zedd yelled as he glared at Rita Repulsa. "He manages to mess up all of our plans to destroy the ranger."

"Don't you dare talk about him that way!" Rita screamed out, hitting Zedd on the head with her staff. A smile crossed Rito's face as he heard his sister say that.

That's right, sis. Tell him off! He always thinks he's right, even if his plans fail.

"I might not like him either, but he's my brother! I can't just kick him out of the palace. Dad wouldn't stand for it." Rita explained. Rito felt as if he had been shot in the heart, if he even had one.

She doesn't like me? he thought angrily. Why, I oughta.......I oughta....well, do SOMETHING, even though I'm not sure what. They can't talk to me that way! I don't care who they think they are. He was about to walk into the room when Zedd started talking again.

"I don't care what your daddy thinks, he is not staying in this palace!" Zedd screamed, beginning to glow a bright red. That didn't seem to bug Rita, though as she kept glaring at him.

"He is too staying in this palace. Whatever dad says, I listen. That's that." she yelled. "And neither of us should DARE to go up against him. He could destroy us if we disobey him, and both of us know that!" Zedd's skin began to turn it's normal shade of red, as he nodded grudgingly.

"That might be so, but I still don't like it. After all he-" The rest of his sentence faded in the distance as Rito slowly walked away from the room, his head slumped forward. Hearing his own sister admit that she didn't like him had really hurt, even though he was evil.

I don't get them. I try the best that I can to go after the ranger and go along with their stupid plans, but it's not my fault that even between them they can't even think of a plan to destroy the rangers. What about Goldar?! He always messes up, no matter what he does. But noooo, they can't blame him. They have to blame me, because Goldar is the better fighter. Rito clenched his fists together, anger coarsing through him as he walked blindly through the palace.Well, just wait, Rita and Ed. I'll show you. I'll show you what I really can do.

"With the plan that I have, the rangers won't have a chance of getting past me!" he exclaimed, laughing. But slowly, the laugh stopped and Rito slowed in his tracks, thinking.

But do I really want to destroy the rangers? I mean, all they're doing is protecting themselves. This is their home, and they want to keep it that way. It's like Rita's forgotten what is was like to fight to save our planet. Do I ever remember what out planet was like, before THEY took it over. I wonder if Rita even remembers mom.

"I wonder what mom would think of me now?" whispered Rito to himself. "Would she be ashamed of me? Would she be proud? I wonder........I wonder if dad ever misses her. He never talks about her."

Maybe that's because she reminds him of his former life, the sudden thought came to him, causing him to smile sadly.

"Yeah, the life when we were happy with each other and wanted to preserve our way of life. But that's over now. They don't remember, or even care!" He looked down sadly. "I miss her. Mom was so nice."

Yeah, but she's gone now. They killed her! That' s the thing that sent dad where he is today. Evil, uncaring, hatred. If mom was still here, everything would be different. Everything would be better, especially compared to what it's like today. But suddenly, he heard voices from behind him. He shook away all the thoughts of long ago and turned around. Goldar stood there, a look of disgust on his face.

"Rita and Zedd want you for a mission," Goldar said, his voice dripping with jealousy. "You have to report to them to get your instructions. With that, Goldar walked away. Rito started walking to the throne room.

I can't WAIT to hear what they want me too do! Hopefully I'll be able to destory the rangers, and then they will see that I'm not a failure. I will destory the rangers, no matter what they try! As he walked into the throne room, a single thought passed through his head, one that would have surprised every villian in the entire galaxy.

But.........do I really want to?