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Disbelief and Examination
by: Emily

As the message played through the small viewing globe in front of him, the creature shook his head in complete disbelief. He replayed the message, hoping what he had just heard wasn't true. I must have heard it wrong. She wouldn't do this to me!! But as he replayed the message, it was the same thing that he had heard the first time, exactly the same.

I can't believe it! I can't believe this is happening! She is marrying that, that....filth! thought the creature angrily as he paced around his throne room, thinking about his daughter's announcement. He is nothing! His power has receeding consiterably over the years, yet she still wants to marry him? What is she thinking! Suddenly, the door behind him opened and a half man-half skeleton walked in. Master Vile rolled his eyes as he recognized the creature.

"What do you want now, Rito?" he asked, rolling his eyes. The creature looked at him, a vacant smile on his face. He showed no sign of seeing his father roll his eyes, but looked at him dumbly.

"I was wondering if the rumors were true. Is Rita really going to marry Ed?" he asked, oblivious to his father's anger. "I mean, I'm not even THAT stupid. After all, Ed is pretty stupid if you ask me. He couldn't even defeat a few ranger. And besides-"

"SHUT UP!!" Master Vile bellowed, interuppting Rito. Rito cringed as the anger was directed directly at him. "WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP!"

Rito looked at the door nervously, and made a dash for it. "Um, gotta go dad! I have to go talk to someone!" With that, Rito ran out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Master Vile sighed and growled softly.

"How did I get stuck with a son like that! He is nothing but a complete idiot!" Vile sat down, thoughts running through his mind.

He's almost as stupid Zedd! Rito is right though. Zedd can't even get rid of a few rangers. Why, just between Rita and I we have demolished countless amounts of rangers. But then ZORDON imprisoned her in that space dumpster. It ruined her! That's why she can't defeat a few ranger and it's why she's marrying a washed up has-been like Zedd! Ooo, just THINKING about him makes by blood boil. Zedd has taken over control of Rita, and Zordon destroyed her! thought Vile angrily. His eyes narrowed into slits as he thoughts about his upcoming plans.

"Soon, both Zordon and Zedd will get what's coming to them. Both have taken away my daughter's reputation and her powers. But I will take away their powers. And then, they will be sorry that they ever crossed me, the almighty Master Vile!" Laughter filled his room as he stood up. He closed his eyes, thinking about his plan. "Soon, the crystal will be mine. And then I will be able to take over the entire universe!"

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. "What?" he growled. The door opened and Rito walked back in, looking at his father nervously.

"Um, Rita wants you to make an appearence at the Lunar Palace so you and Ed can meet!" he exclaimed, beaming that he was able to remember the whole message. Master Vile sighed angrily and waved Rito out of the room.

I HATE that child! If only there was a way for me to get rid-

"Wait a minute! Since he seems so attached to his sister, I think that he should live in the Lunar Palace. After all, my daughter DOES deserve some sort of wedding present, and I think I have the perfect one for her!" Picking up rope, he called out to Rito.

"Rito, come in here!" he bellowed. Rito came scurrying into the room, cautiously looking around. Master Vile smirked as he walked over to him, holding the rope behind his back. This is too easy. I'm sure that Lord ED will love to have him around the palace to *ahem* help defeat the power rangers.