I do not own any of the characters except for Lee, Nat, Shadow, and Cici. This is the part of the Coming and Going series. Kudos to my friend Shell for helping me with this!!

Destiny Unfolded
by: Emily

"What do you think about this outfit?" asked Lee as she modeled her newly bought outfit for Nat. Nat looked at her and rolled her eyes. Lee was wearing a silver tank top with black stripes running down the side. She had cut off jean shorts on and her black shoes had two and a half inch heels. Her straight whitish blond hair was flowing loosely around her shoulders and she had silver glasses pulled over her bright green eyes.

"Can't you buy anything that is even somewhat sensible?" asked Nat. She was wearing a blue and violet striped t-shirt and had blue jean shorts on. Her wavy, golden blond hair was pulled back into a long ponytail. "I mean, think of what people will say about you if you wear something like that!" Lee smiled.

"They would say that I defiantly know how to dress!" she announced. Nat rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the book in her hand. Lee walked over and sat next to her on the bad.

"Watcha reading?" she asked as she pulled the book out of her sister's hand. "Jane Eyre? What the heck is this about?" Nat reached over and grabbed the book back.

"It's a wonderful love story about-" Lee put her arms up in a fake surrender.

"It's okay, really. I'll just read the cliff notes for them." Lee said. Nat smiled at her and threw the book at her. She laughed as it hit Lee right on the shoulder. Lee looked at her in mock anger. She picked up the pillow from the bed.

"That's it. You're getting it!" she yelled as she hit her on the head with the pillow. Nat screeched in surprise as she fell off the bed. As the two were fighting, neither of them heard the front door opening. Suddenly, Nat's bedroom door was knocked in and Zedd and Buffy came into the room. Lee shrieked at the sight of Zedd.

"What's wrong, humans? Didn't your ranger friends ever tell you what they were fighting against?" Buffy called as she leapt at the two of them. The two sisters jumped out of the way and Buffy hit her head on the side of the dresser. She growled at the two of them. Zedd ran over to Nat and hit her over the head with his staff, knocking her out. Lee looked at the two villains in fear. As the two loomed closer and closer, Lee remembered her teachings. She put her eyes to the side and a calm demeanor took over.

"Spirits of good, I command thee! Hurt the evil that lives inside of them!" She watched in horror as a white cloud enveloped the two villains. She winced at their screams of pain. She ran over to Nat and tired to pick her up, but before she could do anything, she was hit in the back with a bolt of energy. Her whole body stiffened as it coursed through her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell to the ground next to Nat. Zedd walked over to the fallen girls.

"So, she was more power than we first expected." He said as he examined his many burns that she had caused. He turned around and smiled as he noticed Buffy lying on the ground, completely motionless. "Good. Now that all three of them are taken care of, it's time to take them back to Shadow." All of the villains had noticed that the spell on Buffy had weakened so much that she had finally overcome it. Zedd dragged Buffy over to the other two girls and all four of them disappeared in a red cloud of smoke.

* * *

"Dimitria, what are we going to do?" asked Kat as she, Jason, Rocky, and Justin looked up at Dimitria. "We can't fight Shadow with only four rangers! It was hard enough to keep up with him when we had thirteen of us. Now we're down to four and we don't even have a leader!" Dimitria looked at the rangers and sighed.

"I know this is going to be tough rangers, but I'm afraid that I cannot do anything. I could not ask the four on Phaedos to come back, for they have to guard the Great Power, and I can certainly not ask Kimberly to come and help us, for she has to rule over Venus Island and take care of Tommy." Dimitria explained as the four looked at her nervously. Jason looked up at her.

"I don't know if we will be enough to fight all of the forces that Shadow and his crew send at us. All of us have never been on a team before, and we don't know how much time we can have to train." Dimitria looked at him and offered a small smile.

"Jason, I know that the four of you will be able to work together. You may not have been on the same teams, but I am positive that you have the ability to come together as a team. And Jason, during the time of Tommy's absence, I want you to be in charge of the team." Jason looked up at her in amazement. He looked over at the others, and was surprised to see them smiling at him. Justin walked over to him.

"You will be a great leader for us. I read up on the old files and they say that you were an excellent leader, especially for never having experience before." Jason smiled and hugged Justin. Rocky and Kat came over and hugged the two. Dimitria looked down at them and smiled. As she was about to open her mouth and say something to them, the viewing globe turned on. They all turned to the globe in alarm. They smiled as Kim appeared on the viewing globe.

"Kim!" exclaimed Jason as they walked over to the viewing globe. She looked at them with a weary look in her eyes.

"Hey guys," she answered. Justin looked at her in concern. There were bags under her eyes, and she couldn't smile at them.

"Kim, what's wrong? Is Tommy okay?" Justin asked her. She sighed and closed her eyes. She looked at them and took a deep breathe.

"He hasn't woken up yet. Renee has been trying to help him with her spells, but nothing has helped him so far. He hasn't gotten any worse, so at least I have something to be happy about." She looked down and the rangers looked at her in sympathy. She looked up at them again.

"You guys have to take Tommy's morpher. We had to take it away from his, because he had become so dependent on the power, that it had actually began to drain the energy and life from him." The rangers looked at her in shock. "You have to find someone that can take the power, because Tommy can never hold the Green Ultimate Powers again. In fact, I don't really know if he would be able to hold any kind of powers." She closed her eyes and she began to glow a light pink. In a flash of pink, Tommy's morphers appeared in the Power Chamber. Rocky walked over and picked them up. Kat looked over at Kim.

"Are you going to be okay Kim?" she asked. Kim nodded and a small smile crossed her lips.

"Yeah, I'm going to be. I'm just not so sure if Tommy is going to be." Kim whispered as she bit her bottom lip. She looked up. "I have to go. I wish you the best of luck. And don't worry about your numbers; you will be getting help from unexpected sources." The rangers looked at her in confusion as she disappeared. As soon as she was gone, the alarms went off and the rangers turned to the viewing globe again. They looked at the viewing globe in shock. Divatox and Astronoma were in the park with hundreds of machine like creatures behind them. The rangers looked at each other in horror.

"Are you guys ready?" Jason asked. They gave him uncertain looks and he looked at them in determination. "We can do this guys. It's morphin time!"

"Ultimate Shark!"

"Ultimate Unicorn!"

"Ultimate Gorilla!"

"Ultimate Rhino!" The rangers disappeared from the Power Chamber in streaks of light. Dimitria watched them disappear and offered up a silent prayer. Good luck rangers. May the power protect you and help you make it through this fight.

* * *
"Look at who finally decided to show up!" exclaimed Astronoma as the rangers appeared in the park. The rangers immediately got into defensive stances and looked at the villains.

"What are you doing here?" ordered Jason. The two looked at him and smiled evil smiles as Divatox looked at the machines behind her. They were sliver humanoid figures that were made completely out of metal. Instead of hands, they had spikes at the end of their arms. Their bodies showed off well defined muscles. They each had long, silver swords hanging on the side of their belts. The rangers looked at each other in shock and a little fear, praying that they would get past this battle.

"And to make the stakes a little higher," called Divatox. "we've got something to show you." The rangers gasped in shock as Buffy, Lee, and Nat appeared. The three of them were tied up to a stake and piles of wood were surrounding the stake.

"If any of you make the wrong move, poof! You're friends go up in flames!" Astronoma announced as the rangers watched them in horror. Jason turned to the rest of them.

"Guys, we have to do everything to get Nat, Buffy, and Lee out of there. I don't care what you have to do. Just get them out of here!" The other rangers nodded and got into their defensive stances as the first line of machines came at them. The four rangers packed closely together as they punched and kicked at the machines. While they were fighting, the three on the stake worked desperately to get free.

"We have to get out of here!" exclaimed Lee hysterically. She fought to get free of the ropes, but they held her fast. Nat tried to turn to her, but the ropes wouldn't allow the movement.

"Lee, calm down! We're going to get out of here!" Her cries were useless, though, as Lee tried even harder to get out. Nat turned to Buffy in despair. Buffy looked at her with dead eyes.

"This is all my fault. Everyone is going to die. Everyone. All of the friends that I met. And it's all my fault. I killed all of them. Again." Nat cursed as she tried to shut out the babbling girl. Suddenly, a dark cloud went in front of the sun, blocking out all the light in the city. Shadow and Zedd descended on a cloud, watching the rangers getting beaten by the machines. The three on the stake watched in shock as the cloud touched the ground, leaving both easy access to the ground.

"It looks like this really is the end of the power rangers!" exclaimed Zedd as he watched the fallen rangers gasping for breathe. Shadow walked over to them.

"Machines, back away!" he ordered. At his command, the machines that were surrounding the rangers backed up. The beaten rangers looked up at the four villains. They were covered in blood, for the machines spikes had gone right through their uniforms. Shadow walked around them, chuckling at them.

"I thought it would be harder to get rid of you. Guess I was wrong. But this is it for you." He leaned closer to the four and them and rasped, "This really is the end of the power rangers." As he walked over to Jason, he brought his sword up for the final blow. "Not so fast!" Shadow whirled around and his mouth dropped open in surprise as he saw three rangers standing behind him. There were three of them, two males and one female dressed in red, silver, and lavender uniforms each with their own colors. Shadow glared at them and turned to Astronoma. She glared at the rangers.

"Don't worry Shadow. I'm take care of them!" she shouted. She ran at the three rangers and jumped at them. As she fought against the other rangers, Shadow turned back around and got ready to finish the tired rangers out. Instead, he stared at the ground in shock.

"What the-" His sentence was interrupted as someone kicked him in the side of the face, knocking him away. He turned around and saw that the four had gotten back up, and the scratches had healed over. "Oh, you rangers are starting to get on my nerves!" He turned to Divatox and Zedd.

"Get rid of them!" he ordered. They shook their heads and began to fight the rangers. Shadow walked over the where Buffy, Lee, and Nat stood, tied to the stake. He smirked at the look on Buffy's face.

"What's wrong, girl? Can't believe that you hurt your friends again?" he taunted the girl, watching the blood slowly drain out of the girl's face. Buffy looked up at him, her eyes showing her defeat.

"Why are you doing this to me? I don't WANT to fight any of you! I came here to get away from all of this. Please, let me go. I'll do anything if I can leave." An evil smile slowly crept onto Shadow's face.

"Anything?" he asked. She nodded. He walked over to her and looked her in the eyes. "Kill the rangers." he whispered. Buffy looked up at him with shocked eyes.

"I can't kill them. They're my friends!" she exclaimed. Shadow began to laugh at Buffy, causing her to look at him in anger. As his laughter died down, he looked at her again.

"Do you actually think that they will want to be your friends after what you have done to them? When they find out that you were the one that plotted the most against them, they will HATE you for what you have done!" Buffy looked down, believing that he was right. No one would ever talk to her again. She was a nobody. She had actually let the evil win against her, again. She looked up at Shadow, unable to look at the rangers fighting behind him.

"Fine, I'll kill them, but only if you promise to let me leave this place. Leave Angel Grove and never return." He nodded and smiled. As he leaned over to untie her, he heard a voice next to Buffy.

"Don't do it, Buffy!" Nat exclaimed. Buffy looked at her, her face showing her defeat. Shadow glared at the girl for interfering with his plans.

"I have to. This is the only way that I will be free from the evil and the duty that I wanted to get away from." Buffy explained, in a flat voice. Nat looked at the girl.

"You can't give into the evil! You have to fight it. Even if the choices seem awful, giving into the evil will be the worse thing that will ever happen to you! He won't let you go. He'll keep you tied to his magic, and you will sink into the evil that many embrace!" Buffy's eyes showed signs of understanding, and when Shadow saw this, he knew it was over with. He walked over to the girl.

"Do you know who you are talking to, little girl?" he hissed. She looked into his eyes, her own reflecting her fear. She tried to remain calm as she felt the aura of evil surrounding her.

"This is it for you. To bad you couldn't say good-bye to your friends!" He grabbed a hold of her neck and squeezed tightly, blocking her air passage. Nat's eyes bulged out of her head as she struggled to get free from his. As a hazy mist began to descend over her vision, she felt a gentle voice from deep within.

Listen, my young child. This is not your time to die. Instead, it is your time to call upon the power that has been destined for you, and only you. With this power, you will be able to help your friends against their tireless struggle against evil. You must take this power, for this is your destiny. Nat smiled at the gentle voice calling upon her. She closed her eyes, and at once, she knew what she was to do. Her eyes snapped open and she glared into Shadow's eyes.

"I call upon the Jeweled Stargem and the gentle panda to guide me against the power of evil!" she cried. Shadow watched in shock as ropes around the girl dissolved and she rose up in the air. A bright white light shone over her. Everyone on the battlefield turned to see where the light was coming from. As the light disappeared, a ranger appeared on the ground, next to the stake. Her outfit, although like the rangers, was very different. She had armor instead of the spandex the other rangers wore, and it was covered in black and white. She had a shield covering her chest, much like the one of the evil green ranger. On the medallion, there was a shining panda shimmering in the light. Her plain black boots came a little below her knees, and her black gloves came to the bottom of her elbows. The rest of her uniform was white, including that skirt that had a thin black strike going across it. Her helmet's eyepiece was in the shape of an oval, and the helmet was covered in white and black stripes. She looked down at the battlefield. Shadow glared at her in disgust.

"I don't believe it! Another ranger! Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you're to late to help her!" He turned to Buffy and, pulling out his sword, he shot a burst of evil at her. Buffy froze as the power hit her, then fell to the ground in a heap. Shadow ran over to pick her up, but was thrown back by the new ranger.

"I don't think so!" the ranger growled. "You are not going to take her away to the evil!" Shadow smiled at the ranger.

"It's to late, ranger. She blames herself for everything that has happened, and with the spell I put upon her, she will never wake up!" He turned towards Zedd and Divatox and shot a bolt of energy at the rangers they were fighting, knocking them away. He then turned to Astronoma and did the same thing. The four villains ran over to each other and glared at the rangers.

"This isn't over yet, rangers!" The rangers watched as they disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The ranger looked at each other.

"We have to get to the Power Chamber. Everyone!" All of the ranger nodded, and in many streaks of light, everyone that had been in that section of the park disappeared.

* * *
As the rangers appeared in the Power Chamber, they turned to Dimitria and unmorphed. Jason looked up at her in confusion.

"Dimitria, what is going on?" he asked. Dimitria looked at the Space Rangers, who were looking around the Power Chamber in discomfort.

"Space Rangers, I thank you for answering my calls of distress. Rangers, all of you, please listen closely. Now is a time of great distress, for a new evil is coming. We don't know where they came from, but if they join up with Shadow, Zedd, Divatox, and Astronoma, then their powers have the potential to triple. You must all join together as a team. Earth, Space, and Destined rangers must come together to form a team that will be remembered for it's power." The rangers nodded, but Nat looked up at her in confusion.

"Um, that's nice to know, but what am I doing here?" Dimitria smiled and looked down at her.

"You, Natasha, were destined since even before your birth to have these powers. It was said that many centuries ago, Zordon gave two coins to power sorcerers who were great friends with him. The coins were to be given to the first set of twins born to their line. You, Natasha have been destined for this power ever since that time." Nat nodded, but then looked at Lee, who was wondering around the Power Chamber, in confusion.

"But, what about Lee? She's the other part of me and should have gotten the power too!" Dimitria sighed and looked at Lee in sadness.

"I'm afraid that because she was tampered with the black arts, she cannot claim her powers as of yet. She must earn them, and only then will she be able to claim her destined powers." Lee turned to Dimitria in shock.

"You mean, just because I experimented with magic, I can't claim...powers?" Dimitria nodded and Lee threw her arms up. She began to mutter angrily as she sat down. Dimitria turned towards the rangers, then at Buffy, who was lying on the ground.

"Rangers, before I answer anymore questions, somebody please help Buffy." The rangers turned around and gasped shock, seeing her for the first time. Jason and Rocky quickly picked her up and carefully laid her on a cot.

"She has had a powerful spell put upon her, one only she can break. Until she is able to do that, the rest of you must come together." Dimitria looked down at the rangers. "You must learn to act as one, and to accept each other, no matter who they are or where they are from." The rangers nodded. Dimitria smiled.

"Then, rangers of earth, I introduce to you, the Space Rangers." The three Space rangers stepped forward and removed their helmets. The male that had short blond hair and crystal blue eyes looked at them and smiled.

"I am Zhane, and I am willing to join your fight against evil." The rangers smiled and the silver ranger. The red one stepped forward next and removed his helmet.

"I am Andros, and will help you defend your planet." he announced. Finally, the purple ranger stepped forwards and remover her helmet, immediately shrinking down to her normal size. With her red hair and green eyes, she looked nothing like the other to.

"I am Cici, and I'm ready to kick bad guys butt!" The rangers laughed at her excitement. All of the rangers formed a circle, and in one motion, came together.

"Power Rangers!"

Yet, in the mind of Buffy a battle raged, worse than anyone that they rangers and herself had ever fought. This was against her most feared person. Herself.