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The Key
By: Emily

At the Juice Bar  

"I'm so happy the whole team is finally together!  I was hoping this would happen someday," said Kim.  "Even though we have to fight Shadow and all of them, it is still awesome!  Um, Kat, are you listening to what I'm saying?"  

Kat broke away from her embrace with Rocky and blushed.    

"I'm sorry Kim.  I just got so caught up......"    

"That' s alright Kat.  I was the same way when Tommy and I first started going out," Kim replied knowingly.  She thought about how the past few weeks had gone.  She and Rocky had continued going out, Trini and Billy FINALLY got together, Aisha and Zack hooked up, and Kat and Rocky grew to like each other.  Jason and Tanya had started going out.  That left Adam........    

"You know, I feel bad for Adam," Kim said sadly.  "I mean, everyone has someone.  Ever since Tonya broke up with him, the only time we see him is when we have to fight Shadow's monsters."    

"I know what you mean.  I've been best friends with him for a while, but I've never seen him like this," replied Rocky.  "I hope he is okay."     "Yeah.  Anyway did you guys hear the news?" asked Kat.    

"What news?" asked Kim and Rocky in unison.    

"There's a new girl coming tomorrow!  She's from a town called....Sunnydale, I think.  She's going to live with her aunt, cause somethying happened to her parents."    

"I wonder what happened?" wondered Rocky.      

On the way to the Juice Bar.

Adam is walking to the Juice Bar thinking about Tonya.    

What did I do wrong, he wondered.  I wish they had never come back.  NO, I can't think that.  They are my friends.  As long as Tonya is happy, I am.

"Look!  Here comes the rest of the gang!" exclaimed Kat.    

"Hi guys what's up?" asked Tommy as he reached down to kiss Kim.     "Nothing much.  We were just talking about the new girl that is coming to....."    

"Wait a minute," interrupted Zack. "Sorry Kim.  There's a new girl coming?  How come I didn't know about this?"    

"Because you never pay attention in class," teased Aisha.    

"Hey Tommy, we might want to get ready for our next class," said Jason.  "If we go by your time, the kids will never get the class in."  Everyone laughs as Tommy starts blushing.    

"I'm not that bad...."    

"Yes you are!" they all said.    

"Wow!  Who is that!" exclaimed Justin. They all turned around and saw a petite girl walking into the Juice Bar.  She had blond hair and had a sad look about her.  She walkied over to the punching bag and started working out.    

"She's good.  She's REALLY good," said an awestruck Tommy.    

"She looks sad though.  I wonder what's wrong?" asked Trini.    

"Maybe we should go and talk to her.  She looks like she might need friends," suggested Kim.  They all stood up to go over when the girl took another kick at the punching bag.  The chain at the top broke, and the punching bad went flying.    

"How did she do that?" asked Rocky.  ''That's amazing!  No one has ever done that, not even Tommy!"    

She's incredible, thought Adam.  I wonder...    

''Where did you learn those moves?  They were great!" Kim asked the girl.

"A friend taught them to me," the girl said with a faraway look in her eyes.    

"Cool," said Tommy.  "Oh by the way I'm Tommy, this is Kim, Rocky, Kat, Trini, Billy, Aisha, Zack, Tonya, Jason, Justin, and Adam."  She locked eyes with Adam a minute, and then looked away.    

"I don't know if I will be able to remember all those names, but I'll try," she replied with a twikle in her eyes.  "I'm Buffy."    

"It's nice to meet you," said Kim, smiling.  "When did you move here?"    

"I hate to do this, but would you mind if we talked in the park?  My aunt said that I could take a quick look at the school and Juice Bar, but I would rather be in the park." said Buffy.     

"Sure, no problem," said Kim.  

At the park 

"I moved in with my aunt about a week ago," said Buffy.    

"How come you didn't come to school?" asked Adam.    

"I had to finish unpacking, and I had to get used to the town.''  At that moment the rangers felt the presence of the shadows, Shadow's putties.  The putties blended in with shadows, so they were harder to fight.  once you hit them, though, they would become visible and were easy to get rid of.  Finding them was the hard part.    

''Adam, get Buffy out of here," Tommy whispered to Adam.    

"Okay," he replied.  Before he could do anything, he was hit from behind.

"Adam are you okay?" asked Buffy. At that moment, she felt arms grabbing her.  She looked to see who was grabbing her, but there was no one there.  She hadn't fought any evil in a while, but she remembered how.  She kicked to the side and suddenly a putty appearred,  She felt the anger rise up in her.    

"I wanted to quite fighting, but nooo.  I have to be contiously fighting the bad guys." she yelled.  She continued to find and get rid of the putties as the rangers watched in awe.  They had never been able, much less find the shadow putties alone.    

"I am really sick of you and are going to send you back where you came from!" Buffy screamed.  Within moments, the putties had vanished from view.

"How did you do that ?" asked Bily in wonder.

    "I'm used to fighting people, or should I say things, like that," she replied.    

"That was incredible! I can't believs you...."    

"Awww, how sweet.  The rangers had there little friend beat the putties for them." said Shadow sarcastically.  "Oh, that's right.  There aren't any men here."    

"What do you want Shadow?'' Tommy spat out.     

"Impatient, are we green ranger.  I just came to say hello.  AND goodbye!"  With that he ran at the rangers and attacked them.     

"Come on guys, it's morphin time!"  shouted Tommy.    

"Ultimate Dragon!"
"Ultimate Panthar!"
"Ultimate Unicorn!"
"Ultimate Cheetah!"
"Ultimate Gorilla!"
"Ultimate Rhino!"
"Ultimate Bear!"
"Ultimate Alligator!"
"Ultimate Eagle!"
"Ultimate Shark!"
''Ultimate Wolf!"
"Ultimate Elephant!"    

"Even with those uniforms, I STILL don't think you are worthy opponents." said Shadow.  Trini, Tonya, and Aisha attacked him from all sides.  Trini kicked him in the face, not doing any harm to him at all.  Aisha drew blood by hitting him with her chickrum, but he showed no sign that it hurt.  Tonya continously hit him on the spine.  He finally kicked them all out of the way, knocking Tonya and Aisha out.  They kept attacking, but it did no good.  Justin began fighting with the sword, but Shadow grabbed it from his hand and knocked Justin out.    

"You know, I'm getting really sick of you, Shadow."  said Kim.    

"Little girl, there is absolutley no way you can phase me.  Why try?"  He started attacking her.  Kim held her end, and fought well against him.  He finally took Justin's sword and stabbed her right in the stomach.  She crumbled to the ground.

  "Told you there is no way you can defeat me.  Looks like there is one less ranger for me to worry about!"  He turned around to destroy the others, when he was knocked down from behind.

"What the...."  He turned around and saw Kim pulling the sword out of her stomach.  "How did you...?"    

"Ever here of a Venusian?"  Shadow began walking away as he saw the rangers regrouping.  He noticed that Buffy was still there.  He smiled wickedly and leapt towards her.    

"Buffy, look out!"  Adam yelled.  She turned around right as Shadow grabbed her.    

"Now I got you rangers!  Either give me your power coins, of your little friend will disappear!"    

"Let go of me you idiot!" yelled Buffy as she fought to get free.    

"Not on your life, girlie."  he said menacingly.  Suddenly she grabbed his arm and flipped him.   

  "Now, I'm mad.  This is the end for you girl!"  Suddenly, Rita, Zedd, and Divatox appeared.    

"Looks like we got to join in the fun!  Let's destroy these rangers!" shouted Divatox.    

"You get the rangers.  I want to get rid of this annoying pest!"  snarled Shadow.  He lunged at Buffy.    

"Kim!  You, Jason, and Kat get Buffy out of here.  We'll take care of the others." said Tommy.    

"You got in Tommy!" answered Kim.  The three went to help Buffy, but to their surprise, there was a force field around the place that Buffy and Shadow were fighting.  They could only watch as Buffy held her own against Shadow.    

"Can I join the fun, Shadow?  I've always wanted to work around a REAL man," said Rita as she entered the field.  "Come on you little brat, let's see what you can do."    

"I am really sick of this!"  shouted Buffy as she lunged at Rita.  She kicked Rita in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her.  She next kicked her in the ribs.  Rita began to groan as she reached for her staff.     "I don't think so!" snarled Buffy.  She reached out and grabbed the staff.  She took the staff and broke it in two.    

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" screamed Rita in pure agony.  The rangers watched as she melted into nothing.  Then Buffy started to groan.    

"Oh, my God!  Buffy are you okay?" Kim screamed, close to tears.    

"This is perfect!" exclaimed Shadow.  "You're little friend will no longer be sweet.  Anyone who breaks the staff of an evil one will become completly evil!  She will fit Rita's spot perfectly, and probably even better!"  Buffy then stood up, but instead of her eyes glowing red, they turned golden.    

"What in the ................. The key!  She is the key!  Not for long, anyway!"  Shadow then shot a laser at her.  Instead of frying her, it bounced off her, and hit Shadow.    

"This is not the end, rangers!"  With that, Shadow, Zedd, and Divatox disappeared.    

"Buffy are you okay?" Kim asked.    

"Yeah...... I ...think... so." she said right before she fell to the ground, unconsouis.     "Let's take her to the Command Center."  said Tommy.  Adam picked her up and the rangers went to talk to Dimitria.       At the Command Center     "Dimitria, is she really the key?" asked Adam.    

"She is indeed.  I am hoping she will accept the powers of the Ultimate Tiger.  Buffy then woke up.    

"Where am I?" she asked grogly.    

"You are in the meeting place of the power rangers.  You are the Key, the one who will unite the rangers as one.  I hope you will accept your place on the team."    

"I don't know, I am sick and tired of fighting evil.  See, before I came, I was the vampire slayer.  The vampires killed my whole family and that's why I am here.  I don't know if I want to fight evil again. Do you really need me?" she asked    

"I am afraid so." said Dimitria.    

"Okay," she sighed.  "What do I have to do ?"    

"Close your eyes, and look deep inside you.  You shall find a gem.  Pick it up and call out to your animal guide, the Ultimate Tiger." Dimitria explained.    

"Here goes nothing,"  She stood there and suddenly cried out, "Ultimate Tiger!"  There was a blinding light, and when the rangers could finally see, they saw her standing in a costume similiar to their's only it had all of the colors on it.    

"Buffy, you are the Ultimate Tiger.  YOu will have to weapons.  You will have a crossbow and magic to defeat your enemies."      

On the moon

"I thought you said this would defeat the rangers, not get rid of an ally!"screamed Lord Zedd.    

"I didn't expect the Key to be here!" exclaimed Shadow.  "Did you do any research on the girl like I told you too?"    

"Yes," said Divatox.  "It turns out she was once a vampire slayer.  She was one of the best, killing both of the masters.  She even managed to kill Drusilla.  All of her family and friends were killed by Angel, her former lover.  She then killed him.  She ended up sleeping with and making love to Spike, before he left for EUrope.  She has a very interesting record, already."    

"Very interesting," said Shadow thoughtfully.  "We might be able to use this to our advanage."    

Till Next Time !