Disclaimer : I think Tommy and Kim belong with each other. I have no clue why Saban broke them apart. I do not own any of the characters. Saban own's them.

by : Emily

A girl is sitting at a table thinking about past memories. Even though she is very young, she has been through a lot.

Why did I give him up, she thought. I loved him. Kimberly Ann Harte sighed as she went to her dresser. She pulled out a photo album of pictures of her friends. She flips through the picturies. smiling at the memories they held. She stops at a picture of her and a young man. She smiles whistfully at how happy she was with him.

God how I miss him, she thought. I loved Tommy with everything I had. I gave him up for, for,.... this life of gymnastics. After a year of it, I am completely and totally sick of it. She started remembering what it had been like with him. Their time together, when they were power rangers together. Fighting side by side. She missed all that.

"Not that it matters," she sighed. "He's no longer a ranger, and I have no clue where he is. I will never forget him. I was meant for him. I hope he never forgets me." She starts to cry softly, as she puts the photo album away.

"I will never forget these memories," she promised herself. "Never."

The End?