Legal Disclaimer: Anyone done this before? I don't know and I don't care. The characters here are Saban's. The situation he set up is his. The solution is mine. The beta-reading is a friend of mine's. You know who you are. This is rather short, but sometimes inspiration just gives you a short one, you know?

Yellow With Jealousy
By: Phillip Peterson

I could hate him. It would take no effort at all, just a little relaxing of the willpower that I have kept in check all this time, and I would hate him to the very core of my soul, for all of time and beyond. But it would accomplish nothing. It would mean only that I would ruin their happiness and would destroy the harmony of the team that keeps our world safe from the attacks of evil. That, I will not do.

Though in my weaker moments, I think of how much easier it would be if I simply gave up my position to someone else, and then went to destroy him for taking her from me. Then cold sanity reasserts itself, and I realize my folly. I might be a Power Ranger, but he is a man in love and could rip me to shreds in nothing flat. Love is one of the few powers greater than the Power, even if he doesn't know it.

I watch them from the shadows sometimes. They're so disgusting, hand in hand most of the time, staring at each other with a deep love that curdles my stomach. I don't want to watch, but I can't keep myself from doing it. It's a perverse attraction and revulsion combination, something I'd dearly love to be able to rid myself of, but something I don't think I could live without, honestly.

They don't even appear to notice me, and that is what hurts the most. They are so wrapped up in their own perfect lives that I could dance nude before them proclaiming my love for her to the stars and they wouldn't even notice. All they notice is each other, and it drives me completely and utterly mad.

Perhaps it would be best if I simply forgot about my love for her, if I simply went about my life and ignored the fact I love her and will until time's very end. She loves him, anyway. Their eyes have never left one another since he came here that first time and they met. Yes, it is a painful experience, and it is one that I would gladly have done without. Yet at the same time, I also feel a small hint of joy that she has found joy in her life.

But I would give all that I have, all that that I am to break them apart. To claim her love for my own and for her to know that I love her, and always will, I would do anything at all.

Almost anything.

Even in the depths of my hatred for him and jealousy of them, I can feel that I will not betray my Ranger vows. I want to be with her, but not at the expense of my honor, my dignity, and all that makes me what I am. Even if I gave up my powers and could do attack without breaking the Rules of the power, becoming a renegade, I would not do so. I could.

But I will not.

I may love her with every inch of my soul, but never will I betray that love by letting it turn into obsession. Though I would give so much to send him back to the world from whence he came, I will not. I will not cause her one moment of pain by taking her from the person that she has chosen to love. As much as I wish that I was that one.

With a heavy heart I return to my quarters and lay down. They will be married shortly. Bound together for all time. I would give the rest of my lifespan to stand in his place. But I cannot.

"I love you, Cestria," I whisper. "I will always love you."

A tear, a rare event in an Aquitian, runs down my face. I am Tideus, Yellow Ranger of Aquitar. I love Cestria with all my soul, but she loves Billy Cranston, ex-Blue Ranger of Earth. I will mourn her loss to me for all time. Slowly I whisper it again.

"I love you, Cestria. I love you."