The Power Calls
By: Sylver Rose & Cat

The Earth: a tiny planet on the outer arm of the Milky Way galaxy; it's a blue marble in the vastness of space. In the Pacific Ocean, far from large continents, lies a small mystical island. Known by few and holding deep secrets, the duration of its existence is a mysterious as its location. However, mysteries are bound to be revealed, and the Isle of Achroite is no exception.

"It is time." Said a woman draped in a white robe.

She walked over to a round table sitting in the middle of the temple. There on the table laid six bright, colorful stones. Each was placed at a point of a hexagon inscribed on the table. The light from the sparkling stones danced on the temple walls. There was red, green, black, orange, violet, and blue. The enchantress stood before the stones and smiled.

"I need to find the perfect demoiselles to hold the powers of these crystalline jewels. They will one day save the Earth." The enchantress said.

With a flash like a white star, the woman disappeared.

* * *

In a large field a young, tan skinned female works. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand as she stood back up. Planting young seedlings for the next year's crops has kept her busy.

"Tivona, here is something for you to drink." A man gave her a cup of water.

"Thanks Papa, I needed this." She replied.

"We need a break. We have been working out here almost all day. It's high day and the sun is draining our energy." Her father instructed.

"I know Papa, but we need to get this done before the rains come and washes away the new soil." She spoke back.

"Ah Tivona, need not worry. I have faith in us and the gods above.

As the two sat on the family homestead, a white light appeared in front of them. The two sat in awe as the light materialized into a beautiful woman.

"Good day. Sorry to have startled you, but I came to talk to Tivona." The woman said in a soft voice.

Tivona looked over at her father and back at the woman.

"How can I help you?" she asked.

"I am Gaia." Before she could continue the sentence, Tivona interrupted her.

"Goddess of the Earth, have I displease you?" the girl asked, bowing her head.

"Far from that, little one. You have honored me well with your harvests. I came to offer you a gift." Gaia stated.

"What is it that you need of me?" she asked.

"I am looking for a strong woman who is willing to defend the Earth's honor and all that is good. My search lead to you, dear Tivona." The Goddess indicated

Tivona looked at her father. She didn't want to leave her family and her home. She was torn between her family, her own feelings, and her father knew that.

"Go Tivona. It will be okay. I have your brothers to help me on the farm. This is a chance you can't afford to miss." Her father said.

Tears of joy filled her eyes as she turned to the woman. I will do it Gaia.

Gaia smiled and held out a beautiful blue stone. The stone grew brighter as it approached Tivona. Gaia laid the stone in her hands. Tivona could feel heat and energy emanating from the stone.

"Tivona, you are patient and full of courage. You hold truth and love for all mankind. You have physical strength to match your longevity. These qualities can be found in a blue agate stone. May the power unite with you." She announced.

With a wave of the goddess' hand, the stone vanished and a blue column of light surrounded Tivona. Swirls of glittering light danced around her. When the lights were faded, Tivona found herself dressed in a blue uniform with a helmet covering her head. In the center of her chest, laid her blue stone.

Gaia watched on as Tivona began her new life. Tivona took off her helmet and looked over at Gaia.

"You are the Blue Agate Ranger. Come with me and I will teach you the ways of the Ranger. Your new identity will be a secret that you, the other Rangers, and I will know. Your father will not be harmed, but his memory of me will fade." Gaia stated to the new Ranger.

Tivona lifted her helmet to her face. The reflection of her in the visor almost took her breath away. She saw a silver tiara around her forehead with a shimmering blue stone resting in it.

"I know it is sudden, but you will understand in due time. Take my hand and I will take you to the Temple of the Magna Matre."

She took hold of the goddess' hand and together they disappeared.

* * *

They reappeared in the Temple. Tivona looked around the mysterious palace. She saw the wall drawings and the other stones still left on the table.

"Are there going to be more Rangers?" She asked.

"Yes there are. I'm going on a quest to find others who are qualified to hold the powers of these gems."

Tivona looked at the other stones and counted the remaining that was on the table. There were five left, each giving off a distinctive aura and hum. She stepped away from the table-top and looked on some more.

"I will be back. I need to finish bestowing the jewels." Gaia stated.

With that, she raised her hand and vanished in a streak of light. Tivona didn't know what to do. She was still dazed about all that had transpired. She walked around the temple and saw many statues of the gods and goddesses that her world worshiped.

In another room, large weapons hung on the walls. In the corner was a white marble sculpture of Tala, Goddess of war, wisdom, and victory. Tivona bowed her head before the statue and walked along the walls. She exited the room and found herself in another room. There were globes and crystal orbs placed in around of the room. Towering bookcases full of books filled the walls. The god of the sky and healing, Keir and his twin sister, goddess of magic Haracha stood opposite from one another. Tivona quickly left the room.

* * *

By the banks of the River Choas, a small village made its home. Buildings of sun-dried bricks and wood housed the naives. A group of children play in the river, swimming and jumping off branched of a near by tree. In front of one of the homes, a young woman sits under a tree reading a thick book. She was blinded for a moment by a bright light. The dark skin girl leaped up and dropped her book. There before her was the Goddess Gaia.

"Jalil, I have come for you. Your wisdom and psychic visions are needed." Gaia said.

"How can I help you?" She questioned back.

"I am in need of one who is willing to help me fight against evil. My powers have drawn me to you. I know I am vague, but you will have to trust me." The goddess replied.

"What do you require of me?" Jalil puzzled.

Gaia smiled and reached out towards Jalil. The girl stretched out her arms and Gaia laid a violet stone in her hand. Jalil's gifted mind didn't know what to make of it. The stone stayed dormant as Jalil examined it. Then a hum came from the stone. Jalil caressed the stone between her two hands. Violet colored rays emerged from the gaps between her fingers. The hum got louder and the stone became hot. Jalil opened her hands and glanced at the stone. Violet light enveloped her and sent her thick, white hair blowing around. Then in a flash, the stone disappeared and a violet clad person stood where Jalil had moments before. Jalil removed her helmet and looked at the goddess. The goddess looked back at her protege with a gentle smile. She walked over to the new Ranger.

"Jalil, you are now the Violet Kunzite Ranger. Your compassion, higher mind, and the way you dispel loneliness made me come to you. You are needed greatly and four others will join you in this crusade. Come with me, there is a Ranger ready to meet you." Gaia held out her hand and the two faded away.

* * *

Tivona was startled when the two materialized in the Temple. She stood up and greeted the newly appointed Ranger.

"Hello, my name is Tivona. " The Blue Ranger said.

"Hi, I'm Jalil. Glad to meet you." The Violet Ranger replied.

Before they knew it, Gaia vanished once again.

"Let me show you around the place." Tivona gestured.

In the suburb of the great city nestled at the center of the island were several communities, businesses, and industries. Including a small house of healing.

"There you go Malia, put these herbs in warm water and it should cure that cold you're having." The soothsayer stated.

"Thanks Vivek. I haven't been able to attend my herd." Said the woman.

"If you have any more problems, I have other herbs you can try." The oracle advised.

"This should do it. Thanks again." The woman smiled and left the rustic little cottage.

Vivek turned around and headed for a table. She put several herbs and berries in a bowl and started to grind them up.

She saw a light out of the corner of her eye and turned around. She saw a beautiful lady in a white robe and a wreath of leaves in her hair. Vivek's mouth dropped open.

"Good day Vivek. Has Keir been kind to you?" Gaia asked.

"Yes ma'am." Vivek answered, "He's been truly helpful these last few weeks."

"Vivek, I came here for a reason. You have proven yourself worthy of the gods' attention and we are in need of someone like yourself." Gaia pronounced.

"What is it?" the auburn hair lady asked.

"We need you to defend all that you hold sacred." Gaia waved her hand and a green stone came into sight in her palm.

The stone radiated a green cast that shone on Vivek. The light swirled and wipped around her. In a blink of an eye, Vivek turned into a Ranger. Vivek looked down at her hands and her body. She could feel power surging through her veins.

"You are the Green Jade Ranger. Your tranquility and your promotion of harmony makes you a perfect Fem Force Ranger." Gaia said gleefully.

Vivek removed her helmet and the green jewel in her headband glistened in the light.

"Thank you Gaia, I will not fail you or the other gods." Vivek whispered.

With a wave of her hand, Gaia and Vivek headed to the mystic Temple of Magna Matre.

* * *

In front of a house, two boys and a girl played tag in the front yard. The two brothers were picking on their sister.

"I'm going to get you Cairbre." The sister screamed as she gave chase.

"You are not going to catch him Kioran." The other brother stated to her.

Ignoring his advice, she continued to pursue her sibling. She was closing the gap between them and soon she caught up to him.

"Gotcha!" she hollered as she tackled him.

Cairbre fell to the ground with Kioran on top of him.

"I'll save you brother!" Kioran's other brother Matilde called out.

Matilde raced over and threw himself on top of them.

"Matilde get off, you're heavy!" Kioran cried out.

"I can't breathe down here." Cairbre said out of breath.

Everyone started to laugh and pulled themselves off the pile.

"I'm gonna get you back Matilde." Cairbre said.

"Oooh, I'm scared." He retorted.

"You better watch yourself, or I'll get Kioran after you." Cairbre said.

"I'm going in, I'm hungry." Cairbre said.

"I'll join you. How about you Kioran?" he asked.

"I'll stay out here some more. It's too nice of a day to be cooped up in the house." She replied.

"Okay, but you won't be able to find anything to eat after Cairbre raids the kitchen." Matilde said with a smile.

"I'll manage." She retorted.

Kioran walked to the far side of her front yard. She found herself a shady spot away from the house and the sight of her brothers. There was a cool breeze blowing and she began to daydream about distant places outside the Isle of Achroite.

As soon as her eyelids shut, a strong gust of wind caught her attention. She opened her heavy eyes and looked ahead. There stood the goddess of the mother earth standing at her feet. She quick jumped to attention.

"Gaia, I hope I haven't done anything wrong to warrant this visit." Kioran whispered.

"No, my child. You have been respectful. I came for a different matter. Kioran, you are strong and confident. I saw you with your brothers and you show leadership. I need someone like yourself to help me in a cause to fight against wrong doing." Gaia mentioned to her.

"I'll be happy to help you in your cause. By Tala, I will end all evil."

"The goddess of war and wisdom has chosen well to have you on her side." Gaia added.

The enchantress magically deposited a gleaming red stone in her hand. Kioran could see through the translucent gem. A red light emerged from it and surrounded the muscular female. Partially blinded, she kept her eyes shut until the light show was over. When it was over, Kioran gaped at her uniform. She was dressed in tight fitting red armor and had donned a red helmet. She gently encircled her hand around the stone that was in the center of her chest.

"Congratulations Kioran, you are the Red Carnelian Ranger. Your enthusiasm and optimism will make you a good leader for the Fem Force Rangers." Gaia filled her in.

Kioran smiled behind her helmet. Gaia waved her hand and they soon drifted away from Kioran's home.

* * *

A beautiful raven-haired girl looked out her bedroom window. Dovahi is the largest city on the island. The upper class families lived there in high-rises and worked in skyscrapers. But as for the girl, she would rather be elsewhere.

"Dad, I've been in the house all day. Can I go out?" she asked.

"Aurelia, we are going to go out to a very important work function with my business. I don't want you to come back dirty." He replied to his daughter.

"I'm only going to take a walk around the block. Get some fresh air?" She begged.

"You had better be back soon. We are leaving in a few minutes." He answered.

"Don't worry dad, I will." She said happily as she ran out of the apartment and into the lobby. She walked over to the elevator and got inside. When it reached to the bottom floor, she raced out of it and out of the building. The sun beat down on her face as she made it to a secluded place behind the buildings. Aurelia gathered her thoughts together and expressed them out loud.

"Why do I have to be cooped up. I feel like I'm part of a show. I know my dad likes to take the family out to his work functions, but using us as pawns is not going to make any good deals. " She said.

Without paying attention, Aurelia almost ran into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention." She apologized to the person.

"No harm done Aurelia." The person spoke back.

Catching Aurelia off guard, she spun around and looked over at the gentlewoman.

"How do you know my name?" she asked.

"Easy my child." Gaia answered as she smiled at her.

Aurelia caught her breath and her eyes grew large. She couldn't believe who she was.

"I'm sorry Gaia. I didn't mean what I said back there." Aurelia mumbled.

"I came here for another reason. I need you Aurelia. Come with me and help me defeat evil." The goddess declared.

"Are you sure you want me? I'm nobody important, just a girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth." Aurelia replied.

"You are more than that my child. Deep inside you lay a person who's protective and optimistic. Shoshanah believes in you." Gaia pointed out.

"The goddess of love and beauty knows me. What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Hold this." She responded.

She handed the girl an orange stone that melted in Aurelia's olive colored skin. Aurelia looked puzzled at the enchantress as she holds up the gem.

"A rock is going to defeat evil?" Aurelia questioned.

"Wait and you shall see." Gaia said.

A steady hum came from the rock. Aurelia started to get nervous. Her hands shook as the stone begin to illuminate. Lights flickered all around her. Aurelia was having a hard time holding onto the stone. The orange beams danced around and enclosed her. When it was all over, she glanced around and saw she was no longer in her evening dress. She pulled off her helmet and gasped at the goddess.

"Aurelia, you are the Orange Citrite Ranger. May your bright outlook and self-discipline protect you. We must go. There are others who want to meet you." Gaia implied.

Together the vanished away.

* * *

On the white sandy beaches of the coastline, a redhead sits in the middle of a carved drawing that was pressed in the sand. She whispered hymns as the waves crashed along the shoreline. Out of thin air, a clear orb appeared in front of her. It hung in mid-air moving back and forth against the wind. She opened her eyes and held out her hand. The orb landed in her outreached hand and she grabbed it.

"Not to bad. Haracha should be happy." She giggled to herself.

Then the wind picked up, tossing her hair and her around.

"I didn't call upon this." The girl said to herself.

"Not to fear, it is only I." Gaia said as she made her way to the shoreline.

"What can I do you for Gaia?" The female asked.

"Mauli, you have proven yourself very useful. You are needed to help out the gods and the people of Achroite." Gaia announced.

"This must be serious. Count me in." Mauli said.

"Haracha and I knew we could count on you. Take this." Gaia handed her a black jewel.

Mauli held it and closed her eyes. The powers of the stone quickly found her psyche and transformed her into a Ranger.

"Cool." Mauli called out after the stone disappeared.

"Mauli, you are a good sorceress and deflect negative energy. You are the Black Onyx Ranger.

Mauli took off her helmet and smiled at the goddess. I'm glad I can help. So when are we going to kick some evil back side?" Mauli joked.

"In due time. You need to go through training to able to harness the true powers of your chosen stones. Come with me. The Fem Force Rangers have now been assembled." Gaia voiced.

As the sand formed into a wind tunnel, the two females disappeared into the realm of magic.

* * *

Six females dressed in the different colored uniforms stood in front of Gaia, goddess of Earth.

"You have been chosen by the other gods and myself to defend Achroite and the Earth from evil. We do not have a great deal of time, but with hard work and knowledge of your powers, you will be able to stop all evil that treads this planet. Your crystallized jewels will protect you and give you power, but the true power lies within yourselves. Your Ranger identities are to remain a secret and should not be revealed to anyone. There's a lot at stake here and those who does not wish to continue this mission, please share your wishes and return to the life you once had." Gaia stated.

The six females looked at one another. Each one of them is different, but are similar in a special way. They fight for the same cause; to destroy evil so once again good can live on.

"I'm in!" Hollered Kioran.

"You can count on me." Said Mauli.

"I have nothing to lose." Vivek replied.

"Why not?" Jalil retorted.

"We're in this together." Tivona pointed out.

"Let's do it!" Aurelia called out.

"It's good to see you work as a team." Gaia said proudly.

The six females stood together in a circle and each put an arm in the center. When each girl had their hand in they jumped up and screamed:


The End