by : Cryptk1165

This profile and other stories which might come later are not related to "Who's Crazier" and "Just One of Them Days" unless I inform you so. The only thing that will remain the same is Elgar's unspoken love for Jenny. You also may recognize some characters from certain TV shows or video games. Please don't sue me; I'm not trying to make a profit.

In the past, Jenny was not a happy camper; always being harassed by her classmates. With her extra sensitive feelings, she spent most of her time in the house, not having interest in going to recreational centers. One night, she was involved in a car accident which killed her mother and older brother. Not wanting to answer any police questions, Jenny fled from the scene and took shelter in an abandoned funeral parlor. There, she met the infamous Cryptkeeper, who quickly fell in love with her. She feared him at first, but he kept his patience and took care of her. Once Jenny got more acquainted, she started to love him as well.

Jenny realized that she and the Cryptkeeper were both misfits, so she decided to bring together any other misfits or suicidals. And that's exactly what she and C.K. did. They allowed many members to join, including Cammy, Bat Blastigun, Marvin the Martian, and Jenny's 12 year-old sister Hallie. But there were many more members.

The misfit group can't actually decide on a real group name. First, they were known as the Secret Scouts, then changed to Hull House Hodjas, then changed again to the Fighting Lancers. Together, they trained hard to become great warriors (if they weren't already warriors when they joined the group). They each improved their speed, agility, endurance (waaaay up), confidence, etc. They even developed their own powers, most being able to throw fireballs. Each member has his or her own skills and most had their very own weapon expertise. Some didn't weild weapons at all. One day, they took a "field trip" through Angel Grove and encountered some of the Evil Space Aliens. Seeing the opportunity to put their skills to good use, the misfits brutally slaughtered the monsters. Scorpina and the Soccadillo even believe that they were possessed by evil spirits and hideously transformed into demons. No one knows if that's true, but it's the monsters' only explanation for their being able to survive what the Rangers go through, which could kill a normal human.

Zordon became intrigued by their fighting tactics and asked them to become allies of the Power Rangers. The misfits happily accepted and have made a habit of fighting evil monsters as well as gossiping about the Rangers and Monsters at the Angel Grove Juice Bar. Their Fighting Lancer name stuck for a pretty long time, but became inspired by the Spice Girls and changed their name to the Spice Club. After all, they do have spicy skills, don't they? Jenny even managed to come up with a "Spice" nickname for each and every one of her 32 members (including herself). Now that you have an idea of how the Spice Club came together and what they do, let's meet the members.

Jenny (Tonfa Spice): Jenny, as you know, is the leader of the Spices. She's a 16 year-old who feels like killing anyone who harasses her, but she just doesn't have the heart to do it. She does know that there are nonviolent ways to handle a situation, even when you're attacked by evil monsters. She's nicknamed Tonfa Spice because of her expertise with a pair of night sticks in battle. Her strategy includes acting innocent and helpless (like the rest of the gang), trying to get the foe to change its mind, and spitting out wise cracks. She also loves to challenge bragging female foes like Scorpina, Archerina, and Astronema.

Cryptkeeper (Zombie Spice): The Cryptkeeper is a real skinny guy wearing a black tuxedo. He has green skin, piercing, pale blue eyes, and only a few hairs left on his head. He plotted with Jenny to bring together the group. The two have a very strong relationship. He weilds a sword in battle, but keeps it stored in its sheath. He'd pull it out, nail the foe, and put it back. Why he does that is anybody's guess. C.K. hasn't really shown any concern for Elgar's crush on Jenny because he knows that Jenny will not accept Elgar's proposal. His monsterous laughter adds the fun into the Spices' lives.

Marvin (Martian Spice): Marvin is one of the quieter Spices. He's one of the geniuses of the group, making antidotes and building inventions whenever necessary. He doesn't hang on socially with the others much, but stays in the abandoned funeral parlor with the other "nonhuman" members. His abilities include firing lasers from his eyes and "cloaking" himself (similar to the Phantom Ranger's ability).

Cammy (Blonde Spice): Cammy was a member of the Special Forces unit. She was nicknamed Blonde Spice because of her long blonde pigtails. She also has the rather strange ability to throw opponents with her pigtails. (No wonder Scorpina thinks the Spices are demons!) Cammy has a petrifying shriek which freezes opponents for a few seconds. However, we don't see her in action very much.

Bat Blastigun (Wild Spice): Bat Blastigun is actually a bat from the Wild West, which brought about the name "Wild Spice." He doesn't fight too much either, but strengthens his relationship with Cammy.

Hallie (Candy Spice): Hallie is Jenny's 12 year-old sister. She's as sweet as can be, which is why Jenny named her Candy Spice. She weilds a pair of fan blades, so heads up, villians. Hallie loves to cheer for her sister when she's challenged to a one-on-one. Hallie has a relationship with Marvin, but just recently learned that Justin the Blue Turbo Ranger has a crush on her.

Curly (Fuzzy Spice): Curly is a skeleton with pink hair, a pair of sunglasses, and a red bandana around his neck. His weird attitude will make you drop dead in laughter. He hasn't really been seen in action so his abilities remain a mystery. He was nicknamed Fuzzy Spice because of his hair.

Baraka (Slice Spice): Baraka once belonged to a race of nomadic mutants. His face may be hideous, complete with razor sharp teeth, a bald head, and pointed ears; but once you get to know him, he's really helpful. He also has some good-looking kicks. He has blades attached to his forearms which he can protrude in battle (hence the name Slice Spice).

The Cyberninja Trio: The Cyberninja Trio consists of Cyrax (Sticky Spice), Sektor (Missle Spice), and Smoke (Smokey Spice). They look alike except for the color of their uniform. Cyrax wears yellow-green, Sektor wears red, and Smoke wears purple. Cyrax was named Sticky Spice because of his ability to trap monsters in a sticky green net. Sektor fires missles out of his chest, and Smoke actually has smoke surrounding him constantly. The three cyber ninjas were once human, but were upgraded into cyborgs by their ninja clan. Smoke has the ability to make himself completely invisible, which allows him to spy on the bad guys easily. (The Spices oughtta try that more often.)

Sal (Cold Spice): Sal is a cool teen who also loves to make wise cracks. He has the ability to freeze his opponents in ice, which is why Jenny called him Cold Spice. One must be quick to avoid him.

Jay (Lancer Spice): Jay was called Lancer Spice in memory of the group's former team name. He uses grenades, a nightstick, and a pistol in battle. Wow. Handsome as he is, he doesn't have a girlfriend yet. Well, he had one once, but she left him for unknown reasons. But does he care?

Charmayne (Green Spice): Charmayne was called Green Spice because she has a glowing green kick. She doesn't fight much, but she is a good fighter with her ability to rush through fire power. She's another one of the quieter people.

Guile (Army Spice): Like Cammy, Guile was a member of the Special Forces unit; that's why he's named Army Spice. Other than a fireball, his fighting his pretty average. He can also come up with good attack strategies.

Chun Li (Fashion Spice): With her good-looking red dress, Jenny had good reason to call her Fashion Spice. She'll have any monster begging for mercy with her powerful leg grab. She often vanishes quickly without a trace.

Aracula (Bony Spice): He's actually a skeletonized spider-like creature. He has two legs, but six arms. He wears two oddly-shaped gold plates on either side of his head. He weilds a glowing saber scimitar and throws a scimitar- shaped projectile at his foes. He even has the ability to curl into a ball and zig-zag around the battlefield to confuse the bad guys. However, he is the only Spice who lacks the ability to speak.

Puck (Morphin' Spice): Puck is a shapeshifter who has the ability to assume anyone's identity. If he chooses, he can morph into one of his friends and use his or her moves in battle. He's a regular wizard.

Brayker (Fugee Spice): Brayker is a refugee on the run from the law. (Fugee is short for refugee.) He looks scary enough with his black leather jacket, but he's real serious about doing good. His speed is real good in battle. Nuff said.

Earl (Boxer Spice): Earl is the boxing kind of guy. He has a lot of power in those skinny arms. He is also the most "physical" of the group. His only firepower is pounding the ground with his fist to make any monster dizzy. He is really friendly and can give excellent advice.

Zorak (Bug Spice): Zorak is a praying mantis from outer space. Like Smoke, he can make himself completely invisible. He can also spit a deadly venom from his mouth. He is very grumpy socially and when he gossips, he can assume anyone's voice.

Brak (Space Spice): Brak is known as a space cat buccaneer. He face looks like that of a witch doctor's mask. His speech is barely understandable, and his IQ is as low as Elgar's, if not lower. But when it comes to fighting, Brak does have a little something up his sleeve.

Lola (Sporty Spice): Lola Bunny is real cute to look at, and she's very athletic. She's good at basketball, and she's good at fighting. She uses two light sabers similar to Luke Skywalker's. This hunny bunny is hot, but don't call her "doll."

Terrible Dactyl (Awful Spice): Jenny gave T.D. the name as a synonym to his real name. Dactyl has the ability to rush through his opponents, leaving them helplessly spinning. His speech accent is admired by his pals.

Kathy (Baby Spice): Kathy was named Baby Spice because she's the youngest of the group at 10 years old. That doesn't mean that she's easy to defeat. She uses a pair of sais in battle as well as her speed.

Brooklyn (Nasty Spice): Brooklyn is a dark red gargoyle with long white hair. His street-wise attitude suits him for the name Nasty Spice. He likes to use his claws and his tail in battle.

Lexington (Tiny Spice): Next to his fellow gargoyles, Lexington looks no bigger than a lizard. That's why Jenny named him Tiny Spice. He is great at taking apart and putting together machines, so he helps Marvin builds the inventions. He's been taking up gymnastics and he'll show it in his fight against evil.

Demona (Demon Spice): Demona defines gargoyle beauty. She's been in battle for over 1,000 years, so she gives the morals of battle around here. Her biggest weapons are her strength, her fireball, and her ripping monsters apart. She's not very good at socializing or gossiping.

Van (Sword Spice): Handsome Van weilds a menacing barbarian's sword. He loves to be the "macho man," but doesn't use it to attract women. He can be tricky with his low kick followed by a sword swipe. Ouch.

Spinal (Spinal Spice): Spinal was once a lonely skeleton warrior. He's still a skeleton, but he has lots of great friends now. He wears a red headband with a spiked metal belt with leather straps hanging from it. His glowing red eyes make him one of the cutest members in the group. He weilds a scimitar and shield and has the ability to absorb a monster's powers and use it as his own. In a social environment, he is by far the ultimate in shyness. He talks plenty, but he may seem nervous about accepting a challenge. He may panic when things seem hopeless, but he'll fight and do a good job of it. His name sounded perfect as it was, so he was named Spinal Spice, much to his relief. He was afraid that Jenny would call him Cutie Spice or something as ridiculous.

C.C. (Speedy Spice): C.C. was named Speedy Spice because she is the fastest fighter in the group. She fell madly in love with Spinal as soon as she laid eyes on him. She uses nunchucks in battle as well as several types of fireballs. She is very good at gossiping and loves to talk with the other female Spices about how cute or ugly the monsters are.

Hanim (Jungle Spice): Hanim was named Jungle Spice because of her expertise with hunting knives. You'll find her in battle with her blonde curly hair and her dark blue cheerleading uniform. Hey, it allows movement. To finish off a monster, Hanim likes to stun it, then shrink it. Wow.

Now you know the Spice Club members. There are too many of them to fight all at once. The most frequently fighting members are Jenny, the Cryptkeeper, Spinal, C.C., Hanim, Earl, Lexington, Sal, and Marvin. Some, like Baraka and the Cyberninja Trio, rarely fight at all. Despite their incredible skills, they're incredibly shy, especially around strangers such as the Phantom Ranger.

The first story about some of these guys will be called "Gossip, Gossip, Gossip." It'll be about a few of the Spices sitting in the Youth Center doing "reviews" of the Rangers, villians, other allies and events. I'll send as soon as possible. All right!

The Newest Member!!!

Ruth (Magic Spice) Ruth, the newest member of the Spice Club, is a girl who always has a sarcastic remark for every situation. However, she is not as terrible as she seems to be. In truth, she is a very sweet girl who eventually caught the attention and love of Black Ranger Carlos. Her original name was Esther (from the Hebrew word for “Star”), but when a murderer was hunting and killing her parents, she ran away from her parents’ “Magic Shop” store and changed her name to Ruth (from the Hebrew word for “Friendship”). Shortly after that, she became an orphan when the murder killed her family, who were all wonderful magicians; no wonder why Jenny decided to nickname Ruth, “Magic Spice”. In addition to her extraordinary magic “tricks”, her presence with animals (and later, aliens) makes all humans and creatures in the general area understand their language as well as Ruth understands. This was proven when Jenny listen to a conversation between Ruth and her pets, Shelly the tortoise, and Feather the bald eagle.

The End