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Bullet Crypt Bullet

"Typical Civilian"

No Peace
It's never a quiet day in Angel Grove!!!

Who's Crazier?
Elgar's fallen in love with the new girl in town!

Just One of Them Days
With Jenny's father away, Elgar must save her from a murderous guardian.

Another Day, Another Dilemma
Jenny meets another evil warrior with marriage on the brain.


Bullet Crypt & Mindy Mills Bullet

"The Spice Club"

Profiles of a New Team
A new team of heroes is in Angel Grove.

Gossip, Gossip, Gossip
The Spice Club discusses the Power Rangers and their
enemies. They also meet the newest villain, Astronema.

It's Valentine's Day!!!
Love is in the air...

Add Some Spice to Outer Space
Dimitria sends the Spice Club into space to help the
recently captured former Turbo Rangers.

Tournament Results
News is spread about the Spice Club helping the Rangers.
Also included is a survey.

The Dark Specter's Wrath
The Spice Club is about to face Dark Specter to rescue the Power Rangers.

Sleep Tight
The Spice Club and the Rangers have returned to Earth.

Pointing Fingers
The Spice Club reveals how they get their mysterious powers.

What is Love?
Elgar and Astronema write letters to the Spice Club.

Let's Boogie!!
Carlos and a few members of the Spice Club
find themselves in a run-away car.

Red Hot Vengeance
Tommy and the other former Rangers have come back to
Angel Grove, but nothing good is going to come of it.

Did You Know That...
Did you know?

A Halloweenie Anniversary
The Spices are out to celebrate Halloween in full splendor, but
Astronema has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep anyone
from having any fun.

The Bug With No Name
The Barillian Bugs are back, and this time, they're after the Spice Club.

Jenny's Hardship
Jenny gets her hands on Zordon's key cards.

The Naughty Daughters
Jenny and Hallie devise a plan to make Astronema's life miserable.

How Astronema Stole Christmas
It's Christmas time, and the Spices are gearing up for a big celebration.

Sweet Candy Spice... Sour Candy
When Ecliptor and Darkonda merge to form Darkliptor,
it's not going to be good for anyone.

Leadership Friction
There is some friction between the Spices and the Rangers.

Dinner with Darkonda... Date with Destiny
Darkonda tries to get Jenny to go out on a dinner date with him.

Multiple Dilemmas
The Rangers and the Spice Club may have found Zordon.

Questions of the Spice Club
Check out Jenny, Cryptkeeper, and Spinal as they tell about
themselves and answer some questions.

Revenge of Dark Specter
Dark Specter is still after the Spice Club, but they haven't given up yet.

Ready or Not, I've Got You
Darkonda has decided he's marrying Jenny, whether she likes it or not.

Love is a Battlefield
It's a love triangle unlike any other in space.

A Magical Spice To It
A new member has joined the Spice Club.

Spicy Clues
The AstroMegaShip enters a strange wormhole.

Make Way for the Women!
The Club decides to go camping.

A Discovery From the Past
The Spice Club and Rangers learn of Ecliptor's role in Ruth's past.

Animal Spirits
Ruth and Carlos have a long, important talk.

The Beast Inside
What happens if a Spice Club member is touched by spellborn hate?

A Genie's Competition
Make a wish. ..

Five Spices and a Baby
A visit to a new world brings a new friend, a new enemy,
and a blast to the past for Ashley.

A Spice, a Surprise and a Swan
It's Ruth's birthday, and everyone is planning a
surprise for her... even Ecliptor.

Dance Into the Fire
Jenny and Darkonda go on their honeymoon...

Those Blasted Keycards
Zordon's keycards are the object of everyone's desires!

Memories can be both a blessing and a curse.

Drive 'Em Crazy
Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser return to the game.

K-E-V-L, the Villains' Channel
The Spice Club try their hand at comedy.

A Glimpse of the Future
What lies ahead for our heroes?

Surprise Her and Surprise Her Again
It's now Jenny's birthday, and the gifts are surprising!!!!

The Sleeping Beauty
Jenny is bitten by the dangerous Slumber Snake.

Children of the Sea
Darkonda has something he wants to talk about with Jenny.

Sometimes, Even He Could Help
Sometimes, even HE could help.

Public Enemy #1
When the Rangers and Spices land on a mysterious planet,
Jenny gets separated from her friends.

Just Say It!
Those three little words can mean so much . . .

A Plague to the Ship
Carlos has a problem of some sort.

Separation and Reunion
Andros finally found his sister, but why don't the others trust her?

Family Matters
Jenny finds herself on the Dark Fortress with a goal in mind.

Are You Psycho or Are We Insane?
The Psycho Rangers make trouble for the Rangers and Spice Club alike.

Old Friends Die Hard
An Ultratech creation originally intended to conquer the planet has
been reprogrammed to protect the universe.

The Experiment
The Spice Club and the Power Rangers decide to try a little experiment.

All in a Day's Horror
Jenny is having hallucinations after a battle injury.

Back in the Day
The Spices tell a few tales of their past.

Spilling the Beans
Be careful the next time you want to take a screen test.

Questions and Answers
Questions about Ruth are followed by answers.

Here We Go Again
The story will be a little different with the next few updations.

The Body
The Spice Club visits Astronema's Secret City.

Return to Memory Lane
Memories come back to Ruth.

I Remember Way Back When....
The Spices and Rangers go through an old scrapbook.

Psycho Game Boy
Ruth has discovered a new game to play.

You Go Girl!!
"Is there any stopping the Spice Club leader?"

Black Jealousy
Carlos is having a problem with Fulgore.

The Jewel of Targona
The gang goes to the planet Targona to check
out a probe, but there is more to this planet than meets the eye.

Ecliptor's Trial
When Ecliptor sneaks aboard the Megaship, he never expects
to face a personal dilemma.

The Spice Club's Grandest Adventure, Thus Far
New villains + new allies = a grand adventure!

What's in a Name?
Can Kathy make people take her seriously?

A Fatal Course
Is this the end of the Megaship and her inhabitants?

"Spice Club, Season Two"

Dark Specter's Demand
The Megaship is yanked through a black hole.

The Name Game
The Spice Club gets to know the Galaxy Rangers better.

The Lightstar Crystal
The good guys and the bad guys are after a powerful artifact.

Jenny shares a hurtful memory with her friends.

No Turning Back
Scorpius wants Jenny.

Remorse Lake
Trakeena has a plan to turn Jenny evil. All she needs is a troubled
past and a lake full of bad memories.

Duel of the Daughters
Astronema has a plan to destroy Ruth and Jenny.

Battle to the Death
Ruth needs to find out who she really is, and fast!

Dreams Come True
Darkonda wants to monitor Jenny's dreams.

A Mouse Among Men
Jenny makes it onto the GSA.

Some Things are Timeless
Some of the gang ends up in the past.

This Means War!
Miranoi is being invaded.

Quadruple the Spice
Arbin Gordon, Pico, Might Gazelle, and Bio Rex adapt to their
new lives as Spice Club Members.

Someone You Ought to Meet
A strange force leads Jenny to a mysterious stone
and a meeting with a mysterious stranger.

Hot Pursuit
Jenny and Ruth have a heart-to-heart.

Lost Souls
What happens when spirits over take two bodies?

Nothing is going exactly right for Spinal.

"Non Power Ranger Stories"

Killer Instinct
Spinal is brought to life and sent to meet his terrifying
fellow Ultratech creations.


"Pictures of the Spice Club!"

The team
Another picture of the team.


Bullet Lucas Harrell Bullet

"Lantern Rangers"

In Brightest Day
In this alternate took at MMPR, the Ranger teens as
we know them get different powers.

In Darkest Knight
A villain from another town shows up in Angel Grove.

Book of Love
A new monster places a spell on Kimberly and Trini,
and some interesting things happen.

Hawaiian Vacation
The Rangers take a trip to Hawaii.

Hawaiian Nightmare
The Rangers continue their vacation in Hawaii,
although it is taking a turn for the worse.

Dying Green
Rita has a plan to destroy the Green Lantern Ranger powers.

Bad Day To Get Out of Bed
Kimberly is having a horrible day.

The Longest 24 Hours
Kimberly has to stay awake for twenty-four hours
due to the car accident.

The Double Cross
Kimberly meets Tommy's family.

Powerless, but Not Beaten
Though without powers, the Rangers still find themselves having
to defend the Earth from Rita Repulsa to buy Zordon enough time
to find their rings.

When Your Best Just Isn't Good Enough
As Jason and Tommy strive to better themselves, in their own,
respective ways, light is shed on new developments concerning
the power rings.

Happy Birthday, Kim
On what's supposed to be the best birthday of her life,
something terrible happens to Kim.

Return to Power
Tommy may have another chance.

Zack's Big Date
Zack finally musters up the courage to ask Angela out.

Doomsday Comes a Calling
Even with help from another timeline, can the
Lantern Rangers win against the creature that once
killed Superman?

Rita's Downfall
Rita is about to fall..

Surprising Grievers
As the Rangers cope with Tommy being gone,
Kim gets a visit from a few surprise visitors.

Green Unleashed
As Kim finds herself once again in a slump
over Tommy, a new Lantern Ranger appears.

Tommy's Return
Tommy comes home at last.

The Power of Light
Tommy is back in action.

The New Mad Hatter
When Zedd wants a lesson in non-spell mind control, he goes
to one of the masters in the subject. But is that master what he expected?

The Anti-Lantern Rangers
Zedd's plan behind his deal with the Mad Hatter is revealed, as a group
of evil Rangers start making trouble for the Rangers.

Scorpina's Sting
Scorpina has arrived.

Evil Replacement
Tommy and Kim are in serious trouble.

Lunar Escape
Kim and Tommy are out of there!

Good Changes, Bad Changes
The Anti-Lantern Rangers get a new member.

Match Made in Hell
Guess who's back.

Final Battle
One group shall stand. . .one shall fall.

Lantern Rangers Reborn
To save one of their own, the Lantern Rangers and some
new friends must travel to a distant planet to gain new powers.

Marital Bliss
Tommy and Kim are having a wonderful far.

Justin's Dilemma
Justin's preparing for a tournament, but a run in with a bully lowers his self-esteem.

"The Prophet Ranger Series"

Hero on Roller Skates
A special young man comes by just in time to help the Space Rangers.

Danny and the Space Rangers are being attacked by the Psycho Rangers.

The Tyrant Ranger
As Astronema's true reason for kidnapping him is revealed,
Danny undergoes a dark, shocking transformation.

The Final Battle?
The Prophet Ranger himself makes an appearance. One final
transformation takes place, and the universe finds itself depending
on one lone boy for salvation.

"Family Unknown"
This series was inspired by Cheryl Roberts' fanfic All I Want For Christmas

The Letter, the Memories, and the Surprise of a Lifetime
Kimberly's reasons for breaking up with Tommy are
different than what he expected.

The Next Morning
Tommy gets to know Kimberly and Ann better.

The Tests and the Homecoming Party
Tommy and Kimberly bring their surprise back to Angel Grove.

The Results
The results to the paternity test are in...

The Proposal
Tommy has a big question to ask of Kimberly.

The Diary
In the future, an old diary is found...

"What If"

Power Rangers: Axis
What would have happened if Adolf Hitler had won the World War?

That's the Glory of Love
What if Tommy and Kimberly lived in the Parent Trap universe?

Zedd's Four Horsemen
What if the three teens had been bitten by Zedd's snake?

The Big Cattle Drive
What if the Power Rangers had been part of the old west?

"Power Rangers : Virtuosity"

Power Rangers: Virtuosity
Find out the differing Rangers in this series.

Strange Coincidences
Kim and Tommy find themselves miserable without each other.
Can a simple twist of fate help end their misery?

Kim's Return
Kimberly has returned to Angel Grove.

A Wedding, Power Ranger Style
Tommy and Kimberly are getting married.

Cruise of Terror and Discovery
Tommy and Kim's honeymoon isn't peaceful by far!

Trip to Power Mountain
There's a new Galaxy Ranger being discovered.

Phantom Ranger Saves The Day
He arrives.

Phantom Loss
A battle could destroy their new ally.

Return of the Phantom
A new power is formed for an old friend.

Unexpected Kidnapping
An old enemy returns to town.

"Lost Galaxy: The Alternate Dimension"

We Wonder Why A Little
What if someone else had fallen into the crevice?

The Rangers meet up with a strange ship.

"Standalone Fanfics"

Saved by the Tone
Tommy is pretty upset after Kimberly dumped him.

Deep Impact of Life
Imagine the movie Deep Impact with the Power Rangers as the cast.

Class Cut Up
The Rangers find themselves trapped in the school
after hours with a homicidal robot.

Innocent Dare Gone Awry
It's years later, but abandoned Angel Grove High School is still talked about.

When Empires Crumble
What would happen if the Machine Empire attacked earlier?

A Quantum Leap of Faith
Sam Beckett leaps into Kimberly, and finds himself
racing against the clock to save two people.

Misery Loves Company
Leo's depressed about Mike's apparent death, and it's up
to Kendrix to cheer him up.

Holes in the Floor of Heaven
Tommy's life was full of tragedy.

The Last Kiss Goodnight
Tommy and Kim have had a bit of a rough marriage
so far, but they find that its about to get rougher.

A Knight to the Rescue
On an unexpected solo mission to an unnamed planet,
a young member of Terra Venture's Alpha Squadron finds
that he is newest chosen one.

Ranger Reunion
They all get back together again.

Internet Rekindling
The internet resparks a romance.

Old Wounds Revisited
Tommy and Kim get back together.

Bad Choices, Good Consequences
Kendrix's boyfriend isn't nice.

Unexpected Reunion
Eight years after leaving Kendrix at the alter, Leo's
back in her life, and nothing will ever be the same again.


Bullet Mindy Bullet

From Zeo to Turbo
The Rangers have to journey to Muranthias...


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