The Naughty Daughters
by : Crypt

Jenny lay in a bed in the Astro Megaship sleeping soundly. However, she was stirring uncomfortably. Suddenly, she sat up screaming.

"It's all right, Jenny," said Deca. "You were only dreaming."

"Oh." Jenny sighed with relief. "It was only a dream. Right." She sat up in bed for a few more seconds, then screamed again.

"Be quiet, Jenny," Deca said calmly. "You'll awaken your friends."

"Awaken? No, not my friends. Nothing wakes them up." Jenny reclined back in her bed. "Did you see what happened, Deca? Astronema locked me in the bathroom to keep me from trying on the glass slipper."

"I am not programmed to see people's dreams," Deca said.

Jenny sighed. "Maybe I'm taking it too hard. I need to get a grip here. Hallie knows that Astronema's our mother, yet she seems fine with it."

She closed her eyes and attempted to go back to sleep.

"Time to wake up, Jenny," Deca called three seconds later, turning on the lights.

"Oh Deca, I'm not ready to get up," Jenny whined, throwing the covers over her face.

"You can't hide from your problems."

"I'm not hiding, I'm thinking of a solution. Let's see . . . all this time, I've practically been fighting evil with evil. If our mother is evil, she must have some pretty naughty children." Jenny thought for a moment, then the answer came to her. "That's it! We're gonna be the nastiest little brats you ever saw! You just wait, Deca; we'll drive Astronema to insanity!"

Convinced of her next battle plan, Jenny sprang out of bed . . . only to bump her head on the bed above her. She fell on her hands and knees, and crawled to the door. She stood up and walked the rest of the way to breakfast.

As Jenny headed over to the food programming thing, several other Spices were at the table. The Cryptkeeper was flooding his hash browns with ketchup. The Spices were shocked to see Jenny skipping over and singing happily to create her food. They all paused and stared at her. The ketchup continued to pour out of the bottle. Jenny stared at them with a smile.

"Dammit, C.K., lay off on the ketchup!" she cried.

The Cryptkeeper stopped pouring. "I can't help it. I'm a big ketchup fan."

Jenny accidentally stepped on Spinal, who was sleeping at her feet. Actually, Spinal was already awake.

"You only like ketchup so much because it looks like blood," he said.

The Cryptkeeper responded by throwing the ketchup bottle at him.

"Spinal, can't you find a bed to sleep on?" Jenny asked. "Better yet, get up! Why do you sleep so much anyway?"

"I need my sleep; I'm old," Spinal told her. "We all know that I'm dead. But I was resurrected and denied the peace of eternal sleep. So the best thing I can do is take frequent catnaps."

"Hmm. Since we're all dead, I wonder why we haven't been yearning for sleep?" Hallie asked.

"Probably because you're all so young," Spinal said. He picked up the ketchup bottle and threw it back at the Cryptkeeper. Then he stood up and walked over to the table as Jenny finally pulled out her meal.

"Well, Jenny, you seem to be in a happy mood today," the Cryptkeeper said. "What's up with you?"

"I have THE perfect plan in case Astronema tries to force us to follow family traditions," Jenny replied.

"Really? What's that?" Spinal asked.

"You'd think that if a person was evil, the children would be, too, right?" Jenny explained. "Well, Hallie and I are going to be evil to her. We are going to drive her to insanity; we are going to be the naughtiest children any parent has ever had."

Hallie remained motionless as an evil grin slowly formed on her face. "I like that idea, Sis."

"Well, let us know how it turns out," the Cryptkeeper told them. "The rest of us will stay out of this."

He shook the ketchup bottle, aiming the tip at Spinal. Suddenly, the top came out, and the ketchup splashed on Spinal. He looked like he was bleeding. In response, the Cryptkeeper laughed. Spinal stared at him, drumming his bony fingers on the table, then looked down at the ketchup-covered hash browns on the plate.

"Spinal, you look like a victim of Jason Voorhees," the Cryptkeeper said.

Spinal was clearly offended. "Eat shit!" he cried, shoving the plate of hash browns into the Cryptkeeper's face.

The other Spices gasped in surprise. It wasn't like Spinal to be offended by his own pals.

"C.K., you better think before you speak," Jenny told him.

"Look, Spinal, I'm sorry," the Cryptkeeper said. "I had no idea that you would be offended."

"Who the hell is Jason Voorhees anyway?" Spinal asked.

"Have you seen Friday the 13th?" C.C. asked.

"Spinal doesn't watch movies," C.K. replied.

"Jason Voorhees is a hockey-masked character with a lust for murder," Jenny explained. "He goes around slaughtering everybody in sight for no friggin' reason."

"Actually, there is a friggin' reason," the Cryptkeeper said. "As a boy, he drowned in Camp Crystal Lake, and the counselors didn't save him because they were too busy having sex."

"How disgusting," Spinal said.

"C.K., some of us are trying to eat," Jenny interrupted.

"Oh, right."

"So, Sis, when do we get to be naughty?" Hallie asked.

"Oh . . . soon . . . I don't know," Jenny said. "We'll just have to see."

* * *

It appears that Jenny got her plan together just in time, because Astronema really was planning to claim her daughters as her own evil soldiers. Before she could act, however, the Dark Specter contacted her.

"Astronema, I need to gather the Alliance of Evil," he said.

"I'll be there, Dark Specter," Astronema replied. "I just need to pick up my daughters first."

"Daughters? You have no daughters."

"Yes, I do. I hear that I once disguised myself as an Earthling."

"Oh yes. You did have some children, didn't you?"

"The only problem is that my daughters are Tonfa Spice and Candy Spice."

"Did you say Tonfa Spice?" the Dark Specter asked in shock.

"Yeah. I'm hoping to recruit them both into the Alliance of Evil," Astronema said.

"Very well, Astronema, but it will be your responsibility to keep those brats under control," the Dark Specter warned. "Especially that bitch Tonfa Spice."

"Don't worry, Dark Specter. I'll teach them a lesson or two."


* * *

After breakfast, Jenny and Hallie traveled back to Earth actually hoping that Astronema would show up. They waited in the park alone. They didn't have much to say to each other. They didn't have to wait long to get their wish either. The Quantrons suddenly appeared out of nowhere accompanied by Astronema, Darkonda, and Ecliptor. They stood in front of the Spice sisters. Astronema gave them a slight smile.

"Come to Mommy," she said sweetly.

"Oh, stop it, Mother," Jenny said.

"I only came here because you've been improperly raised," Astronema said. "Now it's time for me to set your record straight. Either come with us peacefully, or we'll be forced to use force."

Jenny and Hallie glanced at each other. They shrugged their shoulders.

"Okay." They joined their foes and teleported out of the park.

Seconds later, they reappeared in the Dark Fortress. The Spice sisters looked about in wonder. The Dark Specter also reappeared.

"Astronema, report to the Cimmerian planet immediately," he ordered.

"As you wish, Dark Specter," Astronema replied. "Ecliptor, you and Darkonda teach them the evil ways. Elgar, you come with me."

"Oh, darn," Elgar said. He and Astronema vanished.

"Well, Ecliptor, let's get to work," Darkonda said.

"Let's see how long it takes to make evil-doers out of these pests," Ecliptor agreed.

Jenny and Hallie just stood there with smiles on their faces, looking like perfect angels.

"First of all, wipe those smiles off your faces," Ecliptor ordered.

"We can't," Jenny said. "This is just too funny."

"You call yourself a teacher," Darkonda said. "Let an expert show you how it's done. Now, ladies, repeat after me. Ahem . . . Power Rangers, I will destroy you!"

"Power Rangers, I will destroy you," Hallie repeated.

"Power Rangers, I will destroy you," Jenny echoed.

"Hmm . . . not bad, but that one needs work. Let's try something easy," Darkonda said. "Repeat this one: Destroy them." He said it softly, but clearly.

"Destroy them," Jenny said sweetly.

"Destroy them," Hallie echoed. They both sounded exactly like their mother.

"That was better," Darkonda told them. "Now let's get sincere. DESTROY THEM!!!"

"DESTROY THEM!!!" Jenny and Hallie shouted in unison.

"Yeah, now you've got it!" Darkonda exclaimed.

"I feel so silly," Jenny said.

"Uh . . . I don't get it," Hallie said, raising her hand as if she was in school. "How is this going to make us evil?"

"Now, another part of being evil is making people angry," Darkonda explained. "Ecliptor, I'll let you teach this one."

"Every evil being has their own way of making people angry," Ecliptor said. "Let's work on your way, shall we?"

"How can we work on our way if we don't know it?" Hallie asked. "Is it gonna be hard? Are we going to be tested?"

"Just be quiet and listen," Ecliptor ordered.

"Can I have some of your candy?" Hallie asked.


"If you're gonna teach us, then teach us."

"Shut up!" Ecliptor ordered.

"Shut up? Of course I'll shut up," Hallie said. "Why should I keep on yapping when I'm told to shut up? I'm not the kind of girl that would---"

"I said shut up!" Ecliptor ordered again.

"No!" Hallie started to sing. "Oh my love, I know you are my Candyman, and oh my love, your word is my command! Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli, lollipop. Boom, boom, boom…."

Jenny couldn't help laughing. "Well, if anyone could give candy, it would be me." She started dancing around and suddenly kissed Ecliptor on the lips. Ecliptor spat, then glared at Jenny.

"How am I doing?" Hallie asked. "Am I making people angry?"

"Okay, you've passed that lesson," Ecliptor said.

"Now it's my turn," Jenny said with a smile. "He calls his mom and sucks his thumb and doesn't want to play. Too late to be known as John the first; he's sure to be known as John the worst…."

"Listen, would you two care to explore the Dark Fortress?" Darkonda asked. "Ecliptor and I must speak for a moment."

"Sure." The sisters smiled at each other and left the room. Ecliptor stared at them suspiciously.

"Well, Ecliptor, I must say that the girls are doing well. I guess being evil comes naturally," Darkonda said.

"What are you talking about?" Ecliptor asked.

"I mean exactly what I said. They possess much of their mother's evil style."

"But they still cannot be trusted. There is a possibility that they are merely acting."

"Acting? No way; they are doing too well to be acting," Darkonda said. "Maybe we can…… pursuade them to destroy the Power Rangers. They are very unique warriors, and they may have what it takes."

"It's a little soon for that," Ecliptor told him.

Deep in the Dark Fortress, the Spice sisters wandered into Astronema's bedroom.

"Check it out!" Jenny cried, gasping. She noticed two staffs identical to Astronema's hanging on the wall.

"Yeah. What do you suppose this is?" Hallie asked, pulling down a strange-looking boomerang.

"I have no idea. Well, let's get nasty," Jenny said.

"You got it, Sis!"

The girls faced each other in a fighting stance. After circling each other for a moment, they began sparring. Of course it appeared as if they were actually trying to kill each other. Hallie blocked Jenny's kick, then ducked under a roundhouse punch. Then Hallie moved in and punched Jenny squarely in the chest. Jenny staggered back and stared down at her chance. Hallie chuckled nervously.

"S-S-Sorry," she muttered.

"Hallie, you know better than to hit me there," Jenny told her.

Hallie shrugged her shoulders, then the sisters went back to sparring. Jenny ran to the wall and pulled down one of the staffs. She threw it at Hallie, who quickly moved out of the way.

Darkonda and Ecliptor were still talking near the balcony.

"I still don't think that we should trust the Spices, even if they are Astronema's daughters," Ecliptor said. "They've been fighting alongside the Power Rangers for years now."

"Oh, take it easy, Ecliptor," Darkonda assured him. "The only thing that will really be a problem is their hyperactivity."

They heard the girls' racket from within the fortress.

"She shoots; she scores!!" Hallie cried.

The next thing that the evil minions heard was the shattering of glass.

"What in the universe was that?" Ecliptor asked.

They quickly rushed to see what the racket was about.

"Uh-oh," the Spice sisters mumbled in unison.

Jenny pulled the staff from the wall and chased Hallie with it. They ran right past Darkonda and Ecliptor. The two minions continued into Astronema's bedroom.

"Oh no! That was Astronema's favorite lamp!" Ecliptor cried.

Astronema's lamp, which used to look like a light-up prism, was now nothing more than a dead pile of glass on the floor.

"Darkonda! Ecliptor!" Astronema called. "Get out here!"

Darkonda and Ecliptor went to join Astronema by the balcony.

"Why aren't you teaching my daughters the concepts of darkness?" Astronema asked.

"Oh, we're finished," Darkonda replied.

"Really? That was quick. How did it go?"

"You are crowned the Queen of Evil, correct?"

"Of course I am."

"Well, I've come to the conclusion that Tonfa Spice has a great potential to be Princess of Darkness. Candy Spice may be a little more difficult. She's too happy; she must have eaten too much sugar."

"That's why she was named Candy Spice," Ecliptor said.

"Are you saying that Tonfa Spice is actually evil?" Astronema asked.

"Perhaps not, but like I said, she has potential. In other words, she is capable of being evil," Darkonda told her.

"Wow. Evil Tonfa Spice. There's something I never thought of before," Elgar said.

"Oh well," Astronema said. "My daughters . . . they're only icing on the cake. You'll see."

"Yeah; we are sweet, aren't we?" Jenny called from the doorway. She and Hallie have been spying on them the whole time. They both tiptoed into the room.

Astronema stormed up to Jenny and pointed her staff directly to her chest. "Never, EVER, eaves-drop on my conversations again!"

Jenny, in turn, aimed her staff at Astronema. "For cryin' out loud, Mother, point that thing the other way!"

Astronema gasped. "Where did you get that?"

"From the bedroom place."

"They broke your favorite lamp," Ecliptor threw in.

"What!?" Astronema shoved her daughters aside and stormed into her bedroom. She also noticed that the entire bedroom was messed up. "At least my bed is still in good shape."

Ecliptor suddenly grabbed Jenny's shoulder and turned her around. "How could you do this?"

"Ecliptor, control your temper," Jenny replied calmly, brushing his chest with her finger.

"Hands off!" Ecliptor shouted, shoving her back.

"Whoa, superfly, chill out!" Jenny cried. "What's up? Ya wanna take this outside, fool!? Huh!?"

She rapidly slapped Ecliptor chest, then shoved him back.

"Well, get her, Candyman!" Hallie cried.

"Candyman!" Darkonda cried, exploding into laughter. "That's a good one."

"Shut up, both of you!" Ecliptor demanded.

"Make us," Hallie said.

"You're already made, and what a mess. Ha ha ha."

"Hey, hey," Jenny said. "Ecliptor, Darkonda, you both work for Astronema, right?"

She took Ecliptor and Darkonda's hand. "Why can't we all get along?"

Then Jenny brought Ecliptor and Darkonda's hand together. "Please...."

"You licorice psycho!" Hallie dove into Ecliptor, knocking him over. Then she repeatedly punched him in the face. Jenny gasped in surprise.

"Okay, okay, break it up," Darkonda said, bending over to get Hallie off Ecliptor. Jenny tried to get Darkonda away from both of them.

"Two for flinching, two for flinching!" Hallie cried.

Then Astronema came into the room and gasped upon seeing the four on the floor screwing around.

"What in the great galaxies ARE you doing!?" she asked.

"Nothing, Mother," Hallie called, using her best-little-girl-in-the-world voice.

Jenny chuckled nervously as Astronema glared at all of them.

"Get up off the floor NOW, all of you!" she ordered.

Everyone complied.

"Now, I need you two to put on your black Halloween costumes," Astronema said.

"Sure, we can do that," Jenny replied.

The girls teleported back to the Astro Megaship. They immediately got into their Halloween costumes. They also decided to visit their friends briefly.

"Hey, how's it going?" the Cryptkeeper asked. "Getting to know your mother better?"

The girls nodded with a smile.

"Well, we gotta go," Jenny said.

"Already?" Spinal asked.

"Cross your fingers, people, 'cause we're not done yet!" Jenny called.

The sisters laughed as they headed out to the jump tubes and teleported back to the Dark Fortress.

"Well, that was quick," Astronema said. "Now, the Rangers are on a mission on the planet Hercuron."

"They are?" Jenny asked.

"Yes, they are," Astronema replied, pointing to the monitor where the Rangers were looking around carefully. "See the Rangers?"

"Yeah . . . so?" Jenny asked.

"Destroy them," Astronema ordered calmly.

"Wait . . . us?"

"Yes, you. Now go!"

"I beg your pardon . . ."

Astronema pointed her staff at Jenny again. "I said go! Oooh, I should DESTROY you for your disobedience."

Jenny grabbed the staff and put it in a standing position. "Is that any way to treat your daughter? All right, we're going. Come on, Sis."

She walked over to grab her own staff as Hallie took a boomerang. Together, the sisters vanished from the fortress.

"Are you sure they'll actually destroy the Rangers?" Ecliptor asked.

"As Princesses of Darkness, of course they will," Astronema replied. "I think they've been trained well enough, and they already possess the extraordinary combat skills. They've only been raised improperly, that's all."

The sisters were stalking the Rangers on Hercuron.

"I wonder how the Rangers will react when they find out about Mom?" Hallie asked.

"I don't know about the other Rangers, but Andros is gonna flip if he ever finds out," Jenny replied.

The Spice sisters looked on as the Rangers came closer. Jenny began to climb a tree. Hallie stayed put. Jenny looked down at the Rangers. When they were almost directly under her, she dropped from the tree. The Rangers gasped.

"Whoa! Jenny, you startled us," T.J. said. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, nothing much," Jenny said.

Andros looked at her suspiciously. "Isn't that Astronema's staff?"

"Ummm……" Jenny appeared to be pondering as she aimed the staff at the Rangers. "Maybe."

Suddenly, she fired. The purple lasers exploded around the Rangers, causing them to double over. They stood up, stunned.

"What are you doing!?" Cassie screamed.

"Oh, do forgive me, Rangers," Jenny said apologetically. "If I don't do it, my cover will be blown."

"That's it. Spiral Saber!" Andros cried.

The weapon appeared in his hand. Jenny gripped the staff tightly with both hands.

"Back off, Andros!" she yelled.

Andros rushed toward her anyway. Jenny quickly moved out of the way as he extended his saber, stabbing a tree. Then Jenny stabbed Andros with the staff. Andros tried an overhead attack; again, Jenny blocked it with the staff.

"Jenny, stop!" Carlos cried.

He ran over to try to stop her. Without even bothering to look at him, Jenny kicked him, stopping him dead. Then she shoved Andros away and kicked him back. She followed through with an overhead strike to the chest, then a side strike, also cutting across his chest. Clutching his chest, Andros gazed at Jenny, who stood proudly with her hand on her hip and the staff by her side. Andros teleported away suddenly.

"Hey, Andros, wait!" Jenny called. "Andros!"

She saw the red streak of light heading toward the mountains, so she went in that direction. The other Rangers teleported back to the Astro Megaship, thinking that was where Andros had gone.

Meanwhile, Hallie was still hiding in the bushes wondering what to do. Suddenly, she heard Astronema calling to her.

"Candy Spice! What are you waiting for?" she demanded. "Go help your sister, or else!"

"All right!" Hallie cried impatiently. "Sheesh! Don't bother to say please or anything."

"Say what?" Astronema called sweetly.

"I said don't bother to say please or anything!"

"What does she think she's doing?" thought Andros as he raced up the mountain. "Wearing the shiny black costume and carrying Astronema's staff. Is she really working for Astronema?"

His thoughts were interrupted by a familiar female voice.

"Hey, Andros," Jenny called. "What are you doing up here?"

"I could ask you the same question," Andros said. "Astro Blaster, fire!"

He pulled out his blaster and fired several shots at Jenny. The first few shots sank into her body, stinging her. Jenny managed to reflect the last shot with the staff. The shot bounced off the arrowhead and struck Andros, who fell back and suddenly found himself hanging over the edge of the cliff by his fingertips. Jenny approached him casually and stood over him condescendingly.

"Why'd you have to go and do that?" she whined. "I ask you what's up and you try to kill me. Believe me, that does not make me happy."

Andros wanted to protest that it was Jenny who had tried to kill him first, but he was so afraid of falling, he could only look up gasping. Jenny tossed the staff over her shoulder. She knelt over Andros and took his wrist. Andros climbed back onto the mountain with her support. Once he was back up, he started to walk away. Jenny glared at him. She stood up, charged at the Red Ranger, and kicked him in the back. Andros performed a forward roll, then spun to face his ally. Clearly, he was getting upset.

"Battlizer, now!" he shouted.

A small device appeared on his wrist. It gave a brilliant yellow flash. Jenny stared at him, looking somewhat puzzled. Andros leaped into the air, the Battlizer still flashing. Jenny looked up and gasped. As Andros came down, he struck Jenny brutally in the chest, knocking her back towards the cliff. Andros followed through with a powerful uppercut, which sent Jenny flying up and over the edge. At the same time, Hallie was coming up the mountain and gasped in horror as she saw her sister fall.

"NNNNOOOOO!!!!!" she screamed.

Luckily, her scream was drowned out by Jenny's. Andros ran over to the edge and looked down, shaking his head.

"What have I done?" he asked himself.

Unable to contain her fury, Hallie picked up the staff which was laying in front of her. She pointed the arrowhead at the Red Ranger and prepared to fire the purple lasers, then apparently changed her mind. She turned the staff around so that the other end was pointed at Andros and raced toward him. About halfway, she jumped, sticking the staff into the ground, and extended her feet. Andros spun around suddenly to catch a glimpse. But it was too late. Hallie kicked Andros squarely in the chest, sending him flying over the cliff. As Hallie landed, however, she was too close to the edge and ended up dropping over herself. Fortunately, she was able to climb down roughly and uncontrollably. On the way down, she noticed a puddle of blood on one of the jagged boulders. When she finally reached the bottom, she saw both Jenny and Andros laying there completely motionless. Hallie was horrified to discover a hideous open wound on the side of Jenny's forehead. Remembering the blood that she saw earlier on the mountain, Hallie came to one conclusion: Jenny had smashed her head on the rugged boulder on the way down. Andros appeared to be completely intact, thanks to his Ranger costume.

"I'm gonna need some help here," Hallie thought as she opened her ring. "Hey, guys, you'd better get down here quick!"

About a minute later, the Cryptkeeper, Brooklyn, and Demona teleported down.

"Eeeuw yuck; what happened?" Brooklyn asked.

"You don't wanna know," Hallie replied. "But we'd better get them back up before it's too late."

Brooklyn picked up Jenny as Demona picked up Andros. Together, they teleported up to the Astro Megaship. While the other Spices took care of Andros and Jenny, Hallie went back to the Dark Fortress. Astronema greeted her with an angry glare.

"What took you so long?" she asked.

Hallie shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh well," Astronema said. "At least you got the Red Ranger down. It's such a shame to lose your sister."

"I'm not losing my sister," Hallie said. "She'll be fine. She may be in pain for a while, but she'll be fine."

"Oh, that's right; you're already dead, aren't you?" Astronema asked. "Hmm…. Well, in that case, you can go get Tonfa Spice and bring her here."

"Okay." Hallie rushed out of the Dark Fortress.

She got caught up in visiting her friends and waiting for her sister to wake up. She also explained the situation to the other Spices.

"Here's what happened," she said. "Astronema ordered us to destroy the Rangers. What were we supposed to do?"

"I don't know," the Cryptkeeper replied. "But I do think that you two got carried away, especially since you were crazy enough to knock Andros off the cliff."

"He knocked Jenny off the cliff! And he used the Battlizer to do it," Hallie protested. "I think that he's the one who got carried away."

"Andros knocked her over the edge?" Spinal asked. "Man! Even the Rangers have to treat us like garbage."

Suddenly, Jenny began to wake up slowly. "Ouch. What happened?"

She began to sit up, but the other Spices gently restrained her.

"Take it easy," the Cryptkeeper said. "You nearly shattered your brain out there."

Jenny raised a trembling hand and tapped her wound. She stared at the blood on her fingers with wide eyes.

"You won't believe how it happened either, Sis," Hallie began.

"Oh yeah; Andros knocked me over the damn cliff," Jenny said.

"You remember!?" Spinal asked in astonishment.

"Of course I remember. Why wouldn't I?"

"Because a blow like that on the head should've caused amnesia," Demona said.

"On a normal human, yeah," Jenny told her. "But I'm no normal human. I'm already dead."

"Uh, Sis, Mother wants you," Hallie said out of nowhere.

"Oh. I'll be right back." Jenny stood up and walked out of the room. Hallie began to follow, but Jenny wouldn't allow her.

"Come on, Sis, I was supposed to bring you back," Hallie protested.

"I'm putting an end to this," Jenny told her. "I need to go alone. I have to get this over with before any more Rangers cause any more damage."

She went to the jump tube and went back to the Dark Fortress. She snuck in unnoticed by anyone. She approached Astronema, Ecliptor, Darkonda, and Elgar as the Dark Specter contacted them again.

"Astronema, I want your daughters to attack the Earth and the Rangers," he ordered.

"As you wish, Dark Specter," Astronema replied.

"As you wish, Dark Specter," Jenny said, doing a perfect imitation.

Astronema turned to her and gasped. Jenny smiled.


The Dark Specter vanished. Astronema aimed her staff at Jenny.

"I told you never to eaves-drop on me!" she shouted.

"And I told you not to put that thing in my face!" Jenny cried, pushing the staff away.

"Pardon me, but that is a nasty injury you have there," Darkonda said, touching Jenny's head wound.

"Ouch! Don't touch it; it hurts!" she gasped.

"Tonfa Spice, I have a few assignments for you," Astronema said. "But first, where's your sister?"

"She's back at the Astro Megaship," Jenny replied.

"Well, I want you and your sister to destroy the Spice Club. Then when you're through, attack the Earth," Astronema ordered. "If the Rangers try to interfere, destroy them . . . got it!?"

"Excuse me!" Jenny snapped. "I will not destroy MY team. You may be my mother, but you are not going to order me around. You are not going to inspire me to be evil. I am my own woman; I have my own mind, and I intend to use it. Goodbye!"

She turned around sharply and started to leave the Dark Fortress. When she reached the door, she turned around to face Astronema and her goons.

"And give my BEST to Dark Specter!"

"Grrr! You are the most vile object in this universe!!" Ecliptor shouted.

"Thank you." Jenny took a mock bow, then stormed out of the fortress.

Astronema could only stare. It appeared as though her feelings were hurt.

"Wow. She, um . . . she's had it," Elgar mumbled.

The room remained dead silent.

* * *

Jenny returned to the Astro Megaship, returned to her bed, and sighed.

"What happened?" the Cryptkeeper asked.

"I told Astronema distinctly that I was not going to be bullied. It doesn't matter that she's my mother. I know that evil is wrong, and even my superiors can't pressure me into doing the wrong things. And by the look on her face, I'd say that Astronema got the message."

"Well, congratulations," the Cryptkeeper said.

"Well, now that I've gotten over the stunning secret, I can heal my head wound. Goodnight."

Jenny reclined on her bed and fell asleep fast with a smile.

The End... for now

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