Sweet Candy Spice... Sour Candy
by : Crypt

Only a small fraction of the Spices were exploring the universe. Only six to be exact. Operating the Astro Megaship were Spinal, C.C., Hallie, and the Cyberninja Trio (Cyrax, Sektor, and Smoke). Of course they had the faithful assistance of Alpha 6 and Deca.

The Cyberninjas had the idea of building an interstellar scanner to search for Zordon quickly. They hid it on a planet known as Brokaya.

"Is that thing really going to search for Zordon really fast?" Hallie asked.

Cyrax paused and looked at her. "No; it's going to pick up billions of alien television and radio transmissions," he said.

"We're not looking for TV and music!" Hallie cried.

"I thought you loved music," Cyrax said.

"Well.....I do, but we've got more pressing matters to attend to, you know." Hallie skipped around singing, "You better give it up; I've had about enough. It's not hard to see the boy is mine...." She suddenly embraced Spinal.

"Oh no, you don't; he's mine!" C.C. cried.

"Oh come on; don't start!" Spinal protested. "You know I hate it when girls fight over me!"

But the girls didn't listen. They continued to crash into Spinal, and they all fell over. The Cyberninjas looked over at the others rolling around on the ground. They listened to Spinal's protests and the girls' laughter. The Cyberninjas sighed in unison as they finished setting up the scanner.

"Come on!" Smoke cried.

"Are you loonies coming...." Sektor asked.

"....Or what?" Cyrax added.

The others paused. "Uh, we're coming."

The Spices returned to the Megaship together. They got ready to start.

"Begin...." Cyrax said.

"Search...." Sektor added.

"Now!" Smoke concluded.

"Beginning search," Deca announced.

The scanner worked beautifully. It was able to search through one galaxy per second. The Spices watched eagerly as a ship appeared on the monitor.

"Deca, get the coordinates of that thing!" Sektor said.

"Searching for coordinates now," Deca said.

Unfortunately, within the next few seconds, the image disappeared.

"Not receiving signal from scanner," Deca said.

"What happened?" C.C. asked.

"Beats me," the Cyberninjas replied.

"Unless somebody messed up the scanner," Spinal added.

"Well, let's go down and check it out," Hallie suggested.

The Spices pressed their rings and teleported down to the planet. They found that two familiar monsters had obliterated the scanner.

"Spices, nice to see you," one of them said.

Hallie smiled. "It's nice to see you, too, Candyman!" she called.

The Spices leaped to the bottom of a hill to face Ecliptor and Darkonda. Ecliptor lunged at them. Spinal blocked his overhead attack.

"Spinal, listen," Ecliptor said. "Astronema wants to see you!"

"What?" Spinal asked. "Not again!!"

To everyone's surprise, Darkonda struck Ecliptor in the back. Spinal withdrew and fell back. Darkonda threw some kind of rope at Ecliptor which got stuck in his back. Ecliptor dropped to one knee.

"Darkonda, what are you doing!?" he cried.

"Something I should have done a long time ago, Candyman," Darkonda replied. "Astronema will think that you've gone down in battle."

"What!? You won't get away with this!"

"I already have. First I'll take your powers, then hers!"

"Uh, what's going on?" Spinal asked.

"Darkonda and Ecliptor don't get along too well," Hallie said. "Jenny and I found that out when we played the role of evil daughters."

Darkonda vanished and appeared to enter Ecliptor's body. Ecliptor groaned then slowly transformed. Something exploded around them. The Spices looked on, wondering what was going on. Through the confusion, they heard Darkonda laughing. When the smoke cleared, they stepped out. Darkonda and Ecliptor have merged into one monster!

"Have no fear, Spices," he said. "It's just me -- Darkliptor."

"What have you done!?" Hallie screamed. "What have you done to the Candyman!?"

Darkliptor aimed both swords at the Spices and fired. Hallie leaped out of the way, C.C. somersaulted aside, and Spinal skeleported (or spun around as he sank into the ground and reappeared off to the side). The Cyberninjas, however, weren't so lucky. They were only able to scramble around each other, then were frozen in these ice blocks. The other Spices gasped.

"They're frozen solid!" Spinal cried.

Without even thinking, Hallie charged at Darkliptor. Darkliptor only smiled and fired a massive energy blast at her. The blast sent Hallie flying back into the rocks. Darkliptor began to advance on her, preparing to freeze her.

"No!!!" Spinal quickly rushed over to defend Hallie. He fought Darkliptor, who only pushed him back. The monster threw Spinal's arms back, then gave him a hard strike to the skull. Hallie gasped as Spinal let out a ear-shattering scream of pain and collapsed to the ground. Still laughing, Darkliptor advanced on both of them.

Seeing that she had the element of surprise in her hands, C.C. charged at Darkliptor. She began with a kick to his back, followed with a few punches, the somersaulted into an uppercut with her power. Her small fist exploded into Darkliptor's body five times, sending him flying backward. Darkliptor stood up quickly and smiled again.

"That was good, Speedy Spice, but see if you can outdo this!" He aimed his swords at C.C. and fired the white steam. C.C. could only scream in response.

"Hallie!! Get Spinal......back to......the ship!!" she cried.

"C.C., get out of there!!!" Hallie screamed.

But it was too late. C.C. was already frozen. Hallie screamed again in frustration. She looked down at Spinal. Darkonda's blow resulted in a hideous, painful-looking crack in his skull.

With C.C. and the Cyberninjas helplessly frozen, and with Spinal unconscious, Hallie knew that continuing to fight probably wasn't such a good idea.

"This is insane," she said to herself. "Galaxy glider, hang ten!"

"Where're you going?" Darkliptor asked.

"The hell out of here!" Hallie yelled as the galaxy glider arrived. "I'm going to hate you for life!"

She picked up Spinal the best she could and climbed onto the galaxy glider with him. The galaxy glider left the planet. Hallie looked at Darkliptor.

"Bye-bye!" she called. "Hang on, Spinal; you'll be okay."

Darkliptor shrugged his shoulders and vanished from the planet with his captives. He took them to a dark, steamy cave.

"Four frozen Spices," he sang. "Only two more and my collection will be complete.....that is, until the other Spices start exploring the universe."

"What have you done!?" a female voice shouted.

Darkliptor gasped. "Greetings, my queen."

Astronema entered the cave with her army of Quantrons. She looked over the frozen Spices. She smiled.

"Where's Spinal?" she asked flatly.

"I was unable to freeze him," Darkliptor replied. "So I knocked him out instead."

"Why didn't you bring him here?"

"Because Candy Spice took him."


"Little Candy Spice doesn't stand a chance against me. I'll get rid of her for good!"

"Not so fast," Astronema snapped. "You will not destroy my daughter! Instead, you will make her behave."

"Fear not," Darkliptor said. "Darkness will soon fall on the entire Spice Club. And I will deliver Spinal directly to you. But, if I may ask, why must you keep going after him?"

"I will never stop capturing him until he surrenders!" Astronema decreed.

"As you wish."

* * *

Meanwhile, back on the Astro Megaship, Spinal woke up slowly as Hallie was scanning him. Spinal gasped and tried to sit up, but Hallie gently restrained him.

"Take it easy," she said. "You took a hard hit. How do you feel, Spinal?"

"Spinal? What.....what are you talking about?"

Hallie paused. "We....we have work to do."

Spinal looked at her and seemed surprised. "A little girl?" Then he looked down at himself and gasped. "Oh my God.....where's my skin!? WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?!?!?!?"

"Calm down, Spinal!" Hallie cried. "You've never had skin.....at least not as long as I've known you. Now come on; we've got stuff to do."

"What stuff?" Spinal asked.

"You know; Darkliptor still has the others, remember?"

"No, I don't remember."

The response shocked Hallie. She was totally speechless.

"Darkliptor? And who are you?" Spinal asked. "Just a little girl!?"

"Spinal......don't tell me you've lost your memory!" Hallie cried.

Spinal suddenly groaned, grabbed his head, and dropped to his knees. "Ow.....my head! What's happened to me!?" He stood up again.

"You may be suffering from amnesia," Deca replied.

Upon hearing her voice, Spinal screamed and ran out of the room.

"Spinal, wait!" Hallie cried.

Spinal ran around the ship until he found the bridge. He was startled to find the monitor overlooking the planet.

"Outer space?" he wondered. "Where the hell am I?"

"We're orbiting the planet Brokaya," Alpha replied.

Spinal gasped. "What is that thing?"

Hallie entered the bridge. "This is the Astro Megaship. Concentrate, Spinal. You have to remember; I need your help!"

"My help!? Why do you need my help?" Spinal asked.

"Because C.C. and the Cyberninjas have been captured and you're the only one I can turn to."

"C.C. and the who?"

"Never mind. Just help me, please!"

"Help you? How can I possibly help you!? I don't even know who I am. I don't even know WHAT I am."

"Concentrate!" Hallie cried. "You're Spinal! You're Spinal Spice! You saved me from Darkliptor. Look on your right hand."

Spinal looked on his hand and found a globe ring on his finger. Hallie showed him hers.

"Doesn't this help you remember anything?" she asked.

"Uh-uh." Spinal shook his head, looking totally stupid.

"Incoming transmission," Deca announced.

It was a transmission from Darkliptor.

"Remaining Spices, return and deal with me, or I'll destroy your four friends!" he demanded. "Now!!"

The image disappeared instantly.

"Come on, Spinal; let's go!" Hallie cried.

"What!? Wait a minute! I can't go! I'm not a fighter," Spinal said.

"Yes, you are!" Hallie told him.

"If you think I'm going to fight that monster, you're out of your mind!"

"Fine. If you don't want to fight him, you don't have to. I'll just go down there and fight him by myself," Hallie said.

Spinal's eyes glowed brightly. "If you're going to fight that thing by yourself, you're even further out of your mind. Why do you absolutely HAVE to fight anyway?"

"Because I am a fighter, and that's what fighters do. You are also a fighter; therefore, you must help me."

"Where did you get the idea that I'm a fighter?"

"From you, from everybody," Hallie told him. "Listen to me. You are Spinal. You are Spinal Spice. I am Hallie. I am Candy Spice."

"Candy Spice?"

"Yeah! You know." Hallie sang her little song, "Put it in your mouth, your lolli-sucking mouth....."

"You're crazy," Spinal said.

"Maybe, but I have no choice. If I don't fight, he'll kill the others. I can't let that happen. However, I could call the other Spices.....but they'd never get here in time! Well, I'm going. Why don't you take a nap or something to help heal your memory?"

Hallie skipped out of the bridge. Spinal stared in confusion. He was more terrified than ever now. He looked over at Alpha.

"It's all right, Spinal," he said. "You're safe here."

"I'm sure I am."

Hallie quickly teleported down to the planet to face Darkliptor. "I'm here!" she yelled. "Show yourself!"

"So, Candy Spice, you came," Darkliptor said. "But where is Spinal Spice?"

"He's sick. This time, it's just you and me."

"Aww, too bad."

He advanced on Hallie with both swords. For the moment, Hallie decided to remain empty-handed. Darkliptor suddenly charged and thrust his swords mercilessly. Hallie just barely managed to dodge all of them. Darkliptor's attacks were quick.

"It's a good thing I'm only twelve years old," Hallie thought. "Otherwise, I wouldn't have been quick enough to avoid these attacks."

Hallie also realized that she needed to go on the offensive a bit. She threw an overhead axe kick which surprisingly sent Darkliptor back ten feet. Anybody would be surprised at the Spices' capabilities, no matter how feeble they appeared to be. Also, since Hallie was considerably shorter than Darkliptor, her axe kick didn't quite reach his head, so the kick struck him in the chest. When Darkliptor hit the ground, Hallie pulled out her weapons, a pair of fan blades. Darkliptor stood and gazed at her. Hallie couldn't help smiling. Darkliptor began to advance on her slowly.

"Here, Darkliptor, have some candy." Hallie threw one of her fans at him. The fan flew at him like a buzz saw. Darkliptor crossed his swords and reflected the fan blade, causing it to fly back towards Hallie. The little girl didn't even blink. Instead, she simply extended her hand and caught the fan blade, then took an offensive pose. She contracted the fan blades so that they looked like a pair of zigzagging swords, then ran toward Darkliptor. Darkliptor smiled and spread his arms out as if to say, "Come and get me." At the last second, Darkliptor thrust his sword out. Luckily, Hallie was planning to stop at the last second, which she did. She blocked Darkliptor's surprise attack. Their swords were soon clashing together. As they were doing this, Darkliptor kicked Hallie right in the chest, sending her back. Darkliptor began to advance on her.......

* * *

Spinal walked into the jump tube room. He walked to the jump tubes and peered inside. He didn't dare go into them; they might lead to his doom. So Spinal headed toward the cabinets. They were like lockers in a way, but without having to enter combinations. The Rangers' lockers were marked with their colors while the Spices' lockers were marked with their Spice names and photos. Another jolt of agony shot through Spinal's skull. Groaning with pain, he dropped to his hands and knees, then rolled onto his back. He then clutched his head and arched his back, stretching his whole body. As he twisted his body on the floor in every possible way, he looked up and saw Hallie's photo on her locker. Spinal stood up and opened the locker. Inside was a pair of overalls, a hand mirror, a photo album, and CD's. Spinal took out the photo album and set it aside. Then he took the mirror and gazed at his reflection. His own appearance startled him. He quickly put the mirror back and closed the locker.

Spinal sat on the floor, putting the photo album in his lap. He opened it up. The album contained ace photos that could have been taken only by an invisible reporter. They were photos of the Spices and the Rangers in battle, close-ups, too. There were photos of Hallie climbing all over Ecliptor, Jenny flirting with Darkonda, Jenny and Elgar doing their love thing, Astronema touching Spinal, etc. There were also photos of Darkonda holding Jenny in the full nelson, Ecliptor pinning C.C.'s head down with his foot, and Jenny spitting venom on Darkonda during her Barillian illness. And as one would least expect, there were even photos of Jenny's visit to the planet Onyx. Also included were some poses. There were pictures of all the Rangers together, morphed and unmorphed. There were pictures of Jenny and the Cryptkeeper, Spinal and C.C., Hallie and Justin, Earl and T.J., the Cyberninja Trio, and Andros and Kathy. Also included were the bad guys with their own poses (not that they posed for the camera).

Spinal looked up and spotted his own locker. Maybe the things inside would help him remember who he was. He set the photo album aside, stood up, and opened the locker. As soon as it opened, his sword and shield tumbled out. Spinal gasped and staggered back in response. He stared down at his weapons for a moment, then picked them up.

"These......are mine???" he thought. "Maybe......Candy Spice......was right. Maybe I am a fighter. Maybe I should go down and help her. That guy down there looked tough, and seeing that girl frozen in the background just sickened me."

He waved his sword slowly in front of him. Then he examined his shield.

"Well...." he thought. "There's a skull-like design on this shield; it must be mine. Wait a sec....."

Spinal looked at the photos again and saw pictures of himself in action with his weapons.

"These ARE mine," he said.

"Yes, they're yours, Spinal," Deca said out of nowhere. "Live with it."

Spinal gasped again, then calmed down when he realized that it was only Deca. "Why do you have to follow me around!?"

"Because I am everywhere on this ship. While I am in here, I am also on the bridge, the engine room, in the halls, everywhere."

Spinal didn't say anything this time. He forced himself to get in front of Andros' jump tube and peered inside again. Should he go through? After a moment of staring, Spinal sighed and dropped through the tube.

* * *

The confused skeleton warrior landed roughly on the planet. He stood up and listened carefully. He heard Darkliptor and Hallie's battle cries nearby. Spinal peered over a boulder and watched the battle. Hallie and Darkliptor were clashing their swords rapidly.

"How can a little girl like her fight so well?" Spinal wondered.

Meanwhile, Darkliptor knocked Hallie to the ground and pinned her down. Spinal waved his sword about slowly again.

"She was right," he thought. "I am Spinal. I am Spinal Spice. I am a fighter."

"Spinal!" he heard Darkliptor shout suddenly.

"Huh!?" In response to his name, Spinal turned to face Darkliptor. "And I am in trouble."

Darkliptor charged at Spinal. In response, Spinal screamed.

"No, wait!!" he cried. "NOOO!!!!"

Despite Spinal's cries, Darkliptor continued his attack. Spinal dodged his attack, then scrambled away. Hallie sat up and looked over in confusion.

"C'mon, Spinal, fight!" she screamed. "Fight him!! Fight!!!"

Darkliptor struck Spinal in the chest with both swords.

"Fight," Spinal muttered to himself. "That's it. Fight!"

When Darkliptor charged again, Spinal blocked his attack with his shield and pushed him back. Darkliptor charged one more time. Out of reflex, Spinal threw a spinning heel kick, which stopped his foe dead in his tracks. Even Spinal was surprised by his own kick.

"Wow. I am a fighter," he told himself. "I am Spinal Spice. I am a fighter. You hear that, world!? I'm a fighter!! And boy, it sure feels good!"

Then Spinal let out his high-pitched, cackling laugh. "HA HA HA HAHA HAAAAAAH!!!!!!"

Darkliptor stood up. "Have you lost your mind!?" he cried.

Hallie ran up and joined Spinal. "No, just his memory. Come on, Spinal, let's show this guy that he can't mess with the Spice Club."


"Not so fast," Darkliptor shouted.

He fired a blast at the two Spices. Spinal hit his back on a boulder and rolled to the ground.

"Ow.....when......does the......hurting......stop?" he groaned.

"Spinal, you actually came down to help!" Hallie called. "Thanks!"

Spinal turned to her. "H-H-Hallie...." he muttered. He sounded like an infant muttering its first word.

Once again driven by the madness of the Spice spirit, Spinal raced toward Darkliptor. He only shoved Darkliptor back with his shield. Hallie followed right behind Spinal, then leaped into the air. In midair, she threw her spread-out fan blades at Darkliptor, which buried itself into him. As Hallie recovered her blade, Darkliptor split up and became two separate monsters again: Ecliptor and Darkonda.

"Yes!!" Spinal and Hallie cried in unison.

"Hey, check this out!" Hallie called.

The two Spices sang in unison, "Put it in your mouth, your lolli-sucking mouth....."

"Spinal, you remember?" Hallie asked.

"I got my memory back," Spinal said. "And I'm glad."

Meanwhile, on top of the hill, the ice blocks disintegrated, releasing C.C. and the Cyberninjas. They immediately joined their team.

"Are you guys okay?" Spinal asked.

"Yeah," Cyrax said.

"We're," Sektor added.

"Okay," Smoke concluded.

"How about you?" C.C. asked.

"I'll be all right soon enough," Spinal told her. "Right now, I'm in a shitload of pain, and those two are going to pay!!"

Darkonda stood up. "How can this be? I was invincible!"

"No, you weren't," Spinal called. "Nobody's invincible. We can't be destroyed, but we never claim to be invincible."

Ecliptor was still on the ground writing in agony. Darkonda pulled him to his feet.

"Look at you; you're pathetic!" he yelled. "Quickly, we must rejoin!"

"NNNOOOO!!!!" Hallie screamed.

She raced toward Darkonda and jump-kicked him before he and Ecliptor could transform into Darkliptor again. She drew her blades again and advanced on Darkonda as Ecliptor fell back to the ground like a cut-down tree.

"You better leave the Candyman alone because, believe me; this candy ain't sweet," Hallie taunted Darkonda.

"Hey, hey; settle down...." Darkonda stammered, backing up. "Put those things away before you hurt someone."

"Ha! This son of a bitch thinks I'm playing," Hallie went on. "You froze Speedy Spice, Sticky Spice, Missile Spice, and Smoky Spice; you hurt Spinal so badly that he lost his memory; and you forced an innocent little girl to fight you ALONE!!!"

"You.....you MONSTER!!!" Spinal threw in.

"All right; so I'm a monster," Darkonda said. "But Astronema expects me to bring Ecliptor home; so back off, you nasty little munchkins."

He and Ecliptor vanished from the planet. Hallie twirled her blades proudly.


"Come on," the Cyberninjas said in unison. "Letís go home."

The six returned to the Astro Megaship. Spinal, as usual, lay down and went to sleep. He needed it more than ever now. As he slept, C.C. rubbed milk into the crack in his skull and kissed him all over. As they say, nothing heals a wound better than tender loving care.

* * *

Meanwhile, at the Dark Fortress.....

"Go ahead, Ecliptor," Darkonda said. "Just tell her what I did and sheíll throw me out. But first, I have a few stories of my own to tell her; then sheíll throw us in the black hole."

"So itís true," Astronema said, storming into the room. "I doubted Darkonda when he said that you attacked him."

Elgar came in behind her. "Some warriors you guys are!" he declared. "You canít even defeat a little girl!"

"Sheís a Spice, Elgar," Darkonda told her. "Sheís no ordinary little girl."

"Yeah right. Put it in your mouth, your lolli-sucking mouth....." Elgar sang.

"Shut up!!" Ecliptor cried, grabbing his head. "I canít stand that song!!"

"All right, I will confess that I did underestimate Candy Spice," Darkonda said. "But thatís a mistake I shall not make again."

"You better not make it again," Astronema snapped. "A word of advice: Do not underestimate Baby Spice either."

"We wonít," Darkonda said.

* * *

So even a small fraction of the Spices can do so much. As Hallie demonstrated, never underestimate the power of a little girl. And if any of the Spices should lose their memory, their spirit will guide them back into battle, which helps them regain their memory. Unfortunately, the interstellar scanner was never fixed.

The End... for now