Public Enemy #1
by: Crypt

While the Power Rangers were searching the universe for Zordon, the Spices were all goofing off as usual. As the Megaship hovered over a particular planet, the Rangers discovered a strange outburst of energy. T.J. announced the news to the Spices.

"We found a source of energy coming from the planet Sentar B," he said.

"A source of energy......" the Cryptkeeper mumbled. "So?"

"We need someone to go see what it is," T.J. added.

"I'll go," Jenny said without hesitation. She went to the yellow jump tube and went through.

"Hey, wait!" T.J. cried, but it was obviously too late.

"What's the matter?" Ruth asked.

"That planet is a huge dust storm. Jenny left without the protective gear."

"Oh, she'll be all right," the Cryptkeeper said. "The spirit will filter her body."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

T.J. sighed, then went back to the bridge. Jenny arrived on the dusty planet of Sentar B. Instantly, she threw her arms over her face to shield herself from the wind. After a moment, she grew accustomed to these severe conditions and put her arms down. She looked around, but the planet looked deserted. She found a strange colored object sitting on one of the boulders. She took a closer look; it appeared to be a coral. Jenny reached out to touch it.....

"Freeze!" a voice demanded. "Get those hands in the air!"

Jenny gasped and spun around. Three men wearing protective gear were pointing their weapons at her. Jenny stared at them, looking innocent and confused, but did not obey their commands.

"I said put your hands up now!" the first man shouted.

Jenny continued to stare. Still, she did not move.

*I know what's going on,* she thought. *They think I'm some kind of evil alien, and they're going to take me in for their insane experiments. Well, it's not gonna happen......however, I could be an alien......*

"For the last time, put your hands up, or we'll shoot!" the man shouted.

Jenny still looked confused. "Ben......Ingilizce......konusuyornum......" she mumbled innocently.

The men looked at each other. They got the message.

"She doesn't understand a word we're saying," the second man said.

The first man returned to Jenny. "Well, you're still coming with us!"

He grabbed her wrist, and she screamed in response. She pulled her wrist free, then ran off.

"After her!" the man shouted.

Jenny ran through the dust storm. As she moved on, the dust began to clear, and she saw a jungle up ahead. When she reached the jungle, she leaped up into the trees. The men paused when they arrived.

"Darn! We lost her!" the third man shouted.

"Well, find her!" the first man demanded, pulling out some kind of radio. "Kinwon, we need backup in the jungle now!"

A few minutes went by, then eight more soldiers in protective gear arrived.

"Yatru, what's the backup for?" one of them said to the leader.

"There's a girl out here," Yatru told him. "She's not wearing any protective gear. She may be responsible for destroying our people."

Jenny was hiding within the bushes. She picked up a nearby rock and threw it into the distant bushes.

"What was that?" the men cried.

"She's got to be over here somewhere," Yatru said.

*I'm going to need backup of my own,* Jenny thought.

As the soldiers moved in the direction of the rock, Jenny sprang out of the bushes. One soldier turned.

"There she goes!"

The soldiers dashed after her. As they ran, one man dove at Jenny, grabbing her ankles. The "foreign" girl cried out as she fell. Two more of the soldiers rushed over and grabbed her arms. Jenny kicked the soldier on her ankles, then jumped to her feet and flipped the other two soldiers over, freeing herself. The soldiers attack with the weapons except Yatru, who stepped back and watched. Jenny fought the soldiers bravely, not wanting to be captured. One soldier dove into her, pinning her down and aiming his gun at her forehead. Jenny grabbed his wrist, threw her leg around him, and pulled him off. As she stood up, she aimed the gun at the soldiers head and shot him. The other soldiers gasped at this, then attacked again. Jenny grabbed a spear from a soldier and stabbed his abdomen. The soldier fell to the ground, lifeless.

"She's insane!" one soldier cried.

Jenny swept another soldier, then grabbed his head and twisted it, breaking his neck. As the soldier fell over, Jenny made a run for it.

"After her!" Yatru shouted.

"No way; I'm not going to end up like those three," one man said, pointing at the dead soldiers. "We'd better think this through."

"Yatru, come quick!" another remaining soldier cried. "There's something you should look at!"

The other soldiers ran over to see what the matter was. Just outside the jungle, there was an indecipherable message written on the ground. It read: "Prrrrna Prrrrna Tonfa Spice." Of course, the harsh winds swept it away quickly.

"Tonfa Spice...." Yatru mumbled. "I thought that woman looked familiar....."

"Who is Tonfa Spice?" a soldier asked.

"I'll explain when we get back to the underground colony."

* * *

Jenny raced into a cave for shelter. When she got inside, she started coughing out the dust violently and wiping the dust out of her eyes. When she finished, she looked around. This cave had modern equipment inside, just like the technology on Earth. Jenny opened her ring and contacted the Megaship.

"Guys, I need some help down here," she said.

"The atmosphere is too dense for the ship's scanners," Alpha said. "We can't pinpoint your exact location. The others will have to find you on foot."

"Okay," Jenny sighed. "I'll just have to wait here in this cave....."

Spinal happened to be at the bridge at the time, so he went to find the others.

"Guys, Jenny called; she needs our help," he said.

"Whoa, what a surprise!" the Cryptkeeper cried. "She actually called for help!!"

The Spices started for the jump tubes.

"Not so fast," T.J. said abruptly. "I don't know about you guys, but we're not going down there without our gear."

The Rangers hastily put on their protective gear, then they all teleported to Sentar B together. They obviously didn't know where to start looking for Jenny. The Rangers pulled out their little devices.

"Do you think she found the energy source?" Cassie asked.

"Hard to say," Andros called. "But I guess that would be the best place to start heading. The energy's coming from that way."

The heroes started walking in that direction. However, the winds were so fierce, the Cryptkeeper started to rise from the ground. Spinal grabbed his wrist, but he wasn't heavy enough to pull C.K. back down, either. T.J. and Carlos jumped up and grabbed Spinal's feet before they were both blown away.

"Man, how much do you guys weigh?" Carlos asked.

"I don't know about this planet, but on Earth, I weigh about thirty lbs.," the Cryptkeeper said.

"I only weigh 110," Spinal added.

"Okay, hang on to us," T.J. instructed.

Before they could go on, they heard a threatening voice.

"Freeze! And get your hands up now!" It was the same soldiers that had tried to arrest Jenny. Only there were a lot more of them. The heroes immediately obeyed.

"Take them away," Yatru ordered.

The soldiers shoved the Rangers and Spices away.

* * *

A large dungeon in the underground colony was used to imprison the heroes. Cassie looked through one of the windows.

"Hey, look at this!" she called. "It looks like some kind of infirmary."

The others gathered around. A wounded soldier was placed on a cot. Suddenly, his shoulder turned into coral.

"Gross!" C.C. cried. "What is that?"

"There's something funny going on around here," Ruth said.

"It may be funny, but nobody's laughing," the Cryptkeeper mumbled.

"Now what do we do?" Spinal asked. "We'll never find Jenny from here!"

"Hmm.....maybe we can still contact her," Earl said, opening up his ring. "Jenny, come in. Do you read me?"

Within seconds, Jenny answered. "Go ahead; I read you."

"Listen, we've run into a problem. These guys arrested us for no apparent reason."

"All of you?"

"Yes, all of us."

"And to think, these guys are actually human," the Cryptkeeper added.

Jenny's eyes widened. "They are!?"

"Yeah.....why do you sound so surprised? Wait a encountered those guys, didn't you?"

"Yeah. I had to kill several of them in order to escape."

"Are you serious!?"

"Of course I'm serious. Well, at this moment, there's nothing I can do. This calls for strategy, which takes time. Think you'll be all right?"

"Yeah, we'll be fine," the Cryptkeeper told her. "Right, guys?"

The others nodded.

"Okay," Jenny said. "The Spice is out." She closed her ring.

"How the hell did she manage to escape from those guys?" Sal asked.

Through the window, Yatru approached an old man, who was apparently the leader of the people in general.

"Kinwon, we've captured more spies," he said.

"Fine," Kinwon said. "But tell me about this Tonfa Spice woman."

"She is able to withstand the dense atmosphere without the protective gear," Yatru explained. "She resisted arrest and killed three of our best soldiers. Also, she does not speak our language. I'm also positive that she is responsible for turning our people into coral."

"They think Jenny's evil," Ashley said.

"Hmm....bring out one of the spies, and see if they know anything," Kinwon ordered.

Yatru nodded, then left the room.

* * *

Meanwhile, back in the cave, Jenny flipped through the pages of the Grimorum Acanorum, an ancient book of spells that Demona had donated into the Spices' treasure collection.

"Let's see, what's a good spell that I can use to subdue those people without hurting them?" she asked herself. "Ah, here's a good one......but I have to shield the others somehow."

She teleported the Eye of Odin down to her. The Eye of Odin was a pendant that Brooklyn had donated into the treasure collection. It is said to corrupt its wearer.

Jenny opened up her ring again. "Okay, guys, I have a plan. I'm going to teleport the Eye of Odin to you. I need all of you to hold it in your hand long enough for its magic to flow through your body. It's necessary to protect you guys."

"Protect us from what?" Carlos asked.

"Oh, you'll see," Jenny said. "Okay, here it comes."

The Eye suddenly appeared in the Cryptkeeper's hand. He held it for a few seconds, then blue energy engulfed his body for a second, then vanished. Then he passed it on to Hallie, and the same thing happened to her. They all passed the pendant around so that they would all be protected. As soon as they all had it, Yatru stepped into the cell with several soldiers.

"Hey, what is that!?" Yatru demanded, snatching the Eye of Odin from Zhane. The energy engulfed his body, just like with the others. The Cryptkeeper ran up and snatched the Eye back from him.

"Don't touch that; it's dangerous!" he cried. He teleported the pendant out of his hand.

Yatru glared at him, then looked over all of the prisoners. His gaze stopped at Spinal. He pointed at the skeleton warrior. "You....."

Spinal looked confused. "Me?"

Two soldiers moved in and grabbed him.

"It's time for interrogation," Yatru said as the soldiers began to drag Spinal out of the cell.

"Hey, leave him alone!" C.C. cried as she rushed to help her lover.

An unoccupied soldier pounded C.C.'s stomach with the end of his rifle, then hit her face. C.C. fell back, stunned. Then the soldiers forced Spinal out of the dungeon. The Cryptkeeper opened his ring again.


"Yeah? Is it done?"

"Yeah, we all held the Eye, of those guys also got his hands on it......and they just dragged Spinal out for interrogation."

"Interrogation? That's not good," Jenny said. "Well, I know what I'm going to do now, but I can't free you guys until sunset. Think you'll hold out until then?"

"Yeah. Even if we have to kick some ass, we'll manage," the Cryptkeeper replied.

"Okay, Tonfa Spice out." Jenny closed her ring. She studied the spell once again to make sure she's memorized it precisely.

The cave also served as a broadcasting studio. She turned on the camcorder and quickly raced in front of it. When the red light went off, she recited her spell.....

* * *

"Kinwon, we've brought one of the spies," Yatru announced as he came down the stairs.

The people were all gathered around. All they heard was Spinal's exhausted cries.

"Hey......let me go!!"

The soldiers kicked him the rest of the way downstairs. Spinal hit the ground with a thud, startling the people. He stood up with a weary sigh. He had a pair of long-chained handcuffs on his wrists.

"Now....." Yatru began. "Do you know of Tonfa Spice?"

"Yeah; she's our friend," Spinal said.

"AH HA!!! So he and his pals in the dungeon are responsible for turning our people into coral," Yatru called.

"What!? We didn't do anything!" Spinal protested.

"Silence!" Yatru demanded. "Kinwon, he lies."

"Does this look like the face of a guy who would lie to you?" Spinal asked.

"They were on the outer surface with this surveillance equipment." Yatru handed the little device to Kinwon.

"Let him speak," Kinwon said calmly.

"We were looking for Tonfa Spice; she got lost out there," Spinal said.

"Tonfa Spice is evil," Yatru said. "She murdered three soldiers."

"She's not evil! She was only tracking down an energy source calmly. But no, you have to go and threaten her!"

"How would you know!? You don't even speak her language!"

"Yes, I do!" Spinal cried.

"Kinwon, we've prepared the news report," Yatru said. He walked over to the edge and turned on the TV. A reported appeared and stated the news.

"Be on the lookout for Tonfa Spice, a serial killer. She may look innocent, but nothing can hide the beast inside. She is responsible for the murder of three soldiers that occurred just hours ago. Whoever brings her in dead or alive will be handsomely rewarded. Tonfa Spice should be considered extremely dangerous."

Spinal glared at Yatru. "You dirtbag!!" he screamed. He rushed at Yatru, but the soldiers restrained him.

Suddenly, the news report on the screen was replaced. It was replaced by a close-up of Jenny reciting her spell. She spoke in a slow, mysterious voice.

"Omnes conspecti.......omnes nocte saxum commutate......" The broadcast only rewinded back those few seconds, so that all the people could see was Jenny reciting her spell over and over again.

"What is she saying?" Yatru asked Spinal.

"I don't know," Spinal admitted.

"What do you mean!? You just said that you spoke her language!"

Spinal thought quickly. "Well.....she speaks many languages. I don't understand this particular one."

A woman approached the TV and switched channels. All she saw was Jenny's image.

"It's on every channel!" she cried. "How much more proof do you need, Kinwon?"

Yatru glared at the screen, then turned to Spinal. "Take him away."

The soldiers obeyed and dragged Spinal away.

* * *
Spinal was tossed back into the dungeon. He stepped to his friends and sighed in frustration.

"What happened?" Ruth asked.

"Well, they were asking me questions and such," Spinal said. "It appears that Jenny did kill three soldiers in order to defend herself. But now she's the most wanted criminal on this planet, and they're offering a handsome reward for her capture."

"What? That's insane!" The Cryptkeeper contacted Jenny and gave her the news.

"Idiots!!" she exclaimed. "Well, I cast my spell. It won't take effect until sunset, so I'll have to wait until then for a rescue attempt."

"So that's what you were protecting us from," T.J. said.


They turned off their communication. Jenny waited in her cave. The Spices looked through the window at the broadcast on TV.

"Demona, you know all about these spells," Spinal said. "What is she doing?"

"Hmm....." Demona listened carefully to the spell. "She's going to turn those people into stone."

"That's terrible!" Cassie cried.

"Well, it would be better than killing them," Earl said.

"Don't worry, people," the Cryptkeeper said. "We'll get out of here."

* * *
The rest of the day was boring. There was nothing on TV except for Jenny's broadcast. People continued to stare at the screen with curiosity.

Little did anyone know that Yatru was actually in cahoots with Dark Specter.

"Most of the enemies have been captured," he said. "Only Tonfa Spice remains."

"Tonfa Spice, the most dangerous and annoying of them all," Dark Specter growled. "Destroy the others, then hunt down Tonfa Spice and smash, crush, pound, and destroy her!"

"It will be done, Dark Specter," Yatru replied. "But Tonfa Spice has launched a mysterious broadcast. She's obviously up to something."

"Stop her at whatever costs." Dark Specter vanished.

Yatru sighed sadly. "Smash, crush pound? Too brutal......she's far too beautiful...."

Kinwon entered the room. "So.....they do fight for good. It is you who is the spy." A small group of people joined him. Without a word, Yatru ran off. The people chased him. They ran into the infirmary. The small group surrounded Yatru. The Rangers and Spices gathered around the cell window.

"Tykwa, take the keys and release the Spice Club members," Kinwon ordered.

"Make one move and I'll destroy them," Yatru said.

"You and what army!?" the Cryptkeeper called.

"No army. Just one monster will do."

A coral reef type monster came out. The people screamed and scrambled out. The monster, called Coralizer, sprayed his foam on three soldiers. Seconds later, they turned into coral. Suddenly, everything grew silent. The Rangers and Spices looked around. Everyone else except Yatru had turned to stone! Even the Coralizer was now a solid statue.

"What happened?" Ashley asked.

"Jenny's spell," the Cryptkeeper said. "It's taking effect."

Yatru turned to the TV screen, where Jenny's spell was still repeatedly playing back.

"Omnes conspecti......omnes nocte saxum commutate......"

Yatru gave a slight smile. "Tonfa Spice......I love you."

The Rangers and Spices waited patiently for Jenny to come.....

* * *

When Jenny came into the underground colony, Yatru went into hiding. Again, Jenny had to cough out the dust. Then she looked around.

"Hola?" she called. "Merhaba?"

Jenny wandered to a television screen and gazed at her own broadcast. She switched off the TV, then looked for the others.


"Hey, over here!" the others called when they spotted her.

"They keys are over there," Carlos added.

Jenny snatched the keys and rushed over to the cell. She fumbled key after key trying to find the right one.

"Not so fast, Tonfa Spice!" Yatru called abruptly.

Jenny looked up and gasped. She and Yatru circled each other.

"You're not going to stop me from destroying these spies," Yatru said.

Jenny glanced at her friends. "Sonlar arkadaslar," she said.

Yatru suddenly gave her a sweep. Jenny instantly sprang to her feet and kicked him. Yatru retaliated with several kicks of his own. He kicked her brutally in the stomach with a side kick, knocking her into the Coralizer. The stone monster tipped over and shattered as it hit the wall.

"No, not my monster!" Yatru cried.

"Ooops....." the Spices muttered in unison.

Jenny got up quickly, then Yatru threw a tornado kick, which she ducked under. When he landed, Jenny threw a sweep. Yatru tried to hop over it, but Jenny's leg was higher than a normal sweep, so she caught him anyway. As Yatru got up, Jenny threw a punch. Yatru grabbed her wrist, punched her stomach, and flipped her over. Again, she quickly got up. Yatru raced towards her.

"Tonfa!" Jenny cried. Her sticks appeared in her hands. She spun around and struck Yatru as he came near. "Picante?"

Yatru stood up, sighing wearily. "You don't know who you're dealing with, do you?" He circled his arm in front of his body and began to transform. His new identity was all too familiar --- Darkonda! Jenny gasped in shock.

"Surprise!" Darkonda called.

"I can't believe it!" Jenny cried. "It was you all along!? Aaarrgh, I must've sounded so STUPID to you!!!"

"On the contrary, my love," Darkonda said. "Speaking a foreign language is a great way to conceal your strength. My plan was to terrorize you. There is no greater enemy than those you swore to protect.

"No kidding," Jenny admitted. "In fact, I feel better now that I know that I wasn't actually fighting some weirdo in a black suit."

Darkonda held out his hand. "Come, my dear; shall we continue?"

"Okay." Jenny raced towards Darkonda. Darkonda simply grabbed her arm and pinned her to his back. Jenny tried to pull herself free, but it was no use. So she just rolled onto her back, bringing Darkonda down with her, then tossed him over her. Both fighters sprang to their feet. They went at it again.

"Wow....." Zhane said. "Have you ever seen a married couple fight like this before?"

"Actually, it's healthy," Jenny told him. "Right, Darkonda?"

"Couldn't have said it better myself," Darkonda responded.

They went back into battle. Darkonda slapped Jenny down to the ground. She simply rolled towards him and twirled her legs up in a break dancing maneuver, kicking him in the back. Darkonda used the wall to break his fall. Jenny got up and swung her flaming sticks at him. After taking the blows, Darkonda stepped back.

"I'll be back for you, my dear!!" he called. Suddenly, he blew up.

"No, don't blow up!!" Jenny screamed. "What have I done!?"

"It's okay," the Cryptkeeper assured her. "You heard what he said; he'll be back."

Jenny sighed, then freed her friends. Then they teleported back to the Megaship.

* * *

"Jenny, about that spell you cast....." Carlos began.

"You can't just leave them like that," Ashley added.

"I don't intend to.....but I think I'll let the expert handle the counter spell," Jenny said.

Demona took the Grimorum and waved her hand over it. The counter spell was quite simple.

"Titania penetrare!" she announced.

* * *

The people on Sentar B were returned to normal. Although Jenny had saved them from her own husband, she was still considered the most wanted criminal. Jenny had no need to worry. She was never going back to that planet again.