The Experiment
by : Crypt

Now that the Spices had a new member, Astronema’s worries grew. However, she had a new plan. She knew that Fulgore has not yet acquired the demonic spirit that possessed the other Spices; therefore, he was more vulnerable.

“I’m afraid I have bad news,” Ecliptor said. “Fulgore has joined the Spice Club with the name Laser Spice.”

“I know....” Astronema sighed. “I have a plan to get rid of him. We must destroy him before he gains the invincibility of the demonic spirit. Oh Spinal.....I almost had you! I would have succeeded if it wasn’t for Fulgore!”

The Dark Specter appeared on Astronema’s monitor. “Astronema, my power is still being drained. Why haven’t you found the perpetrator?”

“Oh, but I have, Dark Specter,” Astronema replied. “Your power is being drained by my own daughter, Tonfa Spice.”

“That bitch!!!” Dark Specter roared.

“Shall I stop her?” Astronema asked.

“No. I want to confront her myself. I have a personal score to settle.” Dark Specter vanished.

“Shall I send the Psycho Rangers to destroy Fulgore?” Ecliptor asked.

“Not yet,” Astronema told him. “Let Dark Specter do his reign of terror first.”

“As you wish.”

* * *

On the Astro Megaship, several Rangers and Spices were sitting at the dining room table. Not much was going on until Fulgore entered the room silently. He signaled for the others to be quiet as he snuck up on Spinal. When Fulgore got close enough, he snatched Spinal in a powerful bearhug. Spinal screamed as Fulgore pulled him off the chair.

“Just like old times, isn’t it, little one?” Fulgore asked.

“Yeah.....just like old times,” Spinal gasped.

“Fulgore.....what are you doing?” Carlos asked.

“This is how I always say good morning to my little friend here,” Fulgore said. “I love this little guy; he’s just so cute! He’s like a little brother to me, a little brother I can pick on, you know?”

“Fulgore.....can you......please.....” Spinal stammered.

“Okay.” Fulgore released him. “Wow, I can’t believe you’re still jumpy after 2,000 years.”

“We’re going to continue our search for Zordon,” T.J. said as he and the Rangers left the bridge. The Spices left, too.....all except Ruth and Fulgore.

“’re Fulgore, huh?” Ruth asked. “Spinal’s told me a lot about you.”

“Yeah.....” Fulgore said. “You know what? I don’t know you guys individually.”

“I’m Ruth, a.k.a. Magic Spice.”

“Cool. So......who is Zordon?”

“I’ve never met Zordon, so I wouldn’t be the right person to ask. Anyway, Spinal told me that you used to torture him all the time.”

“And you think that’s insane, right? What else can I do with him?”

“You could, maybe, treat him with respect,” Ruth said.

“Oh, but I do treat him with respect,” Fulgore told her. “I saved him from Astronema. It’s not what you think it is; it’s not like I crack a whip on him or anything. My torture is soft. Did you really think that I would hurt Spinal like that?”

“I didn’t know what to think. Are you going to start torturing him?”

“Most likely. But think of it this way: Have you seen ‘The Addams Family?’ I play with Spinal the same way Wednesday plays with Pugsley......sort of.”

“Uh-huh.....” Ruth nodded.

“Although he appears to be uncomfortable, he really loves it,” Fulgore added.

“Yeah, I believe that one,” Ruth muttered sarcastically.

The conversation came to an end.

* * *

Meanwhile, Jenny sat on the bridge just relaxing. She lay across the computer terminal in the center of the room. Suddenly, she started giggling for no apparent reason.

“I fail to see the humor,” Deca said.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Jenny sighed. “It’s just that I feel......exceptionally dirty today.”

The next few minutes were silent. At this moment, Jenny was itching for action. She was in the mood to spit out wisecracks and to annoy her enemies. It’s only one of the things she does best. Luckily, her opportunity came sooner than expected.

“Incoming transmission,” Deca announced.

Dark Specter appeared on the screen. “Tonfa Spice!”

Jenny froze, then slowly turned her head to the screen. “Dark don’t look well.”

“My power is being drained,” Dark Specter said. “Give it back!”

“What makes you think that I’m going it?” Jenny asked.

“Astronema has informed me so. Now desist before I get really angry.”

“I don’t have your powers! It’s hard enough handling my own power.”

“Your lies won’t save you!” Dark Specter shouted. “Sooner or later, I’ll get you, bitch!”

Jenny sprang to her feet. “Stop calling me that! I am Tonfa Spice!”

“I demand to know just who is draining my powers! It must be stopped soon, or I will be gone forever!”

“See you in hell, Dark Specter. By the way, have you considered that Astronema might be the culprit?”

“Never! Astronema is one of my most capable servants,” Dark Specter said.

Jenny smiled. “Well, I’m sure you have a telephone within your grasp, Dark Specter. All you have to do is dial ‘M’ for ‘Mutiny.’ Besides, I wouldn’t want to drain your powers anyway! You wanna know why?”

“Why?” Dark Specter demanded.

“Because......your power SUCKS!!!!!” Jenny declared.


“Have a nice day.” Jenny pressed a button, cutting off the transmission. Then she sat down and rested her head on the controls, laughing insanely. “Sometimes I’m so nasty, I can’t stand myself....”

She got up and walked to the dining room. Only Fulgore was in there, working on the synthetron.

“Hey.....where’s Spinal?” Jenny asked. “I figured you’d be visiting with him.”

“I am visiting with him,” Fulgore said. “I’m just helping him out since he’s a little tied up at the moment.” He pulled out two bowls of whipped cream.

“What are you going to do with Cool Whip?” Jenny asked.

“Follow me and find out......if you dare!”

So Jenny followed Fulgore to his destination, which was the Simudeck. The simulation was that of a dungeon. Spinal was lying on the floor in a spread-eagle position. When Jenny got a closer look, she realized that Spinal was tied up and gagged. For the most part, Spinal was calm.

“Wow.....he is tied up, isn’t he?” Jenny said with a chuckle.

Spinal let out a frustrated groan. Fulgore dipped a paintbrush into the whipped cream and began to spread it all over Spinal’s body. Spinal continued his occasional groans as he squirmed lightly against the ropes.

“Hey Spinal, let me ask you something,” Fulgore said, pulling the towel out of Spinal’s mouth. “Who is Zordon?”

“Zordon? He’s our mentor, the source of the Rangers’ powers. If Dark Specter successfully drains all of his power, the Rangers are history. I don’t think it’ll have any effect on us.”

“Dark Specter?”

“Dark Specter is our biggest enemy,” Jenny explained. “He’s the grand monarch of evil.”

“Wow.....Astronema, Ecliptor, Velocifighters, Quantrons, galaxy gliders, Psycho Rangers, Dark Specter???” Fulgore looked directly at Spinal. “Just what have you been up to, little one?”

“Little one?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah; that’s what I call him,” Fulgore said. “Spinal’s my little friend, my little toy.”

Jenny laughed as she placed her hand on the cyborg’s shoulder. “I think you’re going to fit in just fine, Fulgore.”

Suddenly, Andros’ voice came on the communicators. “Guys, the Psycho Rangers are back in Angel Grove! Let’s go!”

“Stop simulation!” Fulgore called. “Come on, Spinal!”

The dungeon environment vanished, as well as the ropes that restrained Spinal. Fulgore helped him up, then they raced to the jump tubes. The Rangers hopped through first.

“Aw man, not the jump tubes again!” Fulgore groaned.

“Oh, it’s easy,” Jenny said. “You guys ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” Spinal said, feeling a little doubtful.

“I’m very curious to meet these Psycho Rangers,” Fulgore said.

“Here’s a word of advice,” Jenny said. “The Psycho Rangers aren’t as tough as they claim to be, but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe to underestimate them. Now let’s get down there and murder them!”

She hopped through the yellow tube.

“I can’t grab the bar; my claws are in the way!” Fulgore cried.

“Well, there is another way to get through,” Spinal said. “Run and dive. I got the red one; which one do you have?”

“I’ll take the black one.”

The partners positioned themselves at the edge of the room. They lowered their stance as if preparing for a sprint race.

“On your mark.....” Spinal announced. “Get set......go!!!”

They both dashed toward the jump tubes and dove through.

When the Rangers and Spices arrived in Angel Grove, they immediately went to face the Psychos.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” Psycho Red said. “Even with the Spices, you can’t win.”

“See what I mean?” Jenny whispered to Fulgore. “Total losers.”

“You’re right,” Fulgore said. “Boasting around like that is just pathetic.”

The Psycho Rangers attacked. While each Ranger fought their own color, Jenny helped fight Psycho Red, C.K. and Earl fought Psycho Black, Fulgore and Spinal fought Psycho Blue, Hanim helped Ashley with Psycho Yellow, and C.C. helped Cassie with Psycho Pink. The Rangers only appeared to be losing because the Psychos knew the Rangers’ every move. The Spices had the better advantage and were very helpful.

When C.C. and Cassie had a little trouble with Psycho Pink, she fired energy bolts from her bow and arrow. As she laughed in triumph, a little girl flipped into action and jump-kicked Psycho Pink.

“Hallie!” C.C. cried.

“Hello!” Hallie shouted.

Psycho Pink growled at her. “A little girl!? What are you doing here!?”

“I’m Candy Spice,” Hallie replied. “I’m as sweet as can be! You’re gonna have a hell of a time fighting me!”

“Hey look at this!” Psycho Pink called. “A little girl!”

She stood there, laughing at Hallie’s inferior appearance. Taking advantage, Hallie threw a crescent kick, knocking Psycho Pink back. Now Hallie laughed.

“She who laughs last laughs best!”

“You’ll pay for that!!” Psycho Pink raced towards Hallie. Hallie blocked her attacks fiercely, then elbowed the Psycho in the stomach. She then hopped, kicked Psycho Pink in the chest with both feet, then flipped backwards.

“Oh dear!” Hallie gasped. “You can’t even defeat a little girl; you oughtta be ashamed of yourself!”

All of the Psychos backed up and regrouped. After planning, they raced back into battle. Psycho Red pulled out his sword and started slashing Fulgore. Jenny moved in and blocked one of his attacks, then gave him a backhand in his face. The other Psychos concentrated their energies and Fulgore and started firing. When they stopped, Fulgore was badly damaged. Sparks were flying out of his body, and his green blood oozed out of his body. Yes, Fulgore has blood. The other Spices combined their powers and blew the Psychos away. The Psychos then vanished. Everyone sighed with relief.

“Where’d they go?” Cassie asked.

“At least everyone seems to be okay,” Andros said.

Spinal looked around nervously until he spotted his injured partner. “Fulgore!!!”

The group raced over to the cyborg.

“I’m.....badly.....damaged,” Fulgore mumbled. “Half my systems......are down.....”

“Fulgore.....we’ve got to get you fixed!” Spinal cried. “I can’t lose you again! Not so soon!”

“Let’s get back to the ship,” Andros said. “Hang on, Fulgore. We’ll fix you up.”

They teleported away to the ship.

* * *

Meanwhile, Darkonda was back in his laboratory watching Earth’s television. At the moment, he was watching romance cartoons like Pepe Le Pew.

“Ah, come, my little darling,” Pepe said in his French accent. “Come with me, and we will make beautiful music together right here....” He kissed the lady cat as she frantically tried to break his hold. Darkonda burst out laughing.

“Yes, a new way to greet my lovely bride....” he gushed.

The lady cat escape from Pepe, and he was looking for her.

“Where are you, pigeon?” he called. “I am looking somewhere to find you!”

“Ahh, this is getting boring,” Darkonda sighed as he switched the channel. Now he saw a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Tom was kissing the bulldog named Killer, mistakenly thinking that Killer was this beautiful lady cat.

“Ah....I love you,” Tom gushed in a deep voice. “You set my soul on fire.....”

He gave Killer a big smackeroo. Darkonda laughed out loud again.

“It is not.....just a little spark.....” Tom continued. “It is a flame. A big, ROARING flame. I can feel it now....” He then realized that he was wooing Killer. He snuck away......

Suddenly, Darkonda switched off the TV. Then he made a fist.

“Yes!! Tonfa Spice, prepare to be shaken......AND stirred!!”

* * *

Back on the ship, the Rangers and Spices were analyzing Fulgore’s injuries.

“I’m afraid it looks pretty bad,” Alpha said.

“He’ll be all right, won’t he, Alpha?” Spinal asked.

“It’s hard to say, Spinal.”

“If you begin repairs on me now.....” Fulgore said weakly. “I should self-repair systems should help.”

Lexington pulled out some tools. “Let’s get to work, Alpha.”


Fulgore reached out to Spinal. “Spinal......don’t cry. Trust me.....I’ll survive.....”

“Fulgore, please.....” Spinal sobbed. “What will I do if I lose you again?”

“ what you did.....for the past 2,000 years,” Fulgore told him. “Oh.....”

More sparks flew out of his body. Fulgore tried to say something.

“Guys....I must.....I.....must.....”

“Must what?” T.J. asked.

But it was too late. Suddenly, Fulgore’s body went limp. The glow in his eyes and claws went out, making him completely lifeless. Spinal gasped.

“Oh no!” he sobbed some more. He grabbed Fulgore’s arm. “No! Fulgore, please don’t die on me again! NOOOOO!!!!” He buried his face into the junk pile.

“Come on, Alpha,” Lexington said. “Just because he seems dead doesn’t mean we can’t reactivate him somehow.”

Ashley gently grasped Spinal’s shoulders. “Come on; you need a break.”

“A break? Why?”

Ashley didn’t answer. “Besides, Lex and Alpha need their concentration. Come on....”

Spinal sighed sadly. “Okay....”

Five of the Spices sat alone in the dining room. Spinal sat with his hands clasped together, fearing for Fulgore’s life. Jenny grabbed his shoulder.

“Relax, Spinal, it’s not the end of the world,” she said.

“Fulgore was practically my mentor!” Spinal told her. “He taught me everything I know. He taught me how to use the powers I was given. We were reunited for only a short time, and now he’s gone again. Those Psychos are going to pay!”

“Be careful, Spinal,” Jenny said. “Whatever you do, don’t let your emotions consume you. It’ll only get you in big trouble. You’ve seen what happens to Andros whenever he loses his temper.”

“Guys, I want to ask you something,” the Cryptkeeper said. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Power Ranger?”

“Well, being a Ranger has some disadvantages,” Jenny said. “Once you lose those morphers, your powers are gone.”

“I wonder how the Rangers can breathe under those helmets?” C.C. asked.

“However, there is one advantage to being a Ranger,” the Cryptkeeper said. “Less bloodshed. I mean, you see us in action....there’s so much blood!!!”

“The Psychos are obsessed with destroy the Rangers, and the Rangers don’t stand a chance,” Jenny said. “Maybe.....maybe if it were someone else behind the masks, the Rangers would have an advantage.”

“Yeah! The Psychos won’t even tell the difference!” C.C. cried.

“So.....are you suggesting......” Earl began.

“Yeah, we can ask the Rangers if we can borrow their powers,” Jenny said. “Not only will the Psychos be confused, but we’ll get to find out just what it’s like to be a Power Ranger.”

“Great! Let’s go!”

The Spices raced out of the room, dragging a downhearted Spinal.

“Why would you want to borrow our powers?” Andros asked.

“Think about it!” Jenny said. “All the Psychos want to do is destroy the Power Rangers. They couldn’t care less about who was actually in the costumes. Besides, they tapped into your thoughts; therefore, there’s no way you can beat them! If we get into those Ranger suits, the Psychos will have a whole new set of opponents, and they won’t even know it!”

The Rangers pondered for a moment.

“Well.....I think they have a point,” T.J. said. “I’ll go ahead and let Earl be the Blue Ranger.”

“C.K., you look good in black, so I’ll let you be the Black Ranger,” Carlos said, handing his morpher to the Cryptkeeper.

“Can I be the Pink Ranger?” C.C. asked.

“Sure,” Cassie replied, handing the morpher over.

Jenny sighed. “I guess that leaves me as the Yellow Ranger....”

“Hmm....” Andros was lost in thought. “I don’t know who to give the Red powers to....”

C.C. took Andros’ morpher and looked at it. “I know the perfect Red Ranger....” She handed the morpher over to Spinal.

“Wait a minute,” the skeleton warrior stammered. “You want ME to be the Red Ranger?!?!?”

“Sure; you’ll be great!”

Spinal reluctantly took the morpher.

* * *

“Good news,” Psycho Red told Astronema. “Laser Spice is down.”

“Good,” Astronema said coldly. “Get back down there, and don’t come back until the others are destroyed.”

The Psychos left the Dark Fortress.

* * *

“The Psycho Rangers have reappeared in Angel Grove,” Deca announced.

“Not again....” Earl groaned.

“Well, let’s go get ‘em!” the Cryptkeeper declared.

Four Spices threw their hands out, just as the Rangers do before morphing. They held that pose, then looked at Spinal, who stood there looking confused.

“We’re waiting for you, Spinal,” Jenny said.

“Oh.....uh.....let’s rocket!” Spinal cried.

Together, the Spices pressed the necessary buttons on the morphers and were morphed into the Ranger costumes. They looked exactly like the real Rangers. Even Spinal appeared to have a full body, rather than the suit just outlining his bony appearance.

“Wow.....we look good!” the Cryptkeeper cried.

“I don’t believe it....” Spinal said softly. “This costume.....I mean.....I don’t look so bony!”

“Well, Spinal, since you’re the Red Ranger, you must lead us to victory,” Jenny said.

“Oh boy.”

“You’d better get going, Rangers!” Carlos said jokingly.

“See you later!”

The Spices teleported to Angel Grove in their Ranger disguises, but everything was peaceful.

“Well, where are they?” the Cryptkeeper asked.

“Hiding,” Jenny said flatly. “So, what’s your plan, Mr. Team Leader?”

“I-I-I don’t know,” Spinal stammered. “Yoo-hoo! Psycho Rangers! Come out, come out, wherever you are! Your favorite Power Pests are here!”

Seconds later, the Psychos answered his call.

“Looking for us?” Psycho Black asked.

“Hey, Psychos, check this out!” the Cryptkeeper called.

All the “Rangers” began a weird cheerleading routine.

“Five, six, seven, eight! We love to nauseate the hoop-shooting, hip-shaking, double, toil, and trouble-making, festering-gesturing junkies - the Psycho Rangers!!”

“Uh.....yeah,” Spinal said afterwards. “Okay, Rangers.....there’ varmints.....”

“Let’s get them, Psychos,” declared the Psycho leader.

“Here goes nothing,” the Spices thought as they tried out the Rangers’ powers.

Psycho Red and Spinal circled each other briefly.

“Hyah!” Psycho Red cried, changing his fighting stance.

“Hyah!” Spinal echoed, copying Psycho Red’s action.

Psycho Red was confused by the Red Ranger’s oddly high-pitched voice. “Your voice doesn’t sound the same, Red Ranger,” he said.

“Okay, so I have crickets in my throat,” Spinal said. He started coughing violently.

“Do you expect me to sympathize with you!?”

“No.....but that’s okay; you know why? Because the rest of me feels great!”

“Not for long!” Psycho Red charged at Spinal and gave him a thrust kick to the chest, causing him to fly backwards. Spinal screamed loudly until he hit the ground. Psycho Red then drew his sword.

*Uh-oh, he’s got his sword!* Spinal thought. *Time for me to pull out mine, too....but what was it called again? It yeah!*

“Spiral Saber!” he yelled as the Red Ranger’s weapon appeared in his hand.

They raced at each other again, clashing their weapons together. Psycho Red gave Spinal two swift slashes to the chest. Spinal retaliated with a kick to the chest and a Saber strike to the back. He then leaped towards Psycho Red and attacked, but Psycho Red grabbed the Saber. Psycho Red grabbed one of Spinal’s ankles and tripped him over. Spinal still held his end of the Saber. Psycho Red stepped on Spinal’s other arm, making him helpless.

“Any last thoughts?” Psycho Red asked.

Spinal thought quickly. Luckily, he realized that all he had to do was let go of the Spiral Saber, and he’d be free. So he let go of the weapon and punched Psycho Red right between his legs. Then Spinal snatched the Spiral Saber and rolled to his feet.

“Yeah! Red Ranger rules!!” he cried.

Meanwhile, C.C. was battling with Psycho Pink. At first they resorted to hand-to-hand combat. However, Psycho Pink caught C.C. off-guard with a few kicks to her chest and back.

*That did it!* C.C. thought as she rolled toward Psycho Pink. “Satellite Stunner!”

She fired the weapon at Psycho Pink, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. Psycho Pink just stood there proudly, then vanished. Instead of wondering where she went, C.C. stood up and tapped the Satellite Stunner.

“What’s the matter with this thing?” she asked herself.

Psycho Pink reappeared, firing energy bolts at C.C. The disguised Speedy Spice then leaped toward Psycho Pink, burying both fists into her chest. Then she pulled out her Astro Blaster and fired it, knocking Psycho Pink back.

“Yes! Pink Ranger rules!!”

“Astro Axe!” Earl shouted, pulling out the Blue Ranger’s weapon.

“Psycho Spin!” Psycho Blue shouted, pulling out his own weapon. He spun around toward Earl, just as he had before, with his blurry spinning motion. However, Earl stopped him dead with a leg sweep. Then he pinned Psycho Blue down with his foot.

“Oh no, you don’t,” he said, breathing hard. “Not again. Blue Ranger rules!!”

Psycho Black threw the Cryptkeeper into some barrels. The Cryptkeeper stood up angrily.

“Lunar Lance!” he cried.

He twirled the lance behind his back skillfully. The two fighters tapped their weapons together until Psycho Black struck the Cryptkeeper’s wrist, knocking the weapon out of his hands.

“Oooh, you son of a.....” he growled.

Psycho Black lashed his own lance out, but the Cryptkeeper grabbed it. In response, Psycho Black lifted the opposite end up, and the Cryptkeeper along with it. Psycho Black attempted to throw C.K., but the “Black Ranger” didn’t dare let go of his end of the lance. When Psycho Black brought him back down, the Cryptkeeper started spinning the lance around. Psycho Black tried to keep up, but soon felt himself rise from the ground. He held on for dear life as the Cryptkeeper continued to spin him around.

“Round and around and around he goes; where he stops, nobody knows!” C.K. sang. “Wait a minute. This isn’t even my lance, is it? Perhaps I should give it back.”

He let go of the lance suddenly, sending Psycho Black flying across the battlefield. The Cryptkeeper laughed insanely.

“All right!! Black Ranger rules!!”

“Star Slinger!” Jenny cried. She immediately grimaced at the oddly-shaped weapon. “What in the world???”

Psycho Yellow threw a kick which Jenny spontaneously blocked. Jenny threw a spinning punch, but missed. She then figured out how to use the Star Slinger. Psycho Yellow jumped over her first blast, leaping off Jenny’s shoulder. Jenny spun around and fired the Star Slinger again. This time, the shot hit Psycho Yellow before she landed. Jenny giggled at her victorious shot. Psycho Yellow got up and leaped to the top of a short building. Then she hopped down towards Jenny. But the disguised Spice leader was ready. She gave Psycho Yellow a spin kick to the legs as she came down. As a result, Psycho Yellow’s face was smashed brutally on the ground. Jenny did a backward handspring, giggling some more.

“Yellow Ranger rules!!”

Spinal tried to climb up a wall to escape from Psycho Red. His hands and feet could only slide up the walls when he reached ten feet. Finally, he let himself fall, landing on top of Psycho Red. Spinal quickly got off.

“Why you......!!” Psycho Red growled.

He got up and swung his sword at Spinal, who screamed and ran off.

Psycho Pink threw C.C. to the ground and pinned her down. Jenny noticed this, so she used the Star Slinger to help. Psycho Pink staggered against the wall.

“What did you do that for!?” she demanded.

Jenny smiled underneath the Yellow Ranger helmet. “Focus, Pinky, focus!” she said.

“Look out!” C.C. cried.

Before Jenny could react, Psycho Yellow caught her in a bearhug.

“Surprise!” she called.

Without a word, Jenny countergrabbed Psycho Yellow and threw her over her shoulder. The Psycho Ranger crashed into the wall upside down. Jenny giggled again. Then she helped C.C. up and they walked out.

“Ta ta....”

“You’re not going anywhere, Pink Ranger!” Psycho Pink cried.

C.C. turned. Psycho Pink charged at her. C.C. charged at Psycho Pink. They both leaped at each other. C.C. flipped forward and caught Psycho Pink’s head between her knees. She then reversed her flip direction, driving Psycho Pink’s head directly into the ground. Jenny grabbed her own head. Yes, the Spices can be brutal at times.

Meanwhile, Psycho Red leaped at Spinal, preparing to jump-kick him with both feet. However, Spinal was one step ahead. He simply dropped to the ground, thrusting his feet straight up. He kicked Psycho Red in the back, which sent him tumbling over Spinal. The Psycho Rangers regrouped.

“Had enough, Psychos?” Spinal asked sweetly.

“We’ve just begun,” Psycho Blue said.

Suddenly, this odd wave swept the battlefield. When everything cleared, the Psychos were gone.

“Hey.....what happened?” the Cryptkeeper asked.

“The Psychos just disappeared,” Earl said.

“ does everybody like being a Ranger?” C.K. asked.

“Actually, I’m getting a little hot in this costume,” Jenny said.

Little did they notice that Darkonda was hiding behind the building. Oddly enough, he had a blindfold over his eyes.

“Tonfa Spice’s voice is coming from.....that direction,” he told himself. “It’s just a matter of catching her....”

At the speed of light, Darkonda raced toward the group. Jenny happened to notice him before, so she moved out of the way. Darkonda caught Spinal in his arms and leaned over him.

“Ah, come, my little darling!” Darkonda gushed. “Come with me now, and we will make beautiful music together right here....”

The others started laughing as Spinal gasped.

“Darkonda, stop!” he cried. “You have no idea what you’re doing!”

“I know exactly what I’m doing, my love,” Darkonda said. “And I know exactly how I feel about you. You set my soul on fire.”

He kissed Spinal. The skeleton warrior was glad that the Red Ranger helmet protected him.

“It is not just a little is a flame,” Darkonda continued. “A big, ROARING flame. I can feel it now.....”

Jenny couldn’t help laughing. Gently, she slipped the blindfold off Darkonda’s eyes, revealing the truth to him.

“What!? Red Ranger?!?!?”

Realizing his humiliating mistake, Darkonda tossed Spinal aside. Jenny continued her laughter. Darkonda looked around, confused.

“Power Rangers? I could’ve sworn that I heard Tonfa Spice’s voice coming from here.”


Spinal joined his friends. “Ready to demorph?”

“Don’t bother demorphing, Red Ranger,” Darkonda said, drawing his sword. “Aren’t you still interested in getting your sister back?”

“Power down!” Spinal demorphed out of the Red Ranger suit. “I don’t have a sister, Darkonda.”


“Guys, you can demorph now.”

“Gladly,” the Cryptkeeper said.

“Power down!” they cried in unison. The costumes vanished.

“Huh!?” Darkonda cried.

The Spices laughed.

“Darkonda, don’t let us spoil your fun,” the Cryptkeeper said, putting a hand on Jenny’s shoulder. “Okay, honey, do your think.”

The four Spices teleported out. Jenny stared at Darkonda, grinning.

“I suppose you thought that was funny, didn’t you?” Darkonda asked.

Jenny nodded, laughing.

“Let’s try this again, shall we?” Darkonda suggested.

“No, that won’t be necessary,” Jenny told him.

Darkonda teleported straight to her feet. Caught by surprise, Jenny gasped as Darkonda embraced her and leaned over her.

“Now don’t run away from love, my dear,” he said. “We will either survive together or die together. I love set my soul on fire.”

As he kissed her repeatedly, Jenny frantically tried to break free.

“Okay, that’s enough!” she cried.

“Oh no.....I can never get enough,” Darkonda said. “It is not just a little is a flame.....a big ROARING flame! I can feel it now.....”

It was then that Jenny finally broke free. She stepped on Darkonda’s foot, then elbowed him in the chest. She ran away, giggling. Darkonda laughed as well.

“Run if you’ll never escape my wrath.....or my love!” He dashed after her.

Jenny ran around the corner of a building. Darkonda appeared right in front of her. Jenny screamed as she came to a screeching halt.

“Ah, Tonfa Spice....” Darkonda said. “I bow to you with the respect that you deserve.”

Jenny smiled. “’re very sweet, Darkonda.”

“But what were you doing in the Yellow Ranger costume, anyway?”

“It was only an experiment. We Spices were wondering what being a Power Ranger was like, so......we decided to find out.”

“I see....”

“But poor Fulgore......I wonder how Lex and Alpha are doing with him?”

“Fulgore?” Darkonda asked.

“Oh, did I not tell you? Fulgore is our newest member. He was badly damaged by the Psycho Rangers,” Jenny told him. “And he’s only been in our group for but a few days.”

“Does.....Fulgore have a Spice name yet?”

“Oh yeah. He’s Laser Spice.”

“Now where were we?”

Jenny hopped backwards. “Slow down....”

Darkonda lowered his stance and sprang at her. Jenny flipped over him and took off again. Darkonda stood up and gave chase. Jenny ran down the alley, completely forgetting about Darkonda’s super speed. He caught up with her easily and grabbed her. Jenny lost her balance and they both fell into the cluster of trash cans. Darkonda had Jenny pinned down on her back. He held both of her wrists together.

“Why do you run, my love?” he asked.

“Oh, you know me,” Jenny replied. “You know how I like to fool around, don’t you, lover?”

“Excellent! I like to fool around myself!”

Jenny position both feet on Darkonda’s chest and threw him off. She stood up and laughed again. Darkonda also stood up and laughed. Jenny took off and Darkonda followed, this time using regular speed. Jenny ran into an empty public pool. She stopped right at the edge of the pool and turned around. When Darkonda was near, she moved aside quickly. Darkonda dropped into the water, then popped his head out. Jenny laughed once again.

“Come on in, my little cupcake!” Darkonda called. “The water’s fine!”

“Oh, no thanks,” Jenny said. “Not in these jeans.”

Suddenly, Darkonda vanished. Jenny looked stunned. Suddenly, Darkonda reappeared at the water’s edge and pulled Jenny into the water with him. Jenny popped her head out of the water, gasping for breath.

“See, what did I tell you?” Darkonda asked.

“Okay, whatever,” Jenny sighed. “Now let me get out! I’m not a very good swimmer.”

She feebly swam to the ladder and climbed out. “Well, see you around, husband.” She pressed her ring and teleported back up to the ship.

* * *

Spinal walked into the infirmary to see how Lexington and Alpha were doing with Fulgore. To his surprise, he saw Lexington sleeping with his head on top of Fulgore’s body.


Lexington woke up suddenly. “Oh......sorry. I got tired. Fixing Fulgore isn’t going to be easy. This circuitry is hard for my mind to grasp. But I’ll keep trying. Laser Spice will be back in action someday.”

“Someday?” Spinal asked. He sighed and left the room.

Jenny went into the dining room to visit with her pals. Spinal entered the room, still feeling depressed.

“What’s up?” Jenny asked.

“Lexington’s still fixing Fulgore,” Spinal said. “He says it will be a while.”

“ was it like being Power Rangers?” T.J. asked.

The Spices pulled out the morphers and handed them to the correct Rangers.

“ was okay, I guess,” Earl said.

“But I think we’ll stick with the Power of Spice,” Jenny added. “Did you see how clumsy we were out there?”

“I thought you guys were awesome!” Carlos said.

“Oh, please don’t patronize us; we sucked,” the Cryptkeeper said.

“Let’s not talk about it anymore,” Ashley said. “I’m sure we’ve had enough mix ups for one day.”

So Fulgore was put out of commission on his first battle as a Spice Club member. The question remains: Will Lexington and Alpha be able to reactivate him???

The End... for now