Author's Note: Saban created all Power Ranger related characters, not me. The majority of the Spices aren't mine either. Only Jenny, C.C., Earl, Hanim, and Charmayne are mine. The same holds true for all past and future fics. Also, within the flashbacks, you'll see dialogue marked by *blah blah*. That means that the characters in the present are explaining to one another what is happening in the flashbacks.

Back in the Day
by: Crypt

The Spices were eating in the dining room. Everyone was relieved that the Psycho Rangers were dead and that Fulgore was back on the team.

"It's going to happen......" Spinal mumbled. "Any minute now, he is going to sneak up on me."

"Oh Spinal, he's not hurting you," the Cryptkeeper said. "Just let him do his thing. Jenny lets Darkonda do his thing."

"Yeah right," Jenny said. "I like Darkonda's 'thing'."

Fulgore came into the room. "Ah ha! It is good to be back in the spotlight!"

"Good morning, Fulgore," T.J. sighed.

Fulgore sat down beside Spinal. "Ah Spinal, my dear little partner!" He grabbed Spinal and squeezed him tightly.

"Fulgore, aren't you supposed to conquer the Earth?" Spinal asked.

"Not anymore," Fulgore said. "Now I'm only programmed to fight evil. Which brings me to my question, Spinal: How did you get involved in this war?"

"Uh-oh," the Cryptkeeper said. "Time once again to remember that horrifying tale."

"Oh man! I've been trying forever to forget!" Spinal cried.

"Well, Spinal, you might as well tell me," Fulgore said. "Come on, little one, spill the beans."

Spinal groaned in frustration. "All goes....."

* * *

[Begin Flashback]

*It all started when I was walking along, and I happened across this funeral home called Hull House,* Spinal explained to his pals. *I was trying to find C.K. for 500 years. Knowing how he loves to hang out at funeral homes, I decided to check the place out.....*

The adorable skeleton warrior stepped in front of a dirty, wooden house carrying his sword and shield. Thinking that it was completely deserted, he stepped inside.

The inside of the house looked just as run-down as the outside. There were dist and cobwebs all over the walls.

"Whoa, what a spooky place," the skeleton thought.

As he walked into the living room, he tripped over something and fell down, dropping his weapons. When he rolled onto his back, something pinned him down. The skeleton gasped in horror as a young woman stood over him. This was Jenny, leader of a mysterious fighting force. She leaned over the skeleton.

"Well, look who's here...." she said. "An intruder! Now tell me calmly. Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

"I.....I'm Spinal," the skeleton stammered. "I was looking for my friend. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to bother you. I didn't know anyone was living here. Please don't hurt me, please......" Now Spinal began to sob.

Jenny gave him a look. It was a look of sympathy, also with some distrust. She had to find out more about him.

"Does this friend have a name?" she asked.

"Uh.....not really," Spinal said.

"Your friend doesn't have a name?"

"Well.....he doesn't have a real name."

"Then what do you call him by?"


Jenny pondered for a moment. "Why does that sound familiar?"

Then the Cryptkeeper came downstairs. "What's going on here?" he asked. Then he noticed Spinal on the floor. "Spinal? Is that you?"

"C.K.!" Spinal cried.

"You know this guy?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah; he's an old friend of mine!" the Cryptkeeper told her. "Please, honey, let him up."

Jenny released Spinal, and he stood up groaning.

"Spinal...." C.K. said. "I can't believe it. Look at you!"

They hugged each other, patting each other's back.

"C.K., where have you been!?" Spinal cried. "I've been looking all over for you!!"

"I've been here for about a year now," the Cryptkeeper said. "Where have you been?"

"I just told you; I've been all over the place."

"So you're a traveler?" Jenny asked.

"Not anymore, he ain't," the Cryptkeeper told her. "Spinal, let me tell you, I'm not the same as I used to be."

"What do you mean?" Spinal asked.

"We've been fighting evil."


"Oh!!!" C.K. grabbed Jenny. "Can he join us?!?!?"

"Join.....who?" Spinal asked.

"We're a group, a team, an organization. Misfits only. Whaddaya say?"

"Think I should let him in?" Jenny asked.

"Why not? He's an excellent fighter."

Jenny pondered for a moment. "Well, he looks like a wimp, which can give us an advantage.....and his pitiful performance can be useful as well."

Meanwhile, C.C. and Cammy came downstairs. Upon seeing Spinal, C.C. grabbed Cammy and pulled her behind the wall. Spinal spun around.

"What was that?" he asked.

"Probably just some of our teammates," Jenny said. "Don't worry; they're friendly."

"So, do you wanna join the team, Spinal?" the Cryptkeeper asked.

"I don't know. What kind of evil do you fight? I have to think about it first."

"Here, I'll explain while I give you a tour of our fine home."

Spinal and C.K. left the room.

C.C. was barely able to contain herself. "Did you see what was in the living room?"

"Gee.....I think it was a skeleton," Cammy said.

"He's sooooo cute!!" C.C. exclaimed. "I have to meet him!"

She raced over to Jenny.

"C.C., what's up?" Jenny asked.

"Who was that gorgeous skeleton?" C.C. asked.

"His name's Spinal. He broke into our home."

"Can I follow him?"

"Go right ahead."

*So this is the tale of how C.C. met Spinal?* Ruth asked. *This is getting interesting.*

*Moving right along, I waited until Spinal was alone before meeting him,* C.C. continued.

C.C. went into the room where Spinal waited. The room had two coffins, and the only light available was the light from outside, which leaked through the boarded windows.

"Hi. Are you Spinal?" C.C. asked. "I'm C.C.; I'm part of this team. Actually, my real name's Chrishanda, but everyone calls me C.C."

"I see," Spinal said.

"Has anyone ever told you how cute you are?"

"Well......not recently, but I have been told that a long time ago."

"Are you joining the team?" C.C. asked.

"I'm not sure yet," Spinal said. "I'm still learning what this group is all about."

"Well, I'd be very happy if you'd join us."

"Yes, I can tell."

" you mind if I......."

"Do what?"

" you mind if I touch you?"

Spinal's eyes glowed. "Touch me?" he asked. "Well.....uh.....sure, you can touch me."

C.C. reached out and touched Spinal's ribcage. He backed up slowly until he bumped into one of the coffins.

"Wow, a bed of eternal sleep," he said.

C.C. opened the coffin. "Hop in!"

Spinal hesitated, then jumped in. C.C. jumped in on top of him.

"Ow! So, C.C., what kind of evil do you fight?" Spinal asked.

"Well, the master is called Lord Zedd. He looks like this muscle man with metal parts to support his body."


C.C. looked up, then grabbed the coffin lid and closed themselves inside.

"Hey!" Spinal cried.

C.C. only giggled as she squeezed Spinal tightly.

[Pause Flashback]

* * *

"Wow!" Fulgore said. "You two were at it since the very beginning."

"You guys were in the same coffin?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah; we both fit, and we felt really close in there," C.C. said.

"And then I went back into the room only to find it empty," the Cryptkeeper said. "All of a sudden, I heard this giggling from inside the coffin....."

* * *

[Resume Flashback]

The Cryptkeeper returned to the room only to find it empty. Suddenly, he heard a giggle from inside the coffin. He tiptoed to it cautiously.

Then he opened it up. Spinal and C.C. looked up at him, giggling some more.

"What are you two doing?" the Cryptkeeper asked. "Get outta there!!"

Spinal and C.C. struggled to get out.

"Okay, C.K., tell me more about Lord Zedd," Spinal said.

"Boy, you're anxious, aren't you? Well, he makes monsters of all shapes and sizes," the Cryptkeeper explained. "That's probably why Jenny attacked you upon breaking into our fine home."


Spinal then noticed a pair of evil eyes peering at him. He gasped.

"What's wrong?" C.C. asked.

"I saw some eyes staring at us!" Spinal cried.

"Oh, that's nothing. You'll get used to it," the Cryptkeeper said.

"You live in a haunted house!?" Spinal asked.

"This house isn't haunted, it's possessed," C.K. told him.

"What's the difference?"

"A haunted house has the spirits of people who've died. However, the spirits in a possessed house have never existed in human form.....that is, until they possessed us."


[End Flashback]

* * *

"That's enough of that story," the Cryptkeeper said. "That's unimportant."

"Now to talk about the tour of Angel Grove, when Beamcaster had already zapped nearly all of the residents," Hallie said.

"Even the Power Rangers," Jenny added. "We found out the hard way."

"So what happened?" Carlos asked.

"Here goes....."

* * *

[Begin Flashback]

Jenny, the Cryptkeeper, Spinal, and C.C. arrived in Angel Grove, walking down the sidewalks. The Angel Grove residents were acting weird. Everyone was walking around holding both arms in front of them.

"Hail Lord Zedd...." they chanted in unison. "Hail Lord Zedd....."

"Hey, why didn't you tell me that Angel Grove was a zombie town?" Spinal asked.

"It's not supposed to be a zombie town; something's going on," Jenny said.

"Congratulations, Spinal," the Cryptkeeper said. "You arrived just in time for Lord Zedd's latest scheme."

The group looked around some more. Suddenly, Spinal grabbed the Cryptkeeper's arm and pointed to an unusual figure.

"Hey, who's that?"

The Cryptkeeper looked at what Spinal was pointing at. It was a figure wearing white spandex.

"Oh, that's Tommy, the White Ranger," the Cryptkeeper said.

"Otherwise known as Mr. Perfect," Jenny added.

The group ran over to him.

"Hey Tommy, what's going on?" C.C. asked.

"Hail Lord Zedd....." Tommy moaned.

"This guy works for Lord Zedd?" Spinal asked.

"He oughtta," Jenny said. "He's so evil. Hey Tommy!"

"Hail Lord Zedd....." Tommy moaned again.

"Well, the hell with you, too," Jenny said. She shoved Tommy roughly, knocking him down. However, Tommy just got up and continued his zombie walk.

"What's gotten into him?" Spinal asked.

"The same thing that's gotten into everyone else......whatever it is," C.C. said.

"And I think we just found it," Jenny announced.

The group looked up to see Lord Zedd's monster, Beamcaster. He threw Zedd waves at some people, causing them to act as zombies.

"So that's why they're acting so weird," the Cryptkeeper said.

Then Beamcaster spotted the group.

"Oh no, he's looking at us!" Spinal cried.

"Dig the scene!" Beamcaster called. "Come on, kids, join the fun!"

He aimed his baton at them, throwing the Zedd waves.

"Oh no, you don't!" shouted C.K.

C.C. dove into Spinal as every dodged the Zedd waves.

[End Flashback]

* * *

"Wow, that sounds pretty scary," Cassie said.

"You have no idea," Spinal told her.

"So, how did you beat the monster?" T.J. asked.

"Eventually, everyone but Spinal was hypnotized by the monster," Jenny said.

"I don't know why Lord Zedd always tries to put spells on us," the Cryptkeeper interrupted. "He knows they're not gonna work!"

"Anyway, it was a deja vu," Jenny continued. "Just like we had Scorpina hanging off a wire, we all had Beamcaster dangling on a small cliff."

"He was trying to climb it, but he didn't make it," Hallie added.

* * *

[Begin Flashback]

Beamcaster held on to the cliff for dear life as the hypnotized Spices stood under him, grabbing his legs and cape. Spinal peeked over the edge of the cliff.

" me!" Beamcaster cried.

"Why should I?" Spinal asked. "You hurt them; they'll hurt you back!"

"They're not hurt!"

"Tell you what. Undo your spell and they'll leave you alone!"

"What? I'm not falling for that!" Beamcaster shouted.

"Do it or die!" was Spinal's reply.

Beamcaster said nothing more. His fingers began to slip. Eventually, the monster lost its grip and fell off. When he hit the ground, the Spices descended on top of him like a pack of wild, hungry wolves. Spinal looked down at all of them, completely horrified by their demonic noises. The Spices devoured Beamcaster to nothing.

[End Flashback]

* * *

"The spell was automatically broken, and Angel Grove was back to normal," Spinal said.

"You guys actually ate the monster?" T.J. asked.

"Yeah, that does happen occasionally," Jenny said. Beamcaster wasn't exactly the most appetizing monster we've ever had."

"You said something about hating Tommy," Cassie said.

"Yeah, I can't stand him," Jenny said.

"Why not?" Carlos asked.

Jenny sighed. "You really wanna know? It all started when this hot-shot martial artist magically appeared in the Youth Center....."

* * *

[Begin Flashback]

"It looks like I'm gonna need all the help I can get," Jason said.

The five teens looked on to see a man in green performing a swarm of tornado kicks. Jenny, always fascinated by the way of the warrior, stood up to get a closer look.

"Man, that dude is pumped!" Zack exclaimed. "Who is he?"

"Probably a new kid in school," Trini said.

"He is really cute," Kimberly said.

Jenny, who stood only several feet away from Kimberly, heard the comment. She just scoffed in response.

*Of course, I didn't think that the word 'cute' was the right word to describe Tommy,* Jenny explained. *Frankly, I thought he was just a showoff at the time.*

Jason and Tommy competed against each other in the tournament, which turned out to be a draw. Jason went into the boys' locker room to get cleaned up. Jenny returned to her table and continued to stare at Tommy, whose martial arts performance intimidated her.

*See, I was actually alive back then,* she explained to the Space teens. *I wasn't the fighter that I am now.*

When Jason finished his shower, he and his friends sat at their table and invited Tommy to join them. Ernie walked up to their table. To Jenny's surprise, Tommy pointed at her.

"Hey Ernie, is she new around here?" he asked.

"No, she's been here for a while," Ernie said. "She comes here a lot, but she always sits by herself. She even turns down people's invitations to join them. She's the most peculiar person I've ever met."

"Do you mind if I go talk to her?" Tommy asked.

The other teens shook their heads. Tommy stood up and approached Jenny's table.

*The next thing I realized, he was approaching me like a diving pterodactyl!* Jenny explained.

"Hi. I'm Tommy; what's your name?" He gave her a warm, friendly smile.

"I'm Jenny."

"You look like of lonely," Tommy said. "Would you like to join us?"

"No thanks," Jenny replied.

"Why not? Don't you like to meet new people and make friends?"

"I've been picked on for so long, there's no point in trying to make friends anymore."

"Look, you should let what anyone says get to you," Tommy said. "Just ignore them."

*'Just ignore them!' The same old ineffective advice! It's sickening!* Jenny told her fellow space explorers. *When will these people realize that it just doesn't work!?*

"Well, if you change your mind, feel free to join us," Tommy said. He stood up and went back to his own table.

[End Flashback]

* * *

"So that's how Tommy earned the title of Mr. Perfect," Jenny said.

"Don't you mean Mr. Right?" Ashley asked.

"No! He's no Mr. Right!" Jenny cried. "There's a difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Perfect. Tommy is the Mr. Perfect. He'd be more appropriately named Mr. Too-Good-to-be-True. However, Mr. Perfect is much easier to say."

"But that doesn't really explain why you hate him," T.J. said.

"Now we're pushing it," Jenny admitted. "All right. At first, Tommy did seem like a nice guy. However, later on, he turned out to be a lot more than just another handsome face. Not long after Tommy's arrival, a Green Ranger showed up and terrorized the Power Rangers."

* * *

[Begin Flashback]

Jenny and her father Daniel were walking down the alley. Suddenly, the ground began to shake and Goldar towered over the city. In response, the family ran. Unfortunately, a Green Ranger jumped out in front of them. Daniel raced into battle to protect his daughter. Jenny hid behind the dumpster. The Green Ranger knocked Daniel down with a jump kick, then stepped on his arm. He pulled out his Dragon Dagger and held it above him. Jenny clasped her hands together, praying for her father's escape, but to no avail. The Green Ranger plunged the Dragon Dagger straight into Daniel's heart. Jenny screamed in terror. The Green Ranger turned to her.

"Your old man is history!" he announced.

His evil laughed echoed off the walls as he vanished, leaving Jenny weeping loudly over her father's death.

[End Flashback]

* * *

"So there you have it," Jenny told her friends. "Happy now?"

"Couldn't you have saved your father somehow?" Spinal asked.

"No. Like I said, I was a weakling back then. I couldn't stop it. Time after time, I've tried to get revenge. I hate him!"

"Okay," Andros said. "So we all know how Spinal got involved in fighting evil, but how did you get involved?"

"That was back in the day when we were all itching for action," the Cryptkeeper said.

"Actually, we were itching for something to kill," Jenny added. "But we knew better than to go around killing innocent people for no reason.....unlike Tommy....."

"We caught a glimpse of the Power Rangers fighting Primator," the Cryptkeeper went on. "They retreated, so we decided to step in."

* * *

[Begin Flashback]

The Spices ran up to face Primator in Angel Grove. Immediately, the monster disguised itselt as Jenny to confuse the group.

"Here I am, Zombie Spice!" the Cryptkeeper called.

"Blonde Spice, ready!" Cammy cried.

"Martian Spice, ready!" Marvin cried.

"Candy Spice, ready!" Hallie cried.

"Wild Spice, ready!" Bat cried.

"Tonfa Spice!" Jenny cried.

"Yeah, Tonfa Spice!" another Jenny cried.

The first Jenny straightened herself. "Excuse me!? I'm Tonfa Spice!"

"No way, you're an imposter!" the second one said. "C.K.! Guys! You guys can tell who the real Jenny is, can't you!? You can't listen to her; it's just Primator trying to trick us!"

The first Jenny remained oddly silent as the second one yapped about being the real thing. Frustrated, the Cryptkeeper thrust a fireball into the second one. Luckily, she turned out to be Primator.

"How did you know!?" Hallie cried.

"This woman knows better than to say something she can't prove," the Cryptkeeper said. "In other words, she knew that she couldn't prove that she was the real Jenny, so she kept her mouth shut. Besides, she was always a quiet person."

[End Flashback]

* * *

"That was the only thing memorable about that fight," the Cryptkeeper said.

"Hey Jenny, why don't you talk about back in the day when you had the ultimate chance to avenge your father!?" C.C. suggested.

"You mean back in the days of Gasket and Archerina?" Jenny asked.


"Okay. We were just hanging out by the beach one day. Tommy was riding some kind of water cycle thing. All of a sudden, he seemed to vanish into thin air. Later, Spinal and I decided to investigate the area from which he disappeared."

* * *

[Begin Flashback]

Jenny and Spinal cautiously looked around the beach for clues.

"I don't see anything," Spinal said.

"There has to be a trace.....of Tommy, or whatever it was," Jenny said.

"Don't worry, we'll find him."

"We had better. Do you know what happens whenever Tommy disappears?"

"What's that?"

"He returns and stabs us in the back. But this time, we'll be ready. I see a golden opportunity ahead of me!"

Soon, an image of Tommy appeared.

"There he is!" Spinal cried.

Jenny turned.

"Help me....." Tommy moaned.

Jenny clenched her fists. "That does it! Your ass is grass!!!"

She raced towards Tommy. Spinal followed, then stopped.

"Wait! Something's wrong!"

Jenny continued charging at Tommy.

"That's not him!!" Spinal cried. "Stop!!"

When Jenny was only feet away, she stopped, too. She tried to get away, but she was being pulled towards him. Spinal heard Tommy's evil laughter as Jenny was sucked into the image and they both vanished.

"Jenny!!" Spinal cried. He started toward the spot.

"No, don't!!!" the others cried through the ring.

Spinal stopped. "She was right about him!" he sobbed. "Oooh, the NERVE of that horrible man!!!"

*Then I found myself in some kind of arena,* Jenny told her pals. *There were monsters surrounding me, and a balcony where Gasket and Archerina stood. But, standing right in between them proudly was.....the man.....Mr. Perfect!*

"Surrender, Tonfa Spice!" Tommy ordered.

"Never!" Jenny screamed.

*Gasket brought out this monster called Altor to fight me, but I beat him in approximately two minutes.*

Jenny tossed Altor's staff aside. "That was a good warm-up," she said. "Now give me a real challenge!"

"I'll have to take care of this villianess myself!" Tommy growled. "I will remove your evil from this world forever!!"

"My evil!?" Jenny cried. "What are you gonna do about it!?"

"The King has challenged you to a battle!" Gasket told her. "Now you must fight him!"

"Bring him on!" Jenny demanded.

"Positions! Let the battle begin!" Gasket called.

Tommy took his place in the arena and immediately did a fighting stance. "I will get rid of all the Spices, starting with you......sugar!"

"Sugar?" Jenny thought.

Meanwhile, the Spices were watching through a magic mirror.

"Uh-oh, he's gonna get it now," the Cryptkeeper said.

"This is for you, Dad," Jenny thought as she prepared to face Tommy. "I've been waiting a long time for this.... Let's get this over with."

"Gladly! Hyah!"

Both fighters charged at each other, but only ended up pressure on each other.

"I'll kill you!" Jenny screamed. "You took my father from me!"

"You'll join him soon enough!" Tommy vowed.

Now the two started fighting. Jenny blocked Tommy's kick, then punched him in the stomach. Tommy then kicked her chest, then her back.

"Oww! Tommy never kicked me that hard," the Cryptkeeper said.

"The last time Jenny gave me the claw like that, I had to get three stitches in my back," Sal said.

The Spices broke out laughing. Spinal stood up.

"I see nothing funny about this. Why are they fighting anyway?"

"Haven't you noticed, Spinal?" the Cryptkeeper asked. "Those two have been locked in battle ever since Tommy became a Ranger."

They looked back at the mirror. Jenny headbutted, then moved behind him. She wrapped one ar around his neck, then grabbed his hair. Tommy counter-grabbed Jenny's wrists to prevent her from twisting his neck. The Spices watched in anticipation. Suddenly, Tommy threw Jenny over his shoulder. He attempted to leap and drop an elbow, but Jenny rolled aside. So Tommy kicked her ribcage, then stomped on her head. Jenny stood up, even though Tommy had her between his legs, thus, dropping him to the floor. She then jumped on him, dropping both knees sharply into his stomach, then rolled off. Of all the times Jenny and Tommy have been forced to fight, none was anywhere near this brutal.

"Man, they're going to kill each other out there!" Spinal cried.

"That's the whole idea, ain't it?" the Cryptkeeper asked.

[End Flashback]

* * *

"Then what happened?" Fulgore asked.

"Then a few others showed up out of nowhere and wanted revenge as well," Jenny said.

"Yeah. Tommy has tortured us, too," the Cryptkeeper added.

"So, how did it all work out?" Cassie asked.

"Well, let's see...." Jenny dug into her memory.

* * *

[Begin Flashback]

Jenny, Spinal, the Cryptkeeper, C.C., Hanim, and Earl were now in the arena. They were in battle with Tommy as well. However, Tommy managed to beat the Spices pretty well. Jenny moved in, grabbed his shoulder, then attempted to thrust her hand into his chest. Tommy grabbed her wrist to protect his heart. Again, the Spices watched in anticipation.

But again, Tommy threw Jenny over his shoulder. She snapped her fingers in frustration.

Tommy stared at all the Spices with the evil expression on his face.

"Tommy, you might as well give it up," Jenny said.

"You can't fool me!" Tommy shouted, pulling out his laser pistol and aimed it at them. "Don't move, Spices!"

The Spices didn't move. Tommy approached them slowly, aiming the pistol directly between Jenny's eyes.

"Go ahead and kill me....." Jenny said. "Just like the murderer you are."

Suddenly, Tommy grabbed his head.

"What are you doing!?" Gasket shouted. "Fight!"

He positioned himself in the arena.

"They are your enemies, you fool! Destroy them!"

"Did you hear that, Tommy?" the Cryptkeeper asked. "He called you a fool."

Tommy still held his head, groaning loudly. Then he spun around to face Gasket.

"I don't think so, Gasket!" he shouted. "You are my enemy. I'm leaving with the Spices -- the ones I love."

"There he goes again," Jenny whispered to her friends. "Kiss your nuts goodbye, Gasket!"

Tommy and the Spices teleported out of the arena.

Later, the Spices met at Ernie's Beach Club. Another opportunity for Jenny to avenge her father has been blown. Things began to heat up when Tommy approached their table.

"Hi. I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me out today," he said.

"Oh.....don't mention it," Jenny said. "Please!"

"I just hope you'll forgive me for what I've done," Tommy said.

"Sure, no problem," the Cryptkeeper lied.

"Okay, so I'll see you later." Tommy began to walk back to the other Zeo Rangers.

"He still doesn't have a clue," Jenny whispered.

"Pardon?" Tommy asked.

"Oh, nothing," the Spices stammered at once.

Tommy shook his head and walked away.

[End Flashback]

* * *

"Well, I think I've had enough of Memory Lane for one day," Jenny said. "How 'bout you guys?"

"You guys have a lot of experience," Carlos said.

"Yeah, we had fun," Earl said.

"I'm off to do something else," Jenny said. "Good night, everybody!"

She left the room. Carlos and Ruth put their arms around each other and left the room also. The Spices had been through a lot together. They returned from their trip down Memory Lane prepared to fight for the future.