Questions and Answers
written by Mindy

Author's note: Iíve received several questions about Ruth. Instead of responding to them via e-mail, I decided to answer them using the fanfic process, hoping that this would be a little more convenient.

* * *

Q #1.) How did you come up with an idea of Ruth?

A #1.) I was a little bored at the time, and almost nothing entertains me more than writing. When I read the stories the Crypt wrote about the Spice Club, I felt like I was there while the events were happening. The same thing happens whenever I watch those Power Ranger shows. So, using Crypt's permission, I began writing and added a new character.

Q #2.) Is the Ruth you described a real person?

A #2.) If this kind of Ruth exists, I wouldn't know her. And it would have been a coincidence since I created her. So, actually, no.

Q #3.) How are you and Ruth similar?

A #3.) We both like Carlos very much. We both enjoy martial arts. We both take Tae Kwon Do as a martial arts style. We both love magic and mystery books. Thatís all I can think of at the top of my head.

Q #4.) Is Ruthís birthday the same as yours?

A #4.) Didnít I say that it was at the bottom of ďA Spice, a Surprise, and a Swan?Ē

Q #5.) If Roger Velasco (a.k.a. Carlos) would have given you an opportunity to be an actress, would you have taken it?

A #5.) Let me put it this way; if you had an opportunity to be an actress, would you? If yes, then yes. If no, then yes.

Q #6.) Who is your favorite Spice Club character?

A #6.) Hmm...that's a hard one. I canít seem to decide on either Jenny (because of her leadership) or Spinal (because he's so shy). And now that Fulgore came along, I have three to try to decide on (because he is silly as he is strong).

Q #7.) Who is your favorite Power Ranger on any kind of show?

A #7.) I have my favorites from all kinds. I like Kimberly from MMPR; Rocky, Adam, and Kimberly from MMPR the Movie; Kat and Adam from PRZ and from the PRT Movie; Kat and Adam from the first half of PRT; Carlos from the second half of PRT; and, of course, I like Carlos from PRiS.

Q #8.) If you would be a Power Ranger, what kind of Ranger would you be?

A #8.) That kinda depends on what kind of show you would be looking at. In MMPR, I might be a Purple Ranger, Velociraptor DinoZord and Pegasus ThunderZord; in MMPR the Movie, I might be a Purple Ranger, Velociraptor DinoZord and Cheetah NinjaZord; in PRZ, I might be a White Zeo Ranger, with a rectangle on the helmet; in the PRT Movie and the rest of PRT, I might be a White Turbo Ranger, Sky Striker Turbo Zord and Sky Coaster Rescue Zord; and in PRiS, I might be a Green Space Ranger, with V-6. Boy, Iíve said a mouthful!

Q #9.) What do you really think of Ecliptor?

A #9.) He is my favorite villain, and it gives me giggles when Crypt writes about Hallie tormenting him. Sometimes, I see him going a little soft. He might be strong, but I donít think he's very smart. And he has such a big mouth that I bet he could eat a banana sideways. Still, I would be able to accept him only as much as a friend.

Q #10.) If Ruth didnít marry Carlos, do you think she would have married Ecliptor?

A #10.) No way! He killed her parents in an attempt to kill her. Then, he fights against her and flirts with her. Maybe Darkonda could do the fights and flirts with Jenny and get away with it, but Ecliptor doesn't have the same skill. Frankly, if Ruth would marry him, she would divorce from him, saying that he's a terrible rogue.

Q #11.) In ďThe Beast Inside,Ē Jenny says that if she choose between Darkonda and Reggie, she would pick Darkonda any day of the week. If Ruth was faced with the choice of Darkonda and Ecliptor, what would happen?

A #11.) Technically, I would have choose neither, because they are evil, but if neither of them were and still kept their sarcastic attitudes, then I would have also chosen Darkonda.

Q #12.) Where do you get your ideas of these fanfics?

A #12.) I get some ideas from TV shows that I saw. Some of them would be from PRiS shows, like ďSeparation and Reunion.Ē Some of them would be from old, old TV shows that I saw as a little kid, like ďSpilling the Beans.Ē Others I would make up all by myself, like ďSometimes Even He Could Help,Ē and ďA Spice, a Surprise, and a Swan.Ē

Q #13.) What happened to Ruthís wedding plans? According to the birthday fic, Ruth and Carlos were getting married on New Year's Eve. But according to the fic with the Prince of demons, Ruth and Carlos are already married.

A #13.) Wow, somebody noticed that! Well, anyway, they were getting married on December 31, New Year's Eve. But, as you remember, there was another birthday fic, one about Jenny's birthday. According to that fic, Jenny's birthday was on January 23. So Jenny had her birthday 23 days after Ruth and Carlos got married. Make sense?

Q #14.) What do you think will happen to Ruth in the near future?

A #14.) Well, Iím planning a fic that involves some great news for both Ruth and Carlos. And there will come some ideas that Iíll write about.

Q #15.) Are you and Crypt friends?

A #15.) (giggle) Well, I would say that we are friends. But we havenít even seen each other. I live in Arkansas, while Crypt lives in Virginia. But since we have the same goal, to entertain you by writing stories, I would say that we are friends.

Q #16.) What kind of stories are you planning in the future?

A #16.) I am planning on a long, novel-like fic that involves the Rangers and the Spice Club. But I havenít gotten very far because of school, homework, and chores. But if I tell you about it now, it would ruin the surprise, now wouldn't it?

Q #17.) Do you have a picture to represent Ruth?

A #17.) Yes, I do. I was beginning to work on it when my scanner had a problem. I promise, Iíll get a picture representing Ruth soon after it is fixed.

Q #18.) Do you have a specific religion, like Ruth does?

A #18.) I am a Baptist Christian, just like Ruth.

Q #19.) Do you really have magical abilities?

A #19.) (giggle) I wish. Iím only practicing simple tricks, like pulling coins out of people's ears and making rope out of thin air. But I canít change into animals or protect myself from hate or anything like Ruth does.

Q #20.) What do you do in your spare time besides write?

A #20.) I probably just watch some old tapes, looking for ideas for future Spice Club stories by watching those old tapes. Sometimes I lie down in bed and just relax. But I donít have a lot of spare time because Iím a pastor's daughter.

Got any more questions for me? Feel free to write and ask at either Mindy or Ask me anything and Iíll come up with answers. However, I won't tell who sent me the questions that I answer (and forever hold the readersí peace).

The End... for now