Disclaimer: Power Rangers, characters, scenes, everything else belong to Saban. Jenny and Daniel are mine.

Author's Note: This fic is written in memory of my classmate, Jonathan Lindsey, who died after being run over by a car back in October. I didn't know him too well, but the accident still bothered me because he was a fellow high school senior.

No Peace
by: Crypt

Ever since Jenny and her father moved to Angel Grove, Jenny's life has been more exciting. Her life has been just as frightening. She now had two evil villains in love with her, and she just couldn't shake them. Unknown to her, she's made friends with the incredible Power Rangers. That was a good thing. The friends, whom Jenny knows as Tommy, Kat, Adam, Justin, and Tanya, have been emotionally helpful.

Justin raced into the Youth Center and joined his pals at the table. "Guess what!?" he cried happily. "I'm gonna be taking Driver's Ed! Isn't that great!!!"

"Yeah, that's great!" Kat replied.

"Hey, Jenny, haven't you taken Driver's Ed yet?" Tanya asked.

"No. Where I came from, they didn't have Driver's Ed," Jenny told her.

"Well, you could take it here in Angel Grove," Tommy said.

"It's too late; my school schedule's already booked."

"Well, when are you going to learn to drive?" Adam asked.

"I don't know. Maybe later, or maybe never," Jenny said. She looked up at the clock. "Oh drat! I've gotta get home! See you guys later!"

She raced out of the Youth Center before the Rangers could say goodbye. She ran straight home to her father. The first thing she noticed was that their car was missing. Jenny went into the house.

"Dad? Are you home?" she called.

"In the kitchen, honey," Daniel called.

"Where's the car?"

"Oh, it broke down earlier today, so I had to take it into the shop. So.....are you ready for your lesson?"


"Okay. You know very well that you're a growing woman, and that one day, you'll get married and have a family of your own."

"Yes, I know that very well," Jenny said, her voice cracking. She wasn't really excited about the idea of having children. She'd never had a relationship before, so she wasn't sure about getting married, either.

"In most cases, the housewife does the cooking," Daniel continued. "But ever since your mom passed on, I've learned to cook for the family. So I'm going to give you a few pointers on cooking."

"Cool. I love cooking!" Jenny exclaimed. "I especially like it because you get to eat afterwards!"

Daniel chuckled. "Okay.....how about if we cook something delicious? How `bout a pizza?"

Jenny gasped with excitement. "Pepperoni?!?!?"

"Well.....yeah, if you want pepperoni. And how about some extra cheese to go with it?"


"Okay. First, we have to make sure that we have all the ingredients," Daniel explained as he checked the cabinets and the refrigerator. "Doggone it; we're out of cheese. I'll have to walk to the store and get some. Do you want to come or stay?"

Jenny pondered for a minute. "I'll come. It gets scary in Angel Grove."

The small family stepped out of the house. Daniel used the keys to lock the door behind him, and they headed for the grocery store.

"So....why do you think Angel Grove is scary?" he asked as they walked down the sidewalk.

"Well.....haven't you heard the news reports about monsters attacking the city?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah, but as long as the Power Rangers have their guard up, there's nothing to worry about," Daniel told her. "Remember how they saved us from those monsters at the power plant. Have no fear; the Power Rangers will be there!"

"It's still scary; the monsters shoot lasers from their eyes, they tear buildings apart.....they turn people into rabbits....."

"Well, either way, it doesn't last forever. We've got some heroes out there!"

"Man, I wish I could be that optimistic," Jenny sighed.

"Hold it," Daniel said suddenly.

They stopped in front of a busy street. Cars raced back and forth. Walking across was not going to be easy.

"How are we going to get across this?" Jenny asked.

"Very carefully," her father replied.

It was a long wait before the cars finally seemed to clear from the street. It was perhaps the most dangerous street in the city.

"Now!" Daniel cried.

Unfortunately, his timing was a little off. As they crossed, a car horn suddenly blared at them. The only thing Jenny heard was the screeching of the brakes and the thud of a body. Her grip on her father's hand was suddenly torn, as was her grip on reality. She opened her eyes. She was standing next to the car, which had stopped in the middle of the road. She then raced around to find her father......and was horribly sickened to her stomach when she found him. His body lay several feet in front of the car, and looked like a broken rag doll. Jenny got out of the street and stared at the body, tears pouring from her eyes. The driver got out of the car and angrily stormed directly to Jenny. Before Jenny could ask for help, the woman punched her in the face.

"Why don't you watch where you're going, you sloppy, blind bitch!!" she yelled. Then she went back into her car and drove around Daniel's body.

Jenny stared in horror as the car drove away. She was too frightened to even approach her father. If he was dead, she didn't want to find out on her own. She collapsed on the sidewalk, sobbing uncontrollably.

A man who was just about to leave the grocery store, saw the distressed people and ran up to Jenny.

"Are you all right, miss?" he asked as he helped Jenny to her feet.

Jenny could only point to Daniel's body. "Help him, please....." she sobbed. "Don't let him die!!"

"Okay, hold on; I'll call 911."

The man rushed back to his car and called an ambulance via his cellular phone. Jenny clasped her hands together, sobbing silently.

"Dear God....." she prayed. "Please let him survive. I can't lose my father; he's all I've got...."

Medical assistance arrived quickly. Daniel and Jenny were both transported by helicopter to the Angel Grove Hospital.

Jenny waited impatiently in the waiting room to hear the diagnosis of her father. After about a half hour, a woman in a hospital uniform greeted her.

"Hi; I'm Dr. Strauss," she said. "You are Daniel Kinkade's daughter, correct?"

"Yes....." Jenny replied shakily. "Is he okay? Will he make it?"

"Well, we're not sure yet. I just need to know, do you have any other kin here in Angel Grove?"

"No...." Jenny shook her head. "My dad is all I've got."

"Do you have any adult friends, or any friends' parents that might take you into custody?" Dr. Strauss asked.

"I.....I might.....I'll have to ask."

"Okay, why don't you wait until tomorrow. You can stay here for tonight."


So Jenny stayed at the hospital for the night.

* * *
Down in Divatox's submarine, Rygog heard about the accident.

"Hey, Elgar!" he called. "Remember that guy at the power plant whom we turned into a rabbit?"

"Yeah, what about him?" Elgar called, uninterested.

"He got run over by a car," Rygog told him. "So your girlfriend has no place to stay."

Elgar jumped to his feet. "Goodie goodie! Maybe she'll stay down here with us!"

"Elgar, do you really think you're going to bring that girl down here?" Divatox asked.

"Yeah! She loves me!"

"I wouldn't count on it....."

"Of course she does!" Elgar cried. "I saved her from that crazy lady, remember!?"

"No, I don't remember," Rygog said.

"Neither do I," Divatox added.

"Well, I remember, and now she needs me again!"

"You're not bringing her back down here!" Divatox shouted. "You won't be spreading your goody two-shoes in my submarine."

"Whatever you say, Auntie D."

* * *
The next day, Jenny went back to the Youth Center to find someone to stay with. As always, the Turbo teens sat at the same table, laughing and making conversation. Their laughter immediately stopped upon seeing Jenny's long face.

"Jenny? What's wrong?" Tanya asked.

Jenny let out a breath before responding. "My father was hit by a car yesterday. They're not sure if he'll live. I need some place to stay since I don't have any more family."

Lt. Stone came to the table and set some sodas in front of each of them.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Her father was hit by a car and she needs some place to stay," Kat explained.

"Hmm.....I think I can help," Lt. Stone said. "You can live with me. I live alone."

"Really? Oh, thank you, Lt. Stone!" Jenny cried.

"No problem."

"I'd better get back and tell them!" Jenny ran out of the Youth Center again.

* * *
Meanwhile, Darkonda had heard about the accident.

"So.....her father is dying, eh?" he said aloud. "Perfect. The poor girl must be lonely. Maybe I'll have to keep her company. Let's see what she's doing now....."

He turned on the monitor and saw Jenny walking slowly through the park.

"Perfect!" he cried again. "Walking alone in the park! Things couldn't get any better than this. This time, I've got her for sure! I'd better strike now, or I'll never get the opportunity again! Let's go, Crocotox!"

Darkonda and his minions teleported out of the lab.

* * *
Jenny walked slowly through the park. The possibility that her father would die frightened her beyond words. She was so involved in her thoughts that she was shocked when Elgar appeared.

"Hey, baby!"

Jenny gasped. "Elgar!? What are you doing?"

"I just came here to offer my condon....my condle....my.....my pity," Elgar said.

"Pity? Why?"

"Well, isn't your father dying?"

Jenny was stunned. "How did you know about that?"

Elgar shrugged. "My eyes are all over the place."

"How scary....."

"Come on. You can live with me....." Elgar took Jenny's hand.

Jenny pulled her hand back. "No, no thank you! I've found a place to live."

"Honey.....will you marry me?"

"No! I can't! I'm too young!"

Without warning, Darkonda and the two Crocotoxes appeared with a growl. They were directly behind Jenny. She turned around and screamed.

"Remember me?" Darkonda asked.

"You again!!" Jenny cried, her voice trembling. "What do you want!?"

"My dear, isn't it obvious? I want you!"

"Just leave me alone!"

Darkonda just raced toward her, but Elgar stepped in his way.

"You heard the lady; leave her alone!"

"Get out of my way, pea brain!"

"No way! I saw her first; she's mine!"

Jenny just stepped back, grabbing her head. "Could this day get ANY worse?!?!?"

"Stupid pinhead!" Darkonda shouted. "I'll destroy you!

"Fine with me," Elgar said.

"Crocotox, don't just stand there!" Darkonda demanded. "Grab the girl!"

The Crocotoxes glanced at each other and raced at Jenny, who backed up. The monsters eventually reached and grabbed her.

"Hey!" she screamed. "Let go of me!"

She broke one arm free, then elbowed one of the creatures, then punched the other in the stomach. They both charged at her again, but she moved out of the way, and the sea creatures collided with each other. They untangled themselves and attacked again. Jenny backed up again and kicked one with a roundhouse. Then she faced the other one, burying her knee into his stomach, then flipping him over onto his back.

The Turbo Rangers teleported into the park. They were shocked to see a typical civilian battling monsters that only a Power Ranger could possibly defeat. They were also shocked to see two monsters fighting each other over a young woman.

"What's going on?" they wondered.

They raced over to Jenny.

"You all right?" Adam asked.

"I'm fine," Jenny told him. "I didn't expect you guys to show up. I was doing fine on my own."

"We always show up when there's trouble," Justin said. "We protect the Earth and the innocent citizens. That's what Power Rangers do."

"Rangers!" Darkonda called. "Think you're gonna save her again? Well, you're wrong!"

"Better get out of here, Jenny," Tommy said.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Jenny said. "Goodbye!"

She ran from the park. The Rangers continued to battle with their enemies.

* * *
After Jenny ran from the battle, she returned to the hospital to inform Dr. Strauss about Lt. Stone's generous offer. When Lt. Stone left the Youth Center for the day, he took care of the legal business needed in order to "adopt" Jenny. So Jenny went home and packed up her essentials and moved in.

Lt. Stone got off the phone with the doctor.

"Well, Jenny, they've completed the operation," he said. "Your father will survive, but will be hospitalized for the next several months."

"Wow....." Jenny said. "And to think......we were just going to make a pizza."

"Well, I'll tell you what. How `bout if I make the pizza?"

"Only if I can help."

"Of course you can help!"

"Thanks, Lt. Stone!"

"You're welcome," Lt. Stone said. "And please.....call me Jerome."

"Okay.....Jerome," Jenny said.

So now Jenny had a different home for the time being. Elgar and Darkonda continued to fight over her. Daniel would eventually recover from the accident. Jenny will not lose her father, her only living kin. Will she ever have peace in Angel Grove???