Sleep Tight
by : Cryptk1165

It appeared to be a typical morning out in space. Jenny awakened from her sleep. She lifted her head from the control console, but she felt a little uncomfortable. The Cryptkeeper came onto the bridge just as Hallie woke up.

"Good morning, ladies," said the Cryptkeeper. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah--- ow!" Jenny replied.

"Whatís wrong? Your little snooze did heal your wounds, did it not?"

"Yes it did, but the dry blood is pinching me. Iíll need to take a shower."

So Jenny got up and headed out to wash off.

"Hey Spices!" Alpha cried. "You should see this. Itís the Earth!"

"All right!" Spinal said. "Home! Iím longing for the soil in which I was buried."

"Well, that makes two of us, sweet little buddy oí mine," the Cryptkeeper told him.

"Weíll have to teleport down there," T.J. told the Spice Club. "Alpha can keep the Megaship going up here."

"Cool. Letís go," Hallie cried.

"Not so fast, honey," Sal said. "Shouldnít we wait for your sister?"

Soon, Jenny came out and they teleported down to Earth. But when they got there, the sky was still dark.

"Man, itís early," Carlos said. "What time is it, anyway?"

Jay checked his watch. "I have 2:30 a.m."

"Why did you all wake up so early?" asked Ashley.

"Hmm. Do you Spices feel . . . weak and tired?" Jenny asked.

Everybody nodded.

"It must be one of those days . . ." Jenny explained. "Slumber Day. We spend the entire day sleeping, starting at 5 a.m."

"Sleep all day?" Cassie asked. "That sounds impossible."

"Not if you feel like sleeping for ten millennia," Marvin said.

"Címon, letís get some chow before nap time," Brak suggested.

They teleported back to the ship where Jenny explained the rules of Slumber Day.

"So, all we have to do is sleep in the park for an entire day. We can only wake up when weíre under attack, or to break for lunch."

"But what if you get captured or something?" Carlos asked.

"Well, you guys can help, right?" Jenny said. "Protecting the Earth is your job, not ours. We are merely allies. Believe me; with allies like the Power Rangers, there is absolutely nothing to worry about."

"Well, I hope you enjoy your long nap," T.J. said.

"Itís almost five oíclock," Spinal said. "And you know me, Iím ready to sleep any day. Iím especially ready today, cause Iím totally sleepy."

They teleported to Angel Grove park and settled. Jenny slept on a picnic table, Zorak slept upside down in a trash can, Bat hung upside down in a tree. Spinal slept on the ground with C.C. clinging to him. Everyone else just slept on the ground as well.

"Well, sweet dreams," Cassie said, shrugging her shoulders.

"Weíll be around if you should need us," T.J. added.

"Thanks, T.J.," Jenny said. "Youíre true blue."

The Rangers teleported back to the Megaship and the Spice Club members fell asleep fast. Hours went by and they hadnít moved a muscle. Of course, they found it relaxing to sleep when they felt sickly. Unfortunately, during their restful slumber, a group of Quantrons had to pop out of nowhere along with arch-nemesis Astronema and Elgar. Astronema stared at the sleeping group and smiled.

"Mmm, donít they look just peaceful when they sleep?" she asked.

"Yeah," Elgar replied, walking up to Jenny. "Sheís a regular sleeping beauty."

Astronema glared at him. "I was referring to the whole group, not just her."

"I still donít see why we have to bother these guys, since they wonít bother us."

"Nowís my chance to take what I want without any interference," Astronema said, pointing at Spinal. "Take him, Quantrons, but do not wake him or the others."

The Quantrons gathered around Spinal. One of them had to get C.C. off him while two more grabbed his arms and pulled him halfway to his feet. As they tried to get him away from the others, a Quantron accidentally stepped on C.C.ís stomach. She woke up instantly. When she saw her lover in danger, she sprang to her feet.

"Get away from him!" she screamed. "Leave him alone! Spinal, wake up!!"

Spinal woke up slowly. He noticed the Quantrons on either side of him and let out a bloodcurdling scream. Luckily, his scream woke up the others. They were all alert in seconds.

"Hey!" Jenny demanded. "Let him go!"

Surprisingly, the Quantrons released Spinal, who scrambled to his feet. Astronema glared at them.

"Donít listen to her!" she cried. "Get them!"

The Quantrons instantly lunged at the Spices. The group defended themselves well, despite their so-called illness. Earl threw one over his shoulder, then blocked an attack from another, and punched it. Of course, Astronema was in a hurry, so the fight didnít last long. A Quantron snuck up behind Spinal, and pinned him to its body with his blade. A few more Quantrons came to help restrain him.

"Hey!!" he screamed. "Guys, help me!!"

The others tried to rush to his aid, but the Quantrons stuck their blades out, stopping them cold. Astronema smiled at all of them.

"Sweet dreams," she said.

She vanished with the Quantrons. Spinal let out another scream, which echoed after his disappearance. The Spice Club members froze in horror.

"What are we going to do?" C.C. asked eagerly.

"If it were any other day, weíd go after him in a heartbeat," Jenny replied. "But we all know the rules. Weíll just have to contact the Rangers."

She opened up her ring and spoke into it. "T.J., you there?"

"Yeah, weíre here," T.J. replied. "Is something wrong?"

"Yeah. We were attacked by Quantrons," Jenny said.

"And they grabbed Spinal!" C.C. added.

"Spinal? Why would they want him?" Carlos asked.

"Oh . . . you donít want to know," Jenny told him. "But we all know that he is going to be miserable. Can you help him?"

"Hey, donít worry," Ashley said. "Weíll get him back."

"Just say that weíll do it out of gratitude for helping us out on Eltar," Carlos added.

"Cool. Good luck."

Jenny closed her ring. "Weíll time to go back to sleep."

"Actually, itís noon," the Cryptkeeper told her. "Itís time for lunch."

"Letís eat," Brak said. "Just think; french fries with peanut butter and tuna."

"Eeeuw," the others cried.

"The others told me that the Surf Spot was a nice place to eat," Jenny said. "Why donít we try it?"

"Okay," the others agreed.

So they walked over to the Surf Spot and took their tables instantly. Terrible Dactyl got interested in a surfboard that was hanging on the wall. When he walked up and tapped it, it fell to the floor. Fortunately, a woman ran up and caught it before any major damage was done.

"Whoa. Trying to escape, I see," she said.

"What is that thing?" Terrible Dactyl asked.

"Itís a surfboard. What planet are you from?"

"Reptilon. Do you know of it?"

"Smart alec," said the woman. Then she went back to her work.

"I thought Iíve been to Earth long enough to know these things," Terrible Dactyl said to himself as he joined the other Spices.

After a few minutes, the same woman came up to their table and put down a bowl of french fries.

"Hello," she said. "Welcome to the Surf Spot."

"Iím sorry, but we didnít order any fries," said the Cryptkeeper.

"Trust me; youíll love them," the woman replied. "My french fries are irresistible. My nameís Adelle. Iíll be right back."

C.C. just sat in her chair looking depressed.

"Oh, cheer up, girl," the Cryptkeeper told her. "Theyíll get Spinal back."

"I canít help it," C.C. replied. "I . . . I love him."

"Yes, we know; we all love him," Jenny said. "But you have to have confidence in the Rangers. Besides, rescuing a cute little skeleton warrior, how hard can that be?"

"But he must be very miserable," C.C. said. "I donít like it when heís miserable."

"Actually, his miserableness is what makes him so cute, along with his eyes and his voice," Jenny said. "Think of it that way. No matter what happens, heíll survive. Being miserable is part of being a Spice Club member."

"Yeah. If we didnít have each other, weíd have nothing!" the Cryptkeeper added.

"Believe me, Iím quite miserable," Jenny went on. "Iíve got both Elgar AND Ecliptor breathing down my neck."

"Are you ever going to give it up and fight Ecliptor?" Jay asked.

"Of course. He just keeps demanding at the wrong times. Anytime after today will be fine; Iíll fight him."

"But I wanna fight!" Hallie pleaded.

"Yes, I know you do," Jenny said. "In fact, I just thought of an idea that should satisfy all three of us."

With that kind of chat, the Spices finished their lunch, then went back to the park.

"Well, since we have half-an-hour left, should we go after Spinal?" Curly asked.

"Hmm . . . Does anybody feel up to it?" Jenny asked.

Everyone shook their head no.

"I feel up to it," a sinister, yet familiar voice said.

The Spices backed up and got into their sleeping spot. Jenny stared at the perpetrator of the voice and glared.

"Ecliptor, knock it off," she said.

"I see you are refreshed from your fight with the Dark Specter," Ecliptor went on. "Now will you fight me, or are you still a coward?"

"Who says that Iím too chicken to fight you?"

Hallie tugged on Jennyís sleeve.

"Iím not going to fight this jelly bean right now, Hallie," Jenny told her.

"Okay," Hallie sighed.

"And why not?" asked Ecliptor as he and Jenny circled each other, then stopped halfway.

"Cause I just canít. Come back tomorrow."

"If you will not fight, then I will obliterate you now!" Ecliptor charged at Jenny, sword in hand, but Jenny moved beside him an gave him a fierce elbow to his back. When Ecliptor turned around, Jenny was on the picnic table sound asleep.

"I know you can hear me, Tonfa Spice. You canít keep this up forever. I will keep coming until you accept my challenge." With a low growl, Ecliptor vanished.

Meanwhile, Astronema was taunting Spinal in her Dark Fortress.

"Welcome to my Dark Fortress, Spinal," she said. "I do hope you like it, because youíre going to be here with me for all eternity."

Two Quantrons had Spinal by the arms. "I doubt that," he said flatly. "I couldnít be here for all eternity even if I wanted to."

"And why not? Oh . . . youíre thinking that your Spice friends will come for you, right?"

"No, they wonít."

"Theyíre not coming?"

"Nope," Spinal told her. "The Spices must continue their slumber, as must I."

"Arenít you mad?" Elgar asked.

"Why should I be mad? Itís a Spice thing; nothing can be done about it. But why am I standing here giving you useless information?" Spinal struggled to break the Quantronsí hold. "Let me go, you nasty kitchen utensils!"

"Just say you love me," Astronema said sweetly, getting closer to him.

"I cannot tell a lie," Spinal said. "Therefore, I canít stand you!"

Astronema just ran her finger slowly all over his body. "Oh, thatís all right. I can make you love me; piece of cake."

"NEVER!!!" Spinal screamed, lunging at her and startling her. Even he was surprised at his own display of guts. "And donít touch me!"

"Quantrons, take him to the Dimension of Torture," Astronema ordered. She kissed her finger, then placed it right where Spinalís lips would be located despite his resistance. As the Quantrons dragged him away, Spinal screamed and kept on lunging. Astronema just smiled.

"Man, heís wild today," Elgar said.

"You didnít notice all of the Spices being wild?" Astronema asked. "Theyíre just cranky because we interrupted their beauty sleep."

"Aww, the poor people," Elgar sobbed.

"Spinal is mine! That pesky Speedy Spice will never see him again," Astronema vowed.

The Quantrons took Spinal to a dimension that was lit as if they were inside an orange tent. All he could see was what looked like fiberglass. Spinal still continued to struggle, so the Quantrons kicked him. In response, Spinal kicked them back. He broke free from their grip and got into a fight. When one Quantron tried to slice him with its blade, Spinal grabbed the blade and threw the Quantron off. It fell into the other Quantron and they both fell to the ground. Spinal took the blade and stabbed through both of them.

"Well, thatís that," he said to himself. "I donít know how to get out of here, so thereís only one thing to do."

He reclined on the fiberglass and drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, the Rangers searched for Spinal from the Astro Megaship. So far, they were having no luck.

"Itís no use, Rangers; we canít find him using our sensors," cried Alpha.

"That means he must be in another dimension," Carlos said.

"Perhaps we should use a visual search," Deca suggested.

"How can we look through a bunch of dimensions?" asked Andros. "It may be too late by the time we find him. Besides, why are we looking for him anyway? Heís just a skeleton."

"Heís not just a skeleton," Cassie told him.

"But still, there are 31 other Spice Club members," Andros said. "Why are we risking ourselves for just one?"

"Because Spinal is very much loved by his companions," T.J. explained. "If we neglect him, theyíll be very upset."

"No kidding," Ashley added. "That goes double-triple for C.C. Sheís madly in love with him."

"Why?" Andros asked.

"She says heís cute," Carlos said. "And in a way, I agree."

"I have finished scanning the dimensions," Deca said. "Spinal is in the Dimension of Torture."

"Great. Letís rocket!" Andros commanded.

They rushed to the jump tubes and leaped into them. They landed in the dimension morphed into their awesome Power Ranger uniforms. However, they didnít see anything.

"Well, where is he?" Cassie asked. "Are we in the right dimension?"

"Weíre here all right," said T.J. "We just need to do some exploring. Letís go."

They looked around the dimension, each carrying a small beeping device. Ashley trailed away from the others. It wasnít long before she found a horrifying sight and let out a scream. The other Rangers rushed to her side. They were also shocked by what they saw. They saw the two murdered Quantrons, and Spinal off to the side still in his restful slumber. T.J. slowly walked up and shook him gently.

"Spinal? Spinal, wake up."

Spinal woke up slowly. "Rangers? How did you get here? I forgot about you guys."

"Thereís no time to explain," T.J. told him. "We have to get you out of here."

"I donít know, T.J., Iím still kinda groggy," Spinal said.

"Well, we need to go anyway," T.J. said.

He helped Spinal up and they started to walk away from the massacre. As they walked, a voice interrupted them.

"Whatís the hurry?"

The Rangers turned.

"Not you again!" Spinal cried.

Astronema held out her hand; Elgar stood next to her. "Iíll take that skeleton boy."

"No way. Youíll never take me," Spinal told her.

"Come on, Spinal," said Astronema. "Say my name. Say it now."


"Oh, nonsense; youíll say it beautifully. I know you will."

"How are you going to make me?" Spinal asked.

"Oh Quantrons," Astronema called sweetly. "Destroy the Rangers."

The Quantrons appeared, then attacked the Rangers while Astronema once again went for Spinal. Spinal moved around to keep away from her.

"Spinal, there is no need for this," Astronema said.

"I donít want to have anything to do with you," Spinal told her.

"Heís just shy, like the rest of the Spices," Elgar said. "Tonfa Spice behaves the same way when I approach her."

"Does she really?" Astronema asked.

"Elgar, youíve known her all this time, and you still donít know her real name?" Spinal asked.

"Right. Itís like sheís keeping it a secret from me," Elgar said.

"Oh . . ."

The Rangers were busy with the Quantrons during the conversation. When they won, they took Spinal and stared at Astronema.

"Well, sorry we canít stay and chat, but we have to reunite Spinal with his friends," T.J. said.

Before Astronema can do anything, the Rangers teleported away with Spinal. They landed in the park instantly.

"Well, what do you know? Theyíre still asleep," Cassie said.

"Weíd sleep through anything," Spinal told her. "Especially me. Well, thanks for coming. Iím really tired."

He reclined on the ground, rested C.C.ís arm on him, and was out again. When the Rangers looked, they thought they could see a smile growing on her face. Then they teleported back to the Megaship.

The Spices slept through the night and woke up at five oíclock the next morning. They completed their twenty-four hour slumber and felt much better. Now can Jenny resist Ecliptorís challenge? Can Ecliptor resist Hallieís?

The End... for now