Author’s Note: This story comes from an old cartoon, one that we don’t see anymore, called, “The Mighty Orbots.” Anyone who recognizes it, please don’t sue me. And one character will keep on saying “S” sound like a snake; it will express it with extra “S”s. In parenthesis, in case you would not be able to figure it out, will show what he really said.

The Jewel of Targona
written by Mindy

The Rangers, Jenny, Ruth, Hanim, Lexington, and Sal were on the bridge when Ashley looked up. “There is a probe orbiting the planet Targona,” she reported. “It’s power is unstable; it’s about to explode.”

“How soon,” Sal asked.

“1 minute and 45 seconds.”

“I say we check it out,” Cassie suggested.

“Why bother,” Lexington asked. “Targona has been deserted for hundreds of years. Who’s going to get hurt if the probe explodes?”

Ruth gave a small and short gasp. “Somebody will! Extra-sensitive sensors are picking up a lifeform reading down there!”

“There’s somebody down there,” Andros asked in shock.

“I still say we go for it,” Cassie said.

“I’ll go,” Jenny said. “Sal and Hanim, you’re with me.” Soon, the three Spice went to their jump tubes and went through.

The three Spices approached the probe, but they had to back off due to a heat wave.

“That thing is getting too hot to handle,” Jenny said. “Sal, put it on ice!”

“Gotcha!” He thrust his palms to the probe, and a blue beam of energy came out. Once it hit the probe, it was surrounded by ice. But soon, the ice melted.

“No good,” Andros said. “We’ve got to get rid of it before it blows.”

“Andros, Ruth,” Jenny called. “Let’s give it a telekinetic toss!”

“I’m on it,” Ruth exclaimed immediately.

Andros nodded his head in agreement. The three used their telekinetic ability to swing the probe like a sling with its rock. Finally, they had let go, and the probe zoomed miles away. A few moments later, the probe exploded, destroying nothing and injuring no one.

“Good work,” Jenny said, as she and the other Spices returned to the ship.

“But what are we going to do about that lifeform reading,” Carlos asked.

“Good question,” Jenny said. “We should send a few of us to check it out.”

“I’ll go,” Ruth volunteered.

“Not without me, Ruth,” Carlos said.

“I’m in,” Lexington said.

“I’ll go, too,” Hanim exclaimed.

“All right,” Jenny said. “Let us know what you find out.”

The four volunteers went down to the gray planet of Targona. As far as the eye could see, there was nothing but deserted cities, worn-out roads, and corpses or skeletons. Mist was everywhere, making it slightly difficult to see. Carlos’ light, however, was proven useful.

“Oh boy,” Ruth said sarcastically and in disgust. “I’ve seen better things than this in disgusting movies and shows, like ‘X-Files,’ and ‘Men in Black.’ This place is absolutely revolting!”

Lexington, on the other hand, looked at a small animal that recently died, and licked his lips. This animal was one of his favorites delicacies. He began to tear small chunks off and began his meal. Hearing the noise he made, the others looked at him in disgust.

Carlos walked to him. “What makes you think it’s lunchtime,” he asked in sarcasm.

“It’s always lunchtime.” Lexington’s response was barely heard since his mouth was full. He continued eating.

Ruth cleared her throat. “You boys are supposed to be helping us look for that lifeform reading.” With that, she walked in a certain direction, with Hanim following her. Carlos had to persuade Lexington to take a small amount with him, so he could continue his meal and be searching at the same time.

“I think I found something,” Carlos suddenly said. He shined his light in what seems like an alley way. Glittering in the light was a large jewel slightly larger than Carlos’ chest. The jewel itself seemed similar to a diamond.

“Wow,” Hanim shouted in admiration. “What a beautiful gem!”

Little did anyone know that a pair of yellow eyes were watching them and the glittering prize.

Lexington came forward. He wondered of jewel were good tasting, too. So, he began sniffing at it. But Hanim took the jewel in her arms, protecting it from Lexington’s curiosity. “You keep your appetite away from it! It’s much too beautiful to be eaten. Let’s take it back to the ship.”

“It might be dangerous,” Carlos said. Hanim looked at him in persuasion. “I mean, you can never be too careful.”

“Oh, come one, Carlos,” Hanim said. “How in the world can something so beautiful possibly be dangerous? Now, let’s go.” Before waiting for an answer, Hanim went on her Galaxy Glider and went for the ship. Let with no one choice, the others went with her.

When they were gone, the pair of yellow eyes took to its body. It was a reptile-like creature, walking on two legs, tall as a man, with a snake’s head and neck. He turned to a small ship, barely twice as large as his own body. At the front, there was a screen. After climbing in, he turned on the screen.

“Agent Darah, calling Dark Ssssspecter (Specter),” the creature said in a hissing, masculine, yet high-pitched voice. If the voice wasn’t hissing, someone could mistake him for Spinal.

An image of Dark Specter came onto the screen. “Report, Darah,” he said.

“The heroesssss (heroes) have taken the bait, my lord. The Jewel of Targona issss (is) on itssss (its) way to their ship.”

“Excellent,” Dark Specter praised. “That means they, their ship, and the Earth are all doomed.” Then, he cut off communications.

Darah activated the launching program on his ship. However, nothing happened. “Blassssst (Blast) it! Thessssse (These) cheap Sssscout (Scout) Shipsssss (Ships)! The missstssss (mists) musssst (must) be jamming the controlsssssss (controls)!” He turned on the screen again. “Agent Darah, calling Dark Ssssspecter (Specter).”

The image came back on. “Yes,” Dark Specter asked.

“I’m trapped on Targona. Requessssst (Request): A Ressssscue (Rescue) Ship.”

“You have done your work well, Darah. And your reward ... is to spend the rest of your life ... on Targona!” Darah was shocked. “Farewell, Darah.” Dark Specter gave an evil laugh as he turned off communications again. Darah had been tricked!

Back on the ship, Hanim carried the jewel proudly to the bridge. “Hey, you guys,” she shouted. All eyes were on her. “Look what we found on Targona!”

“Wow,” T. J. exclaimed. “That’s some hunk of ice!”

“I think it might be a good idea if we let General Norquist of N. A. S. A. D. A. keep it for a while,” Andros said in warning.

“Why,” Hanim asked. “What could be wrong with it?”

“I don’t know,” he answered. “There’s something strange and familiar about it, and I don’t want to put the ship at risk.”

“But something so beautiful just couldn’t be dangerous,” Hanim complained.

However, Andros insisted. Later that night, a night-duty guard came to watch the Hall of Crystals, the area strictly for displaying extraordinary jewels. He noticed a glimmer as when he turned his back to the newest display, the Jewel of Targona. When he saw it again, the top of the jewel seemed to crush off.

A small blue monster came out. It was lizard-like, with the size between a coyote and a wolf. It gave a growl at the sight of the guard. The guard ran off in fear at the sight of the creature. The creature came out and landed on the ground. Even though it stood on all fours, it typically walks on its two hind legs.

It walked to another stand. The stand held a large, yellow jewel, and was marked, “Dylithiam Crystal.” It climbed up the stand and began eating the crystal. A yellow light covered it at the moment it took its first bite...

While all this was happening, Jenny and Hallie came down on their Galaxy Gliders.

“According to the guard’s report, that crystal Hanim found was not a crystal at all,” Jenny said. “It’s an egg of some sort.”

They arrived at the Hall of Crystals. Hallie jumped off first. “What do you suppose it’s hatched into,” she asked her older sister.

“Well, I’m willing to bet that it’s NOT a chicken.”

A large growl filled the air. The two sisters looked at the large building. The monster broke through the roof. The Dylithiam Crystal it ate was a food to this monster. Now, it was about as large as the Angel Grove Mall! Soon, it came out the building completely.

The two sisters jumped back on their gliders. They were able to fly out of the way the moment before the monster could stomp on them! It turned to the two girls.

“I think we need some help on this one,” Hallie shouted.

“I think you’re right,” Jenny responded. She activated her ring and sent a distress signal to the ship. But there was no time to say anything, for the monster’s long tail began twirling towards them! Jenny went upward to avoid the 1/2 mile long tail; Hallie went downward.

The monster turned to Hallie. It swung its tail again. This time, it was successful in knocking Hallie’s glider out from right under her feet! As Hallie fell, she gave a loud scream.

“I got you,” Andros suddenly said. He and the other Rangers, along with Fulgore, Spinal, Ruth, Sal, and Hanim had come down in response to Jenny’s distress signal. Each of them were on their Galaxy Gliders. Andros had caught Hallie at about 15 feet from the ground.

“What’s going on,” Cassie asked.

Jenny pointed to the large monster. “That’s going on!”

The monster approached the tallest building in Angel Grove. It grabbed the building side and climbed up to the top. At the top, it gave an enormous yell before a yellow light covered him, right in front of the heroes’ very eyes!

When the light disappeared, the monster changed dramatically. 1st: It now came with large, leathery wings. 2nd: It grew so large that the wings shielding the body also covered the entire building. 3rd: It’s neck was extremely long; when it was smaller, the neck was barely seen. And 4th: It’s head was more like a cross between a snapping turtle and a bat than just a lizard’s head.

It gave a piercingly loud scream and flew right up into space. The others followed it. The Spices, with the exception of Fulgore, reentered the Megaship. Soon, everyone had to increase their speed momentously in order to keep up with it, and even then, it was difficult.

“That overgrown bat is fast,” Fulgore said.

“How in the world can it survive through space,” Ashley asked. “There’s no air.”

“If and when we can catch it, you can ask it,” Jenny said sarcastically.

Suddenly, a message was coming through. Surprisingly, Dimitria was making contact with them. Jenny smiled in delight. “Dimitria!”

“Power Rangers,” Dimitria said. “Spice Club. I’ve just heard what happened. Send a few of you back to the planet of Targona. There is someone there that might be able to help you.” Then, as quickly as the message came, it was gone.

“How does this Dimitria know about that,” Fulgore asked.

“Dimitria has many powers, Fulgore,” T. J. answered. “And, as far as I know, she’s never been wrong yet.”

“Let me go, guys,” Hanim volunteered. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have brought the jewel with me.”

“All right, Hanim,” Andros said. “Take T. J. with you, and good luck.”

Hanim went to her Galaxy Glider. She went in the direction of Targona, with T. J. following her.

“I’ve plotted its course,” Marvin announced. “It’s headed for another planet with an oxygen atmosphere, called Marzina.”

The creature arrived what seemed to be a mine settlement. There were large tanks, either one of two different sizes. The monster tore off the top of one of the shorter tanks. It had more Dylithiam crystals in it. The monster began to gorge on it.

“Oh, great,” Hallie muttered in sarcasm.

“It’s generating heat energy,” Marvin said.

“It must be getting ready to grow again,” Jenny said.

“Oh, no,” Lexington shouted. “The power of these Dylithiam Crystals is unstable. If the inner temperature of that monster reaches 12 hundred degrees, the whole place will blow up!”

“That means we’ll blow up with it,” Sal pointed out.

“Let’s go,” Jenny shouted, running out of the bridge. Knowing that the atmosphere on this planet contained oxygen; Ruth, Hallie, and Sal joined her outside.

“We have to find some way to cool this guy down,” Hallie exclaimed.

“These larger tanks are cooling agents,” Andros informed, remembering his history about this planet Marzina. “But the walls of those cooling tanks are made of pure titanium; we have to figure out a way to get it open.”

“Just leave it to me,” Fulgore volunteered.

He flew to what looked like a steering wheel on the side of a cooling tank. The function of this wheel: to release the cooling agents inside the tank. However, as Fulgore tried to turn it, the wheel broke off, causing Fulgore to shift backwards a few feet.

“Whoa,” he shouted. Then, he looked at the broken wheel. “Hmm, looks like I have to break my way through.” He flew back to the tank and begun punching at it. If he was punching an opponent, he would have killed him/her with one blow. But the tank was not affected by any of the punches Fulgore gave.

Fulgore stopped and gave some thought to this. “This is going to be tougher than I thought.”

The monster continued to eat at the crystals.

“Seven hundred degrees and rising,” Lexington informed.

“While Fulgore figures a way to get that tank open, we have to lure that monster away from the crystals,” Cassie said.

Jenny looked at Ruth. “Ruth,” she called. “See what you can do.”

Ruth gave a few seconds of thought. “This is going to take teamwork,” she said. “Les Bijoux Magique: Illusion!” In a few seconds, what seemed like clones of Ruth and her Galaxy Glider zoomed around the monster’s head.

Soon, there was a total of almost 100 illusions of Ruth, trying to get the monster’s attention. What one Ruth did, the holograms all followed her example precisely.

For a while, the monster stared at all of the Ruths. It started screaming at them, and swung its tail to one, then another, and still another. Then, realizing what she was trying to do, it struck the real Ruth, throwing her off balance and almost off her Galaxy Glider. Then, it continued to eat.

All the holograms of Ruth combined into the real one. She flew to one side. “That didn’t work. So, what do we do now?”

Fulgore had picked up a large boulder high above his head. “Stand by, guys,” he said. “Let’s see if I can crush this silly thing!” He threw the boulder to the side of the tank. Instead of breaking the wall, however, the boulder itself broke to pieces, all of them in between 1 and 3 inches in diameter.

“Boy, this silly thing can crush back,” Fulgore said. “They don’t make them like this anymore.”

“One thousand degrees and rising,” Lexington shouted.

Ruth gave a sigh. “Sometimes I wonder why I took this job,” she mumbled to herself.

At least the Rangers and the majority of the Spices were not the only ones with monster problems, as Hanim and T. J. were about to find out.

They zoomed into the atmosphere of Targona. They were about to jump off and investigate the planet, a grid of red lines seemed to appear out of nowhere, and catch them! The Galaxy Gliders were more fortunate; they were able to escape through the holes.

“What is this stuff,” T. J. asked in a shout.

“I’ve heard of clinging vines in my jungle experiences, but this is ridiculous,” Hanim remarked.

“It’s almost like we are caught in a spider’s web.”

Hanim looked up. “T. J., look at that thing!”

T. J. also looked up. A large creature was at the top of the “web.” It had a purple belly and 8 purple legs. Elsewhere, it was green, and had one large eye. It’s mouth was similar to a scorpion’s, and it looked hungry. It started to descend on them in an extremely slow pace.

“T. J.,” Hanim shouted. “We’ve got to get out of here!”

“Astro Axe,” T. J. responded. His weapon appeared in his hand. He began to slice at the web. Instead of getting them free, however, the axe seemed to tangle them even more. Finally, T. J. stopped. “This stuff is unbreakable!”

“Not quite,” a hissing voice behind them said. They turned to behold the snakelike creature for the first time, Darah. This time, he was holding a rifle-like invention, which had what seemed like a light bulb at the emitting end. “Thisssss (This) devisssse (device) can ressssscue (rescue) you, if you agree to my termsssss (terms). If not...”

The monster came closer...

Hanim turned to Darah. “Who are you, and what do you want?”

“My name isssss (is) Darah. I was once a henchman to Dark Ssssspecter (Specter), but you need my help. He ordered me to plant that jewel ssssso (so) you would pick it up, but I’ll tell you what I know about it, if you agree to give me a ride off of thissss (this) wretched planet!”

“Well, we don’t make deals with Dark Specter or his helpers,” Hanim said. She sounded serious. But then, she looked up to the spider-like creature, which was now about 10 feet away. Her voice tremored as she continued. “But, in this case, we’ll make an exception.”

Darah chuckled. “Sssssmart (Smart) move,” he said, as he aimed the device to the two. Once he fired, a blue bubble came from the “light bulb” surrounded Hanim and T. J. The bubble also created a hole at the moment the creature jumped at his prey. In reaction, the creature fell into the hole and fell to his death, while the heroes were carried to safety.

“Now,” Darah said. “Keep your promisssse (promise), and I’ll give you the informasssssion (information) you need.”

“Well,” said T. J. “Okay.”

Then, he and Hanim turned their backs to Darah. “Galaxy Gliders, hang ten,” they shouted in unison. Their gliders responded to their call and returned to them. Hanim got on hers immediately. But T. J. got on and held out his hand to Darah.

“Hop on,” he encouraged.

Darah accepted the invitation. He held onto T. J.’s hand as he pulled him up. Then, they went on their way. While on the way to Marzina, Darah explained the situation.

“Agessss (Ages) ago, my anssssesssstorssssss (ancestors) were attacked by the ssssame (same) creature you’re now fighting. If it eatssssss (eats) enough Dylithiam Crystalsssss (Crystals), it will become powerful enough to dessssstroy (destroy) the Earth!”

“So, that’s Dark Specter’s plan,” T. J. said in realization.

“Terrific,” Hanim said sarcastically. “Andros and the others do not want to hear about this.”

At this point, however, the only thing Andros and the others didn’t want to know was...

“Oh no,” Lexington shouted. “The temperature had just struck 1200 degrees!”

Ebony, Ruth’s pet panther, finally could not take the exciting pressure anymore. She ran out of the bridge, teleported out, and begun digging, like a dog, at the dirt directly next to the Dylithiam Crystal tank. The chunks of dirt caught Fulgore’s attention, since some of it went into his ponytail.

“Hey,” Fulgore shouted, as if he was insulted. Then, he looked at Ebony in awe. “Goodness gracious me! Jago’s Tiger Spirit is real!”

Ebony stopped digging and looked at Fulgore in confusion. “Jago? Tiger Spirit? What are you talking about?”

Realizing his mistake, Fulgore quickly came up with a way to pardon himself. “Uh, nothing. Just something a former friend of mine believed in.” Understanding, Ebony continued digging. “And just what are you doing?”

Ebony heard him, but dug her way underneath. Her voice echoed, “If you follow me, you’ll know what my idea is.”

Fulgore followed her. Then, realizing what she had in mind, he continued crawling until he was at the underground-center of the tank. “Nice going, kitty,” he complimented. “Now, let’s see if I can hoist this thing!” He began pushing upward on the tank. Slowly, he emerged from the dirt.

The sudden evelation startled the monster. He stopped eating the crystals, gave a loud yell, and seemed as if he was going to stomp its feet.

Fulgore began twirling it around. When he reached a certain speed, he threw the tank, with the monster on it, out into space. “Bye-bye, birdie,” he said.

As the tank continued twirling, it went up higher and higher, until finally a light came out, indicating that it might have exploded. A few seconds later, T. J. and Hanim arrived with Darah.

“Too bad you guys didn’t get here sooner,” Fulgore said. “What’s left of that monster wouldn’t make a decent Thanksgiving turkey.”

“Did you find out what’s going on,” Andros asked.

“Yes,” T. J. answered. Then, he looked at Darah as he jumped off. “Thanks to him,” he added gratefully.

“Yesssss (Yes),” Darah said. “I can essssplain (explain) everything.”

“Great,” Andros said. “Then, let’s...” But he was cut off by a large scream.

They all looked up into the sky. The creature had changed even more dramatically. 1st: It’s color was now red, except for a yellow belly. 2nd: It had three heads. 3rd: On the end of each wing was what seemed like large feather symbolizing fingers. And 4th: At the end of the tail was what looked like a small crystal; before, the tail was plain.

“I thought you took care of it,” Hanim said, looking at Fulgore.

“I thought I did, too,” Fulgore answered.

Instead of attacking them, this time, the creature merely zoomed overhead. Then, they all realized what the monster’s destination was: Earth!

“It looks like it’s going to take care of Earth,” Andros said.

“Unless we do something about it,” Jenny exclaimed with determination. “C’mon!”

Most everyone got back to the Astro Megaship. But Hanim stayed behind for a short while. “We’ll send a ship back to get you,” she promised. Then, she left as well.

Darah looked around. There was nothing but yellow as far as the eye could see, as if he was in the middle of a desert. “Sssssswell (Swell),” Darah said sarcastically. “Thissss (This) issss (is) an even worssssse (worse) dump than Targona!”

The Astro Megaship followed the monster in hot pursuit. Hanim knew that this was all her fault. “It’s headed for Earth,” she exclaimed in responsibility. “I’ve got to stop it.” She left the bridge and got on her Galaxy Glider.

“Hanim, stop,” Andros yelled. “It’s too dangerous to tackle it alone!”

But Hanim didn’t listen. In frustration, Sal went after her.

After Sal left, Andros sighed. “How insane can you Spices get?”

Jenny nodded her head in thought. “Pretty insane.”

Outside, Hanim and Sal flew closer to the monster. One of the heads peeked over and fired lasers from its eyes. Hanim and Sal easily dodged them.

"Ice should stop it,” Sal said, firing some blue lasers from his palms. The head turned to ice upon contact. But in a few moments, the head crushed the ice by snapping its mouth shut. In anger, it fired more lasers.

“It broke loose,” Hanim exclaimed.

“Hanim, Sal, look out,” a female voice called from nowhere. They turned to the owner of the voice: Ruth. She had slipped out, unnoticed, and flew right towards them. She pushed both of them out of the way just before a laser hit her!

Ruth gave a loud scream. She fell down, but fortunately, her Galaxy Glider was able to stop her from falling into the infinity of space. However, the property that caught everyone’s attention the most was the fact that Ruth turned to a silver color. Noticing the distraction, the head of the monster turned back and laid eyes on Earth.

“Ruth’s been turned to crystal,” Hanim shouted.

“I’ll get her,” Sal said. He zoomed downward and scooped Ruth into his arms.

At that moment, Dimitria turned on communications again. “Power Rangers. Spice Club. I saw what happened. I’m located on Eltar, where I’m investigating the area of Zordon’s home. Get Magic Spice here immediately.”

“But what about the monster,” Andros asked.

“If we hurry, we might find a way to revive Magic Spice before it reaches Earth.” Then, Dimitria turn communications off. The Megaship turned around and went for Eltar.

“And the agent Darah said that something on Targona turned the monster back into an egg,” Dimitria asked.

“That’s right,” Hanim answered. She, Sal, Jenny, and the Rangers were in a Power Chamber environment on Eltar, the same one that Spinal had been in when he asked Dimitria for advice when Jenny was bitten by the Slumber Snake.

Ruth was lying down on what seemed like a medical bed, and Alpha was working with the controls. “I’ve got the answer,” he suddenly shouted. “Negative electricity!”

“Of course,” Andros exclaimed. “I should have guessed. Most of the electricity in the universe is positive, but the Targona mists are negative. It reversed the growth process of the monster.”

“And it might reverse Ruth’s crystallization,” Alpha said, as he fiddled with the controls some more.

In a few seconds, Ruth’s silver color turned back to normal. However, she kept her eyes closed.

“Please, Ruth,” Carlos whispered, obviously apprehensive. “Come on back.” Then, as if answering his call, Ruth weakly opened her eyes.

“It worked,” Andros shouted. “She’s coming to.”

Frail and tired, Ruth barely got up. “Did anyone get the license plate of the Zord that hit me,” Ruth asked, apparently still with her sense of humor.

Carlos chuckled and hugged his wife, obviously relieved. “Welcome back, Ruth.”

“So far, so good,” Jenny said. “But where are we going to get enough negative electricity to stop a monster that size?”

Everyone gave some thought to the question. Then, Ashley asked, “Doesn’t Venus have frequent electrical storms?”

Realizing what Ashley had in mind, the other got ready to go. Carlos, supporting Ruth, was going slightly slower, but managed to catch up with the others.

After everyone arrived back at the bridge, Jenny called, “We need the Mega Voyager, now!”

After the Mega Voyager arrived and the appropriate Spices entered it, they went after the monster. It was just arriving in Angel Grove as the Mega Voyager lowered itself in front of it. In unison, the three heads emitted some yellow smoke from their nostrils.

Jenny had already come up with an idea of what they should do if this happens. “Ruth,” she called. “Prepare to teleport.”

Ruth activated her magic ability. She gave forth an invisible wave, making the Mega Voyager disappear, right before the yellow smoke could reach them. The Mega Voyager reappeared behind the creature. “Hey ugly,” Jenny called. “Over here!”

The three heads, in shock, gave out loud, confusing yells. In anger, the monster chased the Mega Voyager, going en route to Venus. This took several minutes, and during that time, the monster tried several times to destroy the Mega Voyager. Fortunately, the Mega Voyager dodged every single attack.

Finally, the Mega Voyager arrived on Venus. And this was during one of the most dangerous electrical storms ever. The Mega Voyager raised its left arm and began to absorb the energy from one of the electrical bolts.

“Look out,” Spinal said out of nowhere. “Here it comes.”

The monster zoomed downward towards the front of the Mega Voyager. It would have caught it in its claws if the Spices didn’t control the Mega Voyager to land flat on its face in order to avoid its attack.

“Now’s our chance,” Jenny exclaimed. “Reverse the polarity, positive to negative.”

“Here it comes again,” Spinal shouted.

“Mega Lasers, fire!”

The mega Voyager discharged a powerful beam of negative electricity to the monster. Upon contact, it screamed and struggled, but it couldn’t get free. Even though the monster slowly began to change, no one noticed it, until C. C. could tell that there was one head instead of three.

“It’s working,” she shouted.

Eventually, the monster transformed into a the jewel Hanim found. The Mega Voyager stopped firing the lasers, caught the egg in its hand, and begun to fly into space.

“Now, to take it back to Targona,” Jenny said.

“You guys were great,” Cassie exclaimed.

“Especially you, Hanim,” Jenny said, looking to one side. But Hanim wasn’t there. Jenny began to look around. But Hanim wasn’t on the bridge. “Hanim?”

At that moment, Hanim entered the bridge, holding something in her hands. “Hey, you guys,” she shouted. “Look what I’ve got!” She presented the object; it was in the form of a crystal.

“Oh no,” Hallie shouted. “Not again!” Instantly, everyone ran around, screaming. They hid behind the chairs, the controls, and anything large enough to hide them.

Hanim chuckled. “Some heroes you guys are,” she said sarcastically. She removed the top, showing a small spraying object. “Scared of a bottle of perfume!”

The End... for now