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A Fatal Course
by : Crypt

Another morning in space. The surroundings of the Astro Megaship looked the same as always, a huge ocean of darkness inhabited by twinkling beacons (also known as stars). The planetary bodies in space added the beauty to the universe. But the reason for the Power Rangers and the Spice Club’s exploration wasn’t just to experience the beauty. They were on a grueling mission to rescue the good wizard Zordon from the forces of evil.

“Time to wake up, Jenny,” Deca said flatly.

A small light automatically came on, shining over Jenny’s face. She shielded her eyes with her hand and sat up in bed. She was a typical early-riser.

“Okay, okay, get up, you say,” she said. “Time to start another day.”

She got up and walked down the hall and into the dining room. The other Spice Club members were early risers, too. Cassie was looking over an old homework assignment.

“Aw man, I can’t believe I missed that problem!” she complained.

The Cryptkeeper leaned over to look at her paper and noticed her full name written across the top. “Cassie Chan, eh? Any relation to Jackie Chan by any chance?”

Cassie laughed. “I wish.”

Suddenly, Psycho Red entered the room. Everyone was instantly on their feet. Spinal emitted a prolonged scream. Psycho Red merely stood in the doorway. He gently grabbed either side of his head and removed his helmet. It was Zhane.

“Ha ha; I fooled you guys, didn’t I?” he laughed.

“Funny, Zhane,” Jenny sighed.

“What’s going on?” asked a very confused Andros.

“It was just a joke,” Zhane said.

“Oh, a joke!” Andros forced a chuckle. “Good one!”

“Well, I’m going to go change,” Zhane said. “I’ll be right back.” He left the dining room.

“So, he likes to play jokes, huh?” Jenny asked Andros.

“Well.....yeah,” Andros replied.

“Well, two can play at that game.....” Jenny got up and walked to her locker. She opened it up and pulled out a whoopie cushion. She held it out for everyone to see, and the other Spices began giggling.

“What is that?” Andros asked.

The Spices only giggled harder as Jenny sat back down and placed the cushion in the seat next to her. Zhane returned wearing his Astro uniform and noticed everyone giggling.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Oh, I was just saying that if Spinal should scream aboard this ship, chances are, there’s nothing to worry about,” Fulgore lied, although it was true.

“C’mon, Zhane, have a seat!” Jenny called cheerfully.

“Well, don’t mind if I do!” Zhane cried. He sat on the whoopie cushion, creating a hideous farting noise. The Spices burst out laughing. Andros and Zhane’s eyes widened. Zhane stood up and pulled out the whoopie cushion.

“What is this?” he asked.

“Just.....a thing,” Jenny stammered.

“You’re not the only one who likes to play jokes, zany Zhane,” the Cryptkeeper said.

“Rangers, please report to the bridge,” Deca said calmly. “The Astro Megaship is veering on a potentially fatal course.”

“Uh-oh.....” was the only thought crossing the heroes’ minds as they got up and raced towards the bridge. The Rangers immediately took their stations as the Spices stood in whatever space was left. Cassie quickly punched some buttons on her terminal, and a visual appeared on the monitor in front of the group.

“We’re heading straight for a black hole!” she exclaimed.

“We’re WHAT?!?!?” Spinal cried.

Jenny’s heart stopped. “Oh my God.....get out, veer away, do something, I don’t care how or what, just do something!!!” she screamed.

The Rangers pulled on the joysticks, but the extreme gravity of the black hole wouldn’t allow them to budge.

“It’s not working; the gravity’s too strong!” T.J. cried.

“We need a new plan!” Carlos yelled.

“And fast!” Ashley added.

“Spinal, hit the manual overdrive button!” Andros shouted.

“Right!” Spinal responded. He looked over the control terminal at the edge of the room. When he found it, he jammed his finger on it so hard, it was bent backwards.


“It didn’t work!” C.C. announced.

“Now what!?” Spinal cried.

“We’re in big trouble,” Andros mumbled.

“What are we gonna do, what are we gonna do, what are we gonna do?” Hallie sobbed.

“You heard your sister, o fearless leader,” the Cryptkeeper said. “What are we gonna do!?”

Jenny didn’t look at him. She hadn’t even heard him. She stared at the empty vortex that would lead to their oblivion. To their knowledge, the Power Rangers and the Astro Megaship would surely be crushed. But what of the Spices, who lacked the ability to die? What will become of them?

Jenny’s heart was pounding. She breathed heavily to contain it within her chest. Her eyes were wide as she stared at the black hole. “Oh my God......” She had never been so frightened since her past life. “Oh my God.....”

The others weren’t much better off. They, too, stared at the screen, their eyes open wide.

Suddenly, there was a thudding noise causing the entire ship to tip, throwing everyone off balance. The lights went off for a second, then flickered back on.

“What was that!?” Spinal questioned.

“The ship’s being bombarded with objects that are being sucked into the black hole with us!” Ashley told him.

A large asteroid slammed into the ship, having the same effect as the first object. The Spices lost total balance and fell to the floor. They were quickly back on their feet.

“I’m scared!” Hallie cried, her arms around her sister’s waist.

“Me, too,” Jenny admitted.

Suddenly, the ship was damaged by another asteroid. The ground once again shook violently, throwing the Spices to the floor. Hallie landed near Spinal. When the lights went out, they didn’t come back on. The room was completely dark except for the comets that zoomed past them into the emptiness of the black hole.

“What!? The lights went out!” Ruth cried.

“But what’s that light out there?” Spinal asked.

“It’s just light,” Hallie replied. “The gravity of the black hole is so great, not even light can escape!”

“That’s it!” Spinal cried. “We’re goners! We’re through, dead, kaput!!”

“All right, ladies and gentlemen!” the Cryptkeeper announced. “For old times sake, START SCREAMING!!!!”

“I like that idea!” Spinal told him.

The Spices (except Jenny) began to scream. Sure, it wouldn’t get them away from the black hole, but what else could they do? Jenny and the Rangers still stared at the screen as the black hole got nearer and nearer. The light from the comets outside made it look like they were in the middle of a severe lightning storm. Finally, with a jerk, the black hole sucked the Astro Megaship into the center.

Then darkness.......

Author’s Note: This fic is will conclude the first Spice Club season. The future fics will take place in a combined PRiS/PRLG universe.

The End