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No Turning Back
by : Crypt

Hallie and Kathy were still hard at work trying to teach Robyn and Rachel the way of the warrior. Perhaps it was a bit early for this, though.

“Okay, reach out with your foot like this.....” Hallie instructed, performing a slow-motion snap kick.

Robyn threw her leg up, trying to kick, but she lost her balance, staggered back, and fell on her rear. Hallie sighed.

“Okay, let’s go,” she said. “Perhaps we should start with the punches. Okay, do what I do.”

Hallie extended her fist slowly. Robyn copied her move. Hallie pulled that fist back and extended the other. Robyn did the same. Hallie performed a slow-motion uppercut, which Robyn copied. Suddenly, Hallie sneezed. Robyn got confused, but she faked a sneeze anyway. Then she fell on her rear again.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Hallie said, helping her up.

“What your name?” Robyn asked out of nowhere.

“My name is Hallie.”

“Hallie.....” Robyn giggled.

“Rachel, come back here!” Kathy cried as Rachel crawled out of the room. “Rachel!”

She ran and brought Rachel back into the room.

“Okay, stick your fist out like this.” Kathy threw a slow punch. Rachel copied her move. Ruth and Carlos entered the room.

“Hey, how are they doing?” Ruth asked.

“About as well as can be expected,” Hallie said.

Robyn punched her in the stomach, and Hallie sank to the floor. Robyn then blew a raspberry in her face.

“Yeah, they’ll catch on in no time,” Kathy added as Rachel crawled around her in circles.

The parents laughed. “That’s nice.....”

Ecliptor had been hiding something from Scorpius ever since they first met. So far, Darkonda had apparently been loyal to Astronema, but was often sneaking off to help her enemies in some way.

“Scorpius, I request a word with you,” Ecliptor said.

“Of course, Ecliptor,” Scorpius replied. “Speak.”

“I came to warn you that Darkonda is not as loyal as he seems. He is capable of betrayal.”

“Darkonda, betray? I find that difficult to believe. Why, Darkonda is one of the most even creatures I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

“Darkonda is evil.....” Ecliptor agreed, “but he’s a traitor, a double-crossing cheat. I’ve known him for many millennia. Presently, his love for Tonfa Spice drowns his evil spirit. It may have been that Darkonda has assisted her in escaping your clutches.”

Scorpius made eye contact with Ecliptor for the first time. “Darkonda......loves Tonfa Spice as well?”

“He not only loves her,” Ecliptor explained. “He is married to her. Married for over a year.”

“Hmm.....” Scorpius pondered for a moment. “So Darkonda is the lucky husband, eh? That explains why Tonfa Spice has such an evil gift.....”

“I suggest that we destroy Darkonda as soon as possible,” Ecliptor said.

“You are correct, Ecliptor,” Scorpius agreed. “With Darkonda gone, Tonfa Spice will be where she belongs.......at my side. We’ll ambush them the next time they get together.”

Ecliptor nodded, then left to prepare the evil troops.....

Back at the Megaship, the Spices were dancing to a groovy tune. While the music was awesome, the lyrics were boring.

“Up.....and down, and up.....and down, and up......and down.....”

The Spices enjoyed singing to it. Their dancing moves were awesome. It was another one of their aerobic workouts....

Meanwhile, Jenny was not participating in this workout. She sat out in an empty field apparently meditating. She sat cross-legged with her eyes closed. Darkonda appeared somewhere behind her. He walked straight up to her and sat down beside her. Jenny didn’t seem to notice him, so Darkonda reached over and brushed her hair away from her eyes. Jenny opened her eyes and looked at him, then jumped back, startled.

“Darkonda.....do you always have to do that?” she asked.

“Hey, I have to keep my evil alive somehow,” Darkonda replied. “So, what were you doing?”

“Meditating....getting my head together,” Jenny said.

“Hmm.....” Darkonda reached out and gently grabbed her head. “Your head seems fine to me.”

Jenny chuckled as she gently took Darkonda’s hands away. “Yeah, whatever. So.....what are you here for?”

“I wanted to show you something. I found this place.”

“What kind of place?”

“It’s just like the planet Onyx.”

“You mean like an Old West town full of monsters?”

“That’s it. It can be our new hangout,” Darkonda said.

“But what will the monsters there think of me?” Jenny asked.

“I’m sure they’ll find you quite charming,” Darkonda told her. “Now......shall we be off?”

Jenny paused for a moment. “Well.....okay.”

They stood up. Darkonda took her hand and they vanished from the field.

The place that Darkonda was talking about looked just like Onyx. Darkonda led Jenny into the saloon. She held onto his arm tightly, for she was frightened. The monsters there were just as indescribable as the ones back on Onyx. Darkonda led her straight to the counter.

“Well, howdy stranger,” the employee said. “You new around here?”

“Yes, we are,” Darkonda told him. “I am Darkonda, bounty hunter.”

“Darkonda.....never heard of you. You must be from the other universe,” the employee said. “And who is she, a captive?”

“Uh.....” Darkonda glanced at Jenny, then grabbed her wrist. “Well, yes.....she is a captive.”

Jenny shot her husband a look. But she understood what he was doing. Would he just up and say that she was his wife?

“So, what’ll it be, stranger.....err, I mean Darkonda?” the employee asked.

“What do you got?” Darkonda snapped.

“Oh, nothing much. Just the Oblivious Special.”

“Oblivious? Is that what this place is called?”

“Yes, sir.”

“All right, I’ll take the Special. And get one for her, too; I’m feeling generous today.”

The employee left the room to carry out the order. Jenny looked at Darkonda.

“Captive, huh?” she asked.

“Yeah.....” Darkonda whispered.


The employee returned with two steamy glasses. “Enjoy.”

Darkonda and Jenny picked up their drinks and took a sip. Jenny found the taste repulsive, for it stung her throat. She coughed violently.

“Eeeuw.....yuck,” she groaned.

“Nasty?” Darkonda asked.


Suddenly, a monster ran into the saloon in pure panic. “Furio is coming! Everyone rise!”

“Oh no.....” Jenny mumbled.

She and Darkonda stood along with the other monsters. Furio entered the saloon with an army of Stingwingers.

“I’m looking for a warrior called.....Darkonda!” he announced.

Darkonda stepped forward. “That would be me.”

Furio turned. “Darkonda......Scorpius requests that you be destroyed so that Tonfa Spice will belong to him.”

Jenny gasped. Darkonda growled.


“I’ll give you one more chance, Darkonda,” Furio said. “Hand over the girl, or I’ll have the Stingwingers attack.”

Darkonda drew his sword. “And I said never! You shall never have her! The girl chose me a long time ago!”

Meanwhile, Jenny hid behind Darkonda.

“Very well, then,” Furio growled. “You’ll pay dearly for your insolence. Stingwingers, attack!”

The Stingwingers obeyed. Darkonda stepped forward, swinging his sword at them to defend himself. Jenny let out her best “damsel-in-distress” scream.

“Don’t you dare lay a sickle on my bride!” Darkonda shouted.

The Stingwingers started to grab Jenny, so she threw them off and punched them. The other monsters gasped and scrambled away to avoid the fray. Jenny picked up a wooden chair and slammed it into a Stingwinger.

The Stingwingers surrounded Darkonda and used their arms to sweep him to the floor. Jenny gasped, raced over, and kicked one of them away, giving Darkonda a chance to get up.

“Darkonda, we have to get out of here!” Jenny cried.

Without responding, Darkonda fought off some more Stingwingers. Jenny ran out of the saloon.

“Get her!!!” Furio screamed.

Darkonda turned to realize that Jenny was gone. “Hey, wait for me!!” He tore through the wooden doors of the saloon and ran after Jenny. He used his super speed to catch up to her.

“You weren’t going to leave me, were you?” he asked.

“You’re more than welcome to follow me,” Jenny replied.

The Stingwingers chased them, firing their lasers at the couple. They both lost their balance and fell down. The Stingwingers flew over their heads and landed in front of them. Jenny and Darkonda stood up.

“Galaxy glider, hang ten!” Jenny called.

A galaxy glider zoomed down to her rescue, and she hopped on.

“Hey, what about me!?” Darkonda protested.

“Come on!” Jenny called.

Darkonda hopped on the galaxy glider behind Jenny and wrapped his arms around her waist for support. The glider took off immediately. They passed some Velocifighters, where Quantrons where climbing in and taking off. The Velocifighters flew after them, firing their weapons. The explosions caused the couple to lose their balance. Jenny guided the glider into an alley to escape the Velocifighters. They flew back into the main road. A Velocifighter was on their tail. Then Jenny saw a Velocifighter in front. She gasped.


Darkonda also saw the Velocifighter in front of them. Jenny could feel his grip tighten around her body.

“Brace yourself, my love,” he told her.

He made a tremendous leap, flipping over the Velocifighter, still holding Jenny. The galaxy glider flew under the evil ship. Amazingly, the couple landed back on the galaxy glider. Jenny gasped again.

“Safe and sound,” Darkonda assured her.

The two Velocifighters collided and exploded. Jenny flew the glider into space.

“Well, I’m glad that’s over,” she sighed.

“True, but Scorpius will not give up that easily,” Darkonda told her. “They’ll be back soon, so we’ve got to keep on our toes.”

Jenny nodded, then headed for a random planet....

Spinal was asleep in his bed on the Megaship. Robyn and Rachel snuck into the bedroom, Robyn carrying a baseball bat. The twins approached the skeleton warrior slowly, and Robyn raised the bat. She brought it down sharply, hitting Spinal repeatedly, rudely waking him up. He sat up screaming, frightening the twins. They raced out of the room. Spinal lay back down on his bed, sobbing. Several minutes later, he joined his friends in the dining room.

“Spinal, what’s wrong?” C.C. asked.

“Those kids are torturing me!” Spinal sobbed.

Fulgore laughed. “See, I always knew that you enjoyed the torture! Why else would you be tortured by kids?”

“Ruth and Carlos are so unprepared for parenthood,” C.C. said. “How old are they.....18? Ruth has suffered from teenage pregnancy, and that’s a big issue nowadays. What the hell were they thinking anyway?”

“We were thinking that, by having children, Carlos and I would form an eternal bond,” Ruth responded from the doorway.

“Well, I think you should’ve waited a while longer,” C.C. said.

“I agree,” Fulgore said. “Having children is a giant step, and you two made the leap without looking!”

“What is there to look at?” Ruth asked. “You feed them and change their diapers, and you’re done. Besides, thanks to the Lightstar Crystal, we don’t even have to do that anymore.”

“Not necessarily,” C.C. said. “Have you thought about their mental health? Are you aware that those precious kids have just beaten Spinal with a baseball bat?”

Ruth and Carlos looked at each other uneasily. “Ouch.....”

The Cryptkeeper entered the room and sat down. “Don’t you think you’re a little young to be parents?” he asked.

“Why does everyone keep asking us that?” Carlos asked.

“Because studies show that young parents like yourselves have a tendency to allow their children to go running around naked in a spaceship,” the Cryptkeeper told him.

Ruth and Carlos exchanged another uneasy glance and ran from the room. The Spices laughed.....

Meanwhile, Darkonda and Jenny were ambushed by more Velocifighters. They had pinpointed the couple’s destination, so they sent Stingwingers to wait on the planet. Jenny flew down to the jungle planet, but the Velocifighters didn’t follow. The Stingwingers took over the pursuit, flying after the couple, firing their lasers. Jenny steered the galaxy glider shakily to avoid the lasers and the trees.

“I can’t maneuver with a passenger!” she cried.

“Keep steering,” Darkonda instructed. “I’ll subdue these insects!”

He turned around on the galaxy glider and fired energy blasts from his palms. Fortunately, he had an excellent aim; each shot struck a Stingwinger, causing them to crash. When he was done, he turned back around.

“Well, that’s that,” he said.

But that wasn’t that. Another group of Stingwingers attacked. One of them flew beside the couple. It fired its lasers, one of which struck Darkonda’s hip. Darkonda screamed as he fell off the galaxy glider.

“Darkonda?” Jenny called, only to realize that her husband was no longer on the glider with her.

The Stingwingers continued to fire their lasers. Jenny emitted a shriek, then leaned forward to increase her speed. At least she was able to steer better. She kept her head backwards, trying to keep an eye on the killer bees. She turned forward again to see that she was rapidly heading for a tree. There was no time for her to maneuver around it, so she leaped off to the side. The galaxy glider crashed into the tree, but didn’t explode. Jenny landed on her back on a pile of leaves and dirt. She stood up quickly.

“That does it!” she growled, drawing her sword.

The Stingwingers buzzed toward her quickly. As they flew by, Jenny swung the sword, striking each and every one. Each attack drew green blood from them, spraying all over her. The giant insects crashed on the ground.

“Oh yuck!” Jenny cried. “Darkonda!”

As if on cue, Darkonda appeared in front of her, startling her.

“I’m all right, my love,” he said. He looked around. “What a mess!”

Jenny shrugged. “Now what?”

Darkonda looked up at the sky, which was getting dark. “It is getting late. We best get moving.”

“Move.....where?” Jenny asked. “Shouldn’t we just go on home before something else happens?”

“Perhaps,” Darkonda replied. “But all this danger is turning me on. There’s nothing like two lovers on the run.”

Jenny froze. “Okay.....” She giggled nervously.

“Come, my dear; we must find a place for the night.”

Taking Jenny’s hand, Darkonda led her through the jungle. Eventually, they emerged from the soggy maze of nature to a waterfall. They approached it slowly.

“Wait here; I’ll be right back,” Darkonda said.

He crept up even closer to the waterfall and seemed to go right behind it! Jenny turned around to see the sun disappearing behind the trees.

“Tonfa Spice!” Darkonda called a minute later. “In here!”

Jenny moved behind the waterfall. There was a small cave hidden there. Jenny stopped at the waterfall and showered the Stingwinger blood off. Then she twisted her shirt to drain the water out. She started to drain her hair, but something stopped her.

“Here.....allow me,” Darkonda said.

Jenny froze in shock as Darkonda squeezed her hair, draining the water out. When he was done, they both sat against the wall several inches apart. After a few seconds, Jenny scooted closer to Darkonda and leaned against him.

“Oooh, I’m cold!” she exclaimed, shivering violently.

Darkonda enjoyed the feeling of her quivering body against him. “Isn’t this beautiful?”

“This is weird,” Jenny said. “I feel like one of those secret spy agents.”

“We will survive, my love,” Darkonda assured her. “Together, we will triumph.”

“But we can’t stay in here forever.”

“We’ll only stay for the time being, only long enough for Scorpius’ troops to think that we’ve left the planet.”

“Okay.” Jenny sighed and closed her eyes. Darkonda ran his hands up her arms and touched her forehead. Jenny concentrated on the feeling of his hands gently drumming on her forehead as the loud, steady splash of the waterfall slowly lulled her to sleep.

The Rangers and Spices were getting a little worried.

“Hey, where’s Jenny?” Kai asked.

“She’s been out all day,” the Cryptkeeper told him.

“Don’t you think she’d be back by now?” Kendrix asked.

“There’s no telling when she’ll be back.....but she always comes back. Just don’t worry about her. She can take care of herself.”

“Especially if Darkonda is with her,” Spinal whispered, and the Spices cracked up.

“Just relax,” C.K. assured the Rangers. “Jenny’s fine.”

The Rangers shrugged. “If you say so.....”

Morning came. Jenny woke up from her beauty sleep. Her head was rested in Darkonda’s lap, and Darkonda was caressing her softly. Jenny sat up, breathing heavily. She looked around nervously.

“It’s morning,” Darkonda told her. “I believe it’s safe.”

Jenny still froze. “You stayed awake......all night?”

“Someone had to make certain that those pathetic cockroaches didn’t find us,” Darkonda said.

Jenny stood up. “Then let’s go.”

The couple emerged from the waterfall. They embarked on a peaceful walk through the jungle. However, Scorpius’ minions haven’t given up on their search. They hid behind the trees, nearly camouflaged against their surroundings. One of them tossed a blinking device at them as they walked by, but neither of them noticed. After a few seconds, the device exploded, sending the couple flying forward into a ditch. They both landed roughly on their backs.

“Oh man.....” Jenny groaned. “What was that?”

Before they could get up, the Stingwingers seized them both. They spread their wings out and held the couple several feet over the ground. Furio stepped out in front of them.

“Well, well, what have we here?” he gushed. “Two lost lovers on the run! Did you think you could protect the girl forever, Darkonda?”

“I will protect her forever!” Darkonda vowed.

“Not once you’re destroyed,” Furio said. “Tonfa Spice belongs to Scorpius now.”

“I don’t belong to anyone!” Jenny cried. “Let us go, you putrid insects!”

Furio laughed sinisterly. “I don’t think so. Back to the Scorpion Stinger!”

The Stingwingers vanished along with Darkonda and Jenny.....

The Rangers and Spices also woke up and had breakfast. The Rangers were even more worried because Jenny still hadn’t returned.

“Man, this has gone on long enough!” Damon complained. “Somebody needs to look for that girl!”

“Well, I suppose we can contact her and see if she’s all right,” the Cryptkeeper said, opening up his ring. “Jenny, come in; this is C.K. Do you read me?”

No answer.


Still nothing. The Cryptkeeper gave up.

“Hmm.....maybe something really did happen to her.”

“I think we’d better go out and find her,” Fulgore said.

Before they could get up and begin their search, the ship’s alarm went off.

“The Red, Black, and Yellow Psycho Rangers are in the Terra Venture,” Deca announced.

“I’ll take care of them,” Hallie said without hesitation.

“What!? By yourself!” Kai cried. “Are you nuts!?”

Hallie gave him a nasty look. “Oh Kai, don’t start that with me. Besides, Jenny says that the Psychos suck.”

“Maybe you should at least let someone come with you,” T.J. said.

“No thanks,” Hallie said. “But I’ll call if I should need help.”

“Okay,” Andros said. “Go on.”

Hallie skipped over to the yellow jump tube and hopped up and down in front of it several times before actually sliding through.

“Well.....” C.K. mumbled. “Good luck, little sister.”

“Come on,” Ruth said. “We’d better find Jenny.”

At the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius had a huge missile aimed at the ceiling. The Stingwingers brought Jenny and Darkonda to the ship and tied them tightly to the missile with thick chains. The chains were so tight, the couple found it difficult and painful to struggle.

“Now don’t go anywhere,” Furio told them. “Scorpius will be out momentarily to eat.....err, I mean, greet you.”

Jenny scoffed at the joke as Furio left the room. The couple squirmed against the tight chains again, groaning in pain. Jenny tried to look up at the missile.

“What is that thing?” she asked.

Darkonda looked up. “It looks like some sort of missile.”

Jenny tried to pull her arms free, but to no avail. “Ow, this hurts!” she groaned.

The door to their left slid open, and Scorpius himself stepped inside. “Oh don’t worry, Tonfa Spice,” he said coldly. “You won’t be cooped up like this forever......but you will be for the rest of your lives....unless.....”

“Unless what?”

“Unless you abandon this traitor and join me!”

Jenny stared at Scorpius. He was even uglier and more disgusting than she had recalled.

“Oh yuck! No way; he’s not a traitor,” Jenny told him. “Evil as he may be, he hasn’t let me down yet.”

Scorpius then turned to Darkonda. “Let’s see if you’re more cooperative.....or if Ecliptor was right about you after all.”

“Ecliptor! How dare he!?” Darkonda growled.

“You are evil, correct?” Scorpius continued. “You will give up Tonfa Spice. You will submit her to me.”

“I will not!” Darkonda shouted with great finality.

“You’ll never have me, Scorpius,” Jenny added. “I’ve already chosen Darkonda. He and I are one, now and forever.”

“Very well then,” Scorpius growled. “Since you two insist on staying together, I’ll make certain that you die together! See this missile?”

Jenny and Darkonda both looked up at the missile. “So?”

Scorpius pressed a button, and a digital clock on a monitor began to count down. “When this clock reaches zero, which will be in ten minutes, this missile will launch into space, carrying you with it. Ten minutes afterwards, the missile will explode, and you’ll be turned to space dust. I believe it is a fate that will suit you both.”

“Go ahead,” Darkonda told him. “We’d prefer to die together than to be separated in life.”

Scorpius headed towards the door from which he came. “The countdown to your destruction has begun.” As he left the room, the doors slid shut behind him.

Darkonda and Jenny looked at each other again and resumed squirming. This only lasted for a minute because Ecliptor entered the room.

“I should’ve destroyed you both long ago,” he said.

“Ecliptor, what did you tell him!?” Darkonda demanded.

“I just told him what low-life, cheating scum you are,” Ecliptor said. “Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed your time together, because it is swiftly coming to a close.” He pointed his sword at the clock as it continued to count down to zero......

Meanwhile, the three Psychos walked through the streets of Terra Venture trying to destroy it. Hallie went out to intercept them.

“Hey, Psychos!” she called, waving her arms, hopping up and down like....well....a little girl.

The Psychos turned.

“Well, look who’s here,” Psycho Black said.

“Sweet little Candy Spice,” Psycho Red added.

“You don’t stand a chance, little girl,” Psycho Yellow said.

“That’s what they all say,” Hallie called. “So come and get me. I’m waiting!”

The Psychos glanced at each other.

“This should be easy,” Psycho Red said softly.

The three Psychos ran at once. Hallie pulled out her pair of uneven blades and fought off the Psychos. Amazingly enough, she managed to beat all three of them.

“Ha! Tonfa Spice was right!” Hallie called. “You’re not fighters at all! You cheat with the Power Rangers! You can’t actually fight them!”

“Oh shut up, you little brat!” Psycho Red shouted.

“Don’t tell me to shut up!” Hallie cried. “You can’t even defeat a little girl; you have no right to order me around! Now be gone, you stupid Psychos! Tell Mommy what horrible fighters you are!”

The Psychos stood up shakily. “We’ll get you for this, Candy Spice!” They disappeared.

“That’s what they all say.....” Hallie sighed.

Meanwhile, Darkonda and Jenny were still uneasily waiting for the countdown to reach zero. They had to escape fast. Both were still trying to free themselves, but to no avail. Ecliptor was staring at the monitor, also eagerly awaiting the end of the countdown. Eventually, Jenny managed to squeeze one forearm through the chains. She aimed her palm at Ecliptor.

“Oh Candyman.....” she called sweetly.

Ecliptor didn’t move at first. There were only two minutes left until the missile would launch. He turned to face Jenny. When he did, she threw a fireball from her palm. Ecliptor reflected it with his sword. The fireball flew back at Jenny, hitting her stomach, and also breaking the chains. Darkonda and Jenny were free! Darkonda immediately drew his sword. He then clashed with Ecliptor. Suddenly, the ceiling above the missile began to open, and an alarm sounded, meaning that it was about to launch. Darkonda threw Ecliptor aside and looked up at the missile as smoke began to hiss from the bottom. Darkonda put an arm around Jenny’s waist and extended his other toward the top of the missile. A tendril fired from his wrist and stuck to the tip of the missile. Darkonda shortened it, pulling the couple onto it. The missile then launched into space.

“All right; we made it!” Jenny cried.

“We’re unbeatable!” Darkonda added.

The couple cruised on top of the missile for a while.

“Uh-oh.....” Jenny suddenly remembered. “Galaxy glider, hang ten!”

The galaxy glider answered her call. Jenny quickly hopped on it, and Darkonda followed, again holding her for support. Jenny leaned forward as far as she could and sped away from the missile. The missile suddenly exploded, barely missing the couple.

“Wow! I forgot about the missile exploding,” Darkonda said.

“Sure you did,” Jenny responded. “Let’s get out of here.”

The couple flew back down to the jungle planet. They appeared to be alone......for a while. They were both exhausted. Jenny embraced Darkonda, leaning against him.

“I’m tired,” she sighed.

Darkonda held her, running his fingers through her hair. “Don’t worry. I’ll be here while you rest.”

“Not for long, you won’t!” a voice hissed.

Jenny gasped as the couple was suddenly surrounded by Stingwingers again.

“Leave us alone!” she growled.

“Not until you surrender!” Furio told her.

“I’ll never surrender!” Jenny cried. “Scorpius is just an ugly insect!”

“Damn right,” another voice called.

Darkonda and Jenny turned to see the Rangers and Spices running into the clearing.

“Leave them alone, Furio!” Leo shouted.

“Not so fast,” Furio said. “Come, Stingwingers.”

The Stingwingers gathered around Furio and appeared to be plotting some kind of strategy. The heroes looked confused, then Darkonda whispered something into Jenny’s ear.

“Oh man, I hate that!” Jenny cried. “It wipes me out!”

“I know it doesn’t feel comfortable for you,” Darkonda said. “But it has to be done.”

Jenny pondered for a moment. She really didn’t want to do this. It felt really uncomfortable and it made her weak. “Do I have to?” she asked innocently.

“You have no other choice,” Darkonda said. “It’s our only hope.”

Jenny sighed. “All right......if I absolutely HAVE to......”

Furio and the Stingwingers looked up.

“Hey Furio,” Jenny said. “Darkonda has more talent in his pinky than you’ve got in your whole body.”

“Says who?” Furio asked.

“Says me,” Jenny responded.

“Yeah? Show me your talent.”

Darkonda and Jenny turned to face each other. Darkonda held out his arm and threw a tendril that struck Jenny’s right shoulder. Jenny groaned as she fell into Darkonda’s embrace. Her strength was already draining from her body. She looked up into Darkonda’s eyes, and they engaged in a passionate kiss. They pulled away from each other. Darkonda transformed into some sort of rope of light and went right into Jenny’s body. Jenny held her chest and stomach, groaning with discomfort.

“What is he doing to her?” Ruth asked.

As Jenny continued to writhe in agony, she suddenly became a blur. She seemed to be transforming. When the transformation was complete, the Rangers and Spices looked up in shock. Darkonda and Jenny had merged into one, similar to Darkliptor.

“Good God!” the heroes exclaimed.

“And just when you thought that they couldn’t get any closer!” the Cryptkeeper cried.

The new creation laughed. “Look at me now!” The voice seemed to be both Darkonda’s and Jenny’s combined. “Call me Dark Tonfa!”

“Dark Tonfa......not bad,” the Cryptkeeper said. “But I don’t think Jenny likes it very much!”

“I’m aware of that,” Dark Tonfa said. “But we needed to combine our powers in order to win this battle! It is the only way.”

Furio attacked, and Dark Tonfa battled him fiercely. The other heroes watched in horror.

“Stingwingers, attack the others!” Furio ordered.

The Stingwingers obeyed. The Rangers and Spices battled them while Furio battled with Dark Tonfa. Dark Tonfa stuck out its palm and threw a large fireball, combining Darkonda and Jenny’s power. Furio flew backwards into a tree.

“You’re getting a little stiff, aren’t you?” he asked.

“No, I’m not stiff at all,” Dark Tonfa replied.

“Well, let me fix that for you.” Furio stuck his sword into the ground. The ground turned to stone, and it began to spread. The Stingwingers hovered above the ground.

“Oh no; get away!” Leo cried. “If that stuff touches you, you’ll turn to stone!”

“What about Jenny!?” C.C. cried.

“We’ll find her from the ship,” T.J. said. “Let’s go!”

The Rangers and Spices ran from the area and teleported out before Furio’s stone spell could reach them. Dark Tonfa didn’t even try to escape. Luckily, the stone spell had no effect. Dark Tonfa battled with Furio again. Dark Tonfa swung his sword, delivering a fierce blow to Furio’s chest. Furio backed up and threw a massive energy blast from his sword. The blasts struck Dark Tonfa repeatedly. The blasts stopped, but Dark Tonfa still reeled in pain. Yellow energy bolts shot out from his body and blew up softly. Darkonda and Jenny were two separate individuals again; they both fell to the ground. Furio’s stone spell had no effect on Darkonda because he was normally evil at heart. Furio was shocked to see that Jenny didn’t turn to stone either.

“What!? She didn’t turn to stone!” he cried.

Darkonda turned to Jenny, who lay on the ground unconscious. Darkonda knew that she was unconscious because he had used up so much of her strength and because of the damage that Dark Tonfa had taken from Furio. Darkonda approached Jenny and looked at her necklace. The dragon’s eyes were flashing, indicating that the power of the cursed necklace was protecting Jenny from the stone spell. Darkonda growled at Furio.

“You’ve messed with us for the final time!” he shouted.

He pulled out a chain attached to his body. The chain gave a yellow flash as he swung it at Furio and the Stingwingers. The enemies fell to the ground.

“You haven’t seen the last of me!” Furio declared as he and the Stingwingers vanished.

Darkonda straightened himself. “It pains me to say this......but a little love goes a long way.” He fired an energy blast at the ground, breaking the stone spell and returning the planet to normal. Then he took Jenny into his arms and ran from the area using his super speed.

Darkonda returned to the hidden cave behind the waterfall. He gently placed the sleeping woman on the ground and gazed at her lustfully. She really did look beautiful in her sleep. Her breathing was smooth and steady. Except for her breathing, her body was completely motionless. Her face looked tranquil and peaceful. Darkonda knew that she was severely weakened, and that she would sleep for a long period of time.

Indeed, a long period of time did go by. Jenny woke up to the sound of the waterfall; her eyes fluttered open slowly. She was stunned to find herself in a dark environment. She looked at the waterfall and noticed a faint, orange light glistening off of it. She then sat up and looked in the other direction. Darkonda was sitting in front of a small campfire, warming his hands. Jenny didn’t need to get his attention; he suddenly turned to her.

“Ah, Tonfa Spice, you’ve finally awakened.”

“Yeah.....I have.....” Jenny replied weakly.

“Feeling better?” Darkonda asked.

“I don’t know.” Jenny stood up to see how she felt. Her body still felt weak, like a blob of jelly that was about to fall apart. So she sat back down again. “I don’t feel good.....”

“Here.....come closer,” Darkonda said.

Jenny got on her hands and knees and crawled over to the fire. She held her hands out to warm herself, then returned her attention to the darkness. She could only assume that she had been unconscious for a long time.

“Darkonda.....what happened?” she asked.

“You’ll be pleased to know that Furio and the Stingwingers have retreated,” Darkonda told her. “We’ve won the battle, my love!”

“But.....how long was I out?”

“You’ve been asleep for fourteen hours......much to my delight.”

“Fourteen hours!?” Jenny was shocked at first, but then remembered how weak she was. “Man.....even fourteen hours wasn’t enough.”

She reclined back on the hard, stone floor. Darkonda crawled over to her and stood on his knees directly over her. He touched her forehead gently.

“Perhaps you should sleep some more,” he said in an intimate tone. “Nothing will harm you; you can count on me, my dear.”

Jenny inhaled and exhaled softly as she closed her eyes. She concentrated on the splashing waterfall until it slowly drowned her in sleep.

The Spices woke up the next morning. They went straight to the bridge.

“Any luck?” the Cryptkeeper asked.

“No. Something on that planet is interfering with the signal,” T.J. said.

“Man, we had her!” Damon cried. “We should’ve gotten her back while we had the chance.”

“We couldn’t get her back while we’re nothing but statues!” Fulgore cried.

The door to the bridge slid open and Jenny stepped in, rubbing her eyes.

“Jenny!” Ashley cried.

Everyone hugged Jenny excitedly.

“What’s going on?” Jenny asked weakly. “Why are you guys so happy?”

“We were worried about you,” Cassie said.

“No.....don’t worry about me,” Jenny said. “I’m back......I always come back. You know me by now. Nothing can stop me.”

“You feeling okay?” Carlos asked.

“I am now,” Jenny said. “I got my good night’s sleep. That’s all I needed.”

She left the room again, glad to finally be back home.

Jenny enjoyed her adventure with Darkonda. She finally got to fight by his side for the first time. Scorpius tried to tear them apart, but his efforts only brought them closer together. Darkonda and Jenny had reached the point of no return. They were an inseparable couple. Now there was no turning back.

The End