A Mouse Among Men
by : Crypt

The Spice Club members have been fighting evil the same way. They fought evil with their radical moves and their deadly special attacks. They had the will and the desire to protect their world from a terrible fate.

But now Jenny wondered if there was room for improvement. Her friends fought well, they were probably at the peak of success. They had done a lot before joining the group. The Cryptkeeper had a TV show and had an incredible talent in writing terror tales. C.C. was a talented singer and dancer. Hanim was a spirited cheerleader. Spinal had traveled the world and even learned to cook somehow. But Jenny had done none of those things, so she felt hallow inside. Something was missing. Jenny had room for improvement. She literally had all the time in the world and needed something to do with it.

Kai and Kendrix were members of the GSA, an organization in charge of the operation and security of Terra Venture. Recruits were taught the use of all kinds of high tech equipment, and they were physically trained in case aliens should attack. Jenny wondered how useful she would be. She'd be great in the physical training, but she was no computer expert. Should she join the GSA?

Commander Stanton approached Kai while he was on duty.

"Mr. Chen, special assignment. There's a new female recruit with great leadership potential. I want you to train her."

Kai looked at the clipboard. "Wow; she scored high on the entrance AND the physical test!"

"Come over and meet her."

He led Kai over to the woman who stood with her back turned.

"Mr. Chen, this is Miss Kinkade," Stanton said.

The woman turned around. Kai recognized her immediately.


Jenny's eyes widened. She looked mildly surprised, too. "Kai!"

"You two know each other," Stanton observed. "Great. I look forward to a progress report. Carry on, people."

Kai and Jenny stared at each other, their eyes wide.

"So......what now?" Jenny asked.

Kai stared some more.....

A week later, Kai made the progress report about Jenny. According to the report, Jenny was an eager learner, even though she was still quite confused about the equipment.

Commander Stanton approached Jenny. "Jenny, I got an excellent progress report about you," he said.

Jenny looked up. "You did?"

"Yes, I did. In fact, I've made a very important decision. I've decided to place you in the Keen Instinct Live and Learn, Expert Rank program."

"What is that?" Jenny asked.

"It's a training session for top recruits. It's an incredible honor for you; you're the first female ever to earn this position."

"Whoa, are you serious? I'm not that good......am I?"

Stanton nodded. "I believe you are. We'll start tomorrow morning. I know you'll report on time, like you always do. Congratulations."

"Thanks, sir," Jenny replied.

Stanton left the room. Jenny stared down at the control terminal as a chill went up her spine.

Jenny returned to the Astro Megaship to give the news of her progress report. She was still shocked by the Commander's decision to place her in the program for the best of the best. Kai, Kendrix, and several Spices were in there.

"Hey, Jenny, how's your GSA training coming?" Kendrix asked.

"Well, according to Commander Stanton, there was an excellent progress report about me," Jenny replied.

Kendrix smiled. "Good. Keep it up; I know you'll do well."

"In fact," Jenny added, "it was so excellent, he decided to put me in the Keen Instinct Live and Learn Expert Rank Program."

Kendrix's eyes widened. Kai spun around with a similar expression.

"Are you serious!?" Kai asked.

"I'm serious," Jenny told him. "Look, what is this program anyway?"

"It's just a program full of intense physical training," Kai explained. "It's for those who excel in physical ability, yet can't stomach the scientific operations of the GSA"

"Oh, that's me, all right," Jenny said. "I suck at science."

"So you'll most likely be on the top secret security team," Kai said.

"Jenny, you have no idea what you've accomplished," Kendrix said. "There's never been a female in the Keen Instinct Live and Learn Expert Rank Program before."

"I know; the Commander told me," Jenny said.

"Okay, I lost track here," the Cryptkeeper jumped in. "What's this program called again?"

"The Keen Instinct Live and Learn Expert Rank Program."

"Isn't there some kind of abbreviation?" C.K. asked.

"Well....." Jenny replied. "I'd have to abbreviate it....the K.I.L.L.E.....R.....program." The realization that hit her sent a piercing chill throughout her body. The other Spices gave a similar reaction.

"They put you in a killer program!?" Spinal exclaimed.

"Oh boy, I can't wait to get started," Jenny muttered sarcastically as she left the room.

"Good luck, woman," the Cryptkeeper said.

"Jenny's tough; she can handle it," Spinal said.

"I hope you're right, Spinal," Kai said. "Because this program is total blood, sweat, and tears."

"So they really make you work your butt off everyday?" the Cryptkeeper asked.

Kai and Kendrix nodded.

"Spinal's right," the Cryptkeeper went on. "Jenny is strong; she'll be okay."

The four heroes got up to tell the others about Jenny's near future.....

The next morning......

Kai and Kendrix accompanied Jenny to Terra Venture duty. Kai instructed Jenny to approach Commander Stanton on her own.

"Commander....." she said, displaying the military salute. "I report for duty, sir."

Stanton turned to her. "Ah, Jenny, you've arrived. Shall we proceed?"

Jenny nodded. Stanton led her into an office. The walls were all white, making the darkness of space much more visible.

"Wait here," Stanton instructed. "I'll send the instructor to greet you momentarily."

Jenny again responded with only a nod as Stanton walked into another room. Jenny took a waiting seat and pondered her fate. Just why was this position called the K.I.L.L.E.R. Program? She had been so involved in her thoughts that she didn't notice the tall, muscular man approach and stand over her. He stood at about 6'5" tall and he had the biggest muscles Jenny had ever seen on a human. The man cleared his throat, catching her attention.

"Well, well, well; Miss Kinkade....." he said.

Jenny looked him in the eye. He stood proud and tall with a serious facial expression. When Jenny didn't say anything, the man continued.

"My name is Colonel Strom. I am the trainer for the Keen Instinct Live and Learn Expert Rank Program, also known as the Killer Program. I've been assigned to train you for our top secret security team."

He paused, noticing Jenny's wedding necklace.

"Hey, no jewelry allowed." He reached out to grab it, but Jenny quickly covered it.

"Don't touch that!" she yelled. "If you don't allow jewelry, I can remove it myself. I don't need you to tear it from my neck."

Strom paused. "You have guts. You're going to fit in just fine. Now follow me, miss."

He turned around and started walking. Jenny got out of her seat and followed. Strom led her into a room where lockers were all lined up against the wall. There was a men's dressing room on the left, and the women's room on the right. Of course, the women's room was never used until now. Standing in front of the lockers was a group of muscular guys, all in the same physical condition as Strom. Strom whistled loudly, and the men spun around and stood up as straight as they could.

"Listen up, men," Strom said boldly. "This is Miss Kinkade. She's our newest member of the Killer Program. You also know that she's the first woman, and the youngest person ever to qualify, so don't be too hard on her." He turned to Jenny. "Go ahead; the men will fill you in. Be sure to have a nickname ready when I return. Here, let me show you your locker."

They approached the lockers. Strom went to the first unused one and punched it so hard, it flew open. Then he handed Jenny a uniform. "Here's your uniform. Wear it well." He spun around sharply and stormed out of the locker room. Jenny stared at him until he was out of sight while the other men stared at her.

"Hey, girl," the man standing directly next to her. "Where're you from?"

Jenny stared at him. Since they were on a floating space colony, and its inhabitants boarded from Earth, the answer was pretty obviously. However, she only shrugged her shoulders. The man pointed his finger at her and looked at the others.

"She doesn't even know where she's from!"

"Knock it off, you guys," Jenny said.

"So.....Strom wants us to fill you in, eh?" the first man asked. "We'll be happy to do so."

"Why do they call this the Killer Program?" Jenny asked.

"Because it's a real killer," the man said. "That Strom is tough. You have to be really fit to withstand his training programs. But we can take it. He made real men out of us."

"Yes, I can tell," Jenny said sarcastically.

"And he'll make a man out of you, too," a second man added.

Jenny laughed nervously. "I hope that Strom realizes that I can never be a man because I am a woman."

"And a fine woman at that," the third man said.

Jenny rolled her eyes.

"So.....have you thought of a nickname?" the first man asked. "It has to be a tough nickname, nothing lame."

"What do you consider a tough nickname?" Jenny asked.

"Well, our nicknames are tough. For example, my name is Kurt, but my nickname is Kingsnake."

"Kingsnake? How about if I call you Inchworm?"

"Oooohhhh......" the other men mumbled. Kingsnake just gave Jenny a surprised look.

"Okay, let me introduce you to the other guys," he said. "This is Matt/Iceman, Jack/Crusher, Steve/Rage, Vic/Slick....."

Jenny laughed in the middle of the introduction. "Vic the Slick, huh?"

"Uh, yeah." Kingsnake continued. "This is Derek/Talon, Joe/Viper, and George/Maniac. So, how about you? If you can't think of one, we'll be happy to offer suggestions."

"Yeah," Slick said. "We could call you.....Rose."

"Rose!?" Jenny was stunned.

"Every rose has its thorn," Slick told her.

"Nah, we need something different," Crusher said. "How about Ivy? No, I mean how about Poison Ivy?"

Jenny shook her head.

"How about Icewoman? Or Ms. Freeze," Slick suggested. "She can go with Iceman, here."

Jenny shook her head again. "I'd prefer to be hot."

"Oh......" Maniac had an idea. "How about Hot Tamale?"

"Ugh! That is lame!" Jenny cried.

"We could call you Elvira," Viper said. "You kind of remind me of her."

Jenny gave him a nasty look. "How do I remind you of Elvira!?"

Viper shrugged. "I dunno. I guess it's your eyes."

"You know," Talon jumped in. "You look like you could be the Princess of Darkness or something."

Jenny groaned in frustration. "Guys.....I have a nickname."

"Great! What is it?" Kingsnake asked.

"You'll know soon enough," Jenny told him.

"I know," Maniac said. "How about the Wicked Witch of the West?"

Jenny froze. She sighed, snatched her uniform, slammed the locker shut, and stormed away into the women's dressing room.

"Aww....." The men broke out laughing.

"Who is that girl?" Slick asked.

"I think Strom said that her name was Miss Kinkade," Kingsnake said.

"Didn't Strom say that she was the youngest person to qualify for the Killer Program?" Talon asked.

"Oh yeah; she's the baby of the team," Iceman said. "I wonder what her real name is? I wonder how old she is?"

"We'll just have to ask her when she comes out, won't we?" Viper suggested.

"She's so mysterious," Slick commented. "She kinda reminds me of Carmen Sandiego and the way her hat hovers over her eyes."

Jenny then came out of the dressing room clad in her GSA Killer Program uniform.

"Whoa, baby," the men muttered, stunned by the way the uniform hugged Jenny's body.

Jenny went back to setting up her locker while the men talked among themselves.

"That girl is wicked," Talon insisted.

"Maybe, but that's what I love about her," Iceman said. "I wonder how she'll do in the Killer Program?"

"Are you kidding!?" Maniac said. "Look at her; she's so scrawny! She doesn't stand a chance!"

"I wouldn't say that," Viper said. "I don't think she's scrawny. She's a lean, mean, attractive machine. She's got such a fine body.....she's the kind of woman I'd like to get in bed with."

The other men snickered softly. Jenny sat down in front of her locker. She heard everything the boys were saying about her. When she heard the comment about being in bed, she gasped softly, and her eyes widened.

"No way," she thought. "You'll never catch ME in bed with any of those perverts."

Now one reason for the Killer Program's name became clear. Strom had worked these men so hard, they'd lost all common sense. Jenny would be sure that she wouldn't suffer the same fate.

"Attention all personnel!" a fierce voice shouted.

The men once again lined up and stood straight. Jenny stood up at the end of the line, but she looked more calm than the others. Strom entered the locker room calmly, his hands behind his back. Once he reached his troops, he paced back and forth in front of them. Everyone's eyes were locked on him.

"Now.....I hope you've extended your warm welcome to Miss Kinkade here," he said. "Have you chosen a nickname yet?"

"I have," Jenny replied flatly. The men were stunned by her courageous tone.

"Excellent. Give it to me."

Jenny inhaled deeply, then exhaled. "Call me Tonfa Spice."

The men nodded.

"Tonfa Spice....." Strom repeated. "That's the most original nickname I've ever heard. Very good. Now, before we begin today's training, there's something you should know about me."

He put a hand on Jenny's shoulder and put his face right up to hers. "I can be your best friend.....or I can be your worst nightmare. The choice is yours."

To his surprise, Jenny slowly pushed him away. The men's eyes widened. It took a lot of guts for someone to push someone as fierce as Colonel Strom.

"You dare push Strom away?" Strom asked.

"I dare," Jenny responded.

Strom looked like he was about to explode, but then he calmed down. "Oh, that's right. You don't know me very well, do you? Well, once we get more acquainted, I guarantee that you'll never do that again. Now you've got five minutes to report to the training area. Get moving!"

He marched out of the room. The men began to pack their bags. Jenny really had nothing to pack, so she just stood by her locker. Talon approached her.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"What's your real name?" Iceman asked.

Jenny gave him a look. "Do you really think that you deserve to know my real name?"

"You sure have a lot of guts to push Strom away like that," Slick said. "No one does that to him."

"I won't let anyone in my face like that," Jenny told him.

"Once you get to know Strom, you won't give a rat's behind if he gets in your face," Kingsnake said. "He's very strict and tough."

"You all sound like you're afraid of this guy," Jenny observed. "Some men you guys are."

"That's how he trains his recruits," Iceman explained. "He teaches you to be afraid of him. It's part of why this is called the Killer Program."

Without warning, Jenny seized Iceman by the shirt and shook him. "Listen, you twerp! That Strom has no idea who he's dealing with, and neither do you. So don't screw with me." She released his shirt. "Now, where's the training area?"

"Just go through that door and turn left," Iceman told her. "Then follow the signs from there."

"How about if I escort you there?" Kingsnake asked, extending his elbow.

"Hey, Kingsnake....." Iceman interrupted. "Don't SCREW with her."

"Hmph!" Jenny snatched her bag and stormed out of the room.

"Sheesh! What the hell is her problem?" Crusher asked.

"She's batty," Viper said.

"She's a witch," Maniac added.

"Come on, men; we're going to be late for duty," Talon reminded them.

The men raced out to the training area, which was just like an outdoor gym. Jenny was looking around curiously as the men gathered around her.

"I see you found it," Rage said.

"Yes, I found it," Jenny replied.

"How old are you?" Kingsnake asked.


"You're kidding!" Talon exclaimed. "We're all in our twenties!"

"Killer soldiers, move it!" Strom shouted from a distance. "Move it, move it, move it, move it, move it!"

The men ran onto the track and started jogging laps.

"She's definitely batty!" Viper yelled.

Strom continued his way over to Jenny, who just stood there looking confused. She glared at the jogging men.

"Something tells me that I'm not going to like it here," she told herself.

Strom marched directly to her and roughly grabbed her shoulder.

"Well, go ahead, Tonfa Spice," he growled.

"Go ahead what?" Jenny asked innocently.

Strom pointed to the track. "Six laps. We do this at the start of each day. Now move it!"

Jenny ran out onto the track.

"How about a 'yes sir' next time!" Strom called after her.

It took the recruits about twelve minutes to run the six laps. Since Jenny was the last to start, she was the last to finish. She joined the men in the bleachers next to the track.

"It's about time you finished," Kingsnake said.

"What happened; did you run out of gas?" Maniac asked.

Jenny narrowed her eyes. "Lighten up, okay?"

"We can't lighten up," Rage told her. "If Strom won't lighten up, neither will we."

"Now listen up, people," Strom announced as he approached the bleachers. "The rest of the training will now begin. You all know the routine, so move it! Move it, move it, move it!"

"Wait a minute!" Jenny cried as the men hurried off the bleachers.

"Move it, move it, move it!" Strom demanded.

"Grrr....." Jenny groaned in frustration as she scrambled off the bleachers and caught up with the men.

The first exercise was running through tires, setting their feet inside each tire as they went through. When it was Jenny's turn, she hesitated and backed up.

"Get back here, girl," Strom said. "Hit those tires. Go on, girl; go, go, go!"

Jenny glared at him. She hated the idea of Strom treating her like a dog.

"Go already!" Kingsnake said, shoving her out into the tires. She instantly tripped over them. Strom sighed in frustration.

"Get up!" he ordered. "Next obstacle, now!"

Jenny clumsily made her way out of the tires and moved on.

The rest of the morning was filled with vigorous exercises. The recruits did push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks, etc. Jenny did quite well with the workout. At noon, the recruits had an hour long lunch break.

"That girl is good," Iceman said.

"Yeah," Crusher agreed. "Maybe Commander Stanton was right in putting her in the Killer Program."

"I thought it was a good idea," Kingsnake said. "How long has it been since we've played with a woman?"

"Too long," Viper replied.

"Hold up!" Talon interrupted. "Isn't she a little young for you guys?"

"Hey, the younger, the better," Maniac told him. "What'sa matter, Talon? Aren't you man enough to toy with her?"

"Let's do it," Iceman whispered for a sinister grin.

The men ganged up on Jenny, who was sitting by herself.

"Hey, uh.....hey Kinkade," Kingsnake said.

Jenny stood up. "What!?"

"Want to join us for a game?" Viper asked.

"What game?"

"Just a simple game of catch," Crusher said.

Jenny rolled her eyes. "Aren't you guys a little old for catch?"

"Not this version." Kingsnake suddenly grabbed her wrist and spun her into a bearhug. Jenny was stunned at how his muscular arms squeezed her so tightly.

"Let go of me!" she demanded.

"Catch her, Iceman!" Kingsnake shouted as he shoved Jenny over to him.

Iceman caught Jenny, then held her for a few seconds. "Catch her, Crusher!"

Crusher caught Jenny, then lifted her over his head. He was very strong, and Jenny only weighed 112 lbs. Jenny screamed in panic.

"Catch her, Talon!" Crusher tossed her over to him.

This silly game of catch continued. To spice it up a bit, the men moved over to a mud puddle to see which of them was careless enough to let Jenny fall in. The whistle sounded after a while, calling them back to duty.

"Oops.....duty calls," Kingsnake said.

Iceman and Viper shoved Jenny down into the mud, then walked away laughing. Jenny stood up and limped out to report for afternoon duty.

The afternoon was just as strenuous as the morning. Jenny returned to the Megaship at the end of the day. She walked into the dining room stiffly. The Rangers were already eating supper. Jenny groaned as she sat at the end of the table.

"Hey Jenny," Ashley said. "How was your first day?"

"Ugh! It was miserable," Jenny replied. "I'm going to be sore in the morning, I just know it."

"Well, we have things to do before we go to bed," T.J. said. "You can tell us all about it later."

The Rangers left the room. Only Leo stayed behind. Jenny went to the synthetron and pulled out her meal, then returned to the table.

"So, what's it like on the Killer Program?" Leo asked.

"They just make you exercise all day," Jenny told him. "The guys there were jerks. All they did was pick on me."

"Really? Hmm....." Leo took a pause. "My brother was in the Killer Program. He wouldn't pick on anyone."

Jenny's eyes lit up. "Your brother? What was his nickname?"

"Nickname? His real name was Mike, but I don't know anything about his nickname."

"The other guys have nicknames: Kingsnake, Crusher, Slick, Iceman, Viper, Talon, Rage, and Maniac."

"What nickname do you use?" Leo asked.

"I use the same nickname that I use on this team," Jenny told him. "Tonfa Spice. So, which one is your brother?"

Leo shook his head. "I lost my brother on Mirinoi. He was supposed to be the Red Galaxy Ranger. The Quasar Saber and its power was supposed to belong to him. He passed the Saber on to me before he fell into a bottomless pit."

"Oh Leo.....I know how painful that must be," Jenny said. "I can certainly relate."


"I lost my dad five years ago. Back then, the Power Rangers were up against a witch named Rita Repulsa. She created an evil Power Ranger in order to defeat them. He murdered my father, and I've hated that man ever since."

"I'll make Furio pay for what he did to my brother," Leo growled.

"Revenge will get you nowhere, Leo, my man," Jenny told him. "I've learned from experience."

C.C. walked into the room and sat at the table across from Leo. "Hi people; what's going on?"

"We're just talking," Jenny responded.

"So your father is gone....." Leo went on. "And your mother is.....Astronema."

Jenny felt a chill running up her spine as soon as she heard her mother's name. She was always cautious about telling strangers about her family, fearful that they wouldn't trust her.

"They told you guys about my mother?" she asked.

"We sure did," C.C. said. "But we also stressed the fact that you are very trustworthy."

"They said that you'd been fighting evil for five years and you didn't even know that Astronema was your mother until a little over a year ago," Leo explained.

"That's true," Jenny said. "And all this time, I'd thought that Mom was deceased."

"Do you have any other family members?" Leo asked.

"The only biological relative is Hallie," Jenny told him. "I know that you must have been concerned when you heard that I was married."

Leo's eyes widened. Unknown to Jenny, he had not heard that she was married.

"You're married?" Leo asked.

Jenny got the message. She chuckled nervously and turned to C.C. "You didn't tell them that, did you?"

C.C. shook her head. "No, we didn't," she admitted.

Jenny stood up. "Well, I won't tell anymore then. Goodnight, peoples."

The next morning, Jenny rejoined the guys in the locker room. She immediately let out a groan as she sat down. The guys looked at her.

"What's wrong, honey?" Kingsnake asked.

Jenny sighed. "I'm just sore," she told him. "Why does Strom make us exercise all the time?"

"He doesn't," Kingsnake said. "We alternate. Since we exercised yesterday, today we train with the weapons. Tomorrow we exercise, and the next day we train with weapons, and so on, and so forth."

Jenny nodded. "I see."

"You're sore, huh?" Crusher asked. "Better not let Strom know that. If you're all stiff, he'll make you exercise even more to loosen those muscles."

Jenny glared at him. "Strom is an idiot."

The men froze.

"What could have possibly happened to you that turned you into such a sour puss?" Slick asked.

"You don't want to know," Jenny told him. "Believe me."

"Attention!" a forceful voice shouted.

The Killer Program trainees stood up in a line as Colonel Strom entered the room. He walked straight up to Jenny.

"You ready for Day 2, Tonfa Spice?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," Jenny responded.

"Well, today we will practice combat with weaponry," Strom explained. "You all know what to do. Kingsnake, will you kindly tutor the new recruit?"

"Yes, sir!" Kingsnake yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Then what are you waiting for? GET MOVING!!!"

Jenny shook her head. "God, he is loud," she thought.

The recruits moved to the storage area of Terra Venture. Kingsnake handed Jenny what looked like an ordinary shotgun.

"See that target over there?" he asked. "All you gotta do is try to hit the bull's eye, just like always."

"A shotgun?" Jenny asked. "I've seen better weapons from the GSA."

"You'll work your way up; trust me."

Jenny aimed the weapon at the target and fired. However, instead of firing bullets, it fired out blue lasers. The terrific blast forced Jenny back, and she fell to the floor. The guys laughed.

"You go, girl!" they called.

Jenny narrowed her eyes and stood up. She aimed the weapon and the bull's eye and fired it. The blast hit the target near, but not quite on the bull's eye.

"Not bad," Kingsnake said. "Yeah, you're going to be great here."

"Careful, honey," Iceman called. "Don't shoot your eyes out."

As the boys broke out into riotous laughter, Jenny stormed up to Iceman and aimed the laser weapon right up into his nostrils. The laughter immediately stopped.

"How about if I shoot YOUR eyes out?" Jenny suggested.

"Uh.....no thanks," Iceman said. "These are the only eyes I've got."

Jenny resumed her aim at the target and fired until it was completely destroyed. Then she threw the weapon down and marched out of the room. Talon glared at the other boys.

"Aren't you being a little immature?" he asked.

"Hell no!" Kingsnake replied. "We're being men!"

"You're being idiots!" Talon cried. "She's the only female in the Killer Program, and you're treating her like some kind of soccer ball!"

"Hey, you helped, too," Maniac said.

"Well, I shouldn't have. Feel free to get back to me when you use your brains for a change." With that, Talon left the room. The others glanced at each other......

Talon found Jenny sitting in front of her locker. "Mind if I sit down?"

"Well, all right," Jenny sighed.

Talon sat next to her. "Look, I'm really sorry about the other guys. They're a bunch of dodos."

Jenny laughed. "Yeah.....dodos."

"I saw your arms trembling when you held that weapon. Are you sore?"

"Very sore."

"Well, you should exercise lightly or your muscles will be stiff," Talon said.

"Okay.....thanks," Jenny said.

"Tonfa Spice.....I'd like to know your real name......please," Talon said.

"My name is Jenny."

"Jenny.....how cute."

Jenny smiled. At least one of these men had some sense.

"Come on, Jenny," Talon said. "I'll show you some more weapons."

Jenny groaned in pain as she showed up. Her muscles were incredibly stiff. Talon helped her train with the other weapons. The intense training continued for the next few weeks. Jenny's muscles eventually adjusted to the workout. She even came to enjoy the workout, especially when it came to the hand-to-hand combat training, something she had already mastered. The boys were stunned by her combat skills. Even Strom was impressed. However, not everything was perfect.

One day, Fulgore and Spinal decided to take a stroll on Terra Venture. They hadn't seen Jenny much since she joined the GSA, but they could tell that something was wrong.

"Fulgore.....I'm a little worried about Jenny," Spinal said.

"Yeah, me, too," Fulgore said. "Jenny's been a lot more active since she joined that Killer Program."

"No, there's something else," Spinal said. "Did you see her this morning? She looked kinda sick."

"Hmm.....yeah, this vigorous training could be hazardous to her health. Maybe we should persuade her to take a day off."

Suddenly, something struck Fulgore's back, knocking him to the ground. When Spinal helped him up, they turned to face their attacker. It was a large vehicle with red headlights. The vehicle drove towards them.

"Hurry, get out of its way!" Fulgore grabbed Spinal and dragged him out of the vehicle's path. The vehicle stopped, then drove around to face them again.

"You know, Fulgore," Spinal said. "I don't think that thing will stop at anything until it runs us over."

"Right you are, my little red-eyed friend," Fulgore replied. "There's a sewer; let's go!"

"No way; I'm not going in there!" Spinal cried. "It stinks in there!"

"Would you rather get stunk or crushed?"

Spinal didn't have time to answer. The mysterious vehicle rushed at them again. Spinal rushed to the sewer and hopped into it. Fulgore tried to hop in, too, but he was apparently too big. He tried to get out, but he was stuck. The vehicle sped toward him.

"Uh-oh," the cyborg thought.

"Fulgore!" Spinal cried.

"Don't worry about me," Fulgore said uneasily.

The vehicle was only inches away from Fulgore when he vanished suddenly. He reappeared a split second later all the way in the sewer, startling Spinal.

"Fulgore! Don't scare me like that!"

"Well, if you can't jump in, teleport in," Fulgore said. "Now let us teleport back home before that thing jumps on us."

"Right," Spinal agreed. The best of pals teleported away.

After Jenny had gotten up and gone to the Killer Program once again, Ruth and Carlos decided to pay her a visit. They went to the GSA headquarters and talked to Commander Stanton.

"Hi, we're here to see Jenny Kinkade," Carlos said.

"Ah yes, the only female Killer Program member," Stanton replied. "She's a really hard worker. In fact, she's working so hard, her health is beginning to suffer."

"Can't she take a day off or something?" Ruth asked.

"She should, but it's against Killer Program rules. This is exactly why it's called the Killer Program."

"Can we see her?" Carlos asked.

"Sure. Step right this way."

Stanton led the couple into a gym area where Jenny was furiously kicking a punching bag. Carlos and Ruth's eyes widened.

"Jenny...." Stanton called. "You've been doing that for hours."

Jenny stopped and let out a weary sigh. She turned to face her friends and wiped the sweat off her forehead. Ruth and Carlos had never seen so much sweat on her before.

"Yeah.....I have," she said.

"Your friends are here to see you," Stanton said. "Why don't you take a break? You look like you're about to pass out."

"Okay." Jenny moseyed over to the bench where her towel and water bottle lay. She patted the sweat off her face with the towel, then took a large gulp of water.

"Jenny.....you should take a day off," Carlos suggested.

"I can't," Jenny said. "Strom works us hard. But no one overworks Tonfa Spice."

"Jenny, this is nuts! You're practically dying!" Ruth cried.

Jenny sighed. "I may be weak, but I must press on." She dropped onto the bench.

"Hey Jenny!" Talon called from the doorway.

"Oops; time for duty," Jenny said. "Bye-bye."

She walked out of the room at a fast pace.

"Who was that?" Carlos asked.

"That's Derek," Stanton replied. "His nickname is Talon."

"Well, we'll be leaving now," Ruth said. She and Carlos left GSA headquarters.

"Oh, this terrible!" Spinal cried from the Megaship. "Jenny's sick, there's a monster truck on the loose, what's next?"

"Tell us about this monster truck," Damon said.

"Well, it looked like it came from a nuclear power plant, and it had a mind of its own," Spinal explained.

"It kept trying to run us over," Fulgore added.

"You don't think that Scorpius sent that thing, do you?" Kai asked.

"Maybe not Scorpius, but Astronema," the Cryptkeeper replied. "Only she would send anything after Spinal."

"Very funny," Spinal grumbled.

"Well, it's getting late," Leo observed. "Jenny should be back soon."

"Does anyone recall when she ate last?" Andros asked.

"I haven't seen her eating in a while," T.J. said.

"Hark.....that must be her now," the Cryptkeeper said.

Ruth got up and went to find Jenny. The fatigued Spice leader was in her bedroom looking into a mirror. She was exhausted, and the evidence was written all over her face. Her skin looked like it would fall off like a raw pizza crust. In a hallucination, Jenny actually saw her skin falling off her face, revealing her skull. She stepped back and gasped.

"Jenny....." Ruth called softly.

Jenny gazed at Ruth, then back at her reflection, which appeared normal again. "I need a vacation....."

"Are you okay?" Ruth asked.

"I'm only going to get worse, Ruth," Jenny said. "But someday, I'll be able to take the stress."

"No, Jenny, you are just going to get worse. Why don't you eat dinner with us?"

"Not tonight; I'm way too sleepy."

Jenny climbed into her bed and was out cold before Ruth could respond.

"Well, okay. Goodnight." Ruth moseyed out.

The next morning, Ecliptor approached Astronema and Scorpius in the Scorpion Stinger.

"I've found a perfect opportunity," he announced. "Tonfa Spice has joined the Keen Instinct Live and Learn Expert Rank program in the GSA."

"So?" Trakeena growled.

"She's working all day, every day," Ecliptor went on. "She is weakening badly. Now's our chance to destroy her while she withers away."

Astronema's eyes brightened. "Yes! I'll send Tankenstein after her! She'll be too busy running to fight."

"I don't want her destroyed," Scorpius jumped in. "I want her brought to me."

"Of course....." Astronema sighed.

Later that day, Tankenstein, which was the vehicle that had attacked Fulgore and Spinal earlier, attacked Terra Venture. At first, the regular GSA soldiers went out to defend the space colony. Not surprisingly, the Tankenstein defeated them in its warrior form.

Meanwhile, Strom was about to lead his recruits into another grueling workout when Commander Stanton approached him with a note. While Strom read the note to himself, the recruits stood, anxious as to what was going on. Jenny stood, ready to drop. Strom finally looked up.

"Men.....there's a monster attacking Terra Venture, and we are needed to battle," he said coldly.

"About time," Kingsnake mumbled.

"Everyone grab some weapons and let's go."

The boys grabbed a weapon and rushed out of the training area. After a few steps, Jenny collapsed.

"Jenny!" Talon cried, trying to help her up. "Are you okay?"

Jenny slowly rose from the ground. Without warning, she threw up in the grass.

"Goodness, Jenny!" Talon went on. "How long has this been going on?"

"Talon! Tonfa Spice!" Strom commanded. "Move it, move it, move it!!"

Jenny and Talon scrambled to their feet and rushed to catch up with the other guys. They put on their GSA uniforms. Unlike the regular ones, these Killer Program uniforms were red. Jenny really didn't like the uniforms; she especially hated to wear the helmet.

Kingsnake and Crusher jump-kicked the monster simultaneously. Iceman and Maniac grabbed Tankenstein's arms while Rage and Slick punched it in the stomach. Viper tried a roundhouse, the Tankenstein grabbed his ankle and tripped him off his other ankle. Talon attempted a punch, but Tankenstein blocked it. Talon backed up and fired his laser weapon at the monster. Then he went towards Jenny.

"You think you could take him?" he asked.

"I'll take him on," Jenny replied.

She advanced on the monster slowly, then threw a series of punches and kicks. Even the boys were shocked at her speed. However, the monster got a good punch into her, sending her flying back. Then Tankenstein started advancing on her slowly. The boys were so carried away that they forgot that they were in the battle, too. Jenny scrambled to her feet and pulled off the heavy pieces of her uniform; the helmet, and the armor. After removing her helmet, she let her hair down.

"Wow.....nothing is sexier than a woman letting her hair down....." Iceman commented.

Jenny rushed at the monster again and was much more successful. Talon rushed in with a shotgun, but Tankenstein kicked him in the stomach, then blasted him with its lasers.

"Derek!" Jenny cried.

She rushed to help Talon up as Tankenstein returned to its monster vehicle form. It attempted to run them over. Jenny and Talon ran from the area with the vehicle chasing them. Since Jenny was ill and Talon was injured, they couldn't run very fast. After a while, Jenny led Talon into an alley and continued on. Tankenstein continued to chase her. Now that Talon was safe, Jenny had to save herself. She lost her footing and fell on the street. She struggled to get to her feet, but she was so panicked that all she could do was crawl. After a while, she collapsed, completely out of breath. She curled herself into a ball and braced herself to be run over by Tankenstein.

But then something came across the street in a flash, scooping Jenny along with it. She tried to scream, but she felt something covering her mouth. The next thing she realized, she was in an alley, and she heard a familiar voice.

"Shh.....relax, my love. It is only me."

The figure took his hand away from Jenny's mouth, and she looked up at him, still gasping for breath.


"I hear you've been working really hard lately," Darkonda said.

Jenny nodded. "Yeah......Darkonda......I think......I'm going to faint......" With that, she passed out. Darkonda caught her in his arms before she hit the ground.

"Tonfa Spice.....wake up!"

Then Tankenstein turned into the alley. Darkonda looked up. He lifted Jenny up, draped her over his shoulder, and took off with his super speed. Tankenstein drove in pursuit. Soon, the monster lost the odd couple. Now the Power Rangers leaped into action and battled with the monster......

Jenny woke up some time later. She found herself in what looked like the inside of a train laying on a mattress bench of some sort. She sat up slowly, clutching her head.

"Greetings, my love," Darkonda said.

Jenny looked at him. "Oh.....hi....."

"I brought you some water." Darkonda held up a glass of pure, clean water. Jenny took the glass and gulped it down eagerly.

"Darkonda......what happened?" Jenny asked.

"This is a metro in Terra Venture that hasn't been opened yet," Darkonda explained. "You would never be safe with Tankenstein up there. The Power Rangers are in battle with him as we speak."

"Are they winning?"

"I don't know."

Jenny polished off her glass of water. Darkonda could tell that she was still thirsty, so he gave her another glass.

"Oh man.....I have to get back....." she realized.

"Well......I guess I can't stop you," Darkonda said.

"Now how do I get out?"

Jenny found her way out of the subway. By the time she got to the Rangers, however, they had destroyed Tankenstein.

"Jenny!" Kai cried. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Jenny said. "I've re-hydrated myself. All I need now is some rest.....as soon as the Killer Program ends for the day."

So Jenny returned to the GSA where the men greeted her.

"Jenny!" Talon cried. "You're okay!"

"Yes, I'm okay," Jenny replied.

"But how did you get away from that monster?" Talon asked.

"The Power Rangers saved me."

Strom entered the room. "Tonfa Spice......I'm afraid you'll have to retire from the Killer Program......forever."

Jenny gave a confused look. "Why?"

"Because......uh......because......you graduated! Here's your diploma, good luck in becoming a better person! Be all you can be in the army!"

"Actually, I'll just be the leader of the Spice Club."

The boys gasped. "So THAT'S why she was so good!"

"She's the Spice Club leader?" Maniac asked.

Kingsnake slapped his head. "Of course! That's why her nickname was Tonfa Spice!"

"Well, Jenny, at least now you can get some well-deserved rest, huh?" Talon asked. "Just climb into bed, and pull it in after you."

"I will," Jenny replied. "See you later, boys!"

So Jenny retired from the GSA and the Killer Program. She had worked hard during this time period. By making herself weak, she also made herself stronger. She enjoyed the workouts, only she vowed to go a little easier. A little determination can lead you to many places......