Some Things Are Timeless
by : Crypt

The inhabitants on the Astro Megaship were still working busily trying to find their way back to their own universe.

"I still can't find anything!" Cassie cried.

"We have to keep looking," Carlos said. "We have to get back home so that we can keep looking for Zordon."

But Jenny found something else. She stood at the side of the bridge staring into a screen full of stars. There was an image of the Megaship in the center, and the Scorpion Stinger was following close behind.

"Uh-oh," Jenny announced. "Here comes the Bad-Year Blimp!"

"Switch to hyper astro thrusters," Andros called.

"Switching to hyper astro thrusters," T.J. replied.

Deca made the announcement to everyone on the ship. "Please fasten your seatbelts; the Megaship will go into hyperspeed."

The heroes buckled up. The four little girls were in Ruth's bedroom. Fortunately, every bed and chair had seatbelts to use if necessary. Hallie and Kathy shared one chair while Robyn and Rachel shared another.

"Sis, what's going on?" Hallie asked through her ring.

"We're being followed by Scorpius' Scorpion Stinger," Jenny replied.

"Scorpius!?" the twins cried in unison. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

Scorpius and his minions viewed the image of the Astro Megaship on their screen.

"We're closing in on them," Ecliptor told Astronema. "In less than a minute, the Megaship will be ours."

"Excellent," Astronema said flatly.

"Prepare to attack," Scorpius ordered.

Furio pressed several buttons on the control panel. "The missiles are ready to fire on your command," he announced.

"Good," Scorpius growled. "Ready......aim....."

Suddenly, the back thrusters of the Megaship flashed brightly and zoomed out of sight in the blink of an eye. All the villains gasped.

"What happened? Where are they!?" Astronema cried.

"They must have hyperjets on that thing!" Elgar suggested.

"Find them!" Scorpius demanded.

They activated their thrusters and pursued our heroes.

Meanwhile, the Megaship was still in hyperactive mode.

"Hey Andy....." Jenny called. "I think it's safe to slow down now! We've gone far enough!"

Andros pulled back on the controls, sending the Megaship back to its normal speed. Everyone sighed with relief. But then, they heard what sounded like a jet flying just a mere inch over them. In response to the deafening noise, they threw their heads down and covered their ears. When the noise faded away seconds later, the heroes looked up at the screen to see a wide streak of red light at the top. Ruth held Carlos tightly.

"What was that?" she asked.

"The Scorpion Stinger," Carlos replied softly.

"They must've torn another black hole!" Ruth exclaimed......

"Curses!" Scorpius screamed. "We passed them! Stop this thing!"

"Jane, stop this crazy thing!" Elgar cried, imitating George Jetson.

Furio brought the Scorpion Stinger to a screeching halt.

"What now, Father?" Trakeena asked.

"I have a plan," Scorpius grinned......

The Rangers and Spices were confident that they were safe from danger, so they went back to screwing around. While sitting in the dining room, C.C. kept staring at Zhane. After a while, Zhane finally turned to her.

"What?" he asked.

C.C. shrugged. "You just remind me of a very young George Michael."

"Who's George Michael?"

"Just a singer. Hey Zhane, can you say 'C-C-C-C-C-C-Come on!"

"C-C-C-C-C-C-Come on!" Zhane yelled.

"Okay Zhane, try this one," C.C. said. "Hooah!"

"Hooah!" Zhane yelled.

The girls screamed with laughter. The Cryptkeeper flipped over a page of his newspaper.

"You're a regular George Michael, Zhane," he said.

Zhane sat next to him. "What do I say now, Bob?" he asked, bobbing his head.

C.K. rolled up his newspaper and whacked the top of Zhane's head.

"I'm picking up some life forms on that planet down there," Cassie announced.

"Great! I'll go see what it is!" Jenny started out of the room.

"Wait a minute!" Leo cried. "You're not going down there by yourself, are you?"

"Maybe some of us should come with you," T.J. suggested.

Jenny thought for a moment. "Okay. Ruth, come with me."

"Just Ruth?" the Cryptkeeper asked as Ruth stood beside Jenny.

"Sure," Jenny told him. "It's time Ruth and I had a little heart-to-heart."

"Don't worry, guys," Ruth said. "I'll keep an eye on Jenny."

Jenny shot her a look. "Oh yeah?"

The two girls went through the jump tubes and teleported down to the planet below. They found themselves in a creepy forest. Jenny pulled out her little device and held it out.

"This way," she said flatly.

The girls walked through the forest some more.

"So.....what is this heart-to-heart about?" Ruth asked.

Jenny shrugged. "Nothing major. I just thought we should get to know each other better."

The girls came across something strange yet familiar.

"It's a cabin....." Ruth said.

"Whatever this life form is, it must be inside," Jenny said. "Let's go."

Ruth and Jenny walked inside the cabin. There appeared to be no one inside, but it was set up like a normal home. Ruth picked up a picture of a brown-haired woman and gazed at it. Jenny approached and looked over her shoulder.

"Who's that?" she asked.

"I have no idea," Ruth replied.

Jenny looked up and saw something else weird. It was a door with a bright white light shining through the crevices. "Ruth, look."

Ruth set the photo down and looked up. "What is it?"

"I don't know. Do you think we should find out?"

"Curiosity kills the cat, you know."

"Yes, I know.....but I'm no cat. I'm a demon."

With that said, the girls cautiously approached the glowing door. As they got closer, the door swung open, and the light blinded the girls. The light also produced a great suction effect that pulled them towards it. Gasping, Jenny and Ruth tried to resist the suction effect, but it was too strong. The girls felt their feet lifting up from the ground, and they were pulled directly into the light.....

"I've lost their signal!" Fulgore cried.

The Rangers crowded around him.

"What do you mean?" Carlos asked.

"Jenny and Ruth.....I've lost their signal," Fulgore told him.

"No way! They couldn't have just vanished into thin air," Damon said.

"Technically, then can......if they were taken captive by some type of monster," the Cryptkeeper said.

"I'm going to check down there," Carlos said.

"We're coming with you," T.J. said as the Astro Rangers followed him out of the room.

"Be careful, you guys," Spinal called. "You don't want to suffer the same fate......whatever it is....."

Jenny and Ruth fell through the air, then hit the ground abruptly. While they coughed out the dust, Ruth saw that her white rose had fallen out of her hair. So she picked it up and put it back in her hair. The girls rolled onto their backs to gather their surroundings. They were no longer in the cabin. In fact, there wasn't much around them to see at all except for the blinding sunlight. Out of nowhere, some knights in the ancient silver armor gathered around them and stood over them. Jenny and Ruth held their arms out to shield their eyes. The knights spoke, but with their helmets, the girls couldn't tell which one was talking.

"These women.....they just appeared from the sky. I say they're the witches!"

"Nonsense! The Three Witches never separate. Besides, witches are old and ugly!"

"But the witches can change form.....look beautiful. I say we slay them and then find the third!"

With that, the knights raised their sword, preparing to stab the girls to death. Luckily for Jenny and Ruth, they were interrupted by a shrill, high-pitched roar. The knights turned to the source: a slimy bat-like monster. Not surprisingly, the knights screamed and began to flee. Jenny and Ruth stood up and turned to face the monster. They glanced at each other and nodded, then rushed into battle. The knights paused and watched.

For the girls, it was another typical battle with another typical monster. Jenny went on the offensive while Ruth backed off and concentrated on her fist until it glowed a brilliant blue. The bad monster buried its knee into Jenny's stomach, then struck her chin with an uppercut, knocking her to the ground. As Jenny fell, Ruth leaped at the monster and gave it a brutal punch in the chest with her glowing fist. When she landed, she flapped her hand until it returned to its normal color. Jenny kissed her own fingertips, then a pink energy ball rested in her palm.

"Kiss off, batty," she growled.

She threw the energy ball at the monster. Upon hitting its feet, it engulfed the monster in pink flames. After a few seconds, the monster exploded. Jenny and Ruth high-fived each other, then turned to the knights, who were slowly emerging from their hiding places.

"They're witches.....but they've saved us!" one of them called.

The knights moved closer to get a better look at the girls. One of the knights pointed at Ruth.

"This one looks just like Princess Sheila!"

Jenny and Ruth exchanged glances. "Princess Sheila?"

"Who is that?" Jenny asked.

"The name sounds familiar....." Ruth said. "Who is Princess Sheila?"

"The Universal Magic Princess," another knight replied.

Ruth's eyes lit up. "Sheila.....Sheila McCon! Of course!"

"Of course what?" Jenny asked.

"Princess Sheila is one of my ancestors," Ruth said. "We must have been sent back in time!"

Jenny's eyes widened. "How far back?"

Ruth wasn't given a chance to remember.

"We should take them to Princess Sheila," one knight said.

"Great! I can't wait to meet her!" Ruth cried.

"Wait a minute, Ruth," Jenny said. "Would you follow a bunch of people who keep calling you a witch? I certainly wouldn't."

"We apologize," the knight said. "We didn't mean to insult thee. Please, won't thou come and meet the Magic Princess?"

Jenny thought for a moment. "Well, all right. I shall probably hateth myself cometh the dawn."

The girls followed the knights back to their destination.

Meanwhile, the Rangers had found the same cabin in the forest. They walked inside and examined everything carefully.

"Ruth!" Carlos called. "Jenny? Are you in here?"

The Rangers searched all of the rooms. The door that had sucked up Jenny and Ruth no longer had that white glow.

"We've searched all the rooms," T.J. said. "Jenny and Ruth aren't here."

"Where could they be?" Ashley asked.

"We'll have to continue searching from the ship," Andros said. "Let's go."

The Rangers sadly left the cabin.

Ruth and Jenny arrived at an old castle. The knights led them through the Great Hall into the throne room. There were several servants gathered around a recliner chair fanning someone, whom the girls couldn't see very well. The first knight stepped forward and knelt to one knee.

"Princess Sheila, we have some visitors to see thee," he said.

A woman stood up from her throne. Her hair and face look like Ruth's, but she wore an outfit that made her look like Xena, Warrior Princess. She even wore the same white rose in her hair. She approached the girls directly.

"Who art thou?" she asked. "Where dost thou come from?"

Ruth took a deep breath and answered as politely as she could. "My name is Esther McCon, but my friends call me Ruth. This is my friend Jenny. This may sound crazy.....but we come from the future."

Sheila looked them over carefully. "Thou dost wear strange garb. I can believe that thou dost come from the future. Esther McCon....."

"You may not believe this, but I'm a descendant of yours," Ruth said. "Someday, I will be the Universal Magic Princess."

"What year is this?" Jenny asked out of nowhere.

"This is 904 A.D. the first knight replied.

Sheila looked at him. "Thank you, Hakon." She turned to the girls again. "What year art thou from?"

"We're from 1999 A.D.," Jenny replied. "That's 1095 years from now."

The crowd murmured in awe.

"Look, Your Highness!" Hakon cried, pointing to the flower in Ruth's hair. "Her flower looks like thine!"

Sheila and Ruth both pulled out their roses and held them together. They were exactly alike.

"Thou really art my descendant!" Sheila said softly.

"Wow.....I had no idea this rose was so old!" Ruth cried.

"Do you know how we can get back to our own time?" Jenny asked.

"Perhaps the wise men can help thee," Sheila replied. "But we may not have much time, for we are at war."

"Who are you at war with......Your Highness?" Ruth asked.

"With a powerful, evil, vile-smelling scoundrel called.....Scorpius."

Jenny and Ruth glanced at each other once again. "Scorpius!?"

"You've heard of Scorpius?" Hakon asked.

"Yes. We're at war with him in our time, too," Ruth said.

"Your Highness, these women are great warriors. They can be of assistance," Hakon said.

"Nonsense," Sheila snapped. "I'm perfectly capable of defending this land from Scorpius' reign."

"We'd like to help, but the people in our time need us," Jenny said.

"Hakon, fetch one of the wise men!" Sheila ordered. "Jenny, Esther, make thyselves comfortable."

Jenny and Ruth sat down at a stone picnic table. Several women approached them with a cluster of grapes.

"Thanks," Ruth said. "Isn't this great, Jenny? They think we're goddesses."

"What's so great about it?" Jenny asked. "The greatest thing isn't to rule the world, but to live in it. Of course, you never realize that until you die."

At that moment, an old man approached the girls. He wore a gray hooded cloak and had a gray beard.

"Greetings, strange ones," he said. "Hakon informs me that thou wish to return to thy own time."

"That's right," Ruth said.

"And never mind this 'strange one' stuff," Jenny added. "I'm Jenny, and she's Ruth."

"Very well," the old man added. "My name is Sakurah. I can return thee to thy home.....provided that I had the Book of Spells. It is a long and dangerous quest, but it should be nothing for your young beings."

"How do we find this book?" Ruth asked.

"What makes it so dangerous?" Jenny asked.

"Thou art ready, I see," Sakurah said. "We shan't waste any time. Your Highness, the girls wish to embark on their quest."

"It was a quick decision," Sheila said. "Thou will have to go on foot. The horses refuse to set foot onto the trail."

So Princess Sheila, Hakon, and Sakurah gave the girls a lift to the beginning of the trail. When they arrived, Jenny and Ruth hopped off the horses.

"Just follow the trail, and thou will find the book," Hakon told them. "However, thou must be careful. It will only be a matter of time thee."

Jenny and Ruth paused. "It?"

"What is.....'it?'" Jenny asked.

"A fearsome creature of darkness," Sakurah told him. "It is said to capture anyone who enters its terrain and put its victims under its evil power."

"Rumor has it that the creature guards the book," Sheila added. "Go now; the danger beckons you. Good luck!"

The girls waved goodbye as they set off on their journey. The trail led them into a forest just like the one they had investigated before.

"So has your entire bloodline been at war with Scorpius?" Jenny asked.

"Looks that way," Ruth said. "This is an incredible way to research your ancestry."

"Yeah, you get stuck in it," Jenny added. "You may end up dying before you were even born."

"Yeah, it would be better just to look at the family tree," Ruth agreed.

"I wonder what this creature thing is?"

"Well, I'm sure we'll find it."

As soon as Ruth finished the sentence, an energy blast struck her back. She staggered forward and fell to the ground unconscious.

"Ruth!" Jenny ran to check on her comrade.

"Or perhaps IT will find thee!" a voice growled from behind.

Jenny spun around and gasped when she recognized the attacker.

"No way...." she stammered. "It can't be.....Darkonda!?"

"Huh?" Darkonda was stunned. "Thou know my name! How is that possible!? I have never seen thee before!"

Jenny paused for a moment. How could Darkonda not know her? He's practically lived all nine lives for her every since they met! Then Jenny made the realization.

*Darkonda existed in this time,* she thought. *This is Darkonda from 904 A.D., so he doesn't know me.*

"Are you sure you haven't seen me before?" she asked.

Darkonda stepped closer. "How dost thou know me? I must know!"

Jenny sighed. "Okay, I'll tell the truth. My friend and I are from the future. We're from 1999 A.D. You and I know each other.....we're married."

"Married!?" Darkonda jumped back. "That's preposterous! I am evil! I can never marry someone as.....lovely as thee....."

Jenny giggled. " our time, you haven't changed a bit."

"I can't be married to thee," Darkonda said. "But if I am, did I turn thee evil?"

"Look at me! Do I look evil to you?"

Darkonda froze. He held his chest tightly. He wanted to believe that Jenny was bluffing, but something was telling him that she was sincere. He grabbed his head.

"No! It can't be! I am evil! I do NOT fall in love!!!"

He looked up at Jenny again. "Sorry, my dear, but I'm afraid I'll have to dispose of thee."

"Fine with me," Jenny replied, drawing her sword.

Darkonda drew his sword as well. The couple rushed at each other, and their swords clashed. As they fought, Darkonda kicked the back of Jenny's leg, forcing her to one knee. Jenny stood up quickly, then Darkonda swung his sword at her. Jenny ducked, then attempted a strike of her own, but Darkonda blocked it, gave her a knee, then knocked her sword out of her hand. Jenny gave him a look as if to say, "Ha ha, very funny......" She attempted a jump kick, but Darkonda vanished before she could hit him. Jenny paused in confusion. Then she remembered something.


Jenny started over to Ruth, but Darkonda leaped at her from behind and struck her back with his sword. Before Jenny could turn around, Darkonda thrust kicked her back, then fired an energy blast. Jenny fell to the ground, almost, but not quite unconscious. Darkonda stood over her proudly and brought his foot down sharply into her back. Still keeping his foot on her back, Darkonda knelt down, grabbed her hair, and pulled her head up. Jenny cried out as Darkonda put his sword to her throat.

"!!!" he growled as he prepared to slit her throat.

But before he could make the move, an energy blast struck him from the side, knocking him off Jenny. Darkonda stood up to face his attacker. Ruth had come to and made her sneak attack. At first, Darkonda gave her a stunned look, then collapsed and lost consciousness. Ruth ran up to Jenny.

"Jenny......are you all right?"

Jenny groaned as she slowly climbed to her feet. " back....."

"Come on; let's get out of here before Darkonda wakes up," Ruth suggested.

The girls scrambled out of the forest and eventually came upon an old graveyard. Oddly enough, there was a column of white light shining in the center.

"Ruth......check this out....." Jenny whispered.

The girls approached the light slowly, and the light was shining upon the book of spells that they were seeking. Jenny carefully picked up the book, and the light disappeared.

"Hmm......well, that was easy," Ruth commented.

"Yeah, a little TOO easy," Jenny added. "I don't like this....."

"Come on," Ruth said. "We'd better get back so that Sakurah can send us back home."

"Yeah. The sooner the better."

The girls got back to the castle as fast as they could. However, it got dark long before they arrived.

"We got it!" Ruth cried. "We made it!"

Sheila and Hakon approached them.

"Excellent job. I see life must be more challenging in thy time," Sheila said. "Challenges in this time must be nothing for the likes of thee."

"Actually, it was tough," Jenny said.

"Great. I'll have Sakurah send thee back to thy home...."

But before she could move, a knight rushed into the castle on his horse.

"Princess!" he screamed. "I must speak with thee and Hakon privately."

"Certainly. Ladies, would thou excuse us?" Sheila said.

"Sure." Jenny and Ruth went deep into the castle.

"Your Highness, Scorpius' troops are on their way to conquer the castle!" the knight cried. "We must get away before they arrive!"

"No, we cannot flee," Sheila said. "I am the protector of this land, and it is my sworn duty to fight Scorpius until the day I die."

"You don't understand, m'lady; he had millions of Stingwingers, and Furio, too!" the knight went on.

As soon as the inhabitants of the castle heard the terrible news, they began to panic. They continued to panic until they saw purple lightning in the sky. The night fell silent, and the people looked up on the roof to see Jenny and Ruth standing side by side on the castle roof.

"Sure!" Jenny called. "Go ahead and run! Run home and cry to mama! But Ruth and I......we're through running! We're staying here and fighting it out."

"Thou cannot be serious!" one man cried.

"I am serious," Jenny told him. "For Ruth and I are serious warriors!"

"How can we possibly fight off Scorpius? We are but sixty warriors!"

"We'll just have to make do with what we've got."

"She's right, people!" Sheila announced. "Will we protect our land from the evil of Scorpius?"

"Yes!" the people cried at once.

It's a good thing that the people agreed, because just then the Stingwingers appeared out of nowhere. However, the people were caught by surprise. Jenny and Ruth leaped off the roof and battled with the Stingwingers. Sheila and Hakon also assisted in the battle. After a while, Furio entered the castle.

"Sheila!" he called.

"Furio!" Sheila responded. "You won't take this castle without a fight."

"That's right," Ruth added as she and Jenny stood on either side of Sheila.

Sheila waved her arms in a circle, then held her palms a certain distance apart. A blue energy ball formed between her palms, and she fired it at Furio. The shot struck him in the chest, knocking him back. Furio retaliated with an energy blast from his sword. Jenny and Ruth leaped aside and charged at the bald creature. Furio swung his sword at Ruth's ankles and literally swept her off her feet. Jenny rolled behind Furio and nailed him with a thrust kick. Sheila charged at Furio, drew her sword from a sheath on her back, and began fighting. Jenny and Ruth tended to some Stingwingers. One Stingwinger was piggyback riding a woman's back, so Jenny ran over and pulled it off.

"Get off of her!" she cried.

As Jenny watched the woman run, a Stingwinger punched her in the face. Jenny growled and returned the blow.

Sheila continued to battle with Furio until he zapped her leg with an energy blast. She let out a loud scream as she blew backwards, sliding on the ground.

"Sheila!" Ruth screamed as she and Jenny ran to the Magic Princess of the past.

"My leg....." Sheila groaned.

"Sheila, you can't give up!" Ruth told her. "You have to save your people, even if it means your life!"

"That's right," Sheila growled as she struggled to her feet.

Sheila and Ruth both gathered energy in their fingertips.

"Now let's see what the magic of two princesses can do....." Ruth mumbled.

When they gathered enough energy, they hurled the power at Furio, sending him over the castle walls. Jenny laughed insanely.

Suddenly, a strange wave flew across the castle. To the good people, it felt like a sudden strong wind that knocked everyone down. When it went by, all the Stingwingers were gone.

"What happened?" Ruth asked.

"I recognize that power......" Sheila whispered. "It can only belong to.....the Three Witches!"

"Three Witches?" Jenny asked.

"That's who those knights thought that we were," Ruth replied.

Then three beautiful women appeared at the gate. They looked exactly alike, except for their hair color. One had black hair, one had blonde hair, and one had white hair. They walked directly up to Sheila, Jenny, and Ruth.

"Sheila...." the black-haired one said.

"Ruth...." the blonde said.

"Jenny...." the white-haired one said.

"What?" Jenny asked.

"Scorpius never gives up," the black-haired one said.

"Who are you?" Ruth asked out of nowhere.

"I'm Phoebe," the black-haired witch said.

"I'm Seline," the blonde said.

"I'm Luna," the white-haired one said.

"I know that Scorpius doesn't give up," Jenny said. "Ruth and I fight him 1094 years from now."

"Ruth uses the same power," Phoebe said.

"We know," Ruth said.

"We can return thee to thy own time," Seline told them.

"Really? You mean we can just tap our heels together and say, 'There's no place like home....there's no place like home?'" Jenny asked.

"Not quite," Luna replied. "We need the book."

Jenny handed them the book. Sheila hugged Ruth.

"Good luck in your future battles," Sheila said.

"Thanks. It was nice meeting you," Ruth replied. "Wow.....after that long quest, beating Darkonda, and fighting all those Stingwingers, I've gotten really tired."

The Three Witches gathered around Ruth in a circle so tight, she couldn't move.

"Then sleep, Ruth," Phoebe whispered.

The Witches backed up, and Ruth fell to the ground unconscious. Jenny gasped.

"What happened?" she asked.

"It's all right," Sheila said.

"Okay.....can we go home now?" Jenny asked, a little impatient.

"Temper, temper....." Phoebe taunted.

Seline and Luna grabbed Jenny's arms. Jenny got a little frightened.

"What are you doing?" she gasped. She tried to struggle, but the Witches were strong, they were like solid statues.

Phoebe approached her directly and waved her hand in front of Jenny's face. "You are tired. Sleep."

The other two Witches released Jenny, and she fell to the ground unconscious, next to Ruth. Then Phoebe held the book of spells and recited some incantations. The two unconscious girls disappeared in a flash of light.

"Hey, wake up!" a familiar voice called.

Jenny and Ruth slowly woke up. They looked up to see the owners of the voices. It was Carlos and T.J.

"You okay?" T.J. asked.

Jenny sat up, confused. "Whoa.....what happened?"

"Actually.....we were hoping that you could tell us that," Carlos said.

Ruth shrugged. "You wouldn't believe us....."

"I'm ready for home," Jenny groaned.

"Me, too."

At that moment, the Three Witches reappeared.

"Hey, thanks for bringing us back," Jenny said.

Phoebe smiled. "We have three facts. Jenny is a demon."

"Jenny is a warrior," Seline added.

"Jenny is a princess," Luna concluded.

"Princess of what?" T.J. asked.

"Of the Spice Club," Phoebe said.

"I guess you could say that, but I don't like to think of myself at a high level like that," Jenny said.

"Looks like you should've called yourself Princess Spice," Ruth giggled.

Jenny shook her head. "I don't like that name."

The Witches disappeared without another word.

"Now let's get home before something else happens," Carlos suggested.

The four heroes teleported back home.....

So after traveling back in time, Ruth learned that history isn't all that different from the present. Some things are just timeless.