Disclaimer: PRiS and PRLG characters, items, etc. belong to Saban. The character Duran is derived from one of my fave eighties groups, Duran Duran. The character Barbarella comes from their song, "Electric Barbarella."

Lost Souls
by: Crypt

Jenny and Leo were still getting acquainted on Terra Venture. They picked a nice, sunny day to stroll through a forest.

"So, it is nice to have Mike back, huh?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah. I'd like to thank you for helping him," Leo replied.

"I didn't want you to suffer the loss of a family member," Jenny told him. "I was in so much pain when I lost my father to the forces of evil."

"I just can't help wondering how Mike survived. He just fell into that crevice.....and that was it."

"At least you didn't watch him die in bloody murder. But of course, my dad did come back as a ghost or a zombie a few times."

"That must've been scary," Leo commented.

"I'll tell you what was scary," Jenny told him. "On my birthday, my mom tried to kill me, then my dad came back from beyond the grave to save me."

"Why would your mom try to kill you?"

"She's evil."

"Then why are you not evil?" Leo asked.

"Because I was raised like a normal Earth child," Jenny explained. "You see, my mom disguised herself as a normal Earth woman and fell in love with this guy. She had sex with him, and here I am. Four years later, Mom did it again, and there's Hallie. We were raised like normal kids are, but the Mom got in a car accident and supposedly got killed. But now, it appears that she survived. I don't know what happened to her that night, though."

Out of nowhere, Trakeena and the Stingwingers appeared. Jenny and Leo instantly took a fighting stance.

"Stingwingers, attack," Trakeena said flatly.

The Stingwingers obeyed. Leo pulled out his Quasar Saber and sliced the Stingwingers. However, one Stingwinger got ahold of his wrist and knocked the Saber out of his hand. When the Saber landed on the ground, Jenny threw a Stingwinger aside and quickly retrieved it.

Trakeena aimed her staff at Jenny. "My father Scorpius wants to see you!" She fired a green energy ball from the staff.

"No!" Jenny screamed. She twirled the Quasar Saber in front of her, and it emitted a red glow, creating a red energy shield in front of her. Trakeena's blast bounced off Jenny's shield, throwing her back.

"What!? She deflected my power!?" Trakeena cried in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Leo gasped as the energy blast bounced off the tree trunks. Before Leo realized it, the ball was heading straight for him.

"Oh no!" he cried. He tried to leap out of the way, but the energy ball struck his ankle. Leo hit the ground as his entire body glowed green. He let out a prolonged scream until he vanished in a flash of green light.

"Leo! No!!" Jenny screamed.

Trakeena scratched her head. "Hmm.....this couldn't have worked out better if we'd planned it. Remember, Tonfa Spice. The only way to save the Red Ranger is to trade places with him!"

She and the Stingwingers vanished. Jenny sadly looked down at the Quasar Saber in her hands.

"Leo.....it's all my fault!" she sobbed. "I'm so sorry!"

She dropped the Quasar Saber in front of her and began weeping.

"Sheesh.....you'd think I was destroyed or something," a voice called.

Jenny looked up. "Leo?"

She saw Leo standing next to her. She was so excited that she didn't notice his faded appearance. When she lunged for him, she found herself going right through him and falling to the ground. She stood up and gasped.

"Leo.....I can see you.....but I can't feel you!" Jenny reached out again, but her hands only went right through Leo.

"I know; it's weird," Leo said. "I seem to have gotten a bit ghostly after Trakeena's blast."

Jenny's eyes lit up. "Oh yeah, the blast! All that ricocheting must have weakened it before it hit you. Then it got your body, but not your spirit."

Then the other Galaxy Rangers flipped into the scene.

"We heard that you could use a hand," Kai said.

"Where's Leo?" Kendrix asked.

"He's.....right here," Jenny replied. "Can't you see him?"

Kendrix shook her head. "No."

"Is he hiding?" Maya asked.

"I'm right here," Leo told her.

The Rangers jumped and looked around.

"Where'd he go?" Damon asked.

"I heard him, but I don't see him," Kendrix said.

"That's weird. Am I the only one who can see him?" Jenny wondered. "Or is it just us dead people?"

"That'd be your lucky day, Jenny," Leo said, grabbing her shoulders.

"I don't think so," Jenny said, tossing away Leo's spirit, which drifted slowly to the ground. "We've got to get your body back from Scorpius. Would you like your Quasar Saber back?"

"Sure." Leo tried to take the Saber back from Jenny, but his hands only went right through it. "Sorry, you'll have to saber-sit it for a while longer."

"Okay," Jenny said. "Actually, I think I'll let Mike saber-sit it. You said it was supposed to be his anyway, right?"


"We're wasting time," Kai said. "Let's get busy."

So Jenny and the Rangers teleported back. The others were shocked to hear about Leo's dilemma.

"Wow, Leo, you do look a bit faint," Spinal said.

"Wait a minute," Fulgore interrupted. "I'm pinpointing Leo's body on the Dark Fortress. So Astronema has it, not Scorpius."

"That doesn't surprise me," Jenny said. "What woman wouldn't want Leo's body?"

"Man, I want my body back!" Leo complained. "I can't do anything!"

He threw an inward spin kick at Arbin, which went right through him. Arbin stood up and backed away.

"Well you please watch the angle of your kick, young man?" he scolded.

"Hey, Magna Defender is in Terra Venture park!" Spinal exclaimed.

"I'm really curious about his son," Ruth said.

"Well, let's go find out more about him," Jenny suggested.

So the heroes went to catch up with Magna Defender.

"Magna Defender!" Jenny cried.

Magna Defender paused and turned to the Spices. Jenny took a deep breath before continuing.

"Tell us about your son."

"Why do you want to know about my son?" Magna Defender asked.

"We just want to know," Jenny said. "Maybe we can help."

"You cannot help me. All I live for is revenge."

"Your thirst for vengeance is only creating more sorrow," Jenny told him. "I speak from experience."

Magna Defender sighed. "My son.....his name was Zika. We lived happily on our planet, Zeus-3......that is, until Scorpius attacked. That is all I will tell you."

"I think that's all we needed to know," Fulgore said.

Magna Defender began to walk away when suddenly, the sky grew dark. Two balls of light flew around the group. After circling them a few times, the lights flew into Jenny and Magna Defender, knocking them over. Then the sky returned to normal. Jenny and Magna Defender stood up and gazed at each other. They staggered over to each other in an embrace.

"Could it really be you, my love?" Magna Defender asked.

"It seems that it is," Jenny gushed. "We are reunited......"

"Huh????" The others were thoroughly confused.

Jenny looked at her friends. "They are confused. I think we should tell them what's going on."

"I agree," Magna Defender replied.

"Well, how long has this been going on?" the Cryptkeeper asked.

"No.....it's not what you think," Jenny told him. "We are two lost souls. We've taken control of these bodies. We had to do it before we faded out of existence."

"We'll need our own bodies soon," Magna Defender added. "I feel terrible taking people's bodies like this."

"Maybe we can help," Fulgore said. "We can build cyborg bodies for you. Let's see.....one male, one female, correct?"

"Correct," Jenny said.

"You'll have to be quick, though," Magna Defender said. "If we stay in these bodies for too long, we'll be stranded forever."

"But what about Jenny and Magna Defender?" Spinal asked.

Jenny looked down at her body. "I can sense Jenny's presence.....but her soul is dormant."

"Don't worry," Fulgore said. "We'll build those bodies in time for you."

"What about me, huh?" Leo asked. "I want my body back! Scorpius can't have my body; it's mine!"

"Hey, calm down, young man.....err, ghost," Arbin said. "We'll get your body back soon enough. Time flies, so does man; let's use this hour as best we can."

"It sucks, not having a body!" Leo complained. "Look at this, nobody can see me. Hey Kai!"

Leo danced around Kai as the Spices laughed. Leo stopped behind Kai and gave him bunny ears, causing the Spices to laugh even harder.

"What's going on?" Kai asked.

"You're wasting time, Leo," Spinal said. "Let's go."

The heroes returned to the Megaship where Fulgore and a few of the scientific experts began to build cyborg bodies for the lost souls.

"There's something else we need to tell you," Magna Defender said. "There's another lost soul.....my evil brother. Like us, he can possess anyone at anytime."

"Thanks for the warning," Andros said. "Let's come up with a plan to get Leo's body back."

Zhane yawned. "Well, I'm not feeling so hot, so I'll go to bed. Good luck finding that body, Leo."

"Gee, thanks," Leo grumbled.

Zhane left the bridge and went straight to his bedroom. He took his comb from the dresser and combed his blonde hair. Suddenly, Zhane saw a pair of red eyes in the mirror and heard a soft, evil chuckle. But Zhane could do nothing; he was almost hypnotized by these eyes.

"What the......"


Meanwhile, Ecliptor and Elgar paced around Leo's lifeless body.

"Are you sure you used the wand correctly?" Astronema scolded.

"Of course I did," Trakeena replied. "I can't understand why he hasn't awakened yet!"

"I think I may be of assistance," Ecliptor said. "I overheard the Spices' conversation earlier, and I heard Galaxy Red's voice. The Spices seemed to be able to see him, though the other Rangers could not."

Astronema pondered for a moment. "So that's the explanation. You've captured only the body! His spirit stayed behind!"

"We've got to get rid of the others," Ecliptor said.

"And that rotten Magna Defender," Trakeena added.

"I have a plan," Astronema announced. "Listen up....."


Zhane went back into the bridge. "Any luck?" he asked.

Ruth gave him a look. "I thought you were going to bed."

"I changed my mind," Zhane told her. "I'm not sleepy after all."

Just then, an image of Astronema appeared on the monitor.

"Hello, Spices.....hello, my daughter Tonfa Spice," she said sweetly.

Jenny gave her a weird look. "Daughter? Tonfa Spice?"

"What do you want, Astronema!?" Spinal demanded.

Astronema smiled. "Spinal.....I only want to give you a sporting chance to retrieve Galaxy Red's body. Meet me at the quarry on Terra Venture, and be ready to fight." She disappeared from the screen.

"Come on, let's go!" Andros called without hesitation.

"Wait!" Spinal cried. "It could be a trap!"

Jenny and Magna Defender stood there, looking confused.

"I'll stay here and keep an eye on these two," Zhane said.

"I'll have to agree with Spinal," Ruth said. "I think it's a trap, too."

"Same here," Carlos said. "I'll just see how Fulgore and his crew are doing with the cyborg bodies."

Everyone left the bridge except Zhane, Spinal, Jenny, and Magna Defender. They sat in chairs, tapping their fingers, and listening to the Megaship's hum. After a while, Zhane broke the silence.

"Well, now that you've temporarily taken over some bodies, how would you like to take a stroll down Terra Venture park?" he asked. "You know.....feel the sun and the wind, enjoy life....."

Jenny looked directly at Magna Defender. "Do we dare?"

"We won't go far," Magna Defender said. "We can't stay in these bodies forever, so we might as well make the most of the time we have."

"No, you can't just leave the ship!" Spinal cried.

"Don't worry, Spinal," Zhane said. "I'll go with them."

"But who's going to explain this to the others?" Spinal asked.

"You are," Zhane replied with a grin. The three walked out of the bridge.

"Okay......I'll just keep an eye on the bridge....." Spinal sighed.

He turned on the monitor to see his friends battling it out in the empty field. He saw Leo's ghost running carelessly, searching for his body. The battle didn't seem to be going anywhere at all.

"Boy, I hope they get back soon," Spinal told himself. "Something's not right here....."

Just then, he felt something pound the back of his head, then everything went black.


Jenny and Magna Defender teleported down to Terra Venture park. They immediately felt the cool breeze blowing upon them.

"How glorious to feel the real wind blow once more!" Jenny gushed.

"Yes," Magna Defender agreed, embracing her. "I had almost forgotten the warm touch of your hand......and the sweet scent of your hair......"

Jenny lowered her head. "But.....it is not my hair....."

"You know, I feel sorry for you two," Zhane called. "You spend your days floating around in a beautiful oblivion......it sounds pretty boring to me."

"We appreciate your concern," Jenny said. "But we will survive as long as we are together."

Suddenly, the Stingwingers appeared to attack. Jenny and Magna Defender gasped.

"What are those things!?" Jenny cried.

"Um.....they're just really bad bugs," Zhane said. "You really don't want to know about them."

The Stingwingers charged. Luckily, the lost souls happened to be warriors themselves, so they fought back. Unfortunately, they didn't do as well. When Jenny blocked some punches, a Stingwinger kicked her with a sweep, knocking her down. Then they seized her and pulled her to her feet.

"Let go of me!" she cried. "Help!!"

Magna Defender rushed in her direction, but the Stingwingers fired their lasers at him, knocking him down.

"No!!" Jenny screamed. "My love!!"

Magna Defender stood up and fought the Stingwingers off. The Stingwingers threw Jenny to the ground. She was too overwhelmed to move, so she just covered her face. At last, the giant insects retreated. Magna Defender helped Jenny to her feet.

"Are you all right, my love?" Magna Defender asked.

"Yes.....I'm okay," Jenny said as they embraced each other again.

"Let's hope you won't have to see those buggers again," Zhane said.

Just then, Darkonda appeared to greet his wife. "Tonfa Spice......I need to speak to you."

Jenny, not being herself, gave him a confused look. "Who.....who are you?"

Darkonda seized her by the shoulders. "My love, you know perfectly well who I am - Darkonda, your husband."

"My husband!?"

"Wait.....I think I know what's going on," Magna Defender said. "He's Jenny's husband. He sees Jenny, not you."

"Oh....." Jenny nodded.

"What are you two talking about?" Darkonda asked.

"I'm a lost soul," Jenny said. "I've taken over your wife's body......for a while. And my love has taken over Magna Defender's body. The Spices are trying to build some bodies of our own for us. I only hope they can do it quick enough."

Darkonda stepped back, totally freaked out by the whole story. "Well......tell Tonfa Spice to meet me when she's.....free."

"Sure.....no problem," Zhane said.

"Nobody asked you, Silver Ranger," Darkonda snapped.

"Silver Ranger?" Zhane asked. "Oh yeah......I am the Silver Ranger, aren't I? Ha ha ha.......I'm so clumsy sometimes......"

Darkonda turned around and vanished.

"I think I've had enough Terra Venture," Jenny said.

"I'm ready to go back, too," Magna Defender added.

"Okay, let's go," Zhane announced.


Leo raced back to the Megaship. Obviously, his body wasn't at the quarry like Astronema had claimed. He went onto the bridge only to find it empty.

"Where is everyone?" he asked.

As soon as he asked, Ruth and Carlos stepped onto the bridge.

"Guys, we need your help!" Leo cried.

"What happened?" Ruth asked.

"It was a trap. Astronema has the others. We have to help them!" Leo told them.

"Where are Jenny and Magna Defender?" Carlos asked.

"I don't know; they were gone when I came back."

Little did they realize that there was someone on the bridge hearing the conversation. It was Spinal. He was on the floor behind the computer terminal tied up and gagged. He tried to make his way around the terminal so that the others would see him, but he couldn't move fast enough. His muffled screams weren't loud enough to get their attention either.

"It gets worse!" Leo went on. "Astronema has made cyborgs of her own to unleash against us."

"Hmm.....maybe we can use those cyborgs for the lost souls," Ruth suggested. "Just in case Fulgore doesn't get finished in time."

"Good idea. Come on, let's check them out," Carlos said.

Spinal's eyes widened as he heard their footsteps fading. They had already left. Spinal still struggling, slowly but surely making his way around the control terminal. He stopped in front of the doorway where he continued his struggles. Fortunately, Zhane, Jenny, and Magna Defender returned minutes later. They noticed Spinal instantly.

"Spinal!" Magna Defender cried.

He and Jenny untied the helpless skeleton warrior. Spinal sat up and pulled the gag out of his mouth.

"Something happened....." he gasped. "Someone jumped me."

"Who did this?" Jenny asked.

Spinal shook his head. "I don't know. They just snuck up on me and knocked me out."

"That's impossible!" Zhane exclaimed.

"Why?" Spinal asked.

"Um.....I just can't believe that the Megaship's shields failed to repel any intruders."

"I also heard that something happened to the others," Spinal continued. "Leo took Ruth and Carlos after them."

"Well, there's nothing we can do," Zhane said. "Fulgore's still working on the bodies, and we have to stay with these two."

"But.....maybe we can help," Jenny said.

"No, it's too risky," Spinal said. "We should at least wait until we hear from Ruth and Carlos."

"Okay, we'll wait a while longer," Zhane agreed.

The group sighed and waited......


Ruth, Carlos, and Leo walked into a laboratory in the Dark Fortress.

"I saw the cyborgs in here," Leo said, pointing to two covered tables.

From the lumps on the sheets, the three could tell that there was something underneath. Carlos pulled off one sheet to reveal a silver cyborg with holes on his wrists, similar to Fulgore's where his claws protruded. However, this cyborg's holes were empty, and much larger.

"Astronema calls that one Sancruse," Leo told him.

Ruth unveiled the other cyborg. It was gold, and it appeared to be female. It had holes in its palms.

"And that one is Barbarella," Leo added.

"Wow.....these would be perfect for the lost souls," Ruth observed. "One male and one female!"

"I wonder what these holes are for?" Carlos asked.

They didn't see Astronema peering into the room holding a remote control device. At the touch of a button, Sancruse sprang to life and grabbed Carlos' shoulders. Barbarella sat up just as abruptly and kicked Ruth. Carlos tossed Sancruse over his shoulders, and the cyborg crashed into some chemicals, causing a large fireball to rise from the spot. The flame triggered some sprinklers on the ceiling, diminishing the flame. Carlos couldn't see through the smoke.

"Ruth!" he called. "Leo!"

Tentacles shot out from the smoke, tightly wrapping around Carlos. Sancruse stepped into view. Carlos felt his internal organs being crushed. He felt as if his heart would go up into his throat and he would choke on it.

Ruth wasn't having much more luck with Barbarella. The female cyborg had enormous flames shooting from the holes in her palms. All Ruth could do was back away as the flames licked at her. Suddenly, the flames stopped. Barbarella kicked Ruth's stomach and punched her

face, knocking her out.

Meanwhile, Sancruse threw Carlos headfirst into the wall with the tentacles. Astronema entered the room and laughed out loud. Terrified, Leo silently ran from the Dark Fortress.

"Guys!" Leo cried as he raced back onto the Megaship. "Ruth and Carlos are in trouble." Zhane stood up. "That's it! We have to go!"

"But what about these two?" Spinal asked.

"Good question," Jenny said. "If we don't get back in time, we'll be permanently stranded inside bodies that belong to two other warriors....."

"It's a risk we'll have to take," Magna Defender said.

"But we have two tasks at hand," Leo said. "The others are being kept at Deadwood Forest, and my body is on the Dark Fortress."

"We'll have to split up," Zhane said. "Jenny and Magna Defender can go after the others. Spinal and I will go to the Dark Fortress for Leo's body."

"What!?" Spinal cried, not wanting to face Astronema on the Dark Fortress.

"Let's go," Zhane called impatiently.

So the pairs went their separate ways. Jenny, Spinal, and Leo took the galaxy gliders to the Dark Fortress. They went down to the laboratory where the cyborgs had been kept.

"Hmm......clear signs of a struggle," Zhane observed.

"Nothing is clear to me today," Spinal said. "How can those lost souls control people's bodies like that? What's going to happen to Jenny and Magna Defender? And who was it that jumped me on the Megaship?"

Suddenly, the Quantrons entered the room.

"Looks like there's gonna be another struggle!" Spinal cried.

"Step back, I'll take care of these metalheads!" Leo announced, rushing at the Quantrons.

"No, you won't, dummy!" Spinal called. "You're a ghost!"

Leo stopped as the Quantrons ran right through him.

"Oops, I forgot," Leo mumbled.

So Zhane and Spinal battled the Quantrons alone. Leo was both shocked and relieved that the Quantrons couldn't see him. After a few minutes, the Quantrons were defeated, and they retreated.

"Those are all very good questions, Spinal," Zhane said coldly.

As Spinal pondered, Zhane charged at him and jammed his elbow into Spinal's back. Spinal crashed into the wall and sank to the floor unconscious. Zhane stood over him proudly and crossed his arms.

"I have a feeling that you're not going to like the answers." He turned around and walked away.

"Hey, what was that for!?" Leo cried. "Zhane!"

He started to follow Zhane, who paused.

"Don't ghosts hang around attics and go 'boo'......jerk?" Zhane walked out of the lab.

Leo tried to wake up Spinal, but his hand only went right through the skeleton warrior.

"Spinal, wake up! Are you okay?" Leo sighed. "I guess I'll just get my body back myself."

He ran out of the room in search of his body.


Jenny and Magna Defender teleported to Deadwood Forest. It certainly lived up to its name. The trees had no leaves whatsoever. The branches were think and black. The Rangers and Spices were tied up and suspended upside down from the branches.

"Rangers! Spices!" Magna Defender cried.

"Look out!" Andros screamed.

Treacheron appeared and fired lasers at them. Jenny and Magna Defender leaped out of the way. Treacheron leaped at them, and Jenny leaped at him. When they met in midair, Jenny elbowed him. Treacheron grabbed her and slammed her mercilessly to the ground. The

rough landing knocked her unconscious as Treacheron landed on his feet. Seeing that his lost soul lover was down, Magna Defender rushed at Treacheron, pushing him into a tree. Treacheron reached back around the tree trunk.

"Magna Defender, look out!" Carlos screamed.

But it was too late. Treacheron lifted the tree and dropped it on Magna Defender, pinning him down.


Meanwhile, Leo finally found his body. It was in the throne room lying on the table directly in front of Astronema's throne. Elgar was pacing back and forth between the throne and the table. Leo stepped out and waved his arms, but Elgar didn't see him. So Leo took the opportunity to reclaim his body.....

Elgar paused and looked down at Leo's lifeless body.

"Oooh, nice jacket!" he exclaimed.

As he reached down, Leo opened his eyes.

"Ha! I'm back!" he declared.

"AAAAHHH!!! It's alive!!!" Elgar screamed.

Leo stood up, grinned, waved, and ran out of the throne room. Elgar continued to scream.....


Magna Defender groaned in pain, still pinned under the tree. Zhane slowly creeped up on Treacheron, but he turned and fired a laser. The explosion knocked Zhane to the ground.

"Naughty, naughty," Treacheron cooed. "Sneaking up on Uncle Treacheron."

Zhane sat up and smiled. "On the contrary, I'd be very pleased......whoever you are, if you'd just continue with what you were doing. Destroy them all. I just want the girl." He looked at

Jenny, who lay nearby. "When she regains consciousness, Zhane will lament that her true love died with Magna Defender. I'm sure she'll be heartbroken at first, but these new bodies should help ease the pain."

Magna Defender looked up. "Of course! I should have seen it before!" he cried. "My evil brother has always been after my beloved! He must have possessed Zhane!"

Zhane scooped Jenny into his arms. "Very good, brother. Slow, but good."

"Evil brother, huh?" Treacheron asked. "Perhaps you could help us finish the Rangers and Spices."

"The idea sounds fascinating, but my date is coming to," Zhane replied as Jenny was starting to awaken. "Adios!"

"I'm afraid you cannot leave," Treacheron told him.

Zhane chuckled. "And how do you plan to stop me?"

Treacheron held out the same remote control that Astronema had and pressed the button. Sancruse appeared and wrapped his tentacles around Zhane, causing him to drop Jenny. Barbarella then appeared and pulled a wide-awake Jenny to her feet.

"Anyone else need a demonstration?" Treacheron asked.

"I do!" Magna Defender shouted.

He threw the tree off and charged at Treacheron.

"We've got to get free and help them!" Andros grunted.

"I think we're about to," Arbin observed. "Spinal, get us down!"

Spinal had arrived in the battlefield unnoticed. He crawled on top of the branches and waved. He untied Arbin's feet, allowing him to drop to the ground. Then one by one, Spinal freed the others.

Sancruse swung Zhane around and tossed him into the air. Zhane screamed until he hit the ground. As the others fought on, Magna Defender approached Zhane and grabbed his collar.

"Zhane's body does not belong to you!" he growled. "Give it back!"

"Why? So that I could eventually fade out of existence entirely?" Zhane asked innocently. "Is that the option you were leaning towards?"

Magna Defender clinched his fist and shoved him to the ground. Zhane sat up and gazed at Sancruse.

"Actually, I'm a bit disappointed in Zhane's fighting skills. Astronema's robot might have been a better deal after all; it even heels itself. I wouldn't mind trading possession of this.....scrawny

teenager for that."

Zhane concentrated on Sancruse; his eyes glowed red for a second, and the ball of light burst from his body. The light flew directly into Sancruse.

"The raw power......the brutal energy......I am Sancruse!" he roared. "And it appears that I am surrounded."

The heroes were indeed surrounding him, ready to attack.

"Try not to miss me too much. I'll be back!" Sancruse fired his rockets and flew away.

"And this scrawny teenager will be waiting!" Zhane shouted.

"Zhane.....you know what he called you?" Jenny asked.

"I know every creepy thing that jerk made me do," Zhane said. "He made me jump Spinal back at the Megaship."

The communicators beeped and the Spices answered promptly.

"Good news," Fulgore said. "I've finished the cyborgs."

"Great," the Cryptkeeper replied. "However, we'll only need the male one. We decided to borrow Astronema's female cyborg. So bring him down!"

"Got it." Fulgore teleported down with the cyborg. It looked somewhat like a gargoyle. "Guys.....meet Duran!"

"Wait!" Magna Defender cried. "Give us one moment more."

He and Jenny embraced each other one last time.

"Let's do it." Jenny concentrated on Barbarella. Her eyes glowed red, and the ball of light flew out of her body and into the cyborg. Then Jenny fainted, falling into Magna Defender's arms.

Now Magna Defender concentrated on Duran. The light flew out of his body and into the cyborg. Duran and Barbarella came to life and embraced each other.

"For one day, we truly lived again," Duran said. "We are forever in your debt."

"Thank you," Barbarella added.

"Hey, don't mention it," Fulgore said.

"It was.....our pleasure," Ruth added.

Then Jenny and Magna Defender came to life. Magna Defender was stunned to find himself in Deadwood Forest carrying Jenny in his arms. Jenny was just as shocked to find herself in Magna Defender's arms. She gasped.

"Get away from me, you creepy old geek!" she snapped as Magna Defender put her down. "I don't know why I was in your arms; I don't care what happened. But don't ever touch me again!"

At that moment, Leo teleported into the forest. "I'm back!"

"Leo.....you got your body back!" Ruth cried.

"Yeah, no thanks to any of you," Leo grumbled.

"Leo, you know we tried to help," the Cryptkeeper said. "It's just that we got a little tied up in our situation."

"I've had enough of all of you," Magna Defender said. "Goodbye."

He leaped out of sight.

"Good riddance," Jenny mumbled. "At least my body is mine again."

The others stood there, waiting for her next plan. Jenny sighed.

"Let's go home."

The Spices teleported back to Terra Venture.


So, the Spices got a better look at Magna Defender, even though it was never him to begin with. The lost souls were quite happy in their cyborg bodies. Jenny and Magna Defender were horrified to have been that close. Leo learned just how important his body was. It's the greatest instrument a person can ever own.