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Power Rangers: Axis
What if Adolf Hitler Had Found the Morphers
by : Lucas Harrell

“Sir, we have found some kind of base in the mountains nearby,” a young German officer came running up to Hitler. “I’m sorry. Heil Hitler.”

“It’s all right, young man,” Hitler said. Though he usually didn’t stand for officers not giving him the usual greeting first, Hitler was more interested in the information that the young man had. “Have you found out anything about this place?”

“I’m afraid not, sir,” the young officer said, “I think that you should see this place. The technology it has could easily defeat the allied forces.

“Then, let us be off,” Hitler said. He followed the young man out and to a helicopter nearby. They went along the mountains until they found a big building out in the middle of nowhere. They landed and got out. They went inside, where there was amazing technology, just like the young officer said.

“This has to be a trap,” Hitler said, ever the paranoid. “Who or whatever built this place wouldn’t just leave it, for people to steal the technology.”

“We’ve checked the computers. This place has been abandoned for centuries. The last thing to be here was some robot.” Some men came up and handed the young officer something. “We also found these.”

“What are they?” Hitler asked.

“The computers classify them as power morphers,” the young officer said, “A person puts one on, and they can transform into a nearly invincible warrior.”

“Good work,” Hitler said. He picked one of the morphers out. It fit around his wrist. All of a sudden, several words came to his mind. “It’s morphin’ time. Red Ranger Power.” With that, some fierce looking red armor appeared around him. It disappeared suddenly, revealing a cold smile on his face.

It didn’t take Hitler very long to win the war, after he had distributed the other morphers. The allied forces were forced to leave Earth altogether, to avoid total annihilation. They went to the moon, where they found several abandoned cities below the surface, big enough to hold the thousands of survivors. They called themselves the “Allied Underground.”

For about fifty years, what was left of the allied forces lived happily on the moon. The cities had an endless supply of air, and artificial gravity set to be just a wee bit lighter than on the Earth. Every once in a while, people would go exploring on the surface of the moon. There, they could see the most wondrous sight: the Earth from an external point of view.

One day, a young man and his wife had ventured out onto a ledge on the surface to see a once a month sight, the sun setting behind the Earth. Their names were Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart. They weren’t exactly happy in the EVA suits, but they knew that it was the only they could see the wondrous sight. They were sitting on the edge of the ledge, and Tommy had both arms around her waist.

“It seems more beautiful tonight, doesn’t it?” Kim asked him.

“It sure does,” Tommy said, “But not half as beautiful as you.” His statement made Kim blush. “Did I ever tell you that look even prettier when you blush?”

“Yeah, you did,” Kim said. The two young lovers sat there for a few more moments, enjoying the nearness of each other, then started back for the airlock leading back down to New Angel Grove, the city in which them and their friends resided at.

“Last one back has to be on bottom tonight,” Kim called out. The walk back turned into a race. Tommy let Kim win like always.

“You slowpoke,” Kim teased. Tommy scowled playfully at her, and the two stood still while the airlock pressurized. When it was breathable, they took off their helmets. Tommy immediately swept Kim into his arms for a passionate kiss. “Tommy, stop that. We’re going to be in the city in no time.”

“All right, all right,” Tommy said, putting Kim back on her feet and the two started stripping down to regular clothes and hanging their EVA’s on racks just inside the lift. When they got down to the city and stepped out of the lift, a guard came up to meet them.

“Hi, Mr. Stone,” Kim said, “Thanks a lot. You don’t know how much this means to us.”

“I have an idea,” Stone said, “I was just as wild as you two when I was that young, too.” That got Tommy and Kim to laughing. “Your parents are going to kill me, though.”

“We’ll help you think of something,” Tommy offered, “But later. We’ve got to meet the guys at the cave we’re going to camp out in.”

“Right,” Stone said, “Be careful. Don’t accidentally go into an unbreathable zone or anything like that.”

“We won’t,” Kim called, as the two started off. They quickly caught up to their friends Adam Park, Tanya Sloan, Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan, and Jason Scott. Jason had Emily Austin with him.

“Everybody ready?” Jason asked.

“You got it, bro,” Tommy said, as he and Kim came running up.

“What kept you two?” Trini teased, “Or should I even ask?”

“We were up on the surface,” Kim said, “Watching the sun set behind the Earth.”

“You should have told me,” Tanya said, “I’ve been wanting to see that.”

“We tried reaching you guys,” Tommy said, “But we couldn’t. Sorry.”

“It’s all right,” Adam said. They started exploring the cave.

“This place is amazing,” Billy said. He was really shy, and didn’t say much.

“I’ll say,” Kim said, looking around.

“Hey, guys,” Jason called out, “I think I found something.” They went over to him, and found a big boulder in front of what looked like some kind of entrance.

Tommy pushed up against the boulder, testing it’s weight. “It doesn’t seem to be nearly as heavy as it looks,” he said, “We should be able to push it away.” Working together, the seven teens were surprisingly able to get the boulder out of the passageway. They then went down the long, narrow corridor.

When they got to the end, they found themselves in a huge chamber. “Wow,” Kim said, “What is this place?”

“I don’t know,” Tommy said, “But it’s amazing.”

“I’ll say,” Kim said, “Hey, where is everybody?”

“What are you talking about, Kim?” Jason asked, “We’re right here.”

“Guys,” Kim called out, “Where are you?” All of a sudden, a passageway was opened, one that Kim and Tommy could see, but their friends couldn’t. Hand in hand, the young lovers walked into the corridor there.

“Wow,” Tommy said.

“This place is amazing,” Kim said. They were in a crystalline cave, and their reflections were coming off every inch of the walls.

“You can say that again,” Tommy agreed.

“Hey, guys,” Jason said, “Where did Tommy and Kim go?”

“I don’t know,” Adam said, “But we’d better find them..”

“Adam’s right,” Zack said, “Search around. There’s bound to be some kind of trap door, or something.” They started searching around.

Kim looked around, and Tommy wasn’t anywhere around. “Tommy?” she called, “Where are you?”

“Kim, I’m over here,” Tommy said. To him, Kim wasn’t there either. Her voice sounded like it was far off. All of a sudden, a flash of red marked the entrance of the Red Axis Ranger. “Uh oh.”

“You are not fit to survive,” the Ranger said, “You will die.”

“That’s what you think, buddy,” Tommy said. The Ranger jumped at him, and Tommy fought him off. With a fierce “si-kyahh” Tommy knocked the Ranger out cold. The body disappeared.

Kim was walking along, when Tommy appeared. “Oh, there you are,” Kim said, rushing in for a kiss. Something in Tommy’s eyes stopped her, though. They were hollow and expressionless, so unlike the eyes she loved to gaze into hours on end.

“Whore,” Tommy said, slapping her. There was a faint sting where his hand made contact with her cheek, but Kim was too shocked by his words and his actions to notice. “I don’t really love you.” With that, a beautiful blond woman appeared out of nowhere, and kisses Tommy.

“You’re not the real Tommy,” Kim said, “The real Tommy Oliver would never raise a hand against me. The real Tommy Oliver does love me.” With her words, the fake Tommy and the woman disappeared. The cave rippled around her, and she suddenly found herself right beside Tommy and the others. “Tommy.” She rushed into his arms, kissing him fiercely.

“Can someone please explain what just happened?” Zack asked.

“I believe I can.” The group jumped at the loud voice. “Just follow the cave into the main chamber, and all will be explained.” Tommy and the others did as they were instructed. It didn’t take them long to find a place with amazing technology.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Emily said.

“Welcome.” They jumped again as a blue tube dropped out of nowhere, and a friendly-looking, though obviously alien, face appeared in it. “To the Lunar Chamber.”

“Can someone come back and pick me up?” Kim asked, “Because I’m, like, totally lost.”

“You and your mate passed the tests, Kimberly Hart,” Zordon said, “You have proven yourselves worthy of a great honor.”

“What are you talking about?” Kim asked, “And how do you know my name?”

“I know a great deal about all of you,” Zordon said, “Jason Scott, the ever watchful leader. Billy Cranston, the smartest martial artists on the face of the moon. Trini Kwan and Tanya Sloan, kind, gentle, and caring. Kimberly Hart, the carefree, lovable member of the group. Tommy Oliver, a gifted martial artists without equal. Adam Park, shy yet powerful when angered. And, last but certainly not least, Emily Austin, the spiritual ‘shaman’ if you will of the group.”

“You know a lot about us,” Jason said, “But we do not know a thing about you or what this place is.”

“I am Zordon,” Zordon said. A little robot came out of nowhere. “And this is Alpha Five. We came to this system millenia ago, to save the Earth from an evil force that never came.”

“Never came? Boy, are you behind on current events,” Jason said, “Adolf Hitler and his Axis Rangers have taken over the Earth.”

“I know, Jason,” Zordon said, “And now, you all need to stop him.”


“This is how,” Zordon said. A crystal appeared out of nowhere, along with a staff and a spider shaped pendant on a necklace. “It is the Zeo crystal, the Gold Ranger staff, and the Spider pendant. The Zeo crystal splits into six sub-crystals, each with it’s own color.” The Zeo crystal broke off and hovered over each of their heads, except for Jason and Kimberly.

A maroon colored crystal was above Tommy’s head. “Tommy, you are Zeo Ranger I, Maroon,” Zordon said. Maroon armor covered Tommy in seconds after his proclamation.

A silver colored crystal hovered above Billy’s head. “Billy, you are Zeo Ranger II, Silver,” Zordon said. Silver armor encased Billy.

A purple crystal hovered over Trini’s head. “Trini, you are Zeo Ranger III, Purple,” Zordon said. Purple armor flowed over Trini.

A brown crystal hovered over Adam’s head. “Adam, you are Zeo Ranger IV, Orange,” Zordon said. Orange armor covered Adam.

A green crystal hovered over Tanya’s head. “Tanya, you are Zeo Ranger V, Green,” Zordon said. Green armor covered Tanya.

A white crystal hovered over Emily’s head. “Emily, you are Zeo Ranger VI, White,” Zordon said. White armor covered Emily.

In a brief flash of light, the golden staff went from being on the table, to being in Jason’s hands. “Jason, you are the Gold Zeo Ranger,” Zordon said. Gold armor encased Jason.

In a brief flash of light, the pendant went from being on the table, to being around Kim’s neck. “Kimberly, you are the Zeo Spider Ranger,” Zordon boomed. Red, silver, and black armor quickly encased Kim’s body.

Zordon waited until they all removed their helmets before continuing. “Alone, you are each very formidable,” Zordon said, “But together, you become an awesome fighting force, known to one and all as the Zeo Rangers. In times of great need, you can call upon colossal fighting machines known as Zeo zords. Observe the viewing globe.” All of the assembled Rangers did as they were told. Several, awesome looking robots appeared on it.

“Tommy, you shall have the Maroon Tiger,” Zordon said. An awesome catlike robot was singled out on the viewing globe. “Billy, you shall pilot the Silver Zeo Jet zord.” A silver jet was singled out. “Trini, you have the Purple Ape zord.” A big, simian looking robot was singled out. “Adam, you have the Orange Tank zord.” His zord was singled out. “Tanya, you have the Green Bear zord.” Her zord was singled out. “Emily, you have the White Lightning Racer zord.” Her zord, which was a car, was singled out. “Jason, you have the Gold Sphinx zord.” His zord was singled out. “And finally, Kim, you have Arachnophobus.” Her zord was singled out. It was a big ship that looked like a spider.

“Each individual zord is powerful,” Zordon said, “But Zeo Rangers I-VI zord’s can combine, to form the ZeoMegaZord. It can combine with the Sphinx, to form the QuantumZeoMegaZord. All eight come together, to form the UltraQuantumZeoMegaZord.”

“Try saying that fast five times,” Kim joked. They all chuckled.

“So what do we do now?” Tommy asked, getting serious all of a sudden.

“You’ll spend time practicing here,” Zordon said, “I’ll set up monster drones on the surface sometimes, and you’ll have to take them apart.”

“On the surface? Won’t we suffocate?” Tanya asked.

“Not while morphed,” Zordon said, “As long as you have your helmets on, you’ll be okay. Well, when you’re in your zords, you can take your helmets off, but only then, or you’ll be in trouble. We’ll start in the morning after school, because it’s getting late.” Nodding, the Rangers went back down the tunnel, and back to the city.

Kim and Tommy were in their apartment. Kim was asleep, but Tommy was too excited over the day’s events to sleep. He absent mindedly ran his hands through Kim’s hair, and accidentally woke her up.

“Tommy?” she inquired sleepily, “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you asleep?”

“I guess I’m just too revved up,” Tommy said softly, “I’m sorry I woke you. I think I’m going to go hit the heavy bag for a bit, and burn some energy. You can go on back to sleep.” Nodding, Kim drifted back to sleep. Tommy quietly got out of bed and went to his practice area. He went over to a punching bag hanging from the ceiling and started beating on it.

That’s how Kim found him a few hours later. “Tommy, I hope you got some sleep,” she said.

“Good morning to you too, beautiful,” Tommy teased playfully. She shot him a glare. He knew she wasn’t a morning person. “I just couldn’t sleep. I was just too wired after what had happened yesterday.”

“Why don’t you try to get a little sleep?” Kim asked, “It’s a while before we have to get to class.” They were in their Junior year at the high school nearby.

“Yeah, but I should hit the shower first,” Tommy said, “I might not get the chance before we have to leave.” Giving Kim a kiss, Tommy headed for the bathroom.

“Mmm,” Kim said, “Now that’s what I call a kiss to go on.” With a grin that wouldn’t go away, she set to making herself some coffee. While it was brewing, she went to check on their seven month old son, Justin.

Across town, Billy was just now waking up. “It all seems like a dream,” he muttered. The warm body next to him stirred, but didn’t awake. He smiled down at Trini. Kim’s the only one who believed them when they said they had never slept together, because she knew that Trini was going to be a virgin until her wedding day.

Trini’s eyes fluttered open. “Good morning,” he said softly.

“Mmm, good morning to you,” she said, as she sat up and gave him a kiss. She looked over at the clock. “Hmm, early morning, too. What are you doing awake this early.”

“I’ve got to go check something in the lab,” Billy said, “You can go on back to sleep, if you want.”

“Thanks,” Trini said, as she drifted back off to sleep. Billy sat there for a minute, watching her, then headed for their lab.

Jason and Emily were still sound asleep in their apartment. The same with Tanya and Adam in theirs.

When it came time for Kim to wake Tommy, she went into the bedroom. When she spotted him on the bed, she watched his bare chest fall and rise for a few minutes, before striding across the room. She gently shook him, than stepped back. She had learned a while back that Tommy tended to lash out sometimes when he woke up.

“Come on, sweetie,” she said, “Wake up. It’s almost time for school.”

Tommy’s eyes fluttered open. “Hmm, just what I like,” he said, “A beautiful face to wake up to every morning.”

“And what you’ll get is a butt kicking if we’re late,” Kim said. Tommy groggily got up and dressed. They left Justin with Kim’s mom, who lived in a house between their apartment and the school.

When they reached the school, they barely got to their homeroom class before the tardy bell rang. The others were already there, waiting on them

“Of all the habits you got from him, Kim,” Tanya said, “Did it have to be his forgetfulness?”

“Oh, hush you,” Kim said, sticking her tongue out at Tanya. “We weren’t late, after all. And we had to drop Justin off at his grandmother’s.”

“True, but you just barely made it,” Emily pointed out. Kim responded by sticking her tongue out at Emily.

Mr. Applebee called their attention back to class.

When they got out of school, Kim and Tommy’s first stop was to get Justin, then they all went to the Lunar Chamber.

“I took the liberty of setting up some robot drones on the surface,” Zordon said, “Morph and teleport up there.”

“Right, Zordon,” Tommy said.

“Alpha, can you watch Justin?” Kim asked.

“I’d be happy to, Kim,” Alpha said, gently taking the baby.

“Guys, it’s morphin’ time,” Tommy said, “Zeo Ranger I, Maroon.”

“Zeo Ranger II, Silver,” Billy said.

“Zeo Ranger III, Purple,” Trini said.

“Zeo Ranger IV, Orange,” Adam said.

“Zeo Ranger V, Green,” Tanya said.

“Zeo Ranger VI, White,” Emily said.

“Gold Ranger Power,” Jason said.

“It’s time to spiderize,” Kim said.

In seconds, they were in their respective suits of armor. “Let’s go, guys,” Tommy said, then they teleported to the surface.

In unison, they all cried, “We need ZeoZord power, now.” The ZeoZord’s came barreling into view. The Rangers teleported into the cockpits.

“Tommy here. Let’s rock.”

“Billy here. All systems go.”

“Trini here. Let’s do it to it.”

“Adam here. Let’s rock it’s world.”

“Tanya here. Let’s smash it into itty bitty pieces.”

“Emily here. Time for the white light of good to shine.”

“Jason here. It’s time for a gold rush.”

“Nice stereo. I mean, Kim here.”

“Rangers, there are enough monsters for each combination,” Zordon said, “And one for you to test your individual zords powers on.”

“Thanks, Zordon,” Tommy said, “Let’s get the one for the individual zords. We’ll do this in waves. Tanya, Adam, you’re up. Hit it hard and fast.”

“Right, Tommy,” Adam said, as his and Tanya’s zords came running and rolling up to the monster, hitting it with their respective zord’s blaster cannons.

“Emily, Billy, second wave now,” Tommy cried. That was due to their zords’ being the two quickest.

The car zord and the plane came zooming in at near supersonic speeds, hitting the monsters with bombs and blasters, respectively, then zooming away.

“Jason, Trini, you’re up,” Tommy said. Jason and Trini closed in on the enemy, blasting and just outright hitting it. “Kim, you ready?”

“You bet, handsome,” Kim said.

“Let’s go,” Tommy said. His and Kim’s zords swooped and ran in, respectively, blasting at the monster, which finally fell and disintegrated. “All right. Good work, everybody. Now, let’s form up. ZeoMegaZord power now.”

Billy’s, Trini’s, Adam’s, Tanya’s, and Emily’s zords’ formed up with Tommy’s zord. “Zeo saber, let’s rock,” Tommy cried. A sword appeared in the MegaZord’s hand, and they slashed repeatedly at one of the other monsters. “Zeo saber, power up.” The sword glowed with unknown energy. They slashed at the monster, which was instantly disintegrated.

“All right, guys,” Jason said, “Good going.”

“It’s not over yet, Jase,” Tommy said, “Two more to go. QuantumZeoMegaZord power now.” Jason’s zord combined with the ZeoMegaZord. “Zeo Sphinx pike, let’s rock.” A big spear like projectile appeared in the zord’s hands. “Power up.” The pike glowed with energy. The Rangers had it drive it into the monster drone’s chest, and it disintegrated.

Tommy didn’t miss a beat. “UltraQuantumZeoMegaZord power, now,” he cried. The zords split into their individual states, then went into special compartments, that dotted Arachnophobus’s exterior.

“Arachnophobus, ready for action, Tommy,” Kim said.

“Let’s do it,” Tommy said, “Ready?” The others all nodded.

In unison, they cried, “Lock on and fire all weapons.” Lasers flew through space, striking the monster. It flew back, and blew up.

“Let’s go back to the Lunar base,” Jason offered. They all teleported back to Zordon and Alpha.

The first thing Kim noticed was that Justin wasn’t there. “Where’s Justin?” she asked.

“He was sleepy, so I took him into a sound proof room to take a nap,” Alpha said, “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Nah, it was past his nap time, anyway,” Kim said.

“You did good, Rangers,” Zordon said, “But you need to work on your teamwork a little more. You have to be prepared in a few months, or our window of opportunity will be closed.”

“Window of opportunity? What do you mean?” Jason asked.

“In one month, the morphing grid is going to be super powered,” Zordon said, “You need to defeat Hitler and his Axis Rangers before then. If you don’t, then you won’t ever be able to defeat them. Their powers will be too strong.”

“A month might not be long enough, but we’ll try to be ready, Zordon,” Tommy said, “Count on it.”

“I will, Thomas, er Tommy,” Zordon said, “Now, you can go on back to your apartments, or whatever else you all had been planning.”

Kim went and got Justin and her and Tommy went home.

Over the next month, the Rangers wore themselves out training for the big day. They sometimes fought with zords, sometimes without zords.

One day, it all came to a head. “Rangers, I believe that it is time,” Zordon said, “For you to challenge the Axis Rangers. Tonight at midnight, they will be permanently too hard for you to defeat, even with the numbers in your advantage. You have three hours to defeat them.

“I think we’re ready, Zordon,” Tommy said.

“I hope so, or the universe will fall into despair,” Zordon said, “I am sending a message to Hitler, challenging his Axis Rangers to a fight on what was once known as the United States of America, and in a place once known as the original Angel Grove, California. Challenge accepted. Teleport down and prepare yourselves.” Nodding, the eight did as they were told.

“Guys, I feel like I need to say something,” Tommy said, “You are my best friends, and if we die today, it’d be an honor to die beside you.” He stuck his hand out into the middle of the semi-circle they made.

“I never thought it’d end like this,” Kim said, “At least, if I die, it’ll be with my husband, and my best friends.” She added her hand to the pile.

One by one, the other Rangers did the same.

Just then, the Axis Rangers teleported in, weapons in hand. “Zeo weapon I,” Tommy cried. A maroon handled sword appeared in his hand.

“Zeo weapon II,” Billy said. A silver trident appeared in his hand.

“Zeo weapon III,” Trini said. A purple blaster bow appeared in her hand.

“Zeo weapon IV,” Adam said. An orange hand-held cannon appeared in his hands.

“Zeo weapon V,” Tanya said. A razor-edged shield appeared in her hand.

“Zeo weapon VI,” Emily said. A white saber appeared in her hand.

Jason mutely called upon his power staff.

“ElectroLight saber,” Kim cried. A long sword appeared in her hands.

Then, Armageddon began.

Adam and Tanya worked together, against the Black Axis Ranger.

“You two are of inferior breeding, and have no hope,” the Axis Ranger said.

“We’ll see about that,” Tanya said. Her and Adam fired simultaneously, knocking the Axis Ranger back and out of commission.

Jason and Emily were taking the Yellow Axis Ranger. “Heil Hitler,” the Axis Ranger said. It used a nearby tree branch as a club and smashed it into Emily, who went flying back. Emily hit the ground hard, and was knocked unconscious.

“That’s it,” Jason said, “It’s time for a gold rush.” His power staff energized and he sent flaming balls of energy at the Axis Ranger, knocking her out of commission.

Billy and Trini were quick to take out the Blue Axis Ranger, using their vaunted teamwork. They quickly knocked him out of commission.

Kim was taking on the Pink Axis Ranger by herself. “You really think you can beat me?” the Axis Ranger taunted, “You’re nothing.”

“Shows what you know, which is nothing,” Kim said. With a growl, the Axis Ranger swung her bow like a blade. Kim brought her saber up, blocking the blow in midair.

It seemed to be a stalemate, but Kim had one more trick up her sleeve. “ElectroLight saber, power up,” she cried. Her weapon energized, sending an electric spark through the Axis Ranger’s bow. It didn’t kill the Axis Ranger, but it did knock her unconscious.

Tommy, however, was having more of a problem with the Red Axis Ranger. They seemed to be evenly matched. “Pretty good, for someone that has to be over half a century old,” Tommy noted, semi-impressed.

“What are you talking about? I’m not old,” the Axis Ranger said, “I happen to be Hitler’s glorious son, and your personal grim reaper.”

“I don’t think so,” Tommy said, “Haven’t you heard? Maroon whips Red in fashion any day. But it pays to have some friends, too.” With that, the others crowded around.

“I see,” the Axis Ranger said, “We’re not done yet.”

The other Axis Rangers, who had been playing possum, jumped up. “We need DinoMegaZord power now,” they cried in unison. Some obviously ancient zords came barreling onto the battlefield. The Axis Rangers teleported up to their zords.

Emily quickly regained consciousness. “Everybody ready?” Tommy asked. The others nodded.

“We need ZeoMegaZord power, now,” they cried in unison. Their own zords came flying in on Arachnophobus from the moon. All of the ZeoZord’s except for the Sphinx split off, forming the ZeoMegaZord. Tommy, Billy, Trini, Tanya, Adam, and Emily all teleported to the cockpit.

The two MegaZord’s went at it for about an hour, with Arachnophobus swooping in every few minutes and blasting the DinoMegaZord.

“Tommy, it’s almost midnight,” Kim said over the intercom.

“Thanks, Kim,” Tommy said, “We have to finish this fast. UltraQuantumZeoMegaZord, power up.”

When the formation was finished, Hitler Jr. said, “That’s nice, but UltraDinoDragonZord, now.” A sixth and seventh DinoZord came barreling into view. The sixth one split, making a shoulder pad-like apparatus for the DinoMegaZord. They then settled into the seventh Zord.

“Lock on and fire all weapons,” came the cry from all the Rangers, Zeo and Axis.

When the dust cleared, the Zeo Rangers found themselves on the ground un-morphed, the Dino- and Zeo- zords were gone, and so were their armor and the Axis Rangers.

Tommy brought his communicator up to his lips. “Zordon, what happened?”

“The volley of firepower from the two zords disrupted the two power sources,” Zordon explained, “You simply lost your powers. For the Axis Rangers, it was explosive and deadly. They did not survive it. And now, the people here on the moon can go back and reclaim the Earth.”

And that’s what they did. When they got back to Earth, they found the Germans easier to deal with, because they’re vaunted Axis Rangers were dead.

The four Ranger couples did indeed all get married. Well, all of them that weren’t already. They lived to have many children and grandchildren apiece and lived to die of old age.

So, you could say that, like in fairy tales, they all lived happily ever after.

The end

Note from the author: I made this story because I was curious of what would happen if Hitler had, indeed, found the original DinoZord morphers. In you’re wondering, the Command Center in this reality was place somewhere in Germany. What’d you think of the story? I’d really like to hear your opinion, so please send feedback. This is the unofficial part two of my new “What if?” line of stories.