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Timeline: A few days after “Surprising grievers.”

Green Unleashed
by Lucas Harrell

Justin Raynor was a 13 year old orphan. Well, not an orphan, technically. His dad was still alive. But Justin almost didn’t know his father at all, because his “dear old dad” hadn’t been seen in years, right after Justins mothers funeral. All that was left was a picture of both for Justin, which he kept on his nightstand.

He didn’t have any friends. Most of the kids in the orphanage teased him, because he was really smart. He was also a really talented artist. Several of his teachers had remarked that he could be one of the best artists in history. Justin self consciously denied it, though he was inwardly beaming at the appraisal. He didn’t get it often.

He had a life of solitude. There was an upside to that, though. Since the other kids couldn’t stand him, he had a room all to himself. Every once in a while, he’d have to share it with a new kid, but they usually left in a matter of days.

However, when Justin found a ring that glowed an almost unearthly green, he knew that his life was going to be changed forever, and soon. He kept it on his finger at all times, ignoring the new snide remarks by the others about it. It was often stolen, but always found its way back to him somehow. He wore it, and wished for a new, and better, life every day.

Though she had been in a good mood a few days prior, Kim was now a total disaster. Her hair was disheveled, and her make up looked terrible. She was miserable, and refused to tell anyone why.

“Kim, this is so unlike you,” Trini said, “Just a couple of days ago, you were on top of the world, and now you’re not. Talk to me, girl. What’s going on in that head of yours?”

“It’s the anniversary, Trini,” Kim finally answered.

“What anniversary?” Trini asked.

“Mine and Tommy’s,” Kim replied softly, “Our first anniversary. Or I should say that it would have been.”

“Oh, Kim,” Trini said, giving her a sympathetic look and hugging her. “No wonder you’re so broken up.”

“I miss him so much,” Kim sobbed, crying into Trini’s shoulder.

“I know you do, Kim,” Trini murmured slowly.

Just then, Jason, Billy, and Zack came walking over. “I’m telling you, Zack,” Jason said, “Billy’s good. So good in fact, I’ll bet he can beat you if the two of you sparred.”

“No disrespect, Billy, but no way, Jason,” Zack said, “I’ve been practicing a lot, too.”

Billy was the first to notice that Kim was distraught. “Kim, what’s wrong?” he asked, interrupting his friends’ argument. That got Jason and Zack’s attention, and they turned to her.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Kim muttered softly, trying her best to compose herself. “I’m going to go freshen up.” With that, she got up and headed for the bathroom.

“What’s wrong with Kim, Trini?” Jason asked, as they sat down.

“Today was supposed to be hers and Tommy’s first anniversary,” Trini said, “You can imagine how his absence is hitting her now.”

“Oh, man,” Zack said, “No wonder she looks so bad off. Guys, we’ve got to do something.”

“Like what?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know, but we have to think of something,” Zack said, “I don’t know about you, but I hate to see Kim this miserable.”

“You know we all feel that way, Zack,” Trini said. Just then, an idea hit her like a bolt from the blue. “I’ve got it. We’ve got to get Tommy back here.”

“I don’t know how,” Zack said, “His family’s gone away on vacation, and I don’t think any of us know where his uncle’s cabin is.”

“True, but we have to try,” Trini said, “It’s the only way Kim will ever be the same again.”

“I concur, Trini,” Billy said.

“Oh, that’s a surprise,” Zack said sarcastically. Trini and Billy both glared at him, so he knew that he needed to cool it. “What do you think, Jase?”

Jason, who had been quiet most of the time they had been talking, took a few more, quiet moments to consider. “Let’s do it,” he finally decided, “I can’t stand seeing Kim like this.”

The way he said that made Zack feel bad. “Me either,” he said softly, “When do we leave?”

When Kim came back out about ten minutes later, she looked more miserable then when she went into the bathroom. “I think I’m going home, guys,” she said, “I’m going to just sleep the rest of the day away.” Without waiting for an answer, Kim left the Youth Center.

Ernie, who had been nearby to accidentally overhear the other Rangers’ conversation, stepped up. “I think I can help you guys find Tommy,” he said, “I’ll do anything to help bring that light back in Kim’s eyes. The last time I had seen Tommy’s dad, he had been talking about some cabins up in the mountains that Tommy’s uncle had his eye on, a place for family getaways and such.” He wrote an address down on a piece of paper and handed it to Trini, who was nearest to him.

“Thanks, Ernie,” Trini said, “Are you sure this is where we can find Tommy?”

“I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure,” Ernie said. Hearing that, the gang quickly got up from the table and headed out the door. “Good luck, guys.”

A little while later, the Rangers were on the road, heading up to the address Ernie had given them. They were in Trini’s car. Jason was driving, while Zack was riding shotgun and Billy and Trini were in the back.

All of a sudden, a blast of energy just barely avoided the car. Jason slammed on his brakes. Ahead, Goldar was coming towards them, sneering.

“Great, just what we need,” Zack said. The Rangers got out of the car as quickly as they could.

“It’s morphin’ time!!!” Jason cried, “Tyrannosaurus/Red Dragon.”

“Mastadon/Lion,” Zack said.

“Saber tooth Tiger/Griffin,” Trini cried.

“Triceratops/Unicorn,” Billy cried. Their clothes were instantly transformed into their Lantern Ranger outfits.

They fought valiantly against Goldar, but were defeated by him and a large army of Z-putties that appeared suddenly.

When the all call was put out, to call Kim, she wasn’t able to answer it. When she had gotten home, she had cried herself to sleep. The six toned beep of the communicator didn’t faze her in the least.

“Great, this is just great,” Zack complained, “What else could go wrong today?”

“Well, let’s see,” Zedd sneered, as he finished shackling them in. “First, I’ll boil you in oil, then see if the old saying is true about salt on old wounds.” That sent shivers up even Jason’s spine.

Kim finally woke after a while, and answered her communicator. “I read you, Zordon,” she said sleepily, “What’s up?”

“The other Rangers have been kidnapped, Kimberly,” Zordon said, “Please teleport to the Command Center.”

“I’ll be right there,” Kim said. She quickly tried to compose herself, and then teleported out. When she got to the Command Center, she found it buzzing with activity. Alpha was typing all kinds of commands into the computer, while Zordon watched over him. “Have you found where they’ve been taken?”

“I’m afraid not, Kim,” Zordon said, “But we hope to have something soon.” All of a sudden, the siren went off. “Zedd sent down the Grim Creeper, a bug monster that attacks with a scythe.”

“I don’t know how much I can do on my own, but I’m on it,” Kim said, “It’s morphin’ time. Pterodactyl/Firebird.” She morphed and then teleported to the battle field, where the Grim Creeper was scaring some of the people of Angel Grove. “Hey, stop that.”

“Oh, the little Pink Ranger finally decides to come out of hiding, huh?” the Grim Creeper taunted, “Prepare to join your friends, little one.”

“I don’t think so, Creeper,” Kim said, “I bet you’re too slow to take me.” Her taunting worked, as the Grim Creeper charged blindly at her. She met it’s swing with its scythe with her bow.

All of a sudden, the Grim Creeper knocked the bow out of her hands, and then knocked her down with a kick to the stomach. It then stood over her, and looked to be about to take her head off with the scythe. “It ends now, Pink Ranger.”

Suddenly, miles away, Justin felt a strange calling eminating from his ring. He slid it on, and several words appeared in his mind. “It’s morphin’ time,” he said, “DragonZord.” With that, he teleported to the battle field, and got there just in time to keep the Grim Creeper from decapitating Kim. Justin then helped Kim to her feet. She stared at him.

“Whoa,” Kim said, “Tommy?” Justin shook his head, and turned his attention back to the monster. All of a sudden, Kim’s communicator went off. “I read you, Zordon. What’s up?”

“We have gotten a lock on the other Rangers,” Zordon said, “Have you finished with the monster?”

“You mean you’re not watching the fight?” Kim asked, surprised. She thought Zordon watched every fight. “There seems to be a new Green Ranger.”

“I’m now tuning in the viewing globe,” Zordon said. He was silent for several moments. “I think that, whoever that is, he can take care of the monster, at least until you rescue the others.”

“All right, Zordon, if you say so,” Kim said, “Teleporting now.” With that, she disappeared in a flurry of pink light.

Justin didn’t notice her untimely absence, and kept on fighting the Grim Creeper, whose name he knew instinctively somehow.

Kim found herself in an elaborate prison set up. She tried her communicator to reach Zordon, but got only static. Then, she started searching. It took her a while, but she finally found the others.

“Oh, Kim, am I ever glad to see you,” Zack said, giving her a hug once she opened the door.

“That goes for all of us,” Trini said, as her and the others took turns giving her congratulatory hugs.

“Well, this isn’t over yet,” Kim said, “We have to get out of here. Can you guys morph?” The others nodded. “Then morph, and follow me.”

“It’s morphin’ time,” Jason said, “Tyrannosaurus/Red Dragon.”

“Mastadon/Lion,” Zack said.

“Saber Tooth Tiger/Griffin,” Trini said.

“Triceratops/Unicorn,” Billy said. They all morphed, and then followed Kim out of the castle, and to freedom.

Justin was kicking the monsters butt good, when he heard multiple transporter signatures behind him. Thinking it was more monsters, he turned, to see the other Rangers standing behind him.

“Whoa, now wait a minute,” Zack said, “Is that Tommy?”

“I don’t think so,” Kim said, “Whoever that is has a completely different fighting style. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a new Green Lantern Ranger.”

“Well, let’s help him,” Jason said. With that, he called his sword up and jumped towards the Grim Creeper, slashing it.

All of a sudden, a bunch of Z-putties teleported in. The Rangers tore into them, fighting for all they were worth. It didn’t take them long, after they told Justin what to aim for, to take out the Z-putties.

All of a sudden, the Grim Creeper grew. “How do you like those apples, Rangers?” it mocked.

“Don’t worry, whoever you are,” Jason said to Justin, “We’ll take care of this.” Justin nodded and took a step back. “We need ThunderZord power, now. Tyrannosaurus/Red Dragon ThunderZord power.”

“Mastadon/Lion ThunderZord power,” Zack cried.

“Triceratops/Unicorn ThunderZord power,” Billy said.

“Saber Tooth Tiger/Griffin ThunderZord power,” Trini said.

“Pterodactyl/Firebird ThunderZord power,” Kim yelled.

Their zords came barreling onto the battle field. “ThunderMegaZord, form up,” Jason cried. The ThunderZords started coming together, to form the Samurai looking zord. They went at the Grim Creeper for several minutes, and soon found themselves getting their butts kicked.

When their zords were knocked down for the fifth time, Justin unholstered the dragon dagger and blew six notes. All of a sudden, the DragonZord came from the sea, knocking down the Grim Creeper. He blew them again, and missiles launched from the DragonZord’s hands and hit the Grim Creeper.

The Grim Creeper then went on the offensive, smashing into the DragonZord over and over. The DragonZord went down, but it had served it’s purpose, as a distraction so that the other Rangers could regroup.

“Thunder Sword, power up,” Jason yelled. The ThunderMegaZord pulled its sword from its scabbard and then charged it with energy. It slashed at the monster, destroying it instantly. The Rangers cheered, and then teleported to the Command Center, where they found the new Green Ranger waiting.

“Good job, man,” Jason said, as he came up and offered his hand to the new Green Ranger. “I’m Jason. This is Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kim.” He pointed to each of his friends as he said their names. “What’s your name?”

“Justin,” Justin finally answered, and then popped the seals off the helmet, and took it off. The others were surprised, to say the least, to see the armor power down some, for him to look his normal, child size.

“Justin, you have been given the Green Lantern Ranger ring, and all of the responsibilities wherein,” Zordon boomed, “Now, for you to take the Lantern Ranger oath. Please, repeat after me. In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape our sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware our power. Lantern Ranger’s light.”

“In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape our sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware our power. Lantern Ranger’s light,” Justin repeated, as per Zordon’s request.

“Good, now you are an ufficial Lantern Ranger,” Zordon said, “Now, your DragonZord was irreparably damaged in the fight. We’re working on making you a new ThunderZord, using the scrap from the DragonZord, but it’ll take a while.”

“Thanks, Zordon,” Justin said, “This means a lot to me, being a Lantern Ranger. I mean, I’ve been wishing that I could be one of you guys ever since you first came onto the scene.” He looked around at the others.

“Welcome to the team, Justin,” Jason said, shaking the young man’s hand again.

Afterwards, everybody headed to the Youth Center. Justin and most of the gang was at the usual table, laughing it up. Everybody, except Kim. She was in a corner table, all by herself, watching the new Green Ranger.

All of a sudden, Ernie came walking up. “I’ve got a letter for you here, Kim,” he said, “It’s from Tommy.” Curious, and excited, Kim took the envelope away from Ernie and tore it open. Inside, there was a letter.

It read, “Hi, Kim. You know that I’m the world’s worst correspondent, so I’ll get right to the point. Believe it or not, I remembered it was supposed to be our anniversary today. It pains me so much to be away from you, especially today, but I can’t put you through the agony of watching me die. I’d rather go to hell when I die than do that.

“I’ve never wanted to hurt you,” it continued, “Though I’m now thinking that this self induced exile of mine is doing that, and I’m sorry. Please, live out the rest of your life as happily as you can, even though I won’t be there. Please do that for me. I love you with all of my heart and soul, Tommy. P.S.~ Happy anniversary.”

Kim was so mixed up inside, she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh over the letter. Instead, she did neither, and went to join her friends. It was time for her self imposed exile to end, like she hoped that Tommy’s would do soon. She might feel a little uncomfortable around the new Green Ranger, but she’d work past that. If not for anybody else, then for Tommy.

The End... for now